he didn't have to pretend to be okay


I hate all kind of fandom drama and I feel truly sorry for the people whose ships didn’t become canon, but I will also defend Thomas Hamilton with my life and will literally punch the next person that says something bad about him.


Dear Diary:

iggy… iggy woke us up so early 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

and he wouldn’t even let us get ready properly i had to do my hair in the car and it looks horrible and (;へ:)

but… it’s… it’s nice to have everyone back together again o((*^▽^*))o

i… i just wish gladio would talk about what happened…

that scar… it looks really nasty… (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

a-anyway! we still have another pylon to get to… maybe i’ll… take a nap… i can’t stop yawning ヽ( ´O`)ゞ

even though sleeping in the car always makes my neck really sore 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

and… i feel bad for poor iggy, having to stay awake while we can all sleep a little more… (・:゚д゚:・)

at least noct always remembers to give him coffee, right~? 。(*^▽^*)ゞ  

he always looks so happy drinking it, too… (*゚ー゚)ゞ

  • Mark: AH! Mr. Zhang! What are you doing in the NCT dorms
  • Lay: Shhh... I'm avoiding discussing politics with my group.
  • Johnny: Hey yeah I have a question about that actually -
  • Lay: Shhh very secret much hiding
  • Johnny: Okay but -
  • Lay: I'm not here!
  • Mark: This is great! Can you tell Minseok not to forget to play catch with me?
  • Lay: UH WOW LOOK AT THE TIME... son, your father and I are very busy... -stuffing Winwin in his bag- and I have to leave right now immediately.
  • Mark: But he promised! And hey that's ours!
  • Johnny: There, there... don't you have another dad?
  • Mark: Oh yeah! I should text him! He's probably just sitting around in China pretending not to have a son with a kpop idol. Gotta love him.
  • Mark: Different Mark
  • Taeyong: Okay sure but my scandal punch card only needs three more before I can -
  • Winwin: Bye guys I'm going to meet Sehun :)
  • Lay: Shhh I was never here
Mixed Chemistry (lucaya fanfic part 1)
  • (Backstory: Lucas has been wanting to ask out Maya for a long time and has finally got up the courage to asks her)
  • Lucas: Hey...um...Maya c-can I talk to you about something?
  • Maya: Yea one sec...
  • Maya: (to zay) Awww flowers you didn't have to
  • Zay: I just want the best for you
  • Lucas: (Realization dawns on him) Wait, you two are together??!
  • Maya: Yea, didn't you know?
  • Lucas: Uh,no but, um good for you
  • Zay: We'll see you around
  • Maya: Oh one second zay
  • Maya: (to Lucas)ha-hURR
  • Maya: (to zay) Okay now I can go
  • Maya+Zay: (Hold hands and walk away)
  • ---------
  • (After the conversation with Maya: Zay:Lucas)
  • Maya: Zay you didn't have to do that
  • Zay: Oh the flowers they were nothing much
  • Maya: Not the flowers! You know what I'm talking about- pretending to be with me so Lucas knows that I'm okay with him being with Riley
  • Zay: You like him
  • Maya: Zay! I do not!
  • Zay: Pleassseeeee. And you knew that he likes you too.
  • Maya: As if. Lucas practically loves Riley
  • Zay: Oh and does that bother you?
  • Maya: (Quick to answer)Not at all! And if you think I like him why were you pretending to be with me?
  • Zay: I thought the point of that was to make Lucas jealous not to make it seem like you're taken!
  • Maya: Ugh, I have to go.
  • ---------
  • (After the conversation with Maya: Zay:Lucas)
  • Lucas: (to himself)Maya and Zay?
  • Riley: (runs up to Lucas)Hey what's up? Wait, is something wrong?
  • Lucas: (Looking more upbeat) No nothing's wrong!
  • Riley: Anything new happen since History class 5 minutes ago?*giggles*
  • Lucas: (forces a small laugh) Hey do you see Maya and Zay as a good couple?
  • Riley: Wait WHAT ARE THEY TOGETHER!!? YAYAYYAYAY! I bet Maya is sosososo happy! *gasps* I HAVE TO PICK OUT MY BRIDESMAIDS DRESS! *runs away*
  • Lucas: (to himself)Why doesn't she like me?
  • ---------

a-mirror-of-memories  asked:

After Rhodey complain that Tony spends too much money on gifts for him he make the genius swear that next time wouldn't buy anything which it costs more than 100. For his birthday Tony had no idea of what he could buy so he ends giving him Free Hugs Coupons (he was like 14). Rhodey love them and every year no matter what his friend get him he always ask ''Where's my coupons? I need my coupons'' so tony had to give him more while he pretend that he didn't like when his friend use one.


Exo Reactions To You Telling Them Breakfast Is Ready While They’re Sleeping

When you cook them breakfast & tell them it’s done while they’re still asleep

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “Did you say food?!” 

Chanyeol: *barely even opens his eyes then just falls back to sleep*

Chen: “I’m comfy here, can you just bring it to me?”

D.O.: “It smells so good!”

Kai: *blinks* “Did you make chicken?”

Kris: *doesn’t even try to wake up* 

Lay: “Okay, I’ll be up in a minute.”

Luhan: “You woke me up for food? Don’t you know that I need my beauty- I mean, manly sleep?”

