he did find an bread though

The Lord said, “If I find fifty righteous startups in Silicon Valley, I will spare the whole place for their sake.” Then Abraham spoke up again: “Now that I have been so bold as to speak to the Lord, though I am nothing but dust and ashes, what if the number of the righteous is five less than fifty? Will you destroy the whole city for lack of five startups?” // “If I find forty-five there,” God said, “I will not destroy it.”

The two venture capitalists arrived at Palo Alto in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. … They did go with him and entered his $0.9m one-bedroom home. He prepared a meal for them, baking bread without gluten, and they ate. Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of Silicon Valley—both young and old—surrounded the house. They called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can pitch our startups to them.”

Cheerleader pt.5

So…. Prinxiety date? It’s no where near as long as the last chapter, don’t worry :)

Thanks to jay and lisa for reading it and approving of it before I posted lmao

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Warnings: Swearing.

Ship: Logicality and Prinxiety (no logicality in this chapter though)

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They walked down the street, side by side, the gentle breeze kind to Roman’s flushed skin. A date after an hour and a half of exercise wasn’t ideal, but at least he didn’t smell. Besides, he remembered to bring his cologne and deodorant, so he wasn’t going to smell. In fact, he smelled really good.

Stop thinking about what you smell like, Roman.

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Mini Loaves- Artemi Panarin

Originally posted by artemiaddict

Ok I’m gonna start off by saying I say somethings in here as neither a true Preds nor Hawks fan so please don’t be upset by it! I didn’t see the game so don’t be upset by that either! Ok now that that is done… Bread man! I cannot go a day without thinking about Soup and a Sandwich. I hope there are more tbh! XD Ok so enjoy!

Warning: Kane mentioned

Anon Request: Hey please can you do an Artemi Panarin one where the reader is pregnant and she gets a few of the other WAGS to sit behind the bench at a game with posters that say “world’s greatest dad with #72” and “the baker has a buns in the oven ” or “bread baked in 2015 and mini loaves coming in 2017” (implying that they’re having twins) and stuff like that to tell bread that he’s going to be a dad


              This was the best idea you’ve ever had.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please write a scenario where Aizawa, Shoji, and Present Mic catch their significant other making a midnight snack, and this is one of the first nights together, so it was unexpected. PS I love your blog!

I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!


He wakes a little when his partner gets up, though he dozes off again, until he realizes that the spot beside his has cooled and remains empty.

Getting up, he wonders if something happened and if his partner is okay. His feet are quiet when he walks out into the hallway and notices that the kitchen lights are on. Brushing a stray strand of hair out of his face, he rounds the corner.

His partner looks awake and calm and they pause from where they’re biting into an almost completely eaten apple.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” They ask, looking apologetic and then glance down at the apple. “I hope you don’t mind I took something? I got really hungry when I woke up.”

“It’s fine.” Aizawa says and steps close to brush a kiss along their temple. “Take whatever you want, just write it down on the shopping list if you use something up or you take the last thing.”

They fall quiet again, while Aizawa leans against the counter beside them, their hips and legs brushing and his partner shifts to drop their head on his shoulder, once they’re done with the apple.

“Want to go back to sleep?” They ask and Aizawa smiles and straightens to take their hand, before he walks back to the bedroom with them, their warm fingers linking with his.


He isn’t sure what wakes him, maybe the way the mattress has grown cold beside him or the cool air from where the blanket has been shuffled aside, though once he opens his eyes, he realizes his partner isn’t in bed with him anymore.

Rubbing a hand over his eyes to chase sleep a bit away, Shouji listens into the quiet of the night for a moment. When he can’t hear the running of water or anything that suggests his partner might be in the bathroom, he gets up to look for them.

He finds them in the kitchen, taking a bite out of a piece of bread and they pause when they notice him shuffle to their side.

“Did I wake you?” They ask, voice soft and lowered and they lean against him when he wraps his arms around them. “I hope it’s okay I took some food?”

Shouji drops a light kiss against their cheek. “I woke up by myself. And eat what you want, just let me know if you use something up.”

His love brushes a kiss against the corner of his mouth with a small smile, before they focus back on their bread. When they finish, they take his hand and lead him back to bed.


