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Unexpected (Part 8 - Final...)

Your relationship with Yoongi has finally returned to a happy healthy place, but he is ready to start pushing some boundaries.

Warning: This chapter is long - 17000+ words. There is so much sex in here, I was worried that you might get tired of it (LOL!).  Super graphic and vulgar, like usual.  Lots of dirty talk, including derogatory name calling during sex – but then so do most of my stories. Includes non-BTS idols in major roles for this chapter.

Parts: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8 (final)  8.5 (bonus)

It was 3pm.  Yoongi’s plane had landed at 2pm and now you were just waiting to hear from him.  He told you that he would come to your apartment as soon as he could after landing, and you were getting impatient waiting for him.  You busied yourself with cleaning the apartment as a distraction.  Between getting his luggage, going through customs, making his way through fans, driving back to his place to drop things off before turning around to come to your apartment… it was probably going to be another hour or even longer before he would be at your place.

It had been three weeks since you had last been together; he and the other boys were on a tour through several countries.  While he was away, he texted you frequently, sharing pictures of the places he was visiting and the two of you made a point to video chat every night before he went to sleep.  Being able to see his face even though he was so far away, was a comfort to you.  Yoongi would tell you funny stories about what was happening on the road or share snippets of songs he was writing; on a few occasions you made arrangements to share a meal over the internet – you would set up the laptop across from you on the table as if he was sitting there while you ate your meal and he would do the same, eating whatever he had ordered from room service.  More often than not, your late chats would devolve into an online sex session, with Yoongi asking you to strip and bend over in front of the camera, pulling your pussy lips apart so he could see inside you while you described a fictional account of you having sex with other men while he was gone. 

When Yoongi was still in town, role playing was something you would do maybe once a week to provide some variety to your love-making, but while he was out of town, role playing took a much more prominent position.  The scenarios you played out all started in different ways, but they always ended the same… with a graphic description of another man having sex with you, ejaculating in you, followed usually by Yoongi ejaculating in real life from masturbating while you spoke.  As much fun as your on-line sex sessions were, you were looking forward to doing something a little different.

It was 3:45pm when your doorbell rang.  When you opened your door, Yoongi came bursting through, throwing his bag on the floor and pulling you immediately into a deep kiss, thrusting his tongue violently into your mouth without even saying a word to you first.  He wrapped one arm tightly around your waist to keep your body close to him while the other hand rested on the back of your head to keep your lips tightly locked with his.  Yoongi walked you backwards towards your bedroom while still kissing you feverishly, the movement was awkward since you both were too preoccupied with the kiss to pay much attention to where you were going.  Your feet got tangled up with each other more than once, you almost fell over when he accidentally backed you into a chair and he fumbled with the door knob to your bedroom.  Once he managed to get the door open, he walked you directly into the door jamb where you hit your head with a loud crack.  You cried out at the sudden pain and Yoongi pulled away, his eyes wide with shock.

“I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  I wasn’t paying attention, I was just so eager to get to the bed, I misjudged the width of the doorway.  I’m sorry.  Are you okay?”  Yoongi’s hands cradled your head while he looked to see how badly you were hurt.

You couldn’t help but start laughing at the situation. “I’ve missed you so much,” you told him.

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His//Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary:Jaebum becomes possessive over you after he becomes jealous.

Author’s Note: This is some pure ass smut enjoy

WARNING: dirty talk, slight daddy kink.

xoxo Sara

You got up early one morning with the intentions of getting ready and making yourself look presentable.  You were meeting an old friend for the first time today and you wanted to make sure you looked nice. You slid quietly out of your bed, doing your best not to wake up your boyfriend. You knew he would need as much sleep as he could get due to his busy schedule as of late, and you didn’t want to interrupt his dreams. You sat by your mirror and hummed softly as you did your makeup, entertaining yourself while managing to not wake him.

You got dressed and headed out of your room, making sure to close the door as lightly as you could behind you, when you heard him stir in your bed. You heard his soft groans that he let out every morning circle through your usually silent apartment, making you smile to yourself as you reached the living room. You heard the door to your room open.

