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My Enemy’s Woman - Request

Requested by anon:  I would love to read your version of Moriarty becoming interested in the reader (either sexually or just typical Moriarty) and Sherlock gets upset and protective because she’s his girlfriend/fiancé/wife. Flirting, Innuendos, and everything that makes Moriarty the beautiful human that he is

Pairing: Sherlock x reader / Moriarty flirting with reader.

Word count: 1,132

Warning: Sexual innuendos.

A/N: Jim is such a complex character… Feedback is highly appreciated, guys!


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Sherlock had never run faster in his whole life. Not even the pouring rain could stop him; no matter how much he slipped, he would get up and continue to run. The people around him would either move to the side, freeing the way, or be pushed by him. He had to get back to 221B.

The fear, the anxiety, the nerves got over him, taking over the bit of control he had of himself and his own emotions. His hands, forehead and armpits were sweating and his heart was beating faster – and no, it had nothing to do with his current running marathon – without mentioning the fact that he was looking paler than usual.

He was human, after all, and knowing that the one person who could get him to feel, to embrace his humanity, could be in mortal danger was more than enough for him to forget about everything else and act like a regular person would. If it had been someone else, except for John of course, he would’ve acted as chill as possible; but it was (Y/N) and there was no time to play-pretend when it came to her.

It was just one text message, a very simple and annoyed one that made him lose all control. She had sent it, or so it seemed, because Sherlock received it from her phone. It could’ve been a trap, or worse, but that didn’t matter because Sherlock would become even more reckless when she was involved.

If he exploded, if he got murdered, or trapped or kidnapped, it didn’t matter. As long as she was safe… he would go to the end of the world and sacrifice himself to the Gods if necessary.

His fear was such that his whole body turned off the physical sensations, and so he didn’t notice the muscular exhaustion that was caused by him crossing London by foot in less than ten minutes. He also didn’t feel the scrapes on his knees and elbows, as well as that little twist in his ankle. No, all he could focus on was saving (Y/N).

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Everything You Need

Summary:  Dean owns a general store in a small town with his brother Sam and best friend Cas. You moved there six months ago and have been flirting back and forth, but it’s going nowhere. When you’re approached by a guy in Dean’s store will he finally make a move?

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas

Word Count:  1480

Warnings: fluff, slightly smutty scenes

A/N:  This is my submission for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog  #mimi’s romcom fluff challenge and my prompt was: ‘You keep using that word, I don’t think you know what it means.’

This is probably the start of a new series.  Feedback is appreciated!

Beta’d by @wheresthekillswitch - Thanks for always being my sounding board, Lee.

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Aisle two of the little grocery is just as sleepy as the small town it resides in.  It’s your second trip this week and you’d be embarrassed at how dressed up you are for a cereal run if you weren’t so busy scanning for him.  As you near the end of the aisle you nonchalantly gaze towards his office.  Empty.  Damn.

You grab a box of Raisin Bran; no one here knows that you have a full box sitting in your pantry at this moment, and head over to the check out.

“More Raisin Bran, Y/n?” Cas laughs as he scans the box.

“Yeah,” you answer vaguely hoping that the heat in your face isn’t noticeable.

You head home dejected that you missed him, but hopeful that you’ll catch him next week.
Dean’s POV

“You just missed Y/n,” Cas calls when I come in from the back.  Sam and I just spent the better part of the afternoon unloading the latest delivery.

“Awesome,” I frown.  She’s been in twice this week and I’ve missed her both times.

Sam chuckles as he comes in after me.  “You should probably just give her your schedule.  Or, I don’t know, ask her out?”

“Shut up,” I mutter.

“I agree, I don’t understand your hesitation.” Cas joins in.  “You’re usually quite the ladies man.”

“Did you just say ‘ladies man’?” Sam’s attention is now fully on Cas.

“Is that not the term?”

“Well, it’s a term.  But not one I’d use.”

“Which do you prefer?”

I slink into my office as they start to list off their favorites, happy that I don’t have to explain my hesitation.

Fear, uncertainty, rejection.  Any combination of the bunch could be why I’m hesitating.  But really, I’m terrified Y/n will say yes and that I’ll let her down just like I have every other woman in my life.

The next day I hear her voice and my heart jumps.  I make sure my door is open wide while I pretend to work.

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Forever Loyal

(gif belongs to charlie-bradcherry)

Title: Forever Loyal

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Crowley

Word Count: 858

Warnings: death of a character, there are no spoilers because I made my own ending to last night’s episode, small amount of fluff. *The gif I guess could be counted as a spoiler?*

A/N: I said I was going to do it, so I did it. You all get some special treatment today!! Enjoy this extra fic! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

Crowley smirked at Lucifer as the fallen archangel fell to his knees.  Lucifer withered in pain and all Crowley could do was chuckle.  He had big plans to torture Lucifer.  Crowley wasn’t going to spare Lucifer, not one bit.

“Do you remember [Y/N],” Crowley asked Lucifer, his tone snarky.  “She’s your soul mate isn’t she?  Pretty little thing she is.”

“Keep your hands off of her Crowley,” Lucifer seethed as he clutched his stomach.

“It’s more like she can’t keep her hands off of me,” Crowley mused, his eyes traveling to the door of the thrown room.  His smirk grew as you opened the door to the throne room.  “Oh look who’s here.”

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I’m Listening

Characters: Jensen x Reader 

Warnings: Disgusting Fluff

Word Count: 725 (short, sweet, and sexy)

A/N: Thanks @thing-you-do-with-that-thing for sending this gif so I could make my own dreams come true. You are much appreciated! Now enjoy this teeth rotting goodness that is Jensen Ackles absolutely and utterly in love. 

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Pocket Change | 1 | (M)

word count: 7.5k

genre: smut; supernatural AU + demon!yoongi

pairing: reader/yoongi

warning(s): mentions of domestic abuse

special thanks to: @honeyheonie for being a wonderful beta  ♡


Originally posted by sugaa

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A Series of Unfortunate Events : the recipe to a good adaptation

This is a short analysis of the recent adaptation A Series of Unfortunate Events by Netflix. I will not mention everything here, it would require much more time and analysis but here is a general appreciation. Careful for spoilers !

Adaptations are quite tricky to accomplish because being true to the original work while bringing novelty to the piece is not so easy. The best adaptations are often the ones that manage to channel the spirit of the original work. A Series of Unfortunate Events is a very successful example of this. It was already visible in the first trailer where Lemony Snicket actually walks on the set of the filming to tell us not to watch this series. Right here, you have three core elements of the original series : our narrator-character, the breaking of the fourth-wall and the plea not to look into this horrific story. That last element actually is a known way to catch the reader/viewer’s attention and make him want to know more.

When it comes to A Series of Unfortunate Events, the character of Lemony Snicket is crucial. Therefore the adaptation needs to be perfectly true to his features. As a child, I really believed Lemony Snicket was this mysterious author hidding from malevolent authorities. The fact that Lemony is actually out of the story ,since he is the author/narrator, and a full part of it builds the whole myth around this series.
When I saw the movie, I did not get that feeling of mystery around Lemony mainly because it is not cleary explicited that he is part of all this : the viewer doesn’t see on-screen any important hint that Lemony is a central character of the story, he is presented above all as the writer.
In the Netflix series, Lemony is the first person the viewer visually encounters, just like in the books. The fact that you can see him entirely makes him a reassuring presence throughout the show : he is your guide. The show stages this aspect very cleverly by blending Lemony in the situations the Baudelaires find themselves in, usually through his costume.

Thanks to this process, the narrator’s role is fully depicted. A narrator that addresses directly to the reader/viewer is usually out of the story and Lemony is indeed “out” since he is telling the events. But Lemony is also “in” as an important character. The show drops hints along the way which keep getting bigger gradually : his investigation, the letters to Beatrice, the fact that he is being chased, among other things, and of course the reveal of the picture with Olaf in the last episode.

All these proofs show that Lemony really is involved in this story. It is very fortunate that they kept the dedications to Beatrice at the beginning of each segment of the story because she is the one who ties Lemony to the story. She actually acts as his muse, she is the main reason why he writes, the name Beatrice being a reference to Dante’s own muse.
Since he is an « in-between » character, literally the bridge between you and the story, Lemony is the one who constantly breaks the fourth-wall. This aspect is so crucial in A Series of Unfortunate Events. It allows Lemony to act as the antic chorus or Prologue : “If you are interested in stories with happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle.” (The Bad Beginning).
With those few lines, the essence of the plot is completely laid before your eyes, just like the ancient tragedies. In the series, apart from those lines, the opening song has the exact same role : “Every single episode is nothing be dismay.”
The breaking of the fourth-wall is also at the core of both series because story-telling mecanisms are explained through it. In the Reptile Room, Lemony explains the dramatic irony which is then again an aspect of the antic tragedies. As I remember it, the book series crossed the fourth-wall to teach something to the reader : a word, writing techniques and less straightforwardly, literary references. All these elements were fortunately brought into the show as well.

Now Lemony is mainly the one to break the wall, as allowed by his narrator status. What is unsettling for the viewer is when Count Olaf breaks it, usually to advertise the TV show and stare at the camera for a couple of seconds. This leads to the other important aspect of an adaptation : the creativity. The writers did not only represent Olaf, they actually add depths according to the new medium : what would Olaf do if he was in a TV series ? Break the fourth-wall and sing its opening sequence !

A short word on the amazing cast, especially Neil Patrick Harris who pulled out a very good Count Olaf. This character is very complex to play, he needs the right amount of villainy, humor and the talent of an actor who can play a character playing other characters. Jim Carrey brought too much of his own eccentricity to the character and you saw more of the actor than of the character. Neil Patrick Harris really understood and nailed all of Olaf’s facets.

