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reading about the killers in dead by daylight

we got the “spoiled rich southern farm brat who murdered a bunch of people working for him (with dynamite)”, the “deformed child locked in the basement at birth bc he was ugly and eventually kills his parents (with a chainsaw) before beginning to mutliate animals for fun”, the “nurse who killed like 50 patients before self-immolating” and then we have

“girl gets kidnapped by sadists, survives literally being partially eaten, uses town traditions to escape and track down her tormentors” okay not seein how this is as evil as the others but i guess she’s kinda a wendigo now soooo maybe?

and then we have

“immigrant really wants job but refuses to murder people, tries to free victim. kills corrupt mass-murdering mob-boss” writers i think you need to keep the “evil” level of your “pitiless murders” a bit more consistent because like??? i’m rootin for these two tbh 

?????????? also he has delicate dainty legs that are hilarious to watch him run with. they made him look like a goober

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What if some no name male scepter 4 member tries to force Fushimi into dating him. Like at first he flirts with Fushimi in front of everyone but when Fushimi basically flat out rejects him he grabs Fushimi wrist and pins him to a wall or even Fushimi's own desk and Fushimi mind of freezes. How would those in Scepter 4 react, how would Homra. Basically Fushimi needs protecting from the bad nobody scepter 4 member and showing how much they love him.

I think it would be hard for any of the nameless Scepter 4 bishounen to force Fushimi into doing anything, he’s stronger than just about anyone barring Munakata and Awashima and he is after all covered in knives so anyone who touches him without permission is basically asking for a stabbing. I can imagine that maybe at least someone gives it a try when Fushimi first joins the force, like it’s mentioned that there are some people in Scepter 4 who are not happy with Munakata’s leadership plus I’m sure there were plenty of members who disagreed with Fushimi being allowed to join in the first place. So someone decides to engage in a bit of hazing, figuring that this skinny pretty boy nerd will be easy to intimidate and control, that someone later ends up in the infirmary with several grievous stab wounds and for the most part no one ever tries again.

But then say maybe one day Fushimi’s feeling a little under the weather, he’s a bit sick and he’s been having trouble sleeping due to a bunch of nightmares about Niki. He’s stumbling to work when he literally runs into some nameless bishounen. Fushimi mumbles something that almost sounds apology-like as he tries to continue on his way but the nameless guy isn’t letting him get away so easily – maybe this guy is part of the Fushimi harem but the bad ‘can’t take no for an answer’ part. He’s been trying to get in cozy with Fushimi because he figures there’s no way this skinny nerd got his position on his own merits, he’s probably totally sleeping with the boss and push him enough maybe he’ll do favors for anyone. The nameless guy suggests it straight out to Fushimi once and is answered by a flat refusal and a withering glare but now he’s got sick, weakened Fushimi right there for the taking. He grabs Fushimi by the wrists and slams him against the wall, Fushimi’s all dizzy from his sickness and maybe it makes him delirious enough that he thinks the S4 guy is Niki and just freezes up, terrified. S4 guy grins, figuring he finally managed to intimidate Scepter 4’s infamously intimidating third in command, and he leans in for a kiss.

Which is when nameless guy probably nearly gets punched by a totally pissed off Hidaka, I think he’d just be livid that someone was trying to take advantage of Fushimi like that. Enomoto and Gotou start fussing over Fushimi a little while Hidaka just starts yelling at nameless bishounen, demanding to know what he thought he was doing to Fushimi. The nameless guy claims he wasn’t doing anything, Fushimi totally wanted to be kissed, except even Doumyouji isn’t buying that and looks just as pissed off as everyone else. The nameless guy starts to talk about how he knows Fushimi must have done ‘favors’ for the Captain when Akiyama cuts him off sharply because he can’t believe this guy would say such a thing about his King and his superior officer. Fuse and Benzai 'escort’ the nameless guy out, with Benzai probably noting that they will be needing his name and rank because of course any incidents between clansmen need to be reported to their King. Meanwhile everyone else clusters around poor sick disoriented Fushimi, Hidaka’s being all sweet and putting a hand on his shoulder, telling him that everything’s going to be fine and they’ll get him back to his room. A few days later Fushimi’s better and doesn’t even really remember what happened, thinking it was just a bad dream, and he’s surprised when all the alphabet squad starts fussing over him from pretty much the moment he walks into the office, everyone wanting to know how he’s feeling and is he all right. Later nameless guy walks by to turn in some of his last paperwork before his inevitable firing and Fushimi is so confused as the alphabet squad promptly closes ranks around him and glares at the nameless guy until he slinks off with a muttered apology.

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Anon asked: Does Chandelure like to battle?

He does! In fact, he tends to ask others to battle often or pick fights. Including with those who he’s close to in order to try and prove others (and himself) that he’s strong. Unfortunately, he tends to be on the losing end.


“That hug… everybody was crying, the whole group was just choked up.” - Norman Reedus