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Leverage: the next generation

  • Molly: Following a kidnapping as a young teen, she wanted to protect herself the way someone once protected her. What started with a simple self-defence course turned into a life-long affinity for violence and a successful run as an MMA fighter. Went off the grid and turned mercenary after her father’s death at the hands of a disgruntled employee left her destitute and unable to pay for college.
  • Trevor: Never forgot that time when the computer guy made him part of the team. Developed hacking and technology skills to rival his idol, along with a healthy problem with authority to match. It’s still the age of the geek, baby.
  • Widmark: After his step-father went to prison, life was a series of increasing challenges, but he never forgot his ability to make people believe in him. When the only job in show business he could get was as a singing waiter, he started to use his powers of persuasion and ability to reinvent himself for more self-serving purposes. And so, a con-artist was born.
  • Josie: Turns out landscaping is kind of boring when all you want to do is kick ass. Returning to a life of crime and becoming one of the world’s greatest thieves was much more her style.
  • Olivia: When fingered to take the fall for a crime she didn’t commit, CIA Agent Olivia Sterling leaves behind her career in espionage and cryptography - at least, as far as the agency is concerned - and disappears. She uses her contacts to assemble a motley crew of hustlers, felons, and thugs to track down and take out the corrupt organisation that set her up. But what started as revenge, a one-time gig, becomes so much more…


  • Amy: Art appraisal expert. Also Olivia’s ex. They met while consulting with Interpol as a favor to Director Sterling. Years and a somewhat-amicable break up later, Amy gets pulled into the crew’s schemes which, after years of friendship with a certain legendary thief, is practically old hat. She shows up every now and then to help out with jobs and to flirt with Josie, which drives Olivia mad. (Whether she is more jealous of Amy or Josie is anyone’s guess).

linstead appreciation week day two: favorite partner moment
erin letting jay know she’s got his back after he shoots a suspect (2x01)


[requested by anonymous]

Imagine finding out you’re pregnant in the bunker


You’d never been positive about anything in your life.

But now you were. And this positive, this little plus, was not a positive positive.

You’d had your suspicions for a few weeks, but now, it was real.

It was really happening.

You were having a baby.

You couldn’t control the sob that escaped your mouth.

How were you supposed to bring a child into this life? You chose this life on your own, and that sucked enough. You’d seen what had happened with Dean, and especially Sam. He did everything he could to get away from the business, and he still ended up getting dragged back in.

You were shaking with tears when you heard footsteps running down the hallway, and you’re door was flung open and Sam came rushing over to you.

“Y/N?” he asked, his voice portraying the worry he was feeling.

You looked up from your hands, your eyes stinging with tears.

“What’s wrong?”

You sniffed. This was Sam. You could tell Sam anything. Even if ‘anything’ was that you were carrying his brother’s bastard child.

You choked the words out through even more sobs.

“I’m pregnant, Sammy.”

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per several conversations i had today & in case anyone else is interested: varric’s flirt option post “night terrors” in act ii

Bad Jokes & Sweet endings

IMAGINE After hours of finally getting his brothers busy with something so he could get some work done he sat down and started typing. Though after only mere hours the door to his lab slid open, turning around ready to snap at who ever it was he noticed you. God Donnie had been in love with you since April brought you to NYC, his frowned quickly turned into a smile. Rubbing the back of his head sheepishly he motioned for you to come in. “Sorry about that y/n I haven’t made much progress on this formula lately” “It’s okay Don, I totally understand. Your brothers said you’ve been in here for eight hours now. I figured you’d want a break?” “Thanks but no thanks, I’ve got work to do y/n” “Well how about a kit kat?” It took Don a minute to realize what you meant by a break, hearing you break out into laughter he just shook his head at your little joke. While you were laughing Donatello just looked at you and smiled. “See what I mean? Kit Kat! Like the commercial! Take a break!” You were so beautiful when you made jokes like that, even though they were practically terrible and he only laughed to make you happy it still made his heart flutter. Your soft eyes gazing at him as your laughter turned into a giggle and you turned to face him. “Whatcha staring at Donnie boy?” “You’re Beautiful” It took you a minute but before you realized what he said his lips were already on yours. Warm lips against yours, a hand snaking its way around your waist, another gently touching your face. Wrapping your arms around his neck it seemed like this moment could last forever…until “Hey Dudette what’s taken so long..GROSS! MY EYES MY EYES!!!!” “MIKEY YOU BETTER RUN!” You laughed as Donnie chased his youngest brother out the lab and down the hall, only for moments then he returned. You stood from where you were and walked over to him, wrapping your arms around him and giving him a soft smile. “Sooo where were we?”

