he deserves recognition for this role

you know it’s so great that sam has all these fans now, he’s so funny and wonderful, i remember a few years ago when it was literally only me who posted about him + i made @samrriegel to help bring in fans, i remember when he didn’t even have 4,000 twitter followers and i used to talk with him about how it was only a matter of time before people realised how great he was. what i’m trying to say is that i’m grateful that he’s finally getting recognised because of critical role and that i’m glad i’ve been here since the very beginning.

Wreck-It Ralph did not get the recognition it deserved for having progressive female characters that shattered gender norms while still being positive role models for little girls.


Vanellope is a princess, but decides she’d rather be president. Which if you ask me, conveys more authority and respect than a princess, who is generally viewed ad a damsel. Vanellope doesn’t take Ralph at face-value like everyone else. Instead, she got to know him and found the kind-hearted, gentle soul he was. She learns that the thing about her that she once hated makes her special, and embraces it. She learns to help others, that she doesn’t know everything, and that it’s okay to ask for help. She learns that the platonic love between friends is a very powerful thing. She grows as a character, and does so without a love interest.

Then there’s Sergeant Calhoun. She’s a tough-as-nails veteran with PTSD. She’s the best there is at what she does and the boys couldn’t do her job better if they tried. She’s not the best at romance, but she cherishes love when she does manage to find it. She’s also intelligent as well as pretty, which is something you don’t always see in female characters. And, falling in love with Felix does not compromise who she is as a person. Loving Felix did not ‘cure’ her of her PTSD. Marrying Felix did not mean she became a doting housewife.

And, both of these characters showed little girls that it’s okay for girls to like 'boy’ things.

*clenches fists* all sebastian stans roles matter

troye sivan has saved the 20th January 2017. troye is releasing a music video that will inevitably inspire and be support for so many people. He is such an amazing person to have as a role model and is such a great advocate for LGBTQ+. Heaven is a song that has such an incredible meaning and is a song that is so beautifully written i hope it gets the recognition it deserves. Congrats Troye, you have completely restored faith.

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:O I'm sooo excited about the bear in the season 7 teaser. I have the feeling that Jorah will be busy next season. But hopefully it doesn't mean he has to die...

I too am so excited for season 7 and even more excited after seeing the teaser trailer and House Mormont’s sigil, and like you I have a feeling that this most epic of  GOT Houses may have a fairly important role in the WARS TO COME..

Yup it’s a bit of double edge sword ( pun intended ) on GOT isn’t it -  You finally get the recognition and kudos you think your character deserves and then they KILL THEM lol : P

Thanks for the cool comment / ask Anon ☺

They are always appreciated…

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im not ready to let tom go like im proud of him but i got attached to him over the last few months :(

mmmohmygod guys, you aren’t letting him go. you’re still a fan of him. i know that when a celebrity is lesser known and then they get famous that whole “i liked them first/when nobody else did” thing can happen but please fight that feeling bc it’s such an ugly way for fans to act.

yes, when spider-man comes out tom is gonna get more famous and he’s gonna get more recognition and that’s //a good thing// !! it’s a good thing that tom is gonna be getting more recognition bc that means more roles, and bc he will be praised for the work that he has put a lot of time and energy in. tom deserves this, and he deserves to have a lot of fans. and tom //enjoys// having fans, he’s said in interviews how much it means to him to be recognized, he stops to take pictures with as many fans as he can, he’s even gone on instagram and asked fans to meet him for drinks.

so you aren’t losing him. not even a little bit?? more fans are going to flood into his fan base and that’s good and //normal// an he deserves it. and i really hope that after tom’s gotten more popular that i won’t be seeing fans acting superior for being here longer, or getting rude about there being more fans bc that’s so awful.

It’s fun to watch people newly freak out about Dan Stevens when I stopped watching Downton Abbey when he left yeeeeaaars ago. Yes, my hipster Dan crush is showing. LOL

Anyway, it’s deserved because he seems like a honey and totally deserves the recognition for the Beast cause he killed it. So watch his other stuff because he’s pretty versatile. He can be sweet and he can be evil, so he’s one to watch for future roles as well. And he’s been doing weird and wonderful things on Legion this season, too.

We’ve been talking about equal pay for women since they had the right to vote, for God’s sake, and why hasn’t that changed? Why don’t people of color get the recognition they deserve?
I grew up in a society here in Los Angeles, you know, and at times, couldn’t understand why I wasn’t playing the roles that were afforded to everybody else. Was I too ethnic or not ethnic enough?
I think it speaks highly that a show like Mr. Robot has allowed a guy like me to be a male lead, or considered for one, which I don’t think would have happened five years ago.
—  Rami Malek in an interview for TIME [x]

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Do you think Casey enjoys acting? Sometimes he is quite negative about it in interviews and he said in a recent one that he doesn't foresee it in the future, that he would be fine doing something else. I hope he sticks to acting, especially now that he is finally getting recognition as an actor (not just Ben's little brother) and he is getting bigger roles. He is very talented!

i think casey does enjoy acting despite the fact that he’s pretty bluntly honest about the negative sides of it in interviews here and there and often talks about just taking jobs sometimes because he needs the money. but i mean, if he didn’t like acting i’m sure he’d have quit before he started getting the recognition for his talent that he very much deserves! all i can say is i hope to see much, much more from casey in the future 

I really want to see Seb in a serious role in a serious type of film that would be considered at award shows because we all know he is more than talented enough to win something and god dam he deserves that recognition

I had to find out about Sebastian Stan from Tumblr. Not from the Romanian tv news channels, not from the Romanian news websites, but from foreign fans that have taken a liking to him and are appreciating him for his work.

