he delivered this perfectly

Sami zayn just talked on live tv for five full minutes and didn’t miss a word, didn’t stop to remember what he was talking about, didn’t stutter, didn’t have to even clear his throat. He delivered the whole thing perfectly. It felt real.


Diabolik Lovers: Sakamaki Weddings

Here’s another one of these crappy little they aren’t really little they’re like five pages long things. These aren’t really serious, by the way, and are not a realistic representation of how the boys would actually act.


Ayato didn’t really like the idea of marriage at first, but once you pestered him about it, he grew on the idea. He, being himself, wanted a massive wedding. Despite that, he didn’t want to actual do any proper planning, so Reiji was left to do all the preparations.

He wasn’t really interested in your dress, but made sure it showed a lot of cleavage. Ayato didn’t want to have the wedding at the mansion so decided to have it at a nearby castle. Though he was very confident when ordering Reiji to make the wedding perfect for him, he began to grow a little nervous when the day actually came. Luckily, Laito (his best man because no other male can stand him) calmed him down. His father was not invited but came anyway, to which he responded by throwing a wine glass at him. He recited his wedding vows, which he wrote himself, in an overly proud manner, declaring that you officially belonged to him. *insert the entire Sakamistake clan face palming*

All in all, despite the rowdiness throughout, it was a beautiful wedding. You and Ayato moved out of the family mansion and into a mansion of your own to spend your lives together.

“You now belong to Yours Truly. As I said, I will be your first everything”


I think Kanato would have been fairly enthusiastic about a wedding, but wanted it to go exactly the way he wished or he’d throw a tantrum.

This meant that instead of ordering that food be made on the big day, he made sure that Reiji (who again ended up doing all the boring stuff) got a massive cake. He definitely wanted to choose the dress. After literal hours of shopping around, he settled on a black Victorian style gown, much to the distress of every one except for him. Kanato didn’t really care about the venue and who was invited but he made sure his father was not invited under any circumstances.

On the day, Kanato was pretty calm. I don’t think he really wanted any of his brothers to be his best man, so he had to make do with Reiji, the only one who was willing. He still had Teddy, who was dressed up in a tuxedo, in his arms though. Karl Heinz/Papamaki didn’t end up attending, for which everyone was grateful for. Somehow, the wedding ceremony would go smoothly. He said his wedding vows in a scarily monotone way, causing most of the guests to be slightly concerned, but no ruckus was caused.

You stayed at the mansion after you were wed because Kanato didn’t want to have to move all of his dolls.

“Ha… you can’t escape me now. Don’t look at anyone else except me, okay?


When you asked him about marriage, he seemed very hesitant, since it meant he was bound to you and only you. Once you promised him more freedom with your risqué activities, he agreed. Though he dislikes shopping and stuff like that, he insisted on organising the wedding instead of leaving it to Reiji.

He wanted a dress which showed a lot of skin, to which you reluctantly agreed. Laito only invited people who were close to him and you, which basically meant his brothers and maybe the Mukami’s. The wedding was pretty normal, just a bit expensive if anything. For the venue, he settled on a particularly nice wedding hall that caught his eye. To add a devilishly romantic feeling, he had most of the decorations black embellished with red roses. Obviously, he chose Ayato to be his best man.

On the wedding day, he didn’t wear his signature fedora, to everyone’s surprise. He read out his vows slightly emotionally, since they were quite heart felt and personal to him. Papamaki turned up and was chased out by the groom himself with a broken wine glass. Once you were officially married, he gave you a French kiss in front of everyone which caused Subaru to break a wall for some reason

You moved out together into a large apartment in the city, away from his brothers and dark childhood.

“Now that we are wed, fufu… I shall drag you into a hedonist’s hell with me~”


Shuu was actually the one to propose, though he did it very lazily and off handedly like it was nothing. He didn’t do anything for the wedding and expected Reiji to do it all. Reiji straight up refused but, after realising that Shuu is basically the heir to the throne in the vampire kingdom, made the preparations. It was mainly just to make himself look good though.

It was planned to be an average budget wedding. You and Reiji chose the dress and the guests, only asking Shuu for his confirmation for incredibly important decisions. Papamaki was invited, along with hundreds of other vampire aristocrats, mainly to look good as the vampire royal family. The only thing which Shuu really did was choose the venue, which happened to be a concert hall. Subaru was chosen to be his best man, as he was most likely the brother the groom was closest to.

The wedding day was decent until the Mukamis turned up for no apparent reason. Their arrival caused some conflict between to two families, but that wasn’t the main problem. Alcohol was handed out as the wedding went on, since a Reiji thought it was appropriate for some reason. By the time that the vows were about to be spoken, Kou, Laito, Ayato and Yuma were completely drunk and sitting in the corner of the hall, giggling like little girls. As a result, many of the visitors began to leave in slight disgust. Despite the complete chaos, Shuu delivered his vows perfectly. Straight after, he began to play a violin piece he dedicated to you to the remaining guests, which was literally Reiji, you and the drunk four. Everyone had left, Reiji was screaming at the drunkards in the corner and said drunkards were giving each other piggy back rides. Yet, you listened to his music and was glad that you had decided to marry him.

After the train wreck which was that wedding, you moved out of the mansion into a small cottage in the countryside. Reiji encouraged your decision.

“You have given yourself to me, make no mistake about it. Be cautious, however, for this means you are truly in my grasp for eternity”


Subaru honestly did his best when proposing. He took you outside one night to the gardens, got down on one knee and proposed like a gentleman. Of course, you said yes. He began working on the preparations immediately, with Reiji’s help.

He decided that he wanted a white colour scheme. The venue, the mansion, was to be decorated in white roses and you were to wear a white dress. Though he had a couple of bursts of anger along the way, he decided on the guests: his brothers, the Mukami brothers and his mother. His father was not invited. He had gone so far as to send him a letter explicitly asking him to stay away.

On the day, despite his tough exterior, he was incredibly anxious. His best man, Shuu, didn’t do much to help him, but he calmed down at the thought of his mother being there. When it came to the vows, he ended up with a tear rolling down his cheek when he saw you and his mother. After you were officially husband and wife, he embraced you while heartedly and begged for you never to leave him.

However, Karl Heinz came in at the last moment. Much to Christa’s (his mother) horror, Subaru punched him across the face and told him to get the hell out. Subaru’s mom burst into tears and ran out in hysterics. Meanwhile, the rest of the guests were either laughing (the triplets and Mukami’s) or watching in silence (Reiji and Shuu). Furious, Subaru grabbed you and walked out of the mansion.