Sehun: “Bring it to me & maybe I’ll consider it.”

Suho: “You didn't have to make me anything. That’s so sweet.” *has serious internal conflict about whether or not he should make you a meal in return to show his appreciation*


Xiumin: *inside* “Should I tell Y/N that I’ve been up for 2 hours & that I already ate?”

*outside - pretends to be sleepy* “Oh yeah, sounds good. I’ll just meet you in the kitchen.”

If you have a request for a reaction, feel free to let me know. xo

Lost in Austen sentence memes
  • : "It is a truth, generally acknowledged, that we are all longing to escape."
  • : "It's like sex, only you can stop whenever you like for a cup of tea and a biscuit."
  • : "You have no idea, do you? Quite how unromantic that is?"
  • : "I am a real person, and you are a pretend person."
  • : "The part of Russian America that most intrudes into the Arctic Sea is called Point Barrow."
  • : "Split me windpipe! I mean, good heavens."
  • : "I think I may be having a nervous breakdown."
  • : "I didn't believe he loved me."
  • : "I wasn't aware that Hammersmith was aboard, my dear, but I salute your superior command of geography."
  • : "Whatever you confide will die inside me."
  • : "When I find that life is 'gettin me down,' I will be sure to go 'down town.'"
  • : "It's all gone completely tits-up."
  • : "I cannot do this without your help. Big surprise, I have to."
  • : "Okay, this is seriously weird and I want to go home."
  • : "The noise in this palace of lunacy is more than a reading man can bear."
  • : "You do make the most refreshingly elliptical conversation."
  • : "I've read so much about you, I feel I know you."
  • : "Is this like the Jim Carey thing, but period?"
  • : "It's called a landing strip."
  • : "We've known each other hours. We lend each other books. It is practically a marriage."
  • : "My joy, accordingly, is unconfined."
  • : "I hate a man with too much money."
  • : "I am not choking, which must be counted in one's favour."
  • : "You even breathe fire."
  • : "You mean there really are ladies who-... steer the punt from the Cambridge end?"
  • : "Am I not ghoulishly indiscreet?"
  • : "To marry for money is merely despicable, but to marry for beauty- that is a great foolishness."
  • : "Sir, you kiss my glove."
  • : "Do not presume to call me by my Christian name."
  • : "If you find yourself nonplussed by the anticipated pleasures of married life, call upon me, and I shall redress the deficit."
  • : "I wouldn't have my deficit redressed by you if you were the last man on earth."
  • : "I myself cannot navigate. Without guidance, I might easily find myself in the duckpond."
  • : "You could park a bloody jumbo. I mean, it's an impressive façade."
  • : "I'm sure her buttresses are pretty hardcore."
  • : "If you refuse to connect your actions to their inevitable consequences, you are a child!"
  • : "Don't ask me. I've never understood her as a character."
  • : "We see the world the same way. We have the same scent. I can smell myself on you."
  • : "How would you like to go to bed at night and have his hands slithering all over your arse?"
  • : "You're so relentlessly unpleasant."
  • : "You repel me."
  • : "Whatever do you do, sir, sleeping in the library?"
  • : "I would rather sleep in a drain than consent to be happy."
  • : "Door. Pickaxe. A most satisfying juxtaposition."
  • : "How you hate me, and yet, here you are."
  • : "A war with France is traditional. A war with Paris is unthinkable."
  • : "I'll be so bum-crushingly correct, he'll faint with boredom, and I'll just step over him. Fanning."
  • : "He is in love with you."
  • : "Are you quite sure this is what you mean to do?"
  • : "Bumface!"
  • : "What you want, my dear, frightens you to death."
  • : "Damn you. Damn you and damn everyone that won't put a light in his window and stay up all night damning you."
  • : "With my particular gift for the inappropriate, I'm certainly bound to give offence, but you seem... distressed, sir."
  • : "She gets scooped up by you. You and your galloping bloody horse!"
  • : "We must not reproach ourselves for unlived lives."
  • : "The physical society of men is something I have never sought."
  • : "She is an ocean-going bore, and she has no arse."
  • : "In unguarded moments, you are prone to the queerest ejaculations."
  • : "I am no longer my mother's child. I am my husband's wife."
  • : "You do whatever the hell you want and afterwards call it principle."
  • : "Shocking business, bleeding on a fellow's rug this time of year."
  • : "You are a bastard, but you are the right bastard at the right time."
  • : "I cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to be discussing the size of my bum."
  • : "I have followed you to this infernal place because I would follow you anywhere."
  • : "I can consent to be struck only by my friends; you and I lack introduction."
  • : "I always prefer to die at home."
  • : "Cock-up from start to finish."
  • : "I hesitate to dispute with you when you have received a blow to the head."
  • : "The needs of the body can be accommodated, the needs of the heart are expendable."
  • : "You should have been my creature."
The Wedding Date Prompts - SEND ME ONE!
  • "I got your messages... All seven of them."
  • "In case I chicken out, I want to know where all the exits are."
  • "Work must be crazy."
