he danced to one direction you guys

Can we talk about how cute and cuddly Harry looked in Edinburgh when he lost his voice?? With that big ass headscarf and sweatshirt and the fact that he couldn’t sing so he just did so many goofy and endearing things?

Let’s start with “Little Things”, as if the lyrics of that song weren’t sweet enough, he just had to act like a puppy when someone asked him why wasn’t he singing:

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Lin-Manuel Miranda on His Lifelong Oscars Obsession and Why the Show Still Matters (Guest Column)

The Hollywood Reporter
February 20, 2017

During college, Lin-Manuel Miranda and a friend used to improvise interpretative dance tributes to best picture nominees at their annual Oscar party. “It was a lot of breathing and rolling around,” recalls the creator of the Broadway smash Hamilton. “We had a great Seabiscuit dance one year.”

For the New York-born son of Puerto Rican parents — his father a political consultant, his mother a psychologist — it was just another phase of a lifelong fascination with the Oscars that began when he was growing up in the Inwood section of Manhattan, playing and replaying the telecasts that his family recorded on their VCR. At 37, Miranda is about to cross the threshold from superfan to participant: “How Far I’ll Go,” which he wrote for the Disney film Moana, is nominated for original song, and on Feb. 26, Miranda (with his mother) will attend his first Academy Awards.

It’s an auspicious step in a career that will see him star with Emily Blunt and Colin Firth in Disney’s 2018 Mary Poppins Returns and collaborate with composer Alan Menken on the studio’s live-action The Little Mermaid, one of Miranda’s favorite films and, he reveals here, the gateway to his Oscars obsession.

My brain is a compendium of Oscar moments: Tom Hanks’ beautiful acceptance speech when he won best actor for Philadelphia in 1994. Roberto Benigni climbing over chairs and wanting to make love to everybody in the world when Life Is Beautiful won best foreign-language film in 1999. Kim Basinger presenting in 1990 and telling the audience that one of the best films of the year, Do the Right Thing, was not nominated. For her to take a stand, 25 years before #OscarsSoWhite, was incredible — and impressive because time has shown the prescience of that film.

I expect we’ll see more of that this year. It’s a political time, so I imagine the Oscars will look exactly like your Twitter or Facebook feed. Why should we ignore for three hours what we’re talking about 24 hours a day?

The Oscars were always a family affair when I was a kid. One sort of unintentional tradition we had every year was during the “In Memoriam” part of the show. My family called it the “She died?” section because my dad, who is pop culture-oblivious, would always go, “She died? He died? She died?!” the whole time. So, it was very sad and yet also very funny watching my dad catch up.

When I was a kid, the Oscars felt like this impossibly larger-than-life thing. The first time I felt like I had a horse in the race was in 1990. I was 10, and The Little Mermaid was up for best song and best score. They did that crazy “Under the Sea” number with the late, great Geoffrey Holder and dudes in scuba outfits tap-dancing with flippers. We had a tradition of recording the show on our VHS, and I must have watched it a million and a half times.

There was also an amazing Chuck Workman montage at the beginning of the show that depicted 100 years of filmmaking with classic scores. I was already in love with movies, but this was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my life.

That was the period when Billy Crystal was hosting, and I would memorize his musical spoofs of the year’s top films. He did them with Marc Shaiman, whom I’m working with right now on Mary Poppins Returns… I was a huge fan of those moments and musical numbers — they showed a genuine love of movies while still poking fun at them. I may also be the only person in America who laughed his ass off to “Uma, Oprah. Oprah, Uma.” David Letterman’s commitment to that bit was enough to put it over the top for me. He didn’t care if no one got it. In his head, it was funny.

Hosting the Oscars is not a thing I would ever want to do… You always have to do this dance as a host: You’re playing to a billion people at home, and you’re playing to anxious contestants in a room, and that’s an insanely hard thing to divide. It’s the most thankless task in the world. I have a pretty healthy ego, but it does not extend in that direction. I’d much rather be the guy writing the opening tune than having to deliver it.

Another Oscar moment that really stuck with me was when Whoopi won her best supporting actress for Ghost. I’ll never forget, at the top of her acceptance speech she said, “Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted this,” which is so rare. Then she said, “As a little kid, I lived in the projects, and you’re the people I watched. You’re the people who made me want to be an actor.” For me, it was like she was saying, “If you want this, you can get it, too. I’m proof that you can.”

I had been seeing myself in this world since I was old enough to do anything, and it was as if she reached through the screen to talk to me. I was that kid. Even my mother used to say, “Remember what Whoopi said.”

That speech was the inspiration for the opening song I co-wrote for Neil Patrick Harris, “Bigger,” for the 2013 Tony Awards:

There’s a kid in the middle of nowhere sitting there, living for Tony performances singin’ and flippin’ along with the Pippins and Wickeds and Kinkys, Matildas and Mormonses / So we might reassure that kid and do something to spur that kid  / ‘Cause I promise you all of us up here tonight, We were that kid and now we’re bigger

Another of my favorite moments was in 2005, when they had Antonio Banderas sing “Al Otro Lado Del Rio” from The Motorcycle Diaries, which was nominated for best song. And then when Jorge Drexler, who composed it, won, he went onstage and sang it, like, “This is how it really goes.” It was so funny and ballsy and great. I’m happy whenever Latinos win anything, so I was thrilled by both performances.

I can’t tell you what it feels like in that room because this will be my first time at the Oscars, but I can tell you why the Oscars matter. It’s a night when the arts and artists are formally honored, and this recognition is seen by millions of people across the country and around the world. The show inspires people to keep pursuing their craft, or to seek out the nominated films or the overall body of work of the nominees, and through that exposure, people gain a greater appreciation of what the art of filmmaking brings to our culture.

Drunk Sex with Exo

Exo drunk sex

(I just did ot9 if you want the other members please feel free to request)(also this is just my opinion)

•Sehun: i feel like he would turn into such a greasy Fuck boy when he was drunk so please be prepared for the most overstimualting/teasing sex of your life. He’s also def a dom when this happens in my eyes

•Kai: very lowkey I feel like jongin would turn very subby and needy when he was drunk. He would be super clingy all night and once he knew you guys were about to head home, he would constantly whisper in your ear how badly he wanted and needed you right then.

•Chen: I see drunk Jongdae as very goofy and the moodmaker. Not goofy to the point of annoyance but just a fun but soft person to be around. This would make him into a very loving person and the whole night after would be romantic praising sex.

•suho: he is a wild card omg. He could either be like jongin mixed with jongdae or super shawty imma party til the sunRISE dom with endless teasing and super dirty talk.

•Lay: I feel like he’s similar to sehun when he’s drunk but just more intimate about it. Less fuck boy and more love boy. He would be pretty needy and dom but also super fluffy about it making sure he did everything you wanted

•Xiumin: do not fight me. Minseoks daddy side comes out when he’s drunk. He would be all over you all night whispering dirty things in your ear and smirking and calling you babY IM SCREAMING GOODBYE

•kyungsoo: he would be either goofy or clingy. You guys would either go home to have fun experimental sex or really soft, slow, and cute fluffy sex. No inbetween. It just depends on how horny he is

•Baekhyun: this time, if you came for fluffy cute baekhyun, you came to the right place. He would be so cute and clingy. He’d be like a cute lost drunk puppy cause that’s exactly what he is. It wouldn’t take much to get him going. You would dance up on him and he would lose his mind.

•chanyeol: opposite of baekhyun. You could look in his general direction and he would hop onto you like he hadn’t seen you in months. You guys probably wouldn’t even make it home (if one of you were the sober driver) you guys would have great car sex in a parking lot. If both of you were drunk, he would be so kinky and dominant and I can imagine his deep as “you loving the size” voice and I’m going to die now

Too Late

Plot: You never really knew that it was too late, until you saw him standing in the end of the aisle, smiling at his fiancé. 

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x reader

Genre: Angst, non-idol au!

Note: I took quite a while with this, considering it’s exam week(s). Writing is pretty much my escape/break. Namjoon deserves so much more appreciation, so I gave this my all~ I hope you like it. 1,387 Words

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

How did you manage to fuck up this bad?

“Kim Namjoon, do you take Park Mari to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

You had 15 whole years to admit your feelings to him; 15 whole years to tell him that the only thing on your mind, no matter where you were, was your best friend. Yet, you told yourself you never got the time. You always said that you would do it tomorrow, but you just couldn’t. You would always leave him with other girls, because you had no self worth – or maybe you were just too much of a coward to ruin what you already shared with him.

“I do.”

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in the IT writers’ room

writer 1: okay guys we need to think of some ways to make this movie stand out, we have to go in a different direction than the miniseries did
writer 2: what if we go more book-accurate
writer 3: except for that one scene
writer 2: god no. but what I was thinking was, you know how he’s called pennywise the DANCING clown
writer 1: yeah
writer 2: okay what if he ACTUALLY dances at one point
writer 1: 
writer 3:
writer 2: …but like, MENACINGLY
writer 3: 
writer 1: …goddamnit Gary, you’re a genius


Requested: A one shot where the reader tries to help Percival Graves after he’s been kidnapped. He’s cold and doesn’t let her in which leads to him pushing her away and them breaking up. Later when he sees her out with another man he begins to question his previous decision. 

Requested by: the lovely @fandomlover2001

I’ve never done a request before so I hope this doesn’t suck! 

Warnings: smut, language 

Word Count: 3,617

For as long as you could remember you’d known Percival Graves.

You knew everything about him.

What made him tick, what made him happy and what made him sad.

You knew him inside and out.