Hence adaptations would be rather dull without creativity and novelty.
Sure a lot of dialogues are actually taken word by word from the books because they are good as they are but an adaptation needs to adapt precisely even more when the media is different.

A book and a  TV show are of course very different mainly because of the images. In a book, a description can only be completed by the reader’s imagination. In a show, what you see allows very little space for imagination. This is why a successful adaptation is one that can get the spirit, the ambiance of the world, conveyed by the original words, and transcripts it on screen. From the language of worded images to the language of filming.

The unsettling ambiance, the faded colours and surreal pastel imagery are very fitting for the Baudelaires’ story. The main aspect of the series is its dark humor and stories that you find rarely in children’s book : one death if not more per book, usually a gruesome one. The TV show manages to render the baudelairian world : this very specific atmosphere, the feeling of being oppressed by all the places in which the Baudelaires find themselves.

Finally the most important aspect of an adaptation is that it must appeal to all audiences.What is complicated about making adaptations is that they are received by two different audiences : the one who knows the original material and the one who doesn’t and their first interaction with the original universe is through the adaptation.
That’s why getting the atmosphere right is so important, it shows the specificities of the work in another way which should not “betray” the original story.
An adaptation is full of references that will be immediately recognized only by the ones familiar with the original piece. These references show the adaptors love for the original work and also creates a complicity between them and the well-aware viewer. Which book lover did not scream at the sugar bowl in episode 2 or at those four simple words : the world is quiet here ?The beauty of references is that they are hidden, they could be seen as completely normal by an unaware viewer : the scene of the sugar bowl seems very innocent.

It allows the adaptors to play on what the reader already knows. Take the first appearance of the Quagmire mother and father: most of the book readers thought them to be the Baudelaire mother and father even though they know very well it is impossible. This builds up until the revelation in the first part of the Miserable Mill. Not only this plays with the well-aware reader but also stages already the Quagmire trio and most of their backstory. Being already intertwined since the first episode with the main story, they meet naturally at the end of the season and do not appear previously unmentionned like in the books.

As thrilling as this is, if the adaptation is only met for the experts, it won’t be a total success. An adaptation also needs to speak to new viewers who have no knowledge of the original work. This is why there is a need for balance of references so the newcomer will not spent his time on Wikipedia trying to figure out what happens. How the series introduced right away the Quagmires is actually rather clever : it allows the newcomer not to be lost in all the key characters.

Lastly, this show really catches the core humor of the original work by playing on the fact that it is an adaptation and therefore needs to depart sometimes from the original sequences. At the beginning of the Miserable Mill (episode 8), Mr. Poe freaks out because the Baudelaires are gone and in the middle of his panicked speech, he says : “It’s off-book !’. And indeed it is, because in the books the Baudelaires don’t go to Lucky Smells Lumbermill by themselves but are brought there by Mr Poe. An adaptation makes choices and the show plays on that aspect.

Of course, this show would need a 300 pages-long essay because of all the references and allusions not only to literature but also foreshadowing the main story. This show completely smashes the movie adaptation which did not manage to really transcript well neither the atmosphere nor the characters.

Remember, an adaptation is not a search of perfection because it will never be exactly like the original material. The change of medium requires changes in the story and the story-telling. The intelligence with which the choices are made makes all the difference between a good and a bad adaptation.

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Tony saw a lot of similar characteristics in Peter while he was doing research before he recruited him. He wanted to make sure he knew everything he could before he started working on Peter’s new suit.

Yet, he did not want to pry into too much sensitive information, he wanted Peter to take his time and tell him on his own time. But for now, he would make sure that Peter’s new suit had a built in binder suited to Peter’s exact measurements. Peter needed to be able to move freely in his suit, so Tony did his best. 

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Remember Me: Part 4

A Bucky x Reader / drabble series

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

A/N: Here is Part 4. Sorry it’s taken me so long. Had to step away from the writing game, due to work and such. I hope you guys enjoy the direction this series is taking. Please let me know what you think! ♥

Other Characters: Steve, Tony

Word Count: 1,302

- talk of violence, torture.

Tags: (at the end)

*gifs are not mine.

“Do you trust him?” you whispered to Bucky as you walked down the hall, his metal hand gripped protectively around your own. Since you first spoke to one another, he’d never stopped touching you in any way he could; whether his hand grazed the small of your back to lead you down the never ending hallways, or his fingers were brushing hair from the back of your neck. Each time he touched you, you felt electric bursts flutter across your skin, restarting your heart.

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Today’s excellent character of the day is Kujo Josefumi from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure!

Josefumi has done nothing wrong, ever. For real! Even Kira says it! He feels indebted to Kira and Holy Yoshikage for saving his life so many years ago, and he’s determined to repay them in kind. He’s only nineteen years old, and he may have gotten in way over his head, but he just wanted to do right by his own saviors. He’s absolutely selfless where it counts, even going so far as to sacrifice his life to save Kira’s. Are you crying right now? I’m crying right now. Keep on being excellent, Josefumi!

Paint You Pink .01
  • pairings/characters: jung hoseok x reader
  • genre: smut; future angst
  • word count: 5,657

summary:  “You’re a blushing pink mess baby,” he giggles making the corner of his eyes crinkle in a manner you had never noticed before. The taciturn room only made it worse for you, as his fingers brushed against your cheeks in awe. “You’re like my own painting, I just want to paint you pink all over.”

CollegeStudent!Hoseook ArtStudent!Hoseok

“You’re doing great baby girl.”

Sitting on your knees practically ready for him to fuck you isn’t what you expected or came for. But you knew it was a mess you’ll pay for in due time.

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Ghost Girl ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader X Jack Maynard X Conor Maynard X Joe Sugg

Word count: 1425

Summary: “She’s just a picture of your mind Jack, just a ghost girl.”

Requested: Nada, my own idea

Not my gif

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

First sighting…

Jack was stood outside Tesco waiting for Conor when he saw her.

She was stood leaning against the wall on the other side of the road, dressed in ripped jeans, white t-shirt with rips in and a leather jacket covering her to stop the wind. Her hair was in a ponytail, bright red lipstick coated her lips screaming for attention. 

It was like she could his eyes burning into her, her head snapped up and Jack felt all of his breath leave his body. 

She was breath taking.

Jack stood in shock of her beauty, the way her eyes shone bright, the small cute button nose and the smirk, the god damn smirk playing on her lips. Jack soon snapped out of it when she winked towards him, giving a little finger way before a bus stopped in between the two.

Jack tried looking through the windows of the bus, seeing if he could still spot her but he had no luck. While he was looking for her, Conor stepped out of the shop and watched as his brother nearly broke his neck searching for something in a bus.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Conor blurted out as the bus drove away, leaving an empty space.

Most importantly leaving an empty wall.

Jack stood disappointed before shaking his head towards Conor, “There was this girl leaning on the wall, she was breath taking bro.”

Conor laughed, rolling his eyes. “All I see is a wall, come on dickhead I think you need some rest. You’re imaging things.”

Maybe. Maybe not.  Jack thought as he realised he was tired and it could be his mind playing tricks on him. 

No one is that beautiful.

Second sighting…

This time Jack was in the club with Joe when he saw her.

He was sat at the bar laughing with Joe when she walked past him, his head snapped in the direction she was walking. A black tight dress hugged her curvy dancing body, black long stiletto’s moving with the sound of the beat, her long straight hair waving down her back like sound waves.

He was so memorised with her beauty again, the rest of the world stopped moving. No sounds. No movement. Only her.

He was in a state of awe when she turned around making direct eye contact with him, like she knew it was him. Her eyes light up like she seen the best thing all night, a large smirk grew across her face like she was pitching a plan together. 

Jack knew he had to speak to her, just to hear her voice once. However, it was like she read his mind and give him another wink and finger wave before disappearing into the dancing bodies.

“Jack!” Somebody shouted into the blue eyed boy’s ear, snapping him out of his dream land state. 

Turning his head, he faced a worried Joe, titling his head in confusion. The older boy sighed and looked more worried, “Is everything okay? You have been staring at nothing for the pass ten minutes?”

Nothing? Ten minutes?

That’s crazy Jack thought. It had only been a couple of seconds in his mind and he was not staring at nothing. He was staring at her, not nothing.

“Mate, you didn’t see that girl I was staring at?” Jack questioned, his eyes wondering back into the crowd trying to find her.

Joe looked at the boy with unreadable expression on his face, “There was no girl Jack.”

“No. There was, she was wearing a black dress, she was looking at me and waved.” Jack explained still looking for her to prove to Joe.

“Jack.” Joe sighed, making the younger boy look at him. “There was no girl there. I followed your eye sight. You were staring at the wall.” Joe pointed to the very wall he saw Jack looking at.

“Joe. I’m serious there was this girl.” Jack tried to reason but the look on Joe’s face told him he was crazy.

“I think someone spiked your drinking. I’m taking you home.” Joe grabbed Jack’s elbow pulling him out the club and Jack let him because he honestly thought he was crazy.

Third sighting…

This time he was with both Conor and Joe in the park playing football, when he saw her.

She was walking with another girl, she was dressed in shorts and a crop top with a flannel hanged loosely of her body. She was laughing and Jack could just about hear the angelic sound. 

They were walking closer to them and Jack was getting excited, he could prove to his brother and best friend that he wasn’t crazy and she wasn’t some type of ghost girl. 

“Oh my fuck.” She laughed loudly, causing butterflies to fight in Jack’s stomach.

I could hear that every day. Jack thought, a smile growing on his lips just thinking about it.

Jack too busy being a daze, didn’t hear the shouts of his brother and best friend and a ball went smack into his head. “Fuck!” 

Jack had fallen to the floor with the force of the hit and was laid on the grass groaning in pain. His head was facing side way’s trying not to put pressure on his head when he saw her looking at him in concern. 

