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*  HEADCANON.   Daryl once got in a fight with Ed after seeing him hit Carol. From the beginning, the ever observant Daryl had noticed the signs of the abuse, and it reminded him of his own mother, dismissing her husband hitting her. And Daryl hated it, hated that he couldn’t stop his dad or save his mom from it. Merle kept telling him to keep his mouth shut because whenever he did end up protecting his mom he’d get the beating.

But one day on a water run Daryl actually sees Ed hit Carol and he snaps and stomps over, telling Ed he had no right doing that to her. Ed just sneered and pushed Daryl back a bit, which Daryl retaliated with a punch in the jaw.

It escalates and Ed is obviously able to subdue Daryl, and had Daryl’s head dunked under water before Rick stepped in and separated them.

Thankfully, Ed died soon after and wasnt able to kill Daryl for the act.

Shifted - Part 7, Chapter 7

In Shifted, the premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated  their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Part 7 - The Visitor

Lallybroch, Autumn 1762

Jamie jerked awake in the half-light of dawn, blinking harshly to shake off the dream.

He couldn’t remember the details – only that he was standing at Craig Na Dun, holding Claire’s knit shawl. Claire herself was nowhere to be found, but he didn’t need to be told that she’d gone away. Gone back, through the stones – and the bairns gone with her, leaving him behind. Leaving him alone.

Within the circle of his arm, Claire stirred. He stilled, not wanting to wake her. Not wanting her to know the foolishness of the dream. No matter how many times she told him – no matter how many times she showed him – the fact remained that his biggest fear was losing her. Living a life without her – without half of his heart. It would kill him.

He knew she had had those dreams, too – especially right after Brianna was born. But the years had passed – and her comfort in this time had grown – and it had been a long time since she’d woken from one of those dreams.

Jamie inhaled the messy curls at the crown of Claire’s head. They were one flesh, after all. They had the same joys, hopes, fears. No wonder that they would share the same dreams – or nightmares.

No point in getting back to sleep now. Claire would be worried – preoccupied – as soon as she woke up. It pained him to see that – to see her forced to think, again, about a life she’d chosen to leave behind such a long time ago. Deep down, she still felt twinges of guilt about it – especially leaving Frank. Jamie didn’t begrudge her those feelings. But yesterday had brought everything back to the surface. And proven that, even two decades later, some matters and issues still needed to be resolved.

It was his duty as Claire’s husband, then, to take her mind off of the situation. Give her something to smile about, even briefly. Ground her to the here and now – not the past, not the future.

Jamie smiled and gently withdrew his arm from underneath Claire’s side. He balanced on his hands over her, edging down her supine body and drawing back the blanket as he went. His breath quickened against her navel as he set to kissing her awake.


William Fraser was an early riser. Unlike his sister, who would sleep all day if it were possible, William never saw the value of lying abed when there were always so many things to do. So many things to learn, to think about.

Such as Mr. Wakefield, the dinner guest. He clearly knew Mama – but from where? And from when? William knew that she’d been in this time for nearly twenty years, and the stranger couldn’t be much older than Young Jamie. So just how did Mama know him?

He tossed and turned under his blankets, careful not to wake the two cousins with whom he shared the bed. Young Ian, beside him, slept like a rock. But Michael, on Ian’s other side, was always the more sensitive sleeper. Many mornings he had given William a difficult time for waking him so early.

William sighed. Da, then – he always rose early. He would know more about Mr. Wakefield. He would know what to do. Quietly he turned back the quilts, tugged his drooping stockings up above his ankles, and padded down the hall to his parents’ bedroom.


Claire gasped, digging her fingers into the hair at the base of Jamie’s neck, pressing him closer against her. Tilting her hips, she dug her heels into the mattress.

So good. So close –

Suddenly she felt a rush of cool air as Jamie lifted his head from between her thighs. His eyes, blazing, met hers. He spoke – Claire furrowed her brow in a desperate attempt to focus. She opened her mouth, but her lips were parched – she could not speak.

“ –only be one of the bairns, Sassenach. Shall I get the door?”

Panting, Claire weakly pushed Jamie’s head back down. His eyes smiled and he returned to his work.

Had it ever been this good between them? She was so close –

Suddenly her back arched – and she felt another rush of cool air as Jamie raised himself up over her. He kissed her, swallowing her scream and smiling against her lips as he felt her shudder and go absolutely boneless.

Her mind flailed about until it reconnected with her body. She opened her eyes to meet Jamie’s smile. He kissed the end of her nose.

“It must be William – Brianna would have stopped knocking after the first go-round.” He kissed her chin. “Are ye back then, Sassenach?”

Claire swallowed, throat thick. “Good morning to you too,” she croaked.

He grinned widely. “Oh, good.” He rose and pulled the sheet up to her shoulders. “And just think – ye still have the whole rest of the day.”

“Jamie – ” she rasped, watching her husband cross the room, naked. “What if it’s not – ”

Jamie turned the lock and cracked the door open. “What is it, William?”

“I need to talk to ye, Da.” Her son’s voice was muffled by the door – but even now, Claire could tell he was serious.

Jamie opened the door enough for William to slip through before re-bolting it. He rested a hand on his son’s shoulder, gently holding him in place.

“Now then. Tell me.”

William’s eyes darted to his mother – who was shrugging into a shift – and back to his naked father. Had he interrupted something? He knew what passed between husbands and wives in bed – Mama had made sure to tell him last year, and he knew his parents seemed to do that more often than most folk their age –

“Is Mama Mr. Wakefield’s mother?”

Jamie gaped. “What?

William gulped, pinned to the spot by his father’s piercing blue eyes. “He clearly comes from Mama’s time, and Mama said she kent him, and he said he was orphaned when he was a lad, which was when Mama came here.”

By now Claire had slipped out of bed to stand beside Jamie. William backed up a bit against the door and tore his eyes from Jamie’s to his mother’s. “Did he come to take ye back, Mama? Because I willna let him. Ye canna leave Da.”

Claire knelt and opened her arms. The lad fell into her shoulders and clutched her tight.

“No, I’m not his mother,” Claire said softly, gently stroking William’s hair. “I knew him when he was a little boy, but what he told you is true – his parents did die when he was small.”

Jamie knelt and wrapped two big arms around them both. “Is that what was worrying ye last night at supper, a bhailach? That yer Mam would leave us?”

William shuddered and nodded, still holding Claire in a death grip. “Young Jamie said that he was looking for you. Why else would he come than to take ye back?”

Claire pushed William’s face into her neck. “We don’t know why he’s here, love,” she said softly, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head. “But I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying here with you, and Brianna, and your father.” Jamie gently – but firmly – squeezed his son and wife closer.

“But is he staying for good?”

Claire turned her face to meet Jamie’s gaze, raising one eyebrow in question. “We don’t know,” Jamie said quietly. “And dinna ask him. That’s for me and yer Mam to do, aye?”

William nodded. Claire felt his breathing steady, but he didn’t move – just wanting to be held.

After a few moments he raised his head to meet their eyes directly. “I think he likes Brianna,” he said quietly.

Jamie closed his eyes and sighed. “Did she tell ye that?”

His son shrugged. “No. But I could tell.”

“How could you tell?” Claire asked softly. The fingers of her left hand slid along Jamie’s back, tracing his scars with her thumb.

William pursed his lips, considering. “Because he was looking at her like how Da looks at you sometimes, Mama. Like he’s found the one thing in the world that makes him happy.”

Surprise Visit - (d.l.)

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Warning(s): smut, cursing, mention of drugs & prison

your pov


“Derek, calm down! What’s going o–,” you yelled but were cut off by banging on the front door.

“Y/N, don’t open that door,” Derek said panting from running so fast.

“Derek, why? What’s goi–,” you were cut off again by your front door being pushed open.

“Derek Luh, put your hands up! You’re under the arrest for the illegal distribution of Marijuana and Methamphetamine,” a police officer yelled, others behind him with guns pointed at your husband.

“Excuse me, what the fuck is going on here, Sir?” you questioned, starting to get really upset.

“Y/N, baby I’m so sorry. Take care of everything,” Derek said talking about the company you guys owned, he was being cuffed by two large police officers.

“No, no, no. Please no! Let him stay!” you screamed, trying to reach Derek’s body, but a policeman held you back. “Please! For fucks sake! Derek I’m gonna get you out! Until then I’ll have everything under control,” you hollered, racing out to see him being put into the cop car, “I promise, baby,” you whispered, tears streaming down your face.

That was nine months ago and he still won’t be out for another three months. You visited him regularly, usually about four times a week, and he called you whenever they’d let him. You were also taking care of the company you and Derek owned together, which was dealing drugs for one of the largest drug cartels in America.

You were currently getting ready to see him today for a conjugal visit because of his good behavior. Finally you finished your makeup, which was just a bit of eyeshadow and mascara topped off with your signature lipstick. After spraying perfume and getting into the new lingerie set you bought for Derek, you put on your outfit.

You walked in front of the mirror inspecting your attire. Deciding you looked decent enough, you slid on Derek’s white oval shaped sunglasses, grabbing your car keys and headed out the door. Turning on your car, Jungle by Drake blared from your speakers. You sped your way to the prison, the anticipation of seeing him and doing much more with him getting to you. Finally, you pulled into the prison parking lot and found a parking space. Looking into your mirror one last time, making sure your lipstick hadn’t smudged.

You opened your door and walked up to the entrance, taking a breath you stepped into the lobby. “Hi, Mrs. Luh! It’s great to see you again,” Officer Gilinsky said eyeing you up and down.

“Eyes up here, sweet cheeks,” you said as he stared at your exposed midsection.

“S-sorry, just you look–,” he stopped to think for a second, “amazing.”

“Watch it, Officer. Wouldn’t want my husband to know you’re flirting now would you,” you said cheekily at the blushing officer.

“No ma'am, we wouldn’t,” he said, cheeks turning a crimson shade. “Alright, lets take you to see your, um, husband,” he said grabbing your arm. Before entering the room to meet Derek, you had to go through all the security procedures. Which meant that Gilinsky would have to pat you down, and he did, way longer than he should have. “Okay, all done Mrs., now, as you already know: keep up good behavior and there will be a search every four hours. Enjoy your time with Mr. Luh,” he said opening the door to the private room.

“Thanks, sweet cheeks,” you said pecking his cheek, causing him to blush again.

“Let me take you on a da–,” he started.

“Ah, ah, ah. Don’t push it honey, I’m still married. Remember?” you said pointing at the large rock on your ring finger.

“Y-yes, ma'am,” he replied, “Mr. Luh will be here shortly,” he said stepping out of the room. You sat and waited for what felt like an eternity, but had only been a mere fifteen minutes. Oh my goodness, just hurry up! you said to yourself. As if someone was reading your mind, the door opened, an in walked your handsome spouse.

“Oh, Derek!” you said, running into his arms.

“Baby, I missed you so fucking much,” he said, showering kisses all over your face, “you look beautiful as ever, ma.”

“Thanks baby, you should see what’s under it,” you whispered into his ear. “Oh, Mrs. Luh, I plan on it,” he said placing his lips onto your exposed neck.

“God, I fucking love you,” he said kissing you fiercely. Derek pulled away slightly out of breath, looking into your y/e/c eyes intently. You could see the love in his chocolate brown ones as they darkened. Before you could reply ‘I love you’, he grabs your hand pulling you over to the small bed in the corner. Derek sits onto the bed and pulls you in between his legs, you still standing. “I. Love. You. So. Fucking. Much.” he growls kissing you between each word.

“I love you too, Derek,” you say, lacing your fingers into his brown locks, “more than you know, my dear.”

“Strip for me, mami,” he commands, using your favorite pet name. His voice makes your body shutter in excitement. You quickly slip your white skirt off and look back at him as he stares at your ass in the white thong you were wearing. “So, so beautiful,” he whispers, gripping your ass. He helps take off the pink top you had on, kissing the tops of your exposed breasts of your bra. Derek removes his clothes and pulls you on top of his body onto the bed. “Sit,” his fingertips dig into your hips. In one swift movement of your hips, he enters you slowly.

