he could be saying 'silky'

Anonymous asked: headcanons for the chocobros having an s/o who’s really flirty and likes to fluster them, but the second one of the bois flirts back they become a blushing mess??


  • If Prompto doesn’t flirt back right away, he’s gonna get too embarrassed to retaliate
  • What you get to learn first hand is that with time, Prompto is just as great a flirt as you are. Depending on what kind of a day he’s having, he might even be better than you
  • Really, it’s the innocent voice and sweet face that have you much more shy than usual. He’s already a dream naturally, but putting forth the effort? You don’t stand a chance, RIP you


  • You have to say some off the wall shit to get Gladio embarrassed. This boy is shameless
  • Luckily for him (or luckily for you, really), it doesn’t take nearly as much to get to you
  • What he finds fun, though, is using what you’ve said to him as fuel. He’ll wait until it’s busy enough around you that nobody will notice the way your eyes get big and you drop whatever’s in your hands. He’s good like that


  • With Ignis, actions speak louder than words. A hand on his upper arm, a kiss on his cheek, a hug from behind…
  • He knows how to use his own actions to get you just as hot and bothered as him. Of course he could just say flirtatious things in that silky voice of his, but where’s the fun in that?
  • Why speak at all? The sight of him taking off a glove with his teeth, the security of his hand on the small of your back, and the ticklish sensation you experience when he noses the back of your neck do the job just fine


  • The only person who’s easier than Prompto to get all blushy is Noctis. Something as simple as “Your hair looks nice today” has him smiling like an idiot and covering his face with his hands
  • When he flirts back, he’s honestly more flustered than you are. He just really likes you okay? 
  • Especially if you smile at him while he’s trying to be smooth. He stutters through his cheesy one-liners and messes them up. Horribly
  • It’s pretty sweet tbh

April 30, 2014. Kopitar skates in to give some love at the end of Game 7 in the LAK-SJS round 1 series, and Quick compliments Kopitar’s play.