So, when he started to act different you knew something was wrong. You knew he wasn’t the Percival Graves you’d once known. Not the man you’d loved or the man you’d grown up knowing. But even when it was revealed that someone had been pretending to be him, that your suspicions were right you didn’t find relief.

At first, when he came back home, you’d thought that you could get through to him. That giving him space and attention at the right time would be enough to bring the old Percival Graves back to you. But it wasn’t that easy… the more you tried the more he pulled away.

The more he pulled away.

           Until he pulled away completely.

                       Until you both broke up.

The night that plagued your mind whenever you closed your eyes. It was a late night, the night you broke up, he’d come home from work and you could tell something was wrong before he walked through the door.

         You could feel it in my soul.

You’d been waiting in silence at the kitchen table, your eyes trained on the clock directly across from you. The moment he walked in he kept his eyes from you, his body tense when he hears you get up from the kitchen chair. Your hands rest along the table top and sigh when he reaches for one of the clean wine glasses on the counter. Without speaking a word, he grabs the bourbon and pours it into the glass, his eyes fixated on it.

He barely spoke to you anymore. Instead he acted as if you didn’t exist. As if you weren’t worth consideration. Even when you got up and cleared your throat he still pretended that you didn’t exist.


You’d said after several moments of silence. Your eyes watched him closely before daring to take a step forward. Your feet are quiet, but the moment your hand reaches out to touch his he pulls back. His brown eyes move to yours as a look of frustration crosses his handsome face.

His stare was cold.

           Colder than ice.

“… We need to talk.”

You find yourself pleading, begging as he his head shook in protest. Without speaking you knew what he wanted to say next. You knew that he was going to push you away, but you didn’t expect what he was going to say next. A string of sentences that ended it all.

“We don’t need to talk…”

He started before taking a swig of his bourbon.

“… You need to get out of my life. Because I’m done pretending to love you. I’m done pretending that we still have anything worth keeping us together.”

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After Nationals

Request: Hey there! All good? I was wondering if you could a Seb fic where there’s a party after nationals (you can choose which glee club won; the reader in part of new directions) and all the glee clubs that were competing were there. And the reader is dating Seb but no one knows, so all night he has to watch her dancing with other people until a romantic song comes up and he’s like “screw it!” And leads her to the dance floor and its all fluuuuffyyyy?! 😍😍😍 I hope you can! Take your time, thanks xx

Notes: So, I’m actually pretty happy with this fic and how it turned out, there are some points where Sebastian says stuff I don’t normally associate with him, but I’m still happy with it, I hope you guys will be, too. 

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i'm in love with you, sorry. | myg

• summary : in which min yoongi doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions and so, naturally, they all burst out of him at 2 a.m. in an alleyway next to the bar.

• word count: 5.1k

• warnings: swearing; alcohol

→ note: i wrote this while i was sad and listening to this playlist, but this work isn’t sad, and i’m not exactly sure how that happened?? enjoy the fluff and the best friends/total wingmen jimin and hoseok~

It’s 11 p.m. when Min Yoongi thinks he might die if he doesn’t admit it soon.

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hi-raethia  asked:

22, andreil !!

22 - two miserable people meeting at a wedding au
Thanks for the request! I hope you like it! :)

“You know, it wouldn’t have killed you to bring a date,” Nicky pointed out.

Andrew pointedly pretended he hadn’t heard the comment as he wondered how much longer a wedding reception could possibly go on for. He’d have to warn Kevin later not to mess his marriage up because there was no way in hell Andrew was going to sit through a second wedding for him.

“Bringing one might have killed his date,” Aaron muttered.

Erik quickly spoke up, as if he intended to talk over Aaron’s already completed comment. “You know, a wedding is a great place to meet people.”

“I don’t like people,” Andrew retorted. He shot a glare in Katelyn’s direction. “And I already know too many.”

“You might like someone if you ever gave anyone a chance,” Nicky insisted. “Isn’t there anyone here that interests you?”

“The only thing that interests me here is the open bar,” Andrew responded.

“I bet you a hundred dollars that if you make an effort, you’ll find someone here interesting,” Nicky offered.

Andrew ignored him. Nicky must have thought Andrew was particularly stupid if he really believed Andrew could be bribed so easily.

“It’s a no lose situation,” Nicky persisted. “Either you find someone or you make a hundred bucks.”

It sounded more like a lose-lose situation to Andrew. Either he proved Nicky right, which was never going to happen, or he proved himself obedient to Nicky. Neither of those would do.

“Keep your money,” Andrew grumbled. “I’m not interested.”

He got up and headed for the bar without waiting for Nicky’s response.

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Slow Hands (Reader x Newt Scamander)

Fandom: Fantastic beasts

Pairing: Reader x Newt Scamander

Warnings: um cheeky drunk newt and SMUT oops

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: The is inspired by the song slow hands by niall horan, you in no way need to know the song but I recommend it. Basically you go to a bar with newt and the rest of the gang but newt gets a bit too drunk and says some things he can’t un confess… and then smut because why not

You looked in the mirror at your reflection and you could see Queenie in the background giving you a reassuring smile, you had let her pick out your dress for the night. You were headed out to a wizard bar with Queenie, Tina, Jacob and Newt. “Oh Y/N that dress looks so good on you, Newt won’t be able to keep his eyes off you” Queenie said, you responded “Queenie I don’t think newt likes me that way, he has clearly shown he only wants to be friends”. Queenie smirked “I wouldn’t be too sure about that Y/N and I don’t have to read his thoughts to know it” you blushed at the thought of Newt possibly liking you but you were worried you would mess up your friend ship if you said anything but the timid boy would never make a move.

You guys were travelling by Apartition to the bar and when you were getting ready to go Newt reached out his hand for you and you grab it, quickly getting butterflies, but they were immediately killed by the similar but different twisting feeling of the teleportation spell. When you arrived you landed and stumbled into Newt, him catching you which resulted in a light blush across both your cheeks. You gained your balance and newt said ”you alright Y/N” you looked at him and replied “oh I’m just fine”.

The night went on as they always do, you guys sat at a table near the corner of the bar where the music wasn’t too loud so you guys could drink and talk and take a few trips to the dance floor. You and queenie were dancing and she was trying to convince Jacob to join but he hadn’t quite had enough to drink yet to get him dancing, but Newt on the other hand had his fair share of drinks so early into the night, he smiled at you from the table making you blush.

When Jacob finally joined the two of you they mostly danced together but you were fine on your own, you didn’t like when guys approached you and asked you to dance or what not and you had a bad habit of sort of running away from any man who came close to you instead of talking to them because you didn’t want to.

You went back to the table and sat beside newt who had a stupid grin on his face and you knew he was drunk “having a good time Newt? he looked at you and said “wonderful, I could watch you dance all night, you guys, all of you, I , I could watch you all dance all night” he stuttered steering away from the direct compliment but you knew what he meant and you smiled back at him. You ordered another drink and stayed beside Newt Just enjoying the music and when he rested his hand on your thigh you nearly jumped, he wasn’t the touchy type especially since your dress had ridden up and his hand was directly on your skin.

At one point you and Newt were the only two at the table sitting very close, he was talking to you with his face even closer to yours looking directly into your eyes and losing his train of thought, “Newt? You were in the middle of talking and you just stopped? what were you saying?”, he looked from your lips to your eyes “Y/N your eyes are so pretty I lost my words” he admitted in his drunken state an didn’t even try to take back the complement he let the words float off of his tongue as he continued to blatantly stare at you. You blushed and he smiled at how flustered you were from such and innocent compliment. Newt moved his hand from your thigh and pressed it on your cheek. He looked into your eyes once again, as if he hadn’t already done that enough, looking for a sign of permission as you lightly nodded not sure what he was doing and he leaned in and kissed you almost bumping noses.

The kiss was quick because there was a bit of sober Newt pulling him away slightly embarrassed of his brash actions but you quickly re assured him by kissing him back, easily wrapping your hands around his neck only stopping the kiss once you remembered you were in public. You both pulled away and looked at each other until everyone returned to the table un knowing of what you guys had just done.

You realized the time “oh, I better get going, it’s getting pretty late” Newt turned his head quickly “wait your leaving? “ Newt looked a bit sad but you grabbed his hand pulling him out of his seat and said ”yeah , you’re walking me home right ?” Newt smiled happily at your words but before he could agree you said in his ear “there’s no chance that I’m leaving here without you” Newts cheeks blushed and he got excited by your words he couldn’t get you home fast enough so he grabbed your hand and did the Apartition spell bringing you both to your apartment.

Newt wasted no time now that you were alone but he was still very drunk and clumsy about everything he was doing. “Y/N I’ve been thinking about you all day, and once I saw you in that dress and your eyes looked so pretty tonight” he would have kept blabbering on but you shut him up by kissing him. The kiss deepened as newt pushed you against the back of your door getting as close to you as he could. He slowly moved his hands to around your waist and then slowly they moved lower. You wanted things to be moving faster but you remembered newt was drunk and he does everything slow when he drunk, you almost groaned at the thought of how much of a tease he would be tonight but you stopped yourself.

You pushed your back off the door and without breaking the kiss that was deepening as time went on, you moved to your bedroom and you pushed Newt onto the bed straddling him and grinding into his hips creating a small moan to fall from Newt swollen lips as he continued to kiss you. You started grinding faster gaining more friction but newt stopped this kiss “I just wanna take my time with you” he almost whispered and rolled you over so he was lying almost beside you and you sighed at the loss of touch. But before you knew it newt was pulling you close to him and sliding his large hand up your thigh almost painfully slow, stopping when he reached your panties, he pushed them to the side carefully and traced over your entrance staring into your eyes, you moaned softly at the touch, moving close to him, his pace was dreadful but you didn’t want to push him.