You let out a sound that’s a combination of a moan and a gasp, “fuck, it’s been too long,” he groans. Derek grips onto your hips, surely leaving bruises, he starts to lift your hips up and down as he pounds into you, giving you little time to adjust to his size. Derek’s abdomen tightens every time you slide back down. Your moans echo off the walls as you claw at his chest, your nails digging into the soft, tanned flesh. He groans at the pain your inflicting on him, enjoying every second of it. “Fuck, daddy! Just like that, oh–ugh, oh my fuck,” you shout gripping onto his hair, tightly.

“That’s right mami, moan Daddy’s name. Let this whole prison know who’s making you feel this good,” he grunts out as he flips you onto your back and pounds into you harder, your breasts bouncing from the power of his harsh thrusts.

“Mmph, right there, Derek! Oh, I-I’m gonna c-cum,” you moan, raking your nails along his back.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you?” he smirks at your loud moans. “After this, I’m gonna eat that tight little pussy,” he groans, thrusting his hips faster, his lips sucking hickeys onto your jaw. “C'mon baby, scream my name,“ he taunts, his thrusts becoming sloppier as he senses that your extremely close.

"Ugh! Fuck, Derek– I’m cumming!” you shout, not being able to hold it back any longer you come undone on him, screaming his name.

“On your hand and knees, doll,” he demands. You look at him with lust in your eyes. You hadn’t expected him to stop until he came too. You quickly do as your told, he moans at the sight of your juices running down your thighs. Derek gets behind you, his hands on your lower back. He slowly enters you, groaning at the feeling of you clenching around him. You cry out as he begins to pick up speed, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoes throughout the room. Derek pulls onto your hair roughly, making your back meet his chest. “I’ve missed this so much, baby. It’s been hard without you,“ groans out. With one hand gripping your hair and the other rubbing your clit, Derek begins thrust deeper into your, hitting your g spot that makes you scream from how sensitive you are. He grins as he continues to hit your g spot harshly.

"Fuck! I love you so much! Derek, Derek!” you scream out his name. “That’s it Y/N. Scream my name. Who makes you feel this good?” Derek says into your ear.

“You, Derek! You, you, you!” You loudly moan, the pleasure taking over your entire body. His movements become to a complete halt causing you to whine out from the loss of contact. “Don’t whine, Y/N,” he scolds, sliding in too painfully slow for your liking.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. Faster, go faster,“ you moan out. “What? I didn’t hear you Mrs. Luh. Repeat that, if you don’t mind, doll?” Derek’s pace begins to slow again. “Please go faster, God dammit! Please, daddy!” you cry out. He laughs liking the sound of you begging him to fuck you. He quickly obliges and continues his deep thrusts. Your eyes close tightly at the pleasure you are receiving, your hands gripping onto the pillows. Your legs begin to shake and your arms give out as you feel your second orgasm taking over your body. “Derek, I-I’m gonna–” you cry out as you cum for the second time.

"Shit, shit, shit! Oh– and I’m cumming,” Derek says to you shooting out onto the bedsheets. Once you both come down from your highs, Derek flips you onto your back, gripping your ankles and pulling you to the edge of the bed. Your eyes widen as Derek head disappears in between your thighs.

“I don’t t-think I can h-handle much m-more,” you groan. He smirks looking up at you from in between your legs. Derek spreads your legs apart as his tongue flattens against your clit. Your hands intertwine into his brown locks and pull on it, causing Derek to groan, sending vibrations onto your centre. Your body convulses as you come undone all over his face. “Derek, oh god!” you yell out as your thighs tighten around Derek’s head. He climbs up your body and places a gentle kiss to your lips.

“You’re beautiful, mami,” he says beaming down at you.

“That. Was. The. Best. Sex. Ever,” you say panting between each word. “You, my love, are a sex god.”

“Why thank you, Mrs. Luh,” he says cheekily.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Luh,” you reply mocking him. You guys were cut short from your moment when Officer Gilinsky saunters into the room.

“I’m here to tell you that Mr. Luh is free to go. Warden’s orders, you’re out early for good behavior. Stay out of trouble Derek.” “Oh my god! We’re going home baby!” you scream hugging him close.

“I love you, Y/N,” he says kissing your lips.

“And I love you,” you reply. You quickly two get dressed and collect your things and get ready to head out of the building. But, before you leave you stop by to tell Officer Gilinsky goodbye.

“Derek, he’s been trying to get with me since the first day I walked in here. Can I just kiss him once, make his dreams come true?” you ask.

“One little kiss, that’s it. Anything more, I slit his throat,” Derek says seriously.

“Hey, Officer! Gilinsky!” you shout getting his attention.

“Yes ma'am,” he says walking towards you. You don’t say anything but kiss his pink lips quickly.

“Don’t miss me too much,” you say kissing his cheek and walk away leaving him stunned. “That did the trick, I think,” you giggled grabbing ahold of Derek’s hand, intertwining your fingers.

“Yeah, I bet. Now, we’re going home and I’m going to punish you for that,” he said.

“But you said it was oka–,” you start.

“Yeah, but I changed my mind,” he smirked pulling you towards his Maserati you’ve been driving.

Part 11 of Sonas/Happiness.

Hi everyone, I am so sorry that this has been so long coming. I came to a bit of a cross-road in the story and wasn’t sure how to continue so I left it alone for a little while but now I have found the thread again. In this chapter we first jump forward and then lean backward in time and this is how it will likely continue for a couple of chapters at least and through Brianna’s perspective. 

I really hope you will enjoy it and thank you all so much for your kindness and your patience.

Han xxx

My Introduction to My Father and Re-Learning My Mother by Brianna Ellen Randall Fraser Mackenzie


I couldn’t say for sure exactly when I began to feel like a Fraser. Da made me feel as welcome as he could from the very beginning, as did all of the Murray clan, and Mama of course, but my intrinsic willingness to be included did not kick in immediately.

I was, for want of a better word, overwhelmed.

I’d had plenty of time to come to terms with Jamie and the tale of his love for my mother, and her love for him which was, to me anyway, more important. Mama’s love for Jamie Fraser was what rocked my world and threatened to tip everything into a void of self-doubt and bitterness.

Seeing them together though … I understood it. I saw the way she touched his hand as she passed by him and the way his hand lighted on her hip as they walked together. I noticed the way her eyes sought his at the dinner table and the way he smiled at her, a little lift of the corner of his mouth that was warm and certain. In all these ways and more they each said ‘I love you’ perhaps a hundred times a day.

I had never heard Mama say ‘I love you’ to Daddy. Nor had I seen her offer the words in tiny, silent acts of adoration as she did with Jamie. I had seen her write it in birthday cards and on Christmas gift tags though and as a kid, I had thought that was proof enough. I had been wrong and that knowledge had made me fear that I was wrong about the way she loved me too.

Funnily enough it was Jamie who bridged that void too. I saw myself, my existence, through his eyes. I saw how he adored my presence and how he marvelled at various things I did. It was a bit much really, to go from being a beloved daughter to being an flaunted treasure but what made it a pleasure was seeing Mama’s reaction to his joy.

She urged me forward and shared in his happiness in a way that I had never known her to do. Her pride in me was so obvious that I began to worry I would simply never live up to it…


Roger’s head popped round the study door and Bree jolted in her seat, her fingers skittering across the page smudging half dried dotted ‘I’s and dashes of ‘t’s.

“Ach! Sorry love!”

Roger bit his lip abashedly, noting the streaks of ink, as he made his way in carrying a tray of coffee and gingernut biscuits.

“No problem, what is a dirty page in the face of such service?”

Bree grinned up at him, stretching her hands above her head and rolling her neck from side to side.

“How is the draft coming along?”

“Better. I feel like I’m finally saying what I want to say about them. About how they were together.”

“How they still are!”

Roger grinned and Bree nodded, snorting.

“Yes, though if Da tramps mud in through the house again Mama might kill him. You know how protective she is of the new rug.”

“Aye, but in your Da’s defence he was just trying to catch Mandy before she could carry the wee frog too far into the house and claim it to be a pet.”

Bree laughed and bit into one of the freshly baked biscuits sighing in pleasure.

“Did Aunt Jenny make these?”

“Aye, the main batch was to decorate the cake for Robbie’s birthday, these are the overspills.”

“I can’t believe my baby brother is about to turn sixteen! And take his first voyage too!”

Bree sighed and shook her head. Roger grinned and bent to place a kiss on the top of her hair.

“Ye should see the state of your mother, she’s cried twice today already and your Da hasn’t even brought the trunk down from the loft yet.”

“Poor Mama. I should go and distract her with something.”

“Unless you intend to help her bind the laddie’s hands and feet and bolt the doors and windows of his room to stop him leaving, I doubt you’ll find her easy to distract.”

Bree smiled in a distracted fashion and closed her eyes as Roger’s hands settled on her shoulders massaging lightly, giving herself over to the sensation and relaxing beneath his gentle fingers.

She let the motion loll her and carry her back through the years, across acres of memory to a time that seemed so desperately long ago and yet also so close that she could still feel the press of her brother’s heel against the palm of her hand, flat against their mother’s belly.

They had been sat in the kitchen, mere minutes after she had met their father for the first time, when Claire had gasped and beamed at them both in delight, gripping first Jamie’s hand and then Brianna’s and pressing their palms to her middle.

Bree remembered the awed look upon her father’s face, his eyes wide and almost disbelieving as the baby turned and stretched, pressing fists, feet and bottom against their hands. She had felt almost like an intruder on their moment, the moment that Jamie had never had with her, both parents feeling the proof of their love. She had begun to move her hand away, intending to leave them be, but Jamie had caught her fingers gently within his free hand

“Stay, Brianna. If ye dinna mind doing so.”

“Sure … I mean … If you want me to…”

“Aye, I do.”

“We both do.”

Her Mama had reached out and cupped her cheek so lightly that Bree had to look to make sure she was not imagining the touch. Her mother’s other hand had settled over Jamie’s, resting against her belly, connecting the four of them physically in a pose that was as symbolic of family as any that had ever been known.

Over the weeks that had followed, she and Jamie came to know each other. It made her smile still to think of the first awkward attempts at working side by side, hesitant and overly polite, neither wanting to spoil the sweet bubble of domesticity that had formed around them.

She had been eager to show her knowledge of guns, horses, and woodwork whilst he had been very happy to listen, encourage, and advise where necessary, but always with a studious respect of the newness of their acquaintance.

It had been a loose rock that had finally bridged the formality. She had been stepping out of the creek, barefoot from laying nets for trout, when the stone she stood on rolled out beneath her, turning her ankle sharply.

The joint had swollen instantly, Jamie’s quick thinking to remove her boot had stopped it needing to be cut off later as within minutes it was three times its usual size.

Jamie had carefully taken her foot into his lap and ever so gently turned it this way and that, biting his own lip at Brianna’s pained gasps.

“I dinna think it is broken but we should get ye back to the house, lass.”

Jamie was still hunkered down on his haunches before her, his brows knotted in sympathy and Bree slapped the ground in frustration,

“Yeah, you’re probably right. It really hurts.”

She had felt foolishly embarrassed, as if she was fussing about a little bump.

“Aye, no doubt. Let me get the bags and I’ll carry ye.”

“Oh! No, Da, really. I can walk.”

She had blushed furiously and struggled to stand, only succeeding in putting a fraction of her weight on the foot before crying out in pain and staggering into his waiting arms.

“Nonsense. Ye can barely stand.”

Jamie had smiled, steadying her and retrieving her boot from the ground.

“Bide here a moment, Bree. Can ye balance? Good.”

Bree had done as he said, wobbly slightly, most of her weight on the uninjured foot as she watched him gather the spare nets and poles, moving with that particular grace and elegance that she longed to capture in lines of charcoal and paint but had not yet built the courage to ask.

