he demands your love

GOT7 Receiving Oral

Mark: Get loud. Mark loves to hear you as you’re eating him. He also loves a showcase of your body so he’ll push you over the back of the sofa or recliner and walk around to the front, cock in hand. From this position, he can look down at your face to watch you take him or explore your body that’s bent for him. He can also take charge at any point in this position and he absolutely loves that. Mark can be greedy when it comes to oral, he wants you to pull out all the stops for him. Moaning around him, slurping, using your hands, not neglecting his balls. So really have fun with everything you can do. Mark doesn’t want you to be the one to make all the noise. he’d love to dirty talk you so you move harder or take more of him. “Fuck, baby girl. You like that, don’t you? You like taking all of my cock.” “Shit. Such a good girl.” “Just like that, baby girl. Ah. You’ve got it. Just like that.”

Jaebum: Imagine, You’re at a showcase with Jaebum and your hand has been kneading the inside of his thigh for most of the night. It had become a distraction for you, playing with his leg. You liked the way it felt. Then, Jaebum is standing up and asking you to come with him. He’s still, calm even as he walks you away from people but as soon as you’re out of sight he grabs your arm. You look at his face as his eyes darken and he leads you into a room. He lets go of your arm to close the door and lock it, maybe even putting something against it. He turns to you. “Get on your knees.” He demands as he loosens his tie. Fuck. Jaebum loves to be rough. To hear you gag is to hear him groan. Rest assured that both of his hands will be in your hair. Controlling your quick movements. Your hands will be on his pelvis or holding onto his thighs for support. He loves when you whine around his size and may very well pull your hair if wants eye contact. 

Jackson: You want Jackson to believe you’re the best he’ll ever have? Put him into multiple positions while you’re sucking him off. Jackson is in need of constant attention and his attention span can be short at times. So moving him around and playing with his flexibility will leave him very touched and sleepy. Any positions where he can knead or spank your ass are his favorites but don’t neglect his body. Jackson loves to be worshiped, almost as much as he loves to worship you. Keep a hand on his side or stomach. Kneading and scratching at his skin. Talk to him, ask him if he likes what your doing or guide him into the newest position. Jackson might have a bit of a hard time controlling his hips but he’ll always ask if you’re okay or after, when you guys are laying in each others arms he’ll ask; “Did I hurt you?” And then before you fall asleep he’ll kiss your neck sweetly and say he loves you.

Jinyoung: God! Jinyoung loves to watch you as you take him. His hands will be still at his sides until you’ve earned his touch. His mouth will be closed as he groans against his lips. His eyes will be on you, as you suck him and bob on him and taste him. Jinyoung doesn’t need eye contact while you’re doing your thing, but he would like it. {Suck Tip!} If you’re wanting to taste him but you don’t know how to tell him, grab some kitten ears and a lace lingerie set. Walk up simi-close to him if he’s on the sofa, his eyes will be on you instantly girl. Trust. Now get on your knees and wait for him to speak. “Did you miss me, Kitten”  “Hmm?” “Then come to me.” He loves having you when you’re on your knees and he’s standing so if he wants more he can hold the back of your head and step closer. 

Youngjae: S l o w . Youngjae wants you to take your time with him. “Ah, Y/N. If you-u keep moving that quick I-I’ll…” His breathing will be heavy and he’ll have no reserves when it comes to letting out his soft moans and groans. One of Youngjaes hands will be in your hair, feeling your movements and guiding you if you need it. The other hand will be in his hair or under his head. He likes to turn his head into his arm if he feels like he might get too loud. Youngjae loves for you to suck him while he’s laying down. This way he can hug the pillows if he needs to. Don’t be alarmed when he says things like “Ah, Y/N. Don’t tease me too much.” he likes it. He likes being teased. Enjoy him fully. Massage his thighs, kiss his tip, lick his veins, pet his dick. Enjoy each one of his beautiful moans. 

Bambam: Kunpimook would truly love to spice up oral, so he’ll tie a piece of cloth around your eyes before you go to your knees or experiment with your breathing as you suck on his tip. He won’t have too much trouble controlling his hips, but he will be very vocal about wanting more if and exactly when he wants more.”Oh, shit. Do that again, baby. Ah.”  “Oh, that feels so good. Don’t stop. Don’t stop, baby.” At the start, he’ll have his hands under his head, a cocky smirk on his lips. In the middle, he’ll start reaching for things, you’ll feel him shifting as he grabs the arm of the chair or pulls at his own hair. Towards the end, when he’s officially needy. He’ll have both hands in your hair, pulling you onto him as he moans about how good you’re doing. Kunpimook also loves the look of his cum on your face. Especially if you’re wearing a blindfold. So if you don’t feel like swallowing just pull up and let your hand go crazy. 

Yugyeom: Yugyeom always wants oral. Like, even if he hasn’t told you. He wants you suck him off. The boy dreams about your mouth. When he does tell you though, and you don’t immediately go for it, he’ll be super whiny about it. I’ll give you a dialogue:

“Y/N, please?” 

“What do you want, baby?”

‘I told you~”

“What was it again?”


Just don’t tease him too much, because this boy is a Switch! Yugyeom can control his hips surprisingly well, at least until his thighs start shaking and he gets impatient. He can also take some teasing so make sure to put that in there. Like, it will get to the point of anything being up for grabs if you just give him what he wants. He’ll let you tie him up if you promise to suck him off. So cuff him and start moving real slow, baby. Until his arms are shaking from how hard he’s pulling against the headboard, make him beg. “Y/N..Y/N..Please! Ah, shit! Baby, please. Please - I-Agh…” He’ll be sweating and arching and a sexy fucking mess just for you. 

She's mine (Grayson)

request: (anon) Can you make an imagine or an au meme where grayson gets jealous because ethan has been really flirty with Y/N , so g and her finish making out ? 


 word count: 713

Originally posted by graysonthealpha

“Come over baby, I miss you.” Grayson said into the phone, it was late at night and h had been complaining for the last 2 hours that he needed me to fall asleep. Despite the mountain of homework I had to get done, he was too cute and needy to say no to. I packed an overnight bag and drove to his apartment. Ethan greeted me at the door pulling me into a hug.

 “Hey, your up I thought it was just be and my crazy boyfriend who would still be awake.” I said, Ethan laughed and sat on the edge of the counter. 

 “I legit just have so much energy and I don’t know what to do with myself.” He replied. “I even baked cookies.” He added. I drew my attention to the mess in the kitchen, there was gooey chocolate and flour everywhere, not to mention a tray of delicious looking cookies. I walked over to them, forgetting that these were the craziest twins and I should never trust them to be nice to me. Suddenly there was something cold and wet in my hair an dribbling down my back. I gasped in shock and turned around to see Ethan with a very wide, mischievous grin on his face. 

“Ethannnnnnn!” I screamed. He had the cracked egg shell in his hands. I grabbed another egg from the tray and Ethan made a run for it. I chased him all over the house until I managed to corner him in his bathroom. 

 “Your shoes are untied.” He commented, I looked down and at the speed of light he managed to get the egg out of my hands and spin me around so I was the one cornered. He towered over me with one hand on the wall and one holding the egg over my head. 

 “Noooooo, Ethan please no!” I protested while giggling. 

 “Say you love me more than Grayson or this egg goes alllll over your head.” He demanded. 

 “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN GRAYSON!” I don’t think I have ever said something more quickly. Ethan started laughing and backed off me, that’s when I noticed Grayson standing in the bathroom doorway. He immediately wiped the smile off my face with how sad he looked. Ethan noticed my face and turned around to see Grayson.

“Gray, come on we were just messing around.” He started. Grayson turned around and started walking back to his room. I moved past Ethan and followed him, egg still dripping from my hair. We got into his room and I shit the door behind me. 

“Babe, don’t be upset. Just like always, we were just joking around.” I said, he sat on his bed and I stayed standing, trying not to get egg on his bed. 

“I don’t like it, he is such a flirty person and he doesn’t think. One minute it will be harmless fun and the next he will get caught up and try to hook up with you.” He replied. I sighed, I knew what he meant. I just always hoped that would never happen. I knelt down in front of him and he looked up at me. 

