he comes in colours

You can try prying grape coloured young Zarkon out of my naturally cold hands.

Pledis: We’ve decided, Minghao, that your hair’s gonna be red!

Pledis: No wait, scratch that. It’s gonna be dark pink!

Pledis: Actually, no, your hair’ll be bluey silver!

Pledis: Nah, nah, blondeish silver works better.

Pledis: Although, come to think of it, we’ve kinda been missing your brown hair…



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Jace x Reader

Requested by @ladyannikki

“All that happened in one week?” You giggled as Izzy finished ranting and flopped onto your bed with you.

“Yes, it’s exhausting.” She complained and you nodded cuddling up with her as she ranted about everything that had happened that week.

“Maybe I could help?” You offered but she shook her head.

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Can i pls have a fluffy sf9 reaction to their gf having pretty lips. Like their plump, always moisturized and pink

a/n: this is how i think they’d act, no harm done :)

Inseong: Because he has thin lips I feel like he’d be a person that admires yours to the extent of just staring at them while you talk. Like, you guys would be talking to each other about how the guy in your class is an absolute fart and he would just be staring at your lips - not sexually but in a very innocent way. He loves the way that they’re beautiful without you even trying!

“Inseong? Are you even listening to me?!” 

“Shh, don’t ruin the moment,”

*leans in and pecks your lips* *smiles smugly* *pecks them again* “Heh.” 

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Youngbin: Let’s be honest: he’s such a loving guy so what will he not love about you! I can imagine him reminding you to apply your lip balm before bed and after your baths. Sometimes applying it for you himself :D Let’s not leave out the random kisses he’ll give you when you least expect it!

*lies on the bed, waiting for you to finish your night routine* “Don’t forget your lip balm!”

“I know mom -_-”

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Jaeyoon: He’ll be your best friend when it comes to shopping for lipstick, i swear. I mean like-

“Does this colour suit me?” *shows him a nude coloured one*

*shakes his head vigorously* “Are you trying to hide those sultry lips of yours, woman?!”

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Sanghyuk (Dawon): Oh boy, don’t get me started on his obsession on your lips!!!!! You guys would be walking down a path beside the Han River and then he’d just walk up to you and leave you speechless by just pecking your lips like the fRIED CHICKEN HE IS and then run away like a COWARD with you shouting-


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Juho (Zuho): Like, you guys are in the studio listening to the melody he composed the past week and you started to add some adlibs to the song and then you made funny sounds which cutely annoyed him then he would pinch your lips like a duck and say,

“I can’t be mad at you,” *looks at his keyboard again* “your lips are too soft…” *smiles cutely*

in gif: *thinks about your cuteness* “why…………………”

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*comes to you with a variety of colours* “i think these may look pretty on you y/n :)”

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Taeyang: THIS SEXY PUFFBALL I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN HIS LIPS???????????????????????????? Yes, he’d love to kiss you. And sometimes, he’d ask for it, damn it yoo taeyang!!?!?!???! YOU EXTRA PIECE OF-

“Are you going to kiss me now or what y/n?” *smirks innocently but it melts your heart anyway*

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Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): I mean like, of course, he’d love your lips like one time, you were playing on your phone then he stared at you until you looked at him and he’ll tap his cheek :P BUT SOMETIMES WHEN HE REALLY WANTS YOU TO KISS HIM HE DOESN’T EVEN NEED TO TELL YOU BECAUSE YOU KNOW HE WANTS YOUR KISSES!!!! I MEAN LIKE HE DOESN’T LIKE SKINSHIP WITH THE MEMBERS BUT YOU’RE AN EXCEPTION 

*taps his cheek cutely* “A reward for doing the chores? :D”

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Chanhee (Chani): THIS FLUFFY FLUFF BALL OF FLUFF. He’s too shy to ask for kisses cmon let’s be honest. The closest thing he came to asking was when you were sleeping on his shoulder and he bent his head a little bit to graze your lips against his check then you suddenly woke up and he was SCARED SHITLESS then you said-

“Wah chani you almost suffocated me with your fluffy cheeks!” 

“Well y/n, you almost kissed me!” 

“Cmon chani i know you want my kisses.” *pecks him anyway despite his half-hearted protests*

*tries to frown but his smile is still obvious* “This is embarrassing…”

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Night Shifts. [Smut]

A/N; I am so sorry that this took me ten million years to write. This wouldn’t have been possible without the bad influences in my life! ( @we-are-like-a-timebomb ,  @writing-obrien . @dumbass-stilinski and the wonderful @mandylove1000 <3 ) Enjoy! xoxo 

Pairing: StuartxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 5,716

Listen to this.

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Because I just had to!

Based on THIS by @tyranttortoise 

I am not really into the whole heat thing, I actually think it’s kind of silly but whatever floats your boat, but the idea of Edge going out into snowdins forest just to yell at trees makes me literally die with laughter, like it’s so cute and such a silly thing to do but so him??? xD

Have been wanting to draw this ever since I read it, and today I finally did!

