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Spartos and some of the other generals if you want visiting an orphanage

I went with four of them for now- 

Spartos Leoxses

  • He likes spending time with the kids.
  • But also feels sad for them. 
  • Knows he can’t, but if he could, would def bring all of them home. 
  • Tries not to get attached to any of them cause then he’d definitely want to. 

Sharrkan Amun-Ra

  • At first, he didn’t want to go at all.
  • Once there, though, he’s playing with all the kids.
  • Loves seeing them smile and making their day.
  • Goes like every single day after that.
  • Seeing them makes him wonder if he’d ever be a dad someday.

Pisti Artemina

  • Loves the lil kiddies
  • Despite being mistaken for one
  • Like Sharrkan, she likes playing with them and making them happy
  • Does feel kinda sad for them too
  • Tries to smuggle one or two of them home
  • Doesn’t succeed


  • She generally just feels sad for them. 
  • Also kinda relates to them somewhat. 
  • Entertains them with her magic
  • Loves seeing their reactions to it. 
  • If any of them are magicians, she offers to come back more often and help train them.

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Loved the new Klaus fic! I could def see Klaus somewhere like Chicago, where he can get away from everything. (& The gif: oh geez that smile :0). I thought you wrote Klaus' perspective perfectly 👍

Thank you so much!

I know right? I can definitely see Klaus going down memory lane in Chicago. And since he has such fond memories (especially the time with Stefan) I thought why not bring him back there. And I agree on the gif, I started at it longer that I would like to admit :D .

Piece of work  art

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HC about zoro sanji ace and law on their opinion about tattoos and marriage (seperately) 😁

Ohh ok let me se :)

About tattoos

  • Law and Ace have tattoos already, so they think they’re pretty cool
  • Law is happy with how he’s inked
  • Ace would prolly get even more if can think of nice motives
  • Sanji doesn’t mind them but would not be getting them himself, he doesn’t care about them too much
  • I can see Zoro getting one if he really likes the motive
  • Yeah I could def see Zoro getting a tattoo, he just hasn’t had the time yet

About marriage


  • I cannot see Zoro getting married
  • Zoro doesn’t think anything bad about marriage of course, hell he will be very happy for his friends getting married and thankfully accept being a groomsman
  • but oh well, I hc Zoro to be aroace, so no not really, personally I’d say he would not get married

Sanji and Ace

  • they would absolutely marry someone they love
  • this is beyond dispute, people who follow me know that I love to hc them as practically one and the same when it comes to love
  • but unlike Sanji, Ace would concerned for his s/o yunno because of his heritage and shit
  • The bad feelings aside, both of them would feel bliss, oh yes they would happily get married


  • difficult
  • normally I don’t think he would care for marriage and not get married but if he had an s/o whom he sincerly and deeply loves…then maybe?
  • it’s difficult, I don’t believe that it would be an impossible thing for Law to get married but on the other hand I absolutely cannot see him being full of glee and joy like Sanji and Ace

what if in re: one of the qs does get captured by aogiri at some point or something involving agoiri and haise having to go to their hideout/base haise would def do everything he could to get in there and save them being the protective squad leader he is plus being fueled by kanekis hatred towards the group and we get to cellar or prison block and its dark damp and there are cells and cages haise cringes at the thought that one of his members would be in here he slowly walks past ever cage until he gets to the last two one with his back turned to the other cell he doesnt notice the figure before it slowly emerge from the darkness and before turning around he hears a familiar tired voice “Yo…kaneki” Haise turns and sees the young man his hair is longish and unkept and he looks honestly like he hasnt slept in weeks with a few cuts on his face but he still smiling brightly at haise who is frozen head throbbing has kaneki tries to break thru with more force and fight then ever before