“I would never let that happen.” I didn’t really know what else to say. He gave me a little smile. 

“I know baby but it’s still just makes me so jealous I can’t help it.” He replied, I smirked. 

“You have nothing to be jealous for.” I said before smashing our lips together. Both hands around his neck and he slid his hands down to my ass, rubbing and groping. We continued for a couple minutes before we both started to get frustrated. 

“I want to take this further but I have egg in my hair and it’s starting to drive me crazy.” I giggled to him. He smiled. And placed another long soft kiss on my lips. 

“I get it Grayson, you’re the alpha.” Ethan said as he waked in. We both looked up and smiled. “Just getting my laptop, I’ll leave you two to it.” He gave us an exaggerated wink and left the room. 

“Let’s take this to the shower, kill two birds with one stone.” He smirked at me. I smiled and jumped up and dragged him to the bathroom.

Get Yourself Off (Bellamy Blake)

Smut or Fluff

Warnings: Thigh Riding

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Requested: yes by anon

Prompts:  4: “The only way you’re getting off is on my thigh.”& 12; “C'mere, you can sit on my lap until I’m done working.” 

You and Bellamy are alone in his room on the Ark, his mother out for the night and Octavia is asleep in her space. He’s busy studying for school but you are bored and are feeling a little horny.

Originally posted by bellamyblake-imagine

He was sat at his desk in his room, studying and reading a book for classes. His mother was out and about, doing god knows what and Octavia had already gone to sleep in the other room. You were bored, sitting in a pair of shorts and a tank top on his bed braiding your hair as you read through your own texts for schooling when you finally slammed the book shut with a huff.

“Bell?” you hummed as you began to play with a loose strand of string that had untwined from your shorts hem. No answer. “Bell?” you sang quietly, hoping to get a reaction from your boyfriend.

“No,” Bellamy’s voice rang out in the room, while his head stayed down as he focused on his work. You sighed audibly.

“You don’t even know what I’m going to say,” you tried but he turned to look at you briefly.

“I don’t have to, whatever it is, the answer is no,” he repeated, turning his back to you. “Nothing good comes from your questions this time of the evening.” You pouted, pursing your lips as his denial. “Don’t you dare pout.”

“You normally like my questions,” you bite your lip at his refusal, thinking of the time you normally share together in the evenings, wrapped up in his sheets, wrapped up in each other.

“I’m trying to get this done for class darling,” he said. Bellamy was always so serious about his work. You admired him immensely, it was one of your favorite qualities about him. His passion to learn, to be able to provide for his family. His intelligence is so sexy. “I promise, we can do whatever you want but this is the most important thing right now.” The comment hit you slightly harder than you think it was meant to. You knew that being able to provide was his top priority, he needed to be the man of the household. But there was a pang of jealous that rang through you that made you silent. He noticed.

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Boyfriend Minhyuk

Anon: Can you do ‘what would Minhyuk (Monsta X) be like as a boyfriend’ please?

Originally posted by gwihyonnie

  • He’s such a soft bby who loves you with his whole heart and his entire being!!! 💖
  • He thinks about you all the time!! When he sees birds singing!! When it’s a sunny day!! Everything bright and happy reminds him of you!!
  • Despite how soft he is for you,,
  • he still loves food more ;w;
  • Food is number one in his life.
  • But you’re a very close second!! :D
  • Goes above and beyond to make you smile, to show you how much he truly cares for you.
  • Whines like a baby if he doesn’t get attention.
  • He demands all your love so if you give it to someone else, he’s pouting and tugging at your clothes: “Baaaaabe :( Don’t you love me anymore?”
  • Cuddles are his absolute favourite.
  • There’s nothing better than cuddling with you after a hard day.
  • He loves to be the big spoon, to feel like your protector and nestle his nose into your hair. “Aaah, is this a new shampoo? It smells really good!”
  • But don’t be fooled ..
  • he’s a sub at heart.
  • Being the little spoon, being looked after and doted on by you, makes his heart race.
  • He has the biggest grin when you wake him up with kisses.
  • Or when you kiss him in general.
  • Kisses range from pecks to intense, heated makeouts. He puts his entire energy into showing his love through kisses. Whenever you’re down, a single kiss from him perks you right up.
  • He’s not embarrassed about a kiss or two with the boys around.
  • But passionate kisses, where he presses you to the wall and steals your breath, are purely for private time.
  • As you can guess, skinship is a must.
  • He just loves holding and touching you, feeling your warmth and having you close.
  • Oh, as I mentioned above, he’s a definite sub
  • Tends to put you first, to do what you want, to pick up food you like, even if he doesn’t like it.
  • So make sure you don’t take advantage of that good nature. Put him first, do what he wants to do, buy him his favourite food. All these things show him you care and not only that, but a relationship involves both people. No one has a right to control the other partner.
  • So don’t just take but give too.
  • Oh, he’s a sub in the bedroom too,,
  • And a loud one at that ..
  • So everyone knows when you two are getting busy :^)
  • ((It’s best to wait until the dorm is empty, to spare everyone the embarrassment lol))
  • His smile is so contagious.
  • You two were talking about the future one night and you casually mentioned “I hope our future kids have your smile” which made him smile for the whole day
  • (his cheeks were so sore afterwards)
  • (the boys were really worried)
  • (changkyun even googled if u could die from smiling for 24 hours straight)
  • (it was that serious)
  • but it was such a sweet sentiment & it reassured him you were the one for him bc
  • “I’ve thought about that too and .. I hope our future kids inherit your eyes.”
  • Unlike most boys, that like when their partner wears their clothes (which he does too!!), he prefers to wear your clothes
  • They smell like you and that’s so comforting.
  • Snuggling up in your over-sized shirts when he’s on tour, makes him feel less lonely.
  • Dating him is like dating the sun, basically.
  • Not only is he warm physically but he’s a warm person in general. The relationship is overflowing with love and affection. Even people who don’t know you, who are strangers passing by on the street, even they can tell you’re both in love. His career is his main focus right now but he’s 100% sure that his future will involve you. And maybe a bunch of babies in a beautiful home and flowers growing in the lawn ✨

anonymous asked:

ok i know you reblogged the prompt list like 12 hours ago but i loved the "i dare you to kiss me" one can you please do “Why is your hand on my ass?” with harry? thank you xxx

haha that’s okay! better late than never

send me a prompt and a pairing/person!

The sun is shining in your face when you wake up, making you want to keep your eyes shut even as you feel yourself being pulled from sleep.

It takes a moment for you to realize that you’re not in your own bed, instead you feel a solid chest under your head and it only takes another second for you to realize it’s Harry. Falling asleep in your best friend’s bed wasn’t an unusual thing for you, but what was out of the ordinary was the big, warm hand spread across your ass.

“What the hell?” You mutter, your voice still gruff and quiet from sleep. “Why is your hand on my ass?

When you don’t hear a reply from Harry you open your eyes and are immediately met with the bare skin of his chest. Harry sleeping in just boxers is normal, but, after a minute, you realize you’re also missing a shirt.

Along with the rest of your clothes. 

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Love is friendship set on fire  (Alec Lightwood Imagine)

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Request: could you do an Alec lightwood imagine where he has been best friends with the reader and has feeings for her but since he’s Alec he doesn’t know how to deal with it so the gang steps in and gets them together

Summery: ’You need to apologize and then tell her how you feel. This has been going on for years and you’re lucky enough to really…love someone. Don’t let it go to waste.’’
Jace’s voice was quite but the serious look on his face told Alec that he meant it.
It wasn’t like Alec didn’t know.
But he just COULDN’T. What if he lost her with his confession? He’d rather have her as a friend than have her not at all.

Or where Alec is in love with his best friend. And Alec being Alec, things go wrong and the gangs steps in to help.