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The whole Predacon-Starscream conflict is such an awful joke to me.

The writers are all “let’s punish Starscream for abusing the Predacons; they can rip him apart in poetic justice!”

And while him abusing them was a dickass move, maybe it would be good to remember that he wanted nothing to do with Predaking. Ever. At all. Not even a little bit.

He was terrified of him, and that fact was obvious in every damned scene he shared with Predaking.

Every time he was forced to work with him, he tried to get out of it. He tried to get along with his armada instead. Or to have Shockwave deal with Predaking. Shockwave, his creator, who actually knew how to handle him.

Starscream was completely aware of the fact that he was not capable of making Predaking do what he wanted. And he never volunteered to try. He was only ever forced. And when Predaking predictably ignored him, he turned to violence, because what else was he supposed to do? Tell Megatron he couldn’t do what was asked? Beg for a smack in the face?

Of course Megatron had to force Starscream into a role he had no business being in, against his will, and just stood by while Starscream reacted to fear in his typically awful way.

And of course Starscream had to be punished for abusing (though really, he could never actually harm a Predacon, could he?) individuals he was consistently desperate to stay away from.

What an idiotic plot device.

T. Jeffs x Reader: Modern!AU

Words: 2780 

 Warning: mentions of stalking, a couple cuss words, literally the stupidest death threat, shouting, a little bit of angst (I cannot do angst for the life of me) 

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a tjeff x reader story where they’re dating and then Laurens and Lafayette find out and the reader is afrsid of telling Alex but then Thomas is all fluffy about it? Sorry if this doesn’t make much sense *Runs away* 

 Prompt: nada

 A/N: these warnings sound really bad but I promise it’s not 


 Being curled up with your boyfriend, late a night, with no sounds except the steady rate of breathing, was a great feeling. And right now, you loved it. 

Thomas Jefferson was the sweetest, kindest man in the world–even if he could get a little cocky– in your opinion, and he was a rather busy man, so nights like these were savoured. 

You may have thought Thomas was amazing, in every which way, but your brother hated him. Every tiny aspect of him he couldn’t stand. 

 Y/n Hamilton– that was your name. Your brother, Alexander, was Thomas’ political enemy. So, if you actually wanted this relationship to work, you would have to hide it from him. Thomas and you both knew that eventually you would have to tell him, but you wanted that to be a long while from now. 

Thomas would start subtly being nicer to Alexander if he could, trying to see how far he could go before he noticed. You thanked Thomas that he was trying, he would always tell you he didn’t mind, but you knew it was killing him– their feud has been going on for centuries. 

“I really don’t want my brother to come back tomorrow,” you mumbled into Thomas’ shirt. 

He sighed, “I second that." 

You smiled into his shirt, you knew he didn’t care if it sounded mean or not. And frankly, you didn’t care anymore either. 

Soon after, you heard a car outside, screeching to a stop. You shared a look with Thomas, before walking over and peeking through the blinds. There was a taxi cab outside your house, with Alexander in it, facing the taxi driver. 

"You have got to be kidding me,” you said. 

You closed the blinds and turned to Thomas, “Alexanders home." 

He scrunched his eyebrows, "Really? Isn’t he a day early?" 

"Yes, he is. And your death date will be many years early, if you don’t get out of here." 

He smiled and walked up towards you, "Hmm, I think I’ll risk it." 

"Thomas, seriosuly,” you whined, “He’s going to walk in any second now–” You heard the doorknob jiggiling, and your eyes widened. While pulling Thomas into your room, you heard the door fully open, hitting against the wall behind it. 

You walked out of your room, with a smile on your face. Despite knowing you wouldn’t be able to see your boyfriend as much, as you have in the few days, you were happy to see your brother, “Alex! I thought you were coming home tomorrow!” You laughed and gave him a hug. 

