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Hey Sarah who are your favorite Kuro characters to write for?

Hmm, well there are certainly characters I feel confident writing for. But, my favorites? Probably Sebastian, Agni, Claude, and Grell. 

Sebastian is openly a jerk and I enjoy putting him in situations where someone (preferably a female) teaches him a lesson or leaves him feeling small. He’s attractive in many ways, but seeing him put in his place is pretty satisfying to me. That and sometimes I feel like fanfiction/imagines sometimes don’t own up to his misogynistic/sexist behavior which is fine, the author has the right to write what they want. But, I know there are other people out there who share my tastes. 

Agni is a very sweet and kind person who I can relate to easily. He’s more of a side character and I feel like he deserves more love. When I write for him I think I’d prefer some hurt/comfort? To a point where someone helps him see the worth that he has. I lowkey kinda think he doesn’t think very highly of himself after his past. There may be scenes where it’s stated he’s been ‘wiped clean’ by his new savior (Soma) but letting go of the past isn’t that easy. He may need some reassurance.

If anyone were a yandere, it’d certainly be Claude. I honestly think if he could ‘love’ (in this context ‘obsess’) he’d be very protective and controlling. I have a weakness for yanderes and think they can be fun to write. The idea of Claude losing it over an innocent S/O who shows him kindness he doesn’t deserve gets my inspiration flowing for some morbid situations. That and I enjoy spiders a lot, I think they’re really cute.

Grell’s situation in the fandom had felt pretty unfair to me for a long time. When I first started watching I was 12 and didn’t understand (in the anime specifically) that Grell is a woman. I thought she was simply a gay/bi man since the anime did a poor job of enforcing her female identity. Characters would still call her ‘he’, and to my young mind I didn’t understand what Grell was truly saying by calling herself a woman. Now though I feel the fandom is starting to realize Grell really is a woman. It makes me happy to see that acceptance which allows us to appreciate Grell and her passion. I love her aesthetic and how strongly she embraces a color I’d be too shy to wear. 


Franky is such a good dad. Look at how happy he made his kids. *wipes tear* This whole scene is beautiful. Especially since this happened because Franky accidentally upset Nami when all he wanted to do was something special for them and then he made up for it with such a heartfelt and perfect gift that made them all light up like it was Christmas. Just, Franky is such a great dad. He deserves more love.

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