Warnings: -

Words: 2.330

A/N: Hello lovely people of the internet!
This is a requested Alec Imagine. Hope you like it. Happy Reading !Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x) and

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The first three things that Clary Fray had had noticed when she had spent a few days with Jace and the Lightwood siblings was the following: First, Alec Lightwood was way too uptight and serious. Second, the parabatai bond between him and Jace was crazily intimate. And third, Alec Lightwood was head over heels in love with Y/N. Clary had met his best friend during one of their training sessions. Y/N was really pretty and according to Isabelle a really fierce shadowhunter. That wasn’t something you necessarily could tell looking at her. She seemed soft and really kind , the first time she had met Clary she had hugged her and made her feel more welcomed than Alec every had in those two weeks he had known her. So when Jace told her that Y/N was Alec’s best friend she had been shocked. Where he was reserved and serious , Y/N was open and carefree.
It had been a Friday night when Clary had watched those two train. She was amazed at how elegant but also cool Y/N looked trying to beat Alec, and how his chest heaved from exhaustion. It was the moment that Y/N had Alec pinned down on the floor ,laughing and helping Alec up that Clary saw the look in Alec’s eyes as he watched her walking over to her water bottle to take a sip. The smile that had formed on his lips reminded her at how Luke looked at her mother.

‘’You’re following her like a love sick puppy, Alec!’’
Isabelle faced her brother noticing contentedly how Jace nodded in agreement.
‘’ Mom knows, Hodge knows, everyone does ! Even Max asked me when you two will finally marry.’’, Izzy supported her argument crossing her arms in front of her.
‘’Except for Y/N.’’, Jace chuckled while playing with Clary’s hair.
‘’Well that’s entirely his fault ! How is she supposed to know? I heard you argue last week and you said some things that must have really hurt her, do you realize that?’’
Alec stood awkwardly in the middle of the room wishing this conversation didn’t take place.
‘’She almost got herself killed, Izzy!’’, Alec said annoyed, feeling his anger rising just thinking of how carelessly Y/N had played with her life . He knew that he shouldn’t have yelled at her, saying the things he said. The moment he had realized that she was holding back tears he had felt incredible guilty and sorry. But the sheer horror he had felt when he had gotten told that the healing rune almost hadn’t worked on her and that she had been on the brick of death made him feel incredible hopeless and petrified. The thought of losing her made him go mad and he had been so furious with her for taking her life so insignificant. Even though she and Jace were the most important people in his life. He wouldn’t be able to live without them.
Since that day Y/N had tried to ignore him, clearly hurt by his actions. And Alec was suffering.
‘’I lashed out, I know! But-‘’
‘’The thought of losing her makes you go crazy. We know. ‘’,Izzy said softly.
‘’But I believe Y/N didn’t understand why you acted like that.’’
Silence filled the room.
‘’You do know she feels the same way, right?’’, Simon spoke up.
Alec rolled his eyes feeling his heart speed up at the mere thought that Y/N could actually feel the same about him. But he doubted it. He would always be the best friend and nothing more. Exactly like that mundane.
‘’Trust me she does. I know how…I can tell.’’, Simon added with a short look to Clary.
‘’You have to tell her.’’,Jace said seriously.
‘’You need to apologize and then tell her how you feel. This has been going on for years and you’re lucky enough to really…love someone. Don’t let it go to waste.’’
Jace’s voice was quite but the serious look on his face told Alec that he meant it.
It wasn’t like Alec didn’t know.
But he just couldn’t. What if he lost her with his confession? He’d rather have her as a friend than have her not at all.
‘’I have things to do.’’
He escaped.

Isabelle watched her brother go, asking herself how her intelligent brother could be so dumb when it came to feelings.
Jace bit his lips, slowly grinning.
‘’I might have an idea.’’

You haven’t been feeling too well since last week. Your body still had to heal and the fact that you weren’t on speaking terms with Alec was a burden. When he had yelled accusing you of not taking your job seriously and not being thankful for the opportunity you had been provided with really had hurt you deeply. You had grown up without parents, the Lightwood family had always been something like a home to you. Being reminded of how you didn’t belong anywhere by Alec left a bitter aftertaste. You haven’t felt so alone in a long time.
You knew you should be probably talking to Alec, sorting out your issues. But the fact that he didn’t come to see you to ask for how you were doing really really hurt. Like he didn’t even care.
Even though all you really wanted was to be hold by him . Hold than more than just his best friend.
You hadn’t left your room in days, laying in bed all ay and snuggling with pillows while watching crappy comedies on TV. When your door opened you didn’t expect Max Lightwood to sneak into your room, hopping on your bed grinning.
‘’Max!’’ You laughed, raising an eyebrow. Max was almost like a brother to you, you loved to visit him every time you were in Idris.
‘’I’ve been told to check your injury, Y/N. And I heard you have chocolate ?’’ His cheeky grin was disarming.
‘’Well, Dr.Max I do, indeed. ‘’
He nodded seriously instructing you to let him take a look at your wound.
You sat up, wearing a short nike shorts, lifting your shirt up a little bit for Max to see the sword wound. It wasn’t too bad anymore, otherwise you would have never shown it to Max.
Said newly doctor nodded stating that it looked okay before asking for a piece of chocolate. You gave it to him before you both snuggled up in the bed watching Spong Bob.
10 minutes later he excused himself because he had something ‘important’ to do.
You turned off the TV before you got up to prepare for a shower.