He watched as a frown grew on her face and god did he never want to see that. He watched as she tried to walk towards him but her friend pulled her back to stop her, instead of walking over. She opened her mouth ready to saw something but Conor and Joe had dived in front of Jack from seeing it.

“Jack. Jack! Look at me! Are you okay? Oh my God I am so sorry.” Conor rambled but stopped when Jack uttered something.

“Behind you.”

Conor and Joe both turned their heads back to see nothing but trees and grass. “Jack there is nothing there.” Joe commented looking back towards the boy on the floor.

“She was there.” Jack whispered sitting up with the help from the boys.

Conor and Joe shared glances, knowing he was talking about a girl that didn’t existed. “Jack she’s not real.”

“She is.”

Joe sighed quickly stepping in before a Maynard fight happened. “Jack, there is no girl. “She’s just a picture of your mind Jack, just a ghost girl.”

Jack went to protest but Conor had snapped at him to shut up and let them take him home where he could get some tablets for his red bumpy face. 

After the park incident, Jack saw her a lot more times in the past three months. The boys still called her ghost girl because they never saw her, even after Jack had described her in full detail. From the outfit she was wearing, the makeup she had on, her hair and he could memorise her face from heart.

To him, she was someone he had fallen for,

To his friend’s, she was ghost girl.

The final sighting…

Jack was with the both his brother and best friend again; they were all laughing walking down the street when someone ran straight into Jack.

Both of them fell onto the floor by the impacted of her running and Jack’s strong frame. Jack was the first one up, sticking his hand out to the person he ran into and still trying to shake off the pain.

He hadn’t seen the person he ran into.

“Oh my fuck. I am so so sorry. I was running and I didn’t see you.” The person rambled, a girl’s voice rambled in fact.

Jack chuckled lifting his head up to look at the girl when he felt his whole world freeze. 

There stood in front of him was ghost girl.

“It’s you.” He uttered totally forgetting about Conor and Joe who had stopped walking and was staring at the two funny.

The girl looked up at him and uttered the same thing, “It’s you.”

“Ghost girl.” 

“Lover boy.”

They stared at each other in shock before large smiles grew on their faces.

She spoke first and Jack thought he was in love. “I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Jack.” He smiled, bring her into a hug. Which she gladly returned. 

However, their hug was interrupted by Conor, “Who’s this Jack?”

Jack smiled pulling away, his arm resting over her shoulder as she leaned into the boy, she had crushed hard on since she saw. She smiled at the two boys in front of her as Jack spoke.

“Conor, Joe. Meet Y/N. Ghost girl.

Revenge {Prologue} [S.B.]

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 1010
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: A series based on the events in the film John Tucker Must Die
Other Parts: Part 1
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

Note: This is the start of my new series! Feedback is greatly appreciated! ❤️x

+ + + + +

Sirius Black was tactical, smart when it came to who he dated. He chose girls from different houses and different social groups to ensure that they wouldn’t meet and find out.

He was proud of himself for coming up with such a, in his own words, ‘brilliant dating plan’, and often flaunted his success to his friends, who didn’t know whether to be happy for him or annoyed at him.

He was careful not to show too much affection in public, for fear he’d be caught out, however he wasn’t worried the girls would question this - he was Sirius Black after all; charming, suave and sexy. Who would question him?

The girls he dated would never interact at all, he assumed.

There was the popular, preppy girl who kept up with the latest fashions in the muggle world; a pretty Gryffindor girl who wasn’t afraid to wear 6 inch stilettos to a Defence Against the Dark Arts class. Daisy often practised makeup styles on her friends, teaching the importance of primer, and how highlighter should be applied correctly. Against common thought, she was actually a kind soul, who didn’t boast much about being with Sirius. Maybe that’s the reason he chose her over the rest of her group - she was the only one who wouldn’t brag and mess up his plans.

There was the cute little bookworm; a Ravenclaw who loved reading, writing and drawing. Nolwenn was artistic, spending hours sitting on the grass with a sketchbook propped on her crossed legs as she drew. She would often be found with books piled in her arms, loving the worlds she could disappear into whenever she opened the pages. Her friend group was small, and she made no active attempt to speak to many others. Sirius chose her because she was quiet, smart, beautiful. And she was unlikely to tell many others of their relationship.

And then there was the caring environmentalist; a Hufflepuff who tried so hard to help the house elves with their cooking and chores, and organise events to raise money for good causes. Eden had many friends; a large social group that expanded through the other Hufflepuffs, to the Ravenclaws, the Slytherins and the Gryffindors. She was probably the most risky of the three for Sirius - she had friends in all the houses, and that could pose a threat. He was careful around her, and around her friends. He definitely didn’t need to be caught.

Three strategically picked girls to satisfy the eldest Black brother, and they all seemed to play along with his game.

Of course, they had no idea what was happening behind their backs. Sirius had a fool proof plan when it came to his girls. He’d meet Daisy in the common room in the morning, and see her throughout his lessons all day, he’d go and meet Nolwenn up in the library where he could easily hide if needed, and finally he’d meet Eden wherever she happened to be - mostly in the kitchens.

His plans worked for a long time - so long, in fact, that he thought they were indestructible. However, he never in his wildest efforts could have predicted the chain of events that led to the end of his player ways.

And it all started out with a new student.

You transferred into Hogwarts due to your parents’ change in jobs. It wasn’t the first time you had moved schools, but it was still nerve-racking all the same, even if no one ever seemed to remember you when you left.

Invisible was the only word that came to mind - you were the student that seemed to fade into the background, the one no one remembered no matter what you did.

You assumed this school would be exactly like your last - friendship groups already made, judging stares as you sat alone. Never did you think that it would be due to a certain Gryffindor boy that this school year would be completely different than any other.

The first time you saw the dark haired boy, he was waiting outside a classroom with his arm wrapped around a girl’s waist. There was nothing unusual about it at all. In fact, the only reason why you even payed attention was because the boy was handsome. You watched as he leant down to kiss the girl, him pushing her dark brown hair out of her face as her hands held onto his shoulders. From what you could tell, she was extremely pretty, and that was accentuated by the use of her makeup, her bright eyes standing out against her dark skin. You saw how happy they appeared together, and smiled to yourself - they seemed like a cute couple.

The second time you saw the dark haired boy, he was sitting on a table in the library opposite a Ravenclaw girl, their hands intertwined on top of it. You wondered if it was simply a coincidence that the boy seemed similar to the one stood outside the classroom just days before - after all, he had seemed so happy with the other girl. The new couple appeared deep in conversation about something, the Ravenclaw girl using her free hand to tuck loose strands of her short light brown hair behind her ear. You made a mental note to pay more attention to this boy - was it just a figment of your imagination that you saw him twice?

The third time you saw the dark haired boy, he was stood with a blonde girl outside the Hufflepuff common room, and that’s when it was confirmed for you that this boy was dating three different girls. The blonde girl was in the middle of a very animated conversation when he reached out to cup her cheek with his hand. You watched as a blush became obvious on her tanned skin. You rolled your eyes as you turned to walk away.

This guy was a complete git if you ever knew one, and you told yourself not to get into his drama.

If only you’d listened to your own advice.

Good Boys Like Bad Girls (Final Part)

Summary: Taehyung has proven to you just how much you need each other, now it was time to get Jungkook out of the picture once and for all. 

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 4.7

Warnings: Character death and generally unhealthy relationships and sick minded people. 


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Tonight was the night.

The metallic heaviness of the blood that was about to be spilled tonight stinging your nose and churning in your stomach. Guilt, that’s what you felt. It wasn’t fair and you knew it. Jungkook may have done a lot of terrible things in his short time on this earth but he certainly didn’t deserve this.

You felt like a traitor, like you were selling out one of your own. You were no better than him. He just happened to take one too many wrong turns that lead to this exact moment.

Serpentine scales crawl all over your skin as you’re reminded that you can’t even pretend to be innocent in all of this when the entire thing hinges on your participation, and you weren’t bowing out.

The rising smell of seared meat fills the room, making the entire would-be butcher scene all the more gruesome.

“Are you sure it’s not burned?” The dead man himself rasped, standing over you and surveying the dinner you were making.

“Yes, Jungkook, now stop hounding me and make yourself useful.” You said in a perfectly normal voice, casual and a bit irritated, just appropriate for the situation. What a wonderful actress you are! “Take that black knife over there and make us a bowl of salad.”

Jungkook does as you tell him, washing the individual vegetables and starting to cut them into little pieces using the knife.


It’s getting closer now and soon enough you receive the text you were waiting for.

Your father is home.

You hear the sound of his shitty pickup truck pulling into the driveway. On cue, you jump away from stove and shriek, “Oh, shit, I think the bastard is outside.” You speak of your father, still refusing to call him that. “We need to get the fuck out of here.”

You make him drop the knife on the table and abandon the salad that was never meant to be eaten, then you tug him hurriedly towards your bedroom, just barely dodging your drunken father.

“Man, I was really hungry,” Jungkook grumbles as soon as you close the door behind you.

“Don’t worry he’ll be gone soon. He’s probably here to get more money for beer anyway.” You roll your eyes before fixing Jungkook with a heavy look and say lustily, “But I bet I have something in this room that you can eat.”

Like Pavlov’s dog, he immediately starts drooling at the sound.


“Come here, baby boy. I want you to fuck me so hard, I wouldn’t be able to keep from screaming.”

He’s on you in a second, his kiss pressing you tightly against the door. You let yourself enjoy the kiss. By all means, sex between you and Jungkook shouldn’t be good. He is a selfish lover and so are you, but this past couple of months haven’t been as hellish as you’d thought. You found relief in the fact that you didn’t have to constantly pay attention to his pleasure. He knew how to get what he wanted and so did you. Sex with Jungkook was always a battle that left you drained but mostly sated.

