he did that to one of his patients

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Lmao where did I say that he hates Bale? I ws saying that he's only happy when he's on the scoresheet and the spotlight is on him, he has to accept that it' not 2012 anymore it's not a one man team and there are players who are better than him in the squad and no I don't hink that he's that pathetic to want his teammates goals to be called offside , you have no answer to his childish beviour so you put stupid words in my mouth

You’re adamant on Cristiano making his teammates’ lives miserable with being selfish (”i hope bale doesn’t become benzema 2.0 and a sideman to cristiano because he’s too good for that”). By the way, we’re talking about the player who handed out the most assists in the team since his arrival to Madrid but let’s ignore that. Cristiano playing in the box is not his decision as everyone knows, he prefers to be a winger, talk to Zidane about the striker position, even I’d appreciate that. (”just watch in the next game he will go back to standing in the box and waiting for bale’s crosses,)

It was the end of the match, as Kroos once said by that time a player doesn’t always feel fresh enough to run and celebrate, sometimes you just accept. Cristiano *did* congratulated Gareth, slapped his cute little ass too. 

I did not put anything into your mouth; what I did is called exaggeration, the same thing what you do with this celebration nonsense. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

headcanon that shitty was one of those kids who got to college having no idea how to do laundry. Who did he turn to for a lesson? why, his hallmate and new bffl, jack, of course

Jack enjoys doing laundry. it’s a predictable, never-changing process that follows an exact set of steps from start to finish and results in a satisfying outcome. also, remember, he was fresh off of a year of coaching kids, so he was ready to give shitty a patient and lucid explanation.

Shitty took the “that’s cool and all, but fuck it, imma just dump a bunch of dish detergent in the washer and come back three hours later, that’s how it works, right, brah??” approach.

The lesson did not go well

What I love about Renora is that, even though Nora loved the shit out of Ren for god knows how long.. Not once has she ever pushed it, or even bothered him with it. 

Not even once did we ever catch her forcing it on him at all.

(I mean, Rwby Chibi was cute, but not canon)

Sure, she did things out of love (Pushed him out of the Paladin’s path in Volume 3, held his hand in V4 E10 for comfort,)


She literally just waited patiently until he was the one to make the first move. She never asked him constantly about becoming a couple. His safety and happiness came first, and i think thats so adorable c:


Percival Graves x Reader - Rule Four

: Rule Four

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 2648

Rating: T

Warnings: None

Sorry for the lack of smut >///< I just wasn’t sure where I would have fit it in with my idea for how to make Percival jealous. I hope you liked it though!!


anon: What’s up! Percival Graves will not get off of my mind and honestly anything about him would be fantastic(beastsandwheretofindthem) haha :)

@thepinupprincesses: Hi! Can I please have a Percival Graves imagine where he gets jealous? Smut isn’t required but greatly accepted.

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Winter, Winter how did you perform that miracle of convicing Qrow to drop all this 'I'm a hole in light/ no one's blessing/broken mirror' ect emo crap, and give a relationship a chance to the point that he decided to ask you to marry him?

“I love him patiently,
 Although With thoughts like that never really go away, they stay with you. No matter what he’ll always feel that way to a degree. Self Loathing is hard to overcome. 

but even though I can’t make those dark cloud’s vanish, I can support him during his storms, I listen to him, as he would for me.

I’m Thankful for his strength because despite those dark feelings he chose to love me and to stay with me. It isn’t a miracle, It’s knowing how to love and be loved”

Just A Little Bit Longer Part 2

Pairing: Jensen x Female Reader

Warnings: fluff, smut, small tiny microscopic bit of angst

Word Count: 2595

A/N: This is the second part to my First series, check out Part 1 here. As always, Thanks to @avasmommy224 for betaing this for me!! Feedback is always welcome!! Hope yall enjoy!!

“Chris, I told you! I’m not ready yet!” You exclaimed as you made your way to your apartment door.
“Just one date, (y/n). If you don’t have the time of your life, I will never speak of it again.” he raised his hands up in mock surrender, trying to accentuate his promise.
You sighed heavily, leaning your body against the door, fidgeting with your keys while he patiently waited for an answer.
“One date. THAT’S IT! Be here tonight by six.” You unlocked your apartment, quickly sliding in the door before he could get another word in. You really did like him, he was a nice guy, attractive, successful; but he wasn’t Jensen. No one would ever be Jensen. It had been a year since Tahiti and this would be your first date since you left the island. You came home, but your heart was with him, wherever he was.