“Ah, it wasn’t as long because Jefferson wasn’t there. I’m kind of glad for that,” Alexander broke away from the hug, walking towards his room, and you followed. 

“’Kind of’? I thought you hated him.“ 

He shrugged, "He’s been kind of… weird lately. He’s being really nice and stuff, it’s pretty strange." 

"Hmm, maybe you should reciprocate what he’s doing,” what you said came out in a whisper, because you knew how he was going to react, “What? Why would I do that? He’s Jefferson!" 

"I was just saying,” you shrugged, “Maybe it’d be a good thing.” You saw the expression of shock and disgust on his face, and you quickly added, “Scratch that, forget I said anything." 

You walked back to your room as fast as you could, immediately shutting the door behind you, "You need to leave now, while he’s unpacking." 

"Why are you so tense? He’s just Hamil– Alexander,” Thomas quickly corrected himself. 

“Well I’d rather see you alive rather than in a casket, plus, you only want him to catch us together so you can rub it in his face." 


You rolled your eyes, smiling, "Whatever. Let’s just get you out of here.” You slowly walked towards the kitchen, fingers intertwined with Thomas, who was trailing behind you. Your brother must’ve heard you because he called down the hallway, “Y/n, what are you doing?" 

You and Thomas shared a worried look, "Uh, I’m just… looking for something to eat.” Thomas gave you a questioning look, but you shrugged, and once you heard a murmur of approval from Alexander, you mouthed ’It worked.‘ 

You crept towards the door and slowly peeled it open, at a rate which it wouldn’t squeak, Thomas moved to the outside of the frame, “I’ll see you tomorrow?" 

You smiled, "Of course. See you tomorrow.” He smiled back, “Alright, bye,” he kissed your forehead before walking down the street. You watched him as he disappeared around the corner. You must’ve stood there for a while, because Alexanders voice spoke up soon enough, “Uh, sis, what are you doing?" 

"Hmm? Oh–I thought I saw something,” you said, nonchalantly. Your brother brushed it off, and you heard his footsteps get quieter until the reached the question, and the fridge opened. 

“You didn’t drink any of my–" 

"No, I didn’t drink your whiskey while you were gone, Alex." 

The next day, you were with Thomas. You found your way to your local park and hung out with him for a few hours. Alexander wanted to hang out with you today, but you told him simply you had work. You didn’t actually keep a schedule for him to see, so he wouldn’t know if you actually did or not. 

"I appreciate you trying to help me with your brother, but I’m sure I can sweeten him up just enough,” Thomas said, squeezing your hand, smiling. 

“Hey! You and I both know you can’t do that alone, I’m his 'wonderful baby sister’,” you giggiled. 

Thomas was going to say something, but he got cut off by the sound of his phone ringing. You couldn’t laugh as the ringtone was ’Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend.’ Thomas groaned in embarrassment as he answered the call, 

“Hey… Okay… Right now?… You’re kidding… I’m in the middle of-… Okay… I’ll see you in a bit,“ Thomas sighed as he shoved his phone in his pocket, and he looked down at you, "Madison called," 

Oh really? You would have never guessed. 

”… And he said there was a situation with a dissortment of papers, I have to go to the office.“ 

You smiled, "It’s fine, today was fine. And, I hope you get that paper thing fixed or whatever. I’ll text you later." 

He smiled, "Thanks, babe,” he kissed you on the forehead and walked off. You again smiled to yourself and turned around, walking towards your own home. 

Across the street, John and Hercules, two of your brothers best friends, stood in shock. You? With Jefferson? Alexanders political enemy? Their mouths were agape, as they were staring at you walking away. They got many weird looks as they just stood there, looking like they were stalking you. Some people rushed their children by. 

All of the sudden, you had this strange feeling, like a burn in the side of your head, like someone was watching. You picked your head up from the ground and look around, slightly panicking, until you saw the culprits. 

You rushed over to John and Hercules, and shut their mouths with your fingers, “What’s up, guys?" 

"You… you… you, and Jefferson?” John said, he looked like he was experiencing shock, and anger at the same time. 

