he danced for her

Date a girl who, okay, the other night, I mean like, last night, she had the most screwed up dream ever. Ever. I mean, it was like a freaking acid trip, not that she, uh, advocates, uh, drugs, because drugs are bad, and stuff. Anyway, her dream, her dream was like, she, um, she was in a warehouse, and there were all these guys in Santa suits sort of doing this big dance thing, and they couldnt see her, or something. I dont know. And then one of the Santa guys was like, a really fat guy, and he didnt, uh, didnt want to do the dance, and he, uh, was the only one who could see her, so he was like, Look! LOOK! but no one else could see her, so she started— he started chasing her, chasing her. And she was like, in a car, but he was faster than the car, and suddenly he jumped out in front of her, in front of the car, and he started screaming, only it was like a Bigfoot scream, and it sounded so creepy coming from a, uh, Santa guy.

In the dream she was like AHH!! and she hit the breaks, only the, uh, break pedal was broken, and it was actually a gas pedal, so she plowed over the Santa guy, and he went under the front tires, and then under the back tires, and then for some reason when he hit the back tires the front of the car flew up, and then she was suddenly in a flying car, only it was like a hovercraft.

And then there was this big part that she cant really remember, but she was in the hover craft thing and she was like, uh, looking around for this house, and when she finally got to the house, like, she— there was the button on the door and when she pressed the button, the door opened and a freaking scary old dead guy ch- uh, popped out of door, and he was on rockets.

And he grabbed her but she got loose, and then she ran in the house and hid in the bathroom, but there were these like, uh, TVs in the bathroom, and then something happened, she’s not sure what happened, but she was like at a bowling alley, and there was, all the the bowling balls were uh, uhh, dead president heads, and then she started shrinking, and then the Abraham Lincoln head tried to eat her, and then she woke up.

It was really scary, she’s so brave you should date her

Star of the Show - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “Could I please have an imagine about Jeff and maybe a couple friends come to a dance performance that I’m in!”

Flashing lights. Pumping music. Chaos backstage. Stressed out dancers running around for their quick changes and getting to the correct wings. This was something you’d been doing years, and were used to, however this time was different- because your recent boyfriend Jeff Atkins had come to watch. He’d brought a couple of friends; Hannah Baker, Clay Jensen, Zach Dempsey, and Montgomery de la Cruz, but it was him you were the most nervous for.

You hadn’t been dating long, and you were worried what he might think of your dancing, especially since you had a solo. However, Jeff coming to support you had warmed your heart. He was the sweetest boyfriend around and would do anything for you.

You stepped out on your cue, feeling the nerves boil up inside you. You started letting your body move you. You knew these steps off by heart, and let yourself be consumed by the emotion of the song and the story your contemporary dance was telling the audience.

Although the lights blocked your view of the audience, you could tell Jeff was there watching you with content and trying not to draw too much attention to himself.


Jeff’s POV

She looked amazing. The way her body moved was so fluid and elegant. Jeff admired his girlfriend and wondered how he’d gotten so lucky. She was everything he’d ever wanted - gorgeous, intelligent, compassionate, hilarious, and just all round perfect. He had his baseball, she had her dance. They loved to support each other, but this was the first chance he’d been given.

“THAT’S MY GIRL!” Jeff shouted up at the stage, before realising it was probably a mistake. He got a few dirty looks, but seeing the falter of a smile in your facial expression told him enough. He took note to never do t again, but he was glad he had.

The dance ended and Jeff realised now was the time.

“WOOOO! YOU’RE AMAZING BABY!” He called out to you, with a wolf whistle.


Your POV

The adrenaline was still pumping through you once the dance had finished, and Jeff’s supporting words made you grin, without being able to stop. You took a bow and slowly walked off stage.


All your things were now fit nicely in your bag, you double checked the area to be sure that you’d left nothing behind. There was a gentle knock at your door. You turned to reveal Jeff.

“Jeff!” You enthused. He grinned back at you.

“You. Were. Amazing.” His hands were behind his back. He brought them forward to reveal a bouquet of your favourite flowers.

“Oh my Jeff they’re gorgeous!” You were surprised but incredibly happy. You ran over and hugged him.

“You’re the amazing one.” You smiled Into his chest. He smelled faintly of coconut. You leaned your head back and brought it up to his, kissing him gently on the lips.

“We could argue all night about this.” He chuckled.