  • "Please tell me you're not wearing that tonight."
  • "It should've been you getting married."
  • "And what do you do?"
  • "This is so not the time to be yourself."
  • "I'm getting married!"
  • "Where did you find him/her?"
  • "You look gorgeous."
  • "I have gynecologists that call more often."
  • "You, my love, are too. bloody. nice."
  • "Oh god. I think I've just cum."
  • "Can I have that?"
  • "I don't even know you hunky dunky and I love you already."
  • "He/She looks miserable."
  • "I think he/she's still crazy about you."
  • "Technically, I never even knew you existed."
  • "I never took ballet."
  • "So much for anonymity."
  • "Is that really how it happened?"
  • "I'm just screwing with you."
  • "Every woman has the exact love life she wants."
  • "There's no such thing as 'out of the blue'."
  • "He/She seems more mature."
  • "You're supposed to be helping."
  • "Show me."
  • "Close your eyes."
  • "You can relax. I'm not going to kiss you."
  • "Silly me, where was my head?"
  • "Look at those buns... Fresh from the bakery."
  • "I didn't deserve her/him back then."
  • "Not yet but it's getting there."
  • "I didn't really DUMP you, right?"
  • "I don't know if I can do this."
  • "It's been my experience that a man in love doesn't want a prostitute."
  • "How do you know so much about so much?"
  • "I need to ask you something..."
  • "What happened last night?"
  • "You're $300 short."
  • "What's the matter _____? Two left feet?"
  • "Why did you say 'yes' to me?"
  • "That's a big bed."
  • "I think I'd miss you even if we'd never met."
  • "Have you guys ever had a real honest-to-god fight, ever?"
  • "Apparently makeup sex is the best kind."
  • "Why are you bringing this up now? I love _____."
  • "What do you want from me?"
  • "Do you believe a place has a memory?"
  • "I'd like your permission to date your daughter/son."
  • "Don't deny it, you barely tolerate each other."
  • "Is that when he/she peed in his/her pants?"
  • "I brought _____ with me to torture you."
  • "I slept with your sister/brother."
  • "I'm in love with her/him."
  • "You knew?"
  • "I can't believe you told her/him."
  • "You knew and you didn't tell me!"
  • "That's what you do, that's who you are, you're a liar."
  • "You couldn't be more perfect if she/he'd picked you out of a catalog."
  • "With these things, timing is everything."
  • "I'm not going to pretend it's okay."
  • "Is he/she the guy/girl for you?"
  • "There's something you should know before you marry me."
  • "Calm down! We can talk about this like civilized human beings!"
  • "The hardest thing is loving someone and then having the courage to let them love you back."
  • "I'd rather fight with you than make love to anyone else."
  • "Be good to one another."
  • ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()
  • Sam
  • "So how are you and your boyfriend, Sam?" my mom asked on the other line of the phone. I rolled my eyes and inter ally sighed. I didn't actually have a boyfriend. But my, god was my mother getting annoying asking me when I'd get a boyfriend and bring him over. So I lied and said I did have one. Didn't even give her a name or anything. And somehow, she, and everyone else believed me. And it's been going for about two and a half weeks now.
  • "We're fine, mom." I sighed into the phone. My mom clicked.
  • "You don't sound fine." She inferred. Act in love, Sam.
  • "We are, don't worry, I'm just really tired." I reassured. She stayed silent for a moment.
  • "Okay... How about you two come over for dinner on Friday?" She asked. That caught me off guard. I moved out of my parents house a few months ago, since I was 18 and had enough money saved up. So I lived in an apartment building across town.
  • "Uhhh..." I pulled my phone away from my face to check what day it was. Wednesday. I haven't seen my parents or my brother and sister in almost a month. I couldn't say no.
  • "... sure..." I replied dully. She giggled.
  • "Great! I can't wait to meet this guy. I'm sure you got your paws on one handsome devil! Come around six?" She finished. My mouth ran dry. What the fuck was I gonna do? I couldn't come up with a clever break-up story in three days. Maybe I should tell them he died in some ridiculous way. That'd be kind of funny. But not believable. I guess I just had to go with it. I sighed.
  • "Yeah, I guess." I huffed. My mom giggled.
  • "Yay! Okay, I love you, baby! I'll see you then." She concluded before hanging up. I ended the call and threw my phone on the couch. Fuuuuuuck.
  • I thought for a long while and what the hell I was gonna tell my parents. I did NOT wanna tell them the truth and have them nag, nag, nag me about it. But what could I do? I thought for a while more before it came to me. I could have someone pretend to be my boyfriend for the night. I thought about my options. Right away, Mike and Matt were off the table. They were in the middle of some ridiculous love triangle with Emily. Chris wasn't exactly an option either. He and Ashley had something. I don't know what it is, but it's something. And the way Chris takes things, he'd get the wrong idea. So that only left one other person.. Josh. It's not that I didn't like Josh, because I did, I was closer to him then anyone else. But the thought of asking him to pretend to be my boyfriend for a night was a little weird. But what else could I do. I sighed and pulled out my phone and texted Josh.