“You cannot tell Alex,” you said immediately, pointing at his chest. 

“Why not? He deserves to know!” Hercules defended, “You’re dating his enemy, a man he’s despised since the beginning of time!" 

"I’ll rip out your tongues, along with your arms, and beat you to death with the arms. Do you understand?" 

John and Hercules both put their hands up in surrender. "You really like him, huh?” John asked.

You shrugged, “I guess I do, alright? Don’t tell anyone about it.”

The both nodded and you pushed them off, they walked the opposite way as you. You touched your pockets, realising you didn’t have your phone. You felt panic, but then remembered you left it at home. 


With Alex.

You rushed into the apartment, slightly slamming your door, and you made a B-line straight for your bedroom. Lunging for the bed, you ripped the comforter off, along with the blankets, hoping to hear a 'thud’, but nothing. 

“Hey, y/n?” Alexander called.

Here it was. You were about to die. You had imagined all the ways he would of found out, and how you would’ve handled it— this not being one of them. 

“Yeah?” You said, trying to keep a steady voice. “You left your phone here, I tried to call you, to tell you something, but it was here.”

You tried to refrain from letting Alexander hear your big sigh of relief, and you gladly took your phone out of his hands, “Oh, god, thank you. What did you want to tell me?”

“The guys are coming over tomorrow, so I wanted to clean up, and I was just going to tell you that I found your phone on the couch.”

You though for a second, “So, you knew my phone was here, and you tried to call me?”

“…. Shut up!”

The next day, in fact, the boys did come over. It was John, Hercules, and Lafayette. When you opened the door to greet them you gave Hercules and John a knowing glare, while Lafayette just looked confused.

Alexander made you hang out with them, but there was no point really, they were playing video games– and you were texting Thomas.

“Y/n,” Your brother whined, “Pay attention to us.”

“Hey! You can make me sit out here, but you can’t make me participate in whatever you doing now,” you shot at him, looking at him quickly before receiving a text from Thomas.

“Who are you texting anyways? Who’s more important than us, mon amie?” Lafayette pried, smirking. You picked your head up to reply, but before you could, Alexander lunged over and snatched your phone from your hand. Your eyes widened in panic as you tried to take it back, but he got up and held it out of reach.

“Thomass? Who is…” He give a disappointed look towards you as he tossed your phone back onto the couch, next to Lafayette. 

“Please tell me it isn’t,” Alexander pleaded.

You stayed quiet, and you couldn’t see, but Lafayette had picked up your phone and was typing a text. “Y/n, answer me,” Alexander commanded.

“It might be…?” You winced back as you said your words.

“Why? Why him of all people?” Your brother was shouting now, and you tried to ignore him as you looked at the group of boys in your living room, “I think you should go." 

"No, stay. I need your opinions,” Alexander said, crossing his arms.

“Leave,” you glared at John and Hercules pointedly. That caused them to stand up.

“Yeah, I think we should get going…” John said awkwardly.

“Yeah, I have to walk… my dog,” Hercules added.

“You’re staying, you don’t even have a dog,” Alexander growled.

Hercules and John nodded and sat down, leaving the spotlight to you and your brother.

“Y/n, really? Thomas? Jefferson? You couldn’t have chose someone else?” Alexander shouted again. Not wanting the boys to see this, you dragged your brother into his bedroom, but continued to yell, “My decisions don’t revolve around you!” You shouted back, “They’re my decisions!”

“You’re my little sister! I’m supposed to supervise your decisions!”

“Excuse me? Who was the one that came up with the idea of moving in with their sister? Who was the one that had to get a part time job at their little sisters firm?”

“That’s not what we’re talking about! We’re talking about you and Jefferson!" 

From where you were, you couldn’t hear someone knocking on the front door, but Lafayette did. He walked up and opened it widely, stepping aside to let the guest in,

"Alexander knows." 

Thomas’ widened his eyes as he heard you yelling at your brother, and his voice eventually overlapping yours. He couldn’t make out the words, it was all muffled. 

John mumbled something as Thomas immediately walked towards Alexanders room, something along the lines of 'he really knows his way around,’ causing Hercules to elbow him.