Newt pushed a finger inside of you making you gasp and then placing a second in right after, he started pumping his fingers, he may have been drunk but even at his slow pace he was so good. You thought about asking him to go faster but you knew there was no stopping his plans he had for you or stopping his slow hands.

He started pumping faster as you rapped your arms around him and he kissed your neck, he wasn’t thinking so you knew he was going to leave marks, you were reaching your high and he started dong circles on your clit bring you there, leaving a mess on his fingers and moaning his name while pulling lightly on his hair.

Newt looked up at you again and smiled cheekily happy at the pleasure he had just brought you but then you decided it was your turn to be in control. “Newt as much as I love your slow hands we’re going to need to pick it up a little” You rid yourself of your panties and pulled down Newts pants slowly grazing over the bulge in his pants. You straddled him and started removing his shirt he immediately copied you, pulling your tight dress over your arms and head leaving you both there naked. “okay miss don’t want to be so slow, hurry up” Newt said and you giggled kissing him as you sat up putting his hard length in your hand holding it in place and slowly sat back down on him, taking all of his length inside you, you started moving faster moaning every time you went back down.

Newt quickly grabbed your hips moving you how he wanted you picking up speed, you could feel yourself reaching your high and by the way newt was twitching inside you , you could tell he was too. You both came together, Newt released inside of you and you moaned into a deep kiss not removing him from you for a minute.

You slowly laid down beside him and he turned over to look at you seeing bruises appear on your hips “wow those are some dark marks from such slow hands” you teased and Newt just nuzzled his head into your neck kissing you and apologising for bruising your skin. You brushed it off and laid your head on his chest slowly drifting to sleep.

In love with The Wolverine

First time posting a “x reader” on Tumblr…Sorry for any mistakes, I’m French…And hope you’ll enjoy blahblahblah.

WARNING : Mention of sex. Mention of violence.

Look at this amazing drawing @audreythetealovingcat made inspired by this story : right here if you wanna see it click right here

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Logan runs as fast as he can. As far as he can remember, he never ran that fast, that long. His heart beats loudly in his chest, and he’s sure it’s going to burst out of his body within minutes. 

His legs ache, he has been running for quite a while now..

But he doesn’t care. He’s got to save her. He HAS to save her, no matter what.

He curses at himself for slowing down, exhausted, but he doesn’t stop.
He wishes he could be faster, hoping that he won’t arrive too late.
He knew this would happen one day, he knew it. 

And yet he stayed with you, putting your life in danger, too much of a coward to leave the one he considered the love of his life.
And now, he was probably going to loose you…

He accelerated once more, running as fast as he could.


Today marked the 7th anniversary of you teaching at Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, and fun coincidence, also your twenty sixth birthday, and your friends prepared a rather big party for you. It was suppose to be a surprise, but Kitty let it out by mistake over breakfast a few days ago. 

She was casually talking with her boyfriend, Piotr, when she asked what he was going to wear for (Y/N)’s party…not realizing you were just next to her sipping on a nice warm cup of coffee. When she did realized however, she apologized profusely, and made you and Piotr swear you wouldn’t say anything to Logan.
You had smiled gently to her, and swore. 

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Heathens - Smut - [thelittlestkitsune]

  A scruffy hoes production. ©

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Rating: NSFW 18+

Pairing: Void/Reader

Words: 5,017


This is dark. It seems light at first but the ending is dark, you know me. Please don’t read if you have any problems with death/suicide. Thank you so much!

AN: Happy Halloween fuckers! The hoes and I couldn’t let the most important of holidays go by without giving you a treat! or is it a trick? Who knows! Enjoy xoxo

Originally posted by stydialovin

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Summary: Richie Tozier has a layover in New York and spends it drowning himself at the bar. He is surprised when a familiar face walks in, even more surprised to find that it was the boy he had left behind long ago.

A/N: I had some extra time tonight so I thought I would dabble a little. This is my rendition to Closer by The Chainsmokers via Reddie. It’s super depressing….I regret nothing.

Word Count: 1831


Smoke trailed from his cigarette, his hands bit into his scotch as he swirled it around the glass, watching the tornado diminish every time. The bartended spoke to him but he ignored it, instead focusing on the buzz in his head. Richie groaned, downing the remainder of his drink and gesturing for another. He hated being away from his home in LA, hated staying at shitty hotels with shitty people. There was a bitter taste that lingered in his mouth that he washed down with his alcohol begging for it to take away his anger.

There was small commotion as a group of people entered the hotel bar, the men speaking amongst themselves. Richie shook his head, practically scorning them for interrupting his pity party. He tried to phase them out, pretend that they weren’t even there but their voices carried throughout the empty room.

“I think that Janet woman form Milwaukee has a thing for you. She was practically undressing you with her eyes.” A man said, jeering with confidence. “If it were me I’d have her up in my room without a second thought.”

The group laughed, amused by the crude joke. A soft voice replied, “No, I’m okay. She’s not my type.” Richie’s head snapped up, instantly recognizing the voice. He turned to the group, eyeing them from across the room.

There on the far end sat a well-dressed man, the top two buttons of his shirt was undone, his tie hanging loosely form his neck. He was much shorter than the rest of the men, and considerable smaller but he was more beautiful that anyone in that room, including Richie himself. The DJ eyed him, taking him in.

It had been four years since he had last seen Eddie Kaspbrak. Four years since he had left for Los Angles, only leaving a note to be found that next morning. It had been a shitty thing to do but Richie was just a kid, barely 24. He had been so completely head over heels for that boy and knew if he waited any longer he would have missed his chance for the career he had dreamed of. So he left him without a goodbye and now all Richie dreamed of was the small boy who he had loved, lost in Derry, Maine.

Eddie’s eyes met his and the DJ could feel his blood run cold. The smaller man cringed, still nodding at the conversation around him. Richie turned back to his scotch, feeling his heart pound in his ears. “Fuck.” He muttered under his breath, taking a long drink form the liquor.

“I need a gin and tonic” The familiar voice announced from beside him. Richie looked over, noticing Eddie standing a few feet from him, speaking to the bartender who smiled and nodded. Eddie ignored him, pulling out his wallet and paying for the drink.

“Oh my stars, is that Eddie Kaspbrak?” The former trashmouth found himself speaking before his mind could catch itself. The pitiful southern accent caused them both to flinch.

“Yeah it is.” Eddie replied coldly. Richie opened his mouth to speak only to be cut off by the bartender as he handed him his drink. “Thanks, keep the change.”

“How’ve ya been?” Richie asked, forcing himself to smile. “It’s been a long time huh?”

“Sure.” He replied, taking a sip of his toxic drink. “Excuse me.” He muttered, turning back and heading over to the group.

Richie shivered at the cold shoulder Eddie had given him, practically icing him out of existence. He watched the man leave, smiling at his friends as if the interaction between them had never happened. There was a gnaw in the DJs chest, an underlining emotion fighting to break through. With a boast of confidence and an extra shot of liquor, Riche stood up and made his way over to the table, putting on his best smile.

The others in the group instantly recognized him, practically fawning over him. “Oh my god, your Richie Tozier!” One of the other men cooed, “I listen to you every day!”

“Well thanks for keeping my pockets fat and my belly full.” Richie joked, earning a laugh form everyone except the smallest man. “I just wanted to pay my regards to my old friend Eddie here, haven’t seen him in what? Four years?”

“You know Rich ‘Records’ Tozier? Why in the hell didn’t you tell us? He is fucking famous!”

Eddie huffed, throwing daggers in Richie’s direction. Grinding his teeth he replied, “I guess I forgot.” There was a pause as he took a drink, letting the glass linger at his lips. “That was a long time ago.”

“Still, I mean this guy is a legend. He’s broadcasted all over the United States! I heard he slept with Madonna!” One of the other men bellowed, stars dancing in his eyes. “Madonna Eddie! I’d give my left nut just to talk to her.”

Eddie flinched, recoiling at the man’s statement. Richie cleared his throat, feeling his head spin from his intoxication. “All false allegations. That guy in the sex tape doesn’t even look like me.” The DJ replied, smirking. “Although I practically did give my right nut for Winona Ryder.”

The men laughed and Eddie rolled his eyes, shaking his head in disgust. “Hey man, sit with us. We will buy you a drink.” One of the stars struck men practically begged, pulling out one of the chairs. Eddie narrowed his eyes, his lip curling up in anger.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Richie replied, winking at the angered man.

“I need a stronger drink.” Eddie grumbled, standing from the table.

“Oh grab me a whisky sour will you Eds?” The DJ called, the old nickname sliding off the tip of his tongue effortlessly. Eddie recoiled, muttering something under his breath as he walked towards the bar. Richie’s focus returned to the men who lived and breathed for his every word. Smiling he said, “So the thing about Winona Ryder is-“

The men staggered as the left, unable to hold anymore liquor. A cab was called and they pushed their numbers onto Richie, pleading for him to call them if he ever came back into town. He accepted the gesture, stuffing the paper into his pocket, knowing that he would only toss them when he got back to his room. Everyone left, well everyone except Eddie.

The Kaspbrak kid held his own, able to keep his head level no matter how many drinks he downed. Richie was somewhat proud, in the olden days Eddie would have been gone just like the rest of those suburban men but now it looked as if he could drink the older trashmouth under the table.

