he cried after every single one

“Pidge?” Shiro questioned looking at the young female curled up on the couch, staring blankly at the wall. “Pidge whats wrong?”
“I miss my family.” She muttered quietly. “I miss Matt, Dad, and mom. I want them back..”
Shiro sat next to her, pulling her into his side. 
“I know you do, we’re doing everything we can to help find them.”
Soon the team was flocking her, hugging, telling her everything would be alright. Lances heart twanged seeing his teammate in pain.
“I un-” He began.
“Lance shut up.” Keith growled.
“Yes, Lance right now is not the time.” Shiro added. Allura only glanced at him before looking back to Pidge.
Lance was crushed, he couldn’t speak. He felt as if the walls were closing in. His face grew hot and he wanted to puke.
“I was only trying to help…” He whispered to himself, slipping away from the bunch. He discreetly wiped his eyes with his sleeve, biting his lip to keep quiet. Once he got to his room, he closed his door. The minute closed and locked, Lance let out a sob. He fell onto the bed and curled up. He didn’t belong here, there wasn’t a use for him here. They didn’t like him. 
He didn’t want to be here anymore, he wanted to be home. With his mom, with his family, who would take care of him no matter what. His family didn’t think he was dumb. He let out another sob, breaking the silence in his room.
“I want to go home…” He cried into his pillow. “I want to go home!” There was a knock at his door. He ignored it, not bothering to quiet down.
“Lance please open up. Whats wrong?”
“Go away”
“No, Lance-” it was Shiro this time.
“I said go the fuck away! Go!” He screamed at the door. After a few minutes the door opened and the team walked in.
“Lance please.”
“No! I’m fucking done! With every single one of you! I’m done playing the stupid one! The obnoxious one! I was only trying to help her! I was going to say I understood what she was going through, what she felt! The first 3 fucking weeks in this bullshit castle I puked almost everyday because I was so home sick! And all I get for trying to help is shut up! For everything I do, I’m fucking tired of it!” Tears were streaming down his face as he yelled, hurt clear in his eyes. Shiro took a step towards Lance as he hiccuped a sob.
“Fuck oFF!” He pushed Shiro towards the bed before bolting out the door. At that moment they heard a lions roar, they knew that roar. It was blue, she sounded pissed at the others.
“Lance! Lance come back!” Hunk yelled after him.

(Part 1?)

Sirius Black watching Remus as the tip of his tongue darts out between his lips as he reads, and feeling a flutter in his stomach every time he does.

Remus Lupin pretending to remove dry leaves from Sirius’s hair just to feel the soft texture on his fingertips (and Sirius blushing furiously afterwards).

Sirius Black casting his eyes down when he sees Remus talking to any girl or boy in the corridors (because his jealousy makes no assumptions), feeling a heavy lump in the back of his throat.

Remus Lupin looking around every time he talks to anyone to see if Sirius is around, because he’d much rather talk to him than anyone else.

Sirius Black being incapable of stopping a huge grin from forming on his lips whenever Remus ditches someone to talk to/hang out with him instead. 

Remus Lupin waking up in the hospital wing and immediately looking to the side to find Sirius trying so very hard not to fall asleep on the chair next to the bed, and closing his eyes and smiling through the pain every single time.

Sirius Black laying drunk out of his mind on one of the couches in the Common Room after receiving one of his parents’ letters, and Remus craddling him in his arms while he cries until he passes out.

Remus Lupin feeling a huge mixture of guilt, hopelessness and secret happiness when Sirius, in his drunk estate, brushes his lips softly against his own.

Sirius Black pretending not to remember anything the next day because “fuck, James, fuck, what if he hates me for it.”

Remus Lupin pretending that nothing happened because, “I don’t think he remembers anyway, James.”

James Potter being unable to do anything about the whole ordeal because he was sworn to secrecy by both.

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Yakuza!Hanzo with pregnant s/o? During the pregnancy and birth?

((SO I MADE THIS A LIKE TWO PART STORY BECAUSE YAKUZA HANZO IS LIFE….I also do an excessive amount of research on things for this and it FUELED my need))

From a hostess at an upscale bar to the wife of a Yakuza boss. It sounded like the storyline of one of those movies or TV dramas and yet, this was your life. You had drawn the eye of Hanzo Shimada; the sophisticated, suave man of few words who initially frequented the establishment when holding private business meetings. You could feel his eyes on you whenever you had been working and soon found yourself requested as a personal hostess for the sharply dressed man with the hawk-like gaze. Enticing professionality morphed into actual attraction; small gift of affections turning into a request to date you which soon led to marriage.

You counted yourself as lucky. Most of the other hostesses or former yankee girls ended up in loveless, violent marriages with men who wanted a trophy wife and punching bag all in one. Hanzo treated you like a queen; granting your any desire or wish, showering you in gifts and private displays of affection. You wanted for absolutely nothing and lived in the lap of luxury within the Shimada faction walls. Anytime you left, you were flanked by personal female guards and whenever Hanzo had important ‘legitimate’ meetings, you were on his arm as his doting and loving wife. He didn’t involve you with any of his illegal practices, you were an exquisite flower in the garden of his life and he planned to keep you safe. And his child that grew inside of you.


You smiled, Hanzo’s voice was still tinged by sleep, his hands lightly moving over your waist to rest on your growing stomach. You tilted your head to the side as Hanzo placed a gentle kiss against the side of your neck, his chin resting in the crook of your shoulder. You had neither been actively trying to conceive nor working to prevent it, letting fate handle any type of family planning you’d fall under. When he found out you were pregnant, he was ecstatic in his own ways; his eyes lit up, he pulled you to him and kissed you hard and openly in front of the doctor that made the housecall. Hanzo wasted no expense in making sure your pregnancy progressed smoothly; a personal chef on call 24/7, a masseuse that you could visit in person or request on the estate, your own private midwife and weekly spa trips to keep you ridiculously pampered and relaxed. He had even begun accompanying you more after you expressed that you felt lonely with him gone so often.

This is how you found yourself waking with him at least three days out of the week, enjoying a meal or two together as he answered calls and dispatched orders to his secretary who would then pass them onto whomever needed to hear them. You leaned back into your husband, humming contently as his arms wrapped tighter around your body. His lips pressed hard against the side of your neck again, drawing a quiet chuckle from your lips and a pleased sigh from his. Covering his hands with your own smaller ones, you massaged the back of his hands before deciding to speak.

“Good morning dear husband”, you teased playfully, earning a throaty huff of a laugh at the formal nickname. “I hope I didn’t wake you…”

“No dearest”, Hanzo started between another kiss, squeezing you again. He had never made you second guess his attraction to you even through the pregnancy, his level of affection almost growing as you did. “Waking in bed without you however was inspiration enough to rise.”

