he definitely had his faults


2x19/6x08 parallel So basically I just wanted to show you that. Tell you–tell you that I couldn’t have done it without you.”

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Prompt: Bamf tattooed doctor Cas & shy nerdy cute patient Dean (bamf cas is my undoing 🙈🙈🙉) Please and thank you!!!!

Not sure if I really managed the BAMF Cas or the shy/nerdy Dean but I hope you like it anyway! (also on ao3!)

Dean may or may not have had a doctor kink.

He blamed it on all of those hours he had spent binge watching Dr. Sexy. And the few times he had watched Grey’s Anatomy out of curiosity.

And House M.D. Even Scrubs once or twice.

Okay, so he definitely had a doctor kink. But it wasn’t his fault. Really!

How could anyone not find those white lab coats and ties and scrubs not ridiculously hot? No one that’s who.

So when Doctor Novak entered the exam room with his sex hair and the dark stubble peppering his jaw, in his pristine white coat, it was no surprise that Dean’s brain promptly went offline. Especially when the doctor turned his unimaginably blue eyes on him.

He ended up just gaping at Doctor Novak as he read off the clipboard in his hands, reiterating the information about Dean’s injury. His voice was low and intriguingly gravelly as he read off the description of the injury, Dean focusing on just the sound of his voice instead of his actual words.

He was too busy running his eyes over the bow of Doctor Novak’s plush pink lips as he spoke, watching the way he formed his words. His lips were chapped, Dean noted, only slightly but enough to be noticeable.

His hair, thoroughly disheveled as though he had just rolled out of bed and thrown on a lab coat, looked extremely soft, almost fluffy. It curled behind his ears.

His eyes, narrowed as he squinted down at the clipboard, were a startlingly clear blue, like a cloudless spring morning. They were so beautiful that Dean briefly wondered if Doctor Novak was wearing colored contacts.

His eyes strayed further down the doctor’s body in a purely curious manner, idly wondering what the insanely good-looking doctor wore under his lab coat. It turned out that he was wearing a white button up and black slacks. His tie, a deep blue one a few shades lighter than navy, was backwards.

“Mr. Winchester? Mr. Winchester?” A voice called, but Dean was too busy admiring the definition in his doctor’s thighs through the fabric of his slacks. “Did he sustain injuries that affected his hearing?”

A second later something jabbed him in ribs, hard enough to drag a rough front from him. He whipped his head to the side to glare at his giant of a brother, snapping, “The hell, Sam?!”

“You were spaced out, dude,” Sam informed him, rolling his eyes as he folded his arms over his chest. Dean had a mind to reach up and yank his too long hair.

The only thing that stopped him was the sudden realization of where exactly he was, the day’s events running through his head.

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((I’m sorry it’s short but I really liked how it ended up, and I’m sorry if you wanted the reader to be like a lover or something similar to Tyrion))

((Word Count:806))

“No joke you ever tell will be better than your first,” your elder sister and eldest sibling hissed toward your brother Tyrion as the three of you sat at the table, both Cersei and Tyrion drinking wine as they threw insults back and forth at one another. They had been talking about Joffrey and how he had Robert Baratheon’s bastards, even a baby, slaughtered, and that had led to Tyrion bringing up the rumors about Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen being born of incest between Cersei and your eldest brother Jaime.

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Burn; Freeze Pt.2

Jimin had always been told that nothing was his fault, but he couldn’t help but feel like Jungkook hating him was definitely his fault. He had no idea what to do about it. When he tried to find Jungkook again the next day, the younger hid from him and Jimin couldn’t keep up. The one time that Jimin managed to grasp hold of Jungkook he was shoved to the ground unceremoniously.

“Leave me alone! Go back to your palace, you don’t belong here!” Jungkook stood over Jimin, who made no move to get up from the ground. His bodyguard was clearly uncomfortable, but Jimin motioned for him to keep back. Even if Jungkook was angry, Jimin was certain he wouldn’t actually harm him.

“Jungkook, please, talk to me,” Jimin begged.

A derisive laugh left Jungkook’s lips. “There’s nothing to talk about. I always thought we couldn’t be friends and I was right. We’re too different. And you,” Jungkook suddenly crouched down to that his angry eyes were level with Jimin’s, “you are nothing but trouble. You walk around like you’re just like everybody else but you’re not. All you’ve ever done since you were born is poison this kingdom.”

Jimin shrunk back, heart stinging. “You’re wrong.”