Richie strolled back into the bar, noticing the smaller man nursing a new scotch. He swallowed the lump in his throat and sat back down, smirking. “Tell your friends it was nice to meet them but I hope I never see them again.”

Eddie scoffed, not looking up. “You didn’t have to do that you know?”

“Do what?”

“Barge your way into my life, you could have just let me enjoy a night out with friends.” Richie felt his heart twist in his chest as Eddie took a drink, hissing at the burn in his throat. “It’s been too long and I’ve come too far for you to pull shit like that.”

The DJ licked his lips, leaning back into his chair. “I wanted to talk to you but I knew you wouldn’t give me the time of day unless I took advantage of your friends.”

“They ate you up.” Eddie bit, “Just like everyone else. Richie ‘Records’ Tozier, American treasure my ass.” There was a mocking tone in his voice, sneering the words in the other man’s directions. “Screw you.”

Richie sighed, running his hands through his well-groomed hair. “I’m sorry about what I did okay? I was just a kid and-“

“Oh, shove it up your ass Tozier.” He barked, dropping his empty glass onto the table with a harsh clang. “Save your lying and jokes for your radio show, that shit doesn’t work on me anymore.”

“It never really did.” Richie corrected, ignoring the ping of guilt in his chest. “You always saw right through me.”

“Not when it counted.” Eddie muttered, shaking his head. “Never when it counted.”

There was a lingering silence between them, their past like venom in the air. The bartender called last call, shutting off the lights in the back. Richie looked at his old lover, taking in the way he had aged over their time away. He had lost his boyish charm, growling into his face and maturing his features. He was still so utterly perfect that it made Richie sick.

Richie took in a long breath, settling his nerves. “I did love you, you know.”

“Don’t even-“

“I have never loved anyone like I loved you Eds. Never.” Eddie remained silent, closing his eyes and rubbing the bridge of his nose. Richie couldn’t take it so his mouth continued to vomit his feelings. “I was so stupid to leave, I should’ve talk to you, told you about the job offer but I-I didn’t want you to uproot for me so I just left and I’msofuckingsorry.” He managed to choke at the end.

Eddie looked up at him, frowning at the tears that had fell from the DJ’s face. Slowly he reached across the table, erasing the water with his thumb. Riche’s breath hitched at the tenderness in the action, feeling his lingering touch against his skin. “Do you have a room here?” He asked, gesturing to the front lobby. “We can go up there and talk.”

Richie nodded.

The sun beamed into the room, spilling across Richie’s face. He groaned loudly, rolling over to snuggle the other side of the bed. His hand lifted, searching for the body that had been there that night only to find it empty. “Eddie?” He called, his fingers biting into the linen. “Are you up already?”

There was no response, and a sense of fear rushed through him. He lifted his body from the bed frantically begging whatever deity that he believed in this week, praying that the small man was still there. What he found though was a note, written in fine, almost flawless handwriting.

‘It was my turn to leave.’


Richie couldn’t help the tears as they came barreling in. He sobbed, pathetically clutching the note in his hand, whimpering the man’s name. It was what he deserved but not what he wanted. He had wanted Eddie, but that ship had sailed long ago with his own note. The effect of his decision had eaten away their chance together, ending their relationship for good.

Now all that remained was a battered DJ and a lost limo driver.

All that remained was two lovers, separated by circumstance.

All that was remained was their own heartache.

All that remained was Richie and Eddie.

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❝ You saved a man!! ❞

Plot: You’re one of Korea’s top surgeon and there’s an accident in Big Hit Bulding and you’ve to perform an emergency surgeon in front of the guys. 

Words count: 2,3k+

Genre: “Real life”?? 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif aren’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

P.S. Y/N’s older than Jimin because she couldn’t be one of Korea Top Doctor if she was Jimin’s age. 

It was two years that you didn’t see Jimin, either because of his schedules but also of yours. You were dating for a few months when you were teenagers, but your crush hadn’t diminished over the years and despite the distance, you were left in excellent relationships.  

So when he asked you to see you, because he knew you were back in Korea after two years of absence because of your work, your heart had made a deadly leap and the smile had no longer left your face.  

You were older than Jimin, to tell the truth, was your younger brother the person who had made you know, but he had always been more mature than his age and it was for that reason that you had developed feelings for him.  

Despite the agitation of that day, you had decided in less than twenty minutes what to wear and you were extremely satisfied with your outfit. Nothing too sexy but not too chaste, yes you wanted to win him over somehow because you still liked Park Jimin.  By checking your phone you wrote a message to him, telling him that you were out of the building and that you couldn’t get in as they had perfectly made you understand it wanted the pass.  

You watched in the reflection of a showcase nearby, wishing to have put less lip gloss and wondering if those shoes matched the skinny jeans you wore at that time.  

“To Hell, I’m fine so…” You murmured when a hand tapped on your shoulder and his reflection in the showcase smiled at you.  

And that was another blow to the heart for you because you didn’t know how it was possible but he had become a thousand time handsome than you remembered.  

Slowly you turned and his smile became even more gentle and especially bright, as he opened his arms and allowed you to hide among them. It was a hug full of meaning, of words that didn’t need to be said. You laid your chin against his shoulder, with heels you could reach his height, forcefully clenching your arms around his waist and fully inhaling his scent that still had some effect on you.  

“You’re even more beautiful than I remembered!”  

“And you even more inclined to flirt.”  

Jimin burst to laugh, moving little to be able to look into your eyes while moving a strand of hair behind your ear.  The butterflies in your stomach have begun to dance, you can even feel your legs shaking and your hands, pressed gently against his back, tremble in the same way as your legs.  

“Can we g-go inside..? I wouldn’t want your fans to think anything strange if they see us… ”  

He simply nodded and loosened the grip on you, transforming the hug and leaving only a hand resting against your back in order to guide you. You didn’t remember that jimin so at ease, but you liked it because for once his shyness didn’t interrupt any kind of contact.  

You followed him quietly, observing the building and listening carefully to what he told you and remaining fascinated by the fact that they had just moved and the achievements they reached. Obviously, you know them, you’re a fan of BTS even if you never admitted it with him and at the bottom of your heart you always knew that they would achieve a worldwide success.  

Jimin continued to speak, without ever leaving your side and especially without moving the hand from your back when two people almost jumped in front of you, making you just wince.  

“YAH! JUNGKOOK-AH! HYUNG! ” Jimin screamed, covering your with part of his body almost wanted to hide you from two of his bandmates.  

The youngest smiled at you immediately, despite the slight redness on his cheeks made you realize that he was extremely embarrassed. While the other moved Jimin and took your hand, pretending a kiss on your hand and making you blush immediately.  


“Jimin-ah, you have so charming friends and you don’t tell us???”  

Namjoon smiled at his friend, obviously, it’s all a joke at that time and in his gaze, you noticed something different. The way he watched Jimin when he kissed your hand makes you realize that there is something you don’t know, something the latter hid from you, and curiosity was already starting to pop inside you.  

“Nice to meet you.” You murmured with a little bow, seeing Jungkook observing you with the same smile that Namjoon had addressed shortly before to Jimin.  

“Our pleasure, Noona. Jimin told us a lot about you! ”  


That confession could do nothing but please you, while you mentally began to dance a kind of victory dance. If he had spoken of you, there were extreme possibilities that your crush wasn’t one side type.  

Together with the other two, you started walking in the direction of the rehearsal room, where the other four were simply chatting as they had finished a heavy day of rehearsals.  

“Finally!” Yelled Taehyung, who you immediately recognized thanks to his characteristic smile, as he approached you and vigorously shook your hand with joy.  At that time you understood why him was so tied to Taehyung, they were practically two cupcakes disguised as sunbeams.  

“Guys, she’s Y/N.. My childhood friend, do you remember? ”  

The other three greeted with a nod of the hand and a huge smile, but suddenly a strange roar echoed all over the floor and caught all eight of them by surprise.  

“What the heck..” Seokjin and Yoongi murmured in chorus while screaming outside the rehearsal room began to make you realize that something had to have happened.  

Without waiting and ignoring the “where the hell are you going y/n?” by Jimin, you ran to the door and opening it you found yourself in front of a cloud of dust and smoke, while some people were screaming to call the rescue immediately. The building was new but apparently, a non-bearing column had collapsed, causing all that dust and maybe some injured.  

“Where are you going? We stay in the rehearsal room until the rescue arrives. ”  

Jimin’s voice was shaken, trembled and you could feel it perfectly but you weren’t instructed to remain helpless in those situations. You smiled to reassure him and you started walking in the midst of the smoke, knowing that he wouldn’t follow you because that of the unknown was a rational fear of every human being, and he didn’t know what was expected in the midst of that cloud of dust.  

Cloud that immediately began to dissipate thanks to the perfectly functioning ventilation systems, so your view was more facilitated in following the groans of some of the wounded. With a clinical look, you realize that no one seemed to have really hurt when a moan different from others took your attention.  

You paraded your shoes and ran towards that voice, biting your bottom lip forcefully when the boy who was looking for help was on the ground with a metal bar stuck into his abdomen.  

“Hey, I’m Y/N. I’m a surgeon and you’re in great hands.. But I’m telling you now that this bar will have to come with you to the hospital unless firefighters saw it. ”  

Your voice was sweet and kind, one of the first things they had taught you was to reassure the patient in any way. The more nervous the patient was, the more was the risk of aggravating any condition.  

A middle-aged man came up to you, coughing lightly, and you asked if the rescues had already been warned and his affirmative answer gave you more security and peace of mind.  

“What’s your name?”  

“Lu.. L-Lu.. ” He began to say but immediately began breathing with wheezing, almost as if he had something stuck in his throat.  

