he didnt break!

  • Alec Ryder: Sara, this is Vetra. I've never felt more confident in introducing one of my kids to an alien. Sara's great, V. Swear it. Got an A+ in socializing. Super mature. Probably has a future in interspecies relations. Much better than Scott.
  • Sara, in tears, crying with Scott over attractive aliens: wHy IS SHE SO beautiful? You're sO BEAUtiful. I think I l-
  • Alec: why are my children like this

watching conspiracy theory documentaries at 1 am was a mistake

pidge teaches keith how to meme dot png


crush him.png oikawa needs to be careful about what he puts on snap

this was inspired by a conversation i had with @notallballs abt kageyama’s killer thighs. 

there is no legitimate reason Brooklyn nine nine can't be in the marvel universe

Consider: Jake Peralta and Foggy Nelson having an immediate on sight “IT’S FUCKING *THAT GUY*” reaction when they happen to meet in a courtroom.

Consider: That one time Steve Roger’s brought in a guy he caught mugging some tourists and Amy almost sucked the air out of the entire building while she flipped.

Consider: Rosa really wants to bust a real vigilante but all she’s ever got is some little highschool kid in this handmade red and blue thing. It wasn’t even satisfying. >:c

Consider: Gina has Tony Starks personal number in her phone with the programmed ringtone “Stupid Hoe”. No one can figure out why and honestly, no one really wants to know.

Consider: There’s a new guy at Terry’s gym named Luke. He seems nice, but man its a miracle that he didnt break his foot after those weights fell on him.

I noticed there was a lack of fanart for aph South Korea, so I decided to change that by commissioning @sketchytea for this lovely (amazing) piece. Please check out their work! 

i drew some clef! because secretly i am actually scp trash i kno im horrible

also as u can see i have no idea how to draw a ukulele or someone holding one

non gif form under the cut!

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Breaking Dawn part two if people had used common sense

Siobhan: Carlisle, I see your need and we do have amassed an impressive force here, but I do not want this to come to a fight.

Carlisle: Neither do I. Maybe you should use your talent to improve our chances ;)

Siobhan: Should I envision the outcome I want? Carlisle, you know I don’t have a talent.

Eleazar: Actually, Siobhan….

Siobhan: I do?

Eleazar: Yes. Carlisle’s right. It’s subtle, but strong.

Kate: Sooo.. Maybe we should train that instead of Bella’s Shield?

~three minutes of arguing later~

*Edward’s phone rings, he picks up*

Edward: Alice! Oh. Are you sure? Okay. See you.

Edward: Alice is coming home. She doesn’t know what’s happened, but Aro has cancelled the trip and is planning on becoming an opera singer instead.


also anon said specifically in highschool

so i drew the crew breaking school rules 

anonymous asked:

oh and although reiji is usually insensitive and bad at dealing with his brothers' emotions, youre right he might be learning. during that cd where theyre trying to hunt down subaru for destroying a statue at the castle, reiji actually asks shu if they have proof and shu says well who else destroys crap around here? good ol reiji giving it the benefit of a doubt. but yeah in other cases reiji is just a nagging mom

that cd was so subaru-centric I love it sjhdgdhggh and luckily in the end, subaru didnt have to go see his dad at all!! a happy ending! but, it worries me that subaru never told his brothers that he didnt break anything, especially when he ACTUALLY didnt break anything…I guess he thought they wouldn’t believe him… :(

On Yuuri and Makkachin

We saw through the series the bond between Makkachin and Yuuri, the first meeting was a happy Makkachin approaching Yuuri, and then following him when he was running or training (with Victor or not). We saw that the two of them has a deep bond, and I know that Yuuri isnt the kind of person to replace one nail with another (like to see Makkachin as another Vicchan), because he knew that. So chapter 8 hit me like a truck OF FEELS

Yuuri recieves a call of Mari, saying that Makkachin is very sick. 

Yuuri then remembers Vicchan, We would think that he will break up, remembering such tragic events that occurred on his last Grand Prix.

But, the next thing he does, is call Victor, to go to Japan to see his beloved dog.

He didnt break up, mainly because he didnt want Victor to suffer like he did. Believe me, when you lost a pet and you didnt have the chance to say farewell or goodbye is the worst thing ever, you feel disappointed, hurt, regret, it instantly hurts you, knowing that you could be at their side, saying that everything will be okay, that this will last a few minutes even if it was a lie. 

So I feel very surprised and amused, at how strong this boy is, at how he can surpass his fears to protect the beloved one. He didnt want Victor to be through that, not like him. He put his fears of performing alone aside, to let Victor go to Japan. To face a competition alone in a foreign country without support (and we know how much Yuuri needs it, even after his development). Victor wolud think that it wasnt that bad (haha lies) but Yuuri doesnt think that, he knows this matter with Makkachin was important.

And it hit me, I couldnt do that, the death of my dog still affects me, But Yuuri was so brave, he insisted, and he didnt think it twice and that so admirable, so proud at how far Lil pork cutlet is doing, and im not the only one surprised :’)

bless chapter 8, bless

I’ll NEVER be over how much Adam freaks out when Noah is playing with the mixtape Ronan made him.

“Noah cackled and showed them the cassette. It boasted a handmade label marked with Ronan’s handwriting: PARRISH’S HONDAYOTA ALONE TIME. The other side was A SHITBOX SING-ALONG.

“Play it! Play it!” Noah said gaily, waving the tape.‘Noah. Noah! Take that away from him,’ Adam said.”


Head canon that Gaara never fully grasps the concept of personal boundaries.

Kankuro is awoken from a deep sleep by the sound of rustling next to his bed. He opens his eyes to find Gaara looming ominously above him. He immediately sits up in shock like “What…..THE FUCK, Gaara!”

“I need you to help me find a specific file I’ve been looking for”

“Wuh….it’s 6 in the morning!” He pinches the bridge of his nose and let’s out an exasperated sigh. “Can Temari not help you with this?”

“She isn’t here. I think she’s gone out to train. Everyone else is asleep.”

“Hmm…imagine that. People sleeping.”

That bit of sarcasm falls completely flat with Gaara and tbh it’s kinda pissing Kankuro off how casual he is being about this whole thing. By his monotonous tone of voice you’d almost think he DIDNT just break into kankuros room at the crack of dawn and wake him up just to find some miscellaneous file.

“I was not put on this earth to sort through your filing cabinets at 6am, Gaara.” he says as he pulls on a shirt to go do just that.

As Mark was hit by car on his bicycle last weekend we couldn’t work much at all.
Luckly he didnt break any bones

I will be at Food and Craft market tomorrow at Cockington, and Mark should be back in studio.

I’m hoping we can get more things done next week.