he deserves some love too!


Anders + Looking at Hawke

it’s choro’s month!! so I plan give Choro the love he deserves ♥♥

Clary is out here trying to salvage the little bit left of her messed up family after her mother died and Kat is killing it, acting-wise.

Sebastian is out here trying to get some type of love (however creepy the feelings he’s having toward a girl that he knows is his sister) from his family and Will is killing it, acting-wise.

i’d like to believe santana was worshipped some while in mexico
based on a convo had with @abdul-polnareff 

  • <p> <b>Coran:</b> Shiro, my boy,when was the last time you last slept?<p/><b>Shiro:</b> *staring into space, downing a giant pot of coffee.* Who's sleep? I don't know her.<p/></p>

in which kageyama tries very hard to say nice things and hinata wants some love, too.

spoiler: hinata gets the love he deserves


@pyrousseau let’s have some Thaler while we at it 


Pairings: Saeran x Reader. Some V x Reader

Warning: Some gun violence and abuse mentions. Nothing too bad

Type: Sorta angst with a happy ending? One shot

Word count: 1578

This has a lot of spoilers, I recommend that you’ve seen both the secret endings and done 707’s route before reading this.


Her dead eyes looked over the plains of land, the endless sea of green vegetation was quickly becoming an eyesore.

The car jostled, causing the man beside her to inhale lightly at the movement.

“Don’t worry V. I’ll make sure nothing happens to you. I’m not as reckless as Jumin when it comes to driving.” The bluenette chuckled, his sunglasses glinting as the sun’s rays illuminated his figure.

“I don’t think anyone could be as reckless as him.” It was good that he was laughing, all he ever did was suffer. It was so sad to see, a beautiful young man falling apart because of another’s actions, and his own limited experience costing him everything.

“God help anyone that is.” Easing a smile onto her tense face, she directed her gaze back onto the road.

She’d gone through everything and a half to be here at his side when he needed it most. They were going on what was surely a suicide mission.

They were heading into Magenta.

Since day one of the route, she’d never really engaged with the other members of the group, choosing to focus her attention on the enigma of a leader, V. He’d always intrigued the female, making her wonder why he acted how he did.

So naturally she drew herself closer to him, trying her hardest to get him to talk and to meet with her.

And in the end it payed off. He’d given in on the ninth day of constant messaging and calls asking about his well being, and if he was doing okay and just broke. After that day, they were considerably closer, but there was still the certain few barriers that had to be over come.

The GPS voice spoke, cutting the silence, ‘you have reached your destination’. Stretching her arms with a sigh, she opened up the door and let herself take a deep breath of fresh air, before heading to the passenger side and allowing him out.

She held his hand for a second longer, giving it a friendly squeeze before letting go, the action causing a small simper to spread on his lips. Something that would surely disappear during the time they were here.

“We should head in.” V said gently, lulling her out of her hallucinating state.

“Hm? Yeah, we should.” She followed his lead, making sure to not be pushy as she knew of his deteriorating sight.

V was able to get them both in without any detection, his hands shaking ever so slightly as he pulled it off. It was obvious that he detested such activities.

“You should head back.” Her neck almost gained whiplash from how fast she’d turned around. Her smoldering hues narrowed, staring at him like he’d just spoke gibberish.

“And why’s that, V?” Her tone wasn’t harsh, just questioning.

“I don’t wish for you to get hurt. None of this concerns you, so it would be needless for you to be injured.” Of course he was looking out for her but not himself. She couldn’t force herself to even feign anger towards him.

“Oh Jihyun. You really shouldn’t care about me, I’m not worth it. You’re the one who needs every bit of support, save your kindness for yourself.” His head turned away from her, cheeks dusting a light pink as he huffed.

“Don’t dismiss yourself. I wouldn’t be here if not for you.” His smile almost made her feel weightless, but there was a small voice in the back of her mind that kept telling her that he was wrong, that he would have come here regard less.

“Thank you.” Turning her back to him, her hands clenched into fists that he was unable to see.