“I’d rather cuddle all night.” You smiled up at him. He had placed the flowers on the side so he could embrace you fully.

You were both shocked apart when the onslaught entered.

“Y/N! That was so good!” Hannah rushed up to hug you.

“Jeff took way too long to ask you out. You could so tell how long he’d been waiting to do that.” Clay laughed.

“How the fuck do you do that?” Monty added. Zach nodded in agreement.

“Pretty damn cool.”

“Thank you guys! You’re all so sweet.” You beamed at your friends.

“So who agrees we should take the star of the show out for dinner? On us.” Hannah asked. The group nodded in agreement.

“And then she’s coming back to mine to cuddle. None of you are allowed.” Jeff had a very serious look on his face. No one interrupted his cuddle time.

“Thank you guys that amazing but I can’t-”

“Yes you can.” Zach cut you off. “Come on. You can pick where we go.”

“I love you all so much.” You giggled. Surrounded by all your favourite people in the world who had come to support you, made you feel a little emotional. They all ‘awww'ed and jumped on you from all sides for a massive bear hug. This was the good stuff.

anonymous asked:

If the Yamagata,Tendou and Semi were to choose a dance to learn, what kind of dance would it be?

He’s always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance. It’s elegant of course, something to impress people with if the chance ever rose but it also looks pretty damn intense as well. As a kid, he used to watch the videos of his mum dancing (since she used to dance competitively) and he still wants to learn because of her.

Don’t laugh at him for this, but he would definitely pick up ballet again. As a kid (and still now) he was pretty flexible and could do all sorts of stuff so in ballet class, he was pretty much ahead of all the other kids. He quit because he thought it wasn’t really cool but looking back on it now, he wishes he continued because it could’ve helped him when it came to performing arts that he really enjoys now.

He’d definitely learn capoeira. Sure, it’s actually a martial art but he’s already good at dancing as it is so he’d rather learn this. He’s used to freestyling as it is and can just do a backflip without a hitch; it’d be easy for him to do it, or at least he says. The part that’s coolest about it to him is the absolute trust partners need when performing. Kicking your partner in the face would be ‘pretty bad’ but the whole thing in general looks fucking awesome.

Night Light (A Nessian Fic)

A scream. Cassian heard a scream. He couldn’t discern if where it came from but he just knew who it came from- Nesta.

Throwing aside the covers to his massive bed, Cassian raced down the hall until he found her. Her face was ashen and she had broken out in cold sweats while she grasped the sheets. And yet, she was utterly silent. Wasn’t she just screaming? Cassian thought.

Running a rough hand through his shoulder length hair, he blew a forced breath through his teeth. Moving to sit in the small chair in the corner of her room, he watched her. The way she trembled, the way her forehead creased. Was it so horrible to say she was beautiful? He knew she was having a nightmare and he also knew he should wake her up. But Cassian danced delicately around Nesta, ever since the war some dark place inside of her had snapped, and her spark had dulled. She wasn’t phased by his poking and prodding anymore, she just stared at him with that painstakingly beautiful face. He tried to search her eyes for some semblance of the woman he’d known before the war, but all he found was an empty shell.

Watching her now, he finally found the courage to rouse her from that nightmare she was living. He moved to her bedside when he heard that scream again. But the scream did not come from her mouth, no, that scream sounded deep within his mind. Mate, that scream seemed to say. Save me, it urged, twisting deeper into Cassian’s gut. 

Without a second thought, his hands were on Nesta’s shoulders, shaking her. “Nesta!” He yelled, the walls reverberating in his wake. She stilled, the nightmare loosening its death grip on her body. 

Kneeling, he came nose to nose with Nesta. Mate; that primal instinct resounding again. “Mate,” he said aloud, as if convincing himself of the new discovery. He decided he liked the taste of the word on his tongue, the way the puzzle pieces of his world seemed to finally click into place. 

“Mates?” A surprisingly meek voice questioned.

His cheeks instantly flared red, the temperature in her bedroom rising by the second. 

When Nesta didn’t receive and answer she tried the more assertive approach. “I asked you a question, Cassian.”

Clearing his throat rather loudly, he gestured to the bed in question to which she nodded tentatively. Sitting down he said, “I thought you were still asleep. You were having a nightmare.”

“I was,” she said without her normal conviction, instead she sounded hollow, pained. His heart broke in two when she turned to him. “I was reliving the moment Hybern broke your wings- broke you.” Her lip quivering, she reached for his hand.