You both had to fight for your pleasure, and sometimes you failed but that only made it that much better when you managed to get it. It felt so natural with him. That was the life you were meant to be living, and you’d begun to get used to it too. Get used to Jungkook’s loud and demanding personality, his reckless and often illegal behavior, his abrasive words and uncaring treatment, all things you repaid with equal fervor, turning them into explosive fights and a few new scars for the both of you, but he remained loyal and he always found his way back to your side.

Jungkook was the more suitable man for you. Someone who knew and shared your history, was good in bed and could protect you. And you soon got caught up in your new routine until Taehyung, seething, told you that it was time to put the plan in motion, and you remembered that you were too greedy to settle for him.

You snake a hand between your tightly pressed bodies and palm him through his pants, “Fuck me.”

“Someone’s eager.” He smirks against your neck. Oh, he had no idea how eager you really were.

“Now, Jungkook.” You demanded. He bites your neck and slips his hand under your tights and panties to cup your pussy, checking to see if you were really ready this fast.

“You’re not even wet.” You could hear the confusion in his voice. You and Jungkook were no strangers to having sex when you weren’t fully ready for him, due to his impatience and your new found fetish for all things rough now that Jungkook was your sub, but during those times you were wet enough to at least enjoy the pain, now you were just plain dry.

“That’s the point. I want it really rough this time.” You drawl, eyes sparkling.

“At least let me eat you out a little first.” His reluctance was evident. You needed to shut it down before he thinks about it too much. This whole thing was time sensitive and you cannot allow him to get you wet or else the whole plan might fail.

“No, just this once I was to feel what it’s like to really be taken by a man.” You run your hands over his arms, not hiding the thrill in your eyes. “Show me what all these muscles are good for.”


“Enough! I may be asking you to play the man this time but don’t ever forget who is really in control here. You’ve been chasing after me for months. Don’t make me regret choosing you.”

That shut him up. You only had a fraction of a second to admire the delicious way his jaw clenched before you were thrown on your hands and knees on the bed with Jungkook right behind you.

He didn’t bother pulling your tights down, he just ripped them in half over your ass before you felt the head of his penis against your unyielding entrance.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Taehyung would never have made me repeat myself this–” You didn’t get to finish your sentence because, at the mention of his rival, Jungkook thrust inside you so hard it made you go mute from the pain. He hated when you mentioned Taehyung, the same as the other man hated when you mentioned Jungkook. Men were all the same, no matter if they were strong and rash like Jungkook or smart and needy like Taehyung, and you used it to your advantage now as well as then.

“Move.” It was a ghost of a whisper but somehow Jungkook heard you and he started pumping his length in and out of you, with no small effort on his part. You were entirely too dry and tensed up which bordered on painful even for him.

After a while, you realized that this wasn’t working out, not for the plan but for you. This was your last time with Jungkook and you were too selfish to let it pass without savoring it so you stop him. He gratefully complies only for his face to fall back into dismay when he realizes you’re just changing positions.

Just then a sharp scream is heard from downstairs followed by a thud and a series of pained moans and Jungkook looks around in alarm, “What was that?”

“It’s my piece of shit old man. He must have slipped and hit his head or something. He’s constantly too pissed to function. Forget about him.”

You lie on your back with your legs spread wide then you run your hands over his broad back, pulling the boy close to you until his hot length was lying over your pussy. “Come on, baby boy. I heard all the stories about how you’d wreck the girls brave enough to climb into your bed. I’ve seen girls dare each other to survive a night with you. Show me how cruel you can be. Be a good boy for me.”

That seems to grab his attention and he forgets about the suddenly quiet man downstairs, not that he could’ve been bothered to care long about him anyway. Jungkook wouldn’t care even if the man had cracked his skull and was now lying on the floor bleeding his life away, not when his pleasure was on the line and he had you underneath him ordering him to go as hard as he can.

Fool, Fool.

“Those girls were easily scared. They were used to gentle missionary fucking while the boy whispered romantic bullshit in their ear. They weren’t you.”

“And that’s why you have to go the extra mile to impress me. You have to do things you didn’t even know you were capable of. Prove to me you really deserve me.”

“You narcissistic bitch.” Jungkook spat, pushing himself inside of you and picking up his pace right away. “Why the fuck do I have to keep working to convince you that I deserve you, huh? Just because you had one pathetic suburban boy who wanted to escape his mind-numbingly boring life by slumming it down with you and now you think you’re hotshit? Wake up, ___! You’re trash just like me.”

You grit your teeth, “If I’m trash then why are you so intent on being with me?”

He throws his head back laughing, and you can’t help watching the thick muscles of his neck ripple beneath his skin, “Haven’t you heard? Misery loves company, babe. If I’m doomed to live my life as the scum of society then dammit I deserve a hot piece of ass who would do to me all the twisted things I could ever dream of.”

His expression suddenly turns wrathful and his thrusts become almost too punishing inside your bruised pussy, “And that’s why the Kim bastard should’ve never laid his greedy hands on you. He can’t just get the prize without paying the price.”

Envious and angry though his words they may be, they struck a familiar cord. Those were your exact thoughts just a short while ago when you weren’t thinking big enough. That’s Jungkook’s problem, for all his brazenness, he has never dared to go for the things he coveted so much. That’s what you and Taehyung had in common, and it is this one thing that proved detrimental to Jungkook’s survival.

“Oh, you dumb, pretty boy.” You whisper so faintly you aren’t sure you even said anything but he hears you and it has the desired effect on him. His large hand wraps tightly around your throat, dangerously restricting your air flow and his hips fuck you into the mattress. And yet you’ve never felt more powerful than when you pressed your hand against the chest of the boy hulking over you to find his heart about to burst forward. You couldn’t help getting a little wet but that shouldn’t matter at this point.

“Cum inside me, baby boy. I know you’re dying to.” It doesn’t take much convincing before his release fills you up, the salty fluid hitting your damaged walls and sending pain signals up to awaken your hazy brain.

Jungkook falls on the bed beside you and you don’t give him a second to calm down before you’re yelling at him to go downstairs to turn the stove off, finally acknowledging the burning smell that was gradually filling up the entire house.

“What about your father?”

“He probably left by now, just go! The house is gonna burn down.” You shout and he finally gets up and leaves.

As soon as he’s out of earshot, you quickly get out of the room and lock yourself in the bathroom. Putting on a hushed, scared voice you call the police and cry to the operator, “Please help me, he’s killed my father and now he wants to kill me. Please, please, help me!”

You hear footsteps running outside in the hallway and go into the room adjacent to yours and you know that Jungkook has gone into your bedroom to find you. When he realizes you aren’t there he starts searching around for you and shouting your name. You speak more urgently to the woman on the phone, “Please, hurry up. He’s gone crazy!”

Jungkook hears you and tries to open the bathroom door only to find out that it’s locked which makes him even more frantic, and soon he’s pounding on the door, screaming your name, “Open the door, ___. What have you done, you fucking bitch!?”

You scream too, for the woman to save you, “He’s going to break down the door, oh god, he’s going to kill me!”

Things go smoothly from that night on. Smoothly enough to leave a permanent bad taste in your mouth.

The cops arrive minutes after your call to find your father dead in the kitchen from multiple stab wounds. Jungkook himself is found in the hallway after having busted your bathroom door open, delivering punches and kicks to your knocked out and crumpled form in a fit of blind rage after he realized that you had set him up.

It was easy to pin him as the main suspect.

A father catches his daughter in his home with her abusive, thug boyfriend. He strikes up a fight with him, things escalate and the boyfriend kills the father, evidenced by the black kitchen knife found sticking out of the man’s back bearing Jungkook’s fingerprints all over it,  then in his fit of insanity, he drags the daughter upstairs and rapes her, evidenced by her torn clothes, the handprints dug deep into the skin of her neck, and of course the sexual injuries and semen found on her.

The whole town knows Jungkook to be volatile, and it doesn’t help him that the true story of what happened, you having set him up, makes him sound even more unstable, but he really hammered the nail into his own coffin when he rightly declared Taehyung as the accomplice who did the killing while you distracted him.

Despite how painfully right he was, people stopped listening to him after that. There was no way the star student, the pride and joy of this town, could’ve been capable of something like that. Additionally, people were highly suspicious of Jungkook trying to implicate Taehyung in this, seeing as they had seen Jungkook beating up Taehyung on multiple occasions before.

The police still questioned him, that for sure, but it was only for show, and they accepted Nayeon’s word about him being with her on that night as his alibi, especially that there was no evidence of him being at the scene of the crime when it happened, Taehyung was meticulous about that. After all, who would you believe, the fucked up son of a druggie mother and an alcoholic abusive father or the two most loved kids in the whole town? Jungkook probably lashed out against your father because he reminded him of his own, or so they say.

The Jeon family couldn’t afford a lawyer, not that they cared to, so he was represented by a public defender. The only time one of Jungkook’s parent’s visited him in jail was when his father went by to hurl insults at his incarcerated son for making the town’s people harass them for raising a murderous child. To them, this whole trial was an inconvenience and a headache. They left town even before the final sentence was announced.

All of that passed by in a blur to you, but one thing didn’t. One thing you’d never let yourself forget, and it was how your image in the eye of the town had drastically changed overnight. Suddenly they’d forgotten all the shitty things they used to call you and how badly they used to treat you. Now you were the sweet girl who was so misunderstood, in so much pain, who fell prey to a dangerous man who took her father away from her and almost took her will to live, if not her life.

But let’s not forget the heroic rule the golden pair, Taehyung and Nayeon, played in saving that poor girl. After the ridiculous accusation from Jungkook, Taehyung and Nayeon grew closer to the poor girl. They bonded together in their need to survive such a senseless tragedy, and the two, ever selfless teens guided the poor girl through her dark time.