  • 'I'm coming over.' I texted.
  • 'Ummm?? Ok but no ones here'
  • 'That's fine. Hahahaha I need a favor.'
  • 'Oh god. Should I be scared?'
  • 'Uh, maybe?'
  • ' jesus Sam'
  • 'Be there in like ten minutes.'
  • 'You suck'
  • I laughed and closed my phone, not responding. I gathered my stuff and headed to Josh's house. This was gonna be an interesting conversation.
  • ()()()()()()()()()()()()
  • I approached Josh's house and groaned. I was already regretting it. But it was too late now. This was a better idea then any of the others I came up with. I walked up to the door and knocked.
  • "Helloooo? Josh?" I yelled. Nothing. I turned the handle of the door out of curiosity and sure enough, it was open. I walked in slowly, closing the door behind me.
  • "Josh?" I called again. Still nothing. I walked into the living room and sat my bag down. I've done this before and usually Josh is just in the bathroom or getting out of the shower or something. I stood and waited. For a lot longer then I wanted to. I pulled out my phone text him. Suddenly, a pair of hands jabbed my sides and a yelled in my ear. I knew damn well who it was but I still screamed and dropped my phone. I whirled around and go figure, there was Josh, giggling like an idiot. I flushed. I didn't like when people grabbed my sides.
  • "Josh!" I growled, slapping his arm as he laughed at my minor shame.
  • "Hey, lame-o, what's up?" He chuckled. I rolled my eyes, remembering this awkward talk I was about to have. I sighed.
  • "Hey, is everything okay?" He asked, his smile slowly dying away.
  • "Uhhh, okay. So remember my parents?" I asked. He nodded.
  • "Remember that thing I told them? That was actually true a few weeks ago?" I continued. He raised an eyebrow.
  • "Yeeaaaahhh..? The one where you told them you have a boyfriend when you very well do not?" He said, a ghost of a smile on his face. I nodded.
  • "Yeah, well, they wanna meet said boyfriend on Friday at their house for dinner, and I can't get out of it." I went on. Josh simply blinked.
  • "And... I need someone to pretend to be my boyfriend for the night." I finished, smiling a little too innocently. Josh was unresponsive for a moment before he ultimately burst into laughter. I stared at him as he laughed.
  • "Okay, okay, lemme get that straight. You want me to be your boyfriend for the night?" He repeated. I looked at the floor. Hearing it out of someone else, it sounded ridiculous.
  • "Yeeees..." I groaned. I didn't look at him.
  • "Okay." He said casually. I snapped my head up.
  • "What?" I asked, kind of skeptical that he agreed to this. Let alone as casually as he did.
  • "I said okay. I'll pretend to be your boyfriend so you don't have to deal with the wrath of your parents." He said clearly. Thank. God. I huffed.
  • "Thank you!" I groaned.
  • "No problem, babe." Josh said, winking at me. I blushed.
  • "No! Don't call me that." I stammered. He noticed my demeanor and snickered.
  • "Sorry, dear." He smirked.
  • "Stoooop! I'm going home, Josh." I growled.
  • "Whatever you say, baby." He continued. It was really weird coming from him.
  • "Goodbye! Josh!" I screeched, walking out the door.
  • "I LOVE YOU, BABYYYY!" He yelled after me.
  • "Baaaaaaaaaah!" I yelled back as I walked out of his yard.
  • "I will see you Friday at 5!" I yelled as I walked away. This was gonna be a looooong Friday.
  • ()()()()()()()()()()()()()
  • Friday came a lot faster then I wanted it to and I dreaded it a lot. This was gonna be super weird. I mean, even if I was bringing my family an ACTUAL boyfriend, it would be weird. But it was going to be even weirder because I wasn't bringing them a boyfriend. I was bringing them a Josh. Good thing Josh has never met my parents before. A beep outside distracted me from my dreading. It was Josh. I took a deep breath and made my way out into the Fall outdoors. There was Josh outside my Apartment building in his stupid little car with a stupid little smile on his stupid little face. I wordlessly got into the passenger seat.
  • "Hey, you look nice." He complimented. I snorted. I really didn't. I'd usually dress a little better to go see my parents. But I didn't totally bum it. I could tell Josh had literally JUST got out of the shower because his hair was still a little wet and his entire car smelled like Axe.
  • "Are you seriously okay? I can pretend to be sick and you can tell your mom I have malaria." He suggested. I laughed, remembering that I actually considered telling my parents my boyfriend died.
  • "It's okay. I'm okay." I assured, nodding my head.
  • "Promise?" He asked, offering his pinky. I wrapped my pinky around his and squeezed.
  • "Promise." I repeated. He smiled.
  • "Okay." He said quietly before starting his car and setting off to my parents house.
  • "So, how should I act? What should I do?" He asked, sounding almost nervous. I raised an eyebrow. What did he have to be nervous about?
  • "Uhhh.. Just be you. We're gonna have to hold hands and whatnot but just be yourself." I shrugged. He nodded.
  • He opened his mouth to say something but closed it.
  • "What?" I asked. His face slowly got red and he shook his head.
  • "Nothing." He mumbled. I tilted my head. I've never see Josh like this. Josh was almost always goofy. Kind of cocky. Never did I ever see him nervous, this was kind of unlike him.