“Everybody knows it, your highness,” Jungkook said mockingly. “Your magic is too powerful for your tiny, little body and it leaks out and poisons everything around it. The year you almost died, a lot of people did. Why? Because your fire spreads, and it doesn’t care who it eats up in its path. You don’t even know why it’s been a bad harvest, do you? The ground is sick. Every day that you live is another day the life of this kingdom is cut short.”

Jimin was speechless, and breathless. He struggled for something to say, something to refute what Jungkook was saying. He should tell him that nobody speaks to a prince that way, and that he should be arrested. He should tell him that he’s wrong, that one person couldn’t be responsible for such happenings, especially without his own knowledge.

But everything that Jungkook said actually made sense. It made a lot of sense, matching up with all that he’d observed and heard over the years. He wasn’t told much about what went on in the kingdom, so he’d learned to snoop a long time ago. And it all made sense.

And if it all made sense, he, Prince Jimin, had singlehandedly destroyed dozens of lives and livelihoods, all before he even became an adult. It was too much, too much to take in.

Jimin began to shake, tears rising up in his eyes and heat in his cheeks. He clenched his fists and bit his lips to try and contain the fire that was growing in his chest, but his emotions had already spiraled out of control, and the fire always ate them up. His breaths grew short and ragged, panic overshadowing everything else.

In a moment, his bodyguard was at his side, hand hovering over Jimin’s body, reluctant to touch it. He tried to pick him up, but Jimin rolled away, shouting brokenly, “d-don’t! You’ll j-just burn!”

Jungkook was frozen, eyes wide as he watched Jimin writhe on the ground, tendrils of fire beginning to form at his fingertips.

“P-please,” Jimin reached out toward Jungkook, “please, Jungkook, help me.”

Jungkook couldn’t move, even as Jimin grabbed hold of his wrist. In another moment, Jimin was holding on to Jungkook’s arm with both hands, but unlike the bodyguard, Jungkook wasn’t burning. Jimin could see the air wavering with the heat, and knew his hands must be white hot by now, but Jungkook was staring at them, dumbfounded, as his skin stayed as pale as ever.

“Why,” Jungkook started hoarsely, “why aren’t I burning?”

Jimin shook his head, fighting the pressure in his chest. “I don’t know. You’re the only person I’ve ever touched that hasn’t felt my fire.”

“I feel it,” Jungkook replied, in awe. “I feel the warmth, but that’s all it is, warmth. The air is hot but your hands, they’re not hot enough to burn.”

“They feel like they are,” Jimin whispered, vision already clouding. “It’s suffocating, Jungkook, it’s taking me over.”

Jungkook shuffled closer, sitting beside Jimin’s curled up body. “Hold on,” he said, in a more gentle voice than Jimin ever thought he’d hear from him. Jungkook laid one hand on Jimin’s forehead, stroking his hair back as if he didn’t even know what he was doing. “Hold on, I’ve got you. Maybe, maybe if I can’t burn, you can use me up, instead.”

Jimin gasped, relishing in Jungkook’s cool touch. “What do you mean, use you up? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Maybe I can stop you,” Jungkook whispered, placing his other hand on Jimin’s chest. “Maybe I’m what you need to cool you down.”

Jimin closed his eyes. Everything hurt, but the places where Jungkook touched were cool and without pain. It was a wonderful sensation, the fire just stopping and going out wherever Jungkook’s hands were. “That…helps,” Jimin breathed out. “Your hands are so cool. It’s almost like, like the fire is dampened.”

Jungkook pulled his hands away and Jimin opened his eyes with a cry, the heat returning in a rush. He could feel his tears evaporating with it. Jimin whimpered despite himself. Then, Jungkook laid down on the ground next to Jimin, sliding one arm under his shoulders and pulling at his waist with the other.

“W-what?” Jimin stuttered.

“My hands aren’t enough.” Jungkook tucked Jimin into his side, the coolness immediately seeping into Jimin’s bones and blinking the fire out. “Is this helping?”

Jimin sighed against Jungkook’s chest, letting the heat bleed out of him and into the other, where it was promptly extinguished by whatever cold resided inside Jungkook’s body. “Yes,” he answered wonderingly. “The fire is, it’s dissipating.”

“Good,” Jungkook said shortly.

They lay like that for several minutes, until Jimin felt completely cool and there was no spark left to be ignited. Reluctantly, he pulled away, missing Jungkook’s embrace as soon as he did, but felt sure that his fire was out, at least temporarily.

The two of them sat there for another moment, just looking at each other.

“Thank you,” Jimin said at last. He put as much gratitude as he could into those words. “Thank you.”

Jungkook looked away. “You still have a lot to answer for.”