A wave of nausea had pulled you out of your sleep and forced you out of bed, your hand combing through Hanzo’s hair as you rose as not to wake the man. You had slipped to the down to the kitchen and fixed yourself a cup of peppermint-ginger tea, obnoxiously sweetened to your preference. Turning your head, you gave a soft ‘oh’ when you saw he had already gotten dressed, the white button up covering his once shirtless torso.

Turning yourself around, Hanzo pulled back slightly, your eyes looking him up and down, humming approvingly. Hanzo wore both traditional and modern clothing, both looking dashing on him but the latter edging out with your preference. He wore black slacks, the white button up tucked in but not buttoned all the way up, the navy blue tie hanging undone around his collar and his black hair still down. A warm, thankful smile began to pull at your lips, your eyes connecting with your husband’s dark ones. This was a ritual that the both of you had started from when you had first been brought into the Shimada clan. You initially had been no more than a glorified wallflower; pretty, pleasant and essentially useless. Before meeting Hanzo you had been a working girl your entire adult life, working hard to earn your keep and live your life as comfortably as you could. Doing absolutely nothing left you antsy, restless. So in the morning you would rise with your then boyfriend and assist him with getting ready. You’d pick out his ties and socks, button up his shirts and assist him with putting his shoes on. It made you feel at least somewhat useful before you became the lady of the house.

Reaching out, you pulled him closer so his torso rested against your pregnant belly, one of his hands lifting to lightly stroke at your cheek. Your fingers made quick work of the button up, your fingers playfully ghosting under his shirt to lightly stroke the edges of clan’s dragon tattoo on his left shoulder before closing it. You worked your magic, tying his tie into a trinity knot, your hand smoothing over his chest as you looked up at him affectionately. His hand moved from your cheek to your chin, holding it as he dipped his head down and pressed an affectionate kiss to your lips. His free hand tenderly massaged your belly as he pulled away, smiling down at you.

“Remember to tell your doctor this, beloved.”

You nodded your head, understanding he was  referring to your nausea. He’d text you mid-day just to make sure it had been done and would take care of it himself if your pregnancy brain made you forget. Always watching out for you.

“Of course, my love.”

“Boss we can just force our way back in there…she can’t tell you to get out like that ca–”

Hanzo stopped on a dime and snarled at the man that had dared to speak, his eyes pinning the man with a look that could kill. The younger man immediately bowed, stammering an apology as he backed out of the room at the quiet recommendation from a senior member. Hanzo was known for his chilling calmness, his cutting words and icy gaze usually enough to break anyone who would cross him. But now he was on edge, snapping angrily at anyone that would speak to him as he paced. No one could blame him really. Hanzo had been kicked out of the room by your midwife after snapping at her when you went through a particularly rough contraction, the man demanding to know why the pain medication hadn’t kicked in yet.

So now all he could do was pace while several of his guards fidgeted about, thrown off by their boss’ energy. He could hear your cries through the door, his heart tugging every single time it reached his ears. His twin dragons begged to be set free, to protect their master’s mate, Hanzo was barely able to fight the urge himself. But he knew that it would upset you so instead he would wait, his heart in his throat and nervous flitting in his belly. Time trickled by, far slower than Hanzo would have liked, hours feeling like days. Until the strong, loud cry pierced the air.

It felt as if the world around him melted away, the strong, growing cries of the newborn working everyone into an excited frenzy. Someone clapped Hanzo on the back, another on the shoulder and they were all cheering when the door to the room you had been delivering in slid open a crack. The midwife smiled and motioned for Hanzo to come forward, his men pushing him when his feet froze to the ground, excited and intimidated by the prospect of finally meeting his child.

“Hanzo…come say hi.”

Your voice drew him the rest of the way into the room, warmth exploding in his chest as he laid eyes on you and the small bundle you held in your arms. Your face was ruddy, hair stuck to your skin by sweat, eyes heavy with exhaustion; but he was sure you had never looked more beautiful. He stopped in front of you, his hand lightly stroking your cheek, his other hand shaking as it came to lay gently upon the head of the newborn. The newborn boy fidgeted at his touch, his mouth opening in a big yawn as Hanzo lightly stroked his face. Emotion made his throat feel tight as he dipped down, pressing his lips hard against your forehead, pulling the both of you into a hug. Haruto gave a whine at being jostled, the newborn fidgeting before settling between his mother and father quietly.

“Haruto Shimada”, you hummed softly as Hanzo pulled back, your head falling to the pillow on your bed, patting the space on the California king sized bed next to you lightly. Your midwife hung around the background, cleaning up the area quickly and quietly, the omnic nurse following right behind her.  Hanzo took the seat, taking your hand gently and kissing your knuckles hard, as he scoot back to lay amongst the pillows with you. Immeasurable pride, love, happiness and need to protect filled his being as he looked between you and Haruto contently. You leaned your head onto his shoulder, peeking up at him through your lashes. “Would you like to hold him love?”

Hanzo barely nodded before you were carefully passing the newborn into his arms, the Yakuza head breathing stopping for several moments. Haruto fidgeted, smacking his lips lightly in a yawn once more as he turned into his father’s touch. Hanzo took this time to study him thoroughly; thick black hair covering his head, face chubby and skin ruddy from being birthed. Later, he would say that Haruto was a peculiar looking little thing when he came out but right now at this moment the child was the image of perfection. Your snort drew Hanzo’s attention up, your finger pointing to the foot of the bed with a humored smile.

Yuuki and Ame sat at the end of the bed, curled into a loose pile on top of one another and rest at your feet. The translucent blue dragons were content to sit and wait, intrigued yet protective, instantly acknowledging the new charge that had been added to the family. Extending a hand to them, you gently pat Ame on the head as he moved forward, chuckling quietly as the dragon purred under your touch.

“Keep him safe”, you ordered softly, knowing there was no real need to tell the dragons what to do.

“The dragons will consume our enemies”, Hanzo reminded you, his voice soft but mirthful as he leaned over and lightly kissed you on the forehead, cradling your sleeping son to his chest lovingly.

((I hope this is okay anon! I know I went on a tangent but it was fun!))

so i hear @enjoloras needs some positive parent headcanons so since i’m the self proclaimed parent au king, i decided to write some.