  • "What are you all nervous about?" I asked out of curiosity. He shook his head.
  • "I don't know...." he said, giving me a weird look. I dropped the subject as we pulled up in front of my parents house. I exhaled deeply.
  • Josh parked and looked at me.
  • "You ready?" He asked, his face suddenly eager. I rolled my eyes. Not really. But there was no turning back. I sighed and nodded my head.
  • "Yeah, let's go." I mumbled, getting out of the car. My stomach was in knots. I didn't really care if they didn't like him or not... Okay, I did, but that wasn't my main concern. My main concern was that now my parents will now forever think of Josh Washington as my boyfriend. And that was really weird to me. Josh waited for me and once I caught up to him he gave me one last look as to say "are you sure you're sure?" I nodded my head and walked up to the door, knocking gracefully.
  • "Don't be nervous." He whispered quickly, just before the door opened and my smiling mother appeared.
  • "Sammy-bear!" She squeaked before hugging me tightly.
  • "Hi, mom." I giggled. I was happy to see her after almost a month. I needed this. She eyed Josh for a moment.
  • "Is the boyfriend I've heard next to nothing about?" My mom asked. I was kind of flustered.
  • "Uh, yes! Mom, this is my b-boyfriend, Josh." I said with an awkward smile. It felt so weird to say. I looked at Josh and he seemed almost confused and a bit lost. I grabbed his hand and gave him a look. He looked surprised for a moment, before snapping back into it.
  • "Uh-um, yeah, hi, I'm Josh Washington. Nice to finally meet you." He greeted politely. I was surprised he was capable.
  • "Hello, Josh, nice to finally meet you, too." My mom said. This might not be too bad.
  • "Well, come on in!" My mom cheered, scurrying into two house. I looked at Josh. He looked back at me.
  • "You okay?" He asked. I nodded. He squeezed my hand a little tighter. I involuntarily smiled. What the hell is happening to me? I brushed it off and yanked Josh in the house. I followed my mom into the dining room.
  • "Hey, Sam's here with her boyfriend!" My mom announced to my father, brother, and sister at the table.
  • "How much did you pay him to show?" My brother asked, causing Josh to chuckle. I, took my hand from his and elbowed him in the ribs.
  • "Shut up, Evan." I growled.
  • "Relax," Josh whispered in my ear. I let out a breath and calmed down. It was awkward for a moment, Josh and I being the only ones standing.
  • "Well, don't to strangers, sit down, you two!" My dad said. I did as my dad said and dragged Josh to a chair next to me and we both sat down.
  • "Uh, Josh, this is my dad. My brother, Evan, and my sister, Brooke." I introduced.
  • "Hi." He said awkwardly. Everyone else kind of mumbled "hellos."
  • "Well, dinners almost done, so for now, we can just talk." My mom shrugged.
  • "Josh." My dad said. Josh tensed up next to me.
  • "Yes?"
  • "Do you wanna come and help me get drinks for everyone?" My dad asked. I instantly got nervous. He was about to have a talk with Josh. And with Josh's attitude it might not be too pleasant. And Josh knew it because his foot started tapping on the floor like crazy. I put my hand on his.
  • "U-um, yeah!" He stammered. My dad nodded and got up up, then walking into the kitchen. Josh got up and walked with him, but not before giving me a peck on my head, which made me blush hard. My mother grinned as he walked away, noticing my almost surprised expression.
  • "How long have you two been dating?" My sister asked. I blinked slowly.
  • "A little more then a month." I said, kind of out of it.
  • "He really likes you, huh? He does! I can tell by the ways he acts!" My sister inquired. That caught me a little off guard and I had to think. I wasn't too sure if Josh was a good actor or not, but tonight it seemed like it. But then again, he was so nervous before we got here... And he was obviously trying to make some sort of good impression on my mom and who knows what's he saying to my dad.
  • "Right?" My sister asked. I thought a little but slowly nodded.
  • "Yeah.. I guess he does." I mumbled. As if on cue, my dad and Josh came out of the kitchen. I was almost surprised when thy came out laughing and talking. Josh slid in the chair next to me and my dad sat down as well.
  • "Some drinks..." Evan muttered. My dad's expression turned a bit sour upon realizing he didn't even get drinks.
  • "Damn. I'll get 'em." He said plainly, going back into the kitchen. I leaned close to Josh.
  • "What'd you say to him?" I whispered for only him to hear, kind of puzzled by how my dad was totally and absolutely cool with it. Josh smiled.
  • "The truth." He whispered confidently. My eyes went wide.
  • "About the you and I situation?" I replied. He shook his head.
  • "Not exactly." He whispered. I gave him a puzzled look and he just smiled at the rest of the table. I raised an eyebrow, kind of afraid of what they talked about. I almost didn't wanna know.
  • ()()()()()()()()()()()
  • The night went okay, Josh and I did fake couple things like hold hands at the table and and hug a little longer then most would. Everyone got along. It wasn't that bad. And the night was almost over.
  • "How about me make toasts?" My dad suggested.