Needless to say, you both moved out. You moved to a town on the coast, away from his brothers.

“Stay with me… don’t let me destroy you…”


As a gentlemen, Reiji formally asked for your hand in marriage. Also as a gentleman, he made all of the preparations by himself, only asking your opinion for the dress in which he picked out for you. Everything, and literally everything, was perfect. He chose Subaru to be his best man, since he was probably the best option out of his siblings.

He invited many vampire aristocrats, including his father, for the sake of social status. The wedding went totally as planned, with no hiccups at all. His vows were strangely emotive but poetic enough to suit Reiji. Karl Heinz did come up to you right after you were officially a married couple to give his ‘blessings’.

The only interruption throughout the whole ceremony was the fact that the triplets were (again) getting drunk, to which Reiji responded by locking them in their rooms to sober up.

You both stayed in the mansion, since it was clear that the Sakamaki family would crumble if it weren’t for Reiji. However, both of you were happier now that the knot was tied.

“Now that you are my wife, I expect you to behave like a lady or else I shall have to punish you”

Bad Influence

Summary: Derek is a little shit when he drinks.

Pairings: Derek x Reader/OC

Warnings: Adult themes, alcohol consumption 

She collapsed onto Derek’s couch with a huff, muscles stinging and skin burning as her body stitched itself together. It was a state she has grown accustomed to in her years living as a lone wolf, given the chance hunters tended to take the path of least resistance and an omega without a pack was an almost guaranteed payday, but unfortunately, she never healed any faster. Not that it ever stopped her. Despite the unbelieving glances she received at the declaration, she maintained she would take the open road over pack life any day.

“We really have to stop meeting like this,” she breathed through a grimace, flexing her fingers as the joints popped back into place.

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The Disaster Artist: A Good Movie from a Bad Movie?

If you’ve never seen The Room, let me explain it to you. Most bad movies suffer from a disjointed plot or weak characters. The Room transcends into a different plane. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of how humans act and perceive the world. It’s regarded as one of the worst movies ever… and yet has gained a cult following that’s kept it popular since its release fourteen years ago. Produced, directed, written, and starring Tommy Wiseau, The Room is a cinematic marvel.

So naturally, it makes sense to produce a movie about the making of The Room. That is where The Disaster Artist comes in, an adaptation of the book by Greg Sestero, one of Tommy Wiseau’s friends and an actor in The Room. Starring brothers James Franco and Dave Franco, The Disaster Artist dives into one of the most recognizable movies in cult cinema.

The movie opens on an acting class in San Francisco, 1998. Greg Sestero, played by Dave Franco, struggles to keep his confidence on stage. Right after the instructor has him sit down though, another student offers to perform. This is Tommy Wiseau, played by James Franco. Tommy’s acting is far more overdramatic than Greg’s, but Greg is intrigued. The two end up bonding over a shared dream of show business, and Tommy ends up convincing Greg to head down to Los Angeles with him. After having little luck in the established Hollywood studios, though, they decide to make a movie on their own — and the rest is history.

The Franco brothers nail their roles spot on. James perfectly captures the bizarre mannerisms and dialect of Tommy Wiseau. Near the beginning he delivers a line that perfectly sums up the character:  “Don’t talk about me, don’t talk about how I talk, and don’t look at robot crab,” while gesturing to a Happy Meal toy on his car dash, “he’s shy.” I double checked, and robot crab is in fact in Sestero’s book. James doesn’t play Tommy Wiseau as only some weirdo though, but treats him as a person. He shows Wiseau struggling to cling to hope and teetering on despair. He shows Wiseau as a loyal friend. He shows Wiseau’s dictator-like style of production.  James Franco has already won some Best Actor awards for this role, and he definitely deserves it.

Dave Franco also deserves credit for his role as Greg Sestero. When your character is in a duo with Tommy Wiseau, it can be hard to keep the spotlight for yourself as the “straight man.” Luckily, Dave Franco plays Sestero in a very earnest and warm way. As fascinating as James’ performance was, Dave kept me invested in Greg Sestero, and how the events of the film affected him. The chemistry between the actors as brothers translates well into characters as friends. The close camaraderie can be seen on the screen in all its glory.

That is what elevates The Disaster Artist from a simple docudrama. It’s not only a movie about the making of The Room, even though that would have been satisfying on its own. It’s also a movie about two close friends trying to pursue a dream, and facing the difficult realities of Los Angeles in their own way. That central relationship serves as the glue to keep the plot together and moving forward.

Now, there were a couple parts where I could tell liberties were taken with the story, and they were liberties that seemed to take away from it. For example, after Greg reads the script for The Room, he doesn’t seem to react in the confused way I’d expect. The actual production included many rewrites, and it would have made more sense to show that. There were a couple other parts where I felt things got abridged, things that could have elevated the movie even more. I mean, it could have only heightened the humor to reveal that Tommy Wiseau originally wanted to have a vampire twist (true by the way, look it up). The Disaster Artist isn’t even that long, at only an hour and 44 minutes. I would want to see more of this! Of course, it’s not a detrimental flaw, and we still see enough to cement the movie’s plot solid.

Perhaps the greatest achievement of The Disaster Artist, though, is that it made me appreciate The Room all the more. Sure, I already love it as a farcical comedy, but if you think about it, you could argue that it’s outright subversive. Nobody wanted to take a chance on Tommy Wiseau, so he made his own movie. He funded it and created it. The Room is also mysterious; to this day, no one knows where Wiseau came from, and no one knows where his money came from. Above all, though, The Room is passionate. Bad movies like The Emoji Movie or Jack and Jill reek of cynicism and insults to the viewing audience. The Room was made with no understanding of how a movie is made… but it has no cynicism behind it. Despite the hellish conditions that Wiseau put his cast and crew through, there’s no denying that he poured his heart into the film. This point is reinforced at one point in the movie, after one of the veteran actresses faints on stage due to the heat. After she recovers, Sestero asks why she’s still doing this, when she has a stable life to fall back on. She responds, “Even the worst day on set is better than the best day anywhere else.”

It all comes to a head by the end of the movie, when The Room premieres to rolling laughter from audiences. Wiseau is crushed, believing that they all hate his philosophical drama. But Greg comes to comfort him, and tells him to listen more closely. They are laughing… but they are cheering. Applauding. And when the credits roll, they start cheering his name. It’s not the victory Tommy wanted, but it’s a victory that only he could achieve. It’s a wonderful ending that teaches that while we might get what we wanted, it’s often in unexpected ways.