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I can’t help but marvel at how both Mana and Cross shaped Allen’s personality.

At first Allen was simply Red, a boy with no relations who didn’t belong to anyone and no one belonged to him. He was harsh, foul-mouthed and did his best to survive in his cruel environment.

Then came Mana who taught Allen many important things. Be patient. Talk politely. Act kind. Feel compassion for others. Forgive. He taught Allen to love others.

When Allen lost Mana, his only source of happiness Allen took these teaches to the extreme, he was always ready to sacrifice himself for other’s happiness, “love others” spiraled to martyrdom.

But then Cross took him as his Apprentice. He was nowhere near as gentle as Mana but he gave Allen important lessons too in his roundabout way. Stand up for yourself. Strike back when someone wants to take something from you. Fight for what you believe in. He taught Allen to love himself.

Hopefully Allen will take Cross’s teachings to his heart too and reach a balance where he can love himself as others so he can save himself.

Gotta dash. I love you so much sweetie!

My boyfriend Quinn (soon to be fiancé as his dad slipped out he was going to propose) worked as a fireman whilst I was working as a nurse, people gave us the nickname ‘the lifesaving couple’ due to our jobs. We met when he was one of my patients and had injured himself while playing rugby (american football) he came in with a bunch of his friends who made me feel very small as they were all so tall! I did think to myself 'ooh this patient is handsome, do I say something?’ instead Quinn made his friends go wait outside whilst me and him talked. Towards the end of our appointment he asked if I would like to get a drink later, I didn’t even hesitate and I said yes and wrote my number on a separate prescription form and the rest is history.

Fast forward 3 years and we’re living together with a dog named Rain. One night we set off for our night shifts, halfway through mine I rang Quinn to see how he was doing and we had a chat about the boringness of night shifts. He had to go as the alarm went off, I didn’t think much of it as he’s been fighting fire for 5 years, he’ll be fine.

however this fire was too tough for him to fight, he went in and the fire was too much, he died after running out gasping for some fresh air.

Miss you, baby.
Love L & Rain X

GOT7′s reaction to you doing light exercise before bed.

Authors note: The request for this got eaten, and we thought it was for GOT7 so if it wasn’t please forgive us, lol.

BamBam: He is honestly such a little shit that the second he found out that this was one of your nightly routines, it would become his goal to try everything in his power to distract you every night.

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Jackson: He would actually like that this was something you did before bed and would, more often than not, join you.

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Jinyoung: He wouldn’t really think much about it. He would just let you do your thing and wait patiently for you to be finished and come snuggle with him.

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JB: He wouldn’t really care that you did it, but on nights when he was especially needy, he would whine about how he has to settle for cuddling pillows because you’re taking too long.

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Mark: He would be a little surprised by it at first, not because he thought it was weird but because he just didn’t expect it of you. He would begin using that time every night to ramble to you about his day.

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Youngjae: He is another one who wouldn’t really think much of it and would use the time that you’re exercising to do his own nightly routines.

Originally posted by huggableyoungjae

Yugyeom: At first he would find it just a little strange, but after a couple times he wouldn’t think anything of it anymore and would probably just sit there and watch you because he thinks you look cute doing it.

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a day in december: gift wrap

on ao3


thank you for being patient, i had an….incredibly tough week this last week. is this going to be hell to catch up with? absolutely. am i going to do it? definitely.

(we continue the pattern of lame titles)

its been faaaaaaaar too long since i last wrote adrien and chloe. enjoy~

If Adrien is being honest, he genuinely forgot they did this. It isn’t really at the forefront of his mind, he has other more…pressing matters to be thinking about. Shopping is not one of them.

Chloé, on the other hand, never forgets. Adrien swears she has all their tiny traditions and ticks written down somewhere, because he’s not entirely sure how she remembers all of them. This one, though— This one he’s embarrassed he forgot about.

He’s just relieved Chloé had texted him — ‘give me 15 adri and i’ll be on my way~ ;*’ — so he had time to actually get dressed and look mildly presentable.