He wakes when he hears a muffled, clattering sound and stretching out his hand, he realizes he’s alone in bet. Getting up and yawning, before dragging a hand through his hair, he pads out into the hallway and towards the lit up kitchen.

“Everything okay?” He asks, voice a little rough from sleep and he sees his partner jolt in surprise, before they turn around.

“Did I wake you?” They ask, a cutting board in hand and he sees they dropped the knife to the floor.

Bending down, he picks it up and presses a kiss against their temple. “It’s fine. Did you get hungry?”

“A little. I hope it’s okay that I wanted to make myself something?” They ask, looking a little bit sheepish and unsure.

Hizashi brushes another kiss along their temple and smiles. “Of course, take what you want. Can I help you with something?”

His partner glances at the tomatoes and the bred and Hizashi picks up the former with a questioning smile. His love smiles back and they prepare a quick sandwich together, while Hizashi hums under his breath and his partner is relaxed and happy at his side.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 2nd April, 2017.

This was by far the funniest, most enjoyable performance I’ve seen. I actually laughed more than I cried which is a first! There were a lot of young kids in the audience today who were so enthusiastically honest and loud with their reactions and the cast just seemed to feed off that energy. I loved it. It meant I pretty much made notes on everything though. Well, I say that. This is really 80% Scorpius and Albus, and 20% Draco and me crying over how much I don’t want Alex to leave. You have been warned.

This is a little under 10k+ words of theatre observations, with a few meta ramblings and silly headcanons (that no one should take seriously) thrown in. Have fuuun : )

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Flowers: 2

“Alright. I get your point now let me down.” The Winter Solider grumbles. You flip him back over and have, with another little gesture, the vines fall away from him.
“Let’s go.” The Winter Solider grouches and Captain America nods.
“Bucky’s right.” Captain America agrees then glances over at you, “You ready to get out of here?“
"Let get me get a few things out of my room and then I’m taking this place down.”
“Right.” The Winter Solider says checking his weapons. What is his deal? You’ve done nothing wrong yet he’s being snippy and rude.
“Two minutes.” You tell them before hurrying back into your small room you take your pillow case off of your pillow and shove the few belongings you have into it. Your journal, you’ve got a couple of sets of clothes and a few pictures from your life before you were able to grow plants at will. “Alright, I’m ready.” You tell them tying the top of the pillowcase closed.
“Come my little flower.” Pietro says with a smirk, he scoops you up and seconds later you’re outside the building standing in front of a plane. Wanda is next, you expect him to go back and bring the other two men out but instead he throws an arm around your shoulders and gives you a little squeeze.
“I’m sorry it took us so long to find you.” Wanda says softly. “How many times did they move you?”
“Seven. We kept coming back here though, I don’t know why.”
“We looked here once before. Your little flowers were a helpful bread crumb.” Pietro tells you.
“Why aren’t you going to get Captain America and The Winter Solider?”
“They’re fast enough on their own.” He says with a shrug running a hand through his white hair. It’s longer than you remember it being.
“And they don’t like when Piet picks them up.” His twin informs you with a small laugh. “Oh, and you shouldn’t call him The Winter Solider, his name is Bucky.”
“And Captain America is Steve. You’re part of our team now.” You’d forgotten how having a conversation with them could feel like a tennis match. They play doubles and you single, finishing each other’s sentences and adding more information seamlessly. It can get kind of intense. The two men come jogging out of the building and you move away from your friends and after glaring at the building for a second.
“Piet. Will you go make sure that the building is empty?” You ask not looking at him. You feel the wind rush past you as he goes back into the building. It takes less than a minute for him to clear it, when he comes back you know you’ve got the all clear. Lifting both arms you use the most power you’ve ever used in your life and begin to destroy your prison. Trees burst forth from the basement, vines crush and destroy the walls. Green grass erupts taking over the space where there used to be only cold concrete. Flowers bloom and an oasis is created where there used to be only despair. You stare at it, at your victory, swaying slightly. You go to take a step when the world moves under your feet, you collapse into a pair of strong arms and your world quickly fades to black.

anonymous asked:

Soldier, reaper, and Mccree's reaction to their S/o suddenly bringing home a duckling as a pet ((I was gifted with two ducklings and all though they are fully grown now they are still so cute)) sorry if it's a weird request haha thanks!!