If that wasn’t all enough, we get an after-credits scene featuring a cameo from the REAL Tommy Wiseau. It’s great, it’s brilliant, it’s funny, and you should stay for it. When it comes down to the wire, The Disaster Artist may not be a perfect telling of The Room’s production, but it does a fine job of it. The Franco brothers form the heart of the movie, and from there it becomes ridiculous, emotional, and inspirational. It captures the mystery of The Room, and puts it out for us to see more clearly. If you are at all interested in how movies get made — or at entertained at all by the infamous “YOU’RE TEARING ME APART LISA!” — then you should treat yourself to The Disaster Artist.

I JUST SAW DUNKIRK. and listen, i can’t even properly express how amazingly harry did. he was in quite a lot of it and had some of the most lines, which he delivered perfectly. his character was very complex, but he captured him without having to do anything too extravagant; it was all in the facial expressions. there was an underlying desperation to everything his character did. he made it so you could empathise with him as much as possible without actually being in the situation. i’m so proud of my baby.

anonymous asked:

Btw, in case people didn't notice or realize, his voice on SNL cracked (at 4:40) on the line that's not even sang in high voice in the studio version. He was totally in the moment & improvising, and people who enjoy this type of performers really dig it. SOTT is a very difficult song that will always be hard for a vocal like Harry to deliver 'perfectly', and he shouldn't even try. Every performance of this will be unique, that's how it should be. If you wanna listen to it perfectly, listen to CD


sand1128  asked:

10) Send a Prompt, Fandom, Character/Pairing and I will write a short drabble. Rucas... Lucas asking Riley to the Prom.... and go! 😂😆

I apparently don’t know the meaning of short drabble….although it’s not that long. I didn’t edit or anything so I hope it’s not a huge mess.

“I swear on your grandmother’s cookies Zay, if you screw this up for me, I’ll-”

“Whoa whoa, chill man!” Zay looks positively horrified. “There’s no need to be bring violence into this, you already know she’s gonna say yes.”

Lucas sighs and slams his locker shut. “This is prom though. It’s our last dance, this ask needs to be bigger and better than all the others.” And definitely better than anything Charlie Gardner could think up, he adds silently.

He hadn’t thought of Charlie in a long time but the stress of prom, and then graduation, was stirring up a lot of emotions. He needs everything to go perfectly.

The balloons would be delivered during 1st period, then the flowers during 2nd and 3rd (since he couldn’t decide between daisies and sunflowers, he’d just gotten both).

Nothing during 4th since they had history with Mr. Matthews, and he wasn’t too eager to lose a shoe before the school day even ended.

He had a slice of her favorite cheesecake from Topanga’s for them to share at lunch and finally, between 5th and 6th, when the girls had gym class, Zay would lead the marching band while Lucas serenaded her with that song from the old movie she liked so much and end it with an official ask.

Zay was right, he knew she’d say yes, but he still couldn’t wait to see the look on her face at the end of the day.

By 4th period Lucas’ nerves were completely out of control. Mr. Matthews kept sending him strange looks whenever his knee caused his desk to bounce.

When Riley walked into the room, a bouquet in each arm, she quickly made her way to his desk and leaned over to give him a brief kiss while her dad wasn’t looking.

“Lucas Friar, you are the absolute sweetest! I love them.”

“I’m glad.” He’s pretty sure he’s got the goofiest smile on his face right now.

“I have a question for you,” she says, suddenly serious.

“What is it?”

She smiles one of her megawatt smiles and it nearly distracts him from what she has to say.

“Will you go to prom with me Lucas Friar?”

His jaw drops and he flounders for something to say. “But…I…and the….”

Her smile is replaced with a worried frown and he thinks there’s a tinge of rejection in her eyes. He feels like a jerk.

“Of course I will.” His favorite smile is back. “I was going to ask you this afternoon.”

“I figured,” she giggles while glancing at the two large bouquets now sitting on her desk. “But I’ve never gotten to do the asking before. And I knew what all these gifts meant, you didn’t have to say the words. There weren’t any other surprises were there?”

“Noooo?” he drags out as more of a question. She doesn’t seem to notice, just beams at him before taking her seat as the bell rings.

He quickly takes his phone out and sends an emergency text to Zay.

Lucas: cancel the band!! abort abort!!

Zay: y? what did you do??

Lucas: nothing! she asked me to go before I got the chance

Zay’s response is just a string of laughing emojis, but Lucas doesn’t care. He’s going to prom with his girl. Nothing else matters.

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Can we get a fic with an injured Ben solo!( he just got back from a undercover mission) But he's just to prideful to admit he's in tons of pain. This is where rey comes in! She can only looks at him as if he's insane, because she can feel it to( Force bond!)

The other three men drag themselves into the room like they have just been to hell and back, which isn’t far from the truth. After them, a fourth man walks in as if simply coming back from the other room. Tall, fierce and unperturbed, Ben Solo doesn’t look like someone who has taken part in the same dangerous mission as the others.

He refuses both treatment and rest and goes straight to General Organa to deliver the precious information in his possession. He looks perfectly fine on the outside. And he could fool everyone, but not Rey. She knew that something was wrong before the door even opened to let the team in.

She had a nightmare the night before, she was fighting someone who left her severely wounded. Except, it wasn’t her in the dream. Looking down, she saw Ben’s reflection on the shiny floor. And blood. A lot of blood.

But it wasn’t the only reason she knew something was wrong with him. She had been fighting an aggressive headache and a mysterious stomach-ache since that morning. And a few moments before the squadron walked in, her pain vanished, replaced by a creeping feeling that she knew was coming from Ben. She realized that pain was never hers, it was Ben’s.

It’s not until everything quiets down and night has fallen, that she finally gets a chance to confront him.

“So, how long are you going to pretend everything’s alright?”

She’s leaning against his door frame, arms crossed. He looks at her from the bed, still fully dressed. He looks like he has been in deep thoughts until a moment before. He’s puzzled by her voice.

“Excuse me?”

“You know that I can feel it,” she simply says, looking upset. Why, she doesn’t even know. It isn’t her business, in the end.

He looks exhausted, more by her words than by the mission. He always looks like that when Rey is around and it irritates her beyond repair.

“If my presence annoys you this much, don’t do things that catch my attention,” she adds, “and go get that wound treated.”

She turns around, ready to leave the room with a heavy heart. It feels like the more she tries to get close to him – even if in her own, awkward and probably aggressive way – the stronger the wall he has built around himself grows. She has no idea why she is even trying. It’s probably because of that strange connection between them, it pushes her to think there should be more between them than what there is now.