It was an alarm bell for you so you immediately bent your head backward and opened his mouth, recovering in the meantime from your bag a small portable flashlight. By making light in the oral cavity you noticed a huge amount of soot, caused by the fall of the column, and some pieces of concrete that obstructed the airways. And it was certainly not the best news for you at that time.  

“Don’t talk, try to stay conscious, all right?” You ordered to him, but his breath became every second ever more strenuous, while his heartbeat decelerated rapidly.  

He would be suffocated if you hadn’t intervened promptly. Luckily the bar in his abdomen, somehow, stopped the bleeding and wasn’t the main problem. You turned to the man next to you and ordered him to find any kind of knife and a lighter, causing an absolute confusion in man.  

“DAMN IT, MOVE!” You screamed, however, keeping the calm and the cold blood, while the man nodded and began to run in search of the objects that you had just asked.  

“Y/N what are you doing???” Jimin asked after reached you along with the other six, while you started poking around in your purse finding what you needed.  

You didn’t love vodka, but that little bottle found in your hotel room’s mini bar would have been incredibly helpful. With fast and precise gestures you would remove the tip and the barrel with the ink from the pen found in your bag, starting to pour over half bottle and thanking the man who had just returned with a small kitchen knife and the lighter. It had passed a few moments but no one could be wasted, so you took the knife and spilled the remaining transparent liquid on the blade and then repeatedly pass the flame of the lighter on it, trying to sterilize it as much as possible.  

“Is she going to do what I think..?” Hoseok asked, with a distraught tone, while Jimin was blocking your hand and observing you as if you were crazy.  

“Y/N; It’s not a movie. ”  

“Exactly and if you keep holding my hand, this boy will die. ” You hissed in a cold tone, the surgeon who was in you had just come out in the open, yanking gently your wrist and rid from his grip.  

With precise moves, you swipe your finger on his Adam’s apple, until you reach the cricoid cartilage. You had taken that action so many times that you could have done it even with your eyes closed. Two deep breaths, made by holding the pen ledge between the teeth, and you started practicing a small incision of an inch, pressing forcefully to make the cut as deep as its length.  

Immediately the cricothyroid membrane showed up in front of you, in all its horrible appearance, so effortlessly you practiced the second incision albeit smaller, putting without problems the straw of the ballpoint pen.  

The beating of the boy, you had tightened his wrist a second before, was slowly increasing and bending toward him you blew twice in the straw, hoping that he will automatically resume breathing. The compressions were not a useful action at that time because with the compressions you risked of moving the metal bar and aggravating his conditions.  

One, two, three, four, five, you were almost at the sixth second when the boy’s chest began, again, to rise and fall and a sigh of relief will escape you from your lips, while you are sitting backward.  

“What the hell is this, a Grey’s Anatomy episode..?”  




The voices of the six Bangtan arrived soon after, while your gaze rested on the boy next to you who hadn’t distracted his eyes from you even for a second. You were dirty with blood on your blouse, on your hands, and maybe even on your face, but he was looking at you in a way that could, incredibly, make you blush.  

“How the hell did you do it..?”  

“You never asked me what I did to live, Jimin..” You murmured with a smile, controlling in the meantime the young man’s heartbeat. It was slow but stable and luckily the rescues came right at that time.  

“Who has practiced this tracheotomy?” one of the men asked, observing you and then laying his gaze on your dirty clothes; “Who gave her permission, Miss? You could kill him. ”  

“I’m a surgeon.”  

Showing your badge made the paramedic open wide his eyes, whispering to his colleague “She’s Y/N Y/L/N, unbelievable…”  

“You should bring this man to the hospital right away, you’re not here to whispering silly things.” You hummed slightly annoyed and they immediately nodded, bowing with reverence and checking the boy’s vital parameters, deciding how to act because of the metal bar.  

In slow steps you walked away, going to slam against Seokjin who was watching you with admiration, though he hadn’t yet pronounced a word.  

“Noona.. Are you a surgeon?? ”  

“Yes, Jungkook.. I was abroad to take a specialization, but let’s say I graduated very early. ”  

“Daebak” all seven murmured in chorus, making you blush slightly.  

“Y/N.. You opened that man’s neck. ”  

“He couldn’t breathe jimin..”  


“GUYS IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL” You exclaimed, embarrassed because of their looks when all of a sudden, all seven encircled you, hugging you with a loud screams of pure joy.  

“G-Guys, I can’t breathe!”  


“Hey, let her, you can’t touch Her!” Jimin almost seemed to smoke with jealousy while he was pushing them away, who began to tease him jokingly and pinching his side.  

“May I ask you something, Y/n?”  


The wait wasn’t one of the things you loved most, but knowing him you knew that however shyness was part of him so maybe you had to give him time to formulate the phrase in the best way.  

But without saying anything he leaned towards you and grazed your lips with his, for a handful of seconds, leaving you completely shocked. The whistles of approval arrived almost immediately, while two of their managers came running to tell them to leave the building but your gaze couldn’t move from Jimin’s, who was blushed as much as you.  

“Will you give me a date, doctor?”  

“Surgeon, please. And yes, I waited all these years only for this. ”

I am around - Zach Dempsey

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Request: Can I please request a Zach imagine where he is your boyfriend and he has to protect you from a drunk guy at a party who tries to force himself upon you? Thank you!

A/N: this is soo bad i’m so sorry but i’ve been letting you guys wait so long already :( please forgive me

Word count: 1282

“Babe where are you?” you heard your boyfriend, Zach, shout from your room. You were going to a party together and Zach insisted on picking you up on his way there. You and Zach were Liberty High’s powercouple. You knew each other since you could remember. Your parents had a business diner with his and from then the two of you did everything together and now so many years later he was the star basketball player and you were cheer captain kicking it of as a great couple. Sometimes it looked like the two of you walked straight out on of those cheesy high school movies. For tonight you planned on being ready in time, you really did, but you just got swept away with the music  so as usual it took you longer than expected.

“I’m almost done just another 5 minutes!” you shouted back from the bathroom while you were zipping up the dress you chose to wear. It was a little red dress with half long sleeves that made your body look amazing but wasn’t too tight so it didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. You checked your hair and make up a last time, worked on the last details and went to your room where Zach was sitting on the bed waiting for you.

“I’m almost done! Sorry sorry sorry sorry!” You said almost running into your room diving in your closet looking for your black heels.

“They have to be here, oooor okay no got them!” you said while almost falling back out of your closet because of all the shoes you didn’t want to throw away.

“Wow babe you look incredible!” Zach says  making you blush a little. You closed the last belt buckle from your heel and leaned over to give him a kiss.

“I’m ready to go!” you said while taking Zach’s hand and pulling him up from the bed. When he got up he spun you around and pulled you in for a kiss at the end. Being the romantic he is. You and Zach walked out to his car. The party as at Montgomery de la Cruz’s house.  His place wasn’t that far away from yours and you could have easily walked there but Zach liked showing of his Audi so you went with it and not walking meant not killing your feet in advance so you would be able to dance more at the party. Zach parked his car and the two of you got out the car and Zach threw his arm around your shoulder before entering. When you entered you said hello to a couple people, did a little small talk and walked over to the kitchen. You were fixing your drink when Zach said:

“I’m going over to the guys babe, see you later?” followed by a kiss on the top of your head since he was waaay taller. You were almost done with your drink when you felt a someone squeeze your butt. when you turned around to see who it was you only saw a group of guys you had never seen before smirking weirdly at you and some of them winking or looking at you from head to toe. It creeped you out so you decided to get out of that kitchen as fast as possible. You walked over to Jess.

“Have you ever seen those guys?” you asked looking over to them making Jess follow your gaze.

“Nope never saw them in my life, they’re probably just some friends of Monty.”

“Yeah probably.” You said still feeling a little creeped out by them. You decided to just let go of what happened and enjoy your night. You had been dancing with your friends, hanging a little with Zach and refilling your cups too many times when you felt you really needed to go to the toilet. You were making your way upstairs when someone who was walking the opposite direction walked into you.

“Oh I’m so sorry.” You said. When you looked up you froze a little. You had bumped into one of the creepy guys you walked, more like ran, away from earlier. Only thing scaring you more was that he looked way drunker right now.

“How are you going to fix this honey?” he said while pulling at his shirt showing how it got all wet from the liquor that had been spilled on it. You were stuttering a little when he started to get closer to you.

“I really just want to go to the toilet, can you let me pass?” you tried to ask friendly but it obviously wasn’t working. You felt his hand grip around your waist pulling you closer, you turned your face so you weren’t facing him directly and he couldn’t get to you.

“Maybe you should take this shirt of of me?”

“Or not, I have a boyfriend. Just let go of me.”

“But sweetheart where’s the fun in that and by the way I don’t see him around?” He said while trying to turn your face. His grip was strong on you and you were getting fed up with all of this. You weren’t going to let him treat you like thise. You were ready to kick of some drama when you heard a deep familiar voice behind you.

“Actually I am around.” You were so happy to finally hear Zach’s voice. He pulled the guy of you and pulled you behind him.

“You are so lucky I have an important game this weekend or I would have smashed your face dude. That’s not how you treat girls and most definitely not my girl.” He said while standing almost forehead to forehead with the other guy. You saw how clenched Zach’s fists were. In all these years that you have known him you have never seen him this angry. The guy seemed a little intrigued by how tall and strong Zach was. Montgomery saw what was going on and stood between Zach and the boy.

“Guys what’s going on?”

