he deserves more screen time

My IT Review (May Contain Mild Spoilers)

Trying to record a video was just not going my way, so here is a post about my thoughts on IT. After reading some other people’s reviews, some of my opinions will definitely be in the minority, but it also looks as though many people had some of the same complaints as I did. But overall, IT WAS AMAZING.


  • It’s scarier than the trailer 
  • For some, IT looked too silly in the trailer and promotional stills, and I promise he makes up for it in the movie
  • The kids are totally motherfucking bad ass, especially during the rock fight scene and the end scene. 
  • Richie, Beverly, and Eddie stole the show. Richie is hilariously funny and had me laughing out loud. Richie and Eddie together are even better. And Beverly punches you right in the goddam gut with her emotional performance. 
  • Finn gets a mother fucking bat scene. 
  • The acting is amazing overall; these kids are so impressive. 
  • Although some things were changed, overall, it did a good job staying true to the book. 
  • No orgy scene for those of you worried, lol.


  • Although the Derry history was touched upon, I wish there was even more. 
  • The kid’s backstories and upbringings could have been fleshed out a lot more, and because they were limited, it was hard to emotionally connect with the characters, other than Beverly. 
  • Mike’s roll seems very random and awkward. For some reason they changed his entire backstory and his addition to the loser’s was just…out of place. I was highly disappointed in this; he deserved way more screen time as I find him sort of like a default leader if anything happened to Bill. Mike deserved better.
  • Henry and his gang are also just…an awkward addition. I felt there roles were simply added just because they were characters in the book, when in reality, their roles play a much larger part in the book and original TV adaptation. The entire end scene in the sewer is changed from the book and movie; I won’t say how but it for me, it was highly disappointing and they took away important things. Henry’s gang was painted as mere bullies when in the book Henry is much more sinister than that. 
  • Although Eddie’s leper was added, some IT incarnations are not. 
  • SPOILER: There is no “this is battery acid you slime!”, nor is there a dam building scene, nor is there Beverly kicking the boys’ asses with the slingshot. They don’t even bring the silver dollar slug down into the sewer in the end. 
  • I feel the emotional bond between the kids could have been stronger. I also feel like in the book/TV movie, we got the idea that these kids were chosen by fate to defeat IT. I feel like in this version, the burden sort of just…fell in their laps.
  • CGI. I really hated it, but I have a theory, haha. Some things looked too silly and fake to me, but if we are seeing it through a child’s perspective – a child who watches cartoons or reads comics – then what they see will somewhat reflect that. I don’t know if that theory is accurate, but it helps me feel better with all the CGI used on Pennywise. 
  • Literal floating dead kids. *rolls eyes*

Things You Wouldn’t Notice Unless You Read The Book/Saw TV Movie

  • The turtle. I am not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure the lego set that Bill is holding from Georgie’s room is a turtle. If anyone else can confirm this or correct this, let me know. Also, a turtle is mentioned during the swim scene. 
  • You may see certain IT manifestations during the end scene; they are quick though, so if you blink, you will miss them. (Hint: Mummy)
  • The dead lights are shown, but not explained. 

Awesome Things I Fucking Loved

  • All the 80s throwbacks, especially Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Street Fighter, and New Kids on the Block!!!
  • Finn’s mother fucking bat scene!
  • The end scene is phenomenal and although I was in the theater by myself, I legit threw my arms up in the damn air and cheered like a nerd. 


  • For those wondering about gore, it’s not that bad. There are disturbing scenes, jump scares, and blood, but nothing that wouldn’t be shown on network cable like Walking Dead or American Horror Story.
  • EDIT: I said no animals die, but there is one on-screen death of a farm animal. Sorry!!!

And lastly,


“We’re doing somethin’ that’s never been done before! How could that not be dangerous?”

For @newsiestober day 10, my favourite quote! (or one of them, at least) Davey has a lot of amazing lines, and i think this one says a lot about his character :D

King Petyr Baelish, first and last of his name: the king that never was. 

So I was sad to see my favorite character go this season of Game of Thrones.  I have plenty of opinions on how they handled it, haha.  By no means do I believe he is innocent, but he was an excellent character that deserved more screen time and a more scheme-riddled plot to play with.  But bravo to Aidan Gillen’s performance.  As always he was amazing. 

me talking about myself:

▶ 🔘──────── 00:01

me talking about how Even’s MI and SA deserved to be treated with more respect in s4 and how he deserved more overall screen time and overall respect as a person outside of his relationship with Isak:

▶ 🔘──────── 100:24 (LIVE)


Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re anything but the forgettable type.


@jossan415 I like being brutal muahahaha…

(I made some quick chibis using internet references)

The big 4, let’s begin:

Nalu: Two dorks in love, friendship and lost time. Why don’t they kiss already? they liiiike each other, is obvious, I have no idea what they’re waiting for, there is nothing better for them that being a couple being best friends.

Gruvia: Personally I don’t like Gray and I think Juvia is adorable, and I didn’t enjoy watch how he make her wait till the end, she is so brave in being so open with her feelings, and I would have liked that Gray had been more considerate with Juvia.

Jerza:Oh, I adore Jellal, and both he and Erza deserved more interactions, Kinana and Cobra have more time screen together haha, but being honest Jellal is a character who should have had more participation and not only hints with Erza after ‘Tower of Heaven’ arc.

