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Important info on dear Evan Hansen

Harmful method acting does not = success. Just bc Platt harmed himself (is emotionally drained and in physical therapy) for his role does not mean he is obligated to get a tony. No one owes you or him anything bc of his harming himself. Injuring yourself for art is not admirable and it is not a good show of dedication. I love ben Platt and I love DEH I saw it live last month and it was amazing I sobbed and smiled and I felt understood. Platt deserves a tony for the emotion he put in the role, for his singing talent. He is so much better than expecting praise for his injury. Christian Borle didn’t deserve praise for his unhealthy weight loss in AIA. NPH didn’t deserve praise for an onstage injury almost every nigh in HATI. Someone deserves praise for being in a taxing role and still practicing self care. Andrew Rannells, didn’t pick up ONE unhealthy habit in Falsettos he didn’t force himself to lose weight to look sick, he healthily dealt with the emotions the show made him feel. Anthony Rosenthal a 12-13 yr old kid deserves praise for practicing self care in the very same show with such heavy content that I wouldn’t be able to handle when I was his age. Lena Hall deserves praise for taking care of her voice through all her demanding roles. People looking to get onto Broadway; HARMFUL HABITS TO YOUR BODY DO NOT MAKE YOU MORE CREDITED AS AN ACTOR OR MORE DEDICATED TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF SHOWS DEDICATION.

And I’m not saying Ben is bad for picking up these habits sometimes it’s inevitable and he’s dealing with it very well though he deserves a week off soon in my opinion. All I’m saying is people need to stop praising this and saying he deserves a tony because of it. He doesn’t. He deserves it for the same reason everyone else does he’s talented, he lives in his role he’s trying to change the bad habits and injuries he picked up that = GOOD. Don’t allow young theater people to think you have to do this sort of thing to get recognition for your talent

they’ve been in this particular town for a few weeks now, mostly because sakura’s presence has been a welcome and necessary one. she’s helped heal countless people who might have needed to travel for days for more specialized aid and they are all sad to see her go. on their last day, as they pass by the market to grab a few more things before heading off, a little girl sasuke watched sakura heal some days go wraps sakura in a hug and hands her a gift.

“happy mother’s day!” the child tells her. she glances back at the grandmother sakura helped as well and then beams at sakura. “this is for you.”

sakura accepts the present slowly. “o–oh, um, thank you! although, i’m not a mother…”

the little girl goes back to her grandmother’s side and the old woman shakes her head. “mothers, mother figures, motherly people – they all deserve something.” she pats the little girl’s head. “you are a kind, nurturing woman, sakura haruno. i’m certain there are countless children who are thinking of you today.”

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Gavin Creel won a Tony

When this sentence became a fact I felt so incredibly happy for this amazing performer, artist, and person. However, I checked the tag of his name today, and found a lot of negativity around it, and honestly, I can’t believe it. A lot of this seems to purely revolve around the fact that there are so many people who are so passionate about Falsettos and really don’t know that much about Gavin Creel just because they haven’t been following Hello, Dolly!. So now we have a list of why Gavin undoubtedly deserved this tony and you shouldn’t say anyone else was robbed (this year or ever).

I beg that if you think that anyone was robbed this year, that Gavin shouldn’t have won, or just don’t know much about Gavin Creel that you continue reading.

  • The whole point of nominating people and not just choosing one person is that ALL of the nominees deserve recognition for their work. so to say that one is not deserving (especially the one who won) is sort of fighting an uphill battle.
  • A lot of people were saying that Gavin robbed the award from the other nominees. The truth for Mike Faist is that he just debuted and is still young. He has a lot of chances to win later in life, and may even be too young to have garnered enough attention for his performance this year. As for Lucas Steele, this is only first major role on Broadway anyway, so it makes sense that he may not be as well known in the community yet either. Obviously, a lot of the attention went to Ben Platt and Rachel Bay Jones for DEH, but Mike’s performance still earned a nomination, so clearly he’s not doing terribly.
  • The Andrew Rannells argument is a bit more complex since a lot of people are saying that he “should have won his first tony” for a plethora of reasons. Let’s go into them.
  • Andrew Rannells made his Broadway debut in 2006, so he’s been working his way up to a Tony. Well, Gavin Creel made his debut in 2002 for originating his role in Thoroughly Modern Mille. He didn’t win that year and that may have been partly because the title role earned Sutton Foster her first Tony (and this year she literally presented his. COME ON, IT WAS PERFECT), and one for Harriet Harris as well in the featured actress category. That’s almost a DIRECT parallel to DEH. (I’m telling you guys, it’s really all about timing.)
  • So, of course, we all know Andrew Rannells was also nominated for a Tony in 2011, so that furthers the argument that he deserved one this year. Unfortunately, following that argument again leads to the fact that Gavin Creel has been nominated twice before this year anyway, so he wins by tally, if that mattered. But it doesn’t.
  • One of those nominations for Gavin went to his work in Hair, which as far as I’m concerned, is sort of when Gavin was “robbed” by the boys who played Billy Elliot. However, it was the year for them, and Hair was a bit of an underdog that year anyway, but it’s all about timing.
  • Last year, Gavin was in She Loves Me along with Laura Benanti, Jane Krakowski, and Zachary Levi, who were all nominated for Tonys. Gavin was not. To me, this qualified as a snub, but it made sense that he wasn’t nominated since his performance really kept the attention on Jane’s, which is partly why I thought it was so brilliant, but I digress. It wasn’t the right time.
  • A lot of the disappointment was towards the fact that Falsettos didn’t win anything, but the truth is that Tony Awards usually goes to shows that are still running. It helps sell tickets and gain attention. A lot of Broadway fans saw Falsettos, and considerably less have seen Hello, Dolly!, which is still sold out every night. This is because those seats are going to the critics, Tony voters, and the “insiders” of the community that decide who the award goes to. Those people chose Gavin as a winner, but they also chose Andrew and all the other men as nominees.
  • Also, a lot of fans were so surprised that Gavin won, but really, it was predicted by a lot of notable sources. I think Tumblr and social media in general sometimes create a vacuum of only fans and similar perspectives on theatre. To add to that, Gavin doesn’t use social media (he prefers to be in the moment. Guys, you really can’t hate him) so it makes sense that some fans may not be familiar with him, since that is a lot of fan’s only access to Broadway.
  • Another fact of the matter is that Gavin has been working in the theatre essentially his entire career. For sake of comparison, Andrew has made some transition to television, which I think is awesome. Something to keep in mind is that Gavin has been making his way through the theatre community for a while, meeting people who could vote for him to win an award, and actually did when he played Elder Price in London.
  • I believe Andrew Rannells deserves a Tony, and I believe each nominee deserve a Tony. I believe lots of people do. One of those people is also Gavin Creel. The truth is, careers are not built on or for Tonys. Some careers are helped by winning awards, but the best people really are not in it for the awards, so the fans shouldn’t be either.
  • In conclusion, go listen to Gavin Creel on the Millie, Hair, or Hello, Dolly! recording. Better yet, listen to one of the performances for which he wasn’t nominated, such as She Loves Me, or Bounce. If you still don’t trust that he’s deserving, go watch a bootleg of Hair, or even just the Tony performance. And if you still don’t believe it, go watch one of his interviews. When there’s a solid interview of Gavin talking for 30+ minutes you can tell just how intelligent, kind, and artistic he is, and just why those Tony voters trust that he deserves an award.
  • Have I won you over? Has he won you over? Okay, now go discover artists that you don’t know about and respect all the art that so many people have cultivated. That art is so much more interesting than any award, but when someone who is so great at it does get one, celebrate it.

