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happy super belated birthday to the beautiful @spookydownworld 💗 i love you and i hope you had a great birthday, and thank you for being an amazing friend. i hope you like this!


It was fairly unusual to see this many kids running around the Institute.

Alec always enjoyed giving the annual tours to the soon to be Shadowhunters. The kids were around the age when they really began training to be a Shadowhunters, rather than learning history or English, so the tours were created to get them excited for their future.

By the looks of it, every kid in the group today was thrilled.

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Today is April 15, a date in Major League Baseball known as Jackie Robinson day. Today for every single game played the MLB will wear the number 42, Jackie Robinsons number which has now been retired around the whole league (only number like this) for the last 15 years. Mariano Rivera was the last to wear 42 because he got it before they retired as well as got permission from the Robinson family. Aside from this being an important day for baseball with marking the first African American to play in an all White professional sports league it’s also a day to realize who Jackie Robinson was. Robinson was one of the top athletes in 3 different sports at UCLA; Baseball, Football and Track. Not only was he a great athlete but he was also a highly decorated War Veteran. The story goes unrealized that so many people owe so much to Jackie Robinson, without him things could have changed but with him they changed in a way that would help spark a change that is forever etched in history.

His mouth felt dry, as if he hadn’t had water in decades. Although, oddly enough, his hands were sweating, and sweat was beading his forehead. 

He moved his right hand from his side, moving it up to his forehead, down to his stomach, to his left shoulder, then right.

“Bless me father, for I have sinned. My last confession was sometime ago, maybe a few months” Dean almost didn’t want to continue, fearing that somehow his confession would not stay confidential.

He didn’t want to turn his head towards the screen, to the priest who would have to hear his horrible confession, and his dark secret.

“Continue” the priest said, softly, as if he understood why Dean was hesitating.

Dean coughed, clearing his dry throat, scratching it even more in the process; he would kill for some water.

“I’m here, father, to confess a sin I have yet to commit, but I know I will act out on it” Dean said, vaguely. 

The priest’s expression stayed blank, no emotion or anything in his eyes, or anywhere. He was like a statue, and that, for some reason, gave Dean comfort.

“I’ve had disturbing thoughts about another man, who I have found myself falling for, fast” Dean nervously chuckled, playing with his thumbs, his eyes focusing on the dust in the air.

The priest shifted a bit, his body facing towards the screen, his face still the same; maybe he really was a statue.

“What type of disturbing thoughts?” The priest asked, his voice still soft as if he knew what Dean was going through.

Dean wanted to laugh at the priest, ask him if he truly understood where Dean was getting at. Yeah, having ‘disturbing thoughts’ about another man is one thing, but what Dean was getting at was in a whole other ball park.

“Sexual ones, mostly. They started off as us kissing, holding hands, stuff like that” Dean paused, he was no longer playing with his thumbs,”and then they got worse” Dean licked his lips, trying to keep them from becoming cracked.

“How did it get worse?” The Priest asked, his voice slightly cracking.

Dean turned his head, his green eyes focusing on the priest on the other side of the screen. The gentleman was probably not much older then himself.

“I started thinking of him and I having sex in different positions, with so many toys. I began thinking of all the ways I could get him to scream my name, and vice versa. I even though about having sex with in my car, letting people see and hear us, letting them know he was mine” Dean closed his eyes, his dirty thoughts coming back to him.

The Priest face didn’t show any emotion, but Dean could feel that he was slightly uncomfortable with the details he had given. 

“Why does this bother you so much?” The Priest asked, a tint of confusion lacing his question.

Dean wanted to laugh at the fact that he had forgotten the one detail that made his sin the worst of all. How could he have forgotten about that?

“You see, the guy I think about isn’t just any guy” Dean’s eyes met with the Priest’s eyes,”this guy is my baby brother”

confession 1/?

This is our grandpa, Luke. I don’t normally post about him on Father’s Day but it’s been a few years now that he’s been gone and I’m thinking about him a lot. In so many ways he was also a father to us. He taught us to play pool and made us these little miniature sticks when we were barely big enough to see over the top of the table. He was an amazing storyteller and had a hilariously foul mouth! He could monopolize a room and have everyone in hysterics. He could also be really mean and in some ways I learned from him that men can love you but also not respect you as an equal. He was from a different generation but it was a lesson that made me demand more from the men in my life. I really miss him and even though he was complex and a flawed father and grandfather we owe a lot of our storytelling skills to him! ❤️

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okay so bi percy. let’s talk about bi percy. i have so many different ways this could play out & you’re about to hear about ALL of them. buckle up kids this is gonna be a wild ride.

