he danced for her

Dumb Shit Said At My First Football Game Starters
  • "I'm a rainbow on the inside."
  • "What is this alien ritual shit?"
  • "All I see is butts."
  • "I have an EXTREME thirst, I'm sorry!"
  • "I salute this lemonade."
  • "I came from the flour war unscathed!"
  • "How does his/her leg go that high?"
  • "He/She can dance but yet he/she can't talk."
  • "Is that guy dead?"
  • "Download a magic eight ball to see if he's dead."
  • "I'm like 80% sure he's dead, honestly."
  • "Dark clouds. It's an omen!"
  • "That guy is absolutely dead."
  • "This is my foost game. ...Did I just say foost? I meant first."
  • "Big butts are winning!"
  • "I understand you're an eternal flame but please tone it down."
  • "Why are they screaming? Like ACTUALLY screaming?"
  • "That's my aesthetic."
  • "Cheers for the dead guy."
  • "Somebody popped their dildos."
  • "Dildi. Plural for dildo."
  • "Nice gold shoes, asshole!"

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clintasha and "may I have this dance?"

this one was requested twice so this is for you and my anonymous friend sorry it’s so short

The reception is held in Stark Tower; far too elaborate for Clint’s liking but it’s perfect for Tony and Pepper. Besides, he’s never been one to turn down an open bar. He spends a quarter of an hour making his rounds, greeting friends of friends, shaking hands, and congratulating the happy couple before he withdraws, eyes scanning the crowded floor in search of Natasha.

He spots a flash of vibrant red to his left and as if on cue, the music slows. She looks up as if she can feel the intensity of his gaze, and seems to glide across the floor towards him. Clint can’t take his eyes off of her.

He extends a hand as she nears him, his voice low as he asks her, “May I have this dance?”

A small smile dances across her lips as she nods, letting him pull her closer as she places a hand on his chest. It’s not so much dancing as it is swaying to the music, but neither of them minds. Clint lets his eyes drift shut, focusing on the feeling of Natasha in his arms.

“Enjoying yourself?” He opens his eyes to see her staring up at him, amused.

“Yeah,” he says softly, leaning in so that his breath ghosts across her face. “That a problem?”

“No,” she says quietly, resting her head against his chest so that the steady rhythm of his heart beats through her, connecting them. “It’s not.” A beat, and then, “I forget sometimes that people are allowed to have this.”

“Have what?”

“Happiness,” she decides, after a moment’s thought.

He tightens his arms around her. “You’re allowed to be happy too, Natasha.”

She shakes her head sadly, looking up at him. “Not like them.”

“Would you marry me? If I asked?”

Natasha’s eyes widen as she considers his proposal before nodding once, briefly. “If you asked.”

He doesn’t ask.


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❃ = dancing with them .

 ░  Meme

            Naruto was happy when Sakura asked him to dance with her–and to a slow song–but he couldn’t help but feel a bit saddened that she probably only asked him because Sasuke was no where to be found. Pushing that thought aside, he stood up, taking her hand into his. 

           “Yeah, I’d love to dance with you, Sakura-chan.”

            He then proceeded to lead her on to the dance floor, taking her into his arms. It seemed awkward at first and the space between the two was apparent–her disinterest was apparent. 

           Naruto’s jaw clenched tightly, as he pulled her further into his form. Cerulean eyes piercing deeply into hers. 

           “I’m sorry that Sasuke isn’t here right now–hell..–I’m even disappointed that he couldn’t come but for now…–just think of me, okay?” 


CS AU: Killian longed to know what it would feel like to be a prince for an evening so he made a deal with the Dark One and was invited to Princess Emma’s birthday ball. He ended up dancing with her all evening until the clock struck twelve. He thought the Princess would be horrified to realise she had been dancing with none other than, Captain Hook, but he was mistaken. She followed him back to his ship…

Suprise potentialheartofdarkness I was your Secret Swan!! It was so hard trying to hide my identity from you. I really hope you like this and I am sorry it is so late <3

Just Breathe

Regulus started organizing his room. He always straightened things that might not have necessarily needed straightening when he was irritated. He’d gone to talk to her. He hadn’t seen her since he’d dropped her off after the dance but he thought they should talk. The last thing he wanted was to see her crying for the rest of their lives and know he could do something to put her mind at ease. But of course when he went to go talk to her she was with none other than his brother.

He’d always wondered about them. Sirius talked about her all the time and was always around her. And she seemed just as affectionate about him. It seemed either a matter of time before one of them would figure out that they were in love with each other or she would find a better way to break away and run off with him.

Still, it stung a bit to hear that’s where his future wife slept every night.

He was in the middle of organizing his suits when he heard someone walk in behind him.

