he did it the doctor saved us

One foot in the grave

From the age of two Lance never stopped moving.
He would crawl through his house making it impossible to keep track of him.
However it was nothing compared to what he was like when he learned how to walk.
Soon as he could stand on his own two feet he was gone.
He would run through the garden chasing birds.
He would run to his classes in school.
He would run to the store.
He would run across the road.
Without looking both ways.
He would run straight into the path of a truck.
While he was lying in the hospital bed with his legs shattered all the doctors would tell him was how lucky he was to be alive.
For a while Lance thought that his luck would also save his legs.
But it wasn’t to be.
The doctors did all they could, using pins to try and fuse the bones back together.
However after only two days infection had set in and they had no choice but to amputate the first leg.
The second came a week later after it became clear that the bone just wasn’t fusing back together.
For months Lance was trapped in a chair, healing and waiting.
He never cried though. If he cried then his mama would cry.
Lance wouldn’t have his mama crying because of him.
When he finally got prosthetics it wasn’t what he had been hoping for.
It was a long painful process full of disappointment and failure before he could walk again.
And an even longer time before he could run again.
However Lance was determined and never gave up.
By time he moved to a new high school no one could tell he was missing both legs.

Lance was walking home from class grumbling to himself. He was pretty annoyed that his best friend Hunk had decided that he would prefer to hang out with Pidge then him.
Well not decided more like had to do he wouldn’t fail the project they were working on.
But Lance felt like being petty.
It had been raining that day, the humidity made his stumps painful which made him irritated.
To make things worse he had no choice but to walk home in the rain since his car had gone and died on him that morning.
Lance was so busy wallowing in self pity that he didn’t even notice he was about to walk into someone.
He managed to walk straight into a figure huddled inside their jacket causing the two of them to fall to the ground with a thud.
“What the hell man!” Lance yelled before stopping when he realised who he had just walked into.
Keith glared at him the rain plastering his dark hair to his face “not my fault! You walked into me!”
“Yeah well your still a jerk! You park in the handicapped space yesterday at the mall!” Lance yelled pointing at him accusingly.
“Why the hell do you care where I park! It was like 4am and it wasn’t like anyone needed it!” Keith snapped getting to his feet and trying to brush some of the water away.
“You didn’t kno-” Lance had tried to stand but when he was halfway up a cracking sound echoed around the empty campus and he went flying forwards right into Keith who caught him out of pure instinct.
Keith’s anger quickly turned to concern and nausea at the sight of the unnatural angle the lower half of Lance’s leg was now bent.
“Oh my god! Shit I’ll call an ambulance!” Keith stuttered as he carefully lowered Lance to the floor and looked for his phone only to find it cracked and unresponsive.
“D-don’t worry I’ll erm I’ll… why are you laughing?”
Lance was laughing hard as he watched Keith’s panicked actions.
“Relax dude I’m fine. See” he grabbed his foot and pulled making Keith have to fight the urge to throw up as it came away in his hand.
“See just plastic.”
Keith’s eyes widened at the sight of the prosthetic. He had no idea that Lance, the over confident narcissistic pretty boy was a amputee.
Suddenly him getting upset about Keith taking the handicapped spot makes much more sense.
“Shit… I’m sorry.”
Lance shrugged, “nah you were right it wasn’t your fault. But erm if your still riding the guilt train I could use a ride? I mean if you don’t mind.” He looked away blushing and Keith couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah sure.”
He didn’t wait for permission, instead he simply scooped Lance up princess style and walked him to his car, a small beat up red thing that could almost pass for home made with all the repairs done to it.
“H-hey I don’t need carrying!” Lance’s blush deepened as he wrapped his arms around Keith’s neck for stability only. Or at least that’s what he told himself.
“It’s quicker then you just hopping along.” Keith shrugged as he deposited Lance in the passenger seat and took his place behind the wheel.
“Still dude. It’s humiliating. Bad enough you know about my legs.”
Keith rose and eyebrow as he pulled out of the parking lot. “I only knew about one of them.”
“Fuck…” Lance hissed under his breath.
Keith couldn’t help but chuckle quietly at that.
“Man I really am an idiot, can you keep this between us… it’s just I’d prefer everyone not to know.”
Lance sounded so small and vulnerable in that moment that Keith glanced over to check that it really was the same obnoxious guy he knew from school.
“Look I promise I won’t tell anyone… but maybe you should.”
“What would you know about this?” Lance huffed crossing his arms.
“More then you would expect, my brother Shiro lost his arm and he was suffering in silence for a long time. I just don’t want you to do the same.”
Keith glanced over at Lance to see him looking very embarrassed.
Keith’s eyes widened “b-by that I mean anyone in your situation not j-just you specifically!” He rambled on quickly.
Lance laughed that strong joy filled laugh of his That always seems to light up the room. “It’s cool man. I knew what you meant.”
They pulled up outside Lance’s home and Keith offered his shoulder for support this time rarther then carrying him in.
After ringing the bell and waiting on the door step Lance looked up at Keith. “Hey Keith.”
“Yeah Lance?”
Lance kissed him on the cheek just as the door opened and Lance launched himself on his older brother closing the door behind him.
Leaving a very confused, very wet but also very very VERY happy Keith standing outside.

Everyone knows I have great affection for the Twelfth Doctor but after ‘Oxygen’ no one can convince me otherwise that he is the most devoted incarnation of the Doctor. 

Love is this Doctor’s superpower. When it boils down to the person he loves, he cannot stop until that person is drawing breath again. To him, love is a promise. A duty of care.

(Spoilery comment under the cut. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s experience of watching ‘Oxygen’.)

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Blindness in DW!!!!!!!!

 As a visually impaired person, I usually don’t enjoy media with blind people in it. I always watch… I always hold out hope… but there’s always some giant mistake which made me shake my head… “sighted writer again… Didn’t do their research.”

I’f found maybe half a dozen pieces of media which show it well. And most of those are for young children. So today, the moment The Doctor looked up, I felt my stomach drop.

Oh no.
Remember the Crimson Horror girl…
Remember all the disappointments you’ve had

And Bill started to apologize, to comfort him… And I held my breath…
And he pushed her aside.

He treated it as if it was nothing.

Like when he and Clara were in the station where the leader was deaf. He was pretty darn awesome about it!

Of course, he struggled a bit… He bumped into a few things and had to get a bit of help as it’s new territory for him.

But there he was, saving the world. Even telling some jokes as he did it!