When Max entered the training room where the gang was gathered he tried to look all throughout and concerning.
‘’What’s up Max?’’,Jace spoke up.
‘’Why you’re looking so down ?’’
Alec wanted to crouch down but froze on the spot when he heard ‘’ I went to check on Y/N.’’
He went to do what?
‘’Oh how’s she doing? I planned on doing a beauty evening with her tomorrow.’’, Izzy said trying to hide her face because she was simply really bad at lying to her brother. Max on the contrary was a professional.
‘’Oh I don’t think that’s a good idea. She doesn’t look too good.’’
Alec frowned focusing on Max.
‘’What do you mean?’’
Mac grinned inwardly congratulating himself for being such a good decoy.
‘’ She’s really pale and I think… her wound might me infected or anything. She’s reaaaaaaaly weak.’’
Alec didn’t notice Jace cracking up in the background.
It only took Alec two seconds to exit the training room and walk up the floor to Y/N’s room. Without knocking he entered, realizing she was missing. Her bed looked used so she had to be there. When he realized that the bathroom door was closed he started to panic.
‘’Y/N? You’re alright?’’
You heard his voice through the door , letting out a small scream because you were so indulged into the music coming through your headphones while you prepared everything for a shower that he startled you.
Suddenly your bathroom lacked a door and Alec’s hands cradled your face.
‘’What happened?’’ His pupils were dilated while he scanned your face.
‘’What happened to you?’’, you replied confused.
‘’Why did you break down my door?’’
Alec thought you were downplaying your injury so he picked you up around the hips and sat you down on the counter.
He didn’t even hesitate to try to lift up your shirt but getting stopped by you.
‘’Alec ! What the hell are you doing?’’
You kept a hold of his hand demanding an explanation.
‘’Show me your wound, love!’’, he growled frustrated with how easily you treated your injury . Again.
‘’Alexander Gideon Lightwood!’’
Using his whole name always worked. He growled at you making you laugh at the absurdity.
‘’Would you be so kind to explain why you’re trying to undress me?’’
A raised eyebrow.
And a flustered Alec.
‘’I’m not…Max said you were doing bad.’’
You frowned shaking your head.
‘’What? He saw the wound himself and ate chocolate with me. Why would he…?’’
Alec was so blind by worry that he didn’t count 1 and 1 together.
‘’Y/N show me the wound!’’
You sighed, rolling your eyes and lifting up your shirt.
‘’Why didn’t you tell me you were doing bad? I would ha-Ow.’’
He squinted, the worry replaced by confusion. It was looking alright.
‘’You don’t care, remember?’’
You simply said making an attempt to hop off the counter but Alec’s arms were holding you firmly into place.
Alec knew Max had played him a trick but right now he had to focus on something way more important. He didn’t care ?
‘’What have you said?’’, he said quietly looking hurt.
The bathroom was only lit by candles since you hated to shower in full light.
‘’I said you didn’t care.’’ You crossed your arms as you answerer defiantly , meeting his gaze. How dare he come breaking down your door acting all concerned when he forgot about you?
‘’What, by the angels, makes you think I don’t care how you’re doing?’’
Disbelieve echoed in his voice. His closeness and your hurt feelings were causing to pool tears behind your eyes.
You tried to advert your eyes, tried to get yourself together.
‘’Look at me.’’, Alec said softly watching you shake your head ‘no’.
He crouched down a little to meet your eyes, keeping them captive. Seeing the wetness behind your eyes he realized that he truthfully fucked up.
‘’Don’t you dare think for a minute that I don’t care about you. Do you have any idea how worries I was, and still am?’’
‘’Yeah sure that’s why you came to see me the last days. And why you had to remind me that I have no home.’’
You bit your lip, blinking ,trying not to cry. In the silence that followed you would have been able to hear a needle drop.
Alec had no idea where to start, your whole statement was bullshit.
‘’I’m sorry, Y/N. Okay? I freaked out when I got told that you might not make it. That I might lose you. And when you woke up you acted like it was no big deal, like your life didn’t matter and it got me so furious. I was so fucking scared of losing you , I knew you were reckless, but you played with your life. Do you have any idea what you would do to me if you died?’’, he swallowed.
‘’I was blinded by my anger and my fear and I said things I don’t mean. Afterwards I felt so guilty and you clearly showed you that you didn’t want to see me.’’
He softly rubbed over your wet cheeks.
‘’I know I hurt you and I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just…’’, he sighed deeply, holding his breath.
‘’I love you, Y/N. I have for a really long time and the thought of you not caring about yourself even thought you are the world to me kills me. And you have a home. You always had and you always will. Here. With us. With my family. With me. You’re my home Y/N.’’
You lifted your eyes up to his, facing him disbelieving.
Did she say he loved you?
‘’Say it again.’’, you breathed not quite believing what you’ve heard. You surely must have misheard him.
‘’I’m your home.’’, he repeated.
‘’No not that, that before.’’
Alec furrowed his brows, looking at you intensely.
‘’I love you Y/N. I’m not good at this. Feeling what I’m feeling, relationships , falling in love with my best friend. Killing demons is so much easier than risking our friendship by confessing this.’’
You couldn’t help but to sniffle, making Alec laugh
‘’I know that you’re not feeling the same and it’s okay I ju-‘’
You interrupted him by diving forwards and pressing your lips against his.
More doing, less talking.
The moment your lips met you felt everything click into place. This is what you were born to do. Loving him. You belonged right here.
Alec buried his hands in your hair , shortly taken by surprise but quickly realizing that he was kissing you.
He deepened the kiss, pulling away to let you breathe.
‘’I love you.’’,you said honestly with a small smile.
‘’For so long. But I was always just your best friend.’’
Alec smiled that smile that mad his blue eyes light up and left you breathless.
‘’You’re still my best friend. I just get to kiss you now.’’
Said and done.

It was half past 11 when Jace tried to catch a look through the little opened gap of your door. When he realized the two people in the room were asleep he dared to open it a little further.
Izzy smiled when she saw you snuggled up in Alec’s arms, his face buried in your hair.
‘’Max deserves a medal.’’


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bedding (part 1)

danisnotonfire x-reader

Part List

warnings- smut… is swearing a warning idfk

info- just btw, this is set in medieval-ish times. like kings and queens were the thing with nations ect.

y’n’s “underwear” - corset thing and a thin skirt and under that is basically a bra and panties

Dan’s “underwear” - basically shitty boxers

You sigh, looking in the mirror and eyeing the delicate dress you were to wear today. Today was the reading of your father’s will. He was the single ruler of what now is your land and had died proudly in battle around a week ago.

You knew just what to expect, your father had told you exactly what was to happen when or if he died before you were married. Prince Daniel Howell was to take over his role as king and you were to be his queen. It had been an arrangement between the two fathers for years.

As you step into the large room filled with the important castle staff and you father’s allies and friends, a wave of realization crashes over you. You were to be married the next day to a man you had never met. Worse than that, the bedding. You will have to have intercourse with practically a stranger right after he takes your father’s spot on his throne.

You sit on your throne, the one next to your father’s, as the reading of the will begins. All eyes are either on you or the floor, each person anticipating the new king to take his spot next to you.

“And, finally.” The reader says, close to finishing the reading. “Prince Daniel Howell is to take my spot as king, and marry my daughter, y/n y/l/n.” He reads aloud. Out of the corner of your eye you see someone stand up a bit straighter. “He would like you to take your place on the throne, Prince Howell.”

A tall, brunette man slowly stands from his seat at a table and walks to the throne. He sits down, looking ahead. Everyone claps and the reading is dismissed. everyone filing out of the large room. Daniel and you keep your spots on the thrones as the room empties. Once there is no one left, you stand and walk to the doors, trying your best to rush out and avoid contact with him as much as possible.

“Uh, Miss y/n?” A husky voice says from behind you. He sounds as if he’s just woken up. You slowly turn to face him walking towards you.

“I know you must feel rather awkward about our situation, but I feel rather awkward as well, so if we work together a bit here and get to know each other, I feel as if this whole marriage thing will be easier for the both of us, yea?” He asks, stopping about a foot in front of me. You can’t help but nod your head.

“Are you alright? You sound as if you may be sick.” You ask, worried just a tad.

“Oh, I apologize. My voice gets a bit rough when I’m nervous.” He answers. You nod your head and he smiles a little bit.

The rest of the evening was spent with the two of you talking, taking walks around the castle grounds while you do so. When it got late enough, you attended dinner and then you both went to your separate rooms. You had warmed up to each other a bit, but you still weren’t completely on board with the bedding you knew would follow the night after. Nevertheless, you slept with ease.

The next morning was preparation for your wedding at seven that night. Everything was in order aside from your thoughts. You had never kissed anyone, let alone slept with someone! It was forbidden! You had to be kept pure for your marriage, and you knew that it wasn’t the case for princes. They could “do” people as they pleased, as long as a child wasn’t the result.

As you walk down the isle towards Dan, you can’t help but imagine how much more experienced he was. He had such good looks, and his title had to have been a bonus. You can’t imagine the amount of girls he had-

“We are held here today…” Your thoughts were cut off with the castle’s priest reciting the vows.

“I do.” You hear Dan say. You hadn’t been paying attention.

“And do you take Prince Daniel James Howell to be your husband and king?” The priest asks.

“I-i do.” You stutter a bit, clearly letting everyone know you were nervous.

“You are now King and Queen, you are excused.” He announces. You are pulled down the isle and inside the castle by Dan, your fingers intertwined.

Sometimes you had imagined what it would be like to be among the common folk, marrying on of them and kissing there, at the alter. It’s not allowed at royal weddings, kissing is a private matter that is only to be done in seclusion.

Before you knew it you were at the two of you’s new shared bedroom that had previously been your fathers, and years earlier, shared with your mother. He sat you down on the end of the bed as he stood in front of you.

“y/n, I can tell you’re nervous, are you alright?” He asks you, sympathy shining in his eyes.

You nod in response, he goes to the door, twisting the lock closed, before he sits next to you.

“You don’t have to be, love. I promise I’ll be gentle, I don’t want to hurt you or anything of the sort.” He explains quietly. You nod your head slowly before he stands again, beginning to remove his clothes. He was left, standing before you, in only his underwear.

He sits next to you and undoes your dress, sliding the sleeves down and pressing kisses to your newly exposed skin. As the dress falls, he signals for you to stand, you follow his directions and your dress falls to the ground, pooling around your feet. You were standing before him in only your undergarments, a state that only that maids who dressed you have seen.

“You’re lovely.” He mumbles under his breath after pulling the remaining cloth off of you until you were in the last layer of your underwear.