“Right, wrap ye arm around my neck, mo chridhe.”

“Da, are ye sure you can … I mean … I’m nearly the same size as you!”

Jamie had snorted at that and held his hand out before her face, long fingers spread wide and cocked an eyebrow in friendly challenge. Bree had placed her own hand against his and laughed at the size difference. Yes, she was big, but the startlingly obvious truth was that he was considerably bigger.

“I think I’ll manage, eh? Now, take a hold of me.”

Bree had done as he asked and besides a small grunt of effort as he had boosted her into his arms, her Da had shown no other visible signs of strain.

She had been amazed at the ease with which he carried her, she had known he was strong but even after nearly two miles his breathing wasn’t laboured and his stride was wide and even, careful not to jostle her and she felt safer in his arms than she had ever expected to feel.

Bree had found herself wondering what it might have been like to have been raised by this man, to have been lifted with familiar ease and sheltered by him from her first breath. With her wondering came a sense of absolute certainty that had she grown up with him, Jamie Fraser would have held her and carried her, supported her and tended to her injuries when they occurred with the same natural affection that he displayed now. She would never have had to feel vulnerable or ashamed. 

Normally any such thought caused a stab of guilt over the Daddy she had lost but now, she merely felt a gentle pull of hope for the future, hope that she would come to know her father well enough that the need for imagining would cease and be replaced with more certainties like this one.

They arrived at Lallybroch within half an hour and as they made their way toward the front door, a low, rising scream reached their ears. Before either of them could react, Jenny’s face appeared at the window and she yelled

“Claire’s having the baby!”


To be continued ….

Fluffy Albert

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•Albert is a huge flirt, everyone and their mother knows this but after he meet you all his attention got thrown your way. You were the centre of his word, he would do anything to make you smile. Often he would wrap his arms around you his lips ghosting your shoulder as he said the same words “I love ya so damn much, I would steal the damn moon for you if you ever asked”

•one day though you returned to the lodge and was completely silent. When Albert called you over you just glanced at him and muttered a small hello. Automatically Albert knew something was wrong.

•as you made your way to your room Albert quickly left. He didn’t have a lot, he was a newsie who just earned enough to make ends meat but he did have some cash saved up for a rainy day

•he had originally planned to use the money for the future, maybe use it for an apartment some day or a nice meal but right now this was far more important.

•it took awhile and a whole of of convincing for Albert to convince the shopkeeper to give him the box of chocolate under price but he did it. Sure he had to smile and use his charms a little bit but it was all worth it when he had the box in his hands.

•he ran all the way back to the lodge, making sure to take all the shortcuts to get back as soon as possible, this involved him jumping a few fences what he may or may not have gotten stuck on for a few minutes

•all while this was happening you were curled up on your bed, staring blankly at the wall. You felt… bad. You couldn’t really describe it, everything just went wrong today. Hardly anyone even looked at you let alone by a paper from you plus the Delancey brothers were more of an ass then they usually were

•you just wanted this day to be over. Sighing you closed your eyes, you felt bad… you were horrible to Albert, did he hate you now? You couldn’t bare if he did he was your whole world. Your pulled your knees closer to your chest.

•your eyes burned, you wanted to cry but you tried to stop yourself. If you cried you would worry people and if you worried people you’d be a bother. Your mind turned and twisted with negative until your heard the loud slam of your door opening

•Quickly your sit up and turn around to see your boyfriend out of breath in the doorway a box under his arm “I… I, Shit” he took a deep breath and leaned against the doorframe “Ima sorry your having a bad day sweetheart and… I don’t know if I can fix it but let me try at least. I-i have chocolate?” He stumbled out

•you were wide eyed, your eyes drifting from the shy face of Albert to the box of chocolate. He did all this for you? Your lip trembled and you couldn’t hold back the tears anymore

•Albert freaked out quickly running to your side and almost tackling you into a bear hug. He drew soft patterns on your skin, whispering soft nothingness against your as he held you

•you let it all out. You started rambling about about how today was horrible but you didn’t know why and that you were just stressed out. Albert listened silently, rocking you in his arms slightly

•"it’s okay love, how about I go out selling with ya tomorrow? We can go on a little tour of da city while we’re out working!“ He grinned pulling away to cup your face

•you stare up at him, speechless. Slowly you nod, a small "thank you” slipping out from your lips. Albert grins that wide loveable grin before he kissed you

•it was gentle, his lips brushing over yours as he tucked your hair behind your ear. His lips tasted sweet… very sweet

•you pull away and eye and him suspiciously “did you eat some of the chocolate on your way here?” You ask, a small smile spreading around your face. Poor Albert looked so guilty, his eyes darting away as he rubbed that back of his neck.

•"a lol bit… but how could I resist! It’s the second sweetest thing in the world!“ He claimed, opening the box to reveal the whole top row of chocolates missing.

•you laugh and raise a brow "second? And what would the first be then Albert?” You saw his face automatically light up, a large grin growing on his face as he leans in closer “yous of corse darlin’ ain’t nothing sweeter than the taste of ya lips”

•He laughed as your cheeks turned pink, wrapping his arm around your shoulders to pull you closer. “Now come on and eat the chocolate… unless ya want to take it from my mouth” he purrs, his lips trailing up your neck. You laugh and lightly push him away, quickly popping a square into your mouth

•who would have though your day could have turned around so quickly in a matter of minutes all because of goofy faced newsie and box of half eaten chocolates


dan and phil have another hot smutty moment whil phils in headspace but will phil go so deep in headspace even dan starts Roy worry?
triggers? : daddy kink , bad grammar

“ohhh you’re gonna get it baby” dan whispered as he threw phil on the bed. “you were being such a bad boy today, teasing me in front of my dad. if you wanted me so bad you could have asked sweetheart” dan smirked as he let his hand roam free under phils light pink dress.
“d-daddy” phil whimpered already a wet mess in his baby blue panties. “yes sweetheart” dan said still taking his precious time getting to phils panties. “c-can y-you touch m-me” phil stuttered out. “manners baby boy” dan reminded. “p-please daddy. I’ll be a good boy. I’ll suck your big-” phil stopped knowing he couldn’t cuss and pointed to dans growing erection. “thingy and I’ll swallow you all. please daddy I need it” phil said desperate for attention.
“damn baby you really are a sight when your desperate and begging for daddy’s cock” phil whimpered at dans words. “what ya starin out babe? come on you said you would suck daddy’s cock” dan said unbuttoning his now very tight skinny jeans. “y-yes daddy” phil said already trying to pull down dans boxers.
“a-a-ahh” dan moaned as he gripped his baby’s hair. “y-yes just like that philly. come on I know you can take more.” dan said as he kept working phil up and down. phil quickly pulled off to speak. with his voice raspy he whispered “daddy a-after t-this can you c-cum in my m-mouth please” phil looked up to dan with doey eyes. “aaaa fuck yes. now put your little mouth on my cock before I cum on your beautiful face princess” as dan said that phil quickly went back to working dan off.
“a-a-aaa babe I think I’m gonna-” phil moaned around dan. That enough pushed dan to phil the edge. phil felt a new liquid run down his desperate throat. he moaned as he pulled off. still rock hard from dans noises.
“d-d-daddy c-can i r-ride you?” phil said voice still raspy. “ahhhh yes baby boy please get on daddy’s cock” without a heart beat phil was on his daddy’s stomach. since they haven’t fucked since yesterday and phil still being in headspace dan totally forgot stretching. “wait princess before you ride you have to stretch. you know the rules princess” dan said as he remembered the rules he first settled with phil when they got into this relationship. “d-daddy can you go in raw” phil said already trying to push dan in.
“raw?? baby you know how I feel when I hurt you” dan said still worried about how phil is in his subspace and this could really hurt him. “y-yes dad-ddy i k-now. b-but i really need it. please da-daddy” phil said as he bounced on dans crouch. just enough to get dan excited again. “aa-ash fuck baby boy okay we can do it but the moment it hurts you can safeword it okay?” dan said obviously getting way to turned on by all of this. “y-yes t-than-k y-you daddy” phil smiled as he got back into position over dans rock hard cock.
“d-daddy!” phil screamed out as dan entered him slowly. “fuck babe your tight” dan grunted as he bottomed out. “a-ah da-daddy” phil whispered already bouncing on dans cock. dan couldn’t believe how tight phil was and damn did it feel good. he felt like he was in the ocean relaxing and someone had hands through his hair. he felt amazing.
now phil on the other hand. well he was enjoying himself far too much to even speak. he was so in headspace the only thing on his mind at that moment in time was how dans lips were a perfect “O” and how his curly hair was sticking to his sweaty head. phil being in headspace only thought of his daddy and how good he probably feels. phil being in headspace couldn’t breathe properly because how fast he was going. all he could think about is how his daddy’s big cock is hitting all of the right places in him. he felt like he was on fire. (sEE WHAT I DID THERE okay continue)
dan could see how frustrated phil was getting by how he kept looking down trying to get hit in the right place. he kept missing his prostate and phil was gonna fall asleep before he got the release he wanted. “baby you okay” dan said still full on grunting. “yes sir” dan eyes went wide. phil was that deep in headspace. see when phils in little headspace he always refers to dan 2 different ways : daddy and or danny. see during his punishments he is specifically to only call dan sir and or master. now when they are just fucking and going fast and hard phil says daddy. Only once has phil ever said sir when he wasn’t being punished and man did it the out bad. the next morning phil couldn’t leave dan side. always asking what needed to be done in the house. worshiping dan. cooking dan food even though dan said he could order takeout. it took days to get him back in his normal cute and fluffy little space.
dan knew phil had to cum before he goes further. as fast as he could he flipped them over. he started pounding into phil right in his abused prostate. “sir sir” phil squeaked. “yes baby” dan grunted from in between his teeth. “ma-may I cum sir” Phil asked trying to regain his focus on being a patient little servant for his master. “let go babe. you deserve it” dan said as phil started gripping the bed sheets. “sir I’m cumming I’m cumming!” phil screamed as he came over dans stomach long and hard. before dan could get out of phils abused whole phil choked out “cum in me, please sir” and that was enough to have dan spill for the second time in one night. after that dan swore he saw ztars.
they stayed there for a bit. just dan rubbing circles on to phils back as he whispered sweet nothings in his ears. before dan could even request a bath with phil he hears snoring. he face palms himself for letting phil fall asleep in such a deep headspace. he quickly goes to find a towel and cleans them both off. after that he sees how peaceful phil looks and he falls asleep right beside his baby boy.
as phil wakes up and is still deep in headspace he can find his master. phil being in headspace and having anxiety starts to worry. “what if master doesn’t love me anymore” “what if he didn’t like me taking control for a bit” “what if he wanted to finger me on purpose” all these negative thoughts went on inside of phils head. he starts to cry.
dan in the kitchen can hear some kind of movement coming from their room. “philly you okay love” dan screams into the hallway. “si-sir” phil says still crying into his soft hands. dans eyes went big as he noticed how deep phil was in headspace. “baby baby hey hey I’m right here breathe.” dan said softly knowing how emotionally unstable phil is right now. “sir do you still l-l-love me” phil said barley audible. “baby what? of course I do why wouldn’t I?” dan said as he was hugging his baby. “d-d-daddy a-are y-y-ou sure-e” phil stuttered out still hugging onto dan. dan sighed in relief. he’s not that deep anymore. “want me to show you babe how much you mean to me” phil looked at dan with red puffy eyes. dan not expecting an answer leaned in and kissed phil with as much love and affection he could. it was slow and nice. just how phil liked it when he was big. he was shocked at first since most of their kisses were mostly fast and sweet but this one felt special. it felt like dan actually cared. phil felt amazing.

whoop that was coolio to write.
sorry my writing sucks but I’ll get better loves so don’t worry !
okay okay ily all bye

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Who on the Lost Light would carve jack-o-lanterns, who would eat too many sweets, and who would just sigh and move along?