Thomas opened the door to see your back facing him, while Alexander questioned you non-stop,

”- Really?! Name one thing, one thing, that you like about him! He’s a player, y/n! I know him!“

"Like hell you know him! All you talk about with him is goddamn politics!" 

Alexander stayed quiet for a second, before saying a bit calmer, "Why on earth would you choose him, out of all the boys in the city?”

“Because I love him, dammit!” You shouted, stepping forward, towards your brother. Alexander stopped as his eyes were right above your head, and you couldn’t tell if he was furious, confused, or shocked.

“What, cat got your tongue now, Alex?” You said, eyebrows narrowing.

Your brother rolled his eyes, as he took one hand on your shoulder and turned you around towards the door, where your boyfriend was leaning on the frame. A hand immediately covered your mouth, “Thomas…”

“Hey, y/n,” he said softly. Surprisingly, there was no smirk on his face towards your brother, there was no cocky stance, he was just watching.

“I don’t assume you were talking about me, were you?” There it was.

You couldn’t help but your smile, while your brother was frowning, “Get out.”

“But I’m not in your room?”

“I meant my house.”

You smacked your brother in the chest with the back of your hand as you walked up to Thomas, giving him a hug. Alexander gagged from behind you, which just made your magnitised pull towards Thomas increase.

“Alexander, I want you to know that–” Your brother groaned. “–If you don’t approve, that’s fine. She’ll be living with me,” Thomas finished. You looked up with your eyebrows furrowed, you never had discussed that. You’ve only been dating for three months! And yeah, maybe you just proclaimed your love for him in front of your brother, but really

Thomas noticed your confused expression and winked at you before turning back to your brother. Oh, that was good. You knew what he was doing, he was bluffing, just to get under your brothers skin.

“Excuse me? She’s not ready for that!” Alexander defended.

“How would you know? You’ve never actually been civil enough for minute to listen to what she has to say about our relationship.”

Those words sort of stung Alexander, mostly because he was right, and your brother didn’t want to give in. But, then again, it was you. His baby sister.

“But, you're– it’s only been– y/n– I’m sorry,” Alexander sighed, “Thomas may be an asshole, but I’m an even bigger one if I’m actually driving you out of here,” He opened his arms for a hug, which you happily complied to, “If you want to move in with him, you can, its fine.”

You could hear Thomas laughing from the doorway, “Oh, I was kidding. We’re too early in our relationship for that.” You couldn’t help but laugh at your brother expression, as he was contemplating to kill Thomas or not.

“Love you,” you mumbled into your brothers neck, “But I gotta go.”

“What? Where are you going?”

“Out, with my boyfriend, if you don’t mind,” you laughed, backing up and slipping your fingers to intertwine with Thomas’. You walked out of the room, giving the boys a wink as you slipped a pair of shoes on and walked outside with your boyfriend. When the door closed behind you, Thomas’ face lit up, “Oh, y/n, I forgot to tell you something!”

You looked up at his as you walked down the stairs, “What?”

“I love you, too.” There was a large, goofy smile plastered on his face, and you couldn’t help but laugh a little as you kissed him at the bottom of the stairs. 

God, you were happy. Everything could finally be normal with him, and you could finally actually tell people about your relationship. You would definetly make sure to talk about it in front of your brother, though.



Oswald had been in Kirkwall for a while now, and had attempted to start up a potions shop, but it wasn’t going so well, and she decided she needed to do something better to get enough coin for her to be able to eat. So she heard about a couple of dwarves hiring for an expedition into the deep roads. She figured a mage would be useful to a bunch of dwarves, so she went up and asked about it.

The first answer she got was a stubborn “No.” As she went to leave, however she was saved by a cut purse by the other dwarf, “Varric Tethras.” He basically picked her up off the street and made her a deal. She get him maps, and 50 sovereigns, and he could make her a business partner.

So first, they needed the maps. Varric got a tip of a Grey Warden living in Darktown, so when she asked around, she got a very familiar sounding description. An ex-Ferelden Grey Warden mage, who was a healer, and was hiding in Kirkwall. She finally had to ask, “Does he wear feathers on his shoulders all the time?” At the Answer of yes, she knew exactly who it was. She grabbed Varric by the arm, and broke of in a sprint to Darktown.

