he couldn't stand still

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Is there a good movie about the day of the assassination of franz ferdinand? I mean like, not the motivations or causes or what happened after or the politics behind it, just about the day--which was ridiculous, just like, sandwiches

Listen!! Friend!!!! trust me my pal if there was a movie entirely dedicated to the comical aspects of the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand I would be right there in the front row. i’d be in the director’s seat and behind the camera and alternating through every acting role and working the lights and catering the whole dang production. I’d Be There.

But unfortunately my internet trawling has yet to unearth such a gem, which isn’t necessarily to say that it doesn’t exist. As far as I’m aware, though, we’re shit out of luck. Most movies you’ll find concerning the subject, as I’m sure you’ve realized, only deal with it in relation to how it sparked the events of World War 1 (fascinating stuff, of course, but the Great War wasn’t, unfortunately, hilariously botched.)


tbh the “another date lost to counting” joke would have been funnier but it just didn’t translate well to comic form.

in other news i love joey


Superman vs Muhammad Ali

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Tomahawkman walking around in circles in front of the amusement park's entrance. He was five minutes early, and couldn't wait for Tilly to show up : he had meant to leave his PET later, but he had been so eager to go, couldn't stand still for another minute !

Tilly arrived five minutes later. “You’re eirly!”

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After serval months of waiting for his love, Jervis had given up hoping that Jonathan was still alive. He couldn't stand being in denial anymore, he couldn't stand all the lonely nights staying awake, waiting for him to return to him. Now, he was tired, tired of all the crying, of all the pain he felt. He finally decided to have a full-night sleep. Only to find a familiar man asleep in his bed. "J-Jonathan?" He whispered, before sneaking up to the man and bashing him on the head with a pillow.

Jonathan whines and curls up in a tight ball when Jervis hits him. He grips the blankets tightly, “NnnnI’m sleepin’….” His voice is soft and somewhat slurred with sleepiness.