  • "With Pepsi?" I quirked, tilting my head. My mom shrugged.
  • "Why not?" My mom smiled. She stood.
  • "I'll go first... A toast to my lovely family! I wouldn't change a thing." She said before sitting down. I smiled. Evan stood.
  • "A toast to myself. Because I am a bad-ass motherfucker." He said. My mother gasped and I slapped my hand over my mouth. Josh, however, proceeded to laugh his ass off.
  • "Evan! Language!" My father hissed. Evan just smirked. I slapped Josh's arm as he laughed hysterically.
  • "Josh!" I growled, trying myself not to laugh. He tapped my arm.
  • "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm calm." He chuckled, clearing his throat. Emma stood.
  • "A toast to Sam! I'm glad you finally decided to come over." She grinned and sat back down.
  • "Thank you." I mouthed to her before standing up for my turn. I thought before I spoke.
  • "Ahh, a toast to all of you! Mom, dad, Emma, Evan, Josh. You're all so important to me, and I don't know what I'd to without you." I finished before sitting down. Josh didn't even look at me before he stood up. He took a deep breath before starting.
  • "Okay, um, a toast to... My girlfriend. My beautiful, amazing, best friend. Sam.. I don't know where I'd be if I'd never met you. And I can never, ever, repay you for what you've done for me. Thank you." Josh finished before finally sitting back down. My jaw dropped open. I couldn't believe what he said. I looked at him for a long time. He didn't look back at me. A smile slowly stretched across my face and I leaned over and pecked Josh on the cheek. He smiled and blushed.
  • "That was nice..." my mother said quietly. My dad stood up.
  • "Well, my toast is also to my wonderful family. And Josh, who I hope will stay around a long while. Tonight was perfect in the most imperfect way. And that's just the way I want it." My father finished to close the night. We all smiled. My mother wiped the forming tears out of her eyes. Josh wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him. I leaned into his chest and smiled. Tonight was amazing.
  • "Um, I really think we should get going.." I announced, intertwining my fingers with Josh's
  • "Are you sure?" My mom asked. I nodded.
  • "Yeah, it's getting late I'm tired." I said. My brother snorted.
  • "Use condoms." He said. My face flushed and Josh laughed.
  • "Evan, stop!" I hissed. Josh squeezed my shoulder and I relaxed. I don't know why that of all things calmed me down. My head was all confused, I needed sleep.
  • "Oh yeah, I almost forgot." Josh mumbled. I was about to ask what he was talking about until he pulled me into him and brushed his lips against mine. I didn't respond out of surprise. And then he stepped back. I couldn't speak, just babbled incoherent things. Did... he just... do that? Maybe it was just for my parents to see it now something, I don't know. Now we really needed to go.
  • "Bye everyone, I love you!" I said loudly before dragging Josh out the door. We got in the car and drove away.
  • "Well that was ah... Interesting." Josh quirked. I nodded slowly. And it was. It went a lot better then expected to
  • "Yeah...." I mumbled, still kind of shocked by the random kiss. I didn't know if he was planning it or what but I was still kind of surprised. I mean, I was still have a hard time processing Josh as my "boyfriend."
  • "Maybe we should go out as a couple again sometime. Pretend to be a couple around town." Josh shrugged. I snorted.
  • "Or we could not pretend.." he said quietly. What was he implying? I mean, I knew he was joking but still. I laughed.
  • "Good one." I replied. He stayed silent for a second.
  • "Yeah, I was uh... just.... just joking." He said quietly. The rest of the care ride was silent until he pulled up to my apartment building.
  • "Thank you so, so, so much for this Josh! I have no idea how to repay you!" I thanked as I exited the car. He put a hand up.
  • "Don't. Tonight was nice." He said. I nodded and turned to walk inside. Then I remembered something I wanted to ask him and turned back around.
  • "Josh?" I asked. He looked at me.
  • "Yeah?"
  • "When you said you told my dad the truth... What did you mean?" I asked curiously. Josh bit his lip and raised his eyebrows.
  • "Well.. He asked me how I really felt about you. So I told him the truth." Josh said simply. I thought for a minute. But when my dad came out of the kitchen, he was still obviously under the impression that Josh and I were dating. Wait a minute... I finally put two and two together. He literally asked me out in the car and I thought he was kidding! He was not kidding!
  • "Oh, wait, Josh..." I said, feeling like an asshole. He shook his head.
  • "Don't worry about it, Sam. I'll see you later." He said, driving off without another word.  I called for him but he kept driving, driving, driving and then he was gone. My head was running wild. I'm so dumb. I didn't realize Josh liked me.. I'm not even sure how I feel about him. I mean... I don't know if I like him... Of course not, its Josh. Obviously I do, he's the only one that can do what he does to me. Ugh, this was so confusing. Suddenly, my phone started to buzz and I pulled it out of my pocket and it was a text. From Josh.
  • "I had to do it just once." It said. I ran my fingers over my lips and felt my cheeks get red.
  • Ugh... Josh... What did I do?