“I didn’t ask for this, you know?” she murmurs just before leaving.

His voice reaches her ears when she doesn’t expect it anymore. It’s not his usual, deep baritone voice he uses when he wants everyone to leave him alone. It’s almost soothing.

“Did it hurt?”

She stops in her tracks, back on him. A shadow of annoyance on her face.

“It always does.”

A long moment of silence. Then, a shuffling sound. Rey feels a presence behind her and sees Ben passing her by. He spares a glance at her.


That’s all he says and it’s barely more than a whisper. Rey watches him walk down the white corridor of the ship.

“Where are you going?”

“To the medcenter,” he says, going ahead.

“I thought you didn’t want to get treated.”

“I don’t need it,” Ben confirms, stopping to turn halfway around. He sends her a meaningful glance that sends warm shivers down her back. “But this isn’t only about me, is it?”

He’s walking away again before she can manage a reply. Rey stays still, wishing to feel anything but the warmness she’s feeling right now in her stomach.


CC new cast review-Friday 26th 2017

On Friday the 26th of May 2017, I was lucky enough to see The Cursed Child for the third time, this time with the new cast. I was sat in E3 stalls, the best view I’ve ever had. Here are my thoughts.



Theo Ancient: Albus Potter

Now, Albus is possibly my favourite character thanks to Sam’s previous portrayal. He is brilliantly layered and a very interesting character to watch, so naturally I was intrigued to see what Theo would bring to him.

Theo’s Albus is considerably different to Sam’s in several ways. He plays him much younger and vulnerable, which I adore. He was quite nervous at the beginning, but it was only the second time they had performed so nerves were inevitable, but he soon settled into the swing of the audience and the stage and took over completely. I really liked his acting. He reminded me very much of Christopher from TCIOTDITN; he captured his innocence and vulnerability so well! Not to mention his relationship with Samuel Blenkin (Scorpius) on stage was just so lovely to watch.

If there’s one thing to critique Theo on, it would be to work on the relationships with Harry and Ginny. This goes for the actors of Harry and Ginny too, but with time I think they will be perfect. At the moment it just felt like actors acting rather than the characters we know and adore. Despite this, Theo has a lot of potential and will be perfect soon enough!

Samuel Blenkin: Scorpius Malfoy

As a fandom, we were all really nervous about who was going to play Scorpius. He’s a fan favourite, and we were so lucky to have both Anthony and James play him in the original cast, and they were extraordinary. But never fear, Scorpius is in very safe hands!

Samuel is different to the previous actors, but he has kept the essence of Scorpius very much alive. He was absolutely hilarious, delivering his iconic lines perfectly and the audience immediately warmed to him. He plays Scorpius much geekier and more nervous, which I loved, and developed little mannerisms that had everyone smiling (always fidgeting and using his hands a lot). Not only was he hilarious, but he managed to break our hearts in the library scene. I was sat quite close so I could see their faces perfectly, but you could feel how broken he was after his mother’s death and it genuinely almost made me cry. He was just spectacular.

Jamie Glover: Harry Potter


I have to say that I had fallen in love with Jamie Parker’s portrayal of Harry, because he understood the character right through to his bones. New Jamie was who I was most nervous for.

Jamie Glover plays Harry much quieter than Parker, which made quite a nice contrast to his fiery and explosive Gryffindor temper. I only wish he emphasized his temper more, however. Theo has clearly worked hard on his sly Slytherin temper through his actions and words, but I almost wanted more anger from Glover. It felt like it was all at the same pace, and he often overlooked some of Harry’s best lines (“and you’re still talking to me?” “there’s plenty you’re good at, albus!”) I did enjoy watching him on stage, but he needs time to develop and understand the character a bit more. I missed Parker’s screaming as well, the nightmare scenes felt a little anti-climactic, and I wanted more of a reaction than just quiet sobbing when he watches his parents die.

Despite this, he was wonderful in the scenes with Dumbledore. He almost regressed to teenage Harry again and it brought a tear to my eye.

Rakie Ayola: Hermione Granger


Likewise, I was very comfortable with Noma’s Hermione, and as she is my favourite character I was intrigued to see a new portrayal. And I really enjoyed it.

She plays Hermione much brighter than Noma and I can’t tell which way I prefer, the schoolgirl Hermione that we grew up with still exists and it was lovely to watch. One scene where she shone considerably was the first alternative reality, instead of being stern and cruel, she was almost hysterically evil. It was really fun to watch, and Theo’s reaction helped the both of them act off one another, and it worked fantastically. The scene where she meets Ron on the staircase was particularly tear-jerking, you could tell that she was really holding back from sobbing. Not to mention the bit where Rose jumps into her arms later in the play, honestly one of the most emotional parts of the production. Rakie held on to Helen for dear life and tears happened. It just hits you how wonderful Hermione truly is.

Thomas Aldridge: Ron Weasley


I wasn’t worried about a new Ron as I had complete faith in the casting team that they would find someone as funny as Paul, and they absolutely did.

The only thing that bothers me in TCC in general is that Ron’s character is only for comedic purposes rather than the brave lion we knew from the books, but I suppose it worked for comic relief. Despite this, Thomas was wonderful. He portrayed the lines so well and almost always got a brilliant response from the audience. Like Rakie, the staircase scene in the first alternate reality was so beautiful. You could feel the love radiating from the stage. One moment I had never realized before was in Act One Scene Two, where he gives James a bag of sweets secretly to stop him from taunting Albus about the thestrals. It was such a Ron thing to do.

Emma Lowndes: Ginny Weasley


It’s safe to say that we all fell in love with Poppy’s Ginny, and so I was hoping to see the same portrayal this time.

Emma plays Ginny much more like the feisty book Ginny which was nice to watch, but she was missing the motherly stance that we all felt at home with. She did warm up towards the end, particularly in Act Four Scene Nine, but I wish we had seen this throughout her performance. She just needs time. Also her relationship with Ron wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be; the accents were a big signifier of this. Emma herself is from the north so deliberately had a RP accent, however it didn’t match with Ron, whose dialect was less perfect. They just need to work on their relationship a bit more, because I would not have known they were siblings had I never read/seen Harry Potter.

James Howard: Draco Malfoy


Obviously James had had experience as Draco in the previous cast, so I was assured that he would be fantastic. And he really was.