He pulls you onto the bed, having you lay down as he straddles your hips. He kisses your lips, moving them softly against yours as you try to copy his actions. He starts to kiss you a bit more passionately and his tongue enters your mouth. It felt weird at first, but you soon found your tongue being massaged by his pleasuring. He takes his lips from yours and kisses down your jaw, then your neck. Sucking on several different places before he sucks on one certain place that makes you gasp. You feel him smile against your skin as he continues sucking and nibbling on the sensitive skin near your collar bones before continuing down your body. He pulls away and removes the cloth covering your breasts. He then re-attaches his lips to your skin, moving down to one of your nipples. He sucks on one lightly while he massages your other breast, causing you to moan for the first time, then repeating the actions vise-versa. He pulls away and looks up at you.

“You sound so beautiful my love, don’t hold anything back.” He says, then continues moving his lips down your body. He pulls your panties down your legs slowly, taking in your wet pussy before licking a flat stripe up your folds. You moan at the new feeling, loving it. He circles his tongue around our entrance before pushing it in quickly and removing it. You moan again, but louder.

“Do you like that, y/n?” He asks, the husky voice from yesterday returning. You nod eagerly.

“Use your words, sweetheart.”

“Please, Daniel do that again.” You moan out when his tongue once again enters you. He moves his mouth to your clit, sucking on it while he brings a finger to your entrance. He pulls his mouth away and comes back to your lips, kissing you roughly.

“It’s Dan, love.” he whispers as he slowly moves his middle finger into you, thrusting at a slow steady pace. You moan before squirming at the new feeling. It was strange, yet you didn’t want it to stop. Dan speeds his actions up, adding a second finger. You moan louder than before, causing Dan to moan himself.

“Such a pretty noise.” He says into the heated kiss the two of you were sharing. You felt pressure build up in your stomach, and Dan must have noticed your walls clench around his fingers because he pulls them out. He pulls away from your kiss and sticks his fingers in his mouth, sucking them clean. He then pulls his underwear off, his erection springing free as he lines himself up with you.

“Are you ready?” He asks, making eye contact with you and waiting for your response. You nod.

“Words, love.” He demands.

“Yes, Dan bloody hell.” You answer. He enters you slowly, stopping half way for you to adjust, before pushing into you fully. He sighs in content and doesn’t move.

It hurts, but not enough to outweigh the pleasure.

“Move, Daniel. Please.” You breath out. He pulls out almost all the way before thrusting back in. He continues, his pace slowly quickening whilst both of your moans filled the room. The pressure once again built up in your stomach and you soon after explode into pure pleasure. Your walls clench around Dan as you cum, which causes Dan to loudly moan, cumming soon after you. He pulls out, laying next to you.

He pulls you into his chest, working the covers over you both before tucking your head into the crook of his neck.

“Ask for medicine tomorrow, my dear. We don’t want you to bear children just yet.” He whispers.

You nod, mumbling an “Of course.” Before you both fall asleep.

enielwings  asked:

Child AU. Let's say that the boys grew up under the care of their kind caretaker. How would they treat them once they reach adulthood?

Admin Mawile: ∩(︶▽︶)∩ Ah the difference a good parental figure makes~


-You’re the only one who gets to see shards of his old, happy self. No matter how much he’d rather just break off from his emotions, he can’t help but return to how he used to be when he’s with you.


-He remains extremely eager to please you, and relies on your praise and approval more and more as he grows up. He’s a much more well-adjusted adult with your influence, and is much less bitter and stressed.


-He’s almost desperate to please you, cranking up the bragging and ego whenever you’re around. You have to think he’s the best, and he’d do absolutely anything to make sure you do.


-He stays horribly needy and demanding, entirely dependent on your affection and love. No matter how old he gets, he never gets tired of being spoiled and praised, and all but insists on you babying him.


-Even as his personality shifts to the easy-going pervert he is as an adult, he never quite pulls away from you. He’s all but imprinted on you, and you remain the only person he can fully trust and cling to.


-You bring out gentle parts of him that have been otherwise forgotten, and you’re the only person who gets to see the sweet, shy child he used to be. He’s never violent with you, and is more relaxed with you than anyone.


-He’s extremely respectful towards you, and goes out of his way to keep you happy. You’re a valued member of his family, and the person who took care of him for so long, and the least he can do is treat you well.


-He remains very clingy, and depends on your affection even as an adult. Your attention will always mean the world to him. He likes to involve you in his fame as well, assuming that you’ll appreciate his influence.


-He always wants to please you, and makes a conscious effort to make sure you’re proud of him. Other than his brothers, you’re the only family he can remember, and your love is extremely valued.


-You are very much his favorite person ever, and he sticks to your side like he’s glued there even as an adult. He has absolutely no shame in seeking out your affection, and wants to be with you almost constantly.


-You are the only person to see his sweet side, and you alone get to witness just how soft he can be. He’s surprisingly affectionate when no one else is around, and respects you immensely for being so kind.


-He’s constantly seeking out your attention and praise, and will go to dangerous lengths to get it. He’s much more risky and violent than he was as a kid, but his intentions are almost identical.

Bathtub fun// Roman Godfrey smut

The soft sounds of water running, awoke me out of my nap. Getting up slowly, looking around to find Roman was not anywhere to be seen in his room. I looked towards his bathroom door and notice what appears to be steam coming out from underneath the opening. I get up and walked to the door to hear faint music playing. I open the door slowly and find Roman laying in the bathtub, smoking a joint and blowing o’s.

“Look who’s finally awake” Roman chuckles. He looks me in the eyes as if telling me he wants me to join him.

I stare admiringly at his toned body, wanting to feel it pressed against me. There’s no denying that Roman was a sex god. At least once a day he had me thinking about his body and the way it worked upon mine. My eyes reached back up to Romans and I saw him raise an eyebrow. I started to take off my shirt agonizing slow. I could see lust start to cloud over in his eyes.

I finished undressing and climbed into the bath with him, facing in his direction. I smirked at the beautiful man in front of me. He leaned towards me handing me the joint and I took a puff from it. I held it in for a few moments and exhaled. I saw Roman watching me with wandering eyes.

“You know I think this is the first time we have shared a bath together” Roman spoke.

“Do you mind that I’m in here with you” I asked?

“Not one bit, I actually have an idea of what we can do in here” he cracked a smile.

I knew what Roman meant, so instead of teasing him I leaned in and pressed my lips against his hungry ones. I felt his hand cup my cheek, essentially holding my head in place so I wouldn’t move away. I moved my body so that I was straddling his waist. I felt his other hand come to rest on my hip and rub gentle circles on my side. Roman pulled away from my lips and started working on my neck and collarbone. My moans started to mix with the soft music playing in the background. The feeling of his lips on my body always sent shivers down my spine and to my core. I was so focused on Romans lips attacking my neck I didn’t even notice him slip two fingers inside of me.

“You like when I finger you baby” Roman groaned in my ear. I didn’t trust my voice so I just nodded. I felt Roman grad my hair and jerk my head back.

“Use your voice” he demanded.

“Fuck yes Roman, I love it but please just fuck me” I yelled out in pleasure.

I felt Romans fingers slip out of me and soon be replaced with his cock. He didn’t given me anytime to adjust and just started pounding into me with force. Every time Roman and I would fuck and it always felt like a new experience.

“Y/n I love how tight you are even though I fuck constantly” Roman groaned.

“Do you baby” I whispered, while starting to match my hips with his.

“Oh god yes I do.”

I started kissing and nipping at Romans neck, marking him as mine. My hands roaming his hair, tugging at it. I could feel him going deeper with each thrust. I could tell Roman was holding back but I couldn’t tell what it was . I then noticed him holding a razor blade in his hand and I instantly knew what he wanted.

“Go head baby, use me” I moaned out in pleasure wanting him to just fully take me.

“Are you sure” Roman asked?

I looked him in the eyes and nodded. I was still riding him when I felt the blade run down my shoulder. I felt Romans mouth wrap around the open cut, draining me of my blood. It hurt but weirdly it felt pleasurable. I tried to lean back a bit, hitting a different angle inside of me bringing my release closer to the edge.

Roman wiped off his mouth, grabbed my face and kissed me. He started to go faster bringing me to my orgasm.

