he didn't sign my book but he sure made my afternoon

Got Your Back

for @anarchyaustralia and @gladsyoucame‘s olympic!5sos blurb night! 

video inspo :) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVOWIfG9hsw

Ashton thanked the universe everyday for his growth spurt. Because without said growth spurt, he would’ve been too short to qualify for competitive swimming. And before you, swimming had been his everything.

The snap of his goggles falling into place over the back of his swimming cap. The screech of the starting whistle. The coiling of his recently loosened muscles before pushing off the block into the pool. The dragging of the water. The absolute thrill of a race. The feel of his hand slapping against that pool wall, thus marking his time. Ashton lived for all of it.

The day he qualified to swim for his home country, already a swimming powerhouse amongst the world, was probably the happiest of his life. But then he met you.

After his first Olympics without any gold medal wins in individual events, Ash decided to consider overseas university offers. And you, an overworked college student hadn’t ever really payed much attention to your school’s athletics. That is, until one of its record breaking athletes almost ran you over in his haste to get to the gym.

He hadn’t noticed you then but you sure as hell had taken note of him that day. And not in a good way.

But he found a way to charm you anyway. It wasn’t just his soft, sandy curls or his solid and soulful hazel eyes. It was also his dedication and his drive. Ashton was the type of guy it was almost too easy to put all your faith in.

And he loved you for that. You understood how much work went into being the best in the world and would never design to demand he put you over swimming. You were his rock and his biggest fan. The two of you together made the perfect team.

Which was how you ended up in this situation, about four years into your relationship.

“Babe! Baby. Babebabeba-”

“What Ashton?” You looked up from your book to see your long time boyfriend standing just beyond the bathroom doorway holding up a razor, his big green-gold eyes pleading.

“Can you shave my back?”

Closing your book, you slowly sat up from where you’d been slumped against the hotel bed headboard before setting the book aside all together. “Yeah of course…” You knew how hypersensitive Ash got before normal competitions. So you weren’t ready to risk giving him anything but positive replies to any and all of his requests. This was the Olympics afterall. Cocking your head in curiosity, you continued. “But why? Doesn’t Calum usually like, literally have your back?”

Pouting, Ashton let out an exasperated sound before stamping his foot and rolling his eyes.

You just raised an eyebrow and waited.

“Okay so, one of guys might have let it slip that Campbell’s wife shaved his back before he won gold.”

“Ashton,” you sighed but moved to get up anyway.

“Angel please.”

“Oh my god, fine whatever I’m coming but you’re gonna have to lay on your stomach in the bathroom so I can see-” You cut yourself off, momentarily stunned at the brilliant grin he shot you as you took the razor from him.

“Thank you sweetheart,” he said sincerely. You just rolled your eyes at his back before following him into the bathroom.

“Ash,” you began several minutes later, already more than halfway through shaving him. “You know this starts growing back right away right? And I can’t go down to the locker rooms with you to get rid of the stubble-”  

“Y/n it’s fine,” he replied, his voice coming out slightly muffled on account of him resting his face on his folded forearms. “Calum’ll take care of that right before the heat.”

“Then why am I even-?” You cut yourself off again. And with an exasperated sigh, just gwent right on back to finishing what he’d asked of you.

And when Ashton surfaced the next afternoon after slapping the pool wall, he felt really good as he ripped off his goggles and swimming cap to check his time. The results mirrored his emotions and then more. He’d finally won his gold.

When it hit him as he treaded water, there was no holding back his delighted laughter as he turned to where you were in the crowded and pointed to you. Laughing hysterically as tears of pride coursed down your cheeks, you pointed back and blew him a kiss.

Ash felt on top of the world and completely ready to ask that burning question that’d been sitting in the back of his mind for months now. He had the ring back at the hotel and backed by the adrenaline high of an olympic champion, there was no stopping him. He just had to get by all the reporters first.