So hope you like it @tyranttortoise, I really love your work and now I’m off to read the newest chapter of SSLL which I absolutely adore and can’t wait to read more of! :D


jess mariano appreciation week // day one >>> favourite season



I miss his short hair, i want him to cut his hair already😩 he keeps sayin he’s going for a haircut but comes back with a different colour or style😂


On one of his nightly strolls Robbie was letting his wings air out but suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. A child was out wandering and saw him. In a panic he used his magic to create a fog hoping that they’d forget what they saw if they couldn’t see anything. 

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Seriously? You equate having compassion for a boy who was born into slavery, tossed about, manipulated and lied to by adults, watched his mom die in his arms and has nightmares about his wife dying in childbirth to stanning a dude who decides to murder because it's edgy? Ok, buddy. Hope you remember this post the next time someone says Finn deserves no compassion because Hux was yelled at by his dad.

Cool motive, still murder.

FYI, I don’t stan or excuse any of Kylo Ren’s actions. But … genocide. GENOCIDE. I know why Anakin did it and his story breaks my heart but you can’t excuse Anakin’s actions. You can’t pretend that what Anakin did is somewhat less horrible because his reasons behind it is tragic. It is understandable, but not excusable. It sickens me when y’all try to use Anakin as some higher moral ground compared to Kylo when he’s done terrible things as well. 

Also, your last sentence? Makes no sense whatsoever and doesn’t add anything to your argument, lmao.

Why Magnus Bane is gift to mankind

My dearest pumpkins, you all know my love for our dear Shadowhunter, Alexander Gideon Lightwood, but did I ever tell you how much I love Magnus Bane? Here is a list why TVMagnus Bane, not that Book!Magnus is not a gift but I haven’t read them so I can’t vouch for the books, is a gift from the Gods to us, pathetic mortals :

- Magnus actually fights gender roles. Not just because he wears makeup, but because he shows to his friends and the people around him that you can be a powerful male warlock AND wear things considered as “girly” without it being seen as a joke or something to be ashamed of. Because wearing “feminine” clothes isn’t shameful, being a woman isn’t shameful and Magnus’ clothes are not women clothes, they are his clothes, he buys them for himself, they’re not a dirty little secret, they belong to him and to him only. Making them man clothes, man makeup, Magnus’ clothes, Magnus’ makeup.

- Magnus is very proud of his sexuality, that we know, but he is also very open about sex in general. Because sex isn’t dirty or filthy, it’s an act between people ( no matter the gender, or number of people) who have consented into a sexual act and who enjoyed themselves. It’s not a dirty thing we should lock away and never talk about, it’s natural and it’s beautiful.

- But Magnus will also respect your privacy, he won’t ever judge you if you are uncomfortable about sex or just don’t want it (aka Magnus being there for Raphael all his life without ever making Raphael feel like something is wrong with him), he knows that, while he is very comfortable with his sexuality and sex life, he won’t push you to do things you don’t want to.

- You can be fucking sure that, since all the Camille business, Magnus makes great effort into showing his partners that he loves them and cares about them and will never, ever be unfaithful.

- Magnus, who suffered through centuries of oppression from the Clave, will help Shadowhunters in need, even the goddamn Lightwoods, because he knows more than anyone else that you can’t be blamed for your parents’ mistakes.

- Magnus is a damn icon for bisexual people, he breaks the stereotypes of “They’re just greedy people who don’t want to choose”. Magnus chooses his partners for their soul and not for their gender and he loves the human body, wherever it’s female or male. He’s not greedy, he’s bisexual and he tells all the bisexuals out there that there is no shame in being who you are and loving who you love.

- “I am afraid I am a one soul at a time type of guy.” Damn iconic.

- He’s also such a good POC representation. Because Magnus is not defined by the colour of his skin or where he comes from, he’s defined by his actions and choices. He’s Magnus Bane, he’s not some Indonesian warlock, he’s a person, not a race and he’s not defined by it, but he’s proud of where he comes from, maybe not of who he comes from, but he’s not ashamed of his heritage and he’s saying loud and clear that no one should be ashamed of their heritage, ever.

- Magnus Bane, a POC bisexual man is the fucking High Warlock of Brooklyn, a man of power who fought for his place and deserved it. He’s telling everyone who’s so sure that their race and sexuality will keep them from coming on top that they should try and fight because in the end it’s worth it.

- Magnus Bane loves Alec Lightwood, he loves a man who has been taught all his life that warlocks are slaves to their impulses and he’s ready to forgive Alec for his mistakes and teach him when he’s wrong but he’s also ready to stand for himself and tell Alec when he’s being a prejudiced asshole. No matter the love between them, Magnus won’t let Alec be wrong and not tell him.

- Magnus respects women and does not think for one second that men are superior. He knows that both sex should be equals and you can be fucking sure that Magnus will shut down any misogynist asshole from speaking to him.

- Magnus Bane is a gift and he deserves happiness and protection. You can fight me on this ✊

- And if you needed another reason, he smiles like this :

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A damn treasure