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Why does everyone always point out that auston is mexican? It shouldn't be more important than his hockey

because he’s the first. first #1 draft pick from the desert and the first mexican-descent hockey player to be drafted as #1 too. and there are gonna be kids from arizona and kids of his heritage that see him play amazing hockey and realize that this is a game that they can not only play, but excel at too.

for every ethnic/regional group there’s gotta be that one person who chooses and fights to go through all that adversity to pave the way. for those little tiny desert/heritage kids who will buy their first skates today and think, i wanna be auston matthews when i grow up. and they’ll see that it’s okay to be a little different when it’s for the game that you love.

we roast auston lots bc of his weird fashion choices but personally i couldn’t be prouder of him, i think in spite of all this media he’s still that mexican-american kid from a place where nobody plays hockey. it can’t have been easy to be the kid that’s a little different from everyone else, but he’s made it his own and he’s represented his home and his heritage very well i think. he’s a great role model for those kids and he deserves that recognition.

I just want to take a sec to give neel sethi a shoutout for his role in the jungle book bc for some reason he was not present at the oscars and for some reason with lion and sunny pawar getting attention neel’s contribution to the jungle book has been forgotten? I just think there is enough room in hollywood for both of these young actors to succeed and I wish that one didn’t have to be erased for the other to have exposure. both of these kids worked really hard in their respective films and both deserve respect, admiration, and recognition. 

Wreck-It Ralph did not get the recognition it deserved for having progressive female characters that shattered gender norms while still being positive role models for little girls.


Vanellope is a princess, but decides she’d rather be president. Which if you ask me, conveys more authority and respect than a princess, who is generally viewed ad a damsel. Vanellope doesn’t take Ralph at face-value like everyone else. Instead, she got to know him and found the kind-hearted, gentle soul he was. She learns that the thing about her that she once hated makes her special, and embraces it. She learns to help others, that she doesn’t know everything, and that it’s okay to ask for help. She learns that the platonic love between friends is a very powerful thing. She grows as a character, and does so without a love interest.

Then there’s Sergeant Calhoun. She’s a tough-as-nails veteran with PTSD. She’s the best there is at what she does and the boys couldn’t do her job better if they tried. She’s not the best at romance, but she cherishes love when she does manage to find it. She’s also intelligent as well as pretty, which is something you don’t always see in female characters. And, falling in love with Felix does not compromise who she is as a person. Loving Felix did not ‘cure’ her of her PTSD. Marrying Felix did not mean she became a doting housewife.

And, both of these characters showed little girls that it’s okay for girls to like 'boy’ things.

Things I still need from critical role:

- The ever elusive backstory of Shaun Gilmore, and the Geddemores

- Explanation on Rune children, what are their powers? Why were/are they hunted/persecuted during the Age of Arcanum? Why were they sought after?

- More Gilmore content in general

- Shaun Gilmore finding the love he truly deserves

- Gilmore getting recognition for not only saving Salda and the children, but also for going toe to toe with Thordak twice, and protecting Whitestone.

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Mike Faist was robbed of a Tony. This is an outrage.

Okay, so I wasn’t going to comment on this really at all b/c I hate Tony discourse but here we go:

Mike wasn’t robbed of anything. It’s not an outrage. I am the biggest Mike stan out there, okay. I would give my life for his. But that doesn’t make Gavin Creel any less deserving of this award. He is incredibly talented and has taken his role, a very well known role, and turned it into something completely his own. He has mastered that character in a way no one ever has. I adore Gavin and am so happy for him.

This, of course, does not discredit Mike’s effort and work he’s put into Connor. He’s incredible. Top notch quality. I’m fully aware of how amazing Mike is, okay. I literally couldn’t breathe because he was so good when I saw the show. Disappear had me shook. Every little micro-expression was spot on and that role is very interesting in itself and he has managed to make it even more so. Bless him.

Every single one of the nominees have worked very hard for the roles they play/played and honestly each one of them deserves the recognition they got. Hands down. A talented bunch of folks.

And at the end of the day, does it really matter who takes home the little statue? Plus, Mike will get his certificate for them winning Best Musical so technically, Tony Winner Mike Faist is not a lie ;)

What Casey Affleck did back then was a wrong thing. Absolutely. But, at the same time, it literally happened six years ago - when he was a lot younger and also having issues with alcohol. He’s stated that, as of 2016, he’s been sober for three years now. He made mistakes and has moved on from them, settling things with the two females that were involved and apologized for it all. Now, when he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves for an incredible movie role, he’s having that past shoved into his face. There is literally nothing else he can do now to make up for it. So I don’t know what people are expecting from him.

I don’t think what the victims did were wrong. They were being treated poorly and they spoke out. And sexism is an issue in Hollywood. However, if a person has apologized, has refrained from ever repeating the mistakes he made, and has repaired himself as much as he can, doesn’t he deserve to be forgiven? People can change but Casey Affleck isn’t being given the chance to prove that.

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What are some of the current work in progress fics you're following??

Boy, am I following a lot of fics rn and boy, do I wish my memory was better because I’m tired and nothings coming to me so bear w me here.

I definitely remember I’m following this fic and not because she just updated it but because it’s unforgettable. The Price by @alchemistc is just……. soo good. Lieutenant dark!Swan AU: Once every fifteen years, the Dark One has a choosing in which she selects a man or woman for her kingdom and takes them away until it’s time to chose another. It is said to be a great honor but Killian doesn’t see it that way. This fic is unbelievable, really.  She is one of the most talented writers in this fandom or any other. I am constantly blown away by her writing. You know when you read something, imagery or a metaphor or whatever, and it’s so beautiful that you just have to take a moment and sit back and process it because it was just that amazing. Yeah, this is like every damn paragraph in this fic. It’s currently at Ch. 9 w 39.9k words. Rated T.

Special Instructions by @bleebug : Modern AU. A hurt and drunk Emma orders a pizza with specific instructions. The delivery guy is attractive and drunk Emma doesn’t handle that well. Adorableness ensues. Killian is a precious pizza delivering cupcake. Seriously, just a really adorable fic and a really fun read. I can’t wait to see where these two losers go. Currently on Ch. 5 w 15k words. Rated E.

FindEmmaSwanAFriend by @blessed-but-distressed : Modern AU. On a whim, Emma Swan moves to Scottland. Her friends at home, with good intentions, place an ad in the paper and #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Killian Jones, a journalist, looking for a new subject for his article, takes interest in her. This is just???? Wonderful and interesting and unique. I really enjoy her writing style and how she switches between the actual narrative of Emma and Killian’s lives and Killian’s column. Currently on Ch 6 w 21k wors. Rated M.

Casualties by @legendofthephoenixcs / @poetic-justice-96 : A fake relationship AU. Emma Swan is the star of a popular tv show based on a military lifestyle like the one she was forced to leave behind. To quiet questions of her past, she must begin a fake relationship with her co-star, Killian Jones. This is one’s a little different from your regular celebrity or fake relationship trope and I’m very interested in seeing where it goes. Currently at Ch. 7 w 23.9k words. Rated M.

