he did this to robert pattinson too


Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson talk beard

Charlie “I showed up with a rather lovely looking beard and then Rob showed up and said: "Ha ha, yeah, that’s a lovely little beard….Lovely LITTLE beard, because he had this magnificent creation.”

Rob: “It did get a little too much and I did feel like I was very much part of the beard-gang which I didn’t really want to be part of, so I had to get rid of it then.”

Tom Holland talking about bugs all over the floor and having to lie down on it.

More stories from the cast about filming of The Lost City of Z  from Variety:

Pattinson, who plays Fawcett’s aide-de-camp Henry Costin, discussed what it was like to shoot in the jungle. “After the first week when we realized it’s basically going to be a tropical thunderstorm at 3:30 p.m. every single day, it was kind of easy to go with it because it was pretty consistent weather — just not a lot of time to shoot anything,” Pattinson said. “But I find that anything that makes it easier to not act at all makes it way easier. We were just in a raft on the river and the only difference was there was a camera there; I thought it was very satisfying and fun.”

Holland, who plays Fawcett’s eldest son, Jack, shared some anecdotes from that same jungle shoot. “One of the funniest moments was when the howler monkeys decided to throw feces at us, because that’s what they do,” Holland recalled. “It was disgusting, but also hilarious.”

Hunnam, who had an insect crawl into his ear at one point in the jungle shoot, still loved his time on set. “I’m a great lover of the outdoors so any time I can be, like in our film, spending enormous amounts of time in the Highlands of Scotland and Snowdonia National Park and then in Colombia,” Hunnam said. “Any time I can be outside and away from big groups of people, I’m at my happiest.”

More stories from the cast about filming of The Lost City of Z from ET

Sienna Miller “He (Charlie Hunnam) was very method in an amazingly impressive way…He was starving himself half the time, he didn’t speak to his [girlfriend] at all, and she’s amazing. But he really buried himself into it and he has an intensity and I think it really resonates in the film but we had a lovely time because our dynamic in the film is lovely.”

Charlie “It’s nice actually to come out of that fog of the production and see that he (Robert Pattinson) is a lovely guy, I can actually enjoy having a drink with him now and a hang. There was something really exciting about the idea of not knowing someone, just letting a relationship exist exclusively on the screen and so I had decided that I wanted to do that, but sometimes that can be alienating, and put another actor off of their work and I don’t want to be that selfish. I mean, I’ll be selfish in my personal life, but I got on and I started playing this game with Rob and he just started playing it right back. I think we both really understood what we were doing and there was no real contention or beef between us, that we were just playing the game.”