Taehyung’s parents approved of this new development despite their not-so-subtle hatred of you in the past. Now that being friends with you meant that their son was the hero of the town, they treated you like a long lost daughter.

And so that’s how it went, you, Taehyung and Nayeon, the three of you prevailing despite it all until the sentence was announced. A life sentence without possibility parole. Justice has been served.

They never even gave him a chance.

You cried for him that night. For the boy who deserved just as much and as little as you did, but who landed himself right into the hands of the beast. Taehyung thought they were tears of happiness. It was the first time he had ever read you wrong.

But it was over, you had made your choice, and there were bound to be losses either way.

The star student laid beneath you that night, like he did countless times before, only this time the dark chocolate of his brown eyes didn’t hint of the sweetness of his soul like you had always thought, instead, it was just darkness, no chocolate. And his voice, released in sobs of pleasure, echoed around the room enough times that the sinister whispers hidden underneath the depth of his honey voice were magnified as they reverberated between the walls and were hurled at you.

You fall on the bed and pull him up, switching your positions and looking up at him expectantly.

“I can’t, please. Let me calm down.”

“But I want to feel your cock inside of me. Right. Now.” You grasp the base of his cock in your hand, trying to stave off his orgasm while simultaneously arching your back and pushing your chest against him, your eyes holding his and screaming of lust. “I’m tired of denying myself of you. You’ve earned this. Now take your reward.”

You bring you knees further upwards on the bed, spreading your legs wider, and you could see him practically salivating at the sight.

“But I’ll cum the second I put it in.”

“Then you’ll just have to make sure you do it outside because if you cum inside of me, this will be the last time I ever let your dick near my pussy again.”

Taehyung was shaking above you, glowing with sweat. How can you ask such an impossible task of him? He’d been dreaming of this moment since you’d first cornered him in a classroom and made him go down on you. He’d seen all the pain that you’d been through, watched helpless as your father abused you and the town tore you down but now he has finally proven his worth to you, and seeing the way you were so readily offering yourself to him, body yellow with the healing of the last bruises you’ll ever receive and bones slowly receding from your previously malnourished body, he takes a deep breath and commends himself for even lasting this long.

He pushes slowly inside of you and you arch further into him, fingers and toes curling and a long whine escaping your lips as you finally feel the drag of his cock along your walls. Your mind is wiped blank and you can’t remember a time when Taehyung’s dick didn’t fill you up and you didn’t feel this mind-searing pleasure.

Which makes it all the more maddening when he only manages a couple of thrusts before he is pulling out and whimpering in your ear, “I’ll cum. I’ll cum, oh god!”

You pull on the leash in your hand, tightening the collar around his throat and he chokes, “Isn’t this what you’ve always begged me for? Now that you have it, you’re going to pussy out? Are you a fucking virgin? Didn’t I train you so you wouldn’t embarrass yourself like this?”

Tears start escaping Taehyung’s eyes, “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be a disappointment. It’s just that no matter how many times you touch me, it never gets easier.”

You soften at his sincere words and loosen the punishing choke of the collar around his throat, “It’s ok, puppy. I’m just tense because you felt really good inside of me. I thought you charmed Nayeon by your pretty cock and your pretty face but you feel so so good puppy. I need more. Can you give it to me?”

Taehyung curses and wills himself to gather all the self-control and stamina he’s built over the months he’s known you then, putting on his best iron resolves, he begins to fuck into you again, and this time he lasts much longer.

This time you get a couple of minutes of mind-blowing fucking. Taehyung surely picked up a few tricks over his time with Nayeon and Jungkook and who knows who else. He did all he could to get you to cum before he did, from groping your breasts to rubbing your clit
to kissing every sensitive spot on your body, and he was helped greatly by the mere fact that you were attracted to him like no other boy before and every single noise he let out made you lose your mind… but still he was farther gone than you were and soon he was almost collapsing on you because he was using both of his hands to stop his orgasm.

“It’s ok, baby, shhh.” You run your hands gently across his back, feeling the vibrations from the mix of sobs and moans that were shaking through his body like an earthquake.

“I c-can’t do it. I’m so sorry.”

“That’s ok, baby. You did so good already. You made me feel so good. You’re such a good boy.” You hum to him and wait for him to calm down then you pull him up to face you, “I want you to cum baby. Get it all out so you can relax then you can fuck me again and give me what I want. Ok, baby?”


“But remember no cumming inside of me.”

He swallows and nods, positioning the head of his cock against your entrance and pushes in, thrusting a few times before he pulls back and grabs himself, reading to stroke himself off the edge, but you slap his hand away, “No, you’ll cum only from my pussy. Or is it not good enough for you?” You challenge.

“No, it’s fucking perfect.” Taehyung rushes to clarify even though he knows you were just fucking with him. You know how hard it is for him to cum using your pussy but not cumming inside it and not touching himself, but did he really expect anything less from you?

You watch him as he tries several times to thrust into you and pull back to try to cum outside your pussy, only to fail and try again, all the while moaning and whimpering for you to help him, but the sight was too delicious for you to have mercy on him.

But the tantalizing push and stretch of his cock inside of you and the way he would rub the head of his cock against your clit when he pulls back to whine and beg for you with his big puppy eyes and his tongue almost hanging outside his mouth to constantly wet and bite his lips, has you as frustrated as him in no time.

So when his thrusts turn shallow with only the head of his cock teasing in and out of your entrance and he’s begging you to “Please, make me cum, make me cum, please, please”. You push him off of you and drag your nails along his thighs, leaving bright red marks in their wake, “I won’t make you cum, Taehyung. You’ll obey me and do it yourself. I want to watch you cum without anything touching your pretty cock. I want to see you cum just to sound of my voice. I want you to prove one last time how whipped you are for me. You can do that can’t you, puppy? Yeah, be good and cum for me. Now.”

Finally, his hips shoot upwards and a long stream of cum shoots out of his cock.  He freezes in place, only his hips working up and down as his load is tortuously milked out of him. The moment he begins to calm down, you push him down to lie back on the bed and straddle him, sitting on his softening cock and riding him, rapidly bringing it back to life.

“Ah, fuck, fuck!” Taehyung screams from the overstimulation but he doesn’t protest. He’s been through this dozens of times before and soon enough the pleasure starts to kick in again, and the pain is entirely replaced by bliss from the fact that you’re finally fully fucking him.  Your pace is wild as you feel the full push of his cock into you, and you lean back so the head of his cock can hit you in just the right place.

You look at Taehyung and you find him staring down at the place where you are joined, you follow his gaze and you see white strings of his cum being formed every time you slam into his pelvis then stretched and broken as you bounce up. “Do you like this, puppy? You like seeing your cum on me?”

“Yes, ___. It feels right.” He looks up at you, gauging your reaction. “Doesn’t it?”

You lean down and capture his lips in a hungry kiss. It was wet and messy but the feel of his tongue in your mouth goes straight to your core, and your orgasm shoots through you unexpectedly.

“Yes, Tae, baby” You grunt against his lips, “It feels right.”

You slip his drenched cock out of you and start rapidly stroking him until he spasms into your hand. His seed feels way too hot in your hands and you can see that his bangs were completely soaked with sweat so you brush them aside and press a kiss to his forehead, whispering, “It feels just right.”

The night of the verdict was your first in a long time with Taehyung and your last. You hadn’t been able to be together in that way under such intense scrutiny but today you were allowed a reprieve from the watchful eyes. A day to process all that you’ve been through, they said. They didn’t like that you were spending it in your house where the crime happened, but you had insisted saying it would give you closure before you’re set to leave a few days later, far away from this town and looking for a fresh start.

Taehyung would follow you at the start of the new school year, that was the plan. He’d apply for a college near you and you’d be together at last. Taehyung would gradually distance himself from his parents until the only contact left between them are holiday visits and birthday calls.

There was only one loose end, Nayeon.

As you stare at the boy in your arms, the killer humming contently in that deep timbre of his and nuzzling into your chest, you’re reminded of a misbehaved dog cuddling up to his master, and you can’t help but wonder is it the dog’s fault if he lashes out and murders someone, is it an inherent fault in him or is it the master’s fault for not reigning in his violent nature?

“I’m worried about Nayeon.”

“We’ve been through this, ___. She doesn’t know anything. All she knows is that I went out to get something and that coincidently that happened at the same time of the crime. She’s already testified that I’ve never left her house. Stop worrying.”

“What if she retracts her statement. I don’t feel safe knowing that she knows even that little. I can’t let her ruin all that we’ve worked for. I can’t let her take you away from me.”

Taehyung looks up and studies you for a second before smiling peacefully, “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll take care of her.”

Author’s Note: I honestly feel sorry for Jungkook. I think I got into the character of the OC too much :’D

Anyway, let me know what you guys think of the ending :) I hope I didn’t rush this too much and that it’s actually coherent.

The Lucky One Pt 3

Characters: reader, James (Bucky), OC Caleb, OC Marjorie (reader’s mother), mention of OC Kevin Jenkins.

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: mostly fluff, a lil angst.

Word Count: 2554

Tags at the bottom 

A/N: This fic was originally for Stark’s Tower Movie Challenge ( @hunters-from-stark-tower ). I hoped to have another part or two finished by the deadline, but life happens. :) I’ve based this fic on the movie/book “The Lucky One”. I’m really enjoying fleshing out this story and putting my own spin on it! I hope you agree. Please let me know your thoughts! 

<<<Part Two   Part Three   Part Four>>> 

The Lucky One Masterlist


Originally posted by dailyevanstan


You heard the stable doors sliding shut, breaking you from your reverie. James closed the padlock around the chain and handed the keys to you.

“Thank you,” you responded, throat still a little thick with emotion.

“He’ll be okay,” James assured you. “Caleb. You’re doing right by him, I don’t doubt that.”

“I appreciate that. Have a good night, James,” you said with a sniffle. 

