he could have killed danzo there were so many other options and he chose to that

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Do you consider yourself a fan of Sasuke, but doesn't want a happy ending for him? After Sasuke have been so hurt, he deserves happiness, deserves a fresh start, deserves to have a family again. Sakura offered everything without asking anything in return and you can't see. Do you like Sasuke lost in darkness and this is not the real Sasuke.

Things are not as simple as you put them.

(long post, anti-ending, anti-ss ahead)

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How other characters are used for SasuKarin support

Just like NaruSaku, Kishi has used a few characters to give hints and clues to SasuKarin.

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  • Character:

Suigetsu is used most often just to poke and prod at Karin and her feelings.

1. Example where he near torments Karin about something that she’d apparently done to Sasuke at an earlier point in their lives.

(ch. 352)

Karin is so frightened about the secret getting out that she quickly resorts to violence to keep Suigetsu quiet. It is interesting that Sasuke somewhat takes up for Karin.

2. Suigetsu takes a step further than he had during prior moments he teased Karin in the manga and says that she loves Sasuke.

(ch. 635)

3. Further into the war, Sasuke is on the verge of death and Suigetsu, who for pretty much the entirety of the manga considered Karin a nuisance, even admitted she was amazing as she tried getting to Sasuke’s side.

(ch. 663)

This seems pretty relevant to pointing out the pairing’s seriousness. If Suigetsu (not to mention Orochimaru and Jugo as well) can even stop and stare at Karin’s utter prowess when it comes to being there for Sasuke, then it says this pairing isn’t just for shits and giggles. 

  • Character:

When Suigetsu declared Karin loves Sasuke, the reaction she gave was very similar to Naruto’s immediate reaction, who just so happens to be her kinsman, when Sai questioned his feelings about Sakura. I do suppose he fits into this post as well, huh? Though I’m not sure whether or not this was intentional on Kishimoto’s part. Considering they’re both Uzumaki and both had similar reactions to the person they have feelings for, from my observation, I believe it was.

(ch. 457)

Another thing to note is that both Karin and Naruto enjoy seeing their love interest’s smile.

With Naruto, we’re given words that are undeniably his on a chapter cover.

(ch. 236 cover)

This is his series, that is Sakura’s smile being admired, and this was just after he’d failed to bring Sasuke back. The whole point of him promising her he would bring Sasuke back to the village was to keep her happy. It’s only logical that he would think somehting like the statemetn given on the side.

With Karin, we have another emotional moment where it is revealed that, just like Naruto, she just wanted to see her love’s smile again.


I suppose those who bear the name Uzumaki just enjoy seeing the person they love smiling.

Naruto can also be compared to Sasuke when it comes to the person he cares about

Sasuke (ch. 480):

Naruto (ch. 484)

Even Minato gives this look to the Masked Man when he put Kishina’s life in danger (ch. 501):

That cold over the shoulder glare directed at a threat is something that has been reserved for the men in this series whose love interest has come into a life or death situation. Sasuke never gave this look about Sakura, nor has Naruto about Hinata. (It wouldn’t be surprising if Fugaku wound up in a flashback giving it about Mikoto.)

  • Character:

Yes, Sakura! Sakura has also been used in support of (or at least parallel to) SasuKarin.

In at least two examples, she has been paralleled to Karin.

1. During the war when Sasuke and Naruto are dying, she is placed alongside Karin as the person desperate to save her respective character.

(ch. 662)



Shared page:

At this point, it is the two women who are Naruto and Sasuke’s respective love interests trying to save their lives. Over the course of a few chapters, and even now, Kishi has given them panel time to react to the deaths of Naruto and Sasuke, showing just how desperate they were about the thought of losing them and then further showing just how determined/active the two of them got when it came time to save their lives.

2. At an earlier point, Kishi had Karin teleported inside Tobi to heal a Sasuke.

(ch. 466)

Similarly, Kakashi also took Sakura into this world with Naruto in order to let her heal him and to let Obito be able to give Naruto the Kyuubi.

(ch. 666)

It is simply another interesting parallel to be addressed. Sakura and Karin have been in similar situations with the one they care about in more than one instance, which cannot be mere coincidence.

(They were both put on spot about their feelings for/standing with Naruto and Sasuke by Suigetsu and Minato, which was obviously intentional)

  • Character:

While I’m on the subject, I should point out Tobi’s input during Sasuke’s battle with Danzo.