“I’m lost Cassian.”

A single tear fell onto her beautiful cheek, and he followed the wet trail it left on her skin with his eyes. Daring to wipe it away, he found she did not back away from his touch that was thrumming with electricity. 

Looking at her from under his lashes he said, “I’ll make you a deal Nesta Archeron, if you would allow me to, I will be your night light.” She did not need to ask what that meant.

Lacing her fingers through his, she said with new found confidence, “Deal.”

Colour me your colour, Darling

Margot groaned, rolling over on her mattress and burying her head further into her pillows. It had been harder and harder to fall asleep lately, her oversized bed suddenly lacking without Danny.

She tried to play it off at first, choosing to believe it was just the feeling of a warm body in the bed with her that she missed. She’d never been a cuddler, never needed to sleep in someone else’s arms but even she could admit how lonely sleeping alone sometimes was. Eventually though, after she and Ben disappeared on that plane, and she’d spent a few nights in the arms of strangers, she’d come to the realisation that it wasn’t just a warm body she was missing, but rather his.

She missed the way he would hold her back to his chest, while his fingers danced down her bare arms. The way he whispered dirtily into her ear about all of the things he loved about her body, pausing now and then to press hot kisses to her neck. She even misses the way his prominent hipbones poke at her lower back.

Margot let out a huff and rolled over looking at her alarm clock. 4am. She sighed in frustration, this was really getting ridiculous.

Being in an undisclosed location certainly put a damper on the physical aspect of their affair. She’d known this would happen – it’s not as if she had actually expected him to fly away with her, but she’d honestly never expected to need him this much.

Margot Bishop had never expected that their late night /early morning phone calls and dirty texts would mean this much to her.

Margot let out another sigh and reached over to her nightstand, snatching up her mobile. Pressing back into her pillows, hair fanning out around her head, she squinted at the bright screen, mentally counting backward to his Timezone. 7pm. He may be home.

I can’t sleep.

She typed out, sending the text and laying the phone down on her chest, silently awaiting the reply.

Hoping, desperately, it wouldn’t take too long. As always, Danny doesn’t let her down.

Need a bedtime story?

A grin spread across her face at the cheeky reply. She doesn’t stop to ponder how her heart bounced at his reply or at how easily he lightens her mood.

If you’re not too busy…

A minute later and her phone buzzed, she didn’t even attempt to hide the smile in her voice.

“Hello, Darling.” She greeted quietly.

“I’m never too busy,” he replied almost immediately. Danny’s voice is husky and has her shifting.

“What are you doing?” Margot queried, shifting further down in her sheets.

“Just got home.” He whined and she can hear the drone of the news on in the background.

“Alice working you hard?” Margot asked naughtily not bothering to hide the innuendo.

“Not as hard as you.” Danny shot back and Margot laughed loudly and carelessly.

“I would hope not.” She purred back.

“What are you doing?” He questioned his voice low and dark and really she can’t be blamed for the shivers that run across her body at the sound. Oh, she’s missed him.

Margot bit the inside of her cheek through a smile.

“Lying in bed,” She responded quietly, staring down at silky negligee. How is it her nipples are hard already, he hasn’t even said anything truly seductive yet.

“S’that all?” He asked huskily, and Margot hears the muffled sounds around him cease and Danny shift about. She squirmed at the thought of him getting comfortable and the consequences that always follow.

“Is there something else I should be doing?” Margot feigned innocence.

“Mm, I could think of a few things,” Danny shot back suggestively. “What are you wearing?” Margot lets out a loud laugh at that.

“Are you seriously asking me that?”

“Come on, play along,” Danny chuckled along with her. She’s really about to do this, isn’t she?

“Fine,” she huffed. “What do you want me to be wearing?” Her hand not holding the phone to her ear, grasped the hem of her night gown and pulled it up and over her hips; already knowing what his answer would be.

“Nothing.” Danny responded firmly.

“What a coincidence.” She whispered back, her free hand running along her slim stomach.

“Argh” He groaned roughly, the sound of it causing her fingers to dig into her skin.

“Yes,” she purred, bunching the silk in her fist and pushing it up further, leaving her breasts exposed to the cool early morning air.

She can hear Danny moving on the other end of the line and knows he’s busy ridding himself of his clothes too. Margot began breathing a little heavier, the anticipation fuelling her lust.