Hello doll! Ahhh I’m so excited about getting another category ask!!! Thank you so much!! I loved this so much I actually added some categories! :D 

And I remind you I only do up to ten characters for category asks so I chose some at random. :) Enjoy doll~! This got out of hand lol I had wayyyy too much fun … Bots included- Whirl, Cyclonus, Tailgate, Rodimus, Drift, Ratchet, Ultra Magnus, Rung, Swerve and Brainstorm

Carves Pumpkins: Rodimus, Tailgate, Whirl, Cyclonus, Drift, Rung, Brainstorm, Swerve

Brainstorm and Whirl carve pumpkins for the sheer destruction factor. Whirl carves one pumpkin nicely before someone makes a comment about how sloppy it is and he goes on a rampage, throwing pumpkins at the bot’s head and shoving the seeds in their face. Brainstorm carves a pumpkin that somehow can explode?? How??

Rodimus and Drift get overly excited carving their pumpkins and leave a mess everywhere, so between them and the two bots who lose their shits, Ultra Magnus nearly has a spark attack. Also, Rodimus declares himself the Pumpkin King after successfully getting a pumpkin stuck on his spoiler (he’s a little drunk but the nickname sticks). ;D

Tailgate has a lot of fun carving pumpkins and it was only with his enthusiasm that he managed to convince Cyclonus to join. Surprisingly not only does his pumpkin come out amazing, he ends up having fun too!

Rung and Swerve weren’t really sure about this whole pumpkin carving business, but the human convinced them and they both were glad for it! Rung finds the process soothing, much like putting together his models (but much stickier) and enjoys watching the human have fun. Swerve just thinks it’s hilarious to see everyone else create all these weird (or in Brainy’s case, dangerous) pumpkin designs! 

Eats Too Many Sweets:
Rodimus, Tailgate, Rung, Swerve

Rodimus gets into a ‘serious’ sweet eating competition with the human. They eat their Halloween candy and he gets his Energon goodies, and the two try to shove as much as they can down their throats before the timer is up. It’s disturbing. Ultra Magnus cries.

Tailgate can’t help himself and despite Cyclonus’ best efforts, manages to overeat. Cyclonus is not pleased when he has to deal with a groaning and complaining Tailgate.

Rung is already addicted to sweets, but usually he’s good about keeping himself from getting sick. Not tonight though, when everyone is munching on Energon goodies and even the human is indulging themselves. He regrets it immediately!
Swerve gets so drunk with Skids that overeating makes him purge his systems, so he passes out behind the bar for a while. Until Whirl comes back and throws a pumpkin at him. 

Just Sigh At The Ridiculousness: Ultra Magnus, Ratchet, Cyclonus

Ultra Magnus is NOT a party person! There’s so many shenanigans going on around him, he’s noted at least fifty different violations! He has to take deep breaths a lot to keep himself calm through this. That doesn’t mean he never has fun though. The human helps him relax at one point and they help him clean up afterwards, which Mags appreciates more than they’ll ever know.

Ratchet likes the party actually, it reminds him of when he was younger. But still, everyone running around and being crazy can be annoying after a while. He mostly ignores them in favor of drinking and talking to some of the calmer bots on the ship. Also has to patch up a few of the bots at the end of the night because inevitably a fight breaks out. Otherwise though, he allows himself to relax.

Cyclonus thinks this whole thing is ridiculous and wants nothing more to go back to his habsuite away from all the noise and chaos. However, he stays because of Tailgate and he’s wary that Whirl will try to do something too crazy. He’s right.

Decorates Ship:
All! :D

Tailgate and Cyclonus mainly start decorating because Cyclonus thinks some of the decorations the other bots put up are basically stupid. He fixes them with irritation and then gets a surprise when Tailgate shows him the decorations he made for the ship. Cyclonus of course can’t refuse Tailgate’s hard work and dedication, so he hangs up the decorations. No he’s not happy, stop smiling at him Tailgate (shh he’s secretly super happy!).

Brainstorm blows up a few of the decorations and ends up in the brig for a little while because Ultra Magnus is Done With His Shit.

Whirl claims to have helped decorate, but all he did was stick a Halloween hat on his head and yell “It’s Halloween Glitches!” at the beginning of the night.

Rodimus, Drift and Rung put their own twists on the decorations and make some of their own to hang up around their respective spaces. Rodimus’ office is decked entirely in fake pumpkins and pumpkin decorations (after all, he is the Pumpkin King!). Rung’s office has some pumpkins too, though he mostly keeps bowls of goodies in there in case bots come in. Drift hangs up orange and black gemstones in his habsuite because the colors speak to him. The human visits each of their spaces throughout the night to see the cool decorations but stay the longest in Rung’s, chatting away with him and eating candy. :)

Swerve of course goes all out for the bar! Are you KIDDING OF COURSE HE’S GOING TO DECORATE THE BAR! He decks it out to the best of his ability, enlisting the human’s help so that it mirrors Earth Halloween as best as possible. By the time they’re done, it really is like walking into another world and everyone on the ship loves the bar’s decorations! Swerve is so proud. HE’S NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING!

Ratchet wasn’t originally going to decorate, but the human convinced him in the end. His version of decorating is just hanging up some multi colored lights around the med bay, but still it’s a nice touch. The bots that end up in the med bay later on comment on it and, despite Ratchet’s nonchalant reaction, it’s obvious he’s pleased.

Ultra Magnus isn’t sure how to decorate, but he wants to because the human has been excitedly talking about cool decorations for days leading up to Halloween. So he does a little bit of research and ends up decking out his office with some fall decorations. He doesn’t like the scary Halloween ones, but finds the ones revolving around fall to be pretty. He hates pumpkins though because of a certain someone … Mags tries his best and the human knows it, so they tell him his office is their favorite. Rodimus happens to overhear and sulks for the rest of the night about this. ;P

Ultra Magnus at random points in the future: “Well the human said my office was the best during the Halloween party, so clearly I’ve filled my quota for fun for another several years.”


Ultra Magnus just smiles when Rodimus isn’t looking. The human always catches him doing this and winks with a grin of their own. ;)

Dresses Up:
All! :D

Some of the bots decide to go into their holoforms for a little while during Halloween so they can wear cool costumes like the human! Pronouns are changed for this on only to fit the holoform. 

Drift dresses up as a classic, suave, sexy vampire and he plays the role surprisingly well. He has unintentionally had the human swooning by the end of the night.

Brainstorm decides to be Frankenstein, because one time the human lent him their copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and he loved the book so much. The human is surprised he didn’t dress up as the actual Doctor the character is named after, but you do you Brainstorm.

The human has showed Tailgate and Cyclonus their many copies of the Addam’s Family show and movies. So Tailgate decides to dress up as Wendy, because she thinks she’s cool and also the dress looks great on her holoform. She somehow persuades Cyclonus to dress up as Morticia, and Cyclonus rocks the look! She really enjoys it too, even if everyone is more scared of her than usual.

Ultra Magnus wasn’t going to dress up, but he did want to be in his holoform for a little while so he could hang out with the human without fear of hurting them. When they see his holoform, they get excited and let him borrow their skateboard for the night. They tell him that his holoform’s outfit makes him look like a skater, so all he has to do is carry around the board and ta-da! Easy costume! He’s a little in awe of them after that. ;)

Ratchet goes as a Doctor strangely enough. Everyone had thought he would be against wearing a human Doctor costume, and he is totally is. But he also doesn’t really care about costumes and the human just brought it to him before the party. He put it on after some sad eyes from the human to make them stop (basically, he just wants them to be happy). The human is so happy they give him a hug, and Ratchet considers that worth all the teasing the other bots give him.

Rodimus wants to incorporate his love of pumpkins into his costume of course. Since the Pumpkin King isn’t really a costume, the human suggests the Headless Horseman instead. Rodimus loves the spooky feel of the costume and with a lot of help from his human friend, somehow manages to pull it off. It’s actually really cool to look at and he gets to carry around a pumpkin!

Whirl has the party hat on her head from earlier and says that’s all she needs for a good costume. Eventually she does end up sticking a pumpkin on her head (in her holoform yes) and when asked why, claims she’s Rodimus being an idiot. This causes more pumpkins to be thrown around as the ‘Pumpkin King’ declares war on Whirl.

Rung and Swerve go as Sherlock Holmes and Watson. The human had caught both of them chatting about being nervous about costumes and not knowing what to wear a few days before Halloween. Looking at them for a second and seeing the similarities, they suggested (with a smirk) the brilliant costume idea. Rung loves the novels once he learns who Sherlock Holmes is and surprisingly, so does Swerve. He also identifies with Watson a lot. Of course no one at the party knows who they are, but they’re all jealous when the human declares it their favorite (especially Rodimus).

Scares Others:
Whirl, Cyclonus, Brainstorm, Rodimus

Cyclonus is the only one to unintentionally scare the other bots. Everyone is just a bit jumpy because of the spooky atmosphere, and they all know Whirl is planning something. He mostly just walks into rooms so quietly it causes others to scream. Poor Cy :c Tailgate and the human comfort him with cuddles though~

Whirl of course has to scare bots all over the ship! He nearly gives bots a spark attack time and time again, and Ratchet actually yells at him for sending people to the medbay! Rung isn’t happy about the sudden increase in his patient’s anxiety either. Whirl doesn’t get the big deal? But yeah, his little ‘pranks’ are absolutely terrifying. He’s made the human faint more than once, and they’re not that weak of spirit usually. To be honest, everyone is glad Halloween is over because it means Whirl stops trying to freak them all out constantly.

Brainstorm just scares people because he comes up with elaborate pranks. He also tries to design various weapons based off of Halloween. Ultra Magnus stops him as soon as he finds out but of course, Brainstorm still has a few tricks up his metaphorical sleeves.

Rodimus’ pranks and attempts to scare the others aren’t as horrifying or dangerous as the others, but he has a lot of fun anyway. He gets the human in on the action, and they spend a lot of time doing stupid pranks and then running away giggling as if the other bots don’t know it’s them. It’s amusing and harmless, so Ultra Magnus lets it go because he has bigger fish to fry.

Watches Scary Movies With Human: All! :D

Okay so this starts out as a scary movie marathon the day after the party. However, everyone wants the human to sit with them. It kind of turns into mass chaos trying to decide where they should sit, SO Ultra Magnus finally proposes they watch one or two at a time. This appeases everyone - meanwhile the human is oblivious to the romantic implications. :’)

Drift and Ratchet settle in to watch a simple and not too scary movie. Not because either of them will get scared, but because they know the human will and secretly don’t like seeing them scared. The human sits in between them, resting their body on both of the bots arms. Neither Drift nor Ratchet say anything about it but both can feel their sparks racing throughout the movie.

Cyclonus and Tailgate watch more of the Addam’s Family movies because of their costumes. Plus those movies aren’t so much scary as they are funny and kooky. Tailgate plops the human on his shoulders and then crawls onto a (blushing) Cyclonus’ lap.

Whirl lets the human sit on his gun titties and puts on the scariest, goriest movie he can find. He gets a lecture later from Ultra Magnus when the human can’t sleep that night.  What the second in command doesn’t know is that, despite their nightmares, the human had fun laughing about how stupid scary movies are with Whirl.


Swerve and Rodimus turn on a more action feeling scary movie. One where the main character or ‘hero’ ends up kicking ass and gets out alive! It’s probably a zombie movie. Neither are paying much attention honestly with the human passed out in between them. Who would have guessed they fall asleep to zombie movies? Both bots don’t care, they just think the human is adorable! Later on they find out from the human that zombies bore them and they always fall asleep watching anything to do with them. Rodimus promises to put on a better movie next time. Maybe a … romantic movie? *wink wonk*

Rung is feeling mysterious because of his costume and Ultra Magnus wants to watch something that will actually engage his mind, not just a stupid gory movie. So they put on a horror mystery movie and sit down to watch. About halfway through, Rodimus sneaks into their group so he can watch with them. Of course, the others notice him (Rodimus doesn’t know how to be sneaky) but neither really care. Rodimus is just happy he got to actually watch a movie with the human, especially when they sit on his shoulder and curl up to his neck.