Like Samuel Blenkin, James really understands the complexity of his character and it was so lovely to watch. He kept the pride of the Malfoys whilst giving Draco every bit of recognition and justice that he deserves. He was particularly brilliant in the duel scene and was hilarious when he mocked Harry in the EGM. His relationship with Scorpius was lovely as well, every time they almost hugged it really pulled at our heart strings, so when they eventually embraced towards the end it was so beautiful. They were holding each other when watching Lily and James’ death, and I think at that moment it was like they had also seen Astoria die. I was sobbing.



Annabel Baldwin: Delphi Diggory


I had only ever seen Esther as Delphi before and quite enjoyed her portrayal, but there was always something missing, and so I was most excited to see Annabel.

She started off so well that I almost forgot who Delphi actually is. She reminded me very much of Tonks, out of the ordinary and bubbly, but you could really tell how manipulative she was over Albus. I suppose Annabel’s height works better for the “I’m flattered” line, as she does actually look older than the boys. But she really stole the stage in Act Three Scene Sixteen, where she changed so quickly even I was petrified. She was pure evil, and so terrifying. I genuinely don’t have the words to say how impressed I was at her performance. What I really liked was her range of vocal expression in particular, something Esther sometimes lacked towards the end, and it was really exciting to experience. I’m so glad this is her permanent role now.

Helen Aluko: Rose Granger-Weasley


I like Helen as much as I like Cherrelle as Rose. She was really sweet and showed signs of the fiery Gryffindor within her, but I wish she had exemplified that a bit more. If Rose had a bigger role in the play, then I wouldn’t have any complaints! She looked very, very suspicious as young Hermione towards the Durmstrang Scorpius and Albus, which was a lovely hint to how it created a ripple in time.


April Hughes: Moaning Myrtle/Lily Potter Sr


I have to talk about April because she was just fabulous as Myrtle. She had developed her voice so perfectly that it was an almost identical match to Myrtle in the films, and she was so active and girly on the sink. I was laughing the entire way through, and everyone loved her.

Elizabeth Hill: Madam Hooch, Aunt Petunia, Dolores Umbridge


I also have to talk about Elizabeth because of how good she was. You could really feel her upset and guilt when she was at Lily’s grave as Aunt Petunia, and her relationship with Mackley as Dudley was hilarious.

What was most impressive was her Umbridge. She was bloody spine-chilling. She really exaggerated her laugh and you could feel the whole audience sink into their chairs.


David Annen: Uncle Vernon, Severus Snape, Lord Voldemort

I’m not a fan of Snape for many reasons but I actually really liked Annen’s performance. He delivered the lines perfectly and even I felt some sort of attachment to him. (Did I really just sympathise with Snape?!) The patronus scene was stunning, as usual.

He was also very good as Lord Voldemort, he really took his time walking downstage and through the audience and it was quite horrifying to watch.

Minor roles that deserve recognition:

Tom Mackley: Wonderful as ever. Totally deserving of speaking roles, and was really fun to watch on stage. I think he yelled “Fleur Delacour, give me more!”, to which he said was “weak” at stage door!

James Phoon: Brilliant. You could tell he was enjoying every moment on stage, and was really wonderful as Craig.

Martin Johnston: Station Master earned lots of laughs. Looks fabulous in a dress.

Rupert Henderson: Really fun as James Potter and kept the “Daaaaaadd” alive. Also brilliant as Cedric.



In general, the cast just need time to perfect everything. The performance ran smoothly considering how little time they had to rehearse and run tech, but they will get better in time.

The polyjuice scene wasn’t as smooth as with the previous cast but that will come with practice.

During the Cycle song (my favourite part of the play, admittedly), Theo’s wand had split slightly when it was in the floor. We only noticed because we were so close. When they eventually pulled it out, the splintered bit flew across the stage. Also the puff of smoke was a second too late with the lighting and music. Live theatre, everyone!

Jamie Glover needs to work on his shouting, his voice broke a bit when he said the iconic “Sometimes I wish you weren’t my son” line, which affected the atmosphere a bit.

Theo was lovely to watch when seeing Lily Potter with baby Harry, he almost couldn’t help himself when he walked up to her and waved. It was heartwarming.

Seeing Dumbledore for the first time, where he is stood upstage and walks down to his portrait, is one of my favourite parts of the play. The audience always has the same reaction, everyone gasps and suddenly feels at home, and it makes me cry every time. I’m tearing up even thinking about it.

They have a new Krum chant and I can’t remember it! Something along the lines of “I love Krum, you love Krum…”. I miss the original one L

Stage Door:

Stage door was really quiet, it only went up to the corner so some of the actors had the time to talk to us for quite a while. (Also I can’t remember the exact order of who came out!) Everyone signed my programme and I got photos with the majority.

Emma came out very quickly, I think she was in a rush so I only asked for a signature and told her she did a good job and she was very kind!

Rupert was really friendly and asked if we enjoyed the play (I was stood with friends who had seen the play the day before).

I was a bit excited to see James Phoon (not to mention I had had some wine which made me even friendlier than usual, oops) and I think I gave him a hug. God damnit, tipsy Immy. Nevertheless, he was so friendly, I complimented him on his performance and his drag, to which he was SO HAPPY. He gave me another hug before moving on.

James Howard was lovely as usual and looked so happy when I told him how much I adored his Draco.

Martin is my new favourite person. He said he was going to come out with a new fashion line.

Barry is just so lovely and friendly, I got to compliment him more at this stage door than at cast change which was really nice!

Thomas was so grateful for the compliments, you could tell how much he loved playing Ron and he said we were very kind.

Jamie was sweet, he seemed quite shy but was happy at our comments nonetheless!

April is just the cutest thing ever. She was so excited when we told her she was just perfect as Myrtle and was so lovely!

Rakie was SO lovely. We all praised her and she said she had big shoes to fill before saying she’s very good friends with Noma and will tell her that we miss her, but Hermione is in good hands!

Henry Rundle was super friendly and was really happy we enjoyed the new cast.

I had heard that Theo is quite shy but we got him talking. He came over with a big smile on his face and I essentially gushed at how wonderful he was. He was so happy. I asked which Hogwarts house he is in, to which he laughed and said that he thought he would be a Hufflepuff but is a Ravenclaw on Pottermore. He says he thinks a lot, but he identifies as a Hufflepuff! (Yaaaasss) He was so kind and friendly.

Tom Mackley was great as usual, and we had a full on conversation with him for honestly a good few minutes. My pictures with him are hilarious, we were laughing at something my friend said.

Samuel was just the sweetest guy. I gushed to him about how bloody brilliant he is, and he looked so surprised and grateful. It was as if he wasn’t expecting much of a reaction, but we told him how impressed we were with his performance and that we are so glad Scorpius is in good hands.