“I can see it,” He murmured provocatively. “I can see you laid out for me – desperate, you are desperate aren’t you, Margot?” He asked in a low tone.

“Danny,” Margot whined her free hand tracing the side of her breast. His voice was having a profound effect on her. She brushed her thumb across her nipple, back arching as a low moan leaves her mouth.

“Play with your nipple.” Danny demands. “Imagine that’s my hand; those are my fingers pinching you; hard enough to hurt. I know that’s how you like it. Let me hear you, Margot,” He commanded, his voice delicious in her ear. Doing his bidding, she wonders if he’s got a hand wrapped around his erection like she thinks he does. The thought is intoxicating and Margot shut her eyes, envisioning him with his knees bent, feet on his bed as his hand pumping his cock slowly.

“Ugh,” She groaned softly in response to his words and her imagination. It is terribly difficult to keep her voice down so she doesn’t wake her daughter, their apartment was by no means small, but the walls were thin and they keep her from loudly conveying how much she’s enjoying this little game.

“That’s it, Margot, now lick your fingertips for me.”

“I want you, so bloody badly,” She moaned honestly before complying, slipping her thumb and forefinger into her slick mouth and swirling her tongue around them before placing them back on her nipple.

Margot gasped as the cool air touches the wet peak, arching it into her fingers.

Danny’s breath is ragged in her ear as he listens to her tease herself. He is working himself over, she knows, listening to the way his breath hitches every so often.

“Are you…” she paused, panting heavily when she tugs at her nipple harshly. She doesn’t have to finish her question, because he speaks again.

“I’m running my hand down your stomach, dipping my thumb into your bellybutton just once,” Danny tells her lowly, and her own hand follows his words to the letter. Her thumb drops into her bellybutton, and her fingers brushing over her pelvis intoxicatingly. Margot squeezed the phone in her hand tightly, licking her lips repeatedly as they dry out from the continuous pants leaving her mouth. “I move lower, you arch, you’re begging me to touch you, aren’t you?  To feel you?”

“Yes!” She gasped.

“My hand sneaks lower, teasing your clit.” Danny continued gruffly.

She slipped her hand lower, dancing it over soft skin and quietly cursing him for knowing her so well; for knowing exactly how to get her going.

Margot whimpered, her eyes screwed shut as her hips arch up and her finger brushes more firmly against her clit.

“How wet are you?” He asked, his words are strangled, the question sending a jolt of pleasure straight to her abdomen. Margot bites down on her lip, hard.

“So wet,” She replied breathily as her fingers slide down her slit, toying with her entrance.

“Tell me.” Danny said simply and Margot groaned.

“Mmn, warm, slick. It aches. I ache, Danny, so much,” Margot moaned, pressing her fingers harder against her drenched clit. “I want-“ She began cutting off abruptly as a moan escapes her again.

“What do you want, Margot? Come on, tell me what you want,” He begged and she could have rolled her eyes at the cliché, had she not already been so desperate for release. Of course he wouldn’t let her get away with getting off so easily.

“I want to come,” She replied, knowing he liked to hear her say it, to ask for it, to ask him for it. , She gasped, gnawing at her lower lip. “I want your fingers inside me. God, I want to kiss you, Danny.”

His answering groan drives her crazy, and her phone nearly drops from her hand as her body jerks in response to her slipping two of her fingers deep inside her.

“Me too,” Danny managed between pants, sounding strained. She licked her lips again, fingers beginning a slow pace, thrusting in and out of her body. “You’re inside, aren’t you? And you’re so tight. I love that feeling, the way you quiver, when my fingers curl inside you. Tell me, Margot, tell me what you’re feeling.”

Margot is forced to take a moment to catch her breath at that. Shifting she adjusted the phone between her shoulder and cheek, laying her head against the pillow, so it doesn’t move. She took her recently freed hand and moved it down, gently massaging her clit,  all the while still thrusting her fingers in and out of her body leisurely.

“I’m feeling you,” She purred, back arching off the mattress as she brought her feet up to rest flat on the bed, her legs opening wider. “The way you touch me slowly at first, just to get me angry with you, Oh, I get so angry, don’t I? I beg you, I know how much you love to hear me beg, Daniel, uhnn…”

“Faster, Margot,” He commanded unevenly through the phone, his breath harsher than before. “I’m close and I can’t…”

Margot shifted her hips up, angling herself for better access. She pulled her fingers out almost all the way before slamming them back inside. The motion causes her to jerk, her digits pressing harder and harder against her clit. She cried out his name, probably too loudly, and the phone slips from its perch down to rest against her chest. Margot barely notices, adding a third finger as her rhythm is lost. She’s so close now, and if she listened hard enough, she can hear Danny’s unsteady grunts coming from her mobile.