- so grantaire has always wanted kids, but he assumed enj just,,didn’t, so he never asked

- he got a job being a dance teacher for lil kids and sometimes enjolras comes to the classes and watch. eventually he found himself longing for kids, even though he never used to want them

- so one day he sat down and talked to grantaire and that conversation ended up with grantaire shrieking with excitement and plans for enjolras to carry their baby

- when enjolras found out he was pregnant, he cried. (but grantaire probably cried harder)

- it was a wild nine months and grantaire helped enjolras through dysphoria and enjolras helped grantaire to quit drinking (because he didn’t want to be an alcoholic in front of their child). they supported each other through the whole thing and it was a nice experience for the whole trio

- their friends came to the first ultrasound because they were all so proud of enjolras, and at least two of them came for every single appointment after that

- at one point it was difficult for enjolras to get around, and even though he really really wanted to go to meetings and rallies, he couldn’t. so grantaire began to organize meetings at their apartment and made sure enjolras did not go to rallies in case he got hurt

- enjolras probably figured out a way to go anyway but grantaire and combeferre caught him on the way out and made him rest

- despite all of this, enjolras still managed to enjoy his pregnancy a decent amount, and in fact was sort of disappointed when he went into labor

- it was less of a panicky moment and more of an inconvenience, because he had to pause his work every once and a while to breathe and time contractions and all that fun stuff

- grantaire came home from work and it was kinda “oh hey honey how was your day also i’m currently in labor so how are you” and then grantaire began to panic

- the overall labor took like three hours and pushing took like no time so everyone joked that enjolras was just excited for the rally that night

- they were right, though, because despite LITERALLY JUST GIVING BIRTH he insisted on having someone take him to the rally in a fucking wheelchair if he had to

- they didn’t let him go

- that night, they learned that grantaire can literally sleep through anything. they learned it the hard way.

- enjolras was too tired to be angry, though

- the two of them help their baby learn and grow and they try to get her into art and dance and reading and all of their hobbies

- she ends up multilingual because the pair combined know five languages (english, french, enj knows spanish and mandarin (because of his need to spread his speeches to more people), and grantaire knows italian as well (because it was his first language))

- essentially these boys end up with the cutest family with the smartest daughter and they love each other and it’s All Good

Some things to remember about Flowey's character:

🌼He flips out about the idea of you no longer wanting to play with him at the end of the pacifist route.
🌼He handles his defeat as Omega Flowey by way of a full-on NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT STOP IT temper tantrum.
🌼In general he’s pretty temperamental as you can reduce him to a smaller tantrum by not falling for his masterful friendliness pellet ruse within a minute or two of starting the game.
🌼It’s really just love and compassion that he seems unable to properly feel. There are moments where he expresses positive emotions or reactions, such as being happy and excited to see Chara in the genocide route, mentioning how Papyrus was entertaining for a long while, and admitting that it’s fun to fight with you as Omega Flowey in some of his post-game over dialogue.
🌼He seems to think that Toriel forgot about him and replaced him with all the other kids she’s been caring for over the years.
🌼The only time he kills Asgore (and not just attacks his soul) in a neutral route is right after Asgore offers to adopt Frisk, get back with Toriel, and be like a family—replacing him all over again.
🌼His consistent reaction to gaining the immense power human souls (or the equivalent) provide is to immediately become one of his shitty self-insert OCs, one of which is basically just Sonic.exe if he got to play the role of Sonic.
🌼He cries at some point in every single route (assuming you choose to spare him in the neutral one).
🌼By the end of the pacifist route, he pleas for you to allow everyone to enjoy their lives on the surface, asking you to let Frisk be happy and generally doing a complete 180 in demeanor from when we first meet him in the ruins.
🌼The worst swear he says in the entire game is “hell”, which he only says when extremely mad, requiring you to be all set for the pacifist route only to decide on killing Asgore at the last second. In comparison, his mom—sweet old goatmom Toriel—casually lets the word fly right in front of Frisk, and you don’t need to do anything special to prompt it.
🌼When speaking to Chara in the genocide route, after discussing how he’s been thinking about how to use the power of the human souls, he is quick to back down and say that if Chara is with him, simply living on the surface sounds perfectly nice.
🌼He is Asriel, and his actions as Flowey all are rooted in his experiences and trauma as Asriel.


Summary: After a nightmare about your ex, you start to rethink what happened in your relationship and try to get some closure.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2629

Warnings: Aganst, All flashbacks are in italic and there is some fuffly lost in there.

A/N: So this fic is extremely personal, I never wrote anything like this so I hope you enjoy.

I can not even thank you enough this time @drinkfantasy , you rock and I love you

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

You wake up, sweat all over your body and with your heart pounding in your chest. For a few seconds your mind try to understand what just happened, than you know. You just had a nightmare, not just any nightmare but one with your ex-boyfriend.

Details of the nightmare are useless, the only thing that matters is that he was there in your mind… again. It was normal for you to have nightmares; you used to have them all the time when growing up, as an adult they were less frequent but more brutal and they are usually about Bucky.

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Looking at the post with Shiro’s smile, it made me think about how he hasn’t really had much of an on-screen chance to come to terms with the fact that he isn’t a prisoner anymore.

He’s free. He’s free. These are his people and they love him and yes, he’s still fighting, but he’s fighting for what he believes in now.

I just started imagining him starting to cry at some point. He’s smiling, he’s just watching everyone, and he starts to cry. He doesn’t even realise he is until someone - say, Coran - notices and asks him if he’s okay.

“Yeah,” he says. “I am. That’s- that’s it, I guess. I haven’t been okay in - space, so long.”

And Coran gets it. He really does. They smile, and watch as everyone mucks about, and every single one of these people are smiling too. 

They’ve lost so much. In a sense, they’ve lost parts of who they are - Coran’s lost his home and family just like Allura, and Shiro knows that he’d probably be unrecognisable to his friends and family back home if - when, he reminds himself, when he goes back home - but as dark as things can get, there’s light and there’s hope and they’re living in it. Right here. Right now.

(It isn’t the first time Shiro’s cried over this, either - the first time was in the first few days after he’d crashed, they’d found the castle, and formed Voltron. After it’s sunk in that he isn’t going back to the prisons and the gladiator’s ring and the operating table.

No one came to ask him if there was anything wrong that time, because he was in his room, crying into his hands that it’s over, it’s over, oh thank the gods it’s all over. He’s left thinking about how well these kids have been doing - all of them - and how even when he falters, they’re there to support him and pick him back up, and he’s just left breathing it in, as though it’s the first air he’s had since escaping.

He still looks and feels a little raw when he next goes out in ‘public’, but he’s feeling a little more put together inside.)

Mama Katsuki dealing with Yuuri’s childhood extraness:

1. He names his puppy after his crush and man-posted-all-over-his-bedroom. Mama Katsuki just wanted a regular dog name.

2. Yuuri naps wherever his dog naps. Vicchan nap everywhere.

3. She has attended every single Victor Nikiforov performance or related event in Japan. Every. Single. One. Yuuri cried at all of them.

4. She had to explain to an 8 year old Yuuri that katsudon-flavoured birthday cake was impossible. When he looks upset by this, she makes a katsudon shaped cake instead. Yuuri was thrilled

5. If Yuuri rushed to the rink because he was upset, Mama Katsuki never mentioned it. She just made sure her boy had a nice meal to come home to whenever he’s ready.


Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Request: “Can you do a Supernatural one-shot where the reader is kidnapped and tortured by a demon and Sam has to save her? 👌 ”

Warnings: Blood, being tortured, violence… that’s it, I guess

Word Count: 1134

Notes: I think I’m more of a Sam girl lol -Lottie

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To think that in 2015 (or January 2016 u know the drill) when Messi won his 5th ballon d'or I thought ‘that’s it… Cristiano will never catch up to him now’ and then 2016 happened (and i still have no idea how that season was actual a real thing that existed) and Cris won his 4th and now he’s pretty much got the 5th one in the bag…… How is it possible for this man to come back from a 4-1 disadvantage in 4 years at his age when he’s competing against a guy 3 years younger that should be hitting his individual peek right about now. Cris is the protagonist of the single greatest individual remontada in the history of football. He really doesn’t know any limits. I positively believe this man is capable of anything he puts his mind to. After everything he’s achieved, after every damn time he’s left me speechless over his career, he still manages to top himself in one way or another????? He’s always outdoing himself, finding strength within him that none of us believed he had (when we were all fools to think this guy is a mere human), reinventing himself as a player, proving he is literally the most complete player football has ever met. I am always in a constant permanent state of awe before this man. I wonder every day how far he can actually go. And i keep telling myself 'there’s no way’…. And he always proves me wrong. So, I just wanna say what an immense pleasure and privilege it is to follow him and to be his fan. Thank you, Cris, for completely reinventing football and making every game so exciting.

Bucky Barnes Drabble 2

Requested By: @stephie-senpai

Prompt: “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

Originally posted by wintersthighs

Bucky was running, running as fast as he could. Every turn that he took, they followed him. Every guard that he killed, revived itself and became two men now. 

“Cut off one head, two more will grow back,” The guards kept saying as they laughed at Bucky’s futile attempts. But Bucky kept running. Running from his fears, running from the man that they turned him into, running from all the bad that he had done. But with every turn Bucky found that he was surrounded, unable to leave. Bucky was trapped like an animal as they laughed and surrounded him. And there was nothing that Bucky could do but scream.

In the real world, Bucky kept thrashing against his sheets. With every sneer he kicked the blanket away from his body. With every laugh he gripped his pillow. Soon enough the screaming in Bucky’s head transferred to reality as Bucky’s nightmare raged inside of his head.

It was his screaming that had woken you up. The soft whimpers that you had unfortunately grown accustomed to grew louder as Bucky tried to escape in his nightmare. Sitting up in bed, you pushed away the hair that fell into your face as you gently laid your hand on Bucky’s shoulder. 

“Buck,” Was all you had to whisper before your soldier bolted upright in your bed, chest heaving as beads of sweat dripped down his forehead. As his pupils dilated from fear, Bucky frantically searched the room for danger. Eyes landing on you, he watched you as you did what you always did when he woke up from a nightmare. Holding out a gentle hand palm up, you just wait there, trying to see if he reverted back into his Winter Soldier self. If he touched you with his right hand, his flesh hand, he was alright. If it was the other hand, you knew that he was still wary about everything. If he didn’t touch you at all, you knew to calmly leave the room before anything could happen. Bucky had only touched your hand with his right one, his flesh one, after every single nightmare. This night was no different as he placed his calloused right hand in yours.

“James?” You calmly asked, eyes connecting with his. This was the next step in what you did after all of his nightmares. You always said his name, his real name, to anchor him back to himself. His true self. This step was usually followed by Bucky pulling you into his lap where he buried his face into your neck as he cried softly. This night was no different.

“Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore,” You soothed, gently running your hands up and down his muscular back as he cried into your neck. You remained like this for a while, roughly twenty minutes, as he calmed himself down. You knew it to be twenty minutes because it was always twenty minutes. You had timed it. Then was the next and final step. You would gently kiss his tear-stained cheeks, wiping away every bad memory and nightmare. This night was no different.

You gently kissed his cheeks, wiping away every tear with your lips. Replacing every bad thing that had made him cry with happy things. As you did this, Bucky would sneak his hands up under your shirt as he rubbed soft circles into your skin. As you kissed his face, your final step was completed as you placed a loving kiss to his lips. 

Sighing into the kiss, Bucky pulled away and rested his forehead against yours. “Thank you, Doll.”

“Anytime, Love,”

“I love you,” Bucky breathed out as he settled back onto his pillow, pulling you down with him. 

“As do I,” You whispered as your fingers brushed through his hair. Soon enough Bucky was back asleep, snoring slightly into your neck. Reaching over for your phone on the table, you picked it up and opened your calendar. Placing a little storm cloud on the day to mark Bucky’s nightmare, you sighed as you saw all of the storm clouds littering your calendar. Tonight was the 42nd nightmare that Bucky had had in the past two months. Switching your phone off, you set it back down on the table as you willed yourself to sleep, trying to get as much sleep as you could before you were inevitably woken back up again by Bucky’s nightmares.

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i'm in need of some 2D angst pleeease

(I hope this was okay!)

~ It had been almost a year since the accident. Your house can caught on fire in the middle of the night while you were asleep. You were woken up by the smell of smoke and you remember the panic slowly swimming through your bloodstream. You started coughing and looked around for a way out. You ran to your bedroom door and tried to grab your doorknob but it was blistering hot. “Damn it!” You held your hand and looked around. Your worst nightmare was coming true. You started to cry as you desperately tried to find another way out. You looked around and saw your window. It was the only way out.

~ You grabbing your cell phone and dialed 911 as you crawled onto the roof. “Please send the fire department! My house is on fire! I live at 3303 Saluda Road! Please, please hurry! I’m stuck on the roof because there was no other way out!” You were sobbing into the phone. “Okay, calm down. We’ve got some firetrucks on the way.” Said the operator. “Thank you!” You held onto the edge of the roof for your life. When the fire trucks showed up, they immediately got to work on getting the ladder so they could get you off the roof. Just as they started to climb, the roof collapsed. You fell into the fire and you knew that the end had come.

~ They were able to put out the fire and recover your body. They took you back to the coroner’s to determine cause of death, even though it was bluntly obvious. After, the report had been written and your body had been prepped for the burial, 2D was finally able to see you. He had cried for days. His life was crumbling around him and most nights were full of drinking. He tried to kill himself several times but luckily the band was able to stop him before he did anything too bad. 2D didn’t want to go on living anymore.

~ He sat on his bed with his head in his hands. He had just visited your grave again. He visits every single day, he always lays new flowers down when the old ones die. Sometimes he brings his keyboard out there to sing new songs to you or to play some of your favorite songs. He lets you know how much he misses you and how he’s struggling to move on. He started seeing you in crowds, hearing your voice at night, and feeling you hold him in his sleep. 2D often tried to sleep next to your grave but he was often shooed away by the owners of the graveyard.