And that’s why I’ve been smiling for almost 2 hours.
That’s why it took 50 minutes to finally stop crying.


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I don't want to bother you or stress you out if you're super busy, but can I request a Soulmate AU fic with Reader and Loki? I don't really have any specific plot ideas sorry but maybe some angst that ends fluffy? Hope that's ok for you 😊 Ps. You're an incredible writer x

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: Soulmate!AU in which you get the same injuries as your soulmate does.

A/N: thank you so much for that compliment, my love! I have to be honest, I was a little worried about this prompt, because I’m pretty much a grandma when it comes to soulmate AU’s. I literally just know a single one and I didn’t like that with loki and reader, but then I stumbled across this one and I just fell in love with it and yes, I’ll stop talking now lol. hope you like it bb <333


You made your rounds through the compound right now, wishing everyone well in the fight against Thanos.

You were a scientist, not a soldier, so you had to stay put in the compound while some of your best friends might give their life today.

It was tearing you apart that you couldn’t do much more than wish them luck.

The last person on your list to make your farewells to was Loki.

He was standing in front of a giant window, distracted by the outside world.

You slowly approached him and gently placed a hand on his arm, trying not to startle him. If it was even possible to startle an Asgardian god.


He continued to look out of the window.

“It’s about to start.”

“Yeah. I know,” you lowered your hand and looked outside as well. After a moment of silence you looked at him again. “Promise me to be careful?”

The Asgardian only smiled a little. But it wasn’t a sincere one. You could tell right away.

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Hospital Stay

Wattpad request! I do not own Tony Stark. He belongs to Marvel.

Warnings: Mentions of injury, fluff

Pairings: Tony Stark x injured!fem reader

Originally posted by thealextheshipper

Tony stood up and stretched, every muscle groaning in complaint. He wasn’t surprised. He’d been in the same room for days now. He refused to leave your side. The last mission, you’d been far too headstrong to listen to Tony when he told you to wait for backup. You were determined to save the people the enemy held hostage and the window of opportunity was closing quickly. So, you went in alone and got hurt. You’d been in the hospital since and Tony? He’d been right there with you.

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hi, @poppysicle here from ao3/tumblr.

so, i found out i was added to this yoi fic shit list thing going around & was completely confused.
i checked out their list of things they DO NOT at all like and realized my fic enthrall was the reason for it due to it touching on mental illness.

i honestly don’t see why to begin with. there are many stories of this sort. and yes, mental illness should not be used romantically–which my story does not do at all. it does have romance in it obviously between victor and yuri but the main focus is on victor’s fight against himself. i don’t know if any of you have read my fic so let me just give you a quick summary.

basically, victor had been dealing with depression for a long time. so after the grand prix final, he tried to commit but was quickly saved by doctor katsuki. victor was so resentful towards him, never giving him the respect and thanks for what he did to victor. but victor works on himself a lot and learns about not only yuri and yuri’s life but his own. he’s picking himself up one step at a time. yuri is not there to fix him, which he clearly states in the story many times, he’s there to support him.

i wrote this fic as a gift for myself because i had played basketball for years and ended up with a concussion that cause a chemical imbalance. if you have ever heard what happened to king henry viii, that’s basically what happened to me. everything about me changed but after almost a year of dealing with it, i finally came clean to my parents and begged for help.

victor is me in this story, all together.

the fact that this story is the reason that i’m on this list kinda pisses me off because i’m just here writing for my own enjoyment & for others–but because someone thinks it’s so “wrong” is kinda stupid actually. especially to the point where they have to stick me on a list with a bunch of other amazing artist/authors is sickening. what is wrong with you?

i had to get this off my chest because i’m just blown away at the fact that someone took the time to do this and act like it’s not a problem at all, even their followers?? they’re the ones recommended these hard working people to them and that’s terrible.

i thought the yuri!!! on ice fandom was full of love? what the heck happened?

Falls Apart

This was written for @hannahindie and @pinknerdpanda‘s follower milestone challenge! Congrats to both of you lovely ladies :) You two are amazing authors and people - blessed to have you both in my life! 

I chose the song Sincerely Yours by Hit the Lights. I didn’t go with the feel of the song as much as I went with the lyrics, which I bolded throughout the fic. I’m terrible at song challenges - breakin’ all the rules over here. Forgive me.

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean, Castiel

Warnings: Mild language. Angst. So much angst. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not.

Word Count (including lyrics): 1,764

A/N: Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch for being my letter checker and confirming me in my monsterness. Love you, sole sister of mine ;)

Dean ran his hands through his hair to get rid of as much excess blood as he could before climbing into the driver’s seat and closing the Impala’s door. Sam fell into the passenger seat with a small groan, doing his best to keep as much pressure as he could on the cut that ran along his left side. They were both covered in blood, guts, and dirt. A plethora of cuts, bruises, and scrapes adorned every few inches of their skin.

“I can honestly say that I did not see that one coming,” Dean stated, wincing at the effort it took to even turn the keys in the ignition, “I feel like I’ve been run through a blender set to puree.”

Sam grunted his agreement as he rummaged through the glove box, finally withdrawing his cell phone. He checked the few notifications on the screen. “Hey, Y/N called us.” He clicked the voicemail notification and held his phone to his ear.

“I’m really wishing I was the one with the flu right now,” Dean mumbled. Sam waved a hand to shush him as the message started to play.

Sam! Damn, I was hoping you’d have your phone on you. I’ve been looking some more into the case you guys are on. I don’t think it’s a werewolf. I’m pretty sure you might be looking at a Qarin. Remember that case back in February? Yeah. Call me back if you get this. I hope you guys are ok. Miss you both.

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be my love (baekhyun)
word count: 1330 w.
genre: fluff, unfair performance au
summary:  baekhyun creates havoc in the doctor’s lounge when he wore a stethoscope, scrubs, and a doctor’s coat.

A short beep sounded from your coat’s pocket. You scrabbled your pocket to get your phone. A message notification showed on the screen.

Watch Music Core today~ ^^

You rolled your eyes and went back to work.

“Please don’t leave. It’s boring in the hospital but it’s fun when you’re around, noona!” Jisung pleaded, his grip tightening around your wrist. You chuckled as you lowered down to his level.

“I’ll be doing my rounds later at six. Don’t worry, you’ll see me again.” You gave him a warm smile before ruffling his hair.

“You promise?” He asked. The sparkle in the boy’s eyes made you want to say ‘yes’ even if you’re probably a little busy come six in the evening.

