he couldn't hold on to this for anothe week


Bonus Day 8: Comfort


    Lovino shivers, pulling the blankets further around himself. It’s been years since he slept in this room by himself, and even longer since he slept alone at all. He stares across the room at the door, wondering briefly why any of this is happening. Tears well into his eyes, and he buries his face into the mattress where Antonio used to sleep. It still smells like that flowery soap Antonio accidentally bought and continued to use.

    The tears flow freely after that. He shivers harder, pulling the blankets over him in a pile. The door opens and closes quietly, before the mattress dips behind Lovino. Strong arms wrap around him and pull him back against Antonio’s warm chest. Lips find the back of his head. “I couldn’t sleep.” He whispers, rubbing Lovino’s arm. He moves a little closer, lodging himself against Antonio’s body.

    Lovino sighs shakily, nodding. “I couldn’t sleep either. I always slept best with you next to me.” He whispers, nuzzling close to Antonio. “You don’t have to sleep in the guest room, you could just sleep with me. Just because… We aren’t together anymore, doesn’t mean you don’t have to sleep with me in anymore.” He whispers, tears stopping. He feels much warmer now.

    He enjoys the feeling of Antonio by his side. He can feel a wetness on the back of his head, and he rolls up, gently wiping away the tears. Antonio sniffles softly, looking away from him. “I’m sorry, Lovi.” He whispers, holding him close. “I’m sorry, you’re amazing and wonderful, I wanted to stay in love with you.” He gently runs his hands through Lovino’s hair. “I want to love you so much. You deserve the entire world.”

    “Shh… Tonio it’s really okay. You can’t decide how you feel, it’s okay.” He gives a sad smile, kissing Antonio softly on the nose. “Let’s go to sleep, okay?” He tucks his head under Antonio’s chin and starts to drift off.

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I didn't want to mine today. It's all I've done all week because one of my very few friends was working on something, she said it was a surprise. Personally I couldn't give less of a shit but it's taking up all her time and what can I do? Mine. Mine goddamned minerals for the screwy high bloods. I grabbed my pick-axe and was about to go downstairs, strife with my lusus, and head to the mines when I heard a loud ping. I checked the username and smiled then read her message.

Another highblood sat down infront of me and I sighed, holding up two different sized canvases. He pointed to the larger one and I sighed again, trying not to let him notice. He, of course, noticed. “This is your third time coming this week.” I noted, starting to mix some paint. He slightly smirked. “And it’s Monday.” I added. His smirk widened. “And you know you’re just a customer, not even close to any quadrants. Or well, maybe kismesis, but just the hate part.” I went on. “Just paint, brown blood.” He ordered. I grumbled, knowing he just loved bossing me around. Luckily, the bossiness only worked when I was working. A few hours passed and I finished the portrait. I turned it around, “This good enough?” I asked. He crossed his arms, seeing the devil tail hidden expertly. “Oops.” I sarcastically said. He snatched the canvas and threw some boondollars onto the floor. I snatched them up and walked into my hive, grinning one I saw my husktop. I jumped into my sliding chair and rolled over to my desk, “ges wat!” I typed excitedly.