when you lose as frequently as link does, you learn to do so with grace and dignity.

leaveyoureyes  asked:

I hated your character on Eureka, you were a dick. But I still love your acting. Is there any character you've done that you thought you didn't like, or wouldn't like if they were a real life person?

Most of the characters I’ve played in the last ten years have been really unlikable, and I’m really okay with that. The whole point of being an actor is to pretend and to explore characters, situations, relationships, and stories that aren’t my own.

Because I don’t like them, it’s been a challenge sometimes to justify the shitty things they do, but that’s also part of the fun and reward of being a creator.

Since you mention Eureka, Doctor Parrish wasn’t the most likable guy, but he had a good heart. He knew he was the smartest person in the room (even if that wasn’t objectively true; he’d never admit that to himself) and it drove him crazy that people like Fargo, who didn’t deserve promotions (from Dr. Parrish’s point of view) got them just because they had the right pedigree.

It killed him that he didn’t get to go to Titan, and it destroyed him that Holly didn’t choose him. I did my best (and I had a ton of support from the writers and producers) to let his insecurity and desperate need to be recognized as a brilliant scientist come through in those moments.

anonymous asked:

I still not sure what Kalique's plan for Jupiter was. It didn't seem like she wanted her dead and even told her how to get registered.

You know, at the end of the day? I think Kalique’s plan for Jupiter was exactly what happened.

Think about it. At the end of the movie? Kalique is the only other Abraxus left standing. Okay, no, Titus is still standing but c’mon. The man fired on the Aegis. He might have serious $$ but he doesn’t have Earth, he doesn’t have the planets, power, and money that marrying Jupiter would get him. Plus he can’t pretend that he just didn’t want the wedding to be interrupted because Caine is there pointing his damning finger and Jupiter is there to back Caine up.

So, Titus is going to have to pay mega fines or serve some time maybe. IDK.

Balem’s dead. Like, dead dead. I know that Earth reverted to Jupiter but IDK how many of his planets did. All of the siblings probably lost something, honestly.

So, Kalique may have lost some planets when Jupiter got stamped but with Titus being a dumbass and Balem dead she probably just ended up with a majority holding in Abraxus Industries.

Kalique played the long game. She knew her brothers wouldn’t stand for Jupiter to be alive. She didn’t care one way or the other. Whichever side came out on top? Kalique won.

divinesugar  asked:

Hi okay so I was wondering about some stuff! Okay for one, Will told Hannibal to kill Mason (or persuaded him w/e) and Hannibal acted like he killed him, but didn't. Obviously Hannibal knows how to snap a neck so that they die, but I read a comment somewhere that said he did it in a way that only made Mason unconscious. So I'm a little confused about that...Will pretended to Kill Freddie, Hannibal pretended to kill Mason? I'm drawing that parallel but idk (1)

I’m sure that Will knows that Mason is not dead. They would have had to, after that moment, somehow deliver Mason back home so that he would be found and delivered to the hospital to get fixed up, since it’s not like they can call the ambulance from Will’s house to have them come pick Mason up.

The point in keeping Mason alive was twofold: primarily, it puts Margot in a position where he can’t overtly abuse her anymore, but she’s able to keep her money, which was always the problem for her if he died. So instead of her being completely dependent on him, they’re now both dependent on each other. Much like Hannibal and Will, the reversal of roles between them only makes them more closely and painfully bound and obligated to each other, in a give and take that has nothing to with a normal, healthy relationship.

The second point in keeping him alive was to torture him, to give him the poetic justice of suffering a diminished life because of the the diminished life he gave Margot when he took her child and forced her to undergo a hysterectomy. 

(2) and then also, you mentioned that Hannibal didn’t finish the death of Will. Was that a mistake on his part or intentional? I always thought it would be but then some people are saying he didn’t intend for it to be totally fatal. This show is always confusing me XD

Hannibal wanted to kill Will slowly, so that’s why he chose to gut him in the way he did. He wanted to talk to Will, to confront him about his deception and betrayal. And he wanted to hold him and say goodbye. 

But he didn’t finish killing Will. He walked away instead. After Will showed Hannibal that he’d left as indelible a mark on Hannibal as Hannibal had left on him, Hannibal forgave him. It wasn’t a mistake, but it wasn’t intentional: it was forgiveness as Bella had described it: “a profound conscious and unconscious state of affairs. You can’t actually choose to do it: it simply happens to you.”

Forgiveness happened to Hannibal. Will changed him; Will’s still changing him. So Hannibal doesn’t finish Will off, but just leaves him to die, tells him to put his head back, close his eyes, and wade into the stream. Forgiveness or no, Hannibal has no mercy on any of them, and he still shatters the teacup, takes Abigail’s life from them again, so that they can never go back to this moment, never pick up the life that the three of them could have had together.

It’s not accidental that Hannibal didn’t finish killing Will. He made a choice not to do it. But it was accidental that he forgave Will enough to allow himself to make that choice. 

Hunger Games AU...

where instead of Finnick receiving the cruel and unnecessary fate he does in Mockingjay, he manages to escape the mutts…but not without injury.  His face is left horribly disfigured and without the Capitol’s special ‘beautifying’ treatments, he lives the rest of his days with broad, ugly scars on the right side of his face; his eye sagging and his flesh raw and blistered. Finnick Odair is no longer the 'pretty boy’ victor from District 4, only a shadow of his former self.

But that doesn’t matter anymore. Because Annie loves him and he loves her. And they have a son. And he’s never been happier.

At night, Annie smiles at him adoringly and kisses his scars, taking pride in the fact that this beautiful man is hers. And hers alone.

wingslovesfiction  asked:

How about this for a prompt, since you've been in a Henry mood lately: Henry reacting to the apocalypse properly, and I mean first with dismissal, then with disbelief, then with amazement, cause we only had the dismissal part in the show and it makes me think he didn't realize they were talking about THE apocalypse, cause the reaction we have been shown is not sufficient reaction to finding that out. And then of course he should be amazed at how Sam saved the world. :)

Okay! I’m gonna pretend like Dean brings it up in that hissy fit he throws in the hotel in “As Time Goes By” before he storms out so Sam and Henry can have a nice little private convo about it.

Also… I don’t know if any of this stuff is accurate as far as Men of Letters go and I’ve never written Henry before so.. idk this may just totally suck but HERE WE GO. 