Of course, that doesn’t stop him from being completely unable to find a winter jacket. Which is completely ridiculous, because with the amount of clothing he owns and the fact that his father is a fashion designer, there really should be random coats lying around.

Adrien skids into the dining room as he pulls his coat on.

Chloé looks up from her magazine, arching an eyebrow. “Sleeping beauty forgot to set his alarm, huh?” she taunts with a smirk.

He rolls his eyes and brushes his hair out of his face. “I think you’re early.”

She scoffs. “I’m never early.” She tosses her magazine down the table and it slides toward the center. “Ready?”

“Am I ever?” Adrien asks.

Chloé smiles coyly. “Prepare yourself, Monsieur Agreste, because I have a battle plan.”

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I think it’s getting to him.

My shrink. I’m worried about him.

Part of it comes with the territory, right? The people who come through his door are by definition not happy about something, possibly not happy about anything at all. He is pummeled by mostly negative energy all day, every day. It’d wear you down no matter what you’re made of.

So I’m in there this morning, the first patient of the day for him, and I went in to my usual routine about what I’ve been up to for the last two weeks, how I did on my homework (there is always homework), what’s good, and what’s bothering me. And when I got to the bit about the current political situation and its effect on me, I could see his body shift. “Not another one,” his face said. He’d be awful at poker.

I felt so bad for him. Sure, he’s well paid, but he sits there all fucking day and listens to people like me freak about how we’re witnessing the end of civilization, possibly with a sprinkling of psychos who are cheering it. Even as a pro, how could it not just ruin you after five weeks of this, every day? 

(That didn’t really deter me much.)

Near the end of our session, I asked him how he was doing. He and I have different philosophies on many things, which is part of why I like our talks, but I know we are mostly aligned on this thing that is happening. And he looked at me and said, “Thanks for asking. I’m fine. But we’re not here to talk about me.” And I said, “We can be, if you want.” He paused for a second, looking off into some unspecified middle distance over my shoulder, before looking back at me and stage whispering, “Thank you.” It was time to go, but maybe he’ll take me up on it next time. It’d be OK.

We live in the weirdest fucking time right now.

Dear Kara,

I had hoped to be in town for the New Year celebrations, but you’ve probably heard about the minor hostage situation in my department.

Did I thank you for Carter’s Christmas gift yet? He’s insisting that I do, because apparently I’m “not always as grateful [for you] as I could be”. What could he possibly mean? Regardless, he’s very impressed that you got him those rocks from another planet. He did tell me at length which one, but I believe I’ve contained his curiosity by saying your sister works for NASA. Just when I had him thinking my job was cool, I am yet again outdone by a Danvers, even if it is with a lie.

All of which is my new, patient way of saying you have to be more careful. I can keep your secrets; I’m honored to be trusted with them and I understand the risks. You cannot ask the same of my barely-teenaged son. I know the freedom must be liberating, but deploy the same attention to detail you always did with my schedule, could you please?

Anyway, about that silly hostage mess - I missed a dinner with Madeleine Albright - Susan was a godsend. Did you know she’s an expert in three different martial arts? She’s going to teach me some defensive moves and effective ways to move through crowds, which seems helpful. There’s apparently a gym in my building, but given the work we do here I’m fairly sure it caters more to 12-foot aliens than former CEOs just under 5’6”. Susan says she can find somewhere private for the training, but as always it’s more difficult to find the time.

What does the new year hold for Kara Danvers? Your bylines have gone quiet again. Do you need another middle-of-the-night pep talk?


not to get in the middle of something that seems to be Controversial™ on the tumblrs but i saw the movie split yesterday and it really wasn’t all that bad and didn’t portray people with DID to be violent or crazy or anything like that¿ his therapist cared about him and her other patients and was trying her best to bring light to the fact that people with multiple personalities are still people just like anyone else. only one or two of his personalities were actually violent (not including the beast, i guess) he was just a normal person. or a normal 23 people.
not the worst movie i’ve ever seen and definitely not the worst movie about a mental illness that i’ve ever seen either

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100 ways to say I love you prompt! Cassian X Reader with: "Watch your step.” and “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

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100 ways to say “I love you”: 17 - “Watch your step.” | 33 - “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

“Okay, now watch your step”, Cassian said, and you carefully did it. One of his hands were on your face, covering your eyes - the other one was holding your waist. “Good, we’re here.”