Soldier 76:

-”Uhm y/n what is that?”

-”It’s a lil duckling! Isn’t it adorable?”

-At first he’s hesitant about it and tries to get you to give it to someone else

-”What is it going to do when were gone? What are we gonna feed it? Where is it gonna sleep?”

-Eventually he gives up on trying to get you to get rid of them

-One morning he wakes up with two little ducklings on his chest, sleeping soundly

-”Look! They like you!”

-They begin to grow on him after that


-Much like Soldier he isn’t really a big fan of the ducks, but he didn’t say anything about them

-When the two of you go on a mission and he hears soft quacks coming from your pockets though, he becomes much more verbal

-”Why did you even bring them?!”

-”I didn’t want them to be lonely!”

-Honestly is a little jealous whenever he sees you cuddling with them

-One day you have to go somewhere and reaper is stuck taking care of the ducklings

-When you come back home you see him asleep on the couch with two ducklings sleeping by his side


-Unlike the other two McCree finds them oddly adorable

-He goes out of his way to make sure the ducklings are comfortable

-You two are always buying bread, since he feeds them so much of it

-You actually start to get a little jealous

-One night you and McCree are sitting on a couch, the ducklings on his lap

-He knows something is wrong because you won’t talk to him

-”What’s wrong darlin’?”

-”Nothing Jesse”

-”A-are you jealous of the ducks?”

-”a little bit”

-”I love you more than I could ever love a couple ducklings darlin’ “

anonymous asked:

Listen,,, illidan having a warlock s/o headcanons,,, im living for thAT. (I just imagine being in the middle of smthn important and his s/o summons him out of nowhere and tells him to pass her the water bc she was too tired to get up)

  • Will she or will she not get griped at?
  • She’s gonna get griped at.
  • If she summons him while he’s doing something important he’s going to bitch at her. There is literally no way around this.
  • I can completely see him doing something like my cousin did with her children, where they were being assholes in the back seat and she reached for the nearest thing and ended up beating them with a bag of bread.
  • Though he might actually find it a little funny.
  • If she summons him while he’s listening to the boring droning of Velen or Khadgar he might appreciate it. A good excuse to not have to stick around for long.
  • If it’s for a silly reason though, you’ll catch him rubbing his temples and sighing out loud, probably mumbling something under his breath in irritation.
  • If it’s for a sexy reason, though… yeah he won’t have much of an objection to that.

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Reverse Anon

Prompt: Hoshido siblings react to Nohrian holidays? (Christmas+ Thanksgiving+ Halloween) I usually see Nohr react to Hoshido stuff on tumblr so I wanted to see the other way around.

Notes: I don’t actually celebrate holidays but I did my best woo. Also did them as headcanons I hope that’s ok - two per holiday.


○ Elise convinces him that people get dressed up as christmas trees for the holiday so she can cover his hair in baubles and decorations. He totally buys it.

○ The worst gift wrapper ever. Can’t wrap the presents to save his life and is confused when they go under the tree. Also Santa confuses him. ‘Santa didn’t buy this I did…?’

○ A bit more down with thanksgiving. He’s always happy to give thanks for the good things in his life so he likes this one.

○ Very confused about the lack of rice on thanksgiving though. Like ‘why is there so much bread and wheat how?’ 

○ Doesn’t find any halloween decorations scary and is, once again, a confused lobster.

○ Can’t figure out the costumes. Nearly kills Elise when she puts a sheet over her head and tries to scare him.


○ Enlists the help of er pegasus to decorate the top of the tallest tree they can find

○ Freaks out when Else and Sakura wake her up early for presents because ‘WHO’S UNDER ATTACK AH?!’

○ Offers to help cook thanksgiving dinner and is surprsed when all of her siblings agree so vehemently 

○ Eats like a half of the turkey herself.

○ Super jumpy on halloween and nearly stabs everything. She broke a display because it moved suddenly.

○ Gets bored in a haunted house with Sakura.