“I promise.” Jisung wrapped his tiny arms around your neck. You were careful not to tangle the tube of his IV.

When you closed the door to his room, the head nurse popped her head from the common room. She waved her hand signaling you to come quickly. “You’re gonna miss their performance! Run!”

You walked briskly because running on the halls of the hospital would deem unprofessional as a medical resident. That would exclude those assigned at the emergency room, of course. When you arrived, your hair was disheveled, sticking out at different directions. All the nurses circled the flat screen TV. They flashed a smile of mischief when you sat on your desk.

“What’s all the fuss about?” You tried to catch your breath. You looked at the TV only to find Music Core on the channel.

Just when you were about to complain why they made you hurry, an unfamiliar tune started playing. Your eyes caught the song’s title named, “Unfair”.

“Where are the other four members?” One of the nurses questioned, her hands fanning her face when Jongin appeared on the screen. She turned to you, a playful smirk placed on her face. “Where’s Baekhyun?”

“B-Baekhyun who?” You averted your eyes on the ground.

The head nurse nudged your side. “Oh, you know. The Baekhyun who keeps on visiting you when he has the time away from his idol activities. The one who keeps joining you for coffee everyday with a mask on his face even if you didn’t ask.”

You felt heat creep to your cheeks at the thought of Baekhyun’s persistence on catching your heart.

“Speaking of Baekhyun,” the head nurse turned her head back to the TV the exact moment Baekhyun started singing his line.

If you already know, please stop playing around. I’m getting more and more lost in you.

You can’t believe Baekhyun sported the whole doctor attire for this stage. From the bluish purple scrubs to the stethoscope. On the side of that, his golden brown hair stuck out in different directions as well. You found it completely irresistible when Baekhyun looked up and patted his face with the stethoscope.

“OH MY GOD” The head nurse covered her mouth with her hands. Girly screams sounded all over the common room because Byun Baekhyun was in freaking scrubs and a doctor suit all because of you.

Am I being selfish? Your eyes, your nose, your lips, I want to be the only one that looks at you. Am I being too greedy?

You were pretty sure your heart was about to escape out of your chest. You placed a hand over your chest. You weren’t sure if the song was for you because you didn’t want to assume. Maybe it was just another EXO love song everyone seems to love.

“Is he confessing on live TV?!” Your attending physician, the one in charge of you, popped her head through the door.

You sighed, “You too, Dr. Kwon?”

“It’s seldom we get some medical romance here, alright? Let me have my fun.” She said before joining the rest of the nurses in watching EXO’s performance.

“The song couldn’t be about me, okay. I’m sure this is another song to have women like you swoon over them. It’s a media tactic.” You said, matter-of-factly.

Girl, girl, be my love. We drank coffee everyday.

“Are you sure it ain’t about you?” One of the nurses questioned, arms crossed over her chest. “I beg to differ.”

Girl, girl, be my love. We talked for a long time on the phone every night.

Your fellow resident clasped her hands together as if she connected two and two together. “So that’s why when I sleep at the doctor’s quarters at midnight, there’s always someone whispering and giggling on the top deck.”

“C'mon, you two are perfect for each other. The boy’s obviously head over heels for you. He’s been courting you for almost a year and you still won’t answer him.” Your attending physician said as she leaned back on the chair.

A series of ’yeah’ and ’why won’t you answer him’ filled the room. You honestly don’t know why as well. It’s just that balancing your profession and relationships were a difficult task to do. Plus, he’s an idol and you weren’t sure if it would work out. You explained these bothering thoughts to the rest of them for them to understand your part.

“I’m sure Baekhyun has a good explanation why they performed this today. I’ll call him later when he’s done with his schedule.” You said before grabbing your clipboard and poked a pen to your chest pocket.

“Or we could talk about it right now.”

When you turned around, you were taken aback when Baekhyun stood there right in the flesh. In his hand was a bouquet of carnations and blue roses. You couldn’t take your eyes off Baekhyun in scrubs. It looked absolutely perfect on him. If only he were a doctor, he’d share the same worries.

“I thought you were live? How did you get here so fast?”

Baekhyun replied. “It was pre-recorded, sweetheart.”

“Well,” the attending physician continued, “We should go back to work. Let’s go everyone. We need to, um, save lives. I’ll see you later!”

You chuckled when she pumped her fists and mouthed to Baekhyun, ‘Go get her!’

The moment you heard the door click, you initiated the conversation. “So what do you want to talk about, Baekhyun?”

“Us,” he responded. You shrugged, “What about it?”

“Look, I really really really like you. This is not an idol stunt I’m pulling. Think about it. Why am I spending my time with you in the hospital during my day offs when I could have used it to rest?”

You were caught speechless. It all made sense and you were scared to admit it. “Why do I check on you every other hour during your shifts? Why do I fetch you just to take you home safely at four in the morning?”

“I should say I love you but I guess that’s too fast for your liking. But, I really like you,” Baekhyun took a step closer. He set down the flowers on the table before rubbing your sides.

“And if that song that I wrote with Chanyeol and Dean didn’t prove enough then…”

You cupped your hands on his cheeks. Baekhyun pouted. You leaned in and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Byun Baekhyun. EXO’s lead vocalist and the most adorable puppy I’ve ever met. You have won a place in my heart. I like you, too.”

“And, no, it’s not too fast for my liking. I think it’s about damn time.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down until your lips are a few centimeters away from each other. You stared into his deep brown orbs swirling with adoration.

“I love you, Baekhyun.”

note: not really a valentines day gift for yall but it’s almost valentines so let’s just call it that lmao i’ll be writing for the rest of the members so stay tuned 💕 | masterlist

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Gency pregnancy: Need some Talon. Gabe's father was killed before he was born. Now Reaper has Genji at gunpoint and Mcree trying to talk him down

Me: Some of these prompts are old and I should get to them

Me, in a hood, to me: Do this prompt that you literally just got.

Me: But—

Me in a hood: It has Reaper.

Me: Shit u right.

Content Warning for blood and stuff because come on Reaper is here.


“I’m just saying, no matter what pops out, it works,” said McCree.

“We’re not naming the child ‘Jesse,’” said Genji.

“It’s a cute name though,” said McCree, “Plus you don’t have to worry about whether to give it a German or a Japanese name.”

“You can name your child ‘Jesse,’” said Genji, folding his arms.

