he deserves more than one

Johnson to Chowder

J- As Samwell’s Men Hockey new goalie, you deserve to know the truth. This universe is a fiction. We are in a story.

C - Is it a good story?

J - Huh? Yeah, I guess so? I mean, there’s a lot of character development, and funny moments, and raw emotion, and sweet romance, so-

C: It’s a ROMANCE!!?!!!! :D

J- Yes. But sadly, none of us are the protagonists. We’re just background characters to Bittle.

C- OMG THIS STORY IS ABOUT BITTY I LOVE IT NO ONE DESERVES IT MORE THAN HIM HE’S AMAZING I WOULD READ IT ALL- Oh wait, it’s a romance?? With Bitty??!!? Who’s the romantic interest????

J- Jack Zimmermann.

C: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


top 20 degrassi characters (as voted by my followers): #4. Campbell Saunders

“How am I supposed to survive a whole season here? I have no friends, my hockey team hates me, my family is thousands of miles away and I’m crying in the girls bathroom.”


#ThankYouBones week- Day 8 → 5 b&b moments that made you fall in love with them

While it was hard to choose I am not gonna deny, I fell in love with them from the first episode. It’s that line “be a cop” that made it for me. She challenged him right from the start. His little smile made me just love them more. My second fav moment is when he gave her the pig. That closeness between them and how he assures her that everything will be ok was just perfect. My third fav one was when she tells him she is one of those people who doesn’t deserve a family but, he tells her her that “there is more than one kind of family”. It shows to me that although they aren’t family yet, he still considers her one of his. The way he touches her scene and the way she looks at him afterwad was just magical. My fourth fav one is after Vincent’s final goodbye as they watch the car drives away and she holds him. I feel this was the moment they knew that everything is going to change between them. The smile on his face says it all. My last fav moment is following his stay in jail when she tells him she won’t hurt him. It is just how all comes together. They are now a family and she wants to assure him that he can trust her.

Me during the summer: Miles Tuck is a complex character who is going through grief both over his lost mortality and the loss of his family, which he never got closure on. His grief seems to have shaped his personality, but I believe he can get past it with enough help. He loves his brother, even though there’s tension between them and their personalities clash, causing them to fight on occasion. It’s taken a lot of thought, but I finally can grasp his character and his journey in order to understand him better as a character. And please don’t belittle his character into just “the emo one,” he deserves more respect than that.

Me now: Miles Tuck is an Emo Vape God™ who would probably fuck a waffle iron and drop kick his brother into the sun for fun. also What a Hot Man 10/10 would fuck 👌🔥🙌💯😏

Forever this time.

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I will always love Draco but I've to admit that it's really nice to see that, for the Silicon Valley Comic Con, Tom is announced as Julian too. I like that he's been recognized for more than one role, he deserves it! And considering that Grant will be there too I hope in a double panel. Can you imagine those two on stage together? I'm so excited :)

I honestly can’t wait. I hope there will be a livestream, so we can all see it :)

He deserves more than left over time. He deserves more than one-way prayers. He deserves to be heard. He is the God of ALL. And He desires more than just your words. He wants your heart.

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Don't take Mickey's anxiety about meeting your sister personally. It's more a reflection on how he sees himself. He's never felt good enough for anyone. Mickey's confidence may be sky high but his self worth is in the gutter. Hell, he's said more than once he doesn't deserve you. It's a hard one to move past & there's not a lot you can do or say to help. It's not your fault, it's not Mickey's. Just keep loving him and telling him how good he is & maybe one day he won't brush it off. ❤️❤️

You’re right about Mickey’s confidence and self worth.. two different things when it comes to Mickey. When I first met him his confidence and his swagger was so hot to me and the way he acts like he does not give a fuck. I love it.

I know he had some problems with his ex’s family because of the reputation Mickey’s family had. He hasn’t told me alot but I can tell it pisses him off, even now. He will just have to see that my sister is not like that. She will only judge Mickey on how he treats me, and he really looks after me.

He was all she ever wanted, but she was more than he ever deserved. Together they made a beautiful mess. One just out of reach, while the other was never able to measure up. But, oh to see them together! It was like a masterpiece. All the different colors swirling around, making a wondrous painting that you never wanted to stop looking at. In his darkness, she was the light, and in her gleaming sun, he was her shady place to rest. Sometimes even the most hopeless situations have their moments of pure bliss. And in those moments, everything makes sense. They found themselves by getting lost in each other. And that was beautiful.


New York.  That was only thing she knew for sure was real, the only small amount of hope she still had left.  When she first left she called Calvin every chance she got, making sure he knew she was safe.   Slowly the calls only came once a week, then the calls became texts that eventually ended into a once a month, one word “okay.”  She knew he deserved more than that but things were getting bad, and Gwen knew it was only a matter of time before she died.

She never did though, and looking back she wished she did….God she wished she was dead.  Sam was in Hell, sacrificed himself to save the world and his family.  Dean took off with Lisa.  Bobby went back to hunting.  And Cas…well Cas was in Heaven.  Gwen was all alone and completely broken.

Staring at the familiar door Gwen suddenly forgot how to knock.  What if he wasn’t here anymore?  What if he was?  Would he take her back?  Or would he be so furious with her that he would open the door only to slam the door in her face?  Slowly a shaky hand raised and weakly knocked on the door.

His features surprised him.  Not that anyone else who wasn’t close to him would have noticed but he looked older.  He looked tired and lost…and just broken.  Her body trembled as she looked into his eyes.  “H-hi….I just came by to…to tell you that it’s over.  You probably knew that…but um…yeah.”  Her body began trembling harder as her thoughts raced back to Sam jumping in the pit.  “So…I can go now…..I don’t want to you know…..I don’t know what to do….”

I can understand naming the drones Clay, Desmond, and Hannah and I think it’s a good way to honor their fallen brothers and sister. However, why the hell did they name a drone Lucy? She was a traitor! I think it would have been better to name that drone Daniel, both Lucy and Daniel Cross betrayed the Assassins, but as Rebecca said Lucy made her choice but for Daniel it wasn’t ever really a choice, he was raised in an Animus. He deserved to have one named after him more than Lucy did.