Prologue -(FreshPaper)-

Within the white spaces of the anti-void…

So, bro?” Fresh smiled as he crossed his arms in front of him, glasses spelling out ‘OH YEA’, “I won dat round so dat means that ‘m da winner for da whole thing!

“…That’s because you knew all the rules to this weird Rock…scissors… whatever game.” Paper Jam replied, trying to be calm sounding but a bit of anger was heard through a few of the words.

Dude! Da game is super easy! Can’t believe dat you couldn’t get it!

“You ran by the rules so fast and went right into it. By what you said – I threw a rock each time. How does a piece of paper defeat a rock? That doesn’t make sens….”

JAMSTER…” Fresh plopped his arm around Paper’s, leaning into the inky being a little, “It’s just a game! A game where da loser must do somethin’ for da winner!

“…when did that happen?”

JUST NOW!” Fresh smiled back at Paper as he fiddled through his pocket, pulling out a crumpled photograph, “See dis place?


Meet me right there tomorrow!” He pointed at a spot on the photo, which showed a small bridge within a city.

“What world is that?”

How ta get there is on the back of this!” He handed the photo over to Paper as he scooted back on his heels, letting the little wheels on his shoes do most of the work. “Just meet me there… probs around lunch time. Ya know when that is?

“That’s considered ‘noon’ for you beings, right? I think I know what time that will be…”

Well OK then bro!” Fresh started to head off a small way before turning back around, quickly said under his breath before poofing away with radical colored smoke…

It’s a date!”


Welp here is a small prologue to the main story I’m writing. It’ll take a bit due to homework and needing to eat (at a decent time this time!) so I wanted you all to have a small preview to their interactions!

It’ll be formatted like this with Fresh being bold and PJ being normal text to tell the difference. All italicized stuff is them thinking (still bold for fresh and normal for PJ)

Yeah… mine is more dialogue driven… sorry about that -_-

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Will there be more of the Bree gets sick and has to go back story? I really really really want to know what happens next!

Hey! Can you do a 2nd chapter of the story, where Bree is ill and needs to return to her own time. Her and Claire end up going back though the stones and it end with Jenny answering the door and helping them. Sorry im hopeless at summing up things.

Please and thanks! :) :)

ps. love your work!


Love the story of Claire having to take Bree back through time through the stones to help her get well. Will there be more to this story? Wonderful writing! You’re very talented!

Born Out of Time
Part 1, Part 2

Fields, open fields full of the greenest grass she’d ever laid eyes on surrounded her. She wandered around, taking in the too blue sky, the thin and fresh air that caused a dizzy feeling, and the lack of buildings for as far as her eyes could see. Where was she? Her Mama and Daddy were nowhere to be found, no matter how far she ran in any direction. Why weren’t they near her? How did she become so alone?

Her vision flickered, spots of white and black mixing with the blue and green of the field around her, and then, a building appeared. It wasn’t a large building, more of a cottage or shack, but smoke billowed from the chimney. People. She took off at a sprint, desperately seeking humanity.

The door was roughly hewn and didn’t sit perfectly in its frame. She was afraid to knock on it; afraid if she did, the whole door would come down on top of her. Just as she had steeled her nerves to knock on the decrepit door, it swung open. A tall woman with fiery red hair, gray eyes, and a straight nose gazed down at her.

“Hello a leannan,” the woman said in a funnily accented voice. “Please come in.” The woman backed away, motioning for the her to make herself at home.

She looked around and sat herself of the plush looking armchair.

“How did you come to be here a leannan?” the woman asked, crinkles and creases lining the outside of her kind mouth and smiling eyes.

“I-I-I don’t know,” she said, her voice wobbling. “I don’t know where I am.”

The woman laid a hand on her cheek, brushing the tears from her face.

“Seas, a leannan. No need for tears.” Her hands were gentle and soft despite the callouses. “Why dinna ye tell me what ye remember of how ye got here? Or about yourself and your family?”

The warm and welcoming smile made her feel at ease. She snuggled into the woman’s embrace, seeking the comfort of a mother figure.

“My name is Brianna Ellen and I’m from Boston.”

“Ach, that’s beautiful name,” the woman said, lightly squeezing Brianna. “Where is this Boston ye speak of?”

Bree giggled. “It’s in America!”

“The colonies?” The woman’s gray eyes widened in shock. Bree nodded her head enthusiastically.

“Yes, ma’am, though they aren’t called that now. I live with my Mama.  She’s a surgeon and helps make people feel better. Her friends at the hospital tried to help me get better, but nothing was working.” Bree’s face etched in a frown. “I don’t feel as sick here with you. I don’t know why that is, but I feel like I could run for days and my body doesn’t ache like it did before. Are you a special healer like Mama?”

“Mmm no, a leannan. I’m no’ a healer. Though I’d like to meet your Mam.  She sounds like a wonderful woman.”

“Oh she is! My daddy–he’s not my daddy anymore.”

“What do ye mean?” she asked, smoothing the worry from Bree’s mind with each stroke of her hand down her back.

“Daddy’s name is Frank Randall and Mama said he’s not my real daddy. He raised me as his, but I’m not his blood. My real daddy’s name is James…at least that’s what Mama says. I’m not sure I believe her or not.”

“My son’s name is James,” the kind woman whispered. “James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is his full name.”

Bree’s eyes widened as she turned and looked at the woman’s face. “That’s what Mama said his name was! Are you–are you my grandmother?”

The woman smiled and stroked her cheek. “Aye, a leannan. I’m your Grannie Ellen.”

Brianna wrapped her arms around Ellen’s neck and whispered in awe, “I’ve never had a grandmother before.”

Ellen held her granddaughter close. “Aye well, ye’ll always have me with you a leannan. Ye may no be able to see me or your Grandda Brian, but we’re there.”


“Aye, a ghraidh?” Ellen whispered into Brianna’s fiery red curls.

“Am I named after you and Grandda then? And why wouldn’t I be able to see you? I’m holding you and can see you just fine right now.”

The look of concern on Bree’s face made Ellen’s heart clench.

“Oh, a leannan, ye may no’ be able to see me or yer Grandda for a verra good reason. I canna explain it to ye just now, but before ye leave I’ll let ye know. As for yer name, aye, I believe ye were named for us. Yer Mama wanted to honor your Da’s kin it seems.”

Brianna snuggled deeper into Ellen’s embrace feeling herself grow heavy with exhaustion. “Grannie, I’m tired.”

“Then rest your head lass, I’ll keep watch over ye.” Ellen began to hum a melody that made Brianna drift off to sleep, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Ellen rocked and hummed to her gravely ill granddaughter, desperate to keep her at peace. The child did not understand what was happening to her and she couldn’t let her stay become permanent.

“Your Da will come a leannan.  He will help put your soul at ease along with your Mam’s. He’ll be there to heal you and watch you grow. Stay strong for your family, my little Bree, please stay strong.”

A small smile lifted Brianna’s cheek as Ellen brushed the ruddy locks away from her face. “You are just like your Da little one.”


The comforting voice washed over Ellen as she looked to the corner of the cottage and reached out her hand, beckoning the man forward.

“She’s so bonnie,” Brian Fraser whispered, taking his first up close look at his granddaughter and namesake.

“Aye, she is. She’s the spit of our wee Jamie.”

“Ach, no! She’s the spit of her Grannie,” Brian corrected his wife, placing a tender kiss to the child’s forehead. “It’s no’ her time to be here.”

Ellen nodded. “I ken that well, mo ghraidh. Doesna change the fact she is here. We need to keep her safe until Jamie and Claire can help her. I love her dearly, but I dinna wish to wait with another one of our children’s bairns for their parents join them here. It’s no’ right, Brian. Children should no’ die before their parents.”

Brian lay a weathered hand on Ellen’s shaking shoulder. “Aye, but it happens, mo nighean ruiadh. We need to keep her thinking of her Mam and her Da so she can go back. Her soul already wanders about like wee Jamie’s; we canna let it drift too far into this world. It’s no’ for the living.”

Ellen nodded, grabbed her husband’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Should we bring Faith in here to meet her sister, at least once?”

“No,” Brian said simply. “Wouldn’t be right for the lass ye hold in your arms to lose a sister on top of her grandparents.”

Brianna began to stir in her grandmother’s arms; just before her eyes opened, Brian disappeared back into shadows.

“Feel better, mo chridhe?” Ellen smiled down at Brianna.

“Yes, Grannie, I do. Why do I feel better here?”

“This is a place all your own.  Ye feel no pain here because you feel safe and you’re with family.”

Bree scrunched her face up in disbelief. “I don’t think that’s it. There’s something coming near me…I don’t know what it could be, but it’s strong and….red.”

“Dinna fash yerself about it lass.”

Brianna nodded and let her body melt into her grandmother’s once again.

“Why don’t we go for a walk outside and ye can tell me more about yer Mam and I can tell ye stories about yer Da?”

The smile Ellen was met with made her hold onto Brianna even tighter. “I would love that Grannie!”

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Das Video des Jahres #6

I’m not sure yet what did he mean with “lose” lose what? rock - scissors- paper? hahahah whatever I remeber I laughed so hard! Julian WIGGLE’s (haha) laugh gives me life lol

Well done Auba

Sugar Daddy (Harry Styles) *Part 3*

Harry Styles One Shot

Sugar Daddy Series

For past One Shots

NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance. 

Warning: Sexual Content (If you are uncomfortable with this topic and the use of ‘daddy’ sexually & other mature topics please do not read)

“I really wish you hadn’t worn that gown.” Harry hissed through his teeth as you both neared the galla. Harry had been asked to attend an important event for his company and he wanted his darling baby girl to be there beside him. 

You pouted, your lipstick covered lips jutting out ever so slightly. “I thought you liked this dress.” 

You watched him as he sighed and adjusted himself in his seat. You giggled as you realized why he didn’t want you to wear the dress. You looked down between his thighs and saw his bulge. 

“I do like the dress, I like it on my floor.” He ground out as he palmed himself ever so slightly. You placed your delicate hand over his and pressed down making his palm flat against his clothed member. 

“Don’t be unreasonable. It’s a big event, put a smile on that dial!” You teased him and took your hand off of his. He looked at you murderously through narrowed slits. 

“Are you begging for a punishment? If I want to be unreasonable I will be,” he spat and looked out the window, leaving you to yourself. You rolled your eyes, he was overreacting, and unclicked you belt before moving to sit right next to him. 

“I’m sorry if I upset you,” you told him quietly. He turned from the window and looked at you; he sighed and pulled you to sit on his lap. 

“Daddy doesn’t like it when you talk to me like that baby girl. I think a punishment is in order.” Your eyes widened as you knew what he was going to have you do; you were the one that got him hard in the first place. 

You got off his lap and started to lean down but he grasped your shoulders and kept your upright. You looked at him in confusion but he had a sly smirk painted on his face. 

“I’m going to tease you for this punishment, you come at anytime during tonight without my permission I’m going to spank you until that pretty little bum of your is all red.” He spoke as the driver slowed down and pulled up to the entrance of the galla. You had made a grave mistake for upsetting him and you knew it; he would make it 10 times worse for you than you for him. 

You sat quietly on the seat as the driver got out and ran over to Harry’s door to open it for him. He plastered on a grin and got out the car, holding his hand out to help you out of the vehicle.

“Thank you,” you told him quietly and looked around. There were a few people mulling about but it was a considerably chilly evening so most people were probably inside. You glanced up at the dark sky and you could see the clouds moving in and the threat of rain looming over you. 

“Alright kitten, time to go in.” Harry placed his hand on the small of your back and lead you into the venue. 

“Kitten? That’s a new one,” you commented as you smiled politely to the people who walked past you. This was the first big event you had been to with Harry and before hand he had told you the rules you had to follow. Getting into the relationship with him came with many rules and you didn’t know how you felt about that. 

“I like it so it’ll stay.” He ended the conversation there and you were both stopped by a man around Harry’s age rushing towards him. He was practically out of breath when he got to the both of you. 

“Harry,” he nodded at him and the man glanced at you with curiosity mixed with disdain. 

“Arnold.” Harry said in acknowledgement to the balding man. 

“Just letting you and your company,” he looked over to you and back to Harry, “know that Margret is here. Beware she’s on witch hunt looking for your girl.” 

Harry’s fingers dug into your back as he took in the mans words. You shifted uncomfortably and placed your hand on his shoulder in hopes of consoling his anger. He glanced down at you and retracted his fingers from their place in your back. 

He spat out to the man an ‘it’s fine’ and you both walked away. Since Harry was the one donating to the company you both got to sit at the head table; he was speaking so at one point of the night you would be alone which now frightened you. Why was there always a crazy ex thrown into the mix. 

“Harry, what if she comes at me?” You asked him as you both reached your table and sat down. You were the only one’s there so far so you could talk freely for the time being. 

“I’ll take care of it, don’t you worry.” He leaned in a gave you a kiss but pulling away as fast as he started. You heard a screech behind you and turned around to see a beautiful woman standing 10 feet away with a glare on her face that was pinned at you. 

“Didn’t you say the divorce was mutual?” You whispered as she came straight for you both. He nodded his head and stood up before she got too close to you. You too stood up and hide behind Harry as his hands were raised in front of himself. 

“How could you?” She yelled and a few people around you stopped their conversations and stared at the confrontation that was about to do down. She ran around Harry and leo at you like a mad woman; you had no time to react as her palm came flying across your face. 

You were stunned and a few people gasped. Your eyes lids fluttered as the stinging sensation didn’t leave but intensified as you placed your own palm over the area. 

You were convinced the woman was crazy. You didn’t dare say a thing as you watched Harry turn  red. He grabbed her hand and glared at her.

“Don’t you dare make more of a scene. We’ll talk outside; stay here.” 

You watched as he lead her through the crowd and away from you. You excused yourself from the table and walked over the powder room. You thought back to the time where he had told you that you were the other woman and how he almost lost you. 


“I want you here.” Harry said as he looked around at the new apartment. It was beautiful with its high ceilings and its large arched doorways. Of course the walls would need to be painted a different shade and furniture moved in but you thought a place like this would come together nicely.

“I can’t let you do this you know. I like the place I that I live in now anyways.” You had told him as you touched the countertops and looked over your shoulder. It was too much and you couldn’t ask that of him. 

“You’ll be closer to me and anyways I want you out of that neighborhood, it’s very dangerous at night and I need to make sure my baby girl is protected.” 

You thought over what he had said and you had to agree that the neighborhood you lived in was a very dangerous area. 

“I don’t feel comfortable with this Harry.” There you said it; he was always buying you things that you so much glanced at, how could let him buy you an expensive place to live?

“Give us a minute,” he barked to the realtor that was standing impatiently by the door. The man nodded and walked out of the place and left you two alone. You didn’t turn to face him because soon he was turning you around and grasping your face in his large hands. 

“Why are you being like this? I want to do this for you, I care about you so much so please let me.” Before you could reply his lips came to lay over yours and nibbled on your lip for entrance that you immediately gave access to. 

You felt his free arm come around your waist and pull you closer to him. You ran your hands down his chest and moved them to his shoulder blades, pulling him closer. You could feel his slightly hardened member against your leg and it made you even more wet than the make out session was. 

Before Harry you had been in a few relationships but none were as sexually diverse than this one. You were not one with too much experience but he had introduced you to so much in so little time that all you wanted was more. 

He broke away leaving you to pant for air; he ran his finger tips down the side of your face to down the side of your neck, leaving a flutter in you tummy in his wake. He leaned down and placed his lips against your ear ever so gently. 

“As much as I want to fuck you against this wall and have every one of your neighbors have my name imprinted in their ears, I really don’t think the man waiting outside would be pleased. Don’t worry though baby girl I’ll make sure that you scream pretty loud. Ugh this is making me hard, I love it when you defy me.” 

He pressed another lingering kiss on your neck and broke away before shooting you an easy smile along with a wink. He left the room and went to go find the realtor while you still tried to get your thoughts together. If you weren’t wet already you sure were now.


“So you move in the 5th of November, which is just in time for the trip I’m planning…” Harry’s voice drowned out as you sat on his bed wrapped in his arms. Both of you were sticky and sweaty from having sex but it didn’t matter as his hand ran up and down your back. 

“I love sex with you,” you murmured as you felt his hand go under the covers and caress your bum. He flipped you both over so that he was on top.

“And I love you,” you were stunned by his words; you had never said them to anyone so you choked trying to get them out. 

“I love you too.” You honestly did; he leaned down and buried his face in your neck as he thrusted into you quickly. 

He whispered all the things he loved about you in your ear as he rocked his hips fast against yours. 

“Oh,” you moaned out as he hit your g-spot, making you tingle all over. 

“Harder, I want you to fuck me harder,” you ground up and he took your order and thrust harder and deeper inside of you.


“Don’t, I want to hear my name.” He said against your chest as his thrusts became slower and sloppier as you knew he was near his peak and you near yours as you could feel your walls clench around his length. 

You both came crying out each others names and once again you were in the same positions as you were before. 

“I have something to tell you.” He muttered quietly to you. 

You propped your chin against his chest and looked at him with wide adoring eyes. “Okay.”

“I don’t know how to say this without it being so terrible. I’m still married,” he began and you immediately sat up and jumped out of his bed. You were horrified in honest. 

“What? How- I can’t, this is over!” You screamed and you desperately looked around for your clothes. “I can’t do that to someone! I’m sending everything back to you, I don’t want to ever see you again.” You didn’t look at his expression as you threw your clothing on and ran out of his room. You could hear his voice calling you back but you didn’t stop until he was the one that grabbed your arm and pulled you to him. 

“Stop! You aren’t going anywhere, let me explain. I’m getting divorced; it’s mutual, we both hate one another. We had been prolonging it but when I met you everything cleared up, I love you and I wouldn’t dream of having anyone else.” 

~End of flashback~

A loud banging on the door brought you out your daydream and you could hear someone talking on the other side. 

“Open the door it’s me.” You heard Harry’s deep voice sound through the powder room and you did as he demanded. 

“I was going to come out in a minute,” you said as he pushed his way in and glared at you. Why on earth was he upset with you now. 

“You could have told me that you were going to come in here. I was frantic looking for you I had thought you left! Kitten you’ve been very bad tonight, I am not pleased.” He growled and took a menacing step towards you which had you taking one back. 

“Why I did nothing wrong!” You argued but secretly you were already damp from the thought of him touching you. 

“First the whole car incident, now not telling me where you were going to be and having me worry. Turn around and lift your dress,” he ordered and you did as he asked. You felt the cold air touch your thighs and you could feel the heat radiating from Harry as he moved to stand directly behind you. 

“I think 10 spankings should be efficient enough. I want you to say “thank you daddy” after each one or we’ll start all over. Am I clear?” His voice was hard and you nodded quickly. Soon your panties were down to your knees and his palm came in contact with the smooth skin of your ass. 

“Thank you daddy,” you said and his palm connected to your skin again. The scary thing was this was a major turn on for you; you could be considered to have a small pain kink but you weren’t fully sure since he had only spanked you once before. 

The sound of his palm hitting your ass made you wetter and wetter each time and soon instead of moaning in pain it was in pleasure. This same pattern continued until he paused on the last spanking.

“After this last on I want you on your knees ready to suck my cock.” You moaned out a yes and his last slap was swift and hard. After his palm left your sore bum you did what he said and got down on your knees. 

You undid his belt and popped the button on his slacks, delving your hand inside his briefs and pulling out his cock. You licked a bold stripe on the underside before only taking the tip in your mouth. 

You licked around the crown and his hands fisted in your hair as you glanced up at him with doe eyes. 

He pushed your head all the way down so you were deep throating him and you gagged around him at the sudden intrusion. You pulled away slightly to regain your composure before taking him all the way in again. 

His moans made your hand dip down and your finger slid down and inside your folds, your fingers flicking your bundle of nerves. 

“Holy shit your touching yourself,” he ground out and took matters into his own hands and thrust into your face. 

His dick hit the back of your throat repeatedly, making you gag around him almost each time. He pulled away just long enough for you to catch your breath and for you to continue fingering yourself as he eased his way back into your warm mouth. 

As you felt the bubbling pit of pleasure begin to rise and become greater you picked up your pace and flicked your clit roughly, making yourself come in an instant. As you were still in your daze Harry thrusted into your mouth one more time and as your throat tightened around him did he finally come. 

His seed filled your mouth, some of it dribbling out of the sides of your mouth. He pulled out of the warmth of your mouth and helped you stand, your legs still shaky. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl. You know daddy can’t have you looking disheveled right?” 

“I know daddy.” You smirked as he kissed your forehead. You wanted to ask what happened with Margret but that could be saved for the morning. 

“Such a good little girl you are.” 

“Such a good daddy I have.” You ended the conversation with a wink and that was that.

The hell did I just write? I hope you have enjoyed the long awaited Part 3 to Sugar Daddy. 

Let me know your thoughts & my requests are open so send them all in HERE!

Also, it seemed many of liked the longer ’sneak peek’ let me know if you want more of those as well! 

As always, thank you for reading, xx-Samantha 

Aftermath [I]

Disclaimer: mentions of blood, death, war, etc.

Based on: Imagine Bard falling in love with you as he watches you care for people after the Battle of Five Armies.


He had seen her before many times and even spoken to her when she had tended to Bain’s broken wrist after a nasty fall. He tried to recall her name but he was sure he was getting it wrong and he reproached himself for being so clueless. It was not as if he had not noticed how surprisingly caring she was or the way her frown lines would turn into laugh lines when she found something amusing. He had just never thought to speak to her outside of asking for some mystic concoction or remedy. Truly, he had never found the courage to do so.

She knelt over an elderly woman with deep cuts in her shoulder, stemming the dark blood with her already stained hands. Bard watched as she brought up a cloth to the woman’s wound and applied pressure, the muscles in her jaw clenched with the stress which had hardened her features since the battle had begun. Yet she had shown no other sign of distress, even as the orcs had slain so many and destroyed so much. She had merely grabbed an errant ax and ran towards the chaos, pausing only to tend to the hurt and dying.

“Da!” Tilda’s voice roused Bard from his trance and he turned to find his three children racing towards them, a wash of relief flowing over him, “Da, we’re alright.”

“I see that,” Bard allowed himself a thin smile, “But I told you three to stay hidden.”

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BTS REACTION to their gf cheating on kpop with American rock

Requested by Taehyung-anon peasant!

Suga: He was working on a new song and had asked you to be quiet for a second. You did as he wished and laid on Yoongi’s bed, scrolling tumblr on your phone. “Aish, I just can’t find the right feeling!” Yoongi blurted out in frustration. “Oh, what kind of a song are you working on?” you asked him. “I have this idea of a more dramatic melody, but I can’t figure out what it’s missing” Yoongi replied. “Do you need some inspiration?” “What kind of inspiration?” he asked and you started playing melodramatic rock from your phone. Yoongi’s eyes lit up. “How do you know this kind of music? Aren’t you a kpopper?” he asked. “When there’s white, there has to be black” you answered and smiled.

Originally posted by bluesushikitty

Jin: “What is this?” he asked you and dropped an opened album delivery on your bed. “Oh.. that… I think that is the rock album I ordered a week ago” you told him. “Jagi!” Jin whined and sat next to you. “What about kpop? Are you turning your back at us?” he teased you. “Ah, oppa, what are you saying?” you pushed him away. Jin grabbed the album. “I better give it a listen before I can be sure if this kind of music is good for you” he said and winked when he left the room.

Originally posted by rookieking

Rapmon: You were happy to show Namjoon some other music than kpop, but you had a few regrets. It seemed that your boyfriend got a bit too into the music. He started to sing along, or making some whale-ish sounds along to the music I should say and all you could to is think to yourself “this is my life now”. “Wow, this is good. Do you have another playlist of this?” Namjoon asked, waking you from your thoughts. “Uh, no,” you lied, “the rest is kpop” you told him with a smile.

Originally posted by bangtanshityeondan

Jungkook: Kookie randomly grabbed one of your ear plugs when you were listening to music.  When the heavy sound hit him, he looked at you surprised. “What artist is this? Can you send this song to me too?” he just asked.

Originally posted by the-mark-tuan

Jimin: He had said you can choose the music that night, but it was not what he was expecting. “How do you like it?” you asked when the rock was playing. “Eh, jagi, what are they singing about?” Jimin asked you, trying to smile, but his eyes were kind of empty. “Lost souls that are seeking heaven” you said dramatically and came next to him. “Oh” Jimin just said. “You don’t like it?” you asked him and Jimin shook his head a bit. “That’s okay, let me change to kpop then” you said and squeezed his cheek.

Originally posted by jeonmp3

J-Hope: After a minute of rock music it seemed Hobi had had enough. “Ya ya ya, stop stop” “… did you just?” “You’re supposed to say joesonghabmida” Hobi corrected you. “Jaesonghabmida?” “DA GOLLA GOLLA HOSIGI GOLLA! HUIMANGI HAMKKEMYON SIGANGANEUN JUREUL MOLLA!” *he danced backwards away from your room*

Originally posted by bangtan-hobi

V: “So this is American rock?” he asked you. “Uh huh” you nodded. Tae grabbed your phone from you and looked at the title for a while, then turned to face you and shook his head. “I don’t think so, Jagi” he said with sincerity in his voice. “Let me show you” he said and started looking for some song in you tube. “But oppa, that song is-“ “Ah! Here is it” Tae smiled and you could just stare at him for a while. “Oppa…” “Do you like it? Or do you still prefer kpop?” Tae asked you, feeling the music. “Um… I like this song too” you told him and hugged his arm.

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Best Buds Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2300

Warnings: Angst, hangovers, masturbation, me laughing at yall in the corner haha. 

Note: Good news, I keep getting new ideas of what I want to happen. So there will be more than three parts now… They might not be as long as the first part, but take what I say with a grain of salt because sometimes I get going and can’t stop ;) @divinitycas @faith-in-dean @profounderbonds @abaddonwithyall @ilostmyshoe-79 @bovaria @mrsjohnsmith @mysupernaturalfics @aprofoundbondwithdean @bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr @ami212

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven

Originally posted by obsessedwithspn

The echoing of a coffee grinder startles you awake the following morning. “Uhg! What the fuck is that noise?” You pull the pillow over your head and wrap yourself tighter into the blanket. Your head is ringing and pounding from one of the worst hangovers you have ever experienced. Clenching your eyes tighter, you wish Castiel could pop over and heal you up. Pieces of memories from last night start to cloud your head and you groan. The flash of an imagine of you dancing with some blonde on top of a table makes you cringe and when you pucker your lips from regret, the taste of cheap whiskey lingers. Suddenly the light in your room flicks on and you let out another groan and curl up into a ball.

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anonymous asked:

Neighboring Love was so cute and adorable! Do you think we could get a sequel? :)

Anonymous asked: Oh man I so need follow ups on this young adult “the most beautiful man” prompt… maybe from jamies pov or them canoodling before he goes to france or maybe Lambert sending claire to go to france too

Anonymous asked: please do a part two to neighboring love. like their separation while he’s in France and then his return

Neighboring Love

I watched him leave, taking my heart with him.

“Dinna fash, Sassenach,” he had said, his forehead pressed to mine. His hands had been gently caressing my back and cheek. “I’ll be home before he can miss me.”

“No. I’m afraid that is where you are wrong, Jamie. I already miss you, and I have you in my arms,” I had told him, pulling him as close to me as I could.

His thumb had brushed the tears away before he bent down to kiss my lips. I had reveled in the feel of his hard body, the tenderness of his lips, the softness of his hair–these were the memories I would have to hold onto until he returned back back from University.

He pulled back and I arched forward, gasping into his mouth.

“Claire,” he breathed.

“Yes?” I was reluctant to stop. I needed more.

His hand came up between us, something in his hand. He rested his forehead on mine as I looked down at the object. He held a gold and ruby ring; it was stunning.

“Will ye wear this and think of me while I’m away? Know that when ye wear it that I’m wi’ ye and my family will protect ye while I cannot.”

“Oh!” My eyes had widened. “Of course I’ll wear it. But I have nothing to give you!”

He slipped the ring onto my left ring finger, a smirk graced his face.

“I like the way my mark looks on ye,” he whispered, so low I wasn’t sure I was meant to hear it.

“Aye, ye do have something I could take with me.” He smiled, pulled my hand to his lips and kissed his ring.

He then pulled the ribbon from my hair, the same ribbon he had given me before Quarter Day–tied it to a small locked hair, pulled out his dirk and cut my hair. He had pulled out a small and ornate locket on a long chain and placed the lock of my recently cut hair inside before placing it around his neck.

He handed me a new ribbon, but left my hair loose. Jamie kissed me once more then mounted his horse.

It had been three days since he left. Three days since my heart and my soul knew peace. Three days: only 362 more to go.

I went through the motions in a monotonous sort of way, not thinking or concentrating on the task at hand. The tenants had sought me out for their various healing needs. When they caught sight of the ruby ring that adorned my hand, I was met with shock followed by silence. Their eyes would drop to the ground, the occasional ‘Milady’ was uttered, or I was quickly escorted out of their home and back to the estate only to help the sick from the ‘comfort of my own home.’

“Milady Claire!” the youngest of the McNab’s called out to me.

I put on the best smile I could and turned to greet him. “Hello Rabbie, is your back ailing you again?”

The boy looked down and shook his head, “Only a bit Milady, but that’s no’ why I’m here. This came for you! I told the messenger that I kent ye well and could bring it to ye.”

I took the letter from his outstretched hand and tilted his chin up. “Before I read this you’re going to meet me in the kitchen so I can treat your back.”

“Aye, Milady,” he said dejectedly, trudging around back towards the kitchens. I took a quick look down at the letter. In a jagged, elegant, yet smudged scrawl read: Claire E. Beauchamp.

My heart skipped a beat at the familiar lines of my name. Jamie. My heart pounded in my ears and my hands began to shake; butterflies filled my stomach as I tucked the letter away.

I hadn’t realized I had begun to cry until the moisture fell onto my hand. Hastily, I brushed away the tears and prepared myself for the task at hand. Rabbie sat on a bench by the door, his shirt already folded across his lap. His back was a swirl of colors ranging from the darkest purples to the lightest of yellows, multiple stages of bruising marring his young skin. What concerned me most was at the center of every splotch of color lay a swollen, oozing laceration. My heart clenched every time I treated his back. How could a parent treat their child with such disdain and cruelty?

I touched Rabbie’s shoulder causing him to jump and wince.

“I’m going to treat your back now, alright?”

“Aye.” His small head nodded shortly.

I started at the top and eased my way from cut to cut: cleaning, probing, and assessing each area for what was needed. Poltices would be needed to draw the infection out of the wounds, some I knew were beginning to heal, had been agitated and become infected once again. I sighed angrily with each whimper and twitch he made as I worked.

“Please dinna tell Himself about my back,” Rabbie’s voice was small and muted.

“Why would you not want me to tell the Laird?” I asked.

Rabbie lifted his small shoulder in a shrug. “I dinna want him to think less o’ me.”

“Oh, Rabbie, the Laird would never think less of you.” My heart clenched as the small boy’s shoulders shook with the force of his sobs.

“I canna let him ken what my Da does to me. Where would I go? I’d have no home if Himself forces Da to leave. I’m happy here wi’ ye, Milady, and with Mistress Jenny and Master Jamie. I canna–I–”

“Shh, shhh.” I cradled his head to my breast, rocking from side to side trying to soothe his pain. Mrs. Crook stood in the doorway and gave a curt nod.


He sniffled.

“I need you to be brave and strong for me, alright? I need you to let me know if anything else happens to you and who did it. I need to be able to treat you, but I can’t if you hide it from me.”

He gave a weak nod. “Aye, Milady. I shall. May I go back to the fields now?”

I frowned, but nodded my head. “Alright. Just don’t do to much to pop your scabs or move the bandages.”

He scurried out of the kitchen at a sprint for the haystacks in the fields.

“Himself knows,” Mrs. Crook said coming up from behind me.

I nodded. “I figured as much. Did you tell him?”

“Oh, aye. Many moons ago when ye first started treating the boy at the McNab household and asked for my assistance.”

“That was over a year ago!” I said, flabbergasted.

“Aye. Dinna fash yerself on his account. The Laird is a kind man and will help the boy.”

“She’s right,” Brian Fraser said, making both Mrs. Crook and I jump. “I havena quite decided how to approach McNab about the abuse of his boy. How bad was he today, Claire?”

“His back was a multitude of colors from new and old bruises. There were new lashes, I believe were made from the prong of a belt buckle; those were oozing puss and blood. The few injuries that had scabbed over were infected.” I looked up at the kind face of Jamie’s father. “It’s a wonder how the boy can stand a shirt.”

Brian nodded. “He’s a braw lad.”

“Are you going to help him, Laird?” I asked, my fingers playing with the corner of Jamie’s letter.

“Aye, I do plan to help the boy,” he smiled down at me and nodded to the letter. “Jamie send that to ye?”

I nodded. “I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Rabbie delivered it just before I helped his back.” Trailing off I looked down at the ground, trying not to expose how much I longed to be alone when I read the letter.

Clapping a hand to my shoulder, Brian said, “Why don’t you go on to your chambers and read it then. I’ll make sure Jenny and the others willna bother ye.”

I smiled and nodded. “Thank you.”

As I set out to find solace in my room, I heard Brian call after me. “Lass?”

I turned, looking at him curiously.

“None of this ‘Laird’ and ‘Himself’ business when ye talk to me,” he smirked, a twinkle in his smiling eyes–the same eyes he passed on to his son. Before I had a chance to respond he said, “Call me Da instead. Now, go see what my son has decided to write ye when ye’ve only been apart for less than a fortnight.”

I smiled widely and ran. “Thank you… Da.”

Brian smiled as I turned and rushed out of the room. Once alone, I shook with anticipation. The letter sat on my lap, unopened and only slightly worn at the edges–mostly from my fidgeting–and perfect. I memorized the scrawl on the front, tracing it with my finger, trying to imagine Jamie’s hand as he wrote it. With shaking hands, I popped the seal and began to read.

Mo Nighean Donn,

He started it. I smiled and felt my heart flutter at the name.

I dinna have much time to write, but I couldna leave Scotland without penning you at least once. My journey to France will be well under way by the time your read this, and once you do I hope you pray for me and my sea legs. The few times I’ve ventured out onto water have not been pleasant trips. If you were here, my Sassenach, I ken you would be able to help ease my suffering with your promise.

I dinna ken how I shall manage without ye for a year. The prospect is dizzying. I ken well that I need my schooling to be a well rounded and educated Laird, but all I can think of are your lips, hips, and round arse. Oh how I yearn for ye, Claire. I feel as though my burning will never cease until ye are mine forever. Even then, it may no end.

I’ve nearly turned around more times than I’m prepared to recount to ye. Murtagh huffs and drags my horse further onward towards the sea. He doesna ken how much I need to be with ye. To finally have you as my own, to share with you the feelings that I have and have you in turn, reciprocate, has left me a desperate man. To only have your for mere moments is no enough, mo nighean donn.

I need you here beside me.

I wish I had never left.

Will you keep your second promise to me, and never take off my ring? So long as you wear it, I’m there with you. Never doubt that.

Murtagh is signalling me to board the ship so I must end this correspondence. I shall write to you while aboard, so long as I’m no too sick to hold a quill. Dinna fash my Sassenach, I will be home before either of us know it, so long as we never lose touch. I’ll write every chance I get. You shall get sick of my letters before you are sick from missing me.

Tha gaol agam ort, mo ghraidh.

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

Tears sprung to my eyes as I read and reread Jamie’s letter. I clutched it tightly to my chest.

“Oh Jamie, I’m already sick with missing you,” I whispered to the paper.

Naughty Kitten (Joker x Reader)

Warnings: torture, blood, gore, etc…

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“Which tool do you prefer? The hammer or the knife? Personally, I’d prefer to be killed with the knife. It’s classic yet not as brutal as one would have you think. Then again, I suppose that depends on where you stick it, yes?” You asked sitting on the lap of the portly tied up man that bothered you half an hour ago.

Apparently he was new to J’s club because everyone knew for a fact that if anyone dare touch you better say their prayers right then and there cause they’d be dead seconds later.
But this time you wanted to play a little since J was out doing business, and he should know for a fact to never ever leave you with any of his partners.

You skipped over to the table full of your ‘toys’ which J had custom made just for you. You picked up the baby blue handle jagged knife and slowly turned on your heel revealing the knife to the man who screamed and thrashed in his restraints.

“Now, now don’t do that! You’ll ruin all the fun and I already asked ya which one you wanted” you whine much like a child skipping to him you dragged the knife down his tear streaked face smirking as he let out a cry.

You ripped the tape off his mouth finally.“P-p-please! Miss.J I’m sorr-” he let out a yell when you stabbed the knife right in his leg.

“I don’t like that word” you pulled the large blood stained mallet off the table wobbling in your stilettos you finally balance yourself and drag it over to him.

“Now count to three!” You giggled as the man continued to blubber out apologies and once you went to swing on him the door banged opened revealing a stoic faced J wearing his leather long jacket.

“Oh hehe….hiya J!” You rocked on your heels innocently attempting to hide the mallet behind your back much like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

“Mmm mm mm you naughty little kitty” he tuts waving a finger as he slowly made his way to you.

“Hand it over” he held out his purple gloved hand, you puffed out your cheeks as you looked up at him stubbornly.

“Don’t make me count” he sternly said giving you a blank stare. You sighed and dropped the mallet in his hands, and he dropped it onto the table.

“And the other one” you ripped the knife out the man’s leg getting a loud shriek from him which made you snicker under your breath.

“Baby, sweetheart, my darling” he purred as he held your face in his hand stinging your head to look into his cold eyes.

“What did I say about playing with other’s toys?!” he pinched your cheeks making you squeal and try to shove his hands away.

“But he was borin’ me to death puddin with all his business talkin!” You yelled back.

“That’s why they’re called business meetings!” J groaned slowly turning his head to the crying man.

“I apologize for my naughty little kitten’s behavior she can be a……handful” he craned his head to look at you and you quickly turned your head away rocking on your heels.

“Y-you’re right J sir! Bitches these da-” a round of shots went off and pretty soon the man’s brains were splattered on the wall and your cackling echoed throughout the room.

“Nobody calls my kitten a bitch” J spat at the an he turned to you with open arms.

“Come to daddy kitten, he needs some lovin’” you happily jumped into her arms kissing him passionately.

“Such a good little kitty”


“No no it’s fine I didn’t know that you couldn’t really say my first name, it’s fine really” he smile a bit more at him as he explained why he calls him by his last name, it felt kinda..special? If that’s the right way to see it. As he help him up onto his feet saying about skipping stones that had this dorky smile on his face “well..alright let’s go then” he took a few steps yet stop to grab hold of Davids fingers some reason he just wanted to do so.

David held Nye’s hand gently squeezing it every now and then as they walked. As they arrive at the lake David leans against a tree asking “’ave you ever just stacked rocks? I did that a lot with me da’ we’d be out fishin’ and I’d get bored outta me mind so i’d try stacking as many rocks on top o’ each other as i could. Its a nice de-stress.”

Daddy's Little Girl - Neymar

I stood on the sidelines with the other girlfriends and wives as they fussed over the baby in my arms. “She’s adorable. Looks just like her daddy.” Antonella said and I smiled as I looked down at my daughter. She did look like Neymar. They had the same brown eyes. same nose and lips.

Raquel da Silva Santos, born on December 10th. Neymar was at training when I went into labour and he had to rush home in his kit to get me. I was in labour for ten hours before it was time and it was the most painful experience of my life. But Neymar was supportive and helpful through the whole thing, which I was thankful for. It was one of the most stressful days of my life, but it was all worth it.

Raquel started whimpering and I rocked her gently. She was probably overwhelmed by the noise around her. It was my first time bringing her to a game so I dressed her in full Barça gear. She was wearing the jersey the team had given her with Neymar’s name on the back and I had wrapped her in a Barça blanket to keep her warm.

As I stood there waiting, I could feel the photographers focusing on me. When people first found out I was pregnant with Neymar’s baby, they were always writing about it. Some people thought we were rushing into things too quickly since we had only been dating for a year, and some people thought Neymar would leave me. I learned to ignore it, and after Raquel was born our relationship was still going strong.

The people in the Camp Nou started to cheer as the players came onto the pitch. Neymar was last to come out and his face brightened when he saw me and Raquel. He winked in my direction before joining the rest of the players on the pitch.

The anthem ended and the team started to get in position for the group photo when Neymar ran over to me. “Can I take her? Just for the photo?” I nodded and handed Raquel to him. I watched, amused, as she instantly clutched onto his jersey with her tiny hands. I knew she was going to be such a daddy’s girl from the day she was born. After the first few days she was born, she would only stop crying when Neymar was holding her.

Neymar went back to the group with Raquel in his arms and I smiled as the rest of the team fussed over her. A lot of them had come to see her in the hospital but she was asleep for most of it. I watched as Jordi cooed something to her and Dani tapped her on the nose gently. I knew she definitely wouldn’t be short of attention around here.

After they took the picture, Neymar ran back to the sidelines and kissed Raquel on the nose before handing her back to me. “I love you mi amour.” He said, blowing a kiss to her. I cleared my throat and raised an eyebrow at him. He laughed and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “Don’t worry. I love you too, (Y/N).” Neymar smirked at me before joining the team back on the pitch.


They ended up winning which was a great way to end the first half of the season. I was sitting in the lobby of the Camp Nou when I saw Neymar being interviewed on the TV screen.

“Neymar, before the game, you brought your daughter out on the pitch. How is she and the mother doing?”

“They’re doing great. I couldn’t be more blessed with how everything has turned out for us.”

“That’s great to hear. So congratulations on your goal today. Now I bet everyone is wondering why you were sucking your thumb afterwards?”

“It was a dedication to my daughter, I wanted to dedicate the goal to her. She is now one of my main motivations, her and my girlfriend, (Y/N). ”

“That’s sweet. Alright, thank you for your time Neymar. Again congratulations on the goal and I wish you, (Y/N) and your daughter the best of luck.”

Steven Universe Theory: ~"Diamond Authority"~


(forgive me guys this is a long one)

Remember the episode “Keep Beach City Weird”? Remember how Ronaldo was completely insane? Well, at the very end of the episode, he says a few things that could actually be really important….

First, he starts shouting about “Polymorphic sentient rocks!”. Which, is literally the nutshell definition of what the gems are. Their real essence resides in their gems, while their bodies are just “illusions” that can change form. So that was the first thing he said that caught my attention.

Here’s the video where he says this: http://theweeklywheatley.tumblr.com/post/108021533249/i-bet-i-know-why-pearl-garnet-and-amethyst-dont

Second, he starts talking about how these polymorphic sentient rocks want to “Hollow out the Earth“ as part of the ”Diamond Authority”. And that got me thinking….

I think that there is a grand gem government-like structure called the Diamond Authority.


I started thinking about why Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl specifically called themselves the CRYSTAL gems. After all, there are other kinds of gemstones. So I did some research… 

Some of the following information I got from tumblr user: cc-da-wolf


Amethysts are indeed crystals, with the chemical formula: Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). They are classified under the Mineral Variety. Mineral-like gems tend to form in environments that are free enough to allow them to form  crystals

We now know that Amethyst was “made” by the “bad gems”, on Earth. We can assume that these “bad gems” are not “crystal” gems. Also, the star on her outfit looks ripped, altered. This, however, is not to insinuate that ALL crystal gems are “made”.


Pearls, however, are not crystal gems. They are indeed minerals, but their formation process does not let them grow into crystal-like structures.

Pearl has a DEEP connection to gem culture. More so than the others. This is especially prominent in the Episode “Space Race”. And her hologram  has a diamond on it:


Garnets are part of a family of gems called Neosilicates with the formula: is X3Y2(SiO4)3 . A complicated substance, but they can form as crystals naturally. 

Garnet is complicated. I can’t say too much about her without going into yet another theory. So, I’ll post a link to my Garnet Theory for you guys and things may be made a little more clear. http://corpusheart.tumblr.com/post/109899166910/lets-talk-about-the-garnet-being-a-fusion


Rose Quartz. As we have said, Quartz can also form as crystals.

We know that Rose was around when Garnet and Pearl realized that what the “bad gems” were doing was wrong. She is shown in an ancient mural, fighting a diamond-like enemy. And she has a star on her belly.

So lets review:

Garnet: Crystal

Amethyst Crystal 

Rose Quartz: Crystal

Pearl: NOT Crystal (Pearl is the gem who is MOST attached to gem culture)

I’m thinking that their gems not only reflect their personalities, but also speak to who they are in relation to gem culture.I’m not sure if this is a RECOGNIZED different within gem culture (like different classes or whatever), it’s just something I noticed.


Their outfits most likely correlate with their identity as the crystal gems. All of the “crystal gems” we’ve seen have had start, while all of the “other” (like Lapis & Peridot) gems we’ve seen have had diamond shapes on their clothing. Amethyst is the only one to have her star as a visible rip. Maybe she adopted this when she became a crystal gem.

These symbols also establish themselves as different from the “bad gems”. Its their identity against an enemy group.


1. At one point, we see a mural on this wall. We can see (who looks like) Rose Quartz fighting a sharp-looking opponent. This could very possibly be the gem, Diamond. 

2. Diamond is the strongest gemstone. It would make sense that this particular gem would be incredibly powerful. Powerful enough to be the “Gem President”, so to speak.

“Hollow-out the Earth”

Going back to Ronaldo. Wow. The episode “On the Run” pretty much confirmed that the “hollowing of the earth” part was legit. So, why stop there? Why assume that his statement about Kindergarten was the ONLY relevant one he made? Why not the Diamond Order? It would be weird if only SOME of the main points he made were instances of foreshadowing.  


There is quite a lot of evidence to suggest that there IS indeed a “diamond order”. We can assume that it was this order that makes up the group of “bad gems”. We can see that the crystal gems are a minority compared to the numbers of gems that identify with the diamond order (they have advanced equipment “kindergarten”, and even have scouts patrolling random warps ”Paridot”). Pearl may have originally identified with this order before realizing that things were getting too corrupt (thus, the diamond on her holo-form).

I think that Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, & Rose adopted the name “Crystal Gems” in order to separate themselves from the Diamond Authority. I’m skeptical about whether or not these classifications are actually part of a class system within gem society. 

So there it is. I think there is a diamond order. I think there are signs all throughout the series. I think their outfits, and their gems themselves reflect this. AND THIS IS SO COOL I LOVE THIS SERIES YOU GUYS SHOULD LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.