~ He spent all his time in his room. He’s either drinking, high, or writing about you. 2D looks at old pictures of you two together and sobs until he falls asleep on his floor. He’s started “talking” to you. 2D imagines you there, sitting with him, and he’ll tell you his new ideas for a song about you and sometimes he thinks he hears you talk back. He laughs at the jokes he hears you say. He kisses you goodnight and he makes you breakfast in the morning.

~ The band members started to worry about him. His health was going down the drain and fast. He stopped eating, he would only drink alcohol. He took so many more painkillers than usual. But when he started talking to himself, they knew they had to take some action. Noodle walked into his room and told him that they needed him to come to the store with them. He refused so Noodle dragged him out. “You need to get out of the house, 2D. We all miss her but this isn’t how she’d want you to live on.” 2D collapsed and Noodle picked him up and threw his arm around her shoulders to carry him to the car. The rest of the band was waiting in the Geep.

~ Noodle buckled in 2D and kissed his cheek. “This is for your own good…” Then Murdoc drove off. They had a silent car ride, Noodle shed some tears on the way. Murdoc was gripping the wheel tighter than he ever had before. Russel was just staring at the floor. Once they had reached their destination, Noodle spoke, “He’ll be okay. He’ll get help here.” She said with tears rolling down her face. Murdoc just nodded before unbuckling 2D and placing him in a wheelchair one of the nurses rolled out. As they all said their goodbyes, they got in the car again and drove off. They passed a sign that read, “Essex Mental Hospital”.

Headcanons for some of my fav MHA kids playing Magikarp Jump! (Because I am so addicted to that game right now)


  • His Magikarp are all named after pro heroes or their moves. He has caught exactly one Gold Magikarp that he named All Might. Cried when it had to retire.
  • Raises them all to max level.
  • Never has any coins or diamonds because he spends them all (after several hours of working out the best way to use them to maximize effect).
  • Has picked the risky option at least once for all events.


  • Every single Magikarp is named “ExplodoGills”. Hasn’t caught a Gold one yet and is pissed over it.
  • Spends all his coins but is very particular about using his diamonds.
  • Uses all his items because he’s impatient.
  • Picks the risky option any time it won’t cost him his Magikarp. Sometimes picks the risky option that will force it to retire if his current Magikarp isn’t a higher max level than the last.


  • All his Magikarp are named with some sort of variant of a fishy name. Finny, Scales, etc.
  • Is dedicated to collecting all the patterns. Extremely disappointed by doubles unless they’re the patterns he likes best.
  • Only spends coins, diamonds, or items if he has a ton saved and never uses more than half.
  • Never picks the risky option. Never.


  • Her Magikarp are named whatever she thinks of, usually based on their pattern.
  • Her favourite Magikarp so far was a dappled pink one that she beat an entire league with.
  • Spends coins and diamonds without much thought.
  • Picked the risky option once and lost her Magikarp, hasn’t tried it since.


  • Doesn’t name his Magikarp. They’re all just Magikarp.
  • Enjoys feeding them more than training/battling with them.
  • Spends his coins as soon as he gets them, saves his diamonds carefully because he can’t decide what he wants to get with them.
  • Chooses the risky option by accident sometimes, feels bad (for the Magikarp) when it results in forced retirement.


  • Names her Magikarp after elements and chemicals.
  • Tries to check on her Magikarp a few times a day to maximize the amount of training sessions.
  • Bought a bunch of diamonds so she can use them and the coins whenever she wants.
  • Takes the risky option only if it won’t result in retirement or if her Magikarp isn’t close to levelling up.


  • His Magikarp are all named super tough names. Even the girls. Has caught several Gold ones and Bakugou hates him for it.
  • Challenges the league every time he goes up a level. Constantly checking his phone to see if he regained his LP yet.
  • Uses coins and diamonds whenever he feels like it.
  • Picks the risky option only if it won’t cost him his Magikarp.


  • Names his Magikarp after what he had for breakfast
  • Prefers to feed them and train them, only challenges the league when the game makes him.
  • Takes screenshots of all of his Magikarp.
  • Never ever tries the risky option. Did it once by accident and was stressed out until it turned out that nothing bad happened.
Happiness Comes When You Are Numb. (Pt 1)

I’m feeling pretty down right now so I’m up for some angst. I was listening to the Heathers soundtracks ((if you like musical theatre and haven’t seen the Heathers, I recommend it)) and “Freeze your Brain” came on so I wanted to do a little fic around that.  

               Jughead wasn’t happy. That in itself was an understatement. Jughead was a pessimist, never seeing the good in anything. Drugs and alcohol were a mere escape from the life he called his own. With an alcoholic for a father who could blame him for resorting to such extreme coping mechanisms. With a mother who runs away from every small obstacle, including her son, who could blame Jughead for being afraid of sticking around. And with a best friend who is persistent on keeping him alive, who could blame him for hating himself.

               “Juggie, we’re leaving. Now.” Betty shoves through the crowd, roughly grabbing hold of her beanie-less best friend who was sat in a bong rotation eagerly waiting for his turn. The jocks and cheerleaders all either wolf-whistled or laughed in Betty’s face. Ridiculing her without even having to breathe a word. Jughead rolled his eyes so hard you could almost hear them.

               “Get off me, Cooper.” He growled towards her, clearly drunk out of his mind and as high as a kite. Betty flinched at the harshness of Jughead’s voice but still stood her ground, tugging him lightly. She was silently hoping that in some alternate universe he would see the error of his ways and walk out with her, never returning. But this was the real world and this was a different Jughead.

               “You heard him Blondie. Get off him.” Reggie Mantle, still in hysterics, shouted over to Betty. At this point, she was starting to see why Archie gave up on him. Jughead Jones will never change and he will never care for anyone but himself. Tears stung her eyes as she nodded slowly, releasing her grip on the boy’s shirt.

               “I see. I’ll just-” Betty couldn’t finish her sentence before she raced out of the room, dodging the drunken teens in the halls of some jocks house. Parties weren’t her scene, especially when she was in this frame of mind. Jughead was all that kept her stable. She felt safe with him, like the world around them wasn’t turning. Like her sister wasn’t pregnant with a dead man’s baby or like her parents weren’t forcing perfection every 5 minutes.

               Perfection, Betty hated the word. She tightly curled her fist at even the first syllable. Perfection wasn’t achievable yet that’s what was constantly expected of her. She was always compared and contrasted. She was always told that what she was doing was okay but it wasn’t good enough. Nothing was ever good enough. Sometimes she thought it may just be easier to disappoint on purpose.

               “Betts!” She heard the familiar voice call after her. It was slurred and desperate but she knew who it was. And right now it was the last person she wanted to see. Betty proceeded out of the door and in to the darkened street, her jeans and cardigan probably soaked in the stench of alcohol, smoke and weed.