  1. we’ll start with the most obvious which, of course, is percy realizing he’s bi when he meets luke. maybe not right away, but like kind of a “wow he’s cute” “wait WHAT” [3 weeks of denial] “yep guys are hot” “wait no i can’t like THIS guy he betrayed me and is out of my league and there’s probably something going on regarding him and annabeth” are you seeing where this is going. i hope you are because there is exactly one thing that saves this from being a terrible cliche. i have 2 words for you. two beautiful words. percico parallels.
  2. so this one is kind of similar to that but: percy realizing he’s bi when he meets beckendorf ((inspired by this post which i’m sure you’ve all seen)). this one is great because a) did anyone not have a crush on beckendorf lbr, and b) this way you get to see percy have that moment of replaying all the incredibly bi things he’s done/thought and being like “oH”. like there’s only one direction this could go in and that’s percy frozen with his jaw dropped for a solid five minutes thinking “oh my god did i like LUKE? were those. GAY FEELINGS?” while everyone else stares at him, confused & slightly alarmed.
  3. my personal favorite aka the jercy approach. i want to write a fic on this honestly. so this is basically just. okay so this is percy jackson we’re talking about right. and like. if percy had an inkling of a feeling that he might be attracted to guys do you know what he would do? right, he would go “hm i should probably make out with a guy to test this. that’s the logical next step here.” and percy knows a total of two non-straight guys, one of whom is 14 and just got over a very long crush on him so. probably not the best idea. right so he’s like yeah, okay, i’m gonna make out with jason grace. and so he does. he just walks up to jason and he’s like “i think i like guys haha kiss me?” and jason is like what is. happening to me. but percy seems to have good intentions so jason is like SIGH okay let’s do it. so they do. they make out on percy’s bed for like 20 minutes (they’re on the argo 2 in this universe. i don’t know why don’t ask me maybe they’re on another quest ok) and jason is like “haha yeah that was fun see ya” and percy is like bro. bRO and that’s the story of how percy winds up with a huge Terrible crush on jason grace who is 100% oblivious and 100% chasing after nico. percy Stresses For Ages. it all works out in the end probably i don’t know.
  4. this one is probably really far from canon but i don’t care because i’m absolutely in love with it. okay. so. percy flirts with everyone. like EVERYONE. and like nobody really notices because he’s only ever dated girls but then one day someone is like hey do you. think percy might like actually mean all those comments he makes about guys and someone else is like “haha no don’t be silly” but it gets everyone thinking about it (“everyone” = the seven, reyna, nico, thalia, rachel, clarisse, basically everyone who knows percy). and pretty soon it becomes like a Thing. the group bickers over if percy does or does not like guys. bets are made. everyone is stressed and no one sleeps for weeks. the group descends into Chaos. eventually everyone gets tired of percy being schrödinger’s bisexual and so someone (probably piper or thalia or rachel) goes up to percy and is like “i cannot TAKE this anymore do you like guys please tell us please. i’m begging you. end this.” and percy just. looks up. cocks his head. thinks for a minute. “haha yeah probably”. looks back down at whatever he’s doing. piper/thalia/rachel looks back at the rest of the group who are Totally Inconspicuously hiding in the bushes and they all just. look into the camera like they’re on the office.


Last ring of the school bell saved him from having to admit he really didn’t read that book Mason was referring to that morning. So instead of sitting in detention with Mason, who didn’t have that much luck, Liam headed out as fast as he could.

And he didn’t stop until he was out of the building, he even ignored calls from his teammates because he already decided on skipping afternoon’s lacrosse training. Coach would kill him next time he saw him, but that was also the thought for another day.

 Now he needed to figure out where he’d stay tonight. Animal clinic was the safest option, but the image of another night spent on the hard steel table wasn’t very appealing. And he couldn’t really go home, he was almost certain his father wouldn’t come up to his room to check if it was still empty, but he didn’t want to risk it.
Theo’s face came to his mind. And not only to his mind apparently, because the said someone was standing in the shadow of that big tree across the street from school. And even if Liam wanted to pretend Theo wasn’t waiting for him, he couldn’t because Theo’s eyes never left Liam’s, not until he came close enough, then his eyes fell to his lips. 

Liam felt himself blush at Theo’s intense look.
“You’ve been standing here all day?” he asked only to distract Theo from his lips. Finally he looked him into the eyes again.
“What?” he laughed. “Of course not. Who do you think you are? I went home after our little talk this morning and took a nap.”
And going by the dark circles under his eyes the nap was neither very long nor very helpful.
“And you are here now because?” Liam lifted both of his eyebrows and put one of his hands on his hip.
Theo couldn’t help but smile at that childish gesture.
“Because my offer still stands.”
“I’m not going to your house.”
“You afraid I would attack you in your sleep?” Theo’s smirk was getting bigger.
“I’m not afraid of you.”
Now it was Theo’s turn to lift his eyebrows in doubt. Liam’s eyes narrowed.
“I’m not!”
“Then prove it.”
Was he really thinking Liam would buy that?
“Fuck you Theo.”
He turned on his heel and stormed out of there. He wasn’t sure if it was only his imagination and lack of good night sleep but he could swear he heard Theo whisper ‘you wish’ after him.


Stubborn little fucker. He wouldn’t take help if he was drowning and Theo was holding the saving rope.
Let him drown!
His internal voice was right for once, but as always Theo decided to ignore it. He would come up with a different plan. But one way or the other Liam Dunbar wasn’t spending another night on the steel table of that Animal Clinic.


Where talking wasn’t enough muscles came into play.
So when a deep growl came from the passenger seat of his black Mustang Theo only smiled. “Where am I? What did you do to me?”
“I had to knock you out.”
Liam was holding his head in his hands. “How many times?”
Theo’s smile widened. “Five.”
“Why would you do that?”
“To get you into my car.”
“You could have asked.”
“That I did.” Theo looked at him, he still had his head down and kept whining.
“Stop complaining puppy, we will be home soon.” That earned him another growl and yet another chain of loud complaints.
You regret kidnapping him already?
Truthfully he did. Or at least he regretted not putting any duck tape on his mouth.
“Shut up already. You are the most annoying pup I ever met." 

Theo thought werewolves couldn’t get headaches, but now he was really doubting that.
"Call me that one more time….” the rest of the sentence turned into a growl.
Theo only laughed and continued driving toward his apartment. Thankfully it wasn’t that far away, otherwise he´d kill Liam even before they got there.

note: part 5. is here and I´m kinda in love with this one. Hope you are too. I´m in writing mood tonight, so maybe there will be another one, we´ll see. For now thank you for your comments and likes. 

I Just Watched Sense8 Twice And Here Are My New Favorite Platonic Pairings...

I. Sun and Lito
1. They didn’t share much in s1 other than Sun’s period pains. But it was so satisfying to see Lito lose his marbles behind a little bloating while Sun just soldiered on. That moment in the mirror when they shared languages set the stage for an interesting dynamic that I should have known I would love.
2. Lito and his drama play perfectly against Sun’s emotional control. She wants to laugh at him so bad, and he just loves a captive audience.
3. Sun will never admit when she needs and deserves a good wallow. She fights to stay on an even keel; Lito, conversely embraces the opportunity to make his feels known to the world. He even forces her to partake, using stuffed kitty cats.