“We are not naming any of our children ‘Jesse,’” Hanzo’s voice came over the comm channel.

“Glad you’re thinkin’ ‘bout kids already, Darlin’,” said McCree, grinning.

“I’m not–You—” Hanzo blustered then caught himself, “We are not naming any of our purely hypothetical and likely never existing children after Jesse.”

McCree just snorted in response to this.

“I would appreciate it if you people used the comm channel for the actual mission,” Jack Morrison’s gruff voice came over the comm channel.

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You live on(Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: imagine damian lost his wife in childbirth but ended up with twins ( one boy and one girl )
Summary: Damian can’t cope with losing you in childbirth. 
Word count: 712
Warning(s): death.

All good things seem to come to an end, even for the best of people. Today was supposed to be a happy day, you two would finally see your babies for the first time, after waiting eagerly for nearly nine months. 

But right from the start when you started to feel contractions, things went wrong. You started heavily bleeding, by the time Damian had driven you to the hospital, you were starting to go into shock from blood loss, and you were rushed to a OR. Before they ushered you away “No matter what, you have to be strong for me, Damian, for them darling, it’s too late to run away now.” you told him, giving his hand one final squeeze.

The doctors did all that they could, but their first priority was saving the kids. By the time they got to you, you had lost too much blood to be brought back. They tried anything and everything they could, but there was no use.

I’m sorry mr. Wayne we did all that we could, but we did save the babies, they’re in intensive care.” Damians heart broke, he couldn’t imagine a life without you, a life as a father for two, he felt unready and unqualified.

For the first week of the babies lives, he tried his best, but that all collapsed when he went to your funeral, to send you off to your final journey. He soon realized that there was no way he would be able to handle the pressure alone as much as he wanted to and temporarily moved into Wayne manor again. Days became weeks, weeks became months, and soon half a year had gone by.

Damian was still broken, unable to be the father his children so much needed, his family pitched in as much as they could, Alfred being the primary caregiver, they tried to understand the young man, the grief he must have felt. But Bruce saw a deeper problem.

He saw, in a way, the same thing happening to his grandchildren as happened to him. Of course you weren’t killed in front of them, but with you gone, Damian was as good as dead. 

Damian was in his room refusing to come out, to eat, when Bruce had finally had enough. “Damian,” He said knocking on his bedroom door, “Go away father,” He said firmly. 

Bruce wasn’t having it and walked into the room, opening the closed curtains, before sitting at the foot of his sons bed. “Damian, you need to get yourself together.” Bruce informs, pulling the covers away. “What’s the point, y/n’s not here anymore.” Damian drily responds.

Those children need you Damian, they need a father.” Bruce tries to convince his son.

They’re better off without me,” Damian sighs. Bruce stands up starting to leave the room, “Come on, I need to show you something,” he tells his son, who groans but gets up nonetheless.

He follows Bruce through the manor, stopping behind the open door of the nursery, where Dick and Tim were playing with the small twins. “They look so much like her, don’t they?” Bruce asks Damian, who just coldly nods, “What is the point of this,” He asks back.

They’ve already lost their mother, they need you now more than ever.”  He shows, as they both step in the room, even though Damian does it very reluctantly. Both of the children are sitting up, and their father quickly catches their attention. They both reach towards him, squealing in excitement. After all, their interaction with him had thus far been limited, but they still recognize them nonetheless. 

The bliss in the children’s eyes when Damian sat down in front of him was immeasurable. They both had your eyes, Damians skin and hair colour and your facial features. It might have hurt Dami more to see his passed spouse in the children, but in a way it brought peace to him, to know that you will forever live in those two young fragile children.

He runs a finger over either of the children’s hands, causing them to happily to grab onto him. Bruce knew, that he had succeeded in bringing the small, broken but healing family back together. Damian swore to be the best father he could be.


With love,


Warning: Death of a character

A/N: This is the longest thing i have written so i hope you enjoy.

Originally posted by postmodernmulticoloredcloak

In the bunker there is a room that no one is allowed into. It was a room that had not been used for a couple years, the door had been locked and now sat full of books and photos. It was a boring day with no hunts when Mary Winchester had stumbled upon the room, she was instantly curious about he room every other room was open except this one. And it looked like it hadn’t been open in years. That night at dinner she decided to bring it up.

“What’s in room 183 it’s the only door locked out of every room in the bunker?” She asked

It was an innocent question at least she thought but she could see Dean stiffen up when she said the room number. Sam looked over at Dean, but Dean just stared at his plate.“Don’t go near that room, its not important.” Dean swiftly stood up and left the room. Mary looked at Sam questioning Deans rudeness. “Like Dean said its not important.” She couldn’t stop thinking about that room what was in it that they both brushed her off about it.

That night she walked to the room, being a hunter meant she knew how to pick locks expertly. She felt bad for not listening to Dean but she had to find out was in the room. She felt the door unlock she stood

up and opened the door. Out of all the things this was the last thing she expected, the room had dark blue walls and bookshelves on the far wall, a bed right in the middle with lights above it, and on one of the walls was a board with pictures hanging on it. It looked like a teen girls room, she walked over to the board on it she saw picture of a girl at different ages. But what surprised her most was that Dean was in most of the pictures with the girl. Pictures of the girl at around age five with a younger looking Dean eating pie, a ten year old riding a bike with Dean holding the back of it, another one with her holding up a first place trophy, Dean sleeping on the couch with her on his chest, the girl in pajamas eating breakfast with Sam, the girl without her front teeth, Dean in a suit with the girl in a dress, and another one with her in the drivers seat of the car. In all of the pictures she saw a much happier Dean every smile of his looked real, she had only known Dean for about two weeks as she got to know her oldest son she saw that most of his smiles and laugh never seemed real, but in the picture they seemed real all of them did. Mary closed the door to the room as she left she couldn’t get the pictures out of her head, who was the girl.

The next day she couldn’t stop thinking about the girl in the photos, she didn’t want to say anything to Dean though she knew he would get mad at her for going in the room. Mary headed to Sams room, she knocked lightly on the door. “come in” Mary walked into room, Sam was sitting on his bed on his laptop. He looked up Sam could tell that something was bugging Mary. “is everything okay Mom?” “yeah Sam everything’s okay I just wanted to come talk to you,” Mary daid walking over to Sam’s bed. “I know that both you and Dean told me to stay out of room 183,” Sam cut her off “but you went in it last night didn’t you.” “yes I did and I was wondering who’s room was that?” Sam sighed shitting his laptop he took a breath before starting. “ that room belongs to (y/n) Winchester, Deans daughter.” “Daughter, Dean has a daughter.” Even though the pictures pointed to the girl being Deans daughter she never thought that Dean would be one to have a daughter. “Had, Dean had a daughter she’s gone.” Mary could see tears in Sams eyes, “what happened to her.”