Head tilted all the way back against the pillows, her eyes shot open as a long moan escapes her. Margot clenched around her fingers uncontrollably, her hips stuttering from the bed as her fingers work her clit over once and then twice more. She gasped collapsing to the bed, she breathes deeply trying to control her body. Gulping for air she wipes her hand on her bed sheets and reaches for her cell. Smiling widely Margot places the device back to her ear. He’s breathing slower now, though still quite loudly.

“Danny?” She questioned quietly, rolling over onto her side to alleviate some of the heat that had accumulated around her body. The cool air washes over her damp skin and she shoves her negligee back down, burying her face in her pillow.

“Mmmhm,” He answered with a groan, sounding just as sated as she feels.

“I miss you.” She said honestly, her eyes drooping as she snuggles into her ever so slightly damp sheets.

“I miss you too, Margot.” Danny replied with a grin. “Same time tomorrow?” Margot laughed at that.

“Always Daniel, always.”

Dyl working as sound tech for a musical you're in

He sat up in his sound tech booth,ready for the show. The entire school was watching, but still none of them appreciated her like Dylan did. Everything about her just drew him into a trance. He was so happy to be working as sound tech because he got to watch her. No, she didn’t know how he felt, but maybe that’s for the best.
The musical started off with a basic background music track. The actors and actresses said they’re parts and he made sure the music wasn’t so loud you couldn’t hear them. Next, was a song. (y/n) was the one singing it. She had such a beautiful voice that he could get lost in for hours. With the right timing, he pushed a button to start the music for her song. He watched sad she pranced and danced on the stage while singing with such confidence.
Once her song ended, he had to bring back in the basic background music track. He sat in his chair and watched her, even when she didn’t have a talking or singing part. He stared at her and began to get lost in a trance. He pictured her, watching movies with him. He pictured her, sitting outside and looking at the stars with him. He pictured her, in his room, taking her shirt off.
He instant broke out of his fantasy when he realized he was late with starting a song. He panicked and pressed the button. She began to sing again. He looked closely at her lips. What would it be like kissing her? Would she be soft? Rough? Passionate? His mind began to wander again. (Y/n) shirtless. Would she want to dominate? Would she let him touch her feet?
He made sure to cut the music off at the right time. The play continued and then came to an end. Everyone bowed and the crowed cheered. After everyone made it out the doors, Dylan decided to stay to help clean. He makes it back stage and there she was. She had changed out of her costume and into some jeans and a 9 inch nails T. “Hey, don’t you work with the sound?” She asked. He began to panic. Was she mad about him messing up? “Uh… y-Yeah.” He stutters. “Nice job! I’m sure it’s complicated.” She says. “Not really.” He says with a smile, snapping nervously.
She walked off and out of the stage room. He began to smile as his mind filled with her.


Debbie Reynolds tells the story about how Fred Astaire encouraged her to keep working hard on the dance routines for Singin’ in the Rain. (x)

He scanned through the crowd with intense eyes and finally, he spotted the black haired girl at a table in the corner of the bar. Immediately, he pushed his way through the dancing crowd.

He gave her a soft pat on the shoulder, calling out to her. Slowly, she turned to him and smiled sheepishly at him. 

“You’re finally here…” her voice shook a little, “…let’s have a drink!”

“No, you drank enough,” he took the empty shot glass from her hand, grabbed her arm and started pulling her up from her seat, “so let’s get you back home now. ”

She shook her head and whined in a slurred voice. She tried to push him away but she was far too drunk. Sighing, he slung her arm over his shoulder, wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her out of the bar, all the way to his car.

He opened his car door and helped her into the front seat. He took a look at her sleeping face for a moment before leaning in to fasten her seatbelt, his fingers accidentally brushed against her side.

Her brows twitched at his touch and her lids drifted open to half-mast. She fixed her gaze on his face. The face she would find in crowds. The face she could not go on a day without thinking of. The face she could not possibly forget. Unconsciously, she gripped his shoulder and opened her mouth,

“…I love you.”

It was a mere whisper, but it was audible enough for him to hear and to freeze in place. He turned to meet and hold her gaze.