“That little idiot there thought it was a good idea to force himself on my girlfriend.” Zach said while pointing. You saw Montgomery turn around and hold the other boy by his collar

“You will never step foot in my house again. Get out.” Monty said while turning to his friend. He started to stutter and apologize like a little kid before walking out looking really ashamed. You felt surprised by how serious they were all taking this. Zach took your hand and walked outside with you to the chairs in Monty’s backyard. He sat himself down and pulled you down on his lap holding you tightly.

“I’m so sorry I let that happen to you babe.”

“What no? it wasn’t your fault that idiot should have behaved himself.” You said while looking Zach straight in the eyes. You didn’t want him to feel guilty at all.

“But I should have been there.”

“You were!” you said while standing up and pulling Zach with you.

“Look it happened and luckily you were there otherwise I must have started to scream and make all this stupid drama and humiliate the guy even more.”  You joked making a smile form on Zach’s face. You wrapped your hands around his neck to pull him closer so you could kiss him.

“Let’s just enjoy the rest of our night, okay? And maybe I’ll give you a little extra later because of your help.” You said winking making Zach smile even more and with that the two of you went back inside and had the best night of your lives with Zach not leaving your side for a second. 

BTS Scenarios - Jealous of One of the Other Guys/You


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·        He tries not to show it.

·        But every time he sees you and Hoseok laughing and joking together, it makes him feel insecure.

·        He knows he shouldn’t be that way.

·        Hoseok is his friend and you, his girlfriend.

·        Jin understood that you and Hoseok had been friends for a lot longer than Hoseok had been in Bangtan.

·        But it didn’t stop him from wondering if you and Hoseok had ever felt for each other as more than friends.

·        And other people didn’t make it any easier.

·        From the guys making well-meaning, yet off-handed jokes about Hoseok stealing you from Jin.

·        To your family making comments about how they really like that Jung boy.

·        It didn’t help that you and Hoseok’s friendship was so flirty either.

·        The way you guys touched each other, the way you smiled at him.

·        It was different from how you treated Jin and he knew it.

·        You guys just had dinner with all of Bangtan and you and Jin were on your way home when his feelings overflowed and he just had to ask you.

·        “So… Did you and Hoseok ever date?”

·        You were stunned.

·        Sure, Hoseok was your best friend, but it was never more than that.

·        He was more like a brother than anything else to you.

·        “What?! Jin, no! What makes you think that?!”

·        Jin suddenly felt embarrassed.

·        He really hoped he hadn’t offended you. It wasn’t his intention.

·        “I don’t know… You two just seem so… perfect for each other. I thought…”

·        You couldn’t help but laugh.

·        You and Hoseok? Absolutely not!

·        “As far as I know, Hoseok has never seen me in that way and I know I’ve never seen him in that way either. We’re like family. That’s all.”

·        Jin sighed a little, relaxing his grip on the steering wheel.

·        “Oh thank goodness.”

·        You run your fingers through his hair and it seems to relax him more.

·        “Seokjin, what you and I have, it’s special to me. I would never sacrifice it for anyone.”

·        You lower your hand and he laces his fingers with yours, bringing them up for a kiss.

·        “I love you in a completely different way than I love Hoseok.”

·        Jin smiles to himself.

·        Hearing you say that is all the confirmation he needs to know he has nothing to worry about.


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·        You told him that he has no competition.

·        So, how come Namjoon felt like he did?

·        Every time you came over to the dorms, you were attached to Jin’s side.

·        Namjoon knew that you had both agreed to keep your relationship private because of his idol status and fans.

·        But the guys knew you were together.

·        No matter what Namjoon did to try to get your attention when you were around, you always stayed rooted next to Jin.

·        And it was familiar for you.

·        Seokjin was family.

·        You’d known him since you were old enough to speak.

·        In fact, if it weren’t for him, you and Namjoon wouldn’t have even gotten together.

·        Jin was the one who set you up.

·        Still, in Namjoon’s eyes, he believed something was up with you two.

·        He told himself over and over again that you would never hurt him like that.

·        That Jin would never hurt him like that.

·        But it was getting more difficult to believe that as each day passed.

·        Finally, when you came around to the dorms the last time and spent most of the time there hanging out and playing video games with Jin, Namjoon snapped.

·        When Jin got up to go to the bathroom, Namjoon pulled you into his room, careful not to close the door behind him too much.

·        When he saw the look of surprise on your face, he quickly defended himself.

·        “No, it’s not that. I just need to talk to you about something that’s upsetting me.”

·        You noticed that Namjoon looked defeated and started to get worried.

·        “What’s wrong? Did I do something?”

·        He shook his head.

·        “No. I just need to know how you feel about Jin. Like how you really feel about him.”

·        You didn’t have feelings for Jin – at least not in that way.

·        “Uhh… Well, he’s my friend? I enjoy spending time with him? That’s about it.”

·        “So, then why is it that’s all you do when you come over here? How come you never want to spend time with me?”

·        Namjoon needed to know, but as he was saying the words, he felt terrible.

·        He sounded so selfish now that he was hearing himself saying the things he thought on a regular basis.

·        Selfish and childish and that was not like Namjoon at all.

·        “What I mean is that… everyone knows we’re together and this is the one place where we can act like it. So, why don’t we?”

·        You hadn’t thought of that before.

·        You were so engrossed into giving Namjoon his space that it never occurred to you that this was a safe zone for you both to show your affection and emotions towards one another.

·        You were using Jin as a safety net.

·        Spending time with what was familiar to you instead of spending it cultivating your relationship.

·        You stepped towards Namjoon, who looked dejected, and lifted his face so he was looking into your eyes.

·        “Hey… I love you, Namjoon. And I’m sorry I wasn’t using this time to show you just how much I do. From now on, I’ll make more of an effort to make you feel loved, OK?”

·        Namjoon smiled and wrapped his arms around you in a hug.

·        Through the crack in the door, you could see Jin looking in at you two.

·        He smiled and gave you thumbs up.

·        You were so lucky to have them both.


Originally posted by gravitaetion

·        Yoongi is not one to admit when he’s jealous of something someone else has.

·        To be quite honest, he wasn’t really sure why he was jealous.

·        You were his – you had made that abundantly clear.

·        But something was still tugging at the back of his mind every time you were together.

·        That something was your close friendship to Jimin.

·        He knew you both had danced together in many ballets before and that Jimin admired and respected you.

·        Yoongi also knew how much you admired Jimin as well.

·        Granted, it wasn’t Jimin’s bed you insisted on crawling into at the end of a long and crazy night.

·        But it was Jimin you spent most of your time with when you hung around with the group.

·        However, you and Jimin were not aware of how this made Yoongi feel.

·        In your minds, it was innocent – two dancers who like to spend time together to talk about their passion.

·        You were both starting to notice, however, the disdain that Yoongi was showing.

·        No matter how hard he tried to pretend he wasn’t judging the hell out of the both of you.

·        Every time you got excited and ran over to Jimin to say hi, Yoongi would roll his eyes or just lower them in a glare at the both of you.

·        It was starting to affect his work as well.

·        He hated being mean to any of the guys.

·        They were his best friends and a part of his family.

·        But this whole situation made him single out Jimin.

·        His insults were harsher and more direct and slipped out before he had time to catch them.

·        Everyone was starting to notice the tension – especially during dance practice.

·        After the last one finished, Yoongi stormed out, trying to collect himself.

·        “He’s your best friend. Your brother.” He thought angrily to himself, as he leaned against the wall trying to calm himself down.

·        “Get it together, Yoongi. He’s not trying to steal your girlfriend.”

·        He didn’t realize that he was saying all of this out loud or that you were standing right behind him listening to every word he said.

·        “Is that why you’re being so awful to Jimin lately?”

·        He jumped when he heard your voice and turned to look at you.

·        You stood with your arms crossed, scowling at the boy as the other guys looked on from behind you.

·        Jimin spoke up next.

·        “Yoongi-hyung, I would never do that to you!”

·        You chimed in.

·        “And neither would I.

·        Yoongi felt ashamed.

·        Ashamed that he let it get to a point where everyone was made aware of his frustrations.

·        “Then why do you guys act like you’re in love with the other all the time?”

·        You were insulted he would think that.

·        You never thought for a minute that you were acting like you loved Jimin, but you always showed Yoongi all the love in the world.

·        “You think that I’m in love with Jimin?”

·        He nodded, sheepishly.

·        You grabbed his hand, pulling him away from the group and into another room.

·        “Yoongi, I have never felt anything for Jimin other than friendship and admiration. I don’t want to be with him. I’ve always wanted to be with you.”

·        He started to melt a little until you spoke again, but harsher this time.

·        “But you’re acting like an idiot. And it’s not attractive. You need to stop being mean to Jimin and stop being jealous of our friendship! He’s not the one I dream of when I go to sleep – you are.”

·        Yoongi smiled at you, feeling a lot more relaxed now that you had clarified the situation for him.

·        He kissed your forehead softly.

·        “I apologize. It was very immature of me to behave the way I’ve been behaving. I promise, I’ll trust you and Jimin much better from here on out.”

·        You smiled back at him.

·        “I accept your apology, but it’s not me you should be apologizing to.”

·        He nodded knowingly – he knew he had to apologize to Jimin for his behavior.

·        You kissed him softly.

·        “Don’t be so scared of losing me. I’m not going anywhere. I love you, Min Yoongi.”

·        He kissed you back before making his way back to the group to talk to Jimin.


Originally posted by nycbtslover

·        Jealousy?

·        Hoseok didn’t know the meaning of the word!

·        He was almost always supportive of everyone around him in any situation, so long as it was a positive one.