II. Capheus and Sun
1. Capheus is charming enough and all-around sweet enough to realize that without Sun he would be dead many times over. So when he spoke of her using reverent tones (Jean-Claude Korean Lady) in s1 I immediately saw potential for a very special friendship.
2. The Christmas special moment between the two of them illustrated Sun’s softness in a way we don’t see often. It’s almost like the writers gave us a glimpse of Sun’s sweet side, only because it meshes so well with Capheus’s. That smile gave me all the feels.
3. I love how Sun had to come through for Capheus in so many ways last season while he rarely had a chance to pay her back, only to have him play an integral part in her major plot this season. That getaway motorcycle scene was amazing and put them on more equal footing.

III. Lito and Wolfgang
1. This is where two polar opposite characters shown respect and appreciation for their differences with zero judgement. Lito saw Wolfie set out with the intention of killing his cousin and offered no censure. He just helped the man do it. In the same way, Wolfie could not care less that Lito thinks life is a movie. He probably thinks Lito’s hysterical behavior is hilarious. They rock.
2. I love how even a year later, Lito is still showing gratitude for Wolfie helping him beat up Joaquin. Those two have this delicious bond that almost feels like opposites attracting; the actors know exactly how to play it to the best effect.
3. These two are the men most comfortable during, and in the aftermath of the orgy scenes. That shit didn’t phase them at all in s1 as opposed to Will, who freaked out. It speaks to a free spirit that the two share.

IV. Honorable Mentions
1. Riley and Capheus. I love how they have so many conversations about family. Sharing the sad truths bonds characters, and they’ve done that since the beginning.
2. Kala and Sun. The two Asian girls are very like sisters, and it’s possible that the writers did this on purpose. Me likey.
3. Nomi and Will. They handle shit together in a way I find very satisfying. Also, she never judged him for his “little problem” in s2.
4. Nomi and Sun. The running gag of Sun breaking stuff and then breaking that dude’s finger was funny.

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jd in the movie and musical are essentially the same, the difference is just that the latter sings out what he's feeling. the movie is more subtle because people are more subtle, just because it's not blatantly put out there doesn't mean it's not there.

Ok my dude I’m just gonna write you a list bc actually the two are 10000% different and if you can’t see that I don’t think you understand the characters very well at all lmao. I wrote this in like 10 minutes so sorry if there’s typos or mistakes or anything.

•In the musical he shows empathy. He cried when Veronica cried, he beat up Kurt and Ram and was furious with them for hurting Veronica whereas movie JD was very apathetic and even seemed to find it funny. Also shown in his reaction to Veronica’s death. Movie JD was distressed for sure, but his reaction was the same as most people’s reactions would be to finding out their dog tore up their favorite pair of shoes. In the musical, he’s completely devastated and begs her to come back.

•Is much more human and emotional. Saying “But that’s just because he sings about it!” isn’t an excuse, because the things he says in his songs could easily be translated into words, but movie JD never said anything remotely similar TO those songs. (It can really be shown in the lyrics to every song he sings - Freeze your Brain, Our Love is God, Seventeen, Meant to be Yours). He was very clearly in pain when talking about his mom’s death in the musical, but in the movie he was like “Eh, it’s a shame.” Now I’m not saying that doesn’t mean he wasn’t sad about it, but it’s just an example of how much more emotional he IS.

•His death shows a HUGE difference difference between the two. Movie JD died almost casually, because he was over life and he wanted to make a statement. Musical JD died, crying and terribly sad, because he loved Veronica and wanted to save her.

•Speaking of, his love for Veronica is a big character difference. I actually wrote a bit about that here. In the movie he said “I loved you” when he found her hanging, but again, it was so casual and it was said almost as if it was just a throwaway line, so I have a hard time believing that. For the most part JD saw Veronica as a means to an end - she hated them as much as he did, she could help him kill them. His motivation for killing them in the movie was because they were assholes and he thought they deserved to die simply for that. In the musical, his motivation for killing Heather, Kurt and Ram was because they all had one thing in common: They all hurt Veronica. THAT was his motivation for killing them in the musical.

•While this could have a bit to do with the actor who plays him, even by objectively looking at his lines in the musical you can see very clear differences in the things he says, his mannerisms, the way he says things, etc.

•I could point out so many scenes showing this. When he introduces Veronica to his dad, for example. In the musical, he can see that Veronica is clearly uncomfortable and tries to get his dad away from her by saying “Veronica was just leaving,” when his dad walks in and telling his dad to put away the alcohol because again, it was making Veronica uncomfortable. AND, that scene shows another huge difference between musical and movie JD - in  the movie, despite seeing that Veronica is uncomfortable, JD asks her (in kind of a creepy way) to stay for dinner. In the musical, the exact opposite happens. His dad asks her to stay, and, seeing that she clearly doesn’t want to, JD tells him that it’s not a good idea.

•Seventeen is a really important song that says a lot about JD and Veronica as individuals as well as their relationship. Most of the songs in the musical have a scene that (loosely) matches them in the movie, but Seventeen doesn’t. Why? Because it wouldn’t make sense. In the movie Veronica and JD were too apathetic (i know i keep using that word but its really accurate tbh) to care about their relationship like that. Veronica didn’t love him enough (or at all) to try to get him to change and be with her, and he didn’t love her enough/didn’t even have the capacity to become a decent person. In the musical, even though he failed miserably, he did try. He tried to be a good person for her and it was clear while they were singing together that he wanted everything she wanted as well. This song is SO drastically different from anything that happened in the movie, if you can’t see the clear differences by that song alone idk what to tell you.

You can read into the movie all you want, and sure, he probably is more emotional in the movie than we see, but the fact remains that he and musical JD are two very very VERY different people. Same with Veronica and the Heathers, actually, but I can make a post about that later lmao.

“Bartender Skills”

To prepare for his next movie, Nick was given two weeks to pretend to be a bartender at a popular downtown bar where he meets you. He was supposed to learn how mix drinks realistically, instead of falling in love.