A generous smile touched his lips, this time even reaching his stunning blue eyes.  

“Good night, Y/N,” he echoed before walking away.


The rest of the week, James continued to be the perfect employee. He came early to start any repair projects he saw, fed the horses, mucked out the stalls, hauled bales of hay, and did all of it without complaint. Most days you had to remind him to take a lunch break and when to stop at the end of the day. You wondered if he actually even had an off switch. Around noon, when reminded, he would disappear for that hour for the first few days, but by the end of the week he was bringing a lunch of his own and would spend time with the horses. You could tell he was more comfortable around them and that fact made you oddly happy.

One evening after work was done for the day and James had gone home, you were sitting on your porch with your mother beside you. Caleb was laying on a blanket with his sketchbook, perfectly content. As the sun set and darkness rose slowly, you saw a figure walk past on the main road. It was James walking back from town with what looked like at least 5 grocery bags in his left hand and 3 or 4 planks of wood over his right shoulder. Quite the load to carry over such a long distance, although come to think of it, you weren’t sure where he was staying since there wasn’t much past your stables for miles.

Curiosity got the better of you so the next day, after discussing the training and feeding schedule, you breeched the subject.

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On Iron Man 2

The recent Wank resulted in a rewatch of Iron Man 2, which renewed my love for this movie. Iron Man 2 is hands down my favorite ever MCU film. Ill admit that part of this is probably because its also the first MCU film I saw, and it as a movie has literally shaped my life. 

I hate that some people seem to forget the very specific set of circumstances that led to this movie. This is Tony dying. 

It amplifies his best and his worst. Hell take on the weight of the whole world and not tell anybody because he doesnt want them to worry. He wants to take care of everything. He thinks its his responsibility to, and he thinks he doesnt have the right to complain or ask for help.

He pretends like nothing is wrong, and to keep up appearances, he behaves like how he thinks others think he normally behaves. Honestly, it speaks to his astoundingly low self-image that this who he thinks he is. He thinks these are the actions that would not ring any warning bells. 

Even Natasha falls into his trap. That scene where he asks Natasha what she would do if it was her last birthday was so telling. This is where Natasha, I think, figured it out, and also where she sets out a test: Id do whatever I wanted. What do you really want, Tony Stark? 

And Tony parses this as, pass on my legacy without alerting and worrying anyone, and proceeds to do the entire birthday party thing, which was, objectively, a mess. Natasha sees the birthday party and then parses Tony as this: I want to be the center of attention and blow things up despite endangering people and getting into a fight with my actual best friend. Conclusion: Will not work well in a team. Tony Stark, not recommended.

We, the audience, get to see Tonys inner workings. We see that this is a straight-up existential breakdown. The people around him do not precisely because he works so hard to keep it from them. They suspect that somethings wrong–Rhodey and Pepper ask him whats up; superspies Fury and Nat figure it out with the help of old Howard knowledge. But still, all they see is his erratic behavior because thats all he gives them.

Well, you say, theyre his friends. They shouldve seen through him. Im sorry, but no. Tony is acting against them. Pepper and Rhodey and Happy arent mind-readers, and they shouldnt have to be. Pretty much all the mess in this movie could have been averted if he just talked to them about anything at all. The fact that he doesnt is a result of who he is as a character–too noble for his own good. Whether thats a character flaw or strength is a matter of circumstance.

tl;dr please dont use IM2 to prove either that a) Tony is an asshole, or b) his friends are assholes to him because youd be wrong on both counts because youre ignoring the entire premise of the movie

Seth Rollins - Say Something.

Part 1 of this series.

Summary - Seth and Reader have been together for just over a year and it seemed they knew all about each other to every little detail. Seth had proven over time that he is true to his character portrayed on screen, ‘The Man’ however when he finds out some life-altering news, will he allow his old cowardly ways to take over.

Warnings - Angst, hold onto your heartstrings.

Word Count - 1,654 words.

I re-positioned my injured hip into a more comfortable angle on the large sofa just as another wave of sudden sickness washed over me; I grabbed the bucket from beside me (having learned from not making it to the bathroom several times in these last two months thanks to your crutches). I ungracefully emptied to contents of my stomach with a groan of displeasure, my own mind scolding how gross this would appear. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my crutches taking the bucket to the bathroom to wash out. I finished up cleaning the bucket and decided to tidy the bathroom cabinets (my OCD kicking in noticing the mess Seth had left behind) as I absentmindedly cleaned my mind began probing all the possibilities of these sudden bouts of illness. That’s when I saw the lone pregnancy test laying solitary at the back of the cabinet, my mind began to spin at a million miles and hour. I couldn’t be, could I?…

I leaned against the bathroom counter, completely in shock as my hands trembled holding the small; yet life-changing pregnancy test displaying a clear little plus sign on the small screen. A few tears rolled down the apples of my cheeks, unsure whether they were tears of joy or sadness; my mind completely occupied with how I was going to tell Seth.

With Seth still remaining in the world of wrestling, it only meant he was away for the majority of the year leaving only a mere couple of days a week for some alone time. This was made even worse by the fact he was currently on the European Tour; hundreds of miles away from me. I strolled out from the bathroom, my eyes roaming to the pale wall which held the calender counting down every single day until Seth returned home. March 2nd… only one day until he’d be home and I’d have to tell him the situation that now only sent chills down my spine.

The Following Morning

Small rays of light trickled through the gap in the blinds ultimately causing my eyes to twitch at the sudden brightness. My mind raced in so many directions… maybe it was the lack of sleep or maybe just the lone fact that this day right now, could be the deciding moment of your entire relationship but it wasn’t soon before all thoughts were washed as yet another wave of sickness rushed over me. After cleaning in the bathroom for what seemed like the billionth time over these past 2 weeks a sudden buzz from the counter halted my movements.

As I placed my phone delicately against the counter-top; the constant thoughts were inescapable as to what this ‘important’ news Seth was so desperate to tell me actually was… It really couldn’t be as important as mine- surely.

A couple of minutes soon turned into an hour and the herculean build of my boyfriend pressed through the doors, immediately sliding his arms free of the multiple bags that beforehand weighed them down.

“Did you miss me babe.” He pronounced as he strode over to my snugly positioned body on the couch. His cold hands caressed the tops of my thighs as he sat prior to him leaning towards me pressing his soft lips against mine. God, I couldn’t deny that man was the highlight of my life, who I dream of sipping tea and playing bingo with when we’re 80 but I also couldn’t really help but feel distant from him in some way. He’s traveling around the world 24/7 but still then he felt closer than what I felt currently. I guess it was obvious- his face flushed of all colour and that cheeky grin that appears on his face everytime he’s home after long journeys disappeared in an instant. “Babe, what’s up with you? You still feeling ill?” 

“No, no Seth really it’s nothing. I stopped feeling ill a couple of days ago.” I muttered, however, small faulters in my words were able to affect my whole clarity. It’s not easy to hide the truth, especially not when faced with the single man who knows you better than anybody else. “Well what did you want to tell me because I swear to you I’m fine.”

“Well I’ll take your words as the truth then. Well obviously I’ve just come back from the injury and you’re obviously injured but doctors say you’ll be fine in a few weeks now… I was speaking to Hunter and Steph and they basically agreed for a match babe. The one we’ve talked about forever- A mixed gender match with Us vs. Them! What’ya say baby?” A grin stretched across his cheeks from one ear to the other; an evident sign of his pure elation. This was the Seth I knew, the Seth that is impossible not to love night in and night out, the one who remembers the tiny things and makes them the big things. This was something we discussed on a third date, my hand in his right before our first kiss- that was just over a year ago.

“Oh my god Seth, how did that even come about!? We’ve talked about this since god knows how long! When is the match because I know it’ll take a long build-up so what are we talking; next summer, maybe the next royal rumble?”I inquired whilst a clear sense of excitement surged through my entire body only to receive a raised eyebrow from Seth as a few light chuckles escaped his lips.

“No it took some persuading but 2 months from now; we’re going to Wrestlemania babe.” It was at that exact moment my heart sank to the pit of my stomach knowing deep down that two months is entirely impossible for you. 

“Seth- Seth” I aimed to interrupt his speech but he continued to babble on about everything from the ring gear to how we’d do our entrance. He didn’t want to stop talking yet I knew it was now or never. “I’m pregnant.” 

Seth remained still, frozen from his previous rambles and the air felt overly denser as silence lingered in the atmosphere. My eyes slowly met his, however, he almost instantly diverted his attention down to his hands. Tears began to brim in my eyes due to the sheer fact that this was definitely not how I wished for this moment. Tears of joy, kisses, a hug… that’s what my mind would’ve liked to picture but this- this was just the polar opposite. “Seth… please just say something,” I mumbled, cupping his cheeks in my palms in order to lift his view to my level. Seth’s face ripped away from my hands immediately as he frantically stood up, beginning to pace back and fourth with two fingers pressed firmly against his temple. My orbs became increasingly diluted as the seconds passed, “Seth it’s still me; just please talk to me.”

But still no answer…

“I can’t” Seth exclaimed shaking his head before grasping the handle of his travel bag and lifting it onto his shoulder. 

“Seth- Seth! Don’t walk out that door, please just don’t.” I begged as small drops of tears cascaded down to my chin. 

Reaching for the support of my crutches; I rose, starting to slowly make my way over to the senseless body that remained in the doorway. I was too late. He didn’t even look back… He just walked.

“Damn it Seth,” I yelled, my wails overpowering the obnoxious slam of the front door. He could’ve said something; said anything but no. My sobs soon developed into anger which ultimately was forcefully taken out on my crutches as they were flung across the room, hitting against the walls before crashing to the floor. “Goddamn, that man!” 