               “What, Jughead? What could you possibly want from me now? You need extra money for more weed?” Betty angrily mocked to the boy still stumbling behind her. He was trying to catch up but couldn’t make his feet fast enough. To be honest, he couldn’t really direct his legs either but he didn’t want to show that.

               “Betts, I’m sorry. I’m gonna clean my act up. I promise!” Jughead stuttered out. The fear was clear in his voice but in this moment Betty didn’t care. It was all lies she’d heard before. Why should she stand for this constant heartbreak. Someone she so deeply cares about is wasting his life away and for what? A short lived escape.

               “I’ve heard it all before. You never change. You’re just like your father.” Betty blurted out, regretting what she said almost instantly. It was the truth but she could’ve sugar coated it. His face visibly changed. Tears began streaking the cheeks of his face almost the second the words left her mouth. He let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in, a small cry escaping his lips along with it. He looked distraught.

               “Betty, I- how could you say that.” He sobbed out, wrapping his arms around his shaking body for comfort. He looked in Betty’s eyes, hoping for even a glint of the same fondness he usually saw. But there was nothing. Her eyes were stone cold, full of tears and full of disappointment. She turned to walk away.

               “I’m sorry Jughead.” She muttered, squeezing her eyes shut and letting the tears flow freely. Her chest was aching to hold him close and tell him it’d all be okay but she knew that it wouldn’t work. Nothing could fix him. There was no hope.

               “Betty no, no please. I can fix myself. Betty please don’t go. Please don’t leave me. Betty!” Jughead screamed out for her to return. He fell to his knees sobbing uncontrollably. All he needed was a friend and now he has no one. Betty was all that mattered to him. Betty was his lifeline. And now she’s gone he has nothing. How is he supposed to live. “I love you.” he breathed out, closing his eyes and inhaling the cold night air.

               The wind was bitter and harsh that night. Almost perfectly portraying the pathetic fallacy of the situation. Both hearts were broken that night. All that they had were the memories of the past, when everything was so innocent. Betty enjoyed revisiting the memories of when they first started the Blue and Gold. Jughead was so happy and optimistic.

               That soon faded when Jughead was given his first bottle of alcohol and bag of weed. He was never the same. Betty missed her best friend. She was truly in love with that boy. The boy who wore the same beanie every day, the boy who loved writing, the boy who loved movie nights, the boy who fixed her and showed her that someone could care. He single-handedly saved Betty Cooper’s life.

               “I can’t do this.” Betty viciously cried into her pillow, hugging it close and hoping it would somehow be replaced with the boy she loved. “I miss you.” she whimpered before drifting off to sleep after one of the worst nights of her life. Or so she thought.

               Whilst Betty was asleep in bed, Jughead gazed through the window of her house, contemplating whether to go in or not. Instead, he decided to leave the note he had previously written and continue with his plan.

               “No turning back now.” He whispered to himself over and over again on the walk to his destination. Once he made it, he took in the view. The waves were crashing destructively against the sides of the cliff. The cliff. This was it. Jughead took his first step, his first breath. “Happiness comes when you are numb, who need cocaine.” He sung softly before taking the second step. This was it.

I hope you enjoyed the part one to this fic! It’s probably only going to have one other part but yknow! My asks are open if anyone wants to send in their ideas I’ll be happy to read them x

Obsessed| Part TWO

Negan x Reader x Daryl

Part 1

Next Part: Here

Words: 595

Summary:  The reader is the 20 years old daughter of Rick, in a relationship with Daryl for some months now. When Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, Daryl attacked him because Negan was interested in you.

A/N: Coming Chapters contain smut, drugs and suggested rape


Daryl was gone. He was a prisoner, a prisoner of Negan and who the hell would know, if he even was alive? Since he was gone, everything changed. Negan had destroyed us in just one single night and now, one week after this cruel night, it was like Alexandria was stuck in a never ending funeral. Maggie and Sasha went to Hilltop and I was worried with so many sorrows, that I might went crazy. She could still die, if whatever she had was dangerous and after the lost of Glenn Maggie was traumatized, like all of us. 

I will never forget what I saw and my dreams were full with this pictures and Negan. Every single night I cried and screamed. That was why Carl slept in my bed now. He was there for me and I hated it. I was his older sister, I should be there for him, but no, I was a failure. 

“Y/N, Carl told me you cried again.” I sighed when my father came to me, after I had given Judith something to eat.

“It’s ok,” I answered with a smile, even when it was a lie. My dad had enough problems.

“No it’s not. I know you are missing Daryl but he is a fighter, I know he will make it out alive.”
“And what are we doing? Even if he can escape, the Saviors are there and we have to work for them, or they will kill us,” I said hysterically and cradled Judith more to my body.

“We have to accept this.”
“I just don’t know how,” I whispered and gave him Judith, so I could went outside and thought about how everything changed and what could happen next. Negan will be back in some days and just to think about this man brought a strange feeling up in me. I was scared of him and I hated him for what he had done, but when I thought about the glance, he had given to me, I’ve got goose bumps. I understood completely why Daryl punched him, after all I’ve told him he was over protective about me and Negan had looked at me like he wanted to rip off my clothes. A fact which would filled me with disgust by any other person, but when he did this it was different and this fact made me sick.



“Any special plans with the guy?,” Simon asked, when some of my men brought Daryl away.

“When he is a part of us, Rick the prick will see that everything he owns is mine, even his strongest man,” I laughed and still had other plans, too.

“What about the girl?”

“The girl?, “ I asked amused, exactly knowing which girl he meant.

“The girl, the girlfriend of the guy. You seemed like you would like her.”

“Hell yeah she is hot but just a girl,” I laughed. But now, when I had her boyfriend, she was kind of single and in this new world there was enough place for her being one of my wives. I smiled when I thought about her at my side but now there wasn’t the right time for drama because of a girl and the fact she reminded me of something.

“If this guy tries to revolt, at least we know how to make him bend to our will, “ Simon said delighted and I had the strong feeling this girl could be more important than I could ever imagine.


I hope you guys liked it even if it was short. Just realized I closed my ask box. Now it is open again xD

 Gif is not mine xx

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could maybe do the RFA+ Minor trio reacting to MC getting her wisdom teeth removed

OH MY GOD I THOUGHT THIS HAD BEEN DELETED AND I ALMOST CRIED! THANK GOD IT’S RIGHT HERE! Okay, now that my panic is over, it’s time to redo this! It deleted before, this is why I wish Tumblr would let you save answers, but whatever. anyway, let’s begin because I need to post something soon!