“You’re drunk.”

She tightened her grip on his shoulder and pulled him closer to her,

“And that’s exactly why I have the courage to tell you that I love you,” she said, giggling between hiccups,

“And my feelings will remain unchanged when dawn breaks,“ her voice noticeably changed, growing quieter, more serious as she spoke before she gave in to sleep’s powerful pull,

“I love you all the same, whether I am drunk or sober.”

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #142 // Gently, he caressed her head with a smile, and leaned in to lay a soft kiss on her forehead.
“I love you too.”

okay but guys imagine yousef, who got all flustered when sana caught him dancing on saturday, the last time he saw her, who genuinely like and respect this wonderful girl, who has for a while now, sitting behind his computer, taking a deep breath, and finally deciding to send her a friend request

A Personal Connection

Author: @sebastianstandoffish

Pairing: Reader (She/Her) x Bucky Barnes

Summary: Bucky may or may not have a crush on Steve’s PA.

Word Count: 5,551

Category: Fluff/Very light smut

Warnings: Cursing (per usual), some smutty stuff but not all that explicit, etc.

A/N: A whole month! Time really flies. This was going to include more explicit smut scenes in it, but, after some deliberation, I’ve decided to put that into a separate work. It’ll be a continuation of this with actual smut in it. Hopefully the separation doesn’t disrupt too much and also allows readers that a) don’t enjoy reading explicit smut and b) don’t connect with an explicitly biologically female reader can still enjoy the story. Thank you for reading and understanding!

She had started out as a way to appease Tony, who had insisted that Steve needed a personal assistant. Stark blathered on and on about how much his life had changed after getting a PA and how maybe a little help with coordinating and the day to day tasks would “remove the stick from that star-spangled ass.”  

So, Steve had caved and asked Pepper to set up a couple of interviews with people interested in the job. After a parade of ecstatic fans and sexual propositions, he was just about ready to give up.

Instead, at the end of a very long day of being ogled and fawned over, (Y/N) had appeared with a rose-scented resume and two popsicles she’d bought from the street-vendor outside the Tower. Her smile was sweet and her eyes kind, a little wide at the opulence of the Stark equipment, but not predatory like the previous applicants.

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Reasons Why Beauty and the Beast was Amazing


•Prince Adam’s makeup tho

•in the prologue, Prince Adam is dancing with every woman in the room, but at the end of the movie he is only dancing with Belle and can’t even take his eyes off her

•"A certain je ne sais quoi" “I don’t know what that means” Gaston, you’re French!

•The Bimbettes

•"It’s never gonna happen ladies"

•Belle invents the washing machine

•Maurice freaking out over Chip

•Plumette and Lumiere’s love for each other

•Belle doesn’t even get to eat any of the food

•When she goes in the West Wing and looks at the painting, the Beast has clawed over his father’s and his own face, but left his mother’s in tact *my heart*

•The entire Gaston song


•"it’s just occurring to me that I’m illiterate, and never actually spelled it out loud beforeeeee"

•"I had an expensive education”

•"Romeo and Juliet is my favorite play" *DRAMATIC EYE ROLL AND SCOFFS*

•"Go back to the war. The guns, explosions. The widows!“

•The Beast just pelting a massive snowball at Belle’s face

•"You’re village sounds awful”

•The yellow dress

•"Can someone be happy when they aren’t truly free"


•"There’s a beast running wild there’s no question. But I fear the wrong monster’s released"

•"Mr. Potts" omg

•Mrs Potts totally supports LaFou and his conflicting thoughts on Gaston’s behavior

•Belle came back for the Beast!!!!

•Agatha was the Enchantress what?!

•The entire transformation!

•Belle looks into the Prince’s eyes and still sees him and just kNOWS

•Lumiere and Plumette reuniting

•"Turn back into a clock"

•LaFou and Stanley dance together at the end and my little gay shipper heart jumps for joy

•the growl™

I’ve just realized why I loved the scene where Yousef is dancing and Sana is watching him. I’m used to boys being cocky. My subconscious was waiting for Yousef to make fun of Sana for watching him, to make her look and feel like a “stupid little girl with a crush on him”. But he didn’t. He was embarrassed and he didn’t hide it. He excused himself for having the music too loud and for dancing at her house, he didn’t put all the blame on her for being the one watching him. I really like this boy (and I really, really like him with Sana).