I am so passionate over riarkle I feel like this ship would actually be the death of me because I love everything about it it’s so subtle so I don’t pay much attention to it but when I do it’s like wow it’s not being shoved in my face like all the other ships in the show and instead it’s probably the most naturally progressed ship of all because you slowly see farkle becoming more than just comic relief that’s infatuated with these two girls and more of a friend and a boy who’s having this identity crisis but still manages to be one of the greatest friends there are and I just love all the small moments that we just don’t really pay attention to I LOVE how riley wore his orange turtleneck, his favorite one and I LOVE how he understood her when she was morotia and I LOVE how during the dance he tried to save her from the awkwardness that was charlie and lucas by asking her to dance and I LOVE how when riley and maya were fighting over him riley was proud to say they were and that she was confident she was going to win (and this is so important because riley is so goddamn insecure and to see her smirk at maya and with pride boldly tell her she was going to win, that she is going to have farkle in the end showed so much in her I loved it) and I just love how farkle was beside her when she was morotia like every step ?? and it’s so nice because you know that riley will be there every step for farkle because she was the first one there when he was getting bullied like she will always be the first one there she will get through things with him like they walk things out together and it’s so under appreciated I feel like and this friendship is so goddamn beautiful and hey if she ever does actually realize the whole “well shit I love him he’s my best friend….I can’t live without him” I can already imagine how he slowly gets over that ridiculous crush he’s had on her since the first grade and starts seeing another girl and how riley would react and say something like “I don’t think she’s right for you” and farkle will be like what are you talking about and riley will be like shit bc she realized like just how significant farkle is in her life and how she might actually like him like that and all that good stuff idk it’s just… they’ve developed so much already and I love how they did it under everyone’s noses and it’s so beautiful they are so beautifully real they would be an amazing and natural and a great way of showing how friendship can really turn into something more and I love it I love them

Should Have Been You // Liam Dunbar Imagine

Request: Can you make a Liam imagine where you and the pack go to a school dance and Liam goes with Hayden but he regrets going with her and wants to be with you ? 💜 

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Warnings: N/A

Short but sweet


“Lydia,” (Y/N) groans as they pull into Scott’s driveway, “can you please take me home?”

“No. We’re already here. You’re worrying about nothing. It’s just the spring formal, not prom. I don’t have a date either.” Lydia shrugs.

“Yeah but it’s different for me. You’re Lydia Martin. When people see you don’t have a date, they’ll think it’s cool you wanted to come by yourself. When they see me alone, they’ll think I’m a loser who can’t get a date. Which is true actually.”

“Oh shut up. You did get asked.”

“Yeah but both of guys only asked so I could come over after and they could get into my pants.” She rolls her eyes.

“And every other guy in your grade wanted to ask you but didn’t have the guts. Alright listen, (Y/N). You’re gorgeous. You’re funny. You’re smart. You’re the full package. It’s so many guys’ loss that they’re not taking you to this dance tonight,” she pauses, “…especially Liam’s because he’ll be forced to look at how amazing you look in that dress. Don’t let it get you down the whole night. Promise me you’ll try to have fun?” Lydia says. (Y/N) takes a deep breath and nods with a smile.

“Ok yeah. We’ll have fun. Thanks, Lyd.” The two best friends hug each other before getting out of the car. Lydia rings the doorbell and they are quickly greeted with a happy Scott.

“Lydia! (Y/N)! You girls look nice. Come in. We’re just taking a few more pictures then we’re gonna go.”

 (Y/N) and Lydia follow Scott to his living room where everyone else is. They’re greeted by Malia and Kira who look beautiful and Stiles and Liam who look handsome. (Y/N) groans internally at how good Liam looks and does a good job trying not to stare. Liam, however, does not. When (Y/N) is busy talking to the rest of the girls, he can’t keep his eyes off her. Liam knows how beautiful (Y/N) is. It’s not something you can miss. But tonight, she looks breathtaking. Her hair is curled to perfection and it frames her face. Her eye makeup makes her eye color, that Liam loves, pop. Her lips look so soft from her lip gloss and don’t even get him started on how well her dress compliments her amazing figure.

“Dude,” Scott grins knowingly, “You’re staring.” Liam snaps out of it just in time as Hayden comes back from the bathroom. Ms. McCall makes everyone take more pictures and when she insist all the dates get pictures (Y/N)’s smile immediately falls but she quickly covers it with a fake one. She watches Liam and Hayden as he wraps his arm around her waist and they smile to the camera together. (Y/N) sadly looks down at the floor but then she feels someone squeeze her hand. She looks up to see Lydia giving her a small smile as to say “it’s okay.”

The pack gets to the school at the perfect time. Not too early so it’s dead but early enough that they’ll be able to dance and have fun for a while. They have to admit, even though they’re pulling up in Stiles’ jeep and Lydia’s car they all look really good together.