(ch. 480)

Here he calls her helpful and even seems to understand why Sasuke chose her over any other options he had available to him. This includes Sakura. Not that Tobi knows about his relationship with her, but still, from a reader’s standpoint, this means that Karin is someone Sasuke picked out especially for his purposes. Reading Tobi’s statement, I see that a. Sasuke could have picked anyone else but didn’t, and b. even knowing how much she pines over him, Sasuke chose her and was willing to accept the flirting that came along with this choice.

It could have been Ino, who is also observant and partially a medical ninja, or Sakura, who is far advanced in intelligence and is on par with Tsunade, but instead, he went out and found his own teammate to bring with him on his quest for vengeance.

This sets Karin apart from the others because even though she shares similar qualities to P.I Sakura and Ino, Sasuke still accepted her for that. He abandoned Sakura even as she begged him to stay and ignored Ino almost completely.

Here, Tobi inwardly questions Sasuke. He knows this is a tough decision for him, as killing Karin would be heartless, and Sasuke previously was not the type to just kill someone for no reason. The fact that he questions Sasuke instead of assuming the worst says that he understands Karin has some influence over Sasuke.

  • Character:

1. (ch. 350)

Here, Sasuke was being protective of Karin. There was danger ahead so he put himself between her and it. This is a nice moment because it shows that Sasuke is considerate and he also cares about Karin’s well-being.

2. (ch. 574)

We see here that Jugo even understands that Sasuke and Karin are something to “get in the way” of.

3. (ch. 664)

While he is dedicated to Kimimaro’s role, he understands that Karin could prove to be an obstacle when it came to Sasuke. This is important because he is actually considering her and it alludes to how she feels about Sasuke. In this very old matter about Orochimaru taking Sasuke’s body, she has now become something to be considered as she would not allow it to happen so easily.

  • Character:

(ch. 667)

(like Karin’s face at realizing who it is is so hilarious. it’s clear she has a hard time believing that.)

In the most recent chapter, Kabuto even says something interesting: I wont take Sasuke-kun from you, any longer. This right here proves that even he understands there is something going on between Sasuke and Karin, though this implies he mostly considers Karin and how she feels.

She is still the primary source of concern for Sasuke we readers receive, and her overprotectiveness of him rivals Naruto’s for Sakura.

  • Character:

(ch. 465-6)

Simple jealousy on Karin’s part.

(ch. 442)

Similar to Sakura, who is inwardly depressed at the thought of someone else having feelings for Naruto, she does not like the idea of someone going after Sasuke.

It’s become increasingly interesting how comparable these two are.

  • Character:

(ch. 415)

Again, Sasuke showed concern for Karin. This time, he seemed desperate to save her from the Amaterasu. Now I don’t know if it was because he has feelings for her or not, but it showed that he does care. She was there because she supports him, and he wasn’t just going to let her die. Another thing to remember is that he’d previously said in his battle with Gaara that he didn’t want to see his comrades fall before him again. At that time, he was unable to save Sakura. Here, he takes himself further than he imagined to save Karin and awakened the ability to extinguish the flames of Amaterasu.

He has shown nothing but care for her time and time again.

To the argument that he stabbed her:

1.He was not in his right mind:

(ch. 480)

which is explained by Tobirama:

(ch. 619)

This is about the Sharingan, but Sasuke had previously gained that when his clan was obliterated. At his piercing Karin and Danzo, he was so consumed by his hatred and the desire to avenge Itachi that anything else, including Karin, fell by the wayside. Sasuke’s actions in this arc compared to his actions while gathering Hebi (particularly getting Karin and Jugo where he spared many lives) and during the war differ entirely. Sasuke is not fueled by hatred anymore, and thus he regretted what he did to Karin.

2. He has since apologized to her, showing regret for his actions. That’s something Sasuke is not known for in the slightest.

(ch. 627)

This was fun and I never really get to do big posts for SasuKarin, so I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

#So this is the thing I feel gets overlooked about Itachi#he killed everyone#Adults and children alike#It was a whole clan he wiped out#All for the sake of Sasuke#This is why I don’t sympathize with him as a character#He killed men fighting back and babies that night#Mothers with their children behind them#It makes it hard for me to accept Danzo or the Third as anything other than very weak men#And makes it hard for me to interact with Itachi Muses#He could have exposed the whole plan#He could have killed Danzo there were so many other options and he chose to that#Mun and Muse are hard pressed to sympathize with him