  • He was super worried, but you weren’t nearly as nervous
  • You had already had surgery for your knee when it was fractured badly, how bad could this be?
  • that was the last time you’d ever look kindly on getting wisdom teeth pulled
  • When he was allowed back to see you, you were off the walls emotional
  • You cried at every single thing, no matter how small
  • “It’s so emotional!”
  • “Hakuna Matata?”
  • “Yes!”
  • IfyousaysoMC
  • It took him about two hours after surgery to get the doctors to release you
  • Zen wasn’t sure what to do, since you were still super emotional, and it was going to last for at least a few more hours
  • So he did what anyone would do
  • Bribe Ask Jumin to let him use Driver Kim and Elly to make you feel better and get home quickly
  • It was a good thing that no one saw you two because Zen dragging around a crying girl with bloodied swabs in her mouth might be hard to explain to the paparazzi
  • Thank God he wasn’t that famous yet, it could’ve been a lot worse
  • He took you to your apartment, and despite your teary insistence that he could leave he was staying
  • You weren’t allowed to eat for another hour, but he did turn on “Cabaret”
  • Yeah, he forgot how depressing and creepy the movie was
  • “Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!”
  • I swear MC started bawling within the first five minutes
  • You two ended up mostly ignoring the movie and cuddling, you still crying a bit, but calming down
  • For dinner it was just Campbell’s Soup, but you felt so much better
  • Zen decided to stay over and you thanked him profusely
  • “MC, it’s nothing, you would do the exact same for me.”
  • You definitely would
  • He kept cuddling you, and eventually you fell asleep, not as teary as before, dreaming of money, white powdered faces, and Zen’s beautiful voice


  • The most innocent bean you’d ever met when it came to this
  • He didn’t understand that side effects included three possible main effects; loopiness, emotional roller coaster, and sleep
  • You were definitely sleep
  • He came into the outpatient room
  • And you were completely knocked out
  • “MC! are you okay!”
  • “Yoosung, I’m so-ahhh-so tired.” You yawned sleepily, ignoring the blood in your mouth and the concerned look of the blonde in front of you
  • You couldn’t talk very well, but it didn’t matter, it was too much of a hassle, you were too tired
  • Yoosung was besides himself, asking what was wrong with you to the nurse, and when she said it was just the medicine and the IUD he nearly began crying
  • The nurse couldn’t be sure who was the one who just had the surgery
  • LikecomeoneYoosunglol
  • This is why you didn’t want him to accompany you
  • He drove you home, asking you the whole way how you were feeling, but you were asleep halfway through
  • When you two got home he changed your swabs, the ones in your mouth, and looked at what kind of broth you had
  • “Y-Yoosung, what’s that great smell.” You breathed in the lovely smell of chicken broth and carrots
  • “Oh, it’s just dinner, what do you want to do now?”
  • “I want to sleep.”
  • “Please, wait for dinner!”
  • You ended up watching Fantasia, something that confused you quite a bit in your sleepy state
  • After you guys ate dinner Yoosung put you to bed and went to wash the dishes and clean, but you grabbed the back of his shirt
  • “Hey, Yoosung,”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Can you stay, just a little longer”
  • “Okay MC”
  • He ended up falling asleep around the same time you did
  • It was one of the most peaceful sleeps he’d ever had in his life


  • Momhee activated like nothing before
  • Research, research, and more research
  • “MC, what are you allergic too?”
  • “It says this hospital has best results”
  • “You should probably go early around 11, when people are most awake.”
  • She had everything planned out
  • Everything, that is, except how you’d be after surgery
  • Not that she thought you’d be perfectly sound, she expected tiredness or something
  • But not the crazy emotional state you were in now!
  • Yeah not equipped for this kind of thing
  • You were an emotional mess, listening to LOTR on repeat over and over
  • “IT’s-it’s so sad!”
  • “Then why don’t you stop listening?”
  • “NO!”
  • NevergivingupLOTRyoucan’tmakeme!
  • It was a nightmare driving you home
  • You were very distracting, bloodied pieces of swab kept falling out of your mouth, you couldn’t speak very well because of the numbness, and you kept distracting Jaehee, so the ride was slow and painful to say the least
  • Whne you got home she sat you down with ice for your quickly sore-ing gums, and turned on a Disney movie
  • It was “Brave”, your absolute favorite
  • You guys were wrapped up in the movie, snuggling, her checking your bandages and ice every once in a while
  • Eventually you two nodded off to the song of the highlands, forgetting dinner and your beds
  • But even though your necks were a little sore the neck day, it was definitely worth it


  • He hired the best possible doctors, and for three days before the operation he was being super over protective of you
  • “Jumin, it’s fine, it’s just my wisdom teeth!”
  • “No, MC, we can’t take any chances! It has to be planned out perfectly!”
  • The one thing he couldn’t plan out would be your reaction when you were done
  • He also wasn’t quite aware how much blood there would be
  • He was quite shocked to see the amount of blood in your mouth, and the already bloodied cotton on the steel table next to you
  • “Oh my God MC! Are you okay!”
  • He was going insane you would’ve sworn, had you not been snoring away in your chair
  • The chair was nice, not cheap plastic, or like that of a school desk, so it was quite easy for you to fall asleep
  • Jumin didn’t want to wake you up, so he scooped you in his arms and carried you to where Driver Kim was waiting
  • You slept the whole ride, and only woke up once you two were in the apartment and he was shaking you slightly
  • “Oh, hi Jumin, I’m, I’m pretty sleepy.” You garbled through the cotton
  • Jumin changed your cotton as he talked to you
  • “I understand, the whole thing is quite tiring, you did a great job though, yes?”
  • “Yeah, can I sleep now?” You mubled and he smiled a bit at your childlike behavior
  • You clambered on him as he rocked you back and forth, stroking your hair softly as you drifted back to sleep
  • “rest, peacefully MC, you deserve it.”


  • You weren’t particularly scared of the pulling teeth out part
  • What you were scared of however was the Novocain shot
  • You hated any sort of needle, and Saeyoung definitely knew that
  • The whole way there he tried the best he could to make you crack up, even though you felt dread pitting in your stomach, as you ddi with every doctor’s appointment
  • And when the doctor called you in you gripped his shirt and whispered
  • “I’m sorta scared Saeyoung!”
  • He looked you in the eyes and smiled
  • “I understand, but you’ve fared worse, you’re strong, so what If it scares you, so what if they say it’s just a prick and you know they’re wrong? You can be scared, that’s your right, but just remember that there’s a light, and that it will be over sooner rather than later.”
  • He wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to say, but you just kissed him, gave him another squeeze, and walked towards the room
  • When he saw you again you were off the walls loopy!
  • Talking to all the nurses about sort of ridiculous things, like movie productions and random Romanov facts
  • He hugged you tightly when you started crying over the deaths of thee Romanovs
  • “How about we talk about something like, Disney! Or books!”
  • You brightened up at the prospect, and started talking about Tolkien, and Percy Jackson, and all sorts of other book things
  • He was happy when he asked about the shot you shrugged it off
  • “It’s sore” Was all you said, and he kept it at that
  • It was actually pretty late, about five pm, but you were so loopy he couldn’t just put you to sleep
  • You two ended up marathoning LOTR
  • It was awesome
  • Even though you fell asleep halfway through Rreturn of the King”
  • He just smiled and turned off the screen to carry you to bed
  • The movie would have to wait

That’s all for now guys, sorry it’s really late and I still am sick. But I‘m happy to have gotten this out, I will finish tomorrow, and I hope you enjoy!