“I know,” Jimin answered simply, finally understanding the impact his fire had on everything. The guilt was crushing, overwhelming, but it was the truth, which was something Jimin had been wishing to know for years. “I never…my parents, my teachers, they all would tell me that nothing was my fault. From the time I was very young and was constantly in fear of turning into flame or touching anything that could burn, I was always told that nothing was my fault.

“At first, I believed them, then I started to doubt them, but in the end, I believed them again, I think because I knew that the truth was too hard. I’m a menace,” Jimin laughed shortly. “I should’ve been killed as soon as they knew I had fire magic. I was loved too much, I think. That’s a terrible thought, that love is a danger. But it’s true. Who knows how long I would’ve gone on being a coward who believed he could burn only by himself.”

Jungkook didn’t say anything, but he didn’t move away, either.

“But you, you never spared me. And now, you’ve saved me.” Jimin looked directly at Jungkook. “You can touch me and not burn. You must have some magic in you as well. Maybe, maybe you can help me set things to rights. If I’m the destruction, maybe you can be the salvation.”

“What are you talking about,” Jungkook retorted, not looking at Jimin. “That’s, you’re crazy. I don’t have magic, I’m, I’m just a normal person. How am I supposed to be anyone’s salvation?”

“You’re already mine,” Jimin whispered.

Jungkook finally met Jimin’s eyes. “What am I supposed to do? What are we going to do? We don’t have any answers.”

“We have one. You put my fire out. Maybe you can put them all out. Won’t you at least try? Come back with me. Help me.”

Jungkook seemed ready to bolt at any second, but just as Jimin was certain he was going to refuse and run away, a small smile crossed Jungkook’s face. “Alright,” he answered quietly. “I’ll come back with you.”

Jimin grasped his hand tightly. “Thank you.”

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prompt! (lmao i literally just wrote a head canon for this) cinderella!hartwin au??? either fem!eggsy or regular eggsy. theyre on a mission and theyre scoping out at a grand ball and eggsys late and he does this big entrance and its so fluffy and harry is starstruck watching eggsy walk down the stairs with grace and poise and they dance in the middle of the ballroom floor and the night ends with a kiss and UGH they just love eachother so MUCH and its so CUTE.

[this got longer than what i had planned pls forgive me ]

It had been Roxy’s fault, it was all her fault. Well, maybe not everything, but a great deal of it was definitely her fault. 

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Is there aaany chance that you'll write a Hogwarts!AU in which Astrid is in the quidditchteam and Hiccup is pretty amazed by her? Anyway, I love your storys!

I don’t know if this is what you wanted, anon.  This turned into something horribly cute.  Like grossly cute.  I’m sorry in advance for how cute this is.


Hiccup grips the handle of his sleek, black broom tighter, crossing shaky ankles and staring down at the pitch.  Astrid gives him a snide look, blue eyes brilliant and hostile even from far above and he shudders, knees clamping together as he tries to hold on. 

 She’s amazing. 

 He never asked to see it from this angle. 


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Angel on the Highway

Series: Fairy Tail

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Note: From that post with the randomized gifs for a writing prompt!  I got “hitchhiker” and “angel.”  This was quick and a straight run through, but I hope y’all still enjoy!

Read and review on FF.net here!

Headlights illuminated the dark road shoulder again in front of him, and the large man wearily extended a hand out to the side, thumb raised. He didn’t bother to turn his head or look, and as expected and as many others had, the car whirred on by. Red taillights illuminated him briefly, all but advertising why so many cars passed him by without so much as a second look.

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Okay, I really have to get this off my chest:

Severus Snape was not obsessed with Lily Evans. He was in love. And you would be pissed off too if the only person you’ve ever loved, your only friend, would start a relationship with your goddamn bully. James was an idiot (excuse me), he bullied Severus over years. Lily was the only reason Severus could somehow be happy. And then she’s like “Ah, yeah, I’m inlove with the man who bullied you, who made your life awful.” How can she even fall in love with Potter when she claimed Severus is her best friend?

And I really think that, after all, James did not destroy Severus’ life. It was Lily. If Lily wouldn’t have left him, everything would’ve turned out different.

And I’m not saying that Snape didn’t have his faults, he definitely had. But most of you probably don’t know what depression does to a person. It turns your heart cold after some time. And Severus learned, that the people who love you will betray and leave you. He never met a person who was nice to him, only Lily. Of course he thought people are shit. And he probably just didn’t care anymore after some time. OF COURSE it was wrong to be this bad to his students. But always think about why he did that, what made him do that. He was broken. And nobody was there to help him. What do you think does that to a person?