he climbed the whole mountain

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Imagine where Rafael and reader are trying to get baby Luci to walk to them while teaching her to walk?

“Come on baby! Come to daddy!”
He grins and makes a grabbing motion towards his daughter and watched her prop herself and stand up.

Luci was ten months now, an early age for walking but Raf always knew she was gonna be a genius.

“Come on, mi amor. Come here, lucky.” The baby stands on shaky legs for about three seconds before falling back on her butt, giggling. Rafael laughs too, kissing her forehead.

“Again, baby. You can do it.”

She babbles nonsense and her brow furrows, just like her father as she concentrates and gets herself back up again.

One step, then two. And she plops back on her butt, laughing like its the funniest thing in the world, maybe it is.

“Bueno, mija, that was perfect!” He covers her tummy in kisses watching her wiggle and giggle at his affections.

He presses his nose to hers and smiles down at her. “Te amo mija.”

She smiles up at him, her first few teeth showing as she pats his cheek with her chubby fingers.

His daughter was only 10 months and with each passing day, his love for her grows immeasurably. He truly hadn’t understood love until he met you and then when his daughter was born? It was like the whole world blossomed just for Luci. He would climb any mountain and fight any monster for his sweet girl.

“Ah! Dah!” She squeals as he munