he did went through a lot to be that wise though

Some Kind Of Justice

Mark couldn’t believe that two months had passed since the accident. Health wise, he was doing a lot better. His wounds had healed but his scars would always stay with him. That was something he would have to get used to. Thankfully, he didn’t have many. Of course his heart was still broken but he knew Edith was right, with time it would heal. He wouldn’t forget but he would learn to cherish every little moment and channel that empty energy into something great. Thinking like that and with the help of his family were the only things that had gotten him through the past two months.

Today however, he had been hoping to get the answers he so badly needed. Why did he do it? Why was he in a police chase? He knew though as the court hearing went on, he would probably never get his answers but would he get justice? That was something he wanted to know.

Through out the hearing, Mark had sat quietly. The guy on the other hand who they had found out was named Adam, he hadn’t been so quiet. Because Mark was a bigger guy and it appeared he wanted to get him into trouble, he kept taunting Mark in ways you couldn’t imagine. At first it didn’t bother him but the more it happened, the more Mark wanted to jump over the table and lay it into him so when the hearing was adjourned for the sentencing at a later date, mark was glad to get up from his chair and pretend he never heard anything. “Get me out of here, please?” he begged to Lea, hoping she knew what he meant by that.