“One night we woke up to her screaming, Dean pretty much broke the door down, we both thought it was a monster we expected it to be, but it wasn’t when we got in the room she was holding her chest and screaming. We took her to the hospital turn out she had a defect in her heart, the doctors didn’t notice when she was born and it didn’t start hurting her till then. The doctors told us she had a couple months to live, she spent most of those in the hospital, Dean spent every moment by her side, he tried to make a deal with any demon that would show up but none of them take his sole because they like to watch us Winchesters suffer and they knew Dean couldn’t live without his daughter. She died five months later, even though it wasn’t his fault he blamed himself because he couldn’t make a deal to save her.” Sam had tears coming down his face so did Mary. “For months Dean was depressed, she was only sixteen he didn’t know what to do after her death. That was two years ago, he’s still recovering.” Mary couldn’t stop the tears she wished she could go back and change everything make it so Sam and Deans life could have been better that they wouldn’t have had to deal with monsters. And so she could have met her granddaughter.

Mary walked into the kitchen to go get something to eat, she saw Dean sitting looking at pictures. “ I heard you talking to Sam.” Mary looked guilty. “im so sorry Dean I disrespected you by going in the room im so sorry.” Dean cut her off, “it’s okay I understand you were curious, and it makes it so I don’t have to explain to you later on down the road about her.” “Dean I wished I could have met her.”

“I think you would have liked her, she was my light in every dark moment. It should have been me I had already lived, she, she never got to see the world like she wanted to more then anything. She was always taking pictures, or asking Sam to take pictures.” He said lifting up the picture he was holding. “ it was annoying at some times but im glad she did because I have them now to remember her.” Mary was struggling seeing Dean like this. “Dean, tell me more about what she was like.” Dean told her stories about (y/n) eventually Sam came into the kitchen as well to listen to the stories about her to.

You were sitting listening to the stories about you. Your Dad didn’t know you were sitting watching him and listening to his stories, you looked over at Cas “thank you Castiel for letting me see him and listen to him.” Castiel nodded. “your welcome (y/n). But im afraid I have to take you back to heaven now.” You stood up walking to Cas’s out stretched hand, when you turned around and walked over to your Dad, and kissed him on the cheek. “bye Dad.” You whispered In his ear.

Dean looked around he could have sworn. “Dean you okay.” Dean looked at his brother and then his mother “no I’m not, but I think I will be soon.”

X-Files Fic: D’un Nouvel Oeil, Chapter Seven

Previous chapters: one | two | three | four | five | six


“Is there anything else that you need right now?”

Walther Skinner is leaning against the butcher’s block in the cafe kitchen, a rucksack resting at his feet, watching Scully work her way through all of the tasks that must be completed before she opens for business in an hour.  He’d arrived at the back door first thing in the morning.

“I don’t think so,” Scully says, cutting cheese into thin slices for sandwiches.  "Mulder’s been able to get me the medicines I need, for now.  And my other contacts have been helpful, as well.“  She sets the platter of cheese off to the side and checks the bread that’s baking in the oven, filling the entire kitchen with its intoxicating aroma.  She turns back to Skinner and dusts her hands off on her apron.  "I’m as well-supplied as I’ve ever been.”  She thinks of the stash of condoms upstairs, secured for her by Byers, the only one she could have requested to procure them for her without incurring a great deal of innuendo and leering.  She still can’t believe she’d let them slide and forgotten one, that first time.  "Better supplied, really,“ she amends, hoping she’s not blushing.  Skinner nods.

"That’s good to hear,” he says.  He bends to open his rucksack, and from within, he withdraws three bottles of very expensive wine, a bottle of brandy, and a bottle of cognac.  "Can you use any of these?  Serve them in the cafe?“  Scully’s eyes widen as she examines the wine labels.

"I definitely could,” she says.  "I could charge a premium for them, too.“  She picks up the brandy.  "The extra money could go to getting more chloral… stitching up lacerations and setting bones would be much easier if I didn’t need three people to hold each injured man down.”  She looks up at Skinner.  "Thank you, Walther.  These will help tremendously.“  Skinner shrugs off her gratitude.

"Think nothing of it,” he says… then shifts his feet, suddenly uncomfortable.  "You should put it about that Mulder got them for you, in exchange for your… arrangement.“  Scully frowns.

"Have the men at camp been asking questions?”

“There have been comments, here and there,” says Skinner.  He shrugs, doesn’t meet her eyes.  "They see the way he looks at you.“

"He’s not very good at hiding it,” Scully concedes, blushing.  Even though she knows it’s not something she  should be encouraging, she can’t stop the small smile that creeps onto her face; Mulder’s worshipful gaze has quickly become something of an addiction for her.  

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The ultimate list of Falsettos headcannons

Some of these are stolen from @falsettosheadcanons

- Can play 3 instruments: trumpet, piano, and guitar
- is very bad at the trumpet (but played it all through middle school and a little bit through high school ), can play a few songs on the guitar, and is very good at the piano. But he is mainly a GREAT singer (he joined choir when he quit band in high school)
- Is addicted to coffee. He will slap a bitch if they talk to him before he drinks coffee
- As we know Marvin is very smart. He reads all the time and Whizzer practically has to tear the book he’s reading out of his hands. But some people may not know he especially excels at math, and can do almost any math problem in his head.
- One time: He got in a fist fight with a Trump supporter (he is VERY invested in politics)

- Is a musical ho and sings them VERY loudly in the shower
- When he was little he always tried out for the school musical, but the poor kid is practically tone def. he treasured his parts in the chorus though.
- Not only is Whizzer an amazing photographer, he’s also a great drawer. He particularly loves pointillism
- He has invested his life to those BuzzFeed personality quizzes. He not only takes them himself, he will take them on behalf of Marvin (because he refuses to do it) and see what they get.
- One time: he almost became a model. But he was still in high school at the time and his parents said that was “too gay”. Boy, did his parents have a surprise a few months later when Whizzer came out.