Annabel had friends at stage door so I didn’t ask for a picture as I knew she was in a rush, but she signed my programme and I told her she was brilliant and bloody terrifying, to which she said “I think I’ll take that as a compliment!”

To anyone about to see the new cast, or to anyone that is a bit apprehensive, give them time. They didn’t have nearly as much rehearsal time as the original cast (who also could rehearse in the theatre itself, so they had all the time to perfect it all!) and only had 4 days of tech, so they have done considerably well! All I can say is go in with an open and fresh mind and embrace the new portrayals of characters, and remember that actors only get annual contracts so you can’t get attached to the ways characters are performed! Just give the new cast time, and when you see them just be as friendly as possible in the audience. Our audience was quite quiet (except for myself and my internet friends sat in front of me who laughed at everything), so give the new cast a metaphorical warm hug and they will be so thankful.

Mummy On The Orient Express - Doctor Who blog

(SPOILER WARNING: The following is an in-depth critical analysis. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you may want to before reading this review)

Here I go, stepping into the unknown. I’ve never seen any episodes past Kill The Moon and I really didn’t know what to expect. It couldn’t possibly get any worse than that surely?

So this came as a rather pleasant surprise.

You’d think an episode titled Mummy On The Orient Express would be destined for failure. It just sounds too gimmicky for words. There’s a mummy on the Orient Express… in space! And yet somehow it works. It fact it works better than the majority of Series 8 has done until now. So kudos to Jamie Mathieson for doing such a stellar job.

Okay, so it’s set on the Orient Express… in space, and there’s a mummy onboard called the Foretold that only certain people can see, and when you clap eyes on it, you only have 66 seconds left to live. That’s an immensely creepy idea and they use it to great effect. Whoever designed that mummy deserves a fucking pay rise. It’s without a doubt the scariest thing ever to come out of New Who. When it first showed up, I actually screamed! The attention to detail is extraordinary, from the old bandages to the rotting, decomposing flesh. The gangly height of the actor playing him helps too. A lot of the shots are from a first person perspective, so when it reached out to the camera, I found myself instinctively leaning away from my TV. Even the Orient Express setting contributes to the horror. The tight, claustrophobic corridors of the train really bumps up the fear factor even further.

A lot of Mummy On The Orient Express has quite a classic series vibe to it. Obviously there’s the whole base under siege stuff, which has been a staple of Doctor Who since the beginning of recorded time, but there’s other things too like the mystery angle, the Doctor and the companion splitting up so that the story ends up becoming a two pronged narrative, the Doctor being suspected of being behind the killings (although thankfully it doesn’t last long), and the episode actually jumping straight to the heart of the action rather than wasting time on angsty ruminating like previous episode have done this series. There’s even a moment where the Doctor offers jelly babies. There are a few elements of New Who in here too, most notably the Evil Capitalist villain who wants to control the monster, but this really feels like a well executed homage to Classic Who. I could imagine Tom Baker’s Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith feeling right at home here.

But we don’t have Tom Baker. We have Peter Capaldi. How does he do?

I feel what’s really been letting Capaldi down is the scripts. The writers just can’t seem to make up their minds what direction they want to take this Doctor. Moffat keeps saying he’s darker and more serious, but then we get episodes like Robot Of Sherwood and The Caretaker where they try to incorporate quirky humour that just doesn’t suit this type of Doctor at all. It’s like putting a party hat on top of a skeleton. Thankfully Jamie Mathieson seems to have a better grip on what kind of Doctor he’s writing for here. The humour is a lot better here and while the Doctor is still eccentric, it’s been toned down quite a bit. For instance the way he offers the jelly babies is more casual and nonchalant. It’s noticeably strange, but at the same time it’s not so goofy it’s distracting. And there are some genuinely funny lines, which Capaldi delivers perfectly. My favourite is probably when he confronts the mummy at the end:

“Hello! I’m the Doctor and I’ll be your victim for this evening. Are you my mummy?”

I also got a kick out of the whole mystery shopper scene:

“I could do with an extra pillow and I’m very disappointed with your breakfast bar, and all the dying.”

It’s quirky, but it’s not too quirky. It’s pitched at just the right level so that it works for this particular Doctor.

But what I especially like is the callousness of this Doctor. When characters are being picked off one by one by the mummy, the Doctor is more concerned with getting more information about the Foretold rather than helping or comforting the victims. He’s not in the least bit apologetic like Nine or Ten would be. He just wants to find out as much about the mummy as he can from this death in the hopes that he can prevent the next one. At one point he even goes as far as to get Clara to trick Maisie into coming to the carriage so that he can seemingly sacrifice her to the mummy for more information (later we learn this was just a ruse, but it wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility. I could imagine this Doctor doing something like that). It’s very dark indeed and Clara is clearly appalled by this, accusing him of being heartless, but that’s not really true. If the Doctor really was heartless and uncaring, then yeah, this would just be horrible, but the reason it works is because of Peter Capaldi’s performance. Just look at the scene where the kitchen staff are flushed out into space by GUS. The subtle frown on Capaldi’s face speaks volumes I think. The Doctor does care about the deaths. He’s just internalising it, choosing instead to focus on the problem at hand, which comes off as callousness, but as the Doctor himself says, there’s no time to mourn. Standing there wringing your hands isn’t going to do any good. So the Doctor just gets on with what he has to do rather than get bogged down in sentimentality.

Are there any problems with the episode? Well… the ending is a bit of an anti-climax. I suppose it can’t be helped really, but the mummy is sort of thrown away at the end (I read some reviews and people seemed really confused by the ending. Why did the mummy salute the Doctor if he surrendered? How did it die? It seemed perfectly clear to me. The alien tech was controlling the mummy, absorbing the life force of people to keep it alive, the Doctor’s surrender deactivated it and the mummy saluted the Doctor as a way of expressing gratitude before collapsing into dust). The characters are a bit limp too. They’re not bad. They serve their purpose and the actors give decent performances. They’re just not very interesting. The engineer Perkins is probably the weakest. He just felt a bit bland and nothing-y to me and I’ve never been particularly fond of Frank Skinner.

