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Tell us all about the Salvador Dali museum!

well, ladies and gentlepeoples of the internet, are you ready to learn about one of the most interesting museums in the world? like seriously it’s my favorite art museum in the world and it should be your favorite museum too.

anyways, several years ago i had the chance to visit spain when i was abroad, and while i was there i heard about a tour that centered around the great surrealist painter, Salvador Dali. if you don’t recognize the name, you might recognize him just by seeing a picture of him and his absolutely amazing mustache. Dali is my absolute favorite painter of all time, so i HAD to check out this tour

this tour was mostly centered around the Dali-Theatre Museum in Figueres, Spain,which is Salvador Dali’s birthplace. it is a museum which holds art, like any other other museum. it is a museum that holds (mostly) art by Salvador Dali, which is also pretty normal as far as museums that show off art by a certain painter go.

what’s the strange thing about it is that it is also a museum that was ENTIRELY DESIGNED by Salvador Dali himself.

a person not so familiar with Dali might be like “uh…okay. that’s cool, i guess”. a person that is very familiar with Dali would possibly boggle at the very concept of a whole museum designed by a man who has said things such as “ Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic.”

this museum is in and of itself an entire work of art.

here’s the museum from the outside. already, you are worlds away from your prim and proper modern art museum buildings you are probably used to. yes, those are giant eggs on the top. those little things dotting the sides? those are little sculptures of bread. eggs and bread on an art museum. which is alright, okay, but the inside is…well, it’s kind of like you took the wrong turn in an alleyway and ended up in some alternate version of reality that isn’t quite all there in our reality. for example, there’s a nice courtyard! it’s wonderful and big and open and….there’s a statue of a lady on top of a car and tons of windows with golden statues of people looking like they’re going to jump and dive in right on top of you.

connected to the courtyard is…what i could call a stage of sorts, because it has curtains, it’s a wide open space, it does have a sort of depression where the orchestra would be, you could probably hold like five different shakespeare plays in it, but again, it’s….off.

you really can’t grasp just how STRANGE everything is. and i mean EVERYTHING. it’s an absolutely real shame that there isn’t as many pictures of the interior because i am not at all kidding when i say that every nook and cranny of every room offers some kind of bizarre little secret. for example, in one dark hallway, i literally looked up just casually and saw that the entire ceiling was covered in dark fuzzy brown pillows that gave it the appearance of tons of weird bats nestled against each other. like, that wasn’t a labeled piece of art. in fact, i might say now that NONE of Dali’s art is labeled. why would it be, when every part of the entire building is all part of one grandiose world of surreal artwork?

there’s a video here you can watch (be warned for some nudity and body horror and general weirdness in the art shown) that shows a glimpse of what you can see inside, but honestly, really, if you ever have a chance to see one art museum in your life, please choose this one. it’s simply an entire experience to see the museum and all its surreal secrets, and it’s something you’ll never quite forget.