Warning: slight swearing
Nick Robinson x Reader

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Heyo~! May I request Todoroki and Bakugou being nervously confessed by their deaf crush? Like she's stuttering, it's hard to understand what she's saying, shaking-. Thank you and I hope this made sense

 (Hi. It made perfect sense 。◕‿◕。 This sort of reminds me of the beautiful anime movie Koe no Katachi!)


- He’s very patient and composed when his crush confesses

- Although he’s listening carefully, he can’t make out what she’s saying/completely misunderstands their confession

     - Doesn’t want to offend her by telling her he can’t understand

     - Ends up politely/gently telling her that he can’t understand

          - Tells her most likely in sign language/writing down on a paper (unless if she is comfortable with hearing others speak)

          - “Hey…you don’t have to go through the trouble of speaking to me. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. It’s completely my fault for not understanding, and not yours.“

- If she continues to speak garbled, he’ll feel reluctant to tell her again that he can’t understand

     - But, he wants to understand her properly, so he asks if she can use sign language (knowing him, if his crush was deaf, he’d try to learn signing) or write what she’s saying down

-  When he realizes his crush likes him back, he’s pretty shocked

     - Takes him a full minute to comprehend the notion that his crush could actually like him back

     -  Feels very relieved and tells her so, either by signing or writing down/whatever crush is comfortable with: “Thank goodness…I’m glad to hear the feelings are mutual.”

     - Shows that pure boi, close-lipped smile


- He’s listening carefully and trying to decipher crush’s words

     - Tries to read their lips

- Pretty quickly, though, tells his crush to write down/sign whatever she’s saying

     - Not a complete jerk about it, but he’s a little impatient and wants to know what she’s saying

          - He might come off as rude, intended or not

     - Honestly, if he wanted to, he could be a master at sign language, so he might know how to sign and would tell crush to communicate this way instead

-  If his crush continues to speak garbled, he won’t hold back

     - “Oi, crush/name, if you want me to understand, tell me in a different way. If you have something to say, you need to make sure I understand. It’s not your fault, but really, try another way.”

- When he realizes she likes him back, he’s a little taken aback and then happy

     - Tries to play it off as an everyday occurrence

          - “Tch…crush/name, many people have confessed their love to me. I’ve turned them all down…but, I like you. You’re better than them.”

- Beats himself up for not confessing first and feels like he was cowardly

- Casually offers to teach her how to speak more fluently

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Hello :) I absolutely LOVED your Parental!Mileven headcanons, I was squealing from cuteness! I was wondering if you have any headcanons about Dustin, Lucas, Will, and company bonding with Mike and El's daughter? That would be amazing :)

Uncle Lucas would be Tessa Wheeler’s absolute favourite. He’s the best cook and always makes her delicious lunches, letting her help in the kitchen by mixing things together. Just like her dad, he knows all the words to her favourite Disney songs, and will sing the Aladdin parts while she plays Jasmine. Except Uncle Lucas is a much better singer than her father.

Dustin would be the uncle who loses her at the zoo and has a moment of panic thinking about how many different ways El could kill him until he remembers that tigers are her favourite animal and hurries over to the tiger enclosure to find her watching the big cats in rapture. As Tessa gets older, Dustin’s own kids are added into the shenanigans, each with a different favourite animal. He’d have a lot more exhibits to search if his wife weren’t so eagle-eyed.

Will always amazes her by drawing her portrait in sidewalk chalk on the driveway and, when they go to the park, Will is sure to bring a collection of buckets and shovels to build increasingly elaborate sand castles. One of Tessa’s favourite Christmas traditions, from the time she’s four until she’s beyond twenty-four, is making an incredibly detailed gingerbread house with Uncle Will and her mother, a tradition that has carried over from when they were children themselves.

Max, who refuses to be called “Aunt Max,” teaches her how to skateboard and how to climb a tree without using her powers. Every summer Tessa spends a week away from her parents and goes camping with Max, whose job at the National Parks Service means she knows all the most beautiful and exciting spots to go hiking and biking. Max also looks the other way whenever Tessa wants to sneak an extra s'more.

Uncles Steve and Jonathan are another of two of Tessa’s favourites, though she doesn’t get to see them very often. She’s always giddy and excited when they come back to visit. Steve and Jonathan take her for ice cream walking to the parlour while she’s sandwiched between them, each holding one of her hands. Aunt Nancy, leading the way as always, brings her little gifts from all over the country that she keeps in a box under her bed labelled “Treasures.”

Thank you so much for the prompt, anon!! 💜💜 Glad you enjoyed the parental headcanons and I hope these are just as enjoyable! xx

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How do you think our Ciel felt when he received attention and affection from everyone that knew both twins? I'm afraid he felt sad or maybe he didn't even care that much...

Hey Anon and thanks for the question.

Honestly, I think our!Ciel was loved. From flashbacks we’ve seen, it appears that Vincent and Rachel cared for both their children. When our!Ciel had the asthma attack at the circus, his memory showed a concerned Madam Red, Rachel, and Lizzie.

I think he was loved, and he never wanted for any material thing. The issues, however, was that he wasn’t like his brother.

Imagine growing up and having a brother or sister that’s so alike you in many ways. You look so much alike, yet you know that you’re very different. Real!Ciel was the one going to inherit the title, the position, and fiance. Our!Ciel had love and wouldn’t have had to worry about his future, but he wouldn’t have had the same respect.

You also have the issue of health. There were probably many times that our!Ciel would be stuck inside watching his brother play happily with Lizzie. Perhaps he could have been weakened by a current asthma attack or couldn’t go out because of a certain pollen in the air that could trigger an attack. Real!Ciel was being trained to fence. Our!Ciel could have been told he didn’t need to learn such things.

In short, our!Ciel was loved, but he probably wouldn’t have felt as loved as his brother or as special. He would have been burdened by the knowledge that he was considered weaker, and he might have felt very alone. He could have felt like he was growing apart from his own twin; the person he should have been closest to in the world.