The dance is a lot more fun than (Y/N) thought it was going to be. Everyone is shocked to hear that they’re actually playing good music. The pack is in the center of the dance floor dancing to the music, joking around. They’re in a constant fit of laughter as they watch Stiles and Scott dance and try dance moves they know they can’t do.

Liam is constantly stealing glances at (Y/N). He smiles to himself when he sees her laughing, showing that beautiful smile of hers. She’s dancing with Malia and Liam didn’t even know she could move her body like that. Later, he sees (Y/N) drop some chips on the ground near the food table. He laughs as he watches her try to discreetly kick them under the table then looks up and around to see if anyone saw her. Things like this are why Liam likes (Y/N) so much. They’re similar and she’s one of the best people he’s ever met. It should have been her tonight, not Hayden.

Towards the end of the dance a slow song comes on. Scott grabs Kira, Stiles grabs Malia, and Liam grabs…Hayden. (Y/N) knew this was inevitable. Hayden is his date so he’s gonna dance with her. She puts on a fake smile and turns to Lydia.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”

“You ok?” Lydia as knowingly.

“Yeah! I just drank a lot of soda.” She laughs covering up her lie. She quickly walks out of the gym where the dance is, and down the empty hallway. She goes into the bathroom and when she looks in the mirror, she’s surprised everything still looks alright. Her makeup looks good, as her hair hasn’t fallen. That’s a first. After she figures the slow song is over, she exits the bathroom only to run into someone’s chest.

“I’m so sorr-oh Liam.”

“Sorry about that.” Liam says.

“Oh no it’s fine…” (Y/N) awkwardly looks down at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Um,” Liam scratches the back of his neck awkwardly, “I’ve been wanting to tell you something.” (Y/N) looks up and nods letting him know she’s listening. 

“I like you,” Liam blurts out. Before (Y/N) can respond, he keeps going, “It should have been you. I should have asked you. Well not just asked to be my date for tonight. I should have asked you out ages ago. I don’t know why I didn’t. I knew Hayden had feelings for me so I asked her because it was safe. I knew I wouldn’t get rejected. I guess I was just scared you wouldn’t feel the same way about me. Hell I’m still scared about that. But I’m telling you because I can’t not tell you. When you got to Scott’s house, I wanted to be the one who told you you look beautiful. I wanted to take pictures with you, not her. I wanted to walk into this dance with you, and show everyone that I’m the luckiest guy because I have you on my arm. When that slow song came on, I wanted to grab you. I wanted to dance with you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this earlier…” Liam turns to walk away and (Y/N) is still standing there shocked. He starts to walk back and she snaps out of it.

“I like you too.” she says. Liam turns around with a small smile on his face.

“You do?” He ask as his smile grows.

“Yeah,” (Y/N) nods, “It’s been a while now.” She laughs lighting up the conversation. Liam wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her in closer. He plays with one of her curls and looks into her eyes. Both of them wants to kiss the other so badly.

“But…this is still Hayden’s night. She’s a nice girl and you’re here with her. So you should finish the night with her, not me.”

Liam shakes his head, “You’re too nice for your own good sometimes, you know that? But it’s one of the things I love about you. Promise me this. Tomorrow, you’ll go on a date with me?” (Y/N) smiles.

“I promise.”

“So…then we can kiss?” He ask making her laugh.

She shrugs. “Guess it depends how well the date goes.” She winks and steps back from Liam, making her way back to the gym.

Liam smiles to himself once again. He can’t wait to make up for lost time with (Y/N).

“He shrank from hearing Margaret’s very name mentioned; he, while he blamed her - while he as jealous of her - while he renounced her - he loved her sorely, in spite of himself. He dreamt of her; he dreamt she came dancing towards him with outspread arms, and with a lightness and gaiety which made him loathe her, even while it allured him. …”

Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South

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So I know you and I don't always agree about Percabeth's wedding (beach wedding all the way!) but do you have any headcanons for how he'd propose. Personally I like the ideas of him giving her the ring in a blue cupcake like the one she have him before their first kiss and/or writing 'will you marry me in the sand' because he's a hopeless romantic, but finding ways to make the proposal unique to their relationship.

I think it would be a discussion with him and Annabeth, something casual and easy, where they decide to get married and then after that conversation Percy would still want to do a big romantic gesture because like you said he’s a hopeless romantic. Probably classic fancy dinner where him and Annabeth are both super uncomfortable so they bail early and he apologizes and she tells him she appreciates the effort and he loosens his tie and then they ~mysteriously~ find this little courtyard place with fairy lights and a small band playing music that sounds like their first dance together and he asks her to dance and it’s super romantic and just the two of them and then at the end of the song he gets down on one knee and asks her to never make things easy for him for as long as he lives and she’s like “I already agreed to marry you, or don’t you remember Seaweed Brain?” and he gives her that trouble maker smile that she loves so much, “Just humor me” and she says yes and he puts the ring on her finger and they kiss and dance some more and revel in their happiness 

Moonless nights and childless mothers

I heard it’s someonethatiamnot’s birthday… so I wrote a quick little something as a gift… it was supposed to be some missing year fluff BUT.