Caesura by @seastarved : Historical AU. Set during WW1. Killian is an artist, recovering physically and emotionally from his time as a Lieutenant in the Navy. Emma is a nurse. A story two people finding one another and learning how to breathe again. One of the things I love about this fic is how much effort has been put into maintaining historical accuracy. Very angsty (God, Killian is so angsty) and simply beautiful. Her writing is breathtaking and she does a great job of transporting you to this time. Currently at Ch. 10 w 64k words. Rated T. (Link directs to a consolidated post w all chapters and a set of beautiful manips. Chinx is seriously like the most talented graphic maker in this fandom and her manips for this fic are stunning)

This fic has actually been complete for about a month but there is the possibility of an epilogue, I believe, and I haven’t put it on a list yet and it deserves recognition. A Fairytale Beginning by @pocket-anon : Enchanted AU. Captain Hook, on a quest to kill the Dark One, winds up in the strange land of New York City. There he meets Henry and his mother Emma, who has no time for fairytale nonsense. This fic is just a big bunch of wonderful. I absolutely adore the movie Enchanted and Killian and Emma fit into the roles of these characters so well. 9 chapters w 61k words. Rated G.

And lastly, a fic I am super excited for and that nearly gave me a heart attacked when I noticed it was posted, Cast by the Light by @ripplestitchskein : s3 Canon Divergence. Killian sacrifices himself to obtain the Black Fairy’s wand and Emma is left to reunite Killian w his shadow. I haven’t even read it yet but everything she does is magic so I’m pumped. Currently at Ch. 1 w 7k words. Rated M.

Show Review 29/03/2017

This show was the most important performance for me because it was the one I was seeing with my Mum. I was actually quite nervous. I really wanted her to understand why I keep going back to see the show again and again and why it means so much to me. My Mum says I’m obsessed. I say I’m passionate. Maybe somewhere in-between. ;) 

I was also full of trepidation because my Mum is a cynic, and very hard to please. She is much more critical, generally-speaking, than I am and I was worried that she simply wouldn’t find the play as wonderful as I do and I was so desperate for her approval of it. If she didn’t think as highly as possible of it, I would be devastated. My Mum read and enjoyed the books - she would borrow my copy after I’d finished with it on every release. The last time she read one of them was nearly exactly ten years ago, when the last book came out. We saw every film together. There’s a lot of personal history for us that is attached to Harry Potter and in a relationship that has been tested at times to its absolute limit, the Harry Potter memories are positives of our time together that stand out for me. It was vital to me that this memory would be as jubilant as all those memories and that she would understand what the play and its themes meant to me and think as highly of the play as she did of the books and their themes and histories for us. Given that we disagree far more than we agree, my worries were not unfounded.

She thought the play was “outstanding”. The highlights for her were the acting, the choreography, the special effects and the music. She was particularly admiring of Anthony, Sam, Noma, Jamie and Anabel (as Myrtle), even though Noma and Jamie both stumbled on some lines (just momentary hesitation while they remembered the line. I don’t know if it was something in the air, as there were a couple of moments where I thought the cast might break, or whether they are all just very tired - it was enough for a first-timer like my Mum to pick up on but it wasn’t held against them at all). During certain moments she actually grabbed me and grinned at me like a child in Hamley’s, her eyes just shining with awe, such as in the Polyjuice transformations and the appearance of the dementors. I’ve never seen her react to something like that.

She wants to see it again. My Mum never wants to see anything twice. She gets bored incredibly easily - as I said, she’s really hard to please. She’s also disabled - it’s worth bearing in mind that sitting upright for five hours is difficult for her. But she wants to do it again. I didn’t dare to dream that she would want to see it more than once. There is no greater compliment to the show, for me, than my Mum wanting to see it more than once. For this particular performance, her reaction alone was everything to me, I wouldn’t have minded if anything else wasn’t ideal.

However, as luck would have it, the performance itself today was an absolute smasher - probably the second-best I’ve seen. The cast was almost entirely in their original roles, bar one - Josh Wyatt was on as Karl/Dudley - I really liked him in this role - I thought his Dudley in particular was very good:

I found out at the end of the night that @mrsellacott was at the same performance - it’s a shame I didn’t know she was in or I would have gone to introduce myself. I know what she looks like (though she doesn’t know what I look like, mwah-ha-ha-ha) so I feel foolish for not spotting her four rows in front of me (she was in AA, I was in C but I walked right between where she was sitting and the stage more than once - I’m so unobservant, but then when you’ve been holding your bladder for the interval, the loos beckon you rather determinedly). 

She has already posted her recap (https://mrsellacott.tumblr.com/post/159003741424/cursed-child-review-29317) so I apologise if I repeat anything she has already mentioned. I notice different things in every performance, so indeed, I apologise if I’m repeating something I’ve mentioned in a previous recap, or something someone else has mentioned. 

Act One Scene One:

Albus and Lily were holding hands on arriving at King’s Cross. Sibling moments within the Potters are few and far between in the play so that was lovely.

Act One Scene Two:

Ron and James laughed really hard when Albus asked about being put in Slytherin. Is it a running joke or do they find the idea ludicrous?

When Rose went to get onto the train after telling Hermione she couldn’t give a Professor love, she hurriedly said “Bye, love you, bye” as she left. It was cute and Rose-y and genuine. I love ad-libs - they make things even more real somehow.

When the kids left the platform, Albus last of all, Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck and he held her and gave her the sweetest kiss. Swoon. Okay, I promise to try to keep the Hinny swooning to a minimum.

Act One Scene Three:

Cherelle varies the “It’s exciting!” line from show to show and my favourite version of it is the one she did in this performance where she grabs Albus and shakes him back and forth as she squeals “It’s exciiiiitiiiiiiinnng!” Her enthusiasm is infectious to the audience and it always gets a good laugh when delivered like this.

Act One Scene Four:

During the flying lesson, Madam Hooch stopped the other students in their teasing of Albus by saying a scolding”Ah-ah!” at them and pointing her finger in termination when they Karl calls Albus a squib. This isn’t scripted but I really liked it because it bothered me that there was no scripted reaction from Hooch (though I understand that for the stage one has to make allowances in terms of cutting details from scenes that would extend the play). I always imagined Hooch (and any other teacher for that matter) putting a foot down if they heard that kind of thing from any student toward another. Anyway, I hope Helena keeps doing that.

The DADA scene - Rose really did try to help Albus with his wand in this scene. She hurried over to him and very briefly tried to assist and then said ”I can’t help” and re-joined the class.

Act One Scene Five:

When Hermione nagged Harry about his paperwork with a “Consider this a gentle nudge” he avoided her eye and tried to wave it off with an abrupt “Yeah, yeah, yeah”. It was childish and gave me strong book throwbacks with Hermione nagging Harry about homework or revision or working out his egg clue and I liked it. At this response, Hermione seemed to think he wasn’t quite heeding her authority, so she added the “from the Minister for Magic” which Harry reluctantly acknowledged, still avoiding her eyes. Such a kid. (I love it when something in the play gives an anamnesis of the books).