My entire body weight leant against the kitchen counter, it wasn’t long before I lunged for the aid of my phone. Clickling the home button, the brightness seemed to initially blind my already blurred vision before clearing slightly to reveal that one photo; Seth’s arms draped around your hips, that smug grin etched on his face at our first awards ceremony. My arm powered the handheld object towards the opposing wall. It was almost an impulse; a heat of the moment action that I regretted straight away- especially since it ended viewing the framed portrait of our first kiss, smashed and broken into a million pieces scattered across the carpet. My breath hitched in my throat and my hand instantly shifting to cover my mouth; partly silencing the loud weeps that began to echoed around the room.

Two small beeps rang from beyond the glass covered carpet signaling for an answer. What if it was Seth… I stumbled away from the safety of the counter venturing for the first time in five months away from your assigned crutches, even if it was just for a mere few steps.

The first two steps were simple. Slowly but surely was what I had to keep informing myself… One wrong placing and that’s it. That’s it… My left foot reached the ground for the third step but this time it was much different. Tingling sensations pounded through my bloodstream and numbness became ever-present. “Fuck” I groaned in displeasure as my body tumbled to the floor, narrowly avoiding the glistening shards of glass in the near proximity. “Shit, shit.” It wasn’t hard for me to know that my hip killed right now; no way did I want to reinjure this, not at this point but my mind couldn’t fully distinguish whether the sharp pains were radiating from my hip or growing stomach. Please God, don’t let it be the second option.

My fingers roamed across the carpet, luckily in reach of the already shattered screen of my mobile phone. The first contact on my recent, it was him… I needed help and fast so just please Seth pick up. 

But still, there was no answer… 

A/N - Oh dear lord this was sad to even write. This is only the first installment of this series so stay tuned to see how things work out between these two! Hope you guys enjoyed it! 2nd part should be out pretty soon! ~ Nikkii xo

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love.exe | ch 1

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characters: wen junhui/original female reader

genre: fluff, angst

summary: his own creator rejected him. he was created to love and that is exactly what he will do.

word count: 2.1k

a/n: happy birthday to chinese prince wen junhui, here’s a new series

chapters: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Y/N! Take this trash out to the dumpster before you head home!”

Yeah, I got it,” you yelled back at your manager in reply, counting the money one more time before sticking it back in the register, which closed with a ding.

Rain began to pour outside, and before you knew it, you were soaking. “Man, now I’ll need to wash this uniform..” With a yell, you threw the heavy bag of trash into the dumpster.

You were about to run back inside, until something caught your eye.

A finger. No, a hand. Sticking out of the dumpster. It could have seemed like some dumb prank, and two kids would have been waiting to get a video of your reaction, but it was dark, raining, and this was an alley on the bad side of town..

Curious, you reopened the dumpster, plugging your nose, but also hoping for the best. “Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead,” you pleaded.

Surely enough, there was an arm. Two of them, a torso, and moreso, an entire body.

Your initial reaction was to recoil, and you sighed, seeing the interval of their stomach rising up and down. Picking up their hand, it felt cold, hard, and you couldn’t pick out a pulse, but from what it seemed, they were sleeping. You weren’t very strong, but with a bit of straining, you managed to pull them out.

Odd enough was the sound of metal hitting the floor when you did put them down, and with the rain pouring, you couldn’t make out much of their appearance, except for their face.

You shook their shoulder, moving to a spot where the rain didn’t hit as much. “Hello? Excuse me? Wake up, it’s raining!”

You grabbed their hand, meaning to check for a pulse again, but their eyes shot open.

You screamed, feeling your back hit the brick wall as you jumped. Surely they were awake now, and they blinked at you a few times.

Shaking, you removed your sweater, and gently draped it over them.

“S-sorry I can’t help you any further, but it’s cold, stay dry and get home safe!! Also, please stop sleeping in dumpsters!”

You ran off.

“Love..?” The person muttered, watching as the rain seemed to roll off his skin.

You got home that night just fine, but the following morning, you groaned as you felt your nose stiffen. It was just a small convenience store job, but it paid decently, so you decided on heading back to work that morning. You called your boss, who you reassured that you were fine.

The bus ride there was less traumatic than yesterday, but the skies were still grey.

Sniffling, the doors to the back of the convenience store jingled, and you pulled your sweater closer to you, sighing as you felt the air change.

“Oh, there you are!” the cheerful voice of your manager chimed. Greeting her, you took whatever you could of the cold medication. “Is it my shift yet, or is Wonwoo still holding up the fort?” you asked, referring to one of the other workers, Wonwoo.

“He’s only got about ten minutes left, but I don’t want you covering for him quite yet, so you can just restock the shelves.” Sighing, you nodded, leaving the employee backroom.

“Morning.” Shoving some of the boxes aside, you began stocking shelves, the store still sparingly empty.

“Y/N.” Looking up, you saw Wonwoo calling you over frantically. “What’s up?”

“Some guy’s been standing outside waiting for you for about the past half hour—yah, are you sick?”

You blinked. “Some guy? And yeah, but I’m fine. Who’s out—” “No clue. I asked what his name was, but all he said was ‘love’ and ‘girl’. I asked boss, and she said Nayoung’s last shift was a couple of days ago, so if it’s not you, it’s probably her.”

He leaned in, “Also, he’s kind of creeping the customers out because he keeps on coming onto every girl that comes within a 10 foot range, so I hope it’s you.”

Wonwoo stood at about nearly six feet, jet black hair framing a relatively handsome face. Girls came by from time to time just to stare at him, but most of the time he simply waved them off. He stood in front of the register idly flipping through a magazine. He was also kind of your next door neighbor, but considering it was only your first month living in this town, you weren’t very close.

“Well, thanks,” you muttered, going to the front of the store. 

The doors jingled as you pushed them, and a silhouette quickly rose. “Love!”

In one fell swoop, you were pulled in by some remarkably strong arms, but because they were quite tall, you didn’t get to see who they were. Struggling, you yelled, “Let go!”

You were quickly released, and finally got to take a look at the person. They cocked their head to the side, confused. He was about your age, if not close to it. He was also oddly skinny, but had human-like features so you at least assumed he was human. His eyes were a striking green that seemed to revert to brown every second.

“Are you alright..?”

No response, just another cock of the head.

“Do you understand me?”

More silence.

“What’s your name?” you asked, sighing until you recognized the familiar jacket lining his shoulders. Under that, he wore a plain cream colored t-shirt, with dark jeans and sneakers. He seemed perfectly normal, if anything, so why was he in a dumpster last night?

He moved his wrist, and under it, the name ‘Jun’ was etched, almost like a tattoo.

“Is your name Jun?”


That itself seemed to set something off. His demeanor changed, and he straightened his posture, now making correct eye contact.

“Thank you for activating me,” he spoke, a smoothness to his voice that you enjoyed.  He bowed. “My name is Jun. It’s a pleasure to meet you, my love.”

It was all quite nice, and definitely respectable, except for that last part. “Your love..? Say, I think you’ve got the wrong person, I just moved here, I don’t—” “—You found me last night. You were the first person I saw, therefore you are my love. Or would you rather be known as Master?” You quickly put your hands on his shoulders, shushing him, glad no one was around. “You don’t say things like that in public! Look, Jun, it’s nice to meet you, but I really think you have the right person. Do you have someone I can call?”

He blinked.


You nodded. “Like, on a cell phone..?”

That seemed to confuse him even further. “Cell phone..?”

“Hey,” a deep voice called out. The two of you turned to look at Wonwoo, who raised an eyebrow, but ignored it. “Uh, it’s kind of your shift now.”

“Shift? As in working shift?” Jun asked, an eager tone filling his voice. You sighed. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Chop chop, Y/N,” another voice chimed, and you turned to see Nayoung. “Oh, I didn’t realize you were with your boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” Jun asked. “He’s not my boyfriend!” You cried.

You groaned, taking a final look at Jun, who still didn’t seem to get the memo. “Come inside if you want, and I can get my manager to help you. But stop pouncing on girls outside!”

“Whatever my love Y/N wants,” Jun replied. 

“Can it.”

“Um, Y/N…” Nayoung asked, a tense tone in her voice. You looked up from the register. “Yes?”

She motioned to behind her, where Jun currently stood, reading the magazines, making an odd facial expression every once in a while.

“How long is he going to be here?” she asked in a hushed tone, hands wrapped around a broom.

You shrugged. “Wonwoo said I should take him to a concert and let him get lost on his own, and Boss said I should just take him to the police and let them handle him.”

“I second the police part,” she murmured. “Wonwoo’s just jealous because he was the only guy in our lives, as he believes,” she rolled her eyes. “Anyway, you down to hang out with him and I after work? It is still your first month moving here, but you should at least make a few more friends. Warm up to the place, you know?”

You nodded, coming out from behind the counter. “That sounds like an okay idea. Let me get rid of him first, though.”

Nayoung put a hand on your shoulder. “And in case you don’t, you could have always used a boyfriend.”

Shushing her, you walked out from behind the counter, Nayoung taking your place as you walked over to Jun, who looked up from his magazine. “My love!”

Hearing snickering from behind you, you forced a smile. “Right. Anyways, how would you like to go with me somewhere after work?”

Jun blinked. “Somewhat of a date?”

You sighed. 

“Is it alright if I take this magazine with us? It has been a great source of knowledge.”

You eyed the magazine, narrowing your eyes. It was a teen girl magazine, the deepest shade of hot pink.

“As soon as you pay for it first,” you replied.

He cocked his head to the side again. “Pay..?”

You nodded. “Paying; the form of exchanging currency for goods or services…?”

Jun blinked. “I have no currency.”

Considering you didn’t own a car, and that she and Wonwoo were going to hang out later anyway, Nayoung let you borrow her car. You had a license, but with barely having moved into the town, you sort of lacked funds for a car, thus making the bus your main mode of transportation.