○ Everything goes wrong for him when he learns about Christmas, from getting wrapping paper stuck all over him to, ultimately, setting the tree on fire.

○ Swears never again and hates Christmas from then on because he’s literally the grinch.

○ Seeing so much Nohrian food in one place is really surprising to Takumi and he almost refuses to eat it.

○ Ends up having a few platefuls anyways and develops a soft spot for pumpkin pie

○ V uncomfortable with halloween because there are children eveRYWHERE

○ Eats half of the candy bowl before someone tells him they aren’t for him.


○ Makes the prettiest tree like it’s colour coordinated and everything

○ Loves that it’s supposed to bring both families together and proposes they try again next year.

○ Helps cook thanksgiving dinner but gets overwhelmed with the Nohrianns style of cooking

○ Has one modest plateful and is totally stuffed.

○ Lets Elise dress her up but spooks herself when she looks in the mirror.

○ Convinces Hinoka to go to a haunted house with her and gets so scared she cries - even though she tries not to.

anonymous asked:

I think it was on your blog that I read a fic from Mycah's PoV? Anyway it obviously had a sad ending, but could you write one about the different "lowborns" remembering Arya? From Winterfell where she was Underfoot, to later on the road, and then King's Landing, and after that too, the BwB, and so on. Doesn't have to be long scenes... just people remembering the tiny but fierce girl and hoping/praying she's safe?

Mikken thinks of the little lady Arya sometimes. It is odd not having her underfoot. He wonders if she ever used that little sword he made. He remembers her well, the fierce, wilful little thing and hopes she did. He hopes she made them bleed for what they did to his lord. It is better to think that than to think she is gone.


Hot Pie misses Arry, even though she did tell him what to do a lot. He still calls her that, Arry. He finds it hard to remember she is highborn. Highborns never cared much for him but she is different. He hopes he’ll see her again. He hopes she isn’t still eating worms and beetles or worse. If she ever comes back to the inn he’ll make sure she never has to again, even if giving her his bread does get him in trouble with Sharna.


Gendry can’t stop thinking of her. When he’s hammering he imagines it is the Hound he is beating on, not a breastplate. He shouldn’t be surprised she has been taken away from him. Everything that matters to Gendry gets taken. He doesn’t matter, he never has. I mattered to her. She is highborn. She wasn’t meant to be his friend but she wouldn’t have it when he said. He’d smile remembering how stubborn she was if it didn’t hurt.

He has R’hllor, and he prays to the red god but he doesn’t pray the same as the others. Day has as many terrors for him as night. It’s Arya he prays for, alive and well and coming back to tell him he’s stupid once more.


Harwin feels guilty. He doesn’t think he should but little lady Arya’s eyes accuse him, even now she is gone and especially now that her mother leads them. He asked her to be brought back for Arya, for the little girl who already lost one parent and this was what Arya wanted, what she asked for. Lady Stark isn’t what she was though. Harwin still serves because even if the brotherhood has changed, they are what men have made them be but late at night he doubts. Late at night he remembers Arya, the angry little girl who spoke of justice and of her father. Maybe if she came back things might be different, less grim. He prays that she is safe, that he can see her again. Maybe then Lady Stark might find some peace. 

Maybe then they can all find some peace.

The Dragon Club: Chapter 24 - Ghost and Grey Wind

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/12018519/chapters/27781047


When Jon awoke the next morning Daenerys had left for work. He found himself in the best mood he’d been in since he met his niece a few weeks ago, or maybe since the wedding. She had written a note for Jon when he came to; the bed she slept in made and the curtains open. It was laid carefully on the coffee table in the living room. He found himself smiling as he looked at her curly handwriting.

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Imagine Kili not knowing how to act around you because Fili also likes you

Drabble for: anon

Original request: “It seems like you have a lot of things to write! But if you have a little bit of time, could you please do a Kilixreader where Kili doesn’t know how to act with the reader since he learned Fili also has feelings for her. I hope it doesn’t disturb you, it’s just that I love your writing!”