I am Romanian and I am ashamed to say that I had never heard of Sebastian until recently, because I accidentally saw some Tumblr posts. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was in cinemas here, yet nobody told us that one of our own would be playing such an important role in such a popular movie. Of course not. Why would the press promote him? They always promote negativity only. Sebastian Stan brings positive representation through his work and attitude, for this country that has a reputation for hitting itself in the head on every occasion it gets. Romania doesn’t deserve him. I’m really glad he moved to America where people actually appreciate him and promote him for his talent. He wouldn’t have received such recognition here. In fact, he hasn’t received any recognition so far. Very few Romanians know about him, and that makes me very sad.

I just watched his panel from Salt Lake Comic Con 2015, and the surprise on his face when a fan spoke Romanian to him made me tear up, honestly. He didn’t expect there to be any Romanian supporters, and he seemed so happy in that moment. Just look at his face! (x)

The fan wasn’t actually from Romania, it turned out she had only lived here for a year and a half or so, but Sebastian’s reaction said everything, honestly. I felt so bad for the fact that he doesn’t receive support from his home country!

I’m going to do my best to promote him and his work to my friends and everyone I know, because this is the type of representation this country needs. I have a lot of respect for him and I hope he’s going to keep being as successful as he is now.

jonothan groff got an award for playing a white character that only sung for roughly 8 minutes. Like if he was in anything else besides hamilton, he would deserve it if he played a major role. But for some reason, he got chosen over someone like Okieriete Onaodowan, who has an amazing range and deserves tons of recognition.
anyways, there’s a lot of racism when it comes down to this type of shit if at least one white person is involved with a show that’s mainly poc.(btw im white and im trying to stay in my own lane so if i overstepped a line with this then feel free to tell me)-mod laurens

Evan Peters does not get enough recognition for his acting. He does not get enough roles, but that man can play any character so damn well. He deserves the recognition. It’s not every day you find a truly great and convincing actor, but that is Evan Peters. You probably see him and assume he’s “just as good as any actor out there” but once you see all the different roles he plays in American Horror Story, just try and tell me that he’s “just a normal actor”.


“Marcus is another one of those guys that probably doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves because his role is a pivotal role for us, but maybe it doesn’t get all the accolades. He’s really the penalty-killing guy who matches up against top centermen on other teams, faceoffs, all the important details that coaches certainly appreciate." 

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It’s pretty funny. I’ve seen tumblr finding a new boyfriend three times from very different perspectives now. From inside but not falling for it, in the middle of the storm and from the outside.

Benedict Cumberbatch: Back in 2010 I liked Benedict as being a good actor in very different roles: the creepy guy in Atonement, Hawking, the stupid geek in Starter for Ten. He was the often odd looking guy, who could be attractive sometimes from certain angles, but who wouldn’t ever be a sex symbol. He seemed odd, but likeable in interviews. The guy you constantly see in British movies and shows, always leaving a bit of an impression. It all changed with Sherlock: Yeah, finally this great supporting actor gets the recognition for his talent he deserves. That lasted until maybe shortly before the second season. Suddenly it wasn’t about Sherlock anymore at all. It was like I was in a room with friends enjoying Sherlock one moment and the next they fell under the spell of alien love pollen and got high, while I and a few others stayed sober. Pretty surreal. Even with being around I never understood why he suddenly blew up that much. Friends who I convinced of watching Sherlock after long persuasion suddenly fell for him, even though they thought him ugly a moment before.

Tom Hiddleston: Shortly after Doctor Who and Sherlock made me aware of tumblr, there was this talk about the new Marvel-movie Thor. Sometimes pictures of this blond kid that was supposed to play Loki came up. Somehow he creeped into my conscience. From thinking: JJ Feild is far better looking (nope the comparisons aren’t new, they are as old as both of them joining Marvel) to Okay, but he is also alright to Where can I maybe find more stuff about him? and finally I’m counting the days until Thor comes out He sneakily made his way into my fangirl heart without me even noticing it until it was too late and has been there ever since.

Oscar Isaac: I have seen him in movies. I know his name. That’s it. He never registered particularly with me, beside being great in Inside Llewyn Davis. Since I haven’t seen Star Wars I also have no idea why there’s this sudden maelstrom that takes fangirls by the storm. It’s like I’m standing on a cliff looking down into the abyss. I feel a bit like I should ask you if everything is okay or if I should get help, but then everyone seems to be having fun. I just hope that not all of you are getting totally swept away, because I fear then I might be stranded alone on this island of fangirling that I live on.