Act One Scene Seven:

Poppy gave the softest chuckle at Lily and her fairy wings. It was so natural and the way she was looking at her was with so much love and fondness. Poppy is one of the more unsung heroes of the cast. Her role isn’t as big as Noma’s so she gets less recognition but she deserves just as much, because her performance is just as outstanding. The way she looks at the people she loves, Albus, Lily, James, Harry, even Heroine and Ron - it’s so hard for me to remember that she’s acting. She is utterly, utterly convincing and she just radiates love and warmth. I imagine Poppy to be the kindest, warmest person in real life, because I really feel it from her on stage. She’s my favourite actress of the cast. It amazes me how readily she can cry real tears, too. She’s superb.

Jamie extended the “never wanted gratitude” line. It was “I never wanted gratitude or anything-” before Albus cut him off. As I’ve said, I love these ad-libs and actors playing with lines because it gives the play so much authenticity for each show and it works better for the cast because they have more to play with from each other.

Sam skipped the “Sometimes” in the infamous “wish you weren’t my Dad” line. I really like it like this because it makes it so much more hurtful and provocative to Harry. The line became simply “I wish you weren’t my Dad”. It changes the line so much - it is no more just something Albus is feeling on a bad day, the absence of the “sometimes” makes it definitive with no room for alleviation. It’s brutal. I’ve not noticed Sam changing it like this before (has anyone else?) but I prefer the line that way. Harry’s following line was the same “Well, there are times I wish you weren’t my son.”

Act One Scene Eight:

Little Harry for this performance was Jabez Cheeseman (epic name) and he is my favourite little Harry so far. He is adorable! He is indeed, really little, the smallest of the all the cast members (child actors included), and he’s excellent in his role. The child actors, particularly the young Harrys, as so impressive.

The whooshing noise in the transition between this dream scene at the lighthouse and scene nine sounds like waves. I don’t know if that’s intentional or if that’s just my interpretation.

Act One Scene Nine:

Ginny was stroking Harry’s hair when comforting him in bed. Sweet.

Act One Scene Ten:

I really feel for Rose in this scene. She is really trying with Albus, yes, it’s prompted but she’s trying. Cherelle added a new line here (it might not be new - maybe I just haven’t noticed it before - can anyone else weigh in? It’s definitely not scripted): when Albus tells Rose to leave him alone she gets really frustrated; she’s visibly hurt and angrily says “Why are you so angry all the time?” (unscripted) but they are then interrupted by Scorpius. Rose saying”I’m here, OK?” is very genuine. Rose has a good heart and she does care.

Sam was really on his game today, he gave the best performance I’ve seen from him. When he was explaining to Scorpius the conversation he overhead between Amos and Harry, he quotes Amos and says it exactly as Amos said it, same tones, same pronunciation, same expression of outrage, everything and it showed how much he’d been influenced by Amos (fuelled by their shared animosity toward Harry). However, Albus’s “I need to do this” shows that his motives behind the mission are selfish.

Act One Scene Twelve:

I mentioned in my last recap that when sitting in Row AA I could hear things in the general meeting that weren’t on microphones. In particular was Martin Johnston indignantly saying “that was unnecessary” when Hermione conjured silence from the crowd. I listened out for this time from Row C and could still hear it - he does say this every performance, it seems.

Act One Scene Fourteen:

This scene opens with an elderly witch pushing a walking frame which gets stuck. She hits it with her wand and it suddenly shoots out of her reach and zooms away. When the frame shot away this time, the witch said “You bugger” in an endearing northern accent. It was the first time I’ve heard it - can anyone else say whether she says it every time?

Act One Scene Sixteen:

When Albus, Delphi and Scorpius stand outside the telephone box at the Ministry, you can hear Big Ben chiming in the background. It’s a cool detail and I don’t remember noticing it before. Obviously, sound effects don’t change between performances, but as I said, part of the joy of seeing repeat performances it noticing new things each time - you just can’t pick up on everything in one show - there’s too much to focus on!

Anthony didn’t do his sea lion barks. :(

I love how Jamie!Scorpius looks at Delphi after he tells Paul!Albus to go to his room. He really grins at her, you can really see how much fun he’s having but it’s also as if he wants a bit of Delphi’s approval. Jamie!Scorpius was so dorky with his cloak that he actually almost fell over. I’m sure Jamie’s stumble here is intentional but it looks klutzy and accidental. He’s brilliant. Noma!Delphi gets impatient with the boys very quickly when they tussle with each other. She gets in between them with an impatient “Excuse me.”

Act One Scene Eighteen:

Hermione put her arms around Harry when she was trying to reassure him over what he said to Albus. I love the Harry/Hermione relationship. I only wish there was as much Harry/Ron in the play.

Noma did the two-fingered “I’m watching you” gesture to Paul. She doesn’t always do it. 

Paul’s mortified moan is wonderful as he buries his face in his hands once Harry  and Hermione leave. Paul is pure brilliance in this scene. I don’t know how he doesn’t crack every time.

Act One Scene Nineteen.

Paul!Albus got indignant at Jamie!Scorpius teasing him about kissing his Aunt, as if he felt Scorpius didn’t appreciate what he, Albus, had just been put through. :D

Jamie!Scorpius got so overexcited and high-pitched at seeing Sonnets of a Sorcerer and collapsed onto his knees looking as though all his dreams had come true. The audience loved it; it got a big laugh.

Act Two Scene Six:

This is always one of the more poignant scenes for me. Scorpius’s line about the “little tingle” is example of Jack Thorne’s genius because he knows that is exactly how the audience feels (Of course he does: he’s a Potterhead). I find the Hide and Seek soundtrack simply beautiful here. To anyone who knows the song but hasn’t heard it in this scene, it doesn’t sound like the original song. The song is cut to start from “Hide and seek, trains and sewing machines…” It sounds as though it is being sung by a choir from inside a nearby church that you are standing outside of. It’s so, so beautiful. If you recall the Part One film adaptation of Deathly Hallows, where Harry and Hermione visit Godric’s Hollow: in that scene you can hear a choir singing from inside a church on screen. The soundtrack to the play in this scene sounds just like that as the theatre glows around you to make you feel as though you are in Hogwarts. It’s one of the most beautiful scenes of the play and it never fails to give me and everyone else a “tingle”.

Act Two Scene Seven:

Cherelle was great in this scene. She really went for it when cheering for Harry “HARRYYYYY! HARRYYYY! HARRYYYY!” She sounded like a football fan. Then, when she questioned the boys and Durmstrang!Albus apologised to her, Scorpius did the most ridiculous accent I’ve ever heard saying “Mmmmmm, yeeeessss” as Albus was trying to cover for him. Oh, these boys. 

Act Two Scene Eleven:

I hadn’t noticed before that when Hermione warns “if anyone else interrupts me again” it’s because Polly and Yann are just in the process of rising out of the chairs again with the mouths open to speak and Hermione sits them down with her hand as she says this.

Act Two Scene Twelve:

In the musical transition between this scene and the last (impeccably smooth) you can hear the staircases being moved on, but the set pieces are so soft in sound that the movement of them against the music sounds like a background of soft rain dissipating into the scene. It’s something I noticed before but forgot to mention. Perhaps it doesn’t sound that way to others but it is what it sounds like to me and only in the context of this scene. It’s the most haunting, beautiful, soulful, emotive sound and it will stir emotion inside me before I’ve even laid eyes on the actors.