Pairing: Kili x Reader

Word count: 1547

A/N: I tried to have Kili not knowing how to act, but instead I just got nervous with a bit of unsure. Nevertheless, I hope you like it :)

The first person to emerge from the troll hoard was Fili, who held a sneer on his face. You could understand why even from where you were sat. The stench was horrendously foul and spread across a large portion of the forest. Fili’s eyes swept across the forest until they paused when he saw you. Instead of smiling broadly as he usually did, he winked at you and bit the corner of his lip. He raised his eyebrows too and then strode over to where a couple of the dwarves stood, retrieving their weapons from the sack they had been carried in after your run in with the trolls.

You felt the tips of your ears heat up, along with your cheeks, as you scoffed. You shook your head, laughing at his boldness. A broad smile spread across your face, did Fili like you? Perhaps. Kili exited the cave soon after Fili, scowling at his back, eyebrows furrowed like an angry puppy. Without so much as casting a glance towards anyone else, he stormed over to a boulder and threw himself down on it.

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hellishtrickster  asked:

⚠ -solitary confinement meme.

Shamus hadn’t seen anyone. Having traveled to her world, apparently his science and medicine was not acceptable. So they though him in the nut house. And basically threw away the key. He had no idea if she’d of found him. But he shouldn’t of doubted her. 

Shamus was clinging to a mug that had rain water in it. And had been eating rotten bread. 

“I-I’m not a big f-fan of your world m-my dear..Ho-How did you find me? How…How?”

There was a mermaid on the front of his boat.

There was a living, breathing mermaid on the front of his boat.

The creature stretched leisurely, arching its back as it soaked in the sun.

Merman, Jim corrected himself, and a goddamn beautiful one at that.

Jim had been out to sea for a few days now. Drifting and sailing and reading and enjoying his solitude, a little break from his life. He certainly hadn’t thought he’d been out to sea long enough to start to hallucinate.

But here the man was, skin tan and smooth, tail cerulean and gleaming in the sun, chestnut hair splayed messily over impossible hazel eyes, a beautiful face, a peaceful smile.

When Jim first came out of his bunk, blinking in the light, he’d thought he must be dreaming; sexy brunettes spread naked across the front of his boat, he wasn’t upset by the sight. The tail had thrown him off though.

The merman didn’t seem at all concerned by Jim’s presence, languidly looking at him as lounged, tail flicking lazily back and forth, before closing his eyes as he continued his nap. When Jim called to him, he smiled but didn’t answer. If Jim approached, he winked, and slipped back into the water.

No matter how far Jim did or didn’t sail though, he always returned.

Jim tried leaving out things for him. He apparently had no interest in breads, vegetables, salted meats, but he loved the peaches, savouring every juicy bite and licking his fingers eagerly, hazel eyes looking to blue, asking for more, and fuck did Jim want to give him plenty.

He’d also enjoyed Jim’s brandy one sunset, had even left some for the blonde, who appeared out of his bunk to find the man sprawled across his seats, face flushed pink and smile wide. He seemed even more relaxed, giggling with a pleasant trilling noise, as he allowed Jim to step closer.

Jim poured himself a drink, took a sip, and then offered it to the merman. The brunette leaned closer and parted his lips, allowing Jim to pour the liquid into his mouth. The blonde was proud of his self control, not spilling a drop, even as hazel eyes regarded him heatedly while licking his lips. Jim’s heart skipped a beat, and all out stuttered as the other man leaned forward to brush his lips against his cheek, before winking and slipping back over the edge of the boat.

Jim couldn’t stop picturing those lips that night, after he finished the brandy and slipped into his bed, then slipped his hand underneath his trousers.

One night, when the sky was perfectly clear, he found the man sitting at the end of the boat, tail trailing in the water as he looked up at the plethora of stars. Jim slowly, gingerly sat beside him, not wanting to spook him away. The brunette didn’t move, just slowly smiled, as he gently let his pinky brush against the hand next to him.

Jim could feel his face heat, even more than with the brush of lips before, and bloomed full pink when the brunette leaned into his side, head resting on his shoulder as he continued stargazing. He felt a soft kiss to his neck this time, a gentle squeeze of his hand, before the man slipped away again.

It was a few days before Jim saw him next, wouldn’t have noticed him if he hadn’t been eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of a shining cerulean tail since that starry night.