And then there’s Clara. It was a little bit jarring seeing her again and seemingly getting on with the Doctor after Kill The Moon, but the episode quickly explains this is their ‘last hurrah.’ I really have mixed feelings about all of this. I had no problem with Clara calling the Doctor out for his supposed callousness, but it’s the context that bothers me. Clearly she’s still reacting to what happened at the end of Kill The Moon, which as I’ve said before is utter bollocks because the Doctor didn’t actually do anything wrong, and yet Moffat clearly expects you to be on her side… which I’m not… because she’s chatting shit. Later she realises, in a very clunky exchange with Maisie, that she’s not ready to give up her adventures with the Doctor and is prepared to overlook his faults (which begs the question what was the fucking point of the last episode then). But then it gets even weirder toward the end when she not only lies to Danny about ending her travels with the Doctor, but also lies to the Doctor, saying that Danny was the one that said she should give it all up. I’ve never liked Clara and I’ve completely resisted any attempt of Moffat’s to convince me she’s somehow the perfect companion, but here I’m utterly confused by what I’m supposed to think of her at this point. Why is she lying? She’s got no reason to lie as far as I can see. Why can’t she just be upfront and say she wants to keep travelling? It certainly demonstrates how fucking dysfunctional her relationship with Danny is, but is that intentional or is Moffat once again being an utter twit?

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed Mummy On The Orient Express. It’s a great throwback to the classic series with a truly creepy monster at its centre. I’d say this is my favourite episode of the series so far. Please let the rest of Series 8 be as good as this.

Ray of Sunshine

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Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Queenie Goldstein

Pairing: Reader X Queenie Goldstein

Notes/Warnings: Jealousy. Duh.

Word count: 1,375

Prompt: “I’m not jealous!” Requested by anon

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political talk show AU part two!

(Part One)

(warning, this fic is quite openly anti-Trump and somewhat pro-Hillary as well.)

Shitty “Mr. Crappy” Knight does not need a “straight man.”

That’s part of his schtick, actually. Mr. Crappy’s Political Party radio show does a lot on heteronormativity and gender roles. “Trust me, friends,” he says, grinning through his mustache as though his listeners can actually see him, “you can get those on any old channel. If I’m gonna have a straight man, I want a gay one.”

But, at least since he started in radio, another part of his shtick has been poking fun at Humorless Liberals– “and let’s face it, you know you’re out there,” he says. So when somebody wants to call in and discuss how Shitty – or “Mr. Crappy,” his FCC-friendly nom de plume – should really stop telling jokes and start Seriously Discussing the Issues, Shitty runs them over like a zamboni machine. “This is not and will never be C-SPAN,” he tells his audience. “And I’ll tell you something else. You don’t look up out of your copy of the Congressional Record and smell the roses once in a while, you’re gonna miss life.”

So that’s Shitty’s stance on serious codgers. They’re fresh meat, and he’s a bear, brah.

Except this Jack from Providence is a different animal. Jack never complains about Shitty’s jabs. Hell, he laughs at them – if a soft “Haha” can be considered a laugh at all – and plows right ahead with this point. His singlemindedness is a thing of beauty.

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another seungchuchu au for you: soulmate!au where the first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your arm. On Phichit's arm is tattooed "move" in english, so of course he spends years making sure his english is perfect so when he meets his soulmate there's no language barrier. When he finally meets Seunggil he's a bit upset he didn't invest as much time in learning Korean. On Seunggil's arm is tattooed "I don't speak Korean"

I love this so much had to write this

First Words

-Side A-


“Mmm … Mo? Moo … ve?” As a child, I felt a bit frustrated as I tried reading the word written on my arm. It is the same type of letters I see on a cereal box which I have yet to learn. Other children my age already know how to read what is written on their arms because it was written in our own Thai alphabet. But mine is different.

I was sad, because how will I know if I met the person destined to me already if I don’t know what this thing on my arm says?

“Mother, how do you read this?” I remember thugging her sleeves as I asked her this question. She crouched down when I caught her attention and I extended my arm so she can see what is written clearly.

“Ah, it is in english, huh? M - O - V - E, it is read as ‘move’” she said with a little giggle and patted my head.

“What does that mean?”

“It depends, but it is simply an action of going one place to another” she began explaining. “The word on your arm is in english, so maybe the important person you’ll meet in the future is good at speaking it. You should learn it well then so you can be able to understand each other, right, Pitchit?”


Those words from my mother stuck to me, so did my best to study the foreign language. Some kids the same age as me would tease me  for being nerdy, but I didn’t mind them at all. It is all for that person’s sake, for my soulmate’s sake.

It did become useful when I began my ice skating career, for communicating with my coach and my buddies in skating. But still … I haven’t met the one who would first say this four letter word.

“Wahh, Pitchit-kun,aren’t you nervous??” my best skating buddy, Katsuki Yuri-kun grabbed my arm tightly with his shaking hands. It is the day of our competition after all. He always acts like this but still he delivers the best performances. He’ll be perfectly fine~

“I am, but I’m more excited!” I exclaimed, stepping backwards and extending my arms up. “It’s our first competition in the senior division after all! Ah–”

I quickly jolted back when I slightly bumped into somebody behind me because of my rash actions. Along a harsh click of his tongue, this person was really annoyed and scowled at me.


That word. I just froze after hearing it. Because I didn’t say anything, this person spoke even more … but i don’t understand a word of it. It was in another foreign language, it was Korean.

I am very happy that I finally met this person, but I’m a bit disappointed …

I wish I also studied speaking in Korean.

-Side B-

‘I          don’t      speak              Korean

These words are written on my arm with big gaps from one another. I can’t read it, and I don’t understand it. It is written in Roman letters so I have not one clue.

Other kids around me are noisy, chit-chatting about the words on their own arms. I couldn’t relate to them, because mine is very different. Theirs are written in normal hangul, so they know what it says. I used to wear long sleeved shirts to hide the words on my arm to prevent those kids from asking me lots of questions.

By the time I learned a bit of English, enough to be able to read these words, my first reaction is WHAT? ‘I don’t speak Korean’? That means my soulmate and I won’t be able to speak to each other? What bullshit

‘I don’t speak Korean’ … it is just now, starting my ice skating career, that I get it. Right now, I am with people from all different corners of the world, who naturally doesn’t speak the same language as me.

But  still, forget speaking in Korean, I rarely even speak with the people around me. Language barrier is not really an issue. I at least learned enough English to communicate with them. It’s plainly because I don’t like interacting with them.

Since I was little, I’ve had very little social interactions anyway. One factor that made that happen is this set of words written in an odd fashion on my arm. I kept away from other people so they won’t talk to me about it. Even now, I’ve gotten used to hiding it under my sweater’s sleeves.

I would stare at these words quietly almost each day and just sigh and pull my sleeves back to hide it. Today is another competition … I sat alone in one corner and just stared at my arm again. I wonder if I’ll meet this person today.