Cassian took his hands off of you, and you sighed.

“Oh, finally”, you mumbled, opening your eyes.

“No, no, no!”, he exclaimed, covering them again. “We’re not done yet.”

“Oh, come on, Cass!”

“Trust me, you’re gonna love the surprise”, he laughed. “Now please, be patient, close your eyes and hold out your hands.

Again, you sighed, doing as he said. Cassian smiled, taking some steps away from you and getting you one of your “presents”. He put a big box on your hands, and you gasped.

“Hey, what is this?”

“Open your eyes and see it yourself.”

Without hesitating, you opened your eyes, your hands furiously opening the box too. You gasped again when you saw what it was.

“Oh my gosh, the blaster I wanted!”, you said, clearly happy. “But wait, I can’t have this, Mon Mothma said that only Captains can have it.”

“Turn around, love”, Cassian simply said, laughing. And when you did, you saw an U-Wing in front of you.

“Cass, what an U-Wing and this blaster has to do with-”, you stopped talking, eyes wide open when you finally understood what was happening. “Oh gosh, no…”

“Yes, love”, Cassian smiled. “Mon Mothma promoted you to Captain and asked me to tell you. This is your own U-Wing, and your blaster… Captain (Y/L/N).”

You screamed, dropping the box you were holding to the floor and hugging Cassian.

“This was the best surprise ever, thank you so much, babe!”, you screamed on his ear, kissing his neck and making him giggle.

“I’m proud of you, love.”

Star Wars Weekend is happening! xx

Natsu and Lucy Are Awesome Parents - Birds and the Bees

All the Dragneel kids are scared out of sex after they get the talk from one special story…

Natsu: Did I ever tell you about your cousin Larcade? Oh boy, he was a strange one. So the entire guild and a bunch of other mages were all fighting your uncle and all his flunkies. Things were going pretty okay in the war–despite me being unconscious after trying to blow Gray’s brains out–until suddenly your cousin shows up and casts this really big spell. Because your mom and I were good PATIENT kids at the time, who knew sex was something that you shouldn’t do until you’re DEAD!!

Lucy: Natsu…

Natsu: Anyway, as I was saying, this spell started giving everyone this weird magic orgasm of death. Except, it only worked on people who weren’t virgins. So me and a bunch of us GOOD INNOCENT KIDS were excluded from this pleasurable pit of death because we didn’t have sex. So the moral of the story is to never have sex. Ever. Or your cousin will come here and orgasm you to death.

Lucy: No…no…that isn’t the lesson here

Imagine Tae, Kookie and Jihyun discussing who is Jimin's favourite dongsaeng
I can fully picture these three tall grown men teasing their tiny and cute hyung who pouts adorably offended because his dongsaengs always tease him. Little did he know that they compete for his love and attention.

One day to these cuties’ annoyance Jimin brings home Sejun (who adores him so much) to help him with some choreo.

Imagine surprising Jensen on stage during a panel

You nervously bounced on the balls of your feet as you tried to wait patiently back stage. The excitement of seeing your husband after two months had temporally replaced any tiredness or jet lag you’d been feeling.

Jensen had no idea you were here. In fact the only person that did was Jared, he’d helped you plan the whole thing knowing that his best friend needed this as much as you.

You peered onto the stage, you needed the perfect time to go out there. You watched Jensen with a smile on your face, he was completely focused on the crowd, engrossed in a fans question. This was it.

You slowly made your way out, bringing your fore finger to your lips to shush the crowd before you. Much to your delight the fans gave nothing away as you crept closer to Jensen.

You felt his whole body jump underneath you as your hands covered both his eyes.

“Misha is that you?” His chest raised up and down slightly as he chuckled, grabbing your arm.

“Are saying I have man hands?” You barely managed to get your laugh out before he was pulling you around to face him, his mouth forming the shape ‘o’ in utter shook.

“Y/N?” You couldn’t help but smile as confusion crossed his face, his finger tips gripped tighter into your flesh.

“Hey baby.” As the words fell from your lips, he threw his arms around you, bringing your bodies closer. He mumbled something about how happy he was to see you, as he inhaled the scent of your hair.

The two of you only pulling apart when the cheers of the crowd became unbearably loud.