“Roman I’m coming” I whimpered.

“Good baby I’m almost there just hold on.”

A few moments later I could feel him twitch and cum inside me.

“Oh fuck y/n.”

I gripped his hair between my fingers pulling at it roughly. He thrusted a few more times, to ride out our highs together. He then pulled out gently and my body slumped against his. I started to close my eyes exhausted by fact that I let him feed off of me and the intimate act we just did.

“Y/n don"t go to sleep, I still gotta patch you up” Roman chuckled.

I looked up at him through hooded lashes and pulled him face towards mine and kissed him chastely. Roman then picked me up and sat me down on the bathroom counter, finding the first aid kit and patching me up. Once done putting the bandaid on the cut he made, he kissed it leaning into my neck and littering kisses along my jawline.

“Let’s get you back to bed” He smiled at me.

Roman helped me off the counter and brought me back to his room where he gave me one of his shirts and cuddled me until I eventually fell asleep again.

“Beg for me.”

Warning: Smut

You could feel his dried lips planting kisses from your shoulder blades trailing dangerously down to the parts where you want to be touched. Your neck itching from his heavy breaths as you feel his teeth lightly gnawing into your sensitive skin and gently sucking it, leaving his mark. 

Your mind was in a cluster- his lips worked beyond wonders and you could feel his fingers tucking into your garments underneath, slowly pulling it down to your thighs. You could make out the size of his rough palm situated by the insides of your thighs, gently circling and squeezing. You could hear yourself moaning his name from immense pleasure and eagerness of his touch and you could hear your own name falling from his lips, growling each syllabus in between kisses on your soft skin. 

You felt yourself raising your hips upwards, hungry for friction on your sex. 

But you knew he wouldn’t let you. He liked it when you were vulnerable and completely under his control- pinned down onto the bed, and begging for him to enter you. In bed, he had always been the embodiment of dominance. 

You heard him chuckle and harshly pinning your arms down onto the bed, preventing you from touching yourself, “Patience, tiger.” 

“Running out,” You managed to gasped out as you felt his quick brush over your clit, unable to contain the moans between your lips. 

He groaned at the sound of your sensual moan, biting down onto your neck once more. “My name,” He demanded, loving the sounds you make whenever he touches you, “Beg for me.” 

Endlessly and Eternally

Alex Summers x Reader

Author: Jen


Anonymous requested:  “ You should write Alex Summers X reader smut where he returns from Vietnam and it is their first time together in over 3 years? So you can do fluffy, passionate and rough all in one. Thank you soooooo much! “

Okay this took way too long to write but this proved to be challenging! I truly hope you enjoy it cause I was scared I’d sound like a 12 year old virgin! Here we go !

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Stalker/Peter Pan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

“Leave me alone!” I screamed slamming the door to my Treehouse.

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Stop the Sun

An Ubbe x Reader imagine the night before Ubbe leaves for England with his brothers.

TW: mild mention of rough sex, but as per usual with my Ubbe imagines, this is all sweetness.

You and Ubbe always looked forward to daybreak. You were early risers, up with the sun and the song of birds. Sometimes you stole a sunrise walk on the shore before even the fishermen were there, quiet and serene as the sea itself. Sometimes you preferred to stay tangled in your furs, watching the way the growing light played over each others skin, tracing its path with gentle fingers and warm tongues. More often than not, sunrise was a time for sweetness—Ubbe sinking into you with a content sigh, soft moans and softer kisses, the slow curling of your toes culminating in an orgasm that left you smiling all morning.

Unlike your evening encounters—the ones where he made you scream and beg for him, the times when he would pull your hair back to expose your tender throat to his demanding mouth, the love-marks he left on your skin, and the way his cock filled you like a living thing—mornings were for sweetness. For soothing bites and bruises with kisses, for his prick sliding into your slickness with unparalleled gentleness and your name falling from his lips like a breathless prayer.

But tomorrow morning there would be none of that. Ubbe would leave before the sun was risen, gone with his brothers to avenge their father. It was after dinner and the two of you had just returned to your small house, reeling from a few too many horns of mead. You hoped the alcohol in your blood would calm you but it only made you feel stormy, like your blood would bubble out through your skin and drown you.

Ubbe sat on the bed after he took his boots off, holding his hand out to you. You took it and pressed your lips to his palm, fighting back tears and cursing yourself for ruining your last night with your lover. You could not bear to look at him, his beautiful blue eyes cut into your heart like small, sharp knives—every touch enough to wound you, but not enough to kill you yet. Parting from him would be a death from a thousand small cuts.

And then he pulled you to him with a quiet, needy moan. You pressed yourself into him, desperate, wanting only to feel his skin against every inch of you. Every spot he didn’t touch you was consumed by the sheer, overwhelming need of him. He threw you down onto the bed, hitching your skirts up above your hips and tugging your dress roughly over your head without even bothering to loosen the ties. Ubbe buried his face between your legs with a fervent urgency.

His beard tickled your sensitive lips, and with just a few rough sucks on your clit, he had you writhing. “Y/n, hold still for me,” he growled, his arms snaking around your hips to lock you in place.

“You make it impossible for me to hold still,” you answered him in a voice that was little more than a shrill squeal as his tongue dipped into your dripping core. He lapped at every last drop of your juices in long, hard strokes. You screamed his name as he dug his nails into your hips. You would bear the mark of his fingers for days to come, a reminder of the way he loved you.

When Ubbe had quenched himself, he slid slowly up your body. He trailed kisses and bites along your back, taking his time to feast upon your soft flesh. His broad, warm tongue traced a shape slowly between your shoulder blades. “Hold still for me, Y/n,” he breathed against your skin when you squirmed in pleasure. “I am licking the shape of a protection rune onto your skin and begging the gods to keep you safe until my return.” He finished, kissing the center of the rune, before his gentle hands on your hips rolled you onto your back.

His blue eyes were warm and a little sad as he looked you over. He opened his mouth to say something, but instead just closed his eyes and kissed you like you were the only thing he needed to survive. His calloused, gentle hands found your breasts, teasing their peaks with his thumbs, and you gasped against his lips. Encouraged by this, he lowered his head to one breast, taking your nipple in his mouth to suck and tease you. He was careful not to neglect the other breast, and then his face was hovering over yours again. “I am going to miss you so much. The taste of your flesh, the feel of your pussy clenching around my cock when you scream for me. I love the way you let me mark you as mine. Every mark I leave on you is a claim, and every soothing kiss that follows is a promise I will love you forever, Y/n.”

The thickness in your throat wouldn’t allow you to speak, so you answered him in a way you knew he would understand. He groaned as your lips sucked hard on the tender flesh of his neck, his eyes half-closed from the pleasure of it. You finished off your mark with a rough bite, immediately followed by a slow, sweet kiss.

Ubbe’s hand was on your chin, guiding your lips to join his, and he sank into you with a content sigh. “I know mornings are for sweetness, Y/n,” he told you softly, resting his forehead against yours, “but I have never dreaded the daylight more.” His face was earnest and a little afraid; you stroked your fingers through his long, unbound hair.

“I wish we could stop the sun,” you agreed, feeling the familiar tightness building slowly in your belly. He knew the look on your face and moved his hips against you in the way you liked best.

“You are like holding the sun in my arms,” he told you, withdrawing himself almost completely before sheathing himself in you again. You felt your toes start to curl. He knew you were close, too, and increased his pace just a little.

The orgasms from your sweet lovemakings always surprised you with their force. They were not wild and violent like your other ones, but the love in every stroke of Ubbe’s cock was enough to send you sailing over the edge of ecstasy like slow waves breaking on the shore. He followed you soon after, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck and wrapping his arms around you. He pulled you tight, possessive and needy even after all you had done. “If I make love to you all night, maybe the sun will forget to rise.” His hand was already between your thighs, and you lacked the strength to turn him away when he was all that you wanted. That, and to stop the sun.