Act Two Scene Thirteen:

This was my favourite performance of Alex’s that I’ve seen. I thought he was brilliant tonight. He was softer in general and his timing and his comedy was superb. When Harry asked if he was sure Scorpius was his, there was the longest pause I’ve seen. It was as if Draco was trying to work Harry out, did Harry genuinely believe the rumours or was he just trying to antagonise, or simply just clutching at straws? Alex’s “take that back” was almost comical, almost playful, as if he didn’t entirely believe Harry meant it but that Draco wanted an excuse to get wands out anyway; he drummed a pointed finger on the table with every word. When he drew his wand and Harry warned him, he emitted this high-pitched “Uhhh” as if he was really quickly thinking about what Harry said before deciding he really does want to do it. It was funny, but the Malfoy confidence with which he expressed his thoughts without becoming sinister and taking from the scene was excellent.

Act Two Scene Fifteen:

I finally saw the infamous “cooking” reaction from Alex, which I hadn’t seen him do in this way before. Upon hearing that Harry is the cook, there is a beat while he takes this in and then the biggest, most charming, adorable grin, as though this is the best piece of news he has ever heard and he’s immediately thinking about how much fun he is going to have over teasing Harry about this.

The rest of his lines in this scene were soft. I love it when Alex plays this scene soft because it seems that Draco really feels what he trying to say. Sometimes Alex can be quite rough with this speech which I understand, given the character and his reluctant to show vulnerability but I think it takes away from what is a very profound few moments from him so I loved his delivery this time.

Act Two Scene Sixteen:

The library scene. As well as being the best performance from Alex I’ve ever seen, today was also the best performance from Anthony I’ve ever seen (and Sam, as mentioned earlier). He really showed why he got that Olivier nom. He was incredible. He has never made me laugh and cry so much in one scene. Up until this performance, my favourite version of this scene had been when I saw James Le Lacheur as Scorpius (I’m sad she’s not staying on, I’d love more opportunity to see her in the role) but Anthony did it for me this time around. We all know how heavy this scene gets but a couple of comical moments include Scorpius giving an impromptu apologetic wave with one hand to Polly when she tells them to “Sshhh!”, Scorpius really starts to lose his patience and raises his voice when he says “This is bigger than you and your Dad” - Polly looks around again and he turns to her and puts both hands up in the air in apologetic surrender which got a chuckle from the audience. The highlight of this scene was the hug at the end. I’ve never seen Sam hug him so forcefully. As soon as Scorpius grabbed his hand to shake it (sneaky Albus never wanted just a handshake) he pulled him in for the hug so forcefully that Anthony completely lost his balance and fell into him and Sam was literally holding him up with his head buried on Anthony’s left shoulder, facing away from the audience, while Anthony just hung there looking awkwardly at the audience. There was this pause and then Anthony, pure genius that he is, just goes “Okay…” (it was a slightly muffled “Okay” because Sam was squeezing him so hard and Anthony’s face was squished) and his delivery of it was hysterical, as if he was gently trying not to offend a mentally unstable person. Big audience reaction.

Act Three Scene Five:

The Neville revelation got a gasp, from a handful of people, but one person in particular gave the biggest, most comical gasp I’ve ever heard and then the rest of the audience all laughed.

I have to say that I’ve never been convinced by Paul Bentall as Snape but this performance changed that. He made me tear up. Paul normally raises his voice quite a bit, which I don’t like as I find it very out of character but he hardly did so at all this time. He was definitely convincing in this show and the way he broke when Scorpius revealed what he knew - he really showed Snape as a broken, lonely, desperate man and it worked so well. I thought this different approach made his relationship with Hermione work much better in the next scene. Kudos.

Act Three Scene Seven:

Paul (Thornley) didn’t do the thumbs-up when Ron finds out he and Hermione are married in the other world. :(

Act Three Scene Nine:

Anthony did the long drawn-out version of “it’s HARRYY POTTAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” He doesn’t always exclaim it this way, sometimes he just says “It’s Harry Potter!!” I love it when he draws out his euphoria at seeing Harry because the audience loves it and they really feel his relief. It always gets a big reaction when he delivers it like this and the audience claps and whoops because they are just as overjoyed to see Harry back to life but their reaction is definitely fed by how Anthony delivers the line. Anthony also did the McGonagall dance which gets a good laugh. He doesn’t always do it.

Act Four Scene Six:

I know I promised to keep the Hinny swooning to a minimum and I think I’ve been quite successful but the kiss was awesome, as always. It was quite short but so full of emotion. Jamie literally grabbed Poppy and took her off her feet - she had to step into him to get her footing back. He also interrupted her - the end of her sentence got lost in his mouth. ^^ Swoon.

Act Four Scene Ten:

Paul took his coat off in this scene as he volunteers and it’s the first time I’ve seen him do it.  @mrsellacott can tell you more about this. https://mrsellacott.tumblr.com/post/158997227469/with-paul-thornley-at-the-stage-door-following

Act Four Scene Fourteen:

Anthony’s robe-thing on the staircase with Rose gets more and more adorable and ridiculous. This was the first time I’ve seen Cherelle really get into Anthony’s face and she held the longest beat, ever. Scorpius was nervous, Albus, was nervous, the audience was nervous because none of us knew what she might do but then she just calls him Scorpion King and laughs and Scorpius looks slightly relieved. Albus’s mouth falls open. Scorpius gave Albus the most adorable hug. They were standing quite apart for most of the scene (I still haven’t seen the nose hoop in any of the performances I’ve gone to) but you could see Scorpius thinking about hugging Albus. Part of him wanted to and part of him didn’t want to and then he just decided to go for it and slowly, gingerly put his arms around Albus’s middle (Albus was standing above him) and just kind of rests his head against Albus’s side. It was adorable.

Act Four Scene Fifteen:

Albus telling Harry that his childhood was a constant struggle got a big laugh from the audience. Jamie was very weepy in this scene - more weepy in this one than any other. Aaaaaaaannnnddd he did the hoodie thing! Not the tie-thing (because he hadn’t ruined the tie presentation this time) but he zipped up Albus’s hoodie and neatened out the hood behind his neck, smoothing his shoulders. Swoon.

And that’s the recap. It got very long, sorry! 

*clenches fists* all sebastian stans roles matter

anonymous asked:

I recently saw a post, reblogged by this blog I follow that calls out racism, etc. Basically someone said Tarjei's lips were perfect on Twitter, including a picture. People on tumblr reacted by making fun of them and I got that typical making-fun-of-white-guy vibe from it. Usually I don't really care but? ? Tarjei doesn't deserve that? He's just a TEEN who has a role that's really important to LGBT+ people and people w mental illness and then all these people who don't even know of him do this?

Yeah, when skam season 1 started gaining recognition, in the very beginning was the peak time. I remember it. The “"official”“ skam Facebook group was made with maybe 4000 members, and many of the actors, Marlon, Ulrikke, Josefine, Tarjei and Ina atleast were in it, and fans would post things and the actors would post things, it was super cool because it was so chill? Like the actors were normal people. Then the group started to grow. A lot of people began to obsess over characters (Chris P especially) and began pointing out flaws in the characters, like Jonas’ eyebrows and Isaks lips and how Chris P showed his gums as he smiled. It didn’t take long until all the actors left the group. It was super sad!
I’m so against criticising the looks of characters and ESPECIALLY actors. Of course I’m not perfect, I’ve made fun of Kylo Rens hair and Benedict Cumberbatches face and all of William but SKAM has really made me realise that actors are human. It’s completely okay to hate a fictional character, it’s completely okay to not find actors attractive, but it’s not okay to call actors ugly and make fun of them, not if you don’t like the character they play, not for any reason at all. To everyone: please think before you post! Don’t be rude and mean towards celebrities just because you view them more as objects than actual people…

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite things about Tom Hardy?