Much Ado About Nothing - Dance of the Tennant Edition

“Shall We Dance” - Digital Oil Painting

I love the way this one turned out, all the little details like the hair and the lace and the fabric folds! I also love that you can interpret this as different BP and DT characters. She could be Lily, but she could also be Rose, all pink and yellow, after convincing the Doctor to actually stay for the party in their honor and their hosts provided them with appropriate clothing. She just caught him looking at her cleavage during their dance and he’s fumbling for an excuse or apology, he’s not sure which, while continuing to look-notlook. Hehe! Feel free to use as inspiration for fic, if you want!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving for a wheelchair lift and new battery.

Thinking about the fact that we typecast Jughead as the reluctant to go to school functions kinda guy but then thinking about how excited he was to be invited to a dinner at his girlfriends house with their parents just shows how secretly desperate he is for normal high school experiences, he wanted to take his girlfriend to homecoming and slow dance with her and, hell, watch her cheer and go to pep rallies and write on the school paper - this guy got a ladder and climbed up to Betty’s bedroom window like some damn movie hero and it keeps getting snatched away from him and I’m not crying you are

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Here are my Belle/Adam NSFW headcanons that literally no one asked for

Because we all know the only road I walk is the one of Sin™

• Belle may have laughed when Adam growled during their dance, but inside a shot of arousal surged through her body that left a heavy and needy ache between her legs. The ache only worsened when Adam brushed his lips against the shell of her ear after their dance ended, his warm sweet breath ghosting across her neck as he whispered, “now, would you prefer scruff or something longer?”

• Turns out Belle prefers scruff, and the way it scratches against the soft skin of her inner thighs while Adam goes down on her. She also relishes the way it burns when her thighs rub together as she walks, a gentle smile quirking her lips up in a quiet, indecent secrecy. And Adam knows that smile, adores that smile, returning it with a wink and– if Belle is close enough– a low, suggestive rumble in his throat that awakens a beautiful shade of pink on her cheeks.

• Until their wedding night, their sexual endeavors never exceeded third base. So when the time comes and Adam can finally HAVE Belle, he makes the sweetest, most passionate love to her; all languid thrusts, soft whispers, deep breathing, quivering lips, and trembling limbs.

• The second time Adam takes Belle that night results in torn pillows, dark purple bruises, and indentations in the wall from its repetitive collision with the headboard.

• And speaking of the headboard, there were definitely deep scratch marks engrained in the wood from their ardent lovemaking. When Belle notices them the morning after, she never lets Adam live it down, and later that week she has to bite her lip to keep from laughing when Adam sheepishly informs the staff that the headboard needs to be replaced.

• Teasing aside, Belle loves Adam’s animalistic nature in bed more than she’d like to admit. She revels in the feel of his teeth teasing and nibbling when he trails his mouth along her collarbone, marking her– claiming her– with deep red love bites. She adores the way he buries his face in her neck when he fucks her, the way his hot breath dampens the skin of her throat with his labored breathing. She takes delight in his wild eyes, with blown pupils and filled with something so unabashed, raking over her body and glimmering with indecency. But nothing gets to her more than those low, guttural sounds Adam makes when he’s aroused, almost always involuntary and instinctive, like when Belle bites his lip or when her tongue laps over the smooth head of his cock. Her absolute favorite is when he growls deep in his throat while he’s eating her out, the sound rippling up from her center and hardening her nipples, arching her back, and making her head thrash against the pillow.

• Adam likes to play a game where he mouths at Belle’s neck, dances his fingers softly over her wrists, and murmurs suggestive words in her ear to see how long it takes for him to get her turned on enough to abandon whatever book she’s reading and give in to his sexual efforts. One time he got so far as to literally being inside of her until her book finally fell to the floor and she let Adam take her on the library table.

• They literally have sex all over the castle, and as much as the staff wants to complain, they can’t bring themselves to since they know Adam was basically celibate for over a decade. A lot of pent up desire, y'know? So nothing can really stop him when he bends Belle over the dinner table after watching her lick sauce off her finger, his owns fingers cushioned between her soft lips as he takes her so hard that dishes clatter to the floor.

• Also, he literally died for a brief moment in time. So who can blame the man for completely ravishing his wife at every moment he can when he thought he lost her forever?

• A concept: THRONE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!

• Belle straddling Adam in his royal chair and riding him into oblivion, their sounds of pleasure echoing off the walls of the large room. Bonus points if Adam is wearing some sort of coronet.