He was at the back of the boat again, hazel eyes looking at him from underwater, hair swaying around that beautiful face, the softest smile on his lips, almost shy. Jim gulped, mesmerized, and knelt down, leaning closer, as the merman lifted through the water to meet his face in a kiss.

He tasted like peaches, and sunshine, and the freshest ocean air, and Jim fucking shivered at the feel of it. When the merman pulled back into the water, Jim tried to follow to continue the kiss, earning a palm in the face pushing him back up. The merman was laughing though, a blush blooming on his face, before he winked and swam away.

Jim didn’t sail at all that day, instead just daydreaming as he watched the water and lounged at the front of his boat. He slipped into sleep while he was musing, blue eyes blinking awake to the sun slipping over the horizon, but no gleam of a tail among the water. He sighed, but smiled, and returned to his bunk.

Where he found a merman in his bed.

There was a merman in his bed.

Except the tail was gone, a few gleaming scales still lacing the man’s skin, his legs, that were just as tan and beautiful and bare as the rest of him, slowly spreading as hazel eyes danced and the man smiled at him alluringly.

The man trilled again in invitation, and Jim readily accepted, crawling on top of the beautiful creature and between his long legs, taking his mouth and sinking into the other’s warmth with a wonderful taste of peaches.

He happily awoke the next morning, a warm and content merman tangled amongst his limbs, sleeping softly, to find he hadn’t been dreaming after all.

Second drabble


Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 795
Fluff, Established Relationship, POV Stiles

Read on AO3

For @sterekwriters​ Summer Bingo prompt: Fishing

Stiles doesn’t know what he’s doing here. For one, he’s pretty sure he’s violating some kind of protocol by being present during bonding time between father-in-law and son-in-law. Also, it’s 5am, and both Derek and his dad know he doesn’t function at 5am.

They’re sitting by some lake—well, more an oversized pond—Stiles can’t remember the name of. Derek and his dad are talking about fishing lures and bait and lines, and about the differences between fishing in a lake—or oversized pond—and a river. Stiles is sure it’s all very fascinating, but he doesn’t really care. All he cares about is that he’s sitting between Derek’s legs, his back very comfortably leaning against Derek’s chest, one of Derek’s arms is securely wrapped around his waist and his cheek lying against the soft fabric of Derek’s sweater. Yes, he would’ve preferred to be in bed, but this is the next best thing. He sighs and wriggles a little closer to Derek, who presses a kiss on top of his head.

Stiles thinks he hears his dad mutter something about how disgustingly in love and adorable they are, but that could just the haze of sleep distorting sounds. His dad has never used the word “adorable” to describe him.

Derek and his dad keep talking. The murmur of their voices mingles with the lapping of the water of the oversized pond against the shore, and Stiles finds himself drifting further and further off. He can’t fall asleep, though. Nope. Derek has to fish, has to throw that line in the water and provide his fiancé with breakfast. Which means that Stiles will have to move in the near future. He can’t fall asl—


Smoke tickles his nose, filling it with the smell of roasted food. And coffee, he can smell coffee. Nice, strong, bitter, warm, magical coffee. Preferably with one sugar and just a dash of milk.

Stiles blinks his eyes open. The sun’s a lot higher than he remembers it being a minute ago. Did he sleep? No, he can’t have. He’s still in the same position, resting against Derek’s chest, though Derek’s arm is no longer around his waist. He turns his head to find the source of the smoke and delicious scents and finds two fish and couple pieces of bread roasting on the small grill they brought with them.

Okay, he definitely slept.

‘Good morning,’ Derek murmurs, pressing a kiss against Stiles’ cheek.

‘Morning. Time’s it?’

Stiles yawns, then sits up to stretch. He squints at the sun shining almost directly into his eyes, and before he can ask for his sunglasses, Derek is already gently setting them onto his face.

‘Almost 7,’ Derek answers.

‘Did you catch those?’ Stiles asks, pointing at the fish.

‘No. I was playing pillow for someone who couldn’t stay awake for more than two minutes. But I did pour the coffee,’ Derek says.

Stiles wraps his hands around the mug Derek is holding in front of him, takes a sip and hums. It’s perfect.

‘Sorry I made you miss out on the fishing,’ Stiles says, taking another sip.