Henry sat back in his chair, slightly stunned, a reaction to the abrupt exit made by his future grandson. The wall shook from the slamming door as a thousand different sensations of guilt and confusion washed over him.

“Sorry about Dean,” said his second future grandson, still seated to his right at the table. 

Henry sighed. “Don’t apologize. Clearly you two weren’t brought up in the best situation.”

“But that’s not your fault. This story hasn’t been nailed down, yet. Maybe there is a way to get you back there…” Sam trailed off as Henry shook his head. 

“I just can’t imagine what John must have gone through, believing his whole life that I didn’t love him enough to return to him.” Henry seemed to go very far away. “And to be confronted with what’s out there with no proper training at all.” His eyes bore into Sam, regret etched across his face. “And how that must’ve impacted yours and Dean’s upbringing—”

“It was rough, like Dean said, but we were prepared,” Sam tried to assure him. “It wasn’t perfect, but we managed. Our methods were just different. The goals were the same.”

“I suppose.” Henry chewed on his bottom lip, unconvinced, when suddenly something struck him. “I’ve noticed your brother his slightly dramatic—”

“—Ha, yeah.”

“—but he said something that I can’t decide if it was hyperbolic or not.”

Sam looked slightly amuse. “Which bit?”

“The ‘we stopped the friggin’ apocalypse’ bit.”

"Oh,” Sam straightened up. “No, that was literal. That really happened.”

As the shock settled in, Henry’s eyebrows raised slowly, creasing his forehead in a familiar pattern, like Sam’s. “Well, I’ll be damned,” he breathed. Pride seemed to creep into his expression as he leaned forward to hear more. “How did the two or you go about it?”

Sam shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “Uh, it was a last resort kind of thing—”

“But you stopped it? You saved the world?”

Sam’s shrugged his shoulders but nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, we did.”

“That must have been unbelievably difficult for you two to do.”

“Well, we had help. There was an angel friend of ours there, and Bobby. He was like our…er, father.”

Henry looked wounded for just a second before recovering and moving on to ask, “How did you do it? I must know, how did my grandsons stop the apocalypse?”

Sam did not want to go into the gritty details. It was not a fond memory. He took down Lucifer from the inside, he threw him into the Cage, but he had gone in, too. And while he would do it over agian in a second to preserve the world and allow Dean a chance to live, thinking about everything that went along with that was never fun.

Sam cleared his throat. “Uh, now keep in mind it was our last resort,” he said, holding his hands up psuedo-defensively. “But, we had to get the rings of the Four Horsemen to open this portal to a special place in Hell —it’s called the Cage— then I had to say ‘yes’ to Lucifer and jump into it.”

There was such an expression of horror on Henry’s face, Sam pretty much regretted ever saying a word to him about anything ever. He dropped his eyes away from his grandfather who he’d only known for a few hours, his young face full of judgment. It never took long for Sam’s family members to find a reason Sam was tainted. This pretty much fit the pattern. But he felt stupid for offering this one up even though he had felt like he could be open with Henry, for some reason. Clearly he was wrong. 

“You… you overthrew Lucifer, the archangel?” Henry’s horror began to melt into awe.

Sam nodded feebly.

"And you…you,” Henry stuttered on. “You gave consent to Lucifer himself to possess your body, and then you —your body and mind and soul and heart— overthrew his hold on you, and you jumped into Hell?”

“Basically,” Sam muttered. “But Dean was there, and he wouldn’t leave me. It helped me break through..” Sam trailed off, unsure if the glisten in Henry’s eyes were tears.

“Sam!” Henry exclaimed. “That’s incredible!” He stood up out of his chair. “The Men of Letters have studied angel possesion, consent, and the hold of grace on an individual for years and to take control back?That’s… that’s nearly unheard of without the angel’s cooperation. But you gripped Lucifer and dragged him back to Hell?”

A weak smile formed on Sam’s face. “I let him out, I should have been the one to put him back.” He should know the whole truth before he gets too excited. 

Henry cocked his head at his future grandson. “What do you mean?”

"I was the one who started the whole thing.” This was the first thing Sam said with confidence since they got on the subject. 

“No, that’s impossible,” Henry said with finality, slightly towering over the seated Sam.

Here it is, Sam thought. Here’s where the disappointment will come in.

It’s true, though—”

“No, son,” Henry insisted again. “You’re talking to a Man of Letters. All we did was study over things likes this, we couldn’t be inducted until we were tested over mounds of research about it. And we all know —or knew, rather— that Lucifer couldn’t be let out of his prison without the falling of 66 Seals. Did you knock over 66 Seals, Sam?”

Sam stared up at his grandfather, and it was the first time he actually kind of felt like Henry was his grandfather, though he knew this guy was currently just about the same age as he was. Sam shook his head in response. 

“Then it wasn’t you. It wasn’t just you." 

Gratitude showed on Sam’s face. He nodded silently, though he wasn’t sure if the guilt he felt could ever really be explained away. He appreciated Henry for trying. He appreciated Henry for seeing things that way.

Sam felt Henry squeeze his shoulder. ”The Winchesters were supposed to be legacies of the Men of Letters,” he mused, “but it seems you two are building legacies of your own without that.” He smiled down at Sam briefly, then took a seat back at the table next to him. Sam smiled back then slid John’s journal over to him.