Brother in Sin - Request

Requested by @straitsupernaturalmalefan: A 473 word request that required more than one message to be sent.

Summary: Dean and reader are married. She is cheating him with Sam, and Dean finds out.

Pairing: Dean x reader/Sam x reader

Word count: 2,266

Warnings: Soulless!Sam, cheating, guilt, anger, Dean suffering… Sad ending… Also, I changed like 90% of the canon story for the sake of this.

A/N: This hit me in more than a million ways.


Originally posted by wellcometothedarkside

“This isn’t right, Sam.” (Y/N) whispered as the younger brother kissed her jaw.

“Hey,” He lifted his gaze, pulling slightly away, “you love me and I love you, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“But Dean…”

“Dean doesn’t have to know.”

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Of course I can! Wow I am so happy this is in such high demand! I’ve worked so hard on this fic! I hope you guys like it, and I recommend re-reading the last one because I was a little late writing this! I hope you enjoy!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/159541094722/of-course-i-can-write-a-sequel-i-worked-really

Marco darted off down the hall and tried not to look at all the windows filled with memories. He didn’t need to feel more guilty for something he had no control over. But seeing every single one of those happy memories of Marco that Tom cherished made the human feel more desperate to find Tom and get him to wake up. “Marco! Slow down!” Star called, chasing after him. Marco kept running and she grabbed his shoulder. “We don’t even know where we’re going! This place is like a maze!” She pointed out.

“We have to find him!” Marco cried. “He’s somewhere in this dream, and he’s never going to wake up if we don’t go get him. He’s hurt, Star!” He nearly was in tears. Star hushed her friend and gave him a hug.

“He’s fine, he can dream up anything he wants!” Star reminded. “No wonder he doesn’t wanna wake up.” She grinned. This was the wrong thing to say, and only made Marco look away, more sad and anxious. Star bit her lip. “Hey, we’ll find him, Marco.” She promised. Marco smiled at his friend and they stayed there for a moment, until Marco stopped looking at Star and started looking at one of the windows past her.

“Hey, why are some of these brighter than the others?” He asked.

“I was wondering that too.” Star admitted. “I think that has to do with how important they are. The memory of Paris was so bright, but the one of you two with the bunnies wasn’t as bright.” Star explained. Which explained why the entire dream took place in Paris, and the bunny field was just a surrounding.

“I think I know how to track down Tom.” Marco brightened up. “The brighter memories will probably be closer to him, like Paris and the bunny field.” He suggested. Marco looked down a different hallway and saw windows lit up more and more the further it went. “This way!” He grinned, and the two took off.

They came to a big door and Marco at once started jiggling the knob. “He’s in here, I know it!” He exclaimed. Star pushed Marco aside and lifted up her wand.

“WARNICORN STAMPEDE!” She cried, and goofy zombie-like horses trampled the door down. Star and Marco charged in the room and took a fighting stance, with Star’s wand raised and Marco in a ready fighting position. “Tom! We’re here to save you!” Star cried. The dust settled and Marco’s face lit up when he saw Tom was standing with a confused look across the room. He ran to the demon and tried to pull him away.

“Thank god we found you! Now let’s go! You have to wake up Tom!” Marco begged.

“Marco I… what’s going on?” Tom asked, removing Marco’s hand from his cheek. He looked up curiously at Star. “How did you get here?” He asked.

Star tapped on the magical tiara that both she and Marco were wearing. “We inspected your dream! To save you!” She beamed. At hearing this Tom ripped away from Marco and his expression went from confused to hurt and anger.

“You guys are real?” He cried.

“Tom, is everything okay?” A voice asked. Star and Marco whirled around and gasped when they saw another Marco standing in the doorway.

“What the hell?” Marco cried. Star tapped his arm.

“This is Tom’s dream, remember?” She asked. “He fell asleep heartbroken, of course he dreamed of a version of you who still loves him.” She explained. Marco shoved her away and bit his lip.

“I DO still love him!” Marco cried. He whirled around to look at Tom. “Tom please! You have to believe me!” He begged. Tom looked away, out the window of his little dream world and at the Marco who was at his side.

“Even if I do believe you still love me… why would you say those things?” Tom asked.

“It wasn’t me! I wasn’t in control I promise!” Marco explained. This made Tom look over curiously, but the dream Marco pulled him away.

“Don’t listen to him Tom, you made this world to be away from it all. I’ll take care of this.” He promised. Marco growled at his counterpart.

“I hate you so much.” He grumbled, as dream Marco pulled him away.

“Wait! I want to hear what he has to say.” Tom told him. “What do you mean you weren’t in control?” Tom asked.

“Don’t believe him, he’s lying, he’s trying to hurt you again, they’re always trying to hurt you again. Don’t fall for it.” Dream Marco told him. The weather outside the window in Tom’s dream version of Paris began to get dark and a bit scary. The room felt like it was spinning and rain started out of nowhere, what concerned Marco most was Tom HATED rain. It scared him. Dream Marco grabbed Tom and pulled him away as he made another move to be closer to Marco. “Don’t be stupid! You’re so stupid! Why do you go crawling back to everyone that hurts “you!?” He demanded. He didn’t sound like Marco anymore, in fact he was beginning to not look like Marco anymore either.

“Tom I didn’t want hurt you!” The real Marco assured. Tom looked over at him and the weather outside seemed to calm a bit. “It was a puppet spell, I was being controlled!” He admitted.

“I don’t believe him.” The dream Marco hissed.

“A puppet spell? Who put a puppet spell on you?” Tom asked.

“Dave!” Marco told the demon. At this one word everything in the dream froze. Dream Marco’s eyes lit up and he grew to be some sort of monster. Tom just stood there, totally frozen and numb. “Tom? What’s happening?” Marco asked, as black shadows began to fill the dream world up around them.

“I told you not to break the rule.” Marco whirled around and saw the same six-year-old version of Tom. He looked over and saw Star was getting tied up by the shadows, trying to fight them off.

“Star!” He called, but young Tom kept speaking.

“Mentioning him is almost as bad as… the other one.” He whispered. Marco looked confused as he tried to pull Star free.

“The other one?” Star asked. “You mean Tom’s dad?” She asked. As soon as she said that everything picked up more as everything began to get more and more horrific and chaotic. The younger Tom began to look scared too.

“Now look what you did.” He pointed to Tom, who was still standing frozen as chaos amounted around them. “This isn’t a dream anymore… you made it a nightmare.”