  • His humanity.
  • Seriously, he’s got one of the biggest hearts I’ve seen from an individual, celebrity or not.
  • His diligence. His work ethic. That man delivers what he says he’s going to deliver and gives every bit of himself to the roles he takes on, and you can see it clear as day through his acting.
  • His humility? I mean…not only does Tom not have an ego about himself or acting, but he completely gives credit where it’s due to those who are owed recognition just as well as himself. Have you seen the video of him accepting the award for Best Actor for Locke from the LA Film Critics Association? Like the guy fucking apologizes for taking too much screentime for an 85 minute film that relies ENTIRELY on Tom Hardy’s performance. And what does he do? He stresses the film crew and Steven Knight’s role in making the film happen and completely downplays his part in it. I mean, a large part of why I really love Tom is that he will give recognition to people beyond himself, who deserve it. Take a look at how Tom insisted on taking Jacob Tomuri, his stunt double with him for press junket interviews for Mad Max and insisting on him getting recognized? I really don’t see many actors do this, who really fight for the people behind-the-scenes, or people who don’t get as much recognition and give them a shoutout as to their success, any success, because Tom realizes he’s a cog in a machine. He’s part of a greater whole and that a film consists of many moving parts and many people slaving themselves day after day to make a film happen, and rarely do those people get recognition and Tom gives it. And I absolutely love him for it. Like truly, I fucking love him.
  • His support, love, and absolute respect for women. I’m not going to sit here and praise Tom for rising to the defense of women in light of the Mad Max film because that’s what anyone should do and goes without saying, but nonetheless I appreciate that again, he gives recognition where it’s due. He doesn’t deny the women in his life their agency or importance, and their significance in shaping who he is today or getting him to where he’s at, and I feel like it’s rare I see any man, celebrity or not, fucking acknowledge what their mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, girlfriends, wives do, and that’s a damn shame. 
  • Lets also talk about all the numerous animals he finds on set and while working and nurses them back to full health or finds them a home or a means of getting adopted? I mean. There was the incident with him finding a cat, CJ, there are numerous times he’s found dogs and found homes for them or housed dogs himself while filming, and honestly…someone who absolutely cannot leave an animal alone, stray or not, until they find them a secure place to live is telling of the sort of person they are. Also all the causes he supports! I have admiration for his commitment to organizations like Help for Heroes, even though I (personally) take issue with the zealous support of military/police force but, you know. 
  • His honesty. I mean, have you seen the fucking quotes? No? You’re in for a wild ride. Every interview with Tom Hardy both in-person and in an article are absolutely fucking glorious. He’s not only a very, very, intelligent person, but he says the most ludicrous and hilarious things that somehow end up making sense? My personal favorite interviews recently are his Details Interview, Esquire Interview UK & US, his GQ interview, Tom’s interview with Vulture and being a huge fan of dogs, and Tom Hardy Life Lessons for Men’s Health, are some of my favorites just to name a few.
  • His ridiculousness. I mean, have you not seen Tom’s old myspace photos? Allow me to introduce you to the strangest motherfucker on the planet. And even though he no longer has a myspace, his ridiculousness lives on whenever Leila Shirazi gifts Tom with free things. I mean…I’m in love?
  • Tom’s brief love affair with social media. Listen, the week he had a twitter and facebook account was the week I tried not to combust. That week was a roller coaster from start to finish, and since I had subscribed to Tom’s twitter updates I had “fkn Legend” texted to my phone at a rate of 20 fucking tweets in five minutes. It was the best kind of experience tbh. Never forget.
  • Tom’s constant praise of others. I mean it. Like every time there’s been a rumor about Tom getting into a fight with a costar or a colleague, or some rumor of Tom not getting along or being difficult, he gets interviewed and he has nothing but kind, sincere things to say. He’s honest, but Tom being labeled as somebody who gives people a hard time is, I think, all about perspective and context. Ultimately I think Tom has nothing but respect for those he works with and those who have gotten him to where he is today.
  • And lastly? Tom’s response to my reddit AMA question I asked him in April 2014. One of my most favorite things is not only the fact I got a response, but that I asked someone I look up to greatly a question and I got a response better than I could have EVER asked for, and I will never forget it and never stop reading it for days I don’t feel like I’m good enough.

I love Tom. He’s human, he’s sweet, he’s goofy and a giant dork, he’s soft, he loves people, he gives and he gives and he gives, and I am just truly like…I’m truly a fan of how sincerely good of a person he is. I really do not care about celebrities, or care about many people, really, on this level of infatuation. But Tom? He’s really won my heart.

I absolutely adore the man that is Tom Hardy and everything he is. 

He’s one of the good ones.

CC new cast review-Friday 26th 2017

On Friday the 26th of May 2017, I was lucky enough to see The Cursed Child for the third time, this time with the new cast. I was sat in E3 stalls, the best view I’ve ever had. Here are my thoughts.



Theo Ancient: Albus Potter

Now, Albus is possibly my favourite character thanks to Sam’s previous portrayal. He is brilliantly layered and a very interesting character to watch, so naturally I was intrigued to see what Theo would bring to him.

Theo’s Albus is considerably different to Sam’s in several ways. He plays him much younger and vulnerable, which I adore. He was quite nervous at the beginning, but it was only the second time they had performed so nerves were inevitable, but he soon settled into the swing of the audience and the stage and took over completely. I really liked his acting. He reminded me very much of Christopher from TCIOTDITN; he captured his innocence and vulnerability so well! Not to mention his relationship with Samuel Blenkin (Scorpius) on stage was just so lovely to watch.

If there’s one thing to critique Theo on, it would be to work on the relationships with Harry and Ginny. This goes for the actors of Harry and Ginny too, but with time I think they will be perfect. At the moment it just felt like actors acting rather than the characters we know and adore. Despite this, Theo has a lot of potential and will be perfect soon enough!

Samuel Blenkin: Scorpius Malfoy

As a fandom, we were all really nervous about who was going to play Scorpius. He’s a fan favourite, and we were so lucky to have both Anthony and James play him in the original cast, and they were extraordinary. But never fear, Scorpius is in very safe hands!

Samuel is different to the previous actors, but he has kept the essence of Scorpius very much alive. He was absolutely hilarious, delivering his iconic lines perfectly and the audience immediately warmed to him. He plays Scorpius much geekier and more nervous, which I loved, and developed little mannerisms that had everyone smiling (always fidgeting and using his hands a lot). Not only was he hilarious, but he managed to break our hearts in the library scene. I was sat quite close so I could see their faces perfectly, but you could feel how broken he was after his mother’s death and it genuinely almost made me cry. He was just spectacular.

Jamie Glover: Harry Potter


I have to say that I had fallen in love with Jamie Parker’s portrayal of Harry, because he understood the character right through to his bones. New Jamie was who I was most nervous for.