“If we survive this, you have to get that surgery. swear upon my life.”


“Swear it.” He knew she wouldn’t give up, so he only had one option.

“I swear.” She nodded, triumphant

“I’ll be going. But damn it V, stay alive.”

“I shall try my very hardest.” Even now he managed to make her mood lighten the tiniest bit, something only he could achieve after all this time.

She began to walk away, but not in the direction of the exit like she had insinuated, but instead towards the room of someone who deserved to be free.

She’d been here many times before. But it was always for the wrong reasons, her choices led her here to be tortured, drugged or killed. But she never blamed the person who did those things to her, rather herself and the main perpetrator of this sick game that she was an unwilling participant of.

Wondering around, she found the door that she was looking for. The steel block has multiple iron rivets stuck on it, along with a faint few red droplets that she suspected weren’t rust.

‘If I die, there’s always another chance.’ There was barely any regard for her own life, she knew that she would just come back and be stuck in the loop.

Fingers delicately touching the door, she pushed it open with minimal force. The hinges creaked and squeaked, making her cringe inwardly.

His head snapped up, his brightly contacted eyes ensnaring her gaze. The chair scraped backwardly loudly, the sound bouncing off the walls like a taunt as he stood in a defensive position.

“Who the hell are you?!” She almost found it amusing how the one who started this was the one asking that question.

“I’m (y/n). Better known as MC.” Her response only seemed to make him more on edge, his fingers twitching at his sides.

“How the fuck did you get in? The security didn’t detect you!” Eyes staring straight into hers, she only offered a mere shrug.

“I have no clue.” The vague answers she wss putting out made him curse, not noticing her figure inching closer towards him.

“Come with me.” She spoke, hand outstretched as he gave her a disbelieving look.


“Come with me,” She repeated, “you’ll be safe if you come with me.” His hand inched towards the gun on his belt.

“Please.” Her voice almost broke, her eyes not missing the way he clutched his gun like a godsend.

“Get out! Get the hell out or I won’t hesitate to shoot!” Knowing full well he would go with his word, her hand dropped. Yet she carried on moving towards him.

“I’m not playing around.” He warned, gun pointed for her heart.

“I know.” She whispered, just loud enough for him to hear.

“But I don’t care. I’ve worked so for so long to get here. I can’t have this slip through my fingers. I’ve been through everyone, DAMNIT!” Her voice rose unintentionally, her chest heaving as all her emotions poured out from their confines.

“I can’t go through another reset, I refuse to. I’m teetering on the edge of my fucking sanity here, Saeran. I’ll go insane if I see another text message!” His expression was one of confusion and fear.

“You’re fucking crazy!” She couldn’t help but laugh humourlessly at the irony of his words.

“The good ends. The bad ends, the 'true’ ending. All of them, I’ve done them all.” Her fingers formed quotation marks, her grin dropping for a frown.

The gun fired, only just grazing her shoulder. His hands shook, unable to get his head around a word that she was saying.

“Saeran, this isn’t redemption or paradise. You’re so fucking dosed up on drugs that you can’t even keep still. She’s made you believe he abandoned you, he never has. He loves you.” Another shot, but this time it hit the side of her waist.

“What do you know!? He left me, betrayed me and left me with that bitch! The Saviour offered me Paradise and a true family. Something he never was!” Blood coated her clothes, dripping down her side and onto the floor in little drops, yet she didn’t allow even a grimace to pass her lips.

“Saeran please. I know, I know so much more than you think. But you’re in pain, pain disguised as care and security. It hurts to see you like this, I beg you. Come with me.” He made no move, only his bottom lip twitched.

“You can kill me right here and now. But I’ll always come back, again and again. For you, always for you.” Her none bloody hand raked through her hair.

“Fuck this damn game. I love you. You’re the true ending, and no amount of shitty resets will change that.” Taking a deep breath, she could feel the effects of blood loss taking place.