Dating Dandy Mott Includes

• His mother adoring you 

• constantly acting out the plays he likes together

• Comforting him when he has his outbursts of anger 

• him picking out beautiful dresses for you to try on 

• being slightly annoyed with how needy he could be sometimes 

• his mother gushing to you about how you make her son happy 

• reading stories to him sometimes when you two cuddle 

• him trying to control his anger around you 

• if you’re a writer, he will definitely enjoy your stories 

• he would love your stories so much that he demands you to write more for him

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// Babygirl - Theo Raeken //

Relationship: Theo Raeken x Reader.

Request: N/A.

Warnings: mkay I think we’ve established that I’m bad at writing both smut and the warnings lmao.

Dirty talk, ass grabbing, fingering, Dom!Theo, kinda public? Idk.

Rating: 18+ NSFW

Word count: 1,702

Part 2

A growl escaped your lips as your stare burned into him from across the room. The pack had needed a place to talk about the most recent supernatural phenomenon threatening beacon hills, the Dread Doctors, so you simply offered your house for the pack to meet in. However you were unaware that due to a new member as of that afternoon, ‘the pack’ now included Theo Raeken.

He had been in your 4th grade class along with you lifelong friend Stiles and Scott, your alpha as of a few months ago. The second Theo arrived back in beacon hills; he had the rest of the pack around his little finger, believing every word he said; not you and Stiles.  You were smarter than that and knew in your heart something was wrong with this kid and Stiles agreed.

“I talked to my dad,” Stiles had said “He said that if he truly isn’t who he says he is, give him some time and he’ll slip up. We just need to wait.” So, wait you did.

One thing to go on the record about Theo Raeken was that he seemed to find a sense of content in pushing your buttons, and pushing them he did. Whether it was something he said or his actions, he found a way to irritate you and being fairly new to your transition regardless of how confident you were in being able to control the change at this point; there was only so much you could take.

Once the pack had arrived and you had been filled in with the new pack addition the topic of interest quickly changed to the Dread Doctors. For the duration of the time that you all sat there trying to think of what the pack could do Theo had seemed to spend the entirety of the time finding ways to drive you crazy. You all took a break once stiles came up with the idea of ordering pizza, and once it arrived you jumped at the opportunity to sit across the room, as far away from Theo as possible.

Starting to seem like he was never going to stop, you glared at Theo, resulting in a wink that caused you to growl, furthermore irritated by the loss of control.

“Something wrong, Princess?” Theo asked, sounding innocent enough with a smirk planted on his lips. You growled again, this time lower yet louder and much more menacing. Your now florescent yellow eyes burned into him as you felt fangs starting to grow and claws replacing your short, maintained nails. Dozens of eyes now on you as multiple misheard voices tried to ask you if you were ok or telling you to calm down but right now all you cared about was charging across the room and ripping Theo’s vocal chords out with your teeth. You hadn’t even heard Scott take Liam’s place next to you.

“Y/N, come help me in the kitchen. I-I need to, um; I’m going to go fill everyone’s glasses.” Scott spoke, thinking of anything he could to convince you to get out of this room and avoid any kind of confrontation.

“Do it yourself.” You snapped, not even glancing at him.

Scott sighed, kneeling down, balancing his weight on the tip of his toes resting a hand on your knee. “Y/N. Look at me.” He demanded. You broke your glare away from Theo.

“I do love a girl that can take commands, nice and… submissive” Theo chuckled; you could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

“It’s not worth it.” Scott said his voice now softer.

You simply nod and stand up, completely transitioning back to your normal self. Scott was right it wasn’t worth getting angry over. He wasn’t worth getting angry over, and there was no way you were going to give him the reaction he wanted.  “Drinks?” You ask around the room as Scott helps you collect up glass (and in Stiles case, since he had a habit of dropping and smashing them, he got a plastic) cups, until you landed at Theo. He held out his mug and instead you walked right past him, into the kitchen with Scott.

“You ok now, Y/N? Have you calmed down?” He asked, looking genuinely concerned.

“Yeah, it was stupid. I let him get to me.” You nod before telling him to go back to the pack and that you’d bring the drinks in yourself. Scott smiled sweetly at you and walked back to the living room. You walked to the refrigerator, pulling out the different bottled drinks and pouring them in, boiling the kettle making a coffee for yourself and Stiles.

“Another coffee would be nice, Baby girl” You recognised the voice, and it certainly wasn’t Scott.

“Theo, could you stop with the fucking nicknames.” You snarled.

“Struck a nerve, have I?” He chuckled, shooting you another wink. You turned back to the kettle with a sigh, only to feel his body press against your back. “Or are you just mad now that you realise how much you like it? How much you like me being around, as close as I am now. You think I don’t see the way you look at me, baby girl?”

“Don’t kid yourself, asshole.” You snapped, though you couldn’t really deny it. It didn’t take much to realise that he was good looking, and as much as his attitude annoyed you there was something about it that attracted you to him, though you would never admit it.

“It’s cute that you still think you can lie to me, Y/N” He laughs shaking his head, his hot breath on your neck sending a shiver through your body. He smiled as you move your head to the side trying to avoid any means of eye contact with him, his lips moving to just below your ear, his voice a whisper. “But you should know something about me baby girl.” His hand sliding up your bare thigh and under the skirt you now regret wearing, feeling yourself getting wetter. “I don’t appreciate being lied to.”

His lips attached at a sweet spot underneath your ear and you struggle to stifle a moan.

“T-Theo…” You whisper. “We can’t-” You cut your own voice off with another moan, this a little louder than the last, as Theo sucked harshly on your neck. His hands gripped onto your hips as he spun you around to face him and lifted you so you sat on the counter, Theo stood in-between your separated legs.

“Baby girl, if you want me to stop just say the word. If not, you’re going to have to quieten down.” He was right, you had completely forgotten about the rest of the pack who were in the next room. “You’ve been teasing me all day in… this.” He referenced your skirt; you bit your lip and looked down. Never had you been this turned on.

“Don’t like a little noise Raeken?” You ask teasing him a little.

He chuckled, shaking his head at her. “Oh, baby girl, you really don’t understand. I could make you scream.” His words made you blush slightly, maybe because you weren’t used to dirty talk or maybe because you knew it was true.

His lips roughly attached to your neck, moving up toward your jaw, as his hand reaching inside your underwear. “You’re so wet princess.” He muttered before his finger traced figure eights over your clit. You buried your head in Theo’s neck, breathing heavily in an attempt to stop any audible moans. “No,” Theo protested, his hand moving from your underwear. You pulled your head back confused. “I want you to look at me ok?”

He bowed his head again, and instead of on your neck his lips unexpectedly met yours. His hand slipped back under your pleated skirt and into your underwear and instead going back to your clit, it slipped to your entrance and pushed two fingers inside of you his other hand on your jaw as you kissed. You opened your mouth, both shocked and aroused, which was enough for him to slip his tongue in your mouth, gaining dominance straight away. His lips were softer than expected. One of your hands gripped to the work top the other in Theo’s hair, tugging on it. He moaned slightly, his lips curling to a smile as his fingers worked at your core, pumping in and out quickly when all of a sudden his fingers curled inside of you. His fingers continued to work on your core as you feel yourself getting close.

“T-Theo, I’m going to- I’m gonna-”

“Come for me, baby girl” His breath tickling your ear, biting down on your neck again. It only took a few seconds for you to release, your climax hitting and releasing on Theo’s hand, breathing uneven and a satisfied smile on your face.

“Happy, baby girl?” A smile on his face as he watched you gain your breath back, licking his fingers clean.

You nod, “Very.” You confirmed between breaths.

His lips met yours again, this time much more… passionate. His hands moved to your back, pulling you off of the counter top. You wrapped your own around his neck, your body curving, pressing against him. Theo’s hands shift and rest at your ass, a smile at his lips. After a few minutes he pulled away, pecking you on the lips once more and winking at you, grabbing your ass before he moved to the counter where the drinks sat.

He grabbed one of the glasses you had forgotten about and handed it to you, taking one in each hand himself, puzzling you. As if on cue Lydia popped her head around the door.