And finally…(drumroll)

Gajevy:I have otps, but this one is my OTP, pure imperfect perfection. Redemption (this kind of characters are my favorites), forgiveness, comradery and love.The evolution of these two is magnificent … he made her big and she showed him that there was kindness in him and gave Gajeel a future to looking for. I love them both, and they gonna be in my heart forever and always.

Random fluff Headcanons of Shinsou Hitoshi

It’s the small things…

  • Shinsou has his own way of showing you affection. Sometimes he may or may not be aware of just how much he affects you.
  • Somedays when he comes home late from a long day of hero work, he would surprise you with a hug from behind. He’d bury his face in your hair, releasing a sigh, and squeeze your waist.
  • Doesn’t matter what you’re doing at the moment, making dinner, fixing the bed, or feeding the cats. He needs that hug. And you’ll hear him whisper, “I missed you…”
  • He’s very observant of you and the things you want. He’ll make a mental note to try to buy the things you expressed an interest in. Eventually, leaving you small gifts around the house while you’re not looking.
  • It’s kinda like his little secret to leave these mini gifts. Though, of course you caught on quickly that it’s his doing. But you’re heart still swoons whenever you catch that little wrapped box tucked in a shelf, the closet, or placed near the remote.
  • One of the things you love about Shinsou is that he’s a cuddler. He’s always down to cuddle with you. Especially on weekends in the mornings where you wake up to find his arms wrapped around your waist and his face nuzzled in your hair.
  • He’s usually up before you (does this guy sleep??) and you just have to turn around to face him and give him that morning kiss. You tread your fingers through his purple hair, deepening the kiss, and bringing your leg up to hook around the curve of his waist. Definitely not planning to leave anytime soon.
  • He revels in the close proximity of your warm body in bed, your lips, and your lingering touches on his skin.
  • Shinsou’s a simple guy but he loves it when you wear a sweet smelling fragrance around the house. If you want to drive him wild, just spritz some perfume. He’ll be completely at your mercy.
  • He enjoys having dinner dates at home instead of going out in public. He much prefers having you to himself in private.
  • He’s a total tease and will usually have that smug look on his face when he sees that you’re flustered. And there’s no doubt that you secretly like it but you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of telling him. He would stop the tease in exchange for a “Please, Toshi?” Or pressing your lips to his, all while sporting rosy cheeks.
  • He seems so smug on the outside but trust me he’s 2 seconds away from passing out at how cute you’re being.
  • But you also have your own charms and can easily turn this man into a puddle simply by praising him and showering him with compliments. He won’t deny you anything for the rest of the day.
  • Things he says that make you melt: “You’re all that I think of”, “what did I do to deserve you?”, “I’ll do anything for you”, “Hero in the streets, Villain in the sheets”, and “I’ll clean the cat’s litter”.

This is my first time contributing to the BNHA fandom. I love this boy. He deserves more screen time! -HRNERD

Just some Warrior cats sketches that I did

Some designs based on @climbdraws @softbounce and @fruitpaw

My Favourite character:

I love Jayfeather way too much, and yes it was hard deciding between him, Yellowfang and Tallstar. But Jayfeather is so grouchy and relatable in the way that he is annoyed by everyone babying him, he is my favourite character for so many obvious reasons, he’s so grouchy and every POV section with him is just so much fun to read.

He’s a blue ticked tabby here

My favourite couple: 

I know it’s not confirmed in the book, and heck I have only just started reading it, and this couple is by far something that is different, new and should be done more in warriors, I am sick of seeing the exact same tropes for these couples, so Tallstar and Jake’s relationship is so fresh and new, and I absolutely love it, also because of the fact that it’s gay cats, and there needs to be more of them in this series

Tallstar is totally an Oriental, and Jake is totally an abyssinian

My favourite Leader:

Close tie between Tallstar, Crookedstar and Bluestar, but I really do love Blackstar, especially in the later series, he is strict but he actually knows what he is doing, he is also really loyal, and I don’t know, he’s just really great compared to Firestar, Leopardstar and Onestar…. his death however, is absolutely hilarious 

Blackstar is a thai cat because realism

Favourite badguy:

Hey look it’s the only female badguy this freaking series has to offer, and I actually love her, I am sick of the ‘broad shouldered tabbies with amber eyes’ so I love this Torti/calico (whatever you see her as) because Mapleshade is so different to the other dark forest cats

That one character who deserved more screen time than he actually got:

Redtail, I love @warriorsredux simply because he had more screen time, it was amazing, but here I put my own design down for him, he is totally a can cat in my mind, I don’t know why, his name would make more sense, and the fact that calico toms are infertile, I was thinking of going by redux’s style but I have always loved van redtail.

My favourite trio:

yesssss, this entire series of warriors gave us the best trio of friends ever and I mean, all of them have such different personalities but they work so well together, none of them have any crazy powers or part of any prophecy (minus firestar) but still, look at them, their friendship is pure and I love how much they look out for each other :D

Firepaw is an abyssinian, Ravenpaw is just a bi-colour and Greypaw is a grey ticked taby

I really should draw more warrior cats stuff :P

wya-ttoleff  asked:

my boy ben got played so bad. Bev, i love you and all but, who awoken you from that weird trance with a kiss? MY BOY BEN! anyways he deserves better

he sure did!!!!!! give my amazing son Ben more screen time you Traitors!!!!!!!