Jun continued flipping through the magazine, but he eyed the car with a sense of curiosity.

“So this is the contraption they call a car..” he muttered, dazed. “You act like you’ve never seen a car before.”

“I have not.”

The sky is still pretty grey, you noticed as you got in the driver’s seat, pulling the seatbelt on. You had to help Jun with his, as his got stuck.

“This is not my car, so please treat it nicely.”

The car ride there was mostly filled with Jun talking, as he rambled about the magazine and its contents. You figured that it would have been nice to at least get some background information, at least figure out if he remembers anything. Wonwoo helped you deduce that he was most likely an amnesiac, and woke up in the dumpster having head trauma, causing him to lose his memory.

Hell, neither of you were doctors, but it was better than nothing.

“So Jun,” you began, “do you know where you’re from?”

“Sort of,” he replied, attention still focused on the mag.

“Alright. Do you know any family?”

“Family? I believe I am the first of my brand.”

“Do you even have a last name, Jun?”

He blinked. “Wen?”

“Wen Junhui. Okay. We’ve at least got a starting point,” you breathed, and the car halted to a stop. “We’re here!”

Jun looked at the edifice outside. “Why have you taken me here? The magazine did not mention this of being anywhere near an ‘ideal date spot’.”

“We’re not on a date, we’re here to get you some help! To help figure out where you belong!”

Jun looked dazed, facial features beginning to soften. “Ah. I see. You’re trying to get rid of me.”

You nodded in agreement up until the last part. “Hmm?”

“It’s because I lack common h-human features, is it not?” Jun stuttered, but it sounded more like a computer glitch than an actual stutter. He stared down at his fingers. “It would appear my feelings are not reciprocated. Research indicates that the common thing to do here would be to run away, therefore, I will be taking my leave.”

He unbuckled the seatbelt, but unaware of his own strength, pulled on the car’s door handle too harsh, and ended up ripping it off. “I will apologize to Nayoung about that later.”

He still exited the car, and you took off after him. “Wait, wait, wait!” 

You latched onto his hand, and feeling the touch of human warmth hit his own metal hand, a circuit sprung in Jun’s mind. Emotional sensors…. rising.


Jun, please, that isn’t what I meant, I just—” you coughed, but you were quick to look up. “You called me by my first name.”

“Is that what you want?” Jun asked, a smug grin replacing the features on his face.

You blinked, confused. “What are you..?”

He stepped back. “I should re-introduce myself,” he bowed. “My name is Wen Junhui, and you are correct, I am not human. I was created to find and understand the human emotion of love. Please take care of me!”

been a little slow these last few days, and this chapter was originally longer but tumblr loves to mess up on me. anyway heres a new series that i have soo much for already

happy birthday to ½ of china line, our wonderful prince wen junhui!!

as always, requests are open!

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Requests: anon asked ‘Hi! I know you’re busy, but what do you think about writing a little Destiel when you have some spare time and all previous requests done? Cas don’t know what ticles are and when Dean finds out he tries to make him a giggling mess, just to discover that Cas is not, in fact, ticklish and is very confused about what on earth Dean tried to do with his fingers on his tummy.’

Warnings: Fluff 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 950ish words

A/N: Thanks for the request anon! Sorry that it took quite a while. I hope you like the fic and that I didn’t disappoint ❤️

“Aren’t you tired, Dean?”

Dean was splayed across the couch and his head rested on Cas’ lap. This gave Cas complete access to play with the strands of Dean’s hair.

“Not at all buddy,” Dean said, getting more comfortable in Cas’ lap. “I’m not ditching you on movie night.”

Dean had chosen an old romantic comedy for the night. Dean and Cas had this thing that they do - every Thursday night Dean would introduce his boyfriend to one of his favourite movies. Whenever he wasn’t too sleepy or tired, Sam would join them.

“Alright Dean,” Cas sighed. He knew that nothing would make Dean change his mind.

Cas continued to run his hand through Dean’s hair. Dean let out a small smile and, without taking his eyes from the screen, looped an arm across Cas’ waist.

Dean never let anyone, other than Cas, touch his hair. There was something about Cas’ touch that was both comforting and intimate at the same time.

Cas turned his attention back to the movie and soon got lost into the story. On the screen, the main character was being tickled by her girlfriend.


“Yeah Cas?” Dean’s eyes which had been on the screen now focused at Cas.

Cas had to restrain from taking a sharp breath when Dean’s olive eyes met his own eyes. Cas loved the freckles sprayed across Dean’s nose and whenever the two were in close proximity, he couldn’t help but count them. But he never got to finish counting them as he was always interrupted.

“Cas?” Dean called again, but a faint blush tinted the hunter’s cheeks when he realised that Cas was trying to count his freckles again. 

“Dean why is Amy laughing when her girlfriend’s hurting her?” He asked, referring to the main character.

A brief look of confusion took over Dean’s face as he turned his face to the screen.

“Oh no Cas, Amy’s not being hurt,” Dean said with a small smile. “Karen is just tickling her to get her to laugh.”

“Tickling?” Cas asked with a frown and a small tilt of his head.

Dean got up from Cas’ lap and sat on the couch next to him so that he could easily face him.

“Cas… are you telling me that you haven’t heard of tickles?”

The angel just looked more confused. “I… um… no Dean. I haven’t.”

Dean’s face stretched into a huge grin with an evil glint in his eyes. Cas knew this look all too well.

“Dean what is-“

Cas never got to finish his sentence as Dean’s fingers attacked Cas’ sides. Dean had a smirk plastered on his face as his hands expertly moved across Cas’ waist and his stomach but the smile slowly faded when he realised that Cas was not affected by Dean’s attempts to tickle him. 

“What are you doing Dean?”

“I- I was trying to tickle you Cas,” Dean muttered sheepishly.

Cas could not help but smile at Dean’s flustered expression.


“Yeah buddy?”

“Are you ticklish?”

Dean’s eyes widened in horror and he tried to move away from Cas. But the angel was too quick for the hunter and soon Dean found himself in Cas’ arms.

“Cas wait-“

But before Dean could finish, Cas’ hands found Dean’s waist and his fingers quickly copied what Dean’s had done. It didn’t take long for Dean to burst out laughing uncontrollably. Cas smirked as he realised how sensitive Dean was and continued to tickle him as Dean squirmed in Cas’ hold.  Dean was laughing so hard that tears had started to form in his eyes.

Cas paused. “Dean, am I hurting you?”

Dean wiped away the tears. “No Cas you’re not. But you can’t keep tickling me!” Dean’s voice was defiant.

“But I love watching you laugh, Dean.” Cas said with a small smile as he looked at Dean.

“You don’t need to tickle me to make me laugh Cas,” Dean pecked Cas’ nose. “Just be yourself.”

“You two are such saps.”

Both Cas and Dean turned around to see Sam looking down at them with amusement in his eyes. 

“Sammy! How long where you standing there?” Dean asked his younger brother as Cas blushed profusely.

Sam raised his hands in a mock surrender and grinned. “I just came down here to see what the God-awful wailing was. it sounded like someone was being murdered.”

“Oh that was Dean laughing,” Cas replied without missing a beat.

“Shut up Cas.” Dean’s ears burned red.

“Wait… Dean gets tickled?” Sam stared at Cas as though the angel just handed him a way to read the Angel Tablet without a prophet.

“Yes Sam, he does.” Castiel smiled.

Sam’s smile widened and Dean looked at his younger brother with horror. “Oh no Sam you don’t.”

“We’ll see about that.”

With that, Sam turned on his heel and made his way back to his room - but not before shooting a smirk in Dean’s direction.

“Great. I’m not going to hear the end of this, am I?” Dean sighed. 

“We’re probably going to start tickling you whenever we need you to do something Dean,” Cas said with a shrug.

“Oh great,” Dean muttered. “My brother and my boyfriend teaming up on me. That’s exactly what I need right now.”

“Are you being sarcastic Dean?”

“Yes buddy, I am. I’m going to go to bed now Cas. I’ll see ya in the morning.” Dean stretched and let out a loud yawn.

“Dean wait.”

Cas suddenly pulled Dean by his shirt and planted a short but firm kiss on the hunter’s lips. As Cas moved away, Dean grabbed him by the front of his coat and connected their lips together once more. It took a while for the two boys to pull away and they were both out of breath. Cas cheeks were flushed red and Dean had an adorable grin plastered on his face. The latter winked at Cas which made the angel turn flush harder.

“For the record Cas, I’m definitely going to find your tickle spot.”

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anonymous asked:

How do you think, can Toffe be Eclipsa's son?

We practically know nothing about this character’ past so this theory is possible!
There are a few little “hints” supporting this:

1) Who would name their child Toffee? A candy loving momma.

2) Toffee not looking like his dad might have to do with the fact that monster-mewman reproduction is unpredictable and differs from humans. He also slightly resembles his mom by the black hair he has.

3) Ludo opening Eclipsa’s forbidden chapter immediately reawakens Toffee’s consciousness in the wand, enabling him to possess Ludo’s body.

4) Suspicious quotes:
-“It’s the first spell your mother taught you.”
Only mewman queens could teach that kind of spell to their heirs. How could a monster know about it? One of the possibilities is that he might have had a former mewman queen for a mother.

-“You think you’ve won? Ha! You don’t make the plans. I do! Me! Only I know how this all turns out.”
He sounded strangely smug here. It’s as if he knew about the deal between Moon and Eclipsa and was counting on her escape from the beginning.

-“Do we have a deal?”
Parallels with Eclipsa’s deal with Moon.

5) Now you might be asking: “Why would Eclipsa give Moon the spell that could destroy her own son?” The thing is: Eclipsa didn’t know who Moon wanted to kill. Monsters by nature are immortal, the chances of her son being targeted by Moon are slim.

Let’s hope season 3 will shed some light on Toffee’s past and complete his character.