I personally feel our!Ciel received love and attention, but he wanted, he coveted the special attention given to his brother. He might not have felt as loved, and he could have even done things in order to get noticed more. He might have thought he was wasn’t loved or at least wasn’t loved as much as his brother, and this would have upset him. Unfortunately, while there were difference made between the boys, I don’t think that was the case.

Thanks for writing, Anon. Have a lovely day!

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I don't think Darren was talking about himself at all in the interview. The one thing that I always come back to with this idea that he-or Chris- is sending coded messages on social media is WHY would he care what total strangers know? I cannot imagine either one feeling the need to enlighten their faceless fans. It makes no sense. Nobody can MAKE someone behavior a certain way for years on end. Esp. someone as intelligent as Darren. Either he is living his truth OR he CHOOSES to live a lie.

Part 2: Darren THINKS about life, while most people just experience it + move on. Likely he  was asked about how one plays a serial killer + Darren gave a very thoughtful, intellectual answer. Clearly, acting is an art form to Darren and he thinks about these things more than someone who didn’t go to theatre school. To lay one’s soul bare in an interview like you imagine he did would be dangerous, one would have to implicitly trust the publication to get it exactly right-can’t imagine it happening ever


Hi there! I hope you’ve had a lovely day so far, just like I did. :)

Luckily, we can all agree or disagree on many different things. I’ve seen and talked to many others who agreed with what I posted yesterday, and then there are others who don’t agree with it like you proved in your message. It’s absolutely fine to not agree with me and I won’t hold it against you. We all have our reasons to believe what we believe after all - including different experiences in life.

Your message did make me think, though in a different way than you probably intended it to. Where is the social media aspect suddenly coming from when I was explicitly talking about the interview that was posted on Sunday? Of course, I could talk about their social media, but I don’t have that much time right now or even the energy to look for all the different pictures and whatnot. So, let’s keep it focused on the interview, because that’s what it all was about anyway.

Darren is an actor. He can act a certain way in different situations, no matter how many years have passed. It’s like playing a role - or how Chris said: “You’re starting to play a role in real life, too.” - for years. The moment he has to act a certain way, he can do it. Though did you notice that it’s less and less convincing? That happens to actors who have been on a tv show for too long, too. They don’t give it their all anymore. It doesn’t even have to do with choosing to live the truth or a lie. Tell me, do you always act 100% like yourself in front of everybody? Or do you act differently around different people, like your boss or colleagues or teachers or other people? We never act the same way in front of everybody. Does this mean that we all choose to live a lie instead of the truth? Sometimes we have to act that way for many different reasons - even for years.

Yes, Darren thinks about life, but he is by far not the only one. So many people do that - I do that. Though this has nothing to do with studying theater. Are you saying that all those people out there, who didn’t get to study theater, don’t think about life? I studied something completely different than that and I still think about so many things in life and how people behave and why they do what they do and read up on all these things, because it interests me. There are topics I could talk about for hours because I thought about them so much for years. And yet I still don’t claim that I know more about it than others. One doesn’t necessarily have to do with the other. However, since Darren did read up on Andrew for this part, he had time to get into the mindset of that person and to try to understand what could have happened or why he did what he did - in the sense of what the show is trying to tell. Like I said before, this might be a show about a real murder case and the people involved, but in the end, lots of it is still speculation and a bit of storytelling. Darren clearly had to find a good balance with what he learned about the character and what the show is telling, just like he implied. And this is exactly what is so interesting here. He mentioned that he found several links between himself and Andrew. He didn’t specifiy all of those links and I can imagine why he didn’t, but he made it clear that there is more than just the obvious resemblance and heritage.

“You have to understand how he got there and what the links are between you and that person.”

“Between you and that person.” Please tell me again that he wasn’t even remotely talking about himself at all there. He clearly said it right there.

Do I think he said all of this while thinking “Oh, I have to hint at this being about me, too!” Not at all. There is also the subconscious that is always adding something to a conversation and it happens to all of us. Whenever we talk about something, we do compare it to our personal life sometimes without really noticing it. We start out with the original topic and then drift off. And this is what could have and seems to have happened with Darren there. He was talking about Andrew at first, yes, but then it felt less and less like it. It’s possible that he might not have even noticed it when he said those things and maybe even was in a world of his own. We have seen that this happens to him in interviews sometimes. This is not a new development, but it can happen in certain situations that are more stressful or personal or emotional for someone. I’m not claiming that I know how he felt during that interview, so please don’t say that I do. This is just a personal opinion here.

One thing is clear though. All the things he touched upon in this interview can be connected to his life in one way or another.

I could say a lot more about this right now, but my reply has already gotten way too long as it is, so I’m going to leave it that. We might just have to agree to disagree on this topic.

supergirl spoiler rant

I gotta say, I’m a supercorp shipper, but I liked Jack, he seemed sweet and genuine, and seemed to care about Lena, he admitted his mistakes unlike some ‘love interests’ on the show, but the writers did a terrible job of actually making his death tragic.  I liked the character so I’m sad he died, but the love of Lena Luthor’s life (as the writers seemed to consider him) dying should make you feel like crying too instead we’re given a good actor playing a role without any substance in the plot or character. 

Lena and Jack knew each other for at least 5 years and dated for two of those, they only broke up because Lena wanted to move to National City to take over as CEO of L-Corp.  there were so many different ways the writers could have gone, Lena could have mentioned him in the passed episodes, maybe not go on and on, but mentioned as an ex seeing as Lena acted like a smitten schoolgirl over the guy no matter what he said.  She could have related it as another casualty of her families legacy in passing.  But it isn’t until this episode that anything about her past before coming to National City and we’re supposed to believe that this guy who has never been mentioned is someone she dated for years.  It just makes the emotions fall flat when he does die.

