he could start hurricanes with those things

Sweet Lips : Stoyd AU

It’s a bright day in mid-June when Sophie squints at her uncle over her Knuckle Sandwich – butterscotch ice cream laced with homemade strawberry sauce smushed between a pair of peanut butter raisin cookies cut into hand shapes – and tells him, “Daddy says you need help for real.”

His six-year-old niece is calling him on his bullshit, and Stiles isn’t even mad because he’s still got a perfect visual on the guy that works in the Sweet Lips truck with Erica. He doesn’t talk all that much, but when he does it’s perfect. Even if it’s just, “What’ll it be?” or “Don’t forget your napkins.”

Right now he’s leaning his elbows on the counter just past the window, checking the clouds for signs of rain. Stiles could stare at those perfect arms and that square jaw in a hurricane. But he can’t man up and start a conversation. This is worse than Lydia and the Ten Year Plan.

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anonymous asked:

Sara and Kendra + being on their periods

My immediate reaction was “dude wtf” and then .2 seconds later I realized this was GOLD MINE, thank you. Also I couldn’t limit this to just Sara and Kendra.

  • Sara is a big fan of working out extra hard to keep the cramps to a minimum, and it usually works. When it doesn’t, she downs a handful of ibuprofen and turns to the sweets. She always likes ice cream, but during her period she’ll go for a whole bowl with about a pound of gummy bears and sour gummy worms mixed in. She really doesn’t hate her period that much, but she loves complaining about it. 
  • Kendra doesn’t make a big deal about it, and she’s also a fan of working through her cramps with exercise and especially Kegles. (Kendra has enthusiastically explained Kegels to like every one of her vagina-having friends. Sara thinks they’re sick as hell.) She gets even worse at meditation during her period, though, which irritates the hell out of her, since she’s not a great at it to begin with. She doesn’t talk about it as casually as Sara (it’s less “I’M BLEEEEDING” and more “I’m… you know”) but she also has zero patience with men being squeamish about it.
  • Laurel has pretty godawful cramps, and is a big fan of working through the pain by beating the shit out of someone. She gets wicked cramps that can and have left her totally immobile, laying on her bed groaning while Satan twists a for in her uterus. She’ll need ice cream as bad as Sara, but she prefers cookie dough bits and chocolate syrup over gummies and sour crap. She’ll go about her business as much as she can, but if it’s the weekend + period you bet your ass Laurel’s going to be working on her cases from a pile of blankets on a living room floor and wearing her jammies the whole time.  Actually… wait, that’s how she does work on the weekends anyway. The period just makes her need it more. My bad.
  • Thea used to get really… unpleasant on her periods when she was younger, and the rest of the Queen family could always tells exactly when it was That Time of the Month just based on how she was acting. She got better as she got older, but she still hated it, and especially couldn’t stand anyone touching her during period time. (Roy almost got a few fingers broken the first time he got too affectionate during Hurricane Thea.) When she finally just started taking birth control to to shut it down altogether it was a massive relief, and Thea’s much happier without it.
  • Iris is one of those people with the nicest lightest periods who can say things like “I forget I’m even on it” and actually mean it. It’s like not even a factor; nothing slows down the queen. She is pretty terrible about actually remembering when her periods start though, which means she almost never has anything on her when they do, which means even though she bleeds lightly almost every pair of underwear Iris owns is Period Underwear now.
  • On the other hands you have Caitlin “Mom Friend” Snow, who always has an adequate supply of pads or tampons or whatever you could conceivably need. (I don’t know WHEN she’d need to give those to someone since the show never actually lets her hang out with any women except for SOMETIMES Iris but I digress.) She always has a pretty good idea of exactly when her period should be starting and even though she’s knows it’s ridiculous she still gets a weird amount of anxiety over it being late. She’s had the THERE IS NO WAY I’M PREGNANT. LITERALLY NONE. THIS IS SO DUMB, I AM A DOCTOR AND I KNOW BETTER THAN THIS talk with herself at least 800 times.