·        But he learned that he did have a bit of a jealous side once he started dating you.

·        Not that he was possessive of you – of course, you were you own person with thoughts and feelings he couldn’t control.

·        But whenever there were other guys around, he was always keeping one eye on them to make sure they didn’t try anything inappropriate with you.

·        Typically, he trusted the other guys in Bangtan.

·        Most of them had their own girlfriends and the ones that didn’t kept to themselves and didn’t bother your relationship.

·        Or so it would seem.

·        Over time, you and Namjoon became really good friends.

·        He was always keeping you company in the dorms when you were waiting for Hoseok.

·        Not to mention, he was the biggest cheerleader of your relationship.

·        You didn’t consider your actions with Namjoon to be flirtatious.

·        But Hoseok did.

·        He found himself growing rigid when you and Namjoon would share an inside joke with one another that he wasn’t in on.

·        He winced every time you shared a hug with Namjoon.

·        And how you called him ‘your guy?’

·        What did that even mean?

·        Hoseok was supposed to be your guy!

·        You were beginning to notice a change in Hoseok’s behavior whenever you came to the dorms.

·        He was stiff – almost annoyed by your presence when Namjoon was around.

·        But if Namjoon was out or preoccupied, Hoseok was as loving as ever.

·        So, one day, you decided to question Hoseok about his bizarre antics.

·        “Hobi? What’s been bothering you lately?”

·        The question caught him off guard.

·        You two were cuddled up on the couch watching TV.

·        He didn’t think this was the appropriate time to have such a conversation.

·        “What do you mean?”

·        He asked, looking at you with the sweetest and most confused look you’d ever seen.

·        “You just seem so… annoyed? But you only seem like that when Namjoonie is around. Did he do or say something to you?”

·        Hoseok’s eyes widened in shock.

·        He didn’t think his actions were that obvious.

·        He didn’t even notice he was doing it, honestly.

·        He sat there searching for a response.

·        Finally, he settled for the truth.

·        “He didn’t do anything… It just seems to me like you’re more interested in spending time with him than you are with me.”

·        You were shocked.

·        You had never meant to make Hoseok feel like you didn’t want to be with him.

·        On the contrary, you spent 90% of your time with Namjoon talking about how in love with Hoseok you were.

·        You hugged Hoseok closely.

·        “You worry too much, Jung Hoseok. I’m yours. I don’t want anyone else, but you.”

·        Hoseok kissed the top of your head.

·        “But… don’t you feel that you and Namjoon would be a better couple than us sometimes?”

·        You gave him a look.

·        “If I felt that way, Hoseok, I’d have a hard time considering he is interested in someone else. That’s mostly what I’ve been doing with him. Trying to help him get to her.”

·        He couldn’t help, but laugh at his own stupidity.

·        He knew better than to think such things about his friends – let alone his own girlfriend.

·        He squeezed you tight.

·        “How’d I get so lucky to have someone as wonderful as you?”

·        You grinned to yourself.

·        “You are lucky, and don’t ever forget it!”


Originally posted by saikokpop

·        Taehyung had never had a girlfriend before.

·        So, maybe that’s why he was so protective of you.

·        Daily, he would remind himself how lucky he was that someone as beautiful and wonderful as you would be so in love with someone like him.

·        He tried so hard not to let insecurity get the best of him the way it had in the past.

·        But now, it was getting more difficult.

·        Now, you’re beginning to develop a close friendship with Yoongi.

·        Taehyung tries to tell himself that that’s all it is – friendship.

·        But he had to admit to himself that he’s never seen Yoongi this friendly with a girl before.

·        The whole thing even surprised you that the one member that people always said wasn’t very warm or friendly had taken a liking to you.

·        Taehyung felt like he couldn’t compete with Yoongi.

·        Yoongi was older than he was and more mature in many ways.

·        He had a brilliant mind and great work ethic.

·        Taehyung felt he was just a young child acting silly and refusing to grow up no matter how much time has passed.

·        And it didn’t help that no one really knew you were together because he was too afraid to tell the other guys that he was with someone.

·        Now the others had taken to teasing you and Yoongi about your ‘friendship’ and go as far as to try and set you two up together.

·        Deep down, though he didn’t acknowledge it, Yoongi knew you and Taehyung were together and he was happy that his friends were happy.

·        Taehyung, however, just saw all of the guys handing his girlfriend over to someone else.

·        One night, while everyone was out eating and relaxing, the guys wouldn’t stop teasing you and Yoongi over dinner about getting together.

·        “I don’t understand why he won’t date you!”

·        “You guys would be so cute together.”

·        “Oh, look, Yoongi’s blushing! I think he agrees!”

·        It was all Taehyung could take.

·        He jumped up from the table, excusing himself to go outside and get some fresh air.

·        Everyone at the table was in a stunned silence before Yoongi spoke.

·        “You better go follow him and see what’s wrong.”

·        You nodded, already knowing what the conversation was going to be.

·        You got up and followed Tae outside only to find him sitting on a bench with his head in his hands.

·        You sat beside him and touched his back lightly.

·        “Taehyungie… What’s wrong?”

·        He raised his head and you could see that he was crying.

·        You hated so much to see those tears.

·        When he spoke, his voice was strained and almost too low for you to hear against the street noise.

·        “It just never stops. They never stop saying how great you two are together. And it’s my fault…”

·        You were confused.

·        “What’s your fault?”

·        Taehyung finally looked at you.

·        “It’s my fault because I’m too scared to tell them that I’m with you. I’m too afraid that they’ll be angry with me for finding a girlfriend when they don’t have one.”

·        You shook your head.

·        “They’d never be angry with you. All they want is for everyone to be healthy and happy.”

·        Taehyung scoffed.

·        “It doesn’t matter. Soon, you’ll realize how mature and attractive Yoongi is and leave me to be with him. Then everyone will be happy and I’ll just go back to pretending I’m happy.”

·        Everything was starting to make sense to you.

·        “Taehyung… Are you… jealous of Min Yoongi and me?”

·        Tae bit his lip and nodded shyly, avoiding eye contact with you.

·        You laughed, eliciting a confused look from Taehyung.

·        “I would never-!”

·        You couldn’t stop laughing.

·        The very thought of you and Min Yoongi was enough to leave anyone doubled over in tears from laughter.

·        You finally composed yourself enough to speak.

·        “What Yoongi and I have is just a good friendship. He’s a great person, but I could never date him! We’re too opposite! Besides, I love my funny, little alien boy, Taehyungie!”

·        Taehyung gasped and you stopped in your tracks.

·        It was the first time you had ever said the word, ‘love’ to him.

·        Before you could correct yourself, Taehyung leaned in and kissed you softly.

·        You smiled into the kiss, your heart pounding in your ears.

·        He smiled back.

·        “I love you, too. Come on, let’s go inside. It’s time for me to tell everyone that you’re my girlfriend.”

·        He climbed to his feet and you followed suit taking his hand in yours.

·        You loved walking back over to the table to the sound of gasps from everyone around it.


Originally posted by aestheticvbts

·        He knew better than to compete with the golden maknae.

·        Jungkook was good at everything and that included winning the admiration of everyone who encountered him.

·        Jimin’s girlfriend – you – were no exception to this rule.

·        Still, Jimin had an immense amount of trust in you to know that you wouldn’t fall for Jungkook.

·        So, imagine Jimin’s surprise when suddenly you were spending more time with him.

·        You and Jungkook had become exceptionally close, which was bizarre, considering that Jungkook had difficulty even being in the same room as other girls.

·        But to Jungkook, you were like a sister.

·        He was comfortable talking about things with you that he wasn’t sure he could tell the hyungs.

·        And you were slowly, but surely, breaking him out of his shell when it came to talking to girls.

·        Yes, in your eyes, Jungkook was the little brother you never had.

·        And in Jungkook’s eyes, you were the older sister he always wanted.

·        But in Jimin’s eyes, he only saw you and Jungkook getting closer and closer each passing day.

·        And that was enough to frighten the boy.

·        He found himself trying to be a part of everything the two of you did together.

·        Even if it was something Jimin wasn’t interested in.

·        As time went by, you and Jungkook could tell something was wrong with Jimin and you needed to find out what it was.

·        You sat down with Jimin one night after the group had begun winding down from a show.

·        “Jimin, I’ve noticed something about you recently.”

·        He looked up at you from the book he was reading, his perfect jawline clenching as he knew immediately what this conversation was going to be about.

·        “You seem to be upset with Jungkook and I. Why is that? Did we do something wrong?”

·        He shook his head, not really wanting to talk about this at the moment.

·        “Do you not want me to hang out with him anymore?”

·        Jimin groaned.

·        He knew you weren’t going to let up on the subject until you both talked it through.

·        He slammed the book shut angrily.

·        “I don’t feel like having this conversation right now.”

·        You got upset.

·        This was just like Jimin.

·        Whenever something was bothering him, he shut down and couldn’t explain why he felt that way.

·        But you didn’t want to sweep another fight under the rug.

·        You wanted to resolve this and move on so your relationship could get back on track.

·        “Jimin, you have to talk to me about this. We’ve gotta work this out.”

·        He didn’t want to hear it.

·        He didn’t want to admit that he was so freaking jealous of Jungkook’s relationship with you that it actually made him angry.

·        He kept telling himself that it was wrong – Jungkook was his friend and you, his girlfriend.

·        There was no way either of you would do anything to hurt him.

·        But still, he was worried because he knew how great Jungkook is.

·        He looked at you, staring at him intently, and softened a little.

