he didn't realize how much she cared for him

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: why did they kill off paul so soon? why didn't we get to see how jacob took care of paul? was it really necessary to kill one of them off before we saw their true love? do you think it was okay to kill off paul before jacob said he loved him? was it really necessary to make paul's last words be "i love you"? did you realize how much pain this was going to cause people? and why didn't jacob ever tell emma that he loved paul? why was it never specifically said? why did we only get two kiss scenes between them? why did you make me love them when they both had to die??????

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you help me out? I'd like some reasons why a vampire hunter would leave his love interest (also a vampire hunter) after being bit while still loving her, but I didn't want to directly go to the "I'm a monster" cliché... Any ideas? Thanks! :)

  • Fear? His love interest is a hunter so he may be worried that she might try to kill him either because it’s her job or because she thinks it might the kind thing to do for him.
  • It seems that drinking someone’s blood would be a pretty intimate thing, so being with his love interest would probably heighten his “thirst”.
  • The vampirism is messing with his priorities. He no longer cares enough about her or anyone else. He just wants blood. He occasionally has moments of clarity and realizes how much of a jerk he’s being but can’t stop himself.
  • Vampires can sense other vampires/are attracted to them so by being near her he is attracting other vampires to her, more than she can handle to hunt, and it is also causing other vampires to see him as a traitor to the kind.
  • He is starting to feel some sympathy for the vampires and doesn’t want to be a part of the hunters anymore and can’t stand to see her slaughter people like him.