he didn't trip this time


some notes about characters’ appearances in the Stay at Home Stan AU (for future reference for me, bc I’ve been tempted to see if I can doodle some things):

  • Stan has a ponytail and actually wears his damn glasses.  Unlike the Stanley McGucket AU, tho, he doesn’t sort of…co-opt the southern way of dressing.  He sticks to his white T-shirts and jeans, usually with a jacket of some sort thrown on.
  • By the time Ford visits, Angie wears her reading glasses most of the time, but when she dresses up to go somewhere, she usually avoids wearing them.  And she’s been so caught up in dealing with her demanding job and the girls that she doesn’t really have time to style her hair.  Her hair is a bit longer than it is in most AUs (bc you’re supposed to style short hair and she don’t have the time), and has more floof.  
  • Danny and Daisy are roughly the same size, have rounder faces than they do as adults, and both have the nice rosy cheeks.  Danny has freckles.  Not as many as Angie gets in the summer, but some.  Daisy wears her hair in pigtails, Danny’s hair is down, held back by a headband.
  • Ford is…a complete mess.  A walking human disaster.  He borrows some of Stan’s clothes at first, bc Angie insists that he change out of the smelly, ragged, stained shirt and pants he’s currently wearing.  He still wears his fuckin trenchcoat over the borrowed clothes, tho.  And after he’s stayed with Stan and Angie for a few days, Angie has Stan take Ford shopping for new clothes.  It’s the most awkward shopping trip ever.  

Promotional photoshoot & interview for the RSC’s Richard II (with David Tennant)