Jamie Glover plays Harry much quieter than Parker, which made quite a nice contrast to his fiery and explosive Gryffindor temper. I only wish he emphasized his temper more, however. Theo has clearly worked hard on his sly Slytherin temper through his actions and words, but I almost wanted more anger from Glover. It felt like it was all at the same pace, and he often overlooked some of Harry’s best lines (“and you’re still talking to me?” “there’s plenty you’re good at, albus!”) I did enjoy watching him on stage, but he needs time to develop and understand the character a bit more. I missed Parker’s screaming as well, the nightmare scenes felt a little anti-climactic, and I wanted more of a reaction than just quiet sobbing when he watches his parents die.

Despite this, he was wonderful in the scenes with Dumbledore. He almost regressed to teenage Harry again and it brought a tear to my eye.

Rakie Ayola: Hermione Granger


Likewise, I was very comfortable with Noma’s Hermione, and as she is my favourite character I was intrigued to see a new portrayal. And I really enjoyed it.

She plays Hermione much brighter than Noma and I can’t tell which way I prefer, the schoolgirl Hermione that we grew up with still exists and it was lovely to watch. One scene where she shone considerably was the first alternative reality, instead of being stern and cruel, she was almost hysterically evil. It was really fun to watch, and Theo’s reaction helped the both of them act off one another, and it worked fantastically. The scene where she meets Ron on the staircase was particularly tear-jerking, you could tell that she was really holding back from sobbing. Not to mention the bit where Rose jumps into her arms later in the play, honestly one of the most emotional parts of the production. Rakie held on to Helen for dear life and tears happened. It just hits you how wonderful Hermione truly is.

Thomas Aldridge: Ron Weasley


I wasn’t worried about a new Ron as I had complete faith in the casting team that they would find someone as funny as Paul, and they absolutely did.

The only thing that bothers me in TCC in general is that Ron’s character is only for comedic purposes rather than the brave lion we knew from the books, but I suppose it worked for comic relief. Despite this, Thomas was wonderful. He portrayed the lines so well and almost always got a brilliant response from the audience. Like Rakie, the staircase scene in the first alternate reality was so beautiful. You could feel the love radiating from the stage. One moment I had never realized before was in Act One Scene Two, where he gives James a bag of sweets secretly to stop him from taunting Albus about the thestrals. It was such a Ron thing to do.

Emma Lowndes: Ginny Weasley


It’s safe to say that we all fell in love with Poppy’s Ginny, and so I was hoping to see the same portrayal this time.

Emma plays Ginny much more like the feisty book Ginny which was nice to watch, but she was missing the motherly stance that we all felt at home with. She did warm up towards the end, particularly in Act Four Scene Nine, but I wish we had seen this throughout her performance. She just needs time. Also her relationship with Ron wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be; the accents were a big signifier of this. Emma herself is from the north so deliberately had a RP accent, however it didn’t match with Ron, whose dialect was less perfect. They just need to work on their relationship a bit more, because I would not have known they were siblings had I never read/seen Harry Potter.

James Howard: Draco Malfoy


Obviously James had had experience as Draco in the previous cast, so I was assured that he would be fantastic. And he really was.

Like Samuel Blenkin, James really understands the complexity of his character and it was so lovely to watch. He kept the pride of the Malfoys whilst giving Draco every bit of recognition and justice that he deserves. He was particularly brilliant in the duel scene and was hilarious when he mocked Harry in the EGM. His relationship with Scorpius was lovely as well, every time they almost hugged it really pulled at our heart strings, so when they eventually embraced towards the end it was so beautiful. They were holding each other when watching Lily and James’ death, and I think at that moment it was like they had also seen Astoria die. I was sobbing.



Annabel Baldwin: Delphi Diggory


I had only ever seen Esther as Delphi before and quite enjoyed her portrayal, but there was always something missing, and so I was most excited to see Annabel.

She started off so well that I almost forgot who Delphi actually is. She reminded me very much of Tonks, out of the ordinary and bubbly, but you could really tell how manipulative she was over Albus. I suppose Annabel’s height works better for the “I’m flattered” line, as she does actually look older than the boys. But she really stole the stage in Act Three Scene Sixteen, where she changed so quickly even I was petrified. She was pure evil, and so terrifying. I genuinely don’t have the words to say how impressed I was at her performance. What I really liked was her range of vocal expression in particular, something Esther sometimes lacked towards the end, and it was really exciting to experience. I’m so glad this is her permanent role now.

Helen Aluko: Rose Granger-Weasley


I like Helen as much as I like Cherrelle as Rose. She was really sweet and showed signs of the fiery Gryffindor within her, but I wish she had exemplified that a bit more. If Rose had a bigger role in the play, then I wouldn’t have any complaints! She looked very, very suspicious as young Hermione towards the Durmstrang Scorpius and Albus, which was a lovely hint to how it created a ripple in time.


April Hughes: Moaning Myrtle/Lily Potter Sr


I have to talk about April because she was just fabulous as Myrtle. She had developed her voice so perfectly that it was an almost identical match to Myrtle in the films, and she was so active and girly on the sink. I was laughing the entire way through, and everyone loved her.

Elizabeth Hill: Madam Hooch, Aunt Petunia, Dolores Umbridge


I also have to talk about Elizabeth because of how good she was. You could really feel her upset and guilt when she was at Lily’s grave as Aunt Petunia, and her relationship with Mackley as Dudley was hilarious.

What was most impressive was her Umbridge. She was bloody spine-chilling. She really exaggerated her laugh and you could feel the whole audience sink into their chairs.


David Annen: Uncle Vernon, Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort

I’m not a fan of Snape for many reasons but I actually really liked Annen’s performance. He delivered the lines perfectly and even I felt some sort of attachment to him. (Did I really just sympathise with Snape?!) The patronus scene was stunning, as usual.

He was also very good as Lord Voldemort, he really took his time walking downstage and through the audience and it was quite horrifying to watch.

Minor roles that deserve recognition:

Tom Mackley: Wonderful as ever. Totally deserving of speaking roles, and was really fun to watch on stage. I think he yelled “Fleur Delacour, give me more!”, to which he said was “weak” at stage door!

James Phoon: Brilliant. You could tell he was enjoying every moment on stage, and was really wonderful as Craig.

Martin Johnston: Station Master earned lots of laughs. Looks fabulous in a dress.

Rupert Henderson: Really fun as James Potter and kept the “Daaaaaadd” alive. Also brilliant as Cedric.



In general, the cast just need time to perfect everything. The performance ran smoothly considering how little time they had to rehearse and run tech, but they will get better in time.

The polyjuice scene wasn’t as smooth as with the previous cast but that will come with practice.

During the Cycle song (my favourite part of the play, admittedly), Theo’s wand had split slightly when it was in the floor. We only noticed because we were so close. When they eventually pulled it out, the splintered bit flew across the stage. Also the puff of smoke was a second too late with the lighting and music. Live theatre, everyone!

Jamie Glover needs to work on his shouting, his voice broke a bit when he said the iconic “Sometimes I wish you weren’t my son” line, which affected the atmosphere a bit.

Theo was lovely to watch when seeing Lily Potter with baby Harry, he almost couldn’t help himself when he walked up to her and waved. It was heartwarming.

Seeing Dumbledore for the first time, where he is stood upstage and walks down to his portrait, is one of my favourite parts of the play. The audience always has the same reaction, everyone gasps and suddenly feels at home, and it makes me cry every time. I’m tearing up even thinking about it.