“I’ve always been interested in you. From the time I said no to putting in the password when I was first dragged into this mess, to now after the hundreds of times I’ve done these 11 days. Saeran Choi I love you, and I want to help you.” His grip on the gun began loosening, his hand talking to his side as he stared at her soundlessly with wide and glassy eyes.

“Please, come. I’ll care for you, I’ll go with you to therapy, buy you all the sweets and ice cream you can imagine. Just take my hand.” The gun dropped the floor with a loud clatter, unshed tears now falling from his eyes as he took her hand, his cold palm meeting her warm one.

“You won’t hurt me?”

She smiled sincerely for the first time since she was put in this position.


Regarding Instagram

From what I read on Lili’s Instagram, it was just 3 or 4 vicious teens posting hate out of 5,000 plus comments…But then people started responding to them. And fights happened.

Do you guys honestly think Lili would have read over 5,000 comments and had time to do so?

There will always be hostile people who have no manners and are cruel. Best thing? IGNORE them. Don’t make it a huge thing…People who are hateful won’t listen anyway.

I mean this is a huge thing now because fans let 3 or 4 cruel people blow this completely out of proportion…

I feel like this fanbase goes overboard with being over protective. Same applies to when fans police other fans about tagging/gushing about personal life. Same as when fans attacked media for spreading news (which is confirmed because if not, lawsuit to the magazine)

Cole and Lili are adults. They can handle things. I would understand if 1,000 people were spreading hate and bullying them. But to give attention to 4 haters with duplicate comments is too much.

I’m happy we will do the #wesupportliliandcole tag because spreading support for BOTH of them is important. Just because Cole doesn’t post about it, it doesn’t mean he is not effected by it. He is also a human being. He deserves some loving too just like Lili does.

But please stop policing everyone. You cannot control what media, 4 haters, overly gushy Sprousehart fans, etc say…No one has that power. That’s social media for you. People of all ages and backgrounds. Many with no manners. That’s life unfortunately. I mean, there are other shows with more cruel fans by far. I don’t think this fanbase would have survived if this was another show on CW.

Sometimes I feel like taking a break from the fanbase….It’s becoming daily drama. And that’s sad. Talk about a roller coaster week!

Well after watching Ep 2 of Castlevania I felt it was only right that I follow up my Carrie drawing with one of Reinhardt. Poor Reinhardt - not only are you the star of one of the least loved Castlevania games, not only do you not get the Belmont family name, but little Carrie is everyone’s favorite of the people who DO play your game because… homing magic blasts are just way… WAY better than trying to use the Vampire Killer whip.

Still, he deserves some love too~… even if this was kinda rushed cuz I need to sleep… sorry Reinhardt!

A Class Act: Chapter Thirty-Nine

A high school teacher AU. 

Chapter Summary: Mara and Deshanna find some common ground and Mara receives a surprising message.

Need to catch-up? Masterlist here!

Also on AO3. 

Mara and Cullen spent the vast majority of the car ride back to Deshanna’s house in silence. Mara put on the playlist she had made for the trip, and she was relieved when Cullen had taken that has a hint she didn’t want to talk any more about what had happened. She had offered up the occasional direction, but Cullen seemed to be getting the hang of driving around Wycome.

When the car stopped in front of Deshanna’s house, Cullen left the car running for a moment. “Tell me what I can do.” The words came out, broken and earnest.

She turned to look at him, at the man who had come all that way to be with her while she dealt with too many problems of her own making. She kept waiting for him to say that it was all too much, that this wasn’t what he had signed up for. She’d never had any reason to doubt him before, but she wasn’t sure she could blame him if any of this had changed his mind. His golden eyes held nothing but kindness and understanding and a quiet sort of concern.

“I love you.” She worried she didn’t say it enough, didn’t show it to him in all the ways he deserved.

Some of the tightness around Cullen’s eyes eased. “I love you too. That didn’t answer my question.”

“Would you maybe just keep Greg busy for a few minutes, so that I can talk to Deshanna alone?” she asked.

“Of course.” He turned the key in the ignition, and the car fell silent.

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