- Is actually a great dancer
- She used to do competition dance for tap and ballet and still does dance moves from time to time.
- Is very addicted to Candy Crush
- LOVES cats. Much to the dismay of Jason, she will foster stray cats for a few days and let them back out into the wild (Jason: What if they have rabies?!?)
- One time: she was on Cutthroat Kitchen. She was not afraid to sabotage anyone, so much that she went a little ~overboard~. She spent all her money in the first round, and got all the sabotages in the next round. Mendel was still very proud of her anyways even though she lost.

- Will wear a Snuggie un-ironically
- He loves all infomercial products. He owns 3 Shamwows
- His favorite animal is a goldfish and he will go to the fair and win 10 goldfish.
- He has an ever growing Pillow Pet collection
- One time: he took Jason and Trina to an amusement park to go on this all-new-very-VERY-tall roller coaster. Mendel, is terrified of heights but wanted to be a good sport. Needless to say, it did not end well.

- Is a straight A student, but barely scrapes by in gym
- He actually was supposed to earn a C in gym because of his lack of physical ability, but many angry phone calls from Trina and Marvin later, he managed to get extra credit to get an A.
- Like Whizzer, Jason is also very good at drawing. But he draws cartoons.
- Hates public speaking. Every time he has to speak in front of the class, he gets all nervous (poor bby ;~;)
- One time: in class when he had to write an argumentative essay he wrote “why chess is better than checkers.” Which seems stupid, but not only did he get an A+, his was used as an example in front of the whole class

- Actually has two degrees: one for being a doctor and one for pre law
- She decided she wanted to be a doctor instead because she wanted to save people. Not send someone to prison
- Has a very weird taste in music. She has a Spotify playlist with half rock music and half classical music. She puts it on shuffle to “get some variety”
- Charlotte & Marvin are bffs and totally watch Jeopardy and play along together with no shame.
- One time: in middle school she tried to prove she wasn’t a “goody goody” by pulling the fire alarm. It did not go over well.

- Is VERY accident prone
- That’s actually how she met Charlotte. Cordelia broke her arm and went to the doctors office to get it looked at, and met her.
- Loves the snow. She grew up in Southern California (where they obviously don’t have snow) although she’s been living in New York for quite some time, she still gets a kick out of seeing it
- Also loves bubbles. Will buy 20 of those $1 bubble wands just for no reason.
- One time: she tried to make Charlotte cake for her birthday solely based on instructions from Pinterest. Just,,,,,, make of that what you will

Feel free to add :)

Jordan Parrish: a genuine good guy who just wants to do good - was forcibly controlled by a Nazi; the one person like him turned her back on him to become a reptilian and didn’t use her ability to bring him back. Helped the Pack numerous times (Kate, Doctors, Beast, Hunt) when he had no obligation to. Trained Lydia into the badass she used to be in S5. Saved Chris from when Peter stabbed him. Saved Lydia ( 1: helped save Lydia from Eichen (did most of the saving; took in her scream ((which saved the entire town)) and carried her out)… 2: searched for her in the forest to save her). Again, he’s a genuine good guys….

Stydia shippers: “LOL! What a perv and pedo!!1!1!!! He’s so gross and boring; but let’s stan Stiles instead of him!!1! Even though Jordan Parrish is a better guy than Stiles could ever hope to be!!1! 😫💦”

That’s Not How It Works

Summary: There’s something different with Sam’s daughter, and he won’t rest until he fix it. 
Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader (Father and Daughter); Past Sam Winchester x Eileen Leahy
Characters:  Single parent!Sam, Daughter!Reader, Dean, Castiel (mentioned), Eileen Leahy (Mentioned)
Warnings: Angst, mentions of Eating Disorders

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

When Eileen died, a lot of things ran Sam’s mind. Their kid was the first of them.

Now, almost a decade later, he still wondered if things would be different if Y/N was raised with her mother around and not just a trio of clueless men. She was a smart girl: She could speak Scottish and was fluent in ASL - thanks to Eileen’s efforts -, was a quick reader and a skilled hunter despise her young age. She also had her parents best features, being 5 foot 10, having Sam’s eyes and hair and Eileen’s face and skin tone. She was gorgeous and that was something that always had Sam and Dean overprotective. As a kid, she had huge eyes and Sam would often find himself -and Eileen - staring at her, imagining how lucky they were for having her.

Now, her mother was gone, Y/N was a teenager and Sam felt constantly clueless about her. He never had a mother and their family didn’t have any feminine example for her to follow. Everything she learned about being a girl was from magazines, and now he regretted never reading them, because he was sure they had something to do with what was happening right now.

“Dean.” Sam entered the map room. “Who was the last person to use the bathroom?”

“Y/N, why?” He frowned. 

“There’s food in the toilet.” He sighed. “She’s flushing her meals again.” 

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I just want the Doctor to remember Clara

As a Whouffle and Whouffaldi shipper, it still hurts that the Doctor can’t remember his Impossible Girl and how much he loved her. He suffered for 4.5 billion years just to have a CHANCE of saving her life, and Clara is travelling around the universe likely heartbroken that the man she loves doesn’t even remember her.

I just want the Doctor to remember her. I know that 12 and Clara’s days of traveling together are over. I’ve accepted that Jenna may not return for us to see a Whouffaldi reunion. But I never felt a sense of closure with Clara’s story like I did with the other companions (except in some cases Donna) so I hope that Steven gives 12 his memories of Clara back.

Doctor Who 10x04: My reaction in summary


- This is awesome 

- whywhywhywhywhy would you ever listen to a dodgy man on the street who is offering you a house 

- This house is too good to be true 

- Am I the only one thinking that they should be reading that contract very carefully before signing it????



- 12 pretending he isn’t old enough to be people’s grandads/ dads is my fave thing (tb to The Caretaker)

- Can the Doctor be a part of their squad?

- Paul mate she’s not interested


- The creepy sounds are gonna turn out to be evil monsters 

- That tower is sketchy

- Why are none of them looking for music guy??? Like if he was playing the same songs over and over again the entire time I was there I would be telling him to put some bloody headphones on



- I’m very tense



- The world’s most extra grandfather

- Wow this house is not properly equipped for modern day life

- That dude is creepy


- The Doctor is officially a part of the squad


- This guy is really very creepy 



- Why are they not suspicious by the fact that he knocked back rather than shouted back



- Why are they going upstairs that what everyone does in horror films and then they all DIE


- Doctor why are you trying to provoke the thing 

- This is why he gets into so many problems, HE ALWAYS PROVOKES THE THING

- Oh it’s a cockroach


-So the cupboard/pantry thing is a lift now? Cool


-Damn music guy are u okay?