They have a new Krum chant and I can’t remember it! Something along the lines of “I love Krum, you love Krum…”. I miss the original one L

Stage Door:

Stage door was really quiet, it only went up to the corner so some of the actors had the time to talk to us for quite a while. (Also I can’t remember the exact order of who came out!) Everyone signed my programme and I got photos with the majority.

Emma came out very quickly, I think she was in a rush so I only asked for a signature and told her she did a good job and she was very kind!

Rupert was really friendly and asked if we enjoyed the play (I was stood with friends who had seen the play the day before).

I was a bit excited to see James Phoon (not to mention I had had some wine which made me even friendlier than usual, oops) and I think I gave him a hug. God damnit, tipsy Immy. Nevertheless, he was so friendly, I complimented him on his performance and his drag, to which he was SO HAPPY. He gave me another hug before moving on.

James Howard was lovely as usual and looked so happy when I told him how much I adored his Draco.

Martin is my new favourite person. He said he was going to come out with a new fashion line.

Barry is just so lovely and friendly, I got to compliment him more at this stage door than at cast change which was really nice!

Thomas was so grateful for the compliments, you could tell how much he loved playing Ron and he said we were very kind.

Jamie was sweet, he seemed quite shy but was happy at our comments nonetheless!

April is just the cutest thing ever. She was so excited when we told her she was just perfect as Myrtle and was so lovely!

Rakie was SO lovely. We all praised her and she said she had big shoes to fill before saying she’s very good friends with Noma and will tell her that we miss her, but Hermione is in good hands!

Henry Rundle was super friendly and was really happy we enjoyed the new cast.

I had heard that Theo is quite shy but we got him talking. He came over with a big smile on his face and I essentially gushed at how wonderful he was. He was so happy. I asked which Hogwarts house he is in, to which he laughed and said that he thought he would be a Hufflepuff but is a Ravenclaw on Pottermore. He says he thinks a lot, but he identifies as a Hufflepuff! (Yaaaasss) He was so kind and friendly.

Tom Mackley was great as usual, and we had a full on conversation with him for honestly a good few minutes. My pictures with him are hilarious, we were laughing at something my friend said.

Samuel was just the sweetest guy. I gushed to him about how bloody brilliant he is, and he looked so surprised and grateful. It was as if he wasn’t expecting much of a reaction, but we told him how impressed we were with his performance and that we are so glad Scorpius is in good hands.

Annabel had friends at stage door so I didn’t ask for a picture as I knew she was in a rush, but she signed my programme and I told her she was brilliant and bloody terrifying, to which she said “I think I’ll take that as a compliment!”

To anyone about to see the new cast, or to anyone that is a bit apprehensive, give them time. They didn’t have nearly as much rehearsal time as the original cast (who also could rehearse in the theatre itself, so they had all the time to perfect it all!) and only had 4 days of tech, so they have done considerably well! All I can say is go in with an open and fresh mind and embrace the new portrayals of characters, and remember that actors only get annual contracts so you can’t get attached to the ways characters are performed! Just give the new cast time, and when you see them just be as friendly as possible in the audience. Our audience was quite quiet (except for myself and my internet friends sat in front of me who laughed at everything), so give the new cast a metaphorical warm hug and they will be so thankful.

Reasons to see Magnificent Seven
  • It’s fun. Seriously, if you like gunfights, explosions, gallows humor, and a bit of blood, it’s right up your alley. 
  • There’s a dark humor to it all, midway through there’s a joke about the undertaker getting some business from our heroes. Everyone laughs, and it’s a good quip, but it’s left up in air who’s going to be dying. A lot of jokes are made by men soon to be dead, but there’s a Life of Brian sort of look to it. “Enjoy it, it’s your last chance anyhow.”
  • The main seven are super diverse, coming from all walks of life, meeting by chance to do some good (even if their motivations are far from entirely pure); the director, Antoine Fuqua, is a black man and really pushed to cast racially diverse actors.  
  • No forced heterosexual romance, only mild flirts that are quickly rebuffed
  • Female character who kicks ass, holds her own, and doesn’t compromise her morals or femininity. 
  • Definitely a bit of queer subtext. Gonna leave that one open-ended, but it’s pretty obvious which two characters people are going to ship (and for good reason)
  • Red Harvest
  • Billy Rocks
  • I swear I’m not objectifying these characters (well…maybe a little. They are played by incredibly attractive gentlemen.) Point is, they’re both excellent, making supporting roles super interesting just by showing up, both kicking so much ass and bringing so much to what could have been easily forgettable bit parts. Red Harvest is such a fascinating character, and it’s more what isn’t said that makes him stand out to me. Billy Rocks is easily my favorite of the group, for many reasons, and he even brought some unexpected laughs! I really love what Martin Sensmeier and Byun Hun-Lee brought to the roles, and they deserve just as much recognition and accolades as Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt do (if not MORE!)
  • All that said, Denzel as Sam Chisholm is fantastic. You can tell how much pain there is there, how much his character had to work to get to where he is, and when it comes time for his revenge you can feel everything he’s feeling in that moment.
  • Sam Chisholm is The Man in Black
  • Chris Pratt is Chris Pratt. If you enjoy him, you’ll enjoy this. Part Starlord, part Andy, part Billy the Kid, that’s his character. Not a bad character, per se; your mileage may vary. Great supporting character to Denzel, has an excellent bit towards the very end. 
  • Going back to race relations, there definitely is some tension. The Civil War is brought up many a time. The Mexican American War is also talked about, in regards to a Mexican character (Vasquez), who a couple of the seven make quips about. Billy Rocks, an Asian man, supposedly sticks with Goodnight to ensure he doesn’t get treated like a third-class citizen. Chisholm’s entire identity is shaped by race, what little backstory we get tells of a black man struggling to survive, not to mention move from town to town without getting run out. There are no slurs thrown, but no one is acting like it’s 2016, and yet, somehow, everyone manages to get by. The director mentioned trying to recreate the Old West like it really was, black cowboys and all.
  • Characters talk openly about PTSD, and not vaguely either. One character in particular clearly has trauma, talks about it, and isn’t put down or shamed or hurt for dealing with it. Considering that prior to the actual movie I had to watch a trailer for a horror film with a villain with mental illness, I see that as a huge thing and a big deal.
  • Movie is shot gorgeously, lots of sweeping prairie shots and open landscape put to good atmospheric use

All in all, just a fun watch. Please go see it, it probably doesn’t need my prompting, but it’s a damn good film. 


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*holds up a picture of miles* see this boy? this boy is sunshine and he deserves love and the world and more. see his smile? it makes the arctic's ice melt and flowers bloom. this boy is alive and he is kind and talented and he will get the roles and recognition that he deserves ❤

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read I’m going to frame it

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I hate how Fionn isn't in the spotlight sometimes because he honestly deserves it as well. He's got the main role, but because Harry is already much famous and very well known, he gets the spotlight. Don't get me wrong, Harry deserves attention and I love him so, but even the interviewers are more excited about Harry and talking to him more and it makes me feel bad for Fionn because he's such an amazing person too and deserves recognition. Because of this, they see it as Harry is the only hype.

fionn seems like a cool guy, and to score a role like that without any prior experience is awesome. i would like to know more about him.