Hell she could have at least mentioned the research she was doing before L-Corp and how it was her dream before she had to abandon her old life to take up her families legacy, one that she never wanted, and that she left people she cared about behind.  

Or hey, they could have introduced Jack and the whole biomass thing an episode or so before so his character and his story has time to build, so we don’t know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy and then we feel bad once we realize he really was a good guy and was being used.  I mean with how hard they were pushing him to be a villain did anyone really think he was bad.  They introduce 2 characters who were alive at the end and the villain was either him or the woman with the obnoxious glowing dot in her hair.  

What could have been an interesting mini-arc was wasted this episode and it’s a shame.  Right now it feels like a friend of a friend of a friend died, I’m sad someone died and that someone I might care about is sad, but I don’t know the deceased so I don’t feel emotionally involved.  it’s just another painful thing to try to motivate a character’s motivation, but it was already unneeded since Lena’s whole life seems to be painful things and one episode and a poorly planned out red herring was not enough to get me emotionally invested in the character.

Rant over I just needed to get this off my chest

Stay Away: A Draco Malfoy Imagine

A/N: We got two requests that were pretty similar so I tried to combine them the best that I could. It’s pretty long and the beginning kinda sucks, but it was a little hard to put them together. Hope you enjoy!

“(Y/N) Potter!” your mother called from the bottom of the stairs, “You must hurry, or you’ll miss the train!” Of course, Molly Weasley wasn’t your biological mother. She had adopted you and your twin brother Harry when you were just a year old, after your parents were killed by Voldemort. With seven biological kids of her own, you and Harry understood the sacrifice it was for her to take you in, but you’d never felt like an outsider in the Weasley family.

When you arrived at the train station, you kissed your mum goodbye and boarded the Hogwarts Express with Harry, Ron, and Ginny. You couldn’t wait for your sixth year at Hogwarts. You were thrilled for Advanced Potions and Herbology. You couldn’t wait to join Ginny and Peeves in this year’s pranking exploits. You didn’t think anything could kill your mood.

Potions was your favorite subject, and you had been looking forward to today’s lesson since the year began. Amortentia was the strongest known love potion, and though you never foresaw needing to use it, you had heard of it’s unique ability to smell like whatever you loved most and you were intrigued. You were so excited about today’s lesson. That is, until you found out you’d be partnered with Draco Malfoy. You knew it was bound to happen at some point, but today? Why would Professor Slughorn do this to you?

“Potter,” Malfoy sneered when you sat you sat down next to him.

“Malfoy,” you replied, mimicking his tone. You then sat in silence, listening to Slughorn’s lecture about the potion and its dangers. He handed out bits of parchment with the recipe copied on them.

“Get started,” he commanded, and you were forced to face your partner.

“You’d better not mess this up, Potter,” Malfoy warned, before you could say anything.

“Excuse me? Potions is my best subject. You’d better not mess this up,” you countered.

“Whatever. Pass that jar, would you?” Draco said, snatching the jar from your hand. You two went on like this, adding ingredients, stirring, being passive aggressive, until you’d finished every step on the list. By the time you two were done, you were laughing and joking with one another. Perhaps he wasn’t that bad after all.

“Did we do it right?” Malfoy asked, a confused look on his face, “I can’t smell it…”

“I can’t smell anything over your horrid cologne,” you said holding your nose. You actually quite liked the smell of his cologne, but you’d never tell him that.

“Yeah, I’m having a similar problem,” he stated, staring at the cauldron.

“Guess we did it wrong…” you concluded, “Dare ya to drink it!”

“Haha no way!” He said laughing, “You heard Slughorn - this stuff’s dangerous.”

“But if we did it wrong it won’t work,” you persuaded, “Come on! Live a little!”

“Fine,” he said scooping up a big spoonful and downing it. Just then, Slughorn showed up by your cauldron. Draco scrambled hide the ladle and the sheepish grin on his face.

Inhaling deeply, Slughorn said, “This is the best batch of Amortentia in this room! Look at the color! And it smells so lovely. Quite potent. Well done, Ms. Potter. Mr. Malfoy.”

Your eyes widened in shock as you realized that you just made Draco Malfoy drink an actual love potion.

“You’re beautiful,” Draco said, batting his eyes at you.

“Alright, Malfoy, that’s the love potion talking. Come on, let’s get you to the hospital wing.”

“Hey, (Y/N),” Harry said, sitting down next to you in the common room.

“What’s up?” You asked, sensing something bothering him.

“So I saw you and Malfoy in potions today. I just… I didn’t like watching you two getting along so well. I think you should try to keep your distance from him.”

You let out a good laugh, “Harry, do you honestly think I would ever choose to spend my time with him? I put up with him because we were partners.”

“But then you left early,” Ron chimed in, “What was that about?”

“Guys, we couldn’t smell our potion, so I dared him to drink it. We thought we’d done it wrong. When I realized what happened I took him to the hospital wing. That’s all.”

“Seriously, you dared Draco Malfoy to drink a love potion?” Ron exclaimed.

“Wait, what do you mean you couldn’t smell it? I could smell yours from across the room,” Harry wondered.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t smell anything over Draco’s cologne. I swear, he bathes in the stuff…” you trailed off as your brothers exchanged a knowing look. “What?” you asked.

“Malfoy, I swear, you lay one finger on her, I’ll end you. Stay away from her,” you heard Harry threaten as you came to the curtain separating Draco’s bed from the rest of the wing. You hid behind the curtain as you watched your brothers leave.

“(Y/N)?” Malfoy asked when he saw you.

“Yeah. How are you?”

“How am I? You put me under a love potion. How do you think I’m doing?” he retorted, then added, “Plus, your  thick-headed brothers just came in here and threatened me, as if I did it on purpose.”

“I promise I didn’t know they were here,” you offered.

“Don’t they know your capable of protecting yourself?” You didn’t expect that to be the next thing he said. You didn’t know what to say.

“Um…” you started, “well, um… I brought you Sugar Quills to say sorry for accidentally putting you under a love potion. I didn’t know what you liked so I just brought these because they’re my favorite.”