- The wall’s eaten him???

- My mum- “That reminds me of that thing, the one Peter Kay played” (the absorbaloff (lol i don’t think i’ve spelt that right) in Love and Monsters)


- Woah dude that’s a bit extreme


- Okay throwback to pinocchio in OUAT


- The Doctor’s great and all but I don’t think he can cure someone who’s literally made out of wood??

- Damn that sad story though



- SON???



- Phew


- Damn that kid won’t quit will he?



- All of their stuff has been destroyed 

- Including their actual house

- Really inconsiderate of the cockroaches

- Also where did the cockroaches go???? Are they dead or just roaming around London??








-That episode was bloody awesome







anonymous asked:

Just got an kinda angsty idea in my head. I'm thinking Rodimus with a very loyal human s/o, and since much happens aboard the lost light, the human tried to help during a situation (a battle or something), and got badly wounded. The human was in coma for weeks let alone took months before fully recover. Watcha think? Could have any hc on this? (Your writing is amazing keep up with the good work)

I read this and thought of a little story instead, I hope you don’t mind that I did a drabble instead. :3

(Dark content ahead, angst warning!)

You wake up feeling tired and unsure where you really are right now.
You can hear someone’s heavy footsteps go by, and you weakly call out, “h-hello?”
The footsteps stop and become louder as they come to you.
Ratchet pulls the curtain back and he cracks a smile, “look who’s awake. How you feeling, y/n?”
You groan, “my head hurts.”
“That will happen if you go into a coma,” Ratchet said examining your head.
“What?” You gasp as the memories come back.
You guys were attacked and you saw Rodimus pinned down under debris, so you ran by his side trying to get him free despite the fact he’s yelling at you to run. Then you see a bright light and woke up here.
“How long was I out?” You ask the doctor.
“A couple months,” Ratchet replies, “you really should have listened to Rodimus. You’re a human in the middle of a battle zone full of us giants. You’re lucky you’re not dead.”
You look around, “I ran over to save Rodimus! Where is he? Did he…?” Your lip starts to quiver as these awful thoughts enter your head.
“Calm down,” Ratchet says.
“Rodimus?” You barely whisper.
“Now, now,” Ratchet tries again.
“Rodimus?!?!” You cry out louder starting to panic.
“Y/n, calm down, he’s-”
“RODIMUS!!!!!” You scream out.
Ratchet holds his audios, “y/n! He’s-”
You can hear someone running at full speed to the medbay yelling your name back and at others to move.
The door flies open and Rodimus runs in with wide optics and an unreadable expression.
“Rodimus!” You start crying happy tears as you weakly lift your arms reaching out for the fiery mech, “I’m so sorry…”
Rodimus makes a soft sobbing noise, “you’re awake.”
He approaches you and leans down, “y/n, I missed you so much. You were here but at the same time you weren’t… Primus I missed your voice.”
Ratchet clears his throat, “be gentle, they’re still recovering, and it will be a long road of healing.”
Rodimus lays his helm beside you, “I don’t care, y/n is awake. That’s already a good sign, right?”
Ratchet nods, “but they still shouldn’t move.”
Rodimus pouts, “hmmm…”
He stands up and pulls Ratchet aside talking in hushed voices.
“Hey, what are you two talking about?” You ask.
Ratchet turns to you, then back to Rodimus nodding.
Rodimus walks over and starts kissing your head gently. He keeps doing it over and over again.
“What are you doing?” You giggle.
“Giving you a kiss for each day you were stuck in that coma.” Rodimus says quietly, “bare with me, you were gone for a while and I may lose track and have to start over.”
You laugh, “and I will have to do the same to you when I can.”
Rodimus smiles, “I’ll hold you to it.”

Knocked Out (2/?)

And we’re back with chapter 2! More communication issues, more teasing, and way more constructicons!

Thank you all so so much for your responses to the last chapter! You’re all so sweet and have made me even more excited about this project. Bless all your sweet faces.

As per usual, this will also be up on ao3 in a bit if you prefer reading over there. Or if you missed chapter 1 and want to read it here on tumblr, just hit up the “fanfiction” tag on my blog and you’ll find it real quick.

Title: Knocked Out

Series: Transformers: Prime with the constructicons shoved right in there, and just a sprinkle of ideas pulled from tfidw

Pairing/Characters: Breakdown/Knockout, joined by Bulkhead and the Constructicons

Warnings: Robot injuries (nothing super gory), sexual jokes, language barriers, and fluff. Oh the fluff. Also slow burn I guess depending on your definition of slow haha.

Fic Summary:

And so there Breakdown found himself, with an injured barbarian in his arms who turned those dazzling crimson optics towards him, and for a split second Breakdown felt as if it was his knees that were injured because boy did they feel weak.

Barbarian AU where the citymech unwittingly does the kidnapping.

Chapter Summary:

“So, you really did pick up a barbarian pet, huh?” Scavenger said, aiming for teasing but frankly just sounding excited.

Scrapper seemed less pleased as he commented, “I’d expect as much from Bulk, but thought you at least knew better.”

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Chekov x reader: Soulmates

Hey guys!  Leave me feedback on this one, this is my first soulmates one where its been more romantically inclined…  But seriously leave me feedback!

No warnings!

Word Count: 1544

I hope you guys like it and I’m sorry that it’s taken so long to do!  Give me more prompts please!  I love you all :)

Also, thanks to @nymphadora-blurryface for the suggestion!


