he deserves to be bangtan's leader

What did we do to deserve namjoon? He always tries to speak in english to make us intl fans feel included. He subbed a whole vlive for us because no one did it and he knew how hard it was for us to understand. He thanks us in award shows all the time. If you ever forget how amazing namjoon is and why he deserves to be the leader just read this.

I cannot stress enough how beautiful Kim Namjoon is. Like he is so beautiful inside and out. He has the kindest soul and the sweetest heart. He literally thinks about everyone’s feelings and takes them into consideration. He is always willing to help and listen to anyone when they need him. He puts everyone first before himself. And he just goes out of his way to make others happy. I am so happy that this precious human being is our leader. Thank you, Kim Namjoon for being the angel that you are.

Okay so reading this literally broke my heart. Maybe he’s made mistakes in the past but he’s human and from what I’ve seen is he’s grown from it. But I hate how “ARMY” is attacking him. He doesn’t deserve any of this hatred. He might not be your bias but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate what he does for Bangtan. He works hard day and night for you fuckers and all y'all do is talk shit. Honestly without eachother the group wouldn’t be the same. They all bring something to the table. And even if you don’t appreciate him for what he does (or any of them) that doesn’t give you the right to cause him pain. Because underneath all of this he’s a human being who deserves respect. What I’m saying is if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. There’s no reason to add to the negativity in this world. And certainly not towards Namjoon.
I hope he feels better soon. I hope he realizes how much he means to the group and that not all ARMY thinks he’s useless or terrible. He’s a precious, giant, talented dork who needs to be protected at all costs. We love you, Kim Namjoon. 💗

  • I'm so mad right now
  • Some Knetizens are really rude and koreaboo doesn't seem to be able to find anything else to write about
  • Rapmon IS HANDSOME and SEXY and SMART and damn he can rap well and i love dailykim
  • He doesn't deserve all this hate
  • People are intimidated by his talent that's why he is getting so much hate
  • Let me tell you what ugly is: jealousy
  • Our Rapmon is PERFECT
  • Without him BTS wouldn't even exist in the first place

Okay guys. Let’s talk Kim Namjoon

I’ll be the first BTS Stan to admit that I dont give Rap Monster enough attention. It’s not because I dont love him, or I think he doesn’t deserve the praise. I guess I just always saw him as the strong leader, who never let’s things get to him, who knows how talented he is, who doesn’t need to be reminded of it. Who takes it all in stride and doesn’t really care what people say. 

He also seems like the least in love with their idol persona, which I dont blame him for at all, but when I see him I cant help but wonder, is he really happy with this? Is this really what he wants to be doing? Could he care less about his millions of screaming fangirls lol

I really regret thinking this way now. I dont know why I’m just realizing it with this new song Young Forever. It’s always been there. While this wasn’t what Namjoon originally envisioned for himself, he’s shown time and time again that this is where he wants to be. I mean hearing him choose BTS over his solo without hesitation and his long fancafe posts, and songs about loneliness. I feel like in Young Forever we had Namjoon rapping for us, not Rap Monster.

Hearing his verse in Young Forever, and reading his post on Twitter about composing and arranging the song really hit me hard. Namjoon is as insecure as any of the members. Maybe even more than some. Knowing how he feels about his fame and his fans…

Maybe this isn’t originally what Rap Monster planned for himself, but hearing him open up about his worries as an idol in this song, knowing how much time and effort he must have put into it.