Happy birthday!

Outlaw Queen/Dimples Queen, Missing Year ficlet.

There’s firelight playing in her hair again and shadows dancing across her face, and though he stares and stares at her form floodlit by candles, he can’t read her tonight, but he doesn’t need to, not when she’s cradling his son in her arms, not when she’s singing an eerie lullaby in a broken voice, not when her cheeks are drenched in sorrow.

He comes to her and puts a hand on her shoulder and she speaks, she doesn’t look at him but she tells him, what’s eating at her. “A child was born today. They named him Henry. After the Savior’s son.” She turns her head to face him and her eyes are two ghosts of pained, erased memories. “They say they’d forgotten. They’d forgotten he was mine.” He cups her wet cheek in his warm hand and lets her lean on him, her lips wobbling with suppressed sobs. “They have to take this away from me to. They have to deny me even this.” She laughs, and it strikes him like a lash. “I am a mother with no child. In which language can you find a word for what I am?” She sighs, her eyes closing in defeat. “They’re right. I am not anything anymore. And there’s no sense in my mourning.”

He takes her face in his hands, brushes his nose against hers, and cursed be sadness and pain for not allowing him to enjoy this rare moment of closeness. “You are a mother. You have a son. Nothing can’t take this experience away from you. It happened. It was real.” Her eyes are wider than the sky, more troubled than the storm brewing behing the morning. “Was it?” she whispers, but he doesn’t need to answer. Roland stirs in her arms, a tiny fist clutching at her dress, another one rubbing his drowsy eyes. “Milady queen,” he mumbles, “you’re not singing,” and there’s a wet, chuckling noise in her throat, and she combs his hair softly with careful fingers, and he nestles himself further into her lap.

She sings again, something about a curious lamb leaping above the clouds to go nibble the moon, and when the song is over and Roland’s light snoring has replaced the melody, he sees a hint of a smile on her lips, and her hand seeks for his, and he thinks there’s something less heavy on her heart tonight as she watches his son falling asleep to her voice.

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Nat smiled as he relaxed and watched the woman dancing, enjoying the bliss in her feet.

Dani focused on her routine, not wanting to mess up. There were agents in the audience. There always were. This could be her chance. After the show ended she sat backstage, taking her hair down.

Oh my god, Clara asks Twelve to dance with her (after she tells him that she’s been dreaming about dancing in this place since she was a little girl) and he says no and then later he feels bad because she’s upset and dances with her.  This is the best book EVER!

Exact quotes in the morning when the book is in hand again.  Unless someone beats me to it.

i’m so tired of people saying “i like boygroup mvs more bc girlgroup mvs are all the same and vica versa. the people who say that either dont even know 1/3 of the kpop mvs or they’re like "omg i can see her legs/he moved his hips while dancing im so tired of sexy "concepts” “. there are actually so many different concepts: cute, sexy, creepy, sad, funny, creative ones etc. and you guys act like 99% of the boygroups do hiphop concepts but most of them actually don’t do them??

Yo okay break dancing striders are great and all but consider this;
Classical ballroom dancers

I like to imagine the Lalondes probably wanted to take a class once and of course they would need partners so the strider boys was target number one!! I’m sure the entire room would just stand in awe of big ol’ bro but then he’d get out there and swing mom around like it was just another Saturday and he’d be so pro at it and dirk of course little swordsman dirk would be so delicate with roxy them dancing would be so innocent and pure he’d hold her hand like he was holding a flower and roxy would probably wear a dress that would make her look just as beautiful as a flower on the dance floor and it would be magical to watch and then Dave would probably be the one against it I mean come on but rose would talk him into it and unlike the other two he wouldn’t be as great the first time he’s all clamy and stiff but rose is graceful and she ends up leading him and he doesn’t even care as long as he doesn’t fall on his face but he actually enjoys it and he ends up being the one to suggest they all go back again and I just

Think about this a lot

The Gala

Anon prompt: Hi! Can I request a steve x reader one where they’re undercover in a gala and reader dances with the enemy and steve gets jealous of this and blows his cover? :D love your previous one shot!

She looked absolutely gorgeous and the Captain had never been this distracted on a mission in his life. Steve stood across the room, casually nursing a glass of champagne as he watched (Y/N) flirt with their latest Hydra suspect, the CEO of a gigantic company that was shipping weapons overseas to the few Hydra bases left in existence.

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