“Seung gil! Seung gil! What’s that~” Tch … one reason I don’t like interacting with these people is because they tend to get too familiar. I quickly pulled my arm away from this nosy girl, Sala, before she could see these words.

“Hey! Who said you  can act  rude to my precious Sala. HUH???!!!” her siscon brother dashed towards me and said this to my face.

“Tch, move away” I growled while pushing his face away and tried to get away from these people as soon as possible.

“Ehh, you made him leave again” Sala whined.

“Why do you even bother going near that guy with that nasty personality?!”

“Because I’m curious of the words on his arm. I haven’t seen them, that’s why …”

“Hehh, with that kind of personality, who would even want to be with him? Maybe there is nothing written on it, that’s while he is hiding it. he is ashamed of being a person who’ll be alone forever!!” that siscon Michele yelled, purposely directing those words towards me. Sorry to disappoint you but I do have a soulmate.

“Wah–” half because i wasn’t paying attention while walking, thinking about this soulmate thing again, and half because this guy moves around too much, we accidentally bumped into one another. Brought by my bad mood from those siblings, I scowled at him and firmly said: “Move

This person just stared at me as if he saw a ghost. Maybe he didn’t understand what i said.

“Geez, what is wrong with today? And the competition hasn’t even started and I’m already drained and you’ll add up to my stress?” Ah, wait … i slipped into my mother language. Well, either way, i don’t think these people would understand if I ranted in English. But still, venting all the pent up anxiety and stress inside me to this stranger, I feel bad.

“I … … ah, don’t speak … Korean …” this guy said, making circling motions with his hands. He had a nervous look on his face. I guess it’s because i yelled at him just now. Ah, i was so rude just now. Also, it all makes sense now, the words on my arm. But …

I regret having this nasty personality.

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Mulder's answer that he didn't have a significant other in the widely understood definition made me sad actually but it sounds like you liked it. Hoping you can explain why as it may allow me to reframe that line and its meaning.

I loved it! I can’t understand why it would make you sad. (That’s not meant to be a criticism, it just seems that we’re looking at it very differently.) You mean because he doesn’t acknowledge Scully as his significant other?

You have to remember that, despite the “season of secret sex” fan theories that we enjoy talking about after the fact, in real time Mulder and Scully were definitely not canonically “together” at this time. We had had the Millennium kiss, and the season before the Triangle kiss, and of course FTF, but that was it. And this was before all things (actually – it looks like Chimera was the WEEK before all things), where we get a concrete indication that they may have spent the night together. (And also it was well before the stuff that in Season 8 they tried to retroactively pretend had been going on during Season 7 – IVF, brain disease – but there is no indication that they were thinking about any of that then and I don’t want to talk about it because it makes me angry. Ahem.) Anyway, that’s where we were at that point. 

So obviously WE knew that Mulder and Scully loved each other, and THEY (Mulder and Scully, I mean) knew, but it was pretty unspoken and officially they were just work partners and friends. Who had kind of kissed once or twice because of extraordinary circumstances, but, you know. 

So this is the first time anyone had ever DEFINED it. And that was a BIG deal. Yes, it’s subtle and slyly worded, but that’s part of its charm. It is very very in character, I feel, for the show and for Mulder and Scully. Mulder is backed into a corner by this lady who is (understandably) lightly hitting on him. She asks him if he’s got a significant other…and, if I may presume to read Mulder’s mind, which is what a well-acted scene allows you to do (and this is – DD delivers it absolutely perfectly), he thinks immediately of Scully (obviously!) before realizing that, well, TECHNICALLY, she’s not his significant other. I mean, she is extremely significant to HIM, and she is the only “other” he has or wants, and they love each other in all the ways that count, and if only she were here right now he would totally give her a highly amused look and she would probably raise her eyebrow, because they both know what they are to each other even if they don’t say it. But…he can’t really say “yes, I do” to this lady, because she’ll start asking about his “girlfriend” and Scully isn’t that and he’s not going to reduce her to that for the sake of social politeness with this random lady. But he’s also not going to say “nope” because…that’s not right at all! He’s not “free,” he’s not interested in anyone else. He’s got Scully. She’s not really his significant other, but she’s…his Scully. 

So he says “Not…in the widely understood definition of that term,” and he kind of nods, and smiles, and it’s a secret smile for him and Scully. And she is a little confused and he’s not trying to be mean or exclusionary, but…it’s not for her. 

I love that moment so much. So so much. And, you guys, I know we watch the gifsets of them kissing over and over again and see people’s edits with sappy song lyrics and whatnot, but…watching the actual show in real time…we did not get very much. And every little bit that we got was like a thunderbolt. And this wasn’t just a loaded glance or a hand touch, it was Mulder ACKNOWLEDGING IT TO A STRANGER. Oh lord. It was beautiful. I think I rewound this about 85 times. On my VCR. 

I know that these days I complain A LOT about the show and how they never gave us anything we wanted. But once upon a time, for a while, the formula DID work – the sexual tension WAS amazing and it was like a soap bubble that you never wanted to pop at the same time that you couldn’t stand it one more second. It was exquisite agony. It just went on about 16 years too long. The reason we’re still so crazy for Mulder and Scully IS because of their beautiful slow burn. By this point we all knew they loved each other, like I said, but to hear Mulder basically say out loud, to a stranger, “Significant other? …Well, I don’t NOT have one”…it was pretty squee-worthy.

Oddly, Milagro kind of built an entire episode around trying to do this very thing, but Milagro has always mostly just annoyed me. Something about the throwaway nature of the line in this otherwise unmemorable (to me) episode (except for the “…and how I’d like to KILL you”/“I’m sorry, who is this?” exchange, which also fills me with the same kind of sappy heart-fluttering love) just had a lot of impact. 

In conclusion, my favorite thing is when Mulder and Scully manage to have chemistry with each other when the other one isn’t there and it’s still the most electric part of the scene. See also: the end of Requiem.

Oh boy, why do I always write so much. tl;dr: Mulder doesn’t quite say he and Scully are together, but he doesn’t quite say they’re NOT together, and he smiles all cutely and happily and privately while doing it. BECAUSE THEY LOOOOOOOVE EACH OTHER.


Andi has admitted that he’s not very good nor fluent in speaking in Tagalog. He had also confessed that Math and Science were his strongest subjects but Filipino and History were his weakest. However, he shows determination in becoming better with them since he says they are vital for his role as 2P!Philippines.

Actually Andres, those two are extremely vital smh. 

However, when he has a guide, he can deliver pronunciations perfectly.