“Thanks,” he said, his expression a mix of confusion and… admiration?

“It was the least I could do,” you replied, feeling his eyes on you, yours locked on the floor.

“Hey, um, (Y/N)?” Draco said, suddenly sounding nervous. You looked up at him. He swallowed, then said, “If you’re not busy tomorrow, wanna go to the green houses with me?”

“Has the potion not worn off yet?” you asked, confused. “Shall I go get Madame Pomfrey?”

“Hell, Potter, I asked you to go look at plants, doesn’t mean I’m in love with you,” he sneered.

“Ah, there’s the Malfoy I know,” you said, laughing, “so why the green houses?”

“Well I figured I’d do a bit of an experiment. The amortentia smelled like the green houses, but I don’t spend any time there outside of herbology. That’s why I thought we’d done it wrong,” he explained.

“I’m in there all the time. Maybe I can help you figure out just what you smelled,” you offered.

“Great. After lunch, then?”

“Sure,” said, with a slight grin. As you turned to leave, you added, “See you then.”

“You’re going on a date with WHO!?” Ron bellowed over the crack of the fire in the hearth.

“Honestly, Ronald, I know he’s not the greatest person, but she’s already told you, it’s not a date,” Ginny chimed.

“Besides,” Hermione added, popping up from her books, “(Y/N) is a big girl. She can make her own choices.”

“Thank you,” you stated, gesturing as if holding their statements on a platter. Your brothers were incredulous.

“I’ll kill him,” Harry muttered.

“You will not!” you countered.

“I really don’t want any trouble, Weasley,” you heard as you rounded the corner on your way to meet Draco.

“I thought I told you to stay away from my sister,” your brother replied angrily.

“Last I checked I’ve never said a word to Ginny,” Draco retorted. Smart-ass.

“The other one! Don’t touch her, don’t talk to her, don’t look at her, don’t even think about her!”

When they finally came into view, you saw Ron’s wand aimed straight at Malfoy’s chest, Draco with his hands up and back to the wall.

“Ronald Weasley!” you exclaimed, and both boys turned to look at you.

“I don’t want you around him,” Ron whined, “I’m just trying to protect you.”

“Last I checked, Ron, my reducto is three times as powerful as yours and I’ve got a pretty mean stupify as well. I think I can protect myself, thanks,” you concluded. He gave you a pout, to which you responded with a pair of raised eyebrows before he sulked away like a dog with his tail between his legs.

“I’m really sorry about my brothers,” you said for the millionth time as you wandered the rows of plants with Draco.

“I think you’ll just have to bring me sugar quills every time they threaten me and we’ll call it even,” he laughed.

“So describe the smell again,” you said, for the millionth time. You wanted to solve the mystery for him, but you couldn’t think of any plant you knew of that smelled like he was describing.

“Goodness, Potter, how many times do I have to tell you?” he asked, play mocking you, before listing the different smells he could pick out from the overall scent. He kept saying earthy, but with a mix of something else. The problem was that he couldn’t put his finger on what that something else was.

“It’s almost like someone bottled up the way it smells in here,” he said, gesturing to the room around him, “and used it as perfume. Like it smelled like this but on a person.” It was then that you noticed him staring at you intently.

Your eyes locked on his and you whispered, “It’s me.” It wasn’t a question, or really a statement either. It was more of a realization. A cute, crooked half smile appeared on Draco’s face and he nodded.

“I knew I’d smelled it before when I smelled the amortentia, but I couldn’t think of where. When you came to see me yesterday, it sort of clicked,” he explained.

“But I couldn’t smell anything,” you stated, still puzzled about that aspect of your love potion, “Do I just not love anything?”

“(Y/N),” Draco said, snickering, “I wasn’t wearing cologne that day.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” you asked, play-hitting his arm.

“I didn’t realize it until later,” he replied, grabbing your small fists to stop you from fake pummeling him. He laughed as you struggled to free yourself.

“Malfoy! You’d better let me go!”

“Never, Potter!” At that, he spun you around so that he was behind you and pulled you close, whispering, “You’re mine now.”

“Is that so?” you laughed as you easily escaped, turning back around and planting a small peck on his lips, “Or is it the other way around?”

With a wink, you slipped out of the green house door, beckoning him to follow.


jealous!kaworu kawoshins

By popular demand. Kawotrio crack. 

“Is he still staring at me?” Kaji asked through a ventriloquist-grade murmur.

Maya sent a quick glance out of her peripheral vision. “Yeah… oh wait, no, he’s not there anymore.” Both of them relaxed the rigid postures they’d been holding.

“The trick must be not making eye contact, then.”

Maya nodded. “Like a Pokémon trainer.”



Kaji spent the next few seconds of awkward silence to assemble his escape route. “Right, well, I should be getting along. Gotta go bother Misato before she leaves for the day.”

“Right.” Maya made a point of giving him an over exaggerated wink. “See you later, then.”

Kaji loped off to the nearest exit, feeling like he’d pulled at least a thin cover of security around him for now, but that was quickly blown away when he crossed the threshold and walked straight into the vessel of Adam blocking the hallway.

“Jesus Christ,” he blurted, then, as he came down from the sudden adrenaline spike, he found his default casual tone after a bit of rummaging to say, “Hey, Nagisa. What brings you around to these parts?”

Like a cat, Kaworu threw a disdained look at the pleasantry Kaji had tossed him before turning up his nose at it, quite literally. He lifted his head to fix an unrelenting, laser stare on Kaji’s face, under which Kaji tried his best not to squirm, because what if this was actually his way of saying hello because he didn’t understand human socialization? “Cultural insensitivity in the workplace” was not something Kaji needed on his conscience.

“Do I have something on my face?” he joked, reaching up a hand to self-consciously scratch at his stubble.

Once again Kaworu declined to respond. Finally, he blinked, as if to signal that his scan was complete, and a happily serene expression slowly began to spread over his features, starting from his mouth, the corners of which lifted up into a relaxed smile.