She eventually came to a set of doors next to a lit lantern, and as she walked into the door, she saw her friend, and seeing he had his hands a bit full at the moment, she waited with a large smile on her face.


Same sim, two versions. I realize they’re almost identical outside of their styling, but I can’t decide which one I hate less so I’m posting them both. She’s an old character from my story that I’m sure no one remembers, lol, but once I finish updating her face I will work on a Pixel Rust scene or two. :)

@mia-the-demigod (Starter!)

Xia was standing in front of the door labeled Graceful Assassin, hesitant to go inside. She hardly talked to her father and though they were quite alike and could get along he was usually too busy to hang out with her. Or at least had become busy as of late. As she was about to knock she felt like someone was in the area and whirled around.

“Hm? I don’t think I’ve seen you around. Who might you be?” she called out to the stranger, turning to fully face them.

@victorhyun​  :


 With a drink stirring in his hand, Vic eyes the men in suits with briefcases - and quirks a brow with interest. With just a quick glance, he turns back to Taehwa -
  and smiles, swiveling his seat to turn his back to them.

  “The shrewd, he likes you -
Brunette, not the one checking his watch.”
  He leans in closer;
“Think you could get a look inside that briefcase?”

Business man, brownhaired.. “Not interested.” Abruptly stated, and Taehwa is refusing even another glance towards the mentioned men, the curiosity over after Vic’s guess on it involving some sort of interest. An interest which Taehwa doesn’t return, trouble more of his forte, or new customers. Their gazes previously thought to be due to them being acquainted with the taller, and it’s a feeling he can’t fully shake off. “Thoughts you maybe knew ‘em.. Or do you?” Something almost-knowing in his voice, the mention of the briefcase leaving a lingering suspicion, and he let that show when looking at his old-time friend. 

Thicker than water

The vampire thought he had dragged the body far enough from the sidewalk to not draw attention to himself.

The man was already dead, he had very swiftly snapped his neck on the street and pulled him out of sight into the alley. Now hidden, he could get down to business. The red haired man grinned, not bothering to roll up his sleeves as he dug his claws into the chest of the body. With a cracking sound, he ripped his ribcage in half, exposing the warm organs beneath with a spray of blood. And that’s when the meal started.


@laxbeautex plotted a starter

There hadn’t been time for much discussion the last few days. Adam was a prince once more. The villagers were remembering so many things that they had forgotten. Lives were being mended, and that did make Adam happy.

But then there was Belle.

Perhaps he was avoiding her a bit, finding excuses to do inventories of napkins and forks and making sure all the servants were accounted for. He told himself Belle was probably busy getting her father settled. 

He could only avoid her for so long and, in truth, he missed how close they had been in their isolation. 

“Is your…Is your father adjusting?” He had his hands held behind his back as he approached Belle. He felt like he didn’t know what to do with his body. “He likes it here well enough?” 

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39. When people look at your character, is there some assumption they might make about them just by appearance? Is that assumption correct? (Any character)

Get to know my character

(I’ll do @justvoidsentthings!)

Suvi’s appearance is that of a well-off business man. If he could get away with it he’d probably wear a gil-styled suit and flaunt it.

His in-game glamour/model has on more than one occasion both ICly and OOCly made people comment about ‘Feeling like punching him’ / ‘Wanting to set him on fire’ because he looks like an asshole. Before he even speaks or makes a move.

Their assumption would be correct. He is a COMPLETE asshole from the way he talks down at people. To the way he uses people around him for his own gain.

The very first time I RP’d him, he goaded @balladofdariuskinkaid to the point of causing Darius to slam Suvi’s face into his very own desk! He’s the best at being the worst and it shows in how people view him.



Dean: I cut off a lot. And I already got inquiries from druids and other gods if they can get some locks. Some guy over in Vinland promised to build me altars and expand my realm if he could get all of it. Lucrative business dealing with Sam’s hair, haha. 

Anyway. Sam’s almost 400 years old. It’s time for him to learn how to braid his own damn hair. Maybe I should have cut it off where it reaches his neck but Sam might have fainted.