I guess I’m just saying that I have realized that Namjoon needs to feel the love too. That he’s not invincible or untouched by the things people say about him, and while he is a strong leader who doesnt let his feelings get the best of him, it doesnt mean they’re not there. It just means that as the leader he probably feels it’s important to hold it together and not let them show. 

idk why im doing this but I really want to rant about this :(

Rap Monster, leader of BTS, is getting unneccessary hate for something he didn’t intend to do. He hasn’t been getting sleep and he’s constantly fretting over this…this breaks my heart because in all honestly, Namjoon is the most underappreciated in BTS. He composes and produces probably all of their albums/songs and yet no one recognizes what he does for BTS. He was offered a SOLO (hidden camera prank he didn’t know) career and what did he do? He said Bangtan Boys with no hesitation. He deserves to be happy just as much as everyone else in the group. Ever since I joined the ARMY fandom (which is a pretty fucked up one if I do say so myself🙂) Rap Monster was the first person I noticed, not the common biases (which honestly annoys me cuz theres other people in the group) Jungkook,Jimin, and V (sometimes Suga as well). Kim Namjoon is 21 years old and is being put through things like this for no fricking reason. #HugNamjoon

I love this boy w/ all my heart. 💜

P.S.: I am not hating on Jungkook, Jimin, V, or Suga, because I give everyone in that group the same amount of love (just a lil more for Rapmon haha)


Let’s take a moment to appreciate our beautiful, dimpled leader, Rap Monster:

Just look at that profile

I mean seriously, he’s so perfect. Just look at him

Rude little shit

I mean look at that precious smile. 

He’s so precious and deserves so much love.

He’s such an amazing leader who puts up with the kids  cough95linespecificallycough and lets not forget about the sneaky little maknae

He’s also a kid at heart, which is absolutely adorable

Let us not forget about Crack Monster 

what a nerd. I love it

Our precious little Butterfly who has worked so hard and gone through so much to get to where he is now. 

He doesn’t deserve the threats he’s received or the hate he’s gotten because he’s a smooth little shit such a sweet heart and grateful and it breaks my heart that he feels like crying some days 


Seriously, we should show him a lot of love and a lot of support for the comeback, just like we always do. He and the others should know that we are always here to show them love and support when they need it. 

This boy deserves so much respect! ~ He is such a good leader and such a beautiful, nice person! He doesn’t deserve the hate he is getting.. He can’t even sleep because of it and that makes me sad.. 😔😢😭

So let’s trend (#HugNamjoon or #RespectForBangtan) because he doesn’t deserve this! Come on ARMY’S let’s show our love for Bangtan but especially let’s show our love to this beautiful, kind hearted leader! Because he deserves all the love we have~ 😍😘💙💚💜💛

Petition to let BTS give Park Jimin a break

/during the SKIT: One Night In A Strange City/

Jimin: He’s always late, should i say something? 

BTS (basically all saying the same thing): Yeah say something on the behalf of Bangtan

Jimin: Okay i’ll say something to the leader-hyung

Namjoon: /banging loudly on the door and ringing the door bell/ Yah! Jung Hoseok!

Yoongi: Go open the door

BTS: say something say something

Yoongi: seriously we need to say something

Namjoon: Say something what? WHAT?

Hoseok: he’s here he’s here (lol)

Taehyung: Jiminie is going to say something

Jimin: Hyung, i thought about it but don’t you think that you’ve gone over the line a little? Don’t you think you’re coming a little too late these days?

BTS: Yaahhhh

Yoongi: I personally think that is completely understandable considering he’s the leader 

Namjoon: Wow what are you saying

BTS: /all ganging up on Jimin/

Hoseok: lol

Namjoon: Am i not human?

Jimin: /confused/ why are you being like this to me?

Namjoon: Who do you think you are

Jungkook: Namjoon-hyung is leader-hyung, he gets privileges 

Jin: Exactly the leader suffers so much

Jimin: /done/ 


I think we need to appreciate Namjoon more. He is a great leader, who acknowledges international fans, translating words to english even when he didn’t have to. He works extremely hard, writing and producing amazing lyrics and songs (not to mention his bomb as mixtape). This year has been a tough year for him. He has gone through and getting hurt a lot, be it physically or emotionally. He needs the most support from us Armys right now. What I don’t understand is, when Taehyung and Yoongi were sick, everyone immediately gave them so much love and support, so why aren’t we giving the same to Namjoon? I just wanna say, Namjoon, you deserve more than this and we Armys love you and will support you through anything. 

Let’s give our Leader Mon lots of love <3