I took a deep breath, smoothing down my jacket and looking at myself in the mirror.  It was an exciting day.  All of the crew had drawn straws to see who would get to go on this planet-exploration trip.  We had all been off-land for more months than we could keep track of and everyone was eager to abandon their space legs.  Somehow I managed to snag a spot on the team, and now I had ten minutes to get to the transporter room.
   As I was about to turn away from the mirror, I noticed a small stain on my shirt.  Hastily I threw it off and grabbed another one, just barely glancing at the thin black line which ran about an inch across my hip and midriff.  It had appeared the day I had arrived on the Enterprise and hadn’t left since. When I mentioned it to my mom on a call home, she told me that it meant I had a soulmate with a matching line in the same place.
Of course I was excited, but it wasn’t like I could go around asking every dude I saw if he had a line on his stomach, so I kind of forgot about it. Que sera sera, I figured.
Having made sure my new shirt was stain free, I left my dorm and headed for the transporter room.
When I arrived, five of the seven other people going on the mission were already there.  The only two missing were Dr. McCoy and Chekov.  
Chekov and I hadn’t really gotten to know each other all that well, but he seemed friendly enough.  I thought he was absolutely adorable with his mop of hair that waved at me every time he turned his head.  
I was jolted out of my thoughts as I looked around and realized that I was still the only person from medical standing in the room.  Where was Bones?  Almost immediately after I thought this, Kirk motioned for me to come over to him, and I suspected that it had something to do with Dr. McCoy’s absence.
“Dr. Y/L/N?”  Captain Kirk had a look of apprehension on his face.  
“Yes Captain?”
“Would you be comfortable being the commanding doctor on this trip?  Dr. McCoy is understaffed and needs to remain onboard.”
My heart jumped at the thought of being the commanding doctor.  Nobody except Dr. McCoy was ever the commanding doctor for away missions.
“Of course, Captain, I’d be honoured!”   I tried and failed to hide my excitement and Captain Kirk had to turn away to hide a small smile from me.  
“Is everyone here?”  Kirk asked as he addressed the whole group.
“No, Chekov is still-”
“Here I am, Captain!”  Chekov spoke as he dashed into the room, cutting off my sentence in the process.
“You are late,” Spock reprimanded.
“Yes, I know, I am sorry.”  Chekov bowed his head and looked down at the ground.
As we boarded the transporter, I leaned over to whisper to Chekov. “Why were you late?”
He blushed at me.  “I forgot to feed my cat.”
“You have a cat?”
“You can’t tell anyone. Kirk knows, and he’s fine with it as long as I don’t go around telling people about it.”
“Okay, I won’t.”  I swallowed a smile as I thought about the fact that Chekov had just shared a secret with me.
“Do you think I could meet her sometime?  I have a cat back home, I really love them.”
“You want to… sure, I mean, I don’t get a lot of visitors, so I’d need to tidy up a bit, but yeah!”  He blushed and nodded his head several times, as if at a loss for what else he could say.
The awkward moment was ended as we were suddenly beamed down to the planet. We didn’t talk much after that, except to confer on the landscape and wildlife we saw around us.
After about half an hour of exploring, we came to a fork in the road, and saw that both paths were quite narrow. Captain Kirk checked his map and saw that the paths converged at the end, and decided to split us in half to explore both halves of the road. Chekov, an older woman and I were put together, and Captain Kirk, Spock, and a younger man I didn’t know the name of went the other way.
As we made our way along, I grew more and more uneasy about the terrain.  Chekov and the woman kept slipping, and just as I opened my mouth to tell them to turn around and go back, the woman gave out a loud cry and slid down the rocky slope, landing in a crumpled heap at the bottom.
I immediately looked for and found a way to get down to her without being injured myself, and called up behind me, “Chekov, call Kirk and tell him what happened.”
My response came in the form of Chekov jumping down the rock face behind me to meet me at the bottom.
“On it,” he said breathlessly.
“What are you doing down here?”
He glanced at me as he helped me to turn the patient over. “You’ll need a nurse, won’t you?”
“Yes, thank you,” I said as I examined the woman.  She had several deep bloody gashed down the side of her leg, and unless we stopped the bleeding, she was going to lose it.
I unzipped my medical bag and pulled out all the gauze rolls I had brought with me.  At first glance I could see that there weren’t going to be enough, but I worked silently alongside Chekov bandaging her up until there were no supplies left.
“Kirk will be here in a couple minutes,” Chekov said, checking his communicator.
I shook my head.  “We need more gauze.”  An idea suddenly dawned on me and I began ripping the bottom of my shirt into strips of cloth.  “Wrap this around her other wound,” I ordered, tossing the material to Chekov and tearing off another piece.  He obliged, and luckily for my shirt, the two strips were enough to hold the bleeding.
Once we had ensured her immediate safety, all that was left to do was to wait, and once Captain Kirk arrived, we were all beamed back onto the ship.
The woman, Chekov, and I were sent down to medbay, and after I gave a report of what had happened and what procedures I had used to keep the woman stable, Chekov and I were asked to take a seat in the waiting room.
After a few minutes of silence, Chekov cleared his throat and turned to me. “That whole shirt thing was a great idea.  You’re a really good doctor.”
I blushed and had to hide a smile.  “Thanks.  And thanks for helping me down there, I appreciated it.”
He smiled and tousled his hair nervously before taking a big breath and turning back to me.  “So, uh, that tattoo, where did you get it from?”
His voice cracked a bit as he spoke, and I suddenly realized that my shirt was indeed ripped above my tattoo.
“Oh, this?”  I covered it with my hand and rubbed it self-consciously.  “I got it the day I arrived on the Enterprise, it just sort of appeared one day.  My mom said it means I have a-”
“Soulmate,” Chekov finished, pulling up his shirt to reveal a matching tattoo in the same place as mine.
“You?”  I exclaimed, jumping to my feet in surprise.  
He rose to stand next to me, his face creasing with concern.  “I’m sorry if I’m not what you-” I cut him off by wrapping him in the biggest hug I could.
“Wow,” I heard him whisper softly as we embraced.
When we finally untangled ourselves from each other, Bones was standing in front of us, looking as though he’d been subtly trying to get our attention for a few minutes already.
“Doctor McCoy,” I nodded, and Chekov copied my movement.
“Doctor Y/L/N, I just wanted to congratulate you on a successful mission.  You kept a clear head and saved a woman’s life.  I’ll be giving a recommendation to the captain.”
“Thank you very much, Dr. McCoy. Chekov helped me.”
Bones looked Chekov up and down.  “Yes, I’d surmised that.” He straightened up.  “But no need to thank me, you did all the work.  Have a wonderful afternoon off, you two.”
“Yes Dr. McCoy.”  He turned to exit the room.
“Oh, and Y/N?  Don’t forget to change your shirt.”
I blushed again.  “Yes Dr.  Thank you.”
I looked back at Chekov, who was beaming at me.  I had completed my first mission successfully and found my soulmate all in one day.  I felt like I was in a dream.
Chekov noticed me staring at him, and stepped towards me.  “What are you thinking about?” He asked, a cute and curious smile on his face.
I paused and thought back to our conversation that morning.  “Oh nothing,” I said.  “Just that since we’re soulmates now, does that mean I get to meet your cat?”
He flashed a cheeky grin at me.  “Well I think I can fit you in for a meeting.”