“It is as I suspected,” Kaworu said calmly. “You are no threat to me.”

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9.30.17 // Father & Daughter Soccer Practice

Look at how cute they are. Lance bonds with our kids in many different ways. He’ll play logos with Jaxon, he’ll “dance” with Shyanne and Aiko, he’ll read books with Jezika and he’ll help Aeryn at soccer. Aeryn is a very competitive child and hates to lose so she’ll practice soccer every chance that she can to get better so she won’t lose. It could be a good and bad trait to have lol. It’s great to see how good she is getting just practicing with Lance. Lance love playing soccer with her because of how good she is.

beckendorph  asked:

PERCY BDAY PROMPT: cAN U DO percy graduating and sally cries all over his gown and literally EVERYONE is at the graduation and they're being hella obnoxious with signs and noisemakers and screaming his name and he's like oGGGMMG STOP but they're so proud of him and it feels nice to have so many ppl supporting him

Percy could feel his knees shaking, the sweat starting to run it’s way down his neck. He could feel every move the little droplets made, every time they’d turn and starting running at a different angle.

He was nervous. More nervous than he’d ever been, in fact, though he couldn’t exactly tell why. After all, surviving two wars and playing instrumental parts in both should have left him feeling as if there was nothing he couldn’t do.

And this was high school graduation. Wasn’t he supposed to feel free, or relieved or something? None of the other students around him gave any signs of wanting to rip of their itchy, polyester gowns and hats that were practically sweat magnets and run out of the building. In fact, the other kids were all talking amongst each other, laughing and reminiscing about happy high school memories.

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anonymous asked:

I always love your analysis, but I think part of the Makorra analysis is reaching. Yes, Mako feels uncomfortable in any non-dominant role, but blaming that all on traditional gender roles seems unfair. You touched on it with his relationship with his brother, and I think that's the root of it. He's used to protecting Bolin and covering his mistakes. He feels like he needs to protect Korra in the same way, when what she needs is an equal partner. Calling it sexist seems simplistic.

It is…Freudian’s theories tend to be overly reductive. However, Mako safeguarding against wounds to his dignity/ego happened to play out in a very gendered way, which is why I felt that evoking the term “emasculated” was appropriate in this context.

Honestly, the reason I took this harsh of an angle was because of Masami 2.0…how Mako jumped at the chance to help out Asami, literally risking his job he wasn’t willing to risk for Korra. And then how Mako was still working overtime to prove himself right, immediately assuming Asami showing up at his apartment was to chastise him so reacting poorly to that…it reminded me all too much of the “castrated male.” And it rubbed me SO the wrong way, too.

This also played back into an observation made by an anon that spurred my Masami analysis…that Masami (1.0) seemed very “typical” in terms of the gender dynamics. We had Asami telling Mako in 1x04 that he made her “feel safe” and cuddling next to him, when 3 episodes later she’s bragging to Korra about her ability to take care of herself. I made my argument for why Asami behaved in that way, but why Mako was so comfortable in that role vs. his obvious unease at being challenged by Korra (look at the “writing tickets” fight) seemed to play into some troubling ideas that Mako felt he needed to be the protector and the one with the power.

Now, as I said, it happened to play out in a gendered way, which was the source of my unease. But now that I think about it, I probably could have written the same analysis, though linking it solely to Mako’s dignity, not assumed gender role. In many ways, the Avatar-verse is quite post-modern, and women are often powerful benders, so learned gender roles are probably much different (unless you’re from the NWT).

You bring up an interesting point with Mako falling into the protector role because of Bolin. And there was also this really insightful commentary in response to my analysis that touched on Mako needing to assume the role of guardian as a survival mechanism. I do maintain that pride and ego feature strongly in Mako, but certainly his upbringing largely shaped how Mako operates in the world.

So yeah, TL;DR, a Freudian analysis is a rather reductive way to look at something. I still have my own strong issues with the gendered way Mako’s relationship arc unfolded, which is why I wrote what I did (I was just super aggravated/uncomfortable at the implications of it), but of course there’s other dynamics at play. Examining gender is just one lens, and not the best.

Hopefully I was able to at least able to shine a light on Mako acting poorly to any perceived slight or demeaning remark, and that he and Korra were incompatible because he wanted to be a protector and she wanted an equal?

anonymous asked:

It is worth noting that she also expresses just as much distaste for city elves and their ways , she has a dialogue where she mocks the vhenadahl, and the elves trying to hold on to the scraps of their culture they have. Which is what annoys me, at least,, because yeah the dalish can be dicks so it makes sense that she would dislike them, but having her hate even city elves who are proud of their elf-yness just seems... excessive.

(Ask Cleanup)

That’s always been such a strange thing to me too, City Elves literally embody the littlest of the little people and have no superiority surrounding elfy-ness. City Elves are just remembering/commemorating where they came from, that’s really all the vhenadahl is. So for Sera to dislike City Elves too and just for that, it is excessive and just…senseless?

For me it says that Sera really doesn’t care for the little people, which is where a lot her dialogue seems to go as well. No matter how much Inquisition tries to subliminally assure you she does, everything she says and does states otherwise. She never brings the little people to the Inquisitor, she hates on the lowest of the little people (city elves), and she even says she selfishly just wants a world to play in. It is so frustrating and cheap to her character, it gives her less purpose than the little she already has.

The one thing that I can take from this though, is Sera’s noble background. To me, her dismissive attitude towards even the little people tells me she is not too different from Dorian when he is trying to defend slaves. She is a person from privilege thinking who is basically playing with less fortunate lives with no care and little understanding, which I don’t think is what Sera should be and yet it’s the only way I can describe how it comes across. I just…there is so many stories Sera could have told, about an elf from an usually privileged background or the divide between Dalish and City Elves or even the actual story of a Robin Hood like Jenny, and yet I feel like they were all underutilized for a cheap comedic relief and half-baked character.