·        He really did love you more than anything in the world and he didn’t want to lose you over his own strange sense of what was going on between you and Jungkook.

·        “Fine. I’m nervous. I’m afraid that you’re going to realize how great he is and walk away from me.”

·        He looked down sadly.

·        “I mean, I’d let you go if that’s what you wanted… I just want everyone to be happy, but I wanna be happy, too.”

·        You reached across the table and grabbed his hand, giving it a light squeeze.

·        “Are you happy with me, Jimin?”

·        He nodded, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

·        You kissed his hand.

·        “I’m happy with you, too. Don’t worry yourself about Jungkook. Jungkook is my dearest, dearest friend, but that’s all he is. If I didn’t want you anymore, I would’ve been gone a long time ago.”

·        Jimin gave you a look.

·        “Are you sure?”

·        You nodded, smiling at him.

·        “I’m positive. I’m with you through thick and thin. I love you, Jimin.”

·        It was Jimin’s turn to kiss your hand.

·        He pressed his lips against your fingers, then brushed his cheek against your hand.

·        That was all he wanted to hear.


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

·        He can’t understand why he’s acting this way.

·        He finally manages to charm a girl enough to make her his girlfriend.

·        And instead, he spends most of his time nervously awaiting the day that she says it’s over.

·        Jungkook was crazy about you and that made him feel crazy.

·        He had spent so much of his time avoiding girls that now that he was with you, he didn’t know how to handle it.

·        To top it all off, he was dealing with serious history between you and Taehyung.

·        Like the fact that you had known each other your whole lives.

·        And the fact that one time, long ago, you and Taehyung both had crushes on one another.

·        It was a little fact that you both let slip one night while hanging out and drinking.

·        It was a little fact that Jungkook had a difficult time forgetting.

·        One that literally kept him awake at night.

·        But you figured it was no big deal.

·        Taehyung had since moved on and been with other girls.

·        And you were so happy and in love with Jungkook that the childhood feelings you’d had for Taehyung was just another story to tell over drinks at a bar.

·        Jungkook was fighting with history and it was a fight he truly believed he was destined to lose.

·        So, Jungkook did was he did best.

·        He closed himself off.

·        He went from being sweet and loving towards you to being cold and callous within just a few days after the alleged night at the bar.

·        It started to drive you crazy.

·        Every time you tried to kiss him, he seemed to lock himself up and shut down any part of his brain that showed you affection.

·        He stopped inviting you over to spend time with him.

·        You were starting to feel like you were losing him and you couldn’t stand it.

·        After a few days of little to no contact, you had to ask him for the truth so you text him.

·        “Jungkook, I need to know. Are we over?”

·        No answer for a while.

·        Maybe he’s busy, you thought to yourself.

·        You figured you’d write him a long text that he could read when he got the opportunity.

·        “I just wanted to know what was going on. You’ve been distant. You haven’t called or really even text me. I’m starting to think that you don’t like me anymore, which is sad because I was starting to fall in love with you, but if you aren’t interested in me anymore, I understand and respect your decision. I hope we can still be friends because I still really like you and I like spending time with you. Let me know.”

·        You went to hit send, but the text wouldn’t go through.

·        Cursing at your phone, you started twisting and turning, trying to get good reception to send the text.

·        Suddenly, your phone started ringing.

·        It was Taehyung.

·        You answered, but put it on speaker so you could continue trying to get signal to send the text.

·        “Hey! What are you up to today?”

·        You groaned as the text still said, ‘Sending Failed.’

·        “If you must know, Taehyung, I’m trying to get in touch with Jungkook. I want to know what’s going on between us.”

·        Tae’s voice perked up.

·        “Oh! He’s right here if you want to talk to him!”

·        He turned to Jungkook, who was playing a video game on his phone and pushed his phone towards him, but Jungkook just shook his head.

·        Over the phone, you could hear Jungkook saying no to Taehyung.

·        “Tae, put me on speakerphone. He needs to hear what I have to say.”

·        Taehyung looked at Jungkook who was still engrossed in his game before hitting the speaker button.

·        “OK. You’re on.”

·        You started to repeat your text to Jungkook over the phone.

·        “I just want to know what’s going on with us. You haven’t called or text me in days. I can’t even get you to talk to me over Taehyung’s phone and I feel like I deserve to know what’s going on.”

·        Jungkook sighed heavily, pausing his game to get up and leave the room when Taehyung snapped his fingers violently.

·        “Sit here and listen to what she has to say.”

·        Normally, Jungkook would just ignore what Taehyung was saying to him, but when he saw his face, he knew that Taehyung was serious about this.

·        He sat back down and placed his phone on the table to show he was listening to you.

·        “Anyways, I really hope that your distance from me isn’t because you’re no longer interested because… well, I was starting to fall in love with you.”

·        Taehyung and Jungkook’s eyes both widened as they looked at each other.

·        No one, aside from friends, family, and fangirls had ever told Jungkook they were in love with him.

·        It was something beyond his imagination.

·        Without thinking, he ripped the phone out of Taehyung’s hand and took it off of speaker.

·        “Did you just say you’re falling in love with me?”

·        You sat up, warmth pooling in your belly at the sound of his voice.

·        “Well, I mean, yes. I am, but if you’re not interested in me anymore, then I respect your decision and I wish you the best in life.”

·        Jungkook practically shouted into the phone.

·        “No! Sorry. I am… Still interested in you.”

·        You were surprised by that answer.

·        “Really? So, how come you’ve been so distant lately?”

·        Jungkook’s face turned red and he tried to avoid looking in Taehyung’s direction.

·        “Well, umm… It was because I thought that you and Taehyung still liked each other.”

·        Both you and Taehyung let out a groan simultaneously and Taehyung exclaimed.

·        “Come on, dude! Would I really do that to you?!

·        Jungkook shook his head sheepishly.

·        You jumped in on the conversation.

·        “Jungkook, what happened between Taehyung and I happened so long ago and it’s no longer important. Yes, he’s my best friend, but that’s all he is now. I care for you too much to ever do something that vile and disgusting to you.”

·        Jungkook sighed.

·        He could feel his insecurity and doubt melting away.

·        “It feels so good to know that for sure now.”

·        You chuckled.

·        “I know I’m your first… everything, but you can’t do that every time you have a concern, Jungkook. You can’t shut down and run away from me. Otherwise, we’ll never fix anything and just end up losing each other. And I don’t want to lose you.”

·        Jungkook smiled.

·        “I don’t want to lose you either.”

·        You smiled to yourself.

·        “Why don’t you come over and hang out if you’re not busy? I’d love to see you.”

·        Jungkook nodded in agreement.

·        “I’d love to see you, too. I’ll be there soon.”

·        He will never doubt either of you again.

Love Unintentional (Part 2)

Word Count: 2842

A/M: So this is Part Two of my story *Love Unintentional (Part 1). The first one went extremely well and I’m so happy for it, thank you! :) There will be more parts to this story, look for them the next coming fridays! I hope you like it! Tell me if you do! Xx

*Other Parts: Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

The driver pulled up to the curb on your side as a red carpet welcomed you to the premiere. Suddenly you felt butterflies in your stomach as you looked out the window to the crowd of people, fans and cameras. With the thoughts of your boyfriend and relationship in peril still in your mind, you began to feel sick. 


“Hey.” You heard Harry call your attention, “It’ll be okay. You’ll do fine." 

"But what if they ask a question that I don’t know how to answer? What if something slips and this huge lie is out there? If that happens we’re both screwed.” You frowned now feeling more anxious than ever.

He just simply smiled, “Just stay with me when doing interviews. I’ll handle it." 

"What are you going to say then?" 

"We’ll tell them the truth." You raised an eyebrow not understanding what the hell he meant by that. But he just shrugged it off, "If you’re ever feeing anxious or nervous, just come over to me. I’ve got you.” He assured which made you feel a lot better. 

He smiled, “Now stay right here. I’ll get the door for you.” It was then that you realized that he had held your hand the whole drive as he finally let it go. 

You felt yourself blush, until he finally showed up as he opened the door to your side and smiled, “It’s now or never love.” He said as he reached his hand out to you. 

You smiled and took it as you stepped out of the car with him arm in arm. 

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Distractions pt 9

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt. 9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2465

Originally posted by bwipsul

“Hyung?” Jimin whispered as he peeped his head from behind the bedroom door. It wasn’t surprising to see a blanket burrito stuffed with only the most premium of geniuses: Min Yoongi. All that was needed was a side of guac.

“Hyung, are you awake?” With every step Jimin took, the ground beneath him creaked just slightly. From within the encased ball of cloth annoyed groans could be heard,

“Does it look like I’m awake?” A small tuft of black fluffy hair and the tired, irritated face of its owner could be seen from a teensiest of holes that breached his fortress. 

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Queen of the Blacktop [I]

Park Chanyeol x OC

Words: 4083

Genre: Fluff, eventual smut

a/n- In honor of reaching 500 followers and it being PCY’s birthday month I decide to jump the gun and post my first EXO fic. Please go easy on me. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! Be sure to let me know your thoughts, sprinkles! xX

Dusk had already begun to break over Seoul, the street lights humming as they brought the city to life. Instead of the streets emptying, people began to fill the sidewalks even more. Crowds of night crawlers flitted about the train laughing and carrying on conversations fueled by hopes and bright expectations for what their evenings had in store for them. The dark haired girl in the back went unnoticed by most, her black hood pulled up and over her head to shield her from the hustle and bustle of the city waking up from its nocturnal slumber. Music filled her ears with a loud, angry tempo, baby metal getting her into the mindset needed for tonight’s festivities.

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