“What’s taking you guys so long? I’m thirsty.” She pouted.

“Y/N here takes the piss. What kind of girl can’t make a decent coffee?” He glanced round at you, shooting you a wink that Lydia couldn’t see.

“Shut up asshole.” You rolled your eyes, ignoring the smile pulling at your lips.

Princess - part 13 - Badboy! Calum

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Your heart pulses in your head, beating on your temples. You lift your head. Your heart moves down into your throat and you’re sure he can see it pulsing. You slowly blink, before speaking. “You love me?” distaste is laced into your voice. How dare he barge into your house and demand that he loves you. “Calum, you left me at the park.”

“I came back!” Calum protests. His body leans forward, bending over the coffee table between the two teenagers.

“You never… You never came back to me! You just sat there on the curb, hiding behind the bush like some coward-“

“I’m not a coward.” Calum spits back. He rounds the coffee table and stands in front of you. His legs are between your own. He shrinks down to your height. “I’m not a coward Y/N. And I came back for you. And yes, I love you.”

It felt like the world stilled, again. Goosebumps trailed up your arms as a response to Calum’s words. Your heart is beating wildly, wanting to jump from your chest and into his arms. A certain anger takes over though, because how dare he come into your house and tell you these things?

“Adam!” You yell into the next room, where your old best friend was. When Calum first came over, he had excused himself, saying that if you needed him, to just yell. Around the time of high school, you had found new friends, and so had Adam so your friendship had split. But when you were sitting on that curb, left by Calum, you couldn’t think of anybody else to call.

Adam comes into the room and assesses the scene. Calum who is squatting down at your height, stands up to intimidate Adam. Adam barley blinks an eye as he turns to you with a questioning look. Now that he was here, you had no idea of what to say.

“I can’t do this,” You say moving over on the couch before standing. You move to stand by Adam, but Calum catches your arm.

“Princess?” He asks, squeezing your arm just a little. You just shake your head and he releases you. You stand next to Adam.

“Man, I don’t think she wants you here.” Adam informs Calum, who had already known. Calum nods his head and disappears out the door.

You lean onto Adam as tears began to stream down your face

Little did you know that the bad boy of the town was wiping away a few tears of his own.

Choke On This

A/N: Sometimes you listen to an emo classic and a fic just appears!

Warnings: A little on the violent side.

Hours had gone by and still, Spencer sat in silence, wondering whether to be worried or angry as he journeyed home. Four times already, he’d checked his phone to firstly make sure you hadn’t called but also to check his text telling you he was coming home that night. The message had sent and had even been received, but it remained unopened.

Taking the steps up to the apartment building entrance, Reid sidestepped a young man who was on his way out, thanking him for pushing the door hard enough to ensure it didn’t close before he got to it. The scent of stale cigarettes from the man’s clothes was abhorrent but Spencer took little notice with all the thoughts running through his mind.

Once outside your apartment door, though, the subtle but familiar smell wafted to his nostrils, confirming just which emotion he should be feeling. The door swung open silently as the usually calm doctor moved swiftly through the apartment like a strong gust of wind, bursting into the bedroom to see it for himself.

“What the fuck!?” exclaimed Spencer, taking in the sight of you still laying between the sheets, a look of panic on your face. “Are you serious!? In our bed?”

“Spencer…” you gasped, throwing back the duvet and leaping to your feet. You were trying to round the bed toward him but he had no desire for physical contact, backing away from you.

Half smoked cigarettes and you’re the trash that infests my sheets
Can’t make a wife out of a whore, don’t want your skin on me
And you’re, you’re addicted to the drug of lust
A detox in the cold sweat of shame
And I love your pain

“How long!?” he demanded, pushing your hands away from him as you reached out. “Something’s not been right for a while now. Has it been going on that long? Am I boring you?”

“No, I promise…” you pleaded but he wasn’t having it. “I love you… I just…”

“Just what?” he asked. “Go on!”

“I needed more,” you answered. “I needed it like it was when we first got together. When it was exciting. When we were fanatically in love.”

The look on Spencer’s face was of anger and confusion as he tried to rationalise what you’d just said. Why hadn’t you just said something? Why not just talk? Or was it that you needed that fix so much more than you needed him.

As all logic broke down and he struggled internally to process, something snapped in his mind and all conversation ended. A pair of hands reached forward, grabbing hold of your wrists and pushing you toward the bed. The first instinct was fear and the want to scream but when his lips pressed hard against yours, it was hard to argue. Your mind told you to resist him, but your body ignored it, allowing yourself to be bundled back into the bed.

So this love’s been worn down, like songs on a tape
The sex has lost all of its fun, like gum loses taste
And you’re, you’re addicted to the drug of lust,
A detox in the cold sweat of shame
And I love your pain

How were you supposed to react to what had happened? You were caught and you knew you were, guilt-ridden and upset but then came the best sex in your relationship since its inception. Laying beside him, still panting, you turned to look at him but he didn’t reciprocate the gaze.

“S-spencer?” you stuttered nervously, watching his chest rise and fall. “Do… do you remember when we first started dating? I thought you were this awesome, rockstar of a guy living a life I wanted to be part of. It was exciting, you were exciting. And you were the first person to ever make me feel like I was good for anyone. Do you remember what you said to me?”

“Mmm,” he grunted, still not looking at you.

“You told me that I was the first person that you’d been able to completely come out of your shell with…” you started but he cut you off.

“I lied.” Two words that cut so deeply considering how bluntly they were used.

“You… you what?” you asked, welling up and sitting up away from him.

“I lied. There were others,” explained Spencer.

“You’re just saying…” you began but were cut off again.

“Lila, Austin, Maeve… want me to keep listing?”

“Spencer, what are you doing?” you asked, confused as to why he would sleep with you again if he was going to be like this.

“Get out.” Two more words that hit you like a truck.


“Get out!” he screamed, his hand diving to the nightstand.

You didn’t even need to see it, you knew it was there. Moving quicker than you ever had before, you leapt from the sheets, grabbing up your clothes and running from the bedroom. The last thing you saw of him was his naked torso with an outstretched hand, fingers gripping the revolver.

With a pair of pants and a shirt on, you left behind everything, losing it all for an hour of pleasure once a week. When the door clicked closed behind you, your eyes travelled down to see the bunch of roses that had been dropped by the door mat.

I’m here back in your bed babe
Remember what you said to me
“You can be my James Dean, I’ll be your sweet queen”
I said that you were my first, but you weren’t even close now
Like a frame in a movie, you’re just one of many
Can you grant me one last wish
Play Russian roulette as we kiss
I’ll be your cheap novelty
Blow your brains out on me

Eight days. That was all that had passed when you tried to speak to him again, going to his apartment building with nothing but apologies and good intentions in mind. And yet, there you were. Standing on the pavement across the street as you watched him with her, walking along the street with the same red rose that he’d brought you on your first official date.

Turning, you watched out of the corner of your eye so he wouldn’t see you. The nervous churning in your stomach that had plagued you the entire way there had suddenly turned to an emptiness as you were cast aside, discarded for what you had done. Given time, would he even remember you?

I gave you these roses now but I left in the thorns
I’d rather hurt someone than hurt myself
I’ll dispose of you like a lighter out of fuel
I’ll lose you somewhere on the shelf


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There was one final touch to complete your next project that you needed Spock’s knowledge for. Racing through the halls of the Enterprise, you came upon the Officer’s Mess, hoping you didn’t miss him. The door opened and you thanked the stars you made it just in time, until you saw who it actually was.

“Woah, what’s the rush?” Bones held up his hands to stop you.

You skidded to a halt, huffing in annoyance. “I’m looking for the commander. Is he still inside?”

“He is,” he crossed his arms, slightly tilting his head. “But you can’t go in there. It’s the Officer’s Mess.”

You gasped with mock wonder, “No. Way. In my three years of crawling through every nook and cranny fixing stuff on this ship, I thought it was just a myth!” Bones rolled his eyes, but you didn’t stop. “I know I’m not worthy, but may I touch the door with my lowly, grimy engineer’s hands?”

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