‘I didn’t say I minded.’

Stiles smiles and leans back again. He sips his coffee while he looks out over the oversized pond. The sunlight breaks on the water, making it sparkle and creating miniature rainbows that disappear as quickly as they appear. Even with smell of the roasted fish, Stiles can smell the freshness of a new summer day in the air.

‘You two done being adorable,’ his dad says, breaking the momentary peace. ‘Food’s done.’

‘Did you just call us adorable?’ Stiles asks. He has to be sure, because it means that his dad probably used it earlier, too. That’s twice in one day.

‘Yes. The two of you not lovingly bickering with each other is disturbing, and making me delirious,’ his dad says, but he’s smiling. He holds out a plates with bread and fish for both Derek and Stiles. ‘Eat your food.’

Stiles untangles himself from Derek and sits down between his dad and his fiancé.

‘We should do this more often,’ he says stuffing a piece of toast in his mouth.

‘Next time you’re gonna fish, because you need to earn your keep, son.’

‘Hey! I was the mascot! I think I earned my keep just fine.’ Stiles points at the fish filled plates. ‘Derek’s the one who didn’t do anything.’

‘And whose fault is that,’ Derek throws back.

‘You said you didn’t mind.’

‘I didn’t, but I’m starting to.’

‘And all is right with the world again,’ his dad mutters.

Stiles glares at his dad. He considers throwing a piece of fish at him, but decides to angrily stuff it into his mouth instead. It’s far too delicious to waste.

Varg-Stakkar (Part 2)

Chapter Two: The Taming of the Shrew

Based on the Imagine where Kili is a werewolf and you are his soulmate, except Kili and Fili are both werewolves.

Chapter 1

Thrima had given it a lot of thought, about what she would do, when she got to civilization, in the Blue Mountains.

Thrima had gotten a little civilized, from her mother, but that was so long ago, she couldn’t remember much more than how to eat with a knife and how to read and write her name, count, and do simple sums.

And didn’t bother to tell anybody that the clothes that Fili had given her were the first real clothes she had worn for as long as she could remember.

Now,  dishes, forks, knives, spoons, and bowls were all things from her childhood that she had some memory of.

Thrima, herself, had a knife and a large wooden dish that was something between a plate and a bowl.

On the road, though, she could get away with using that, and just eating with a knife.

Thrima told Thorin had she couldn’t read, or write, but she decided to keep the rest to herself, watch what Fili did, and try to follow it.

The first time that she sat down for a meal at Thorin’s table, it was confounding.

There was a cup to drink from, and a round dish, with sides, and a flat dish, and those two other utensils beside a knife, and all the food was on lots of other kinds of dishes.

Thrima watched the plates passed, but then, even more confounding, you had to use a big utensil on the big plate to put the food on your plate.

And you could just pick it up with your hands, or drink the soup from the round dish with sides, you had to use those other utensils.

She just didn’t understand; it was so feckin’ complicated!

Not hungry.” Thrima signed.

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All I Want is a Long Hot Bath - Spencer Reid

Paring: Spencer Reid x reader

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Requested: nope, my own

 Imagine: reader gets home from a long day at work and walks inside to go have a bath and is kidnapped by the unsub and is being somewhat tortured (beaten and kept in a basement) and Reid is determined to get his girlfriend back. When the team get the unsub (week) Reid and reader have a bath together


I placed my head on the wheel as I let it out a sigh, I just finished working a 12 hour shift at the Day Care Centre and all the kids decided that they would be little rascals and constantly make mess and commotions. I was ready to get inside and take a relaxing bubble bath whilst listening to Halsey, as I slid the key into the door and push it open, I hear pitter patter of claws coming towards me.

“Hey baby” I say as I lean down and pat my Germany shepherd, Ashley, I walk straight into my shared room with spencer, as I get into the room I remember that I had forgotten something downstairs. As I race down to grab the vanilla candle and matches I go straight back up, but as I get to the top of the stair something catches my eye. There was movement in the spare room, ‘that’s weird’ I thought ‘nobody’s home but me, unless someone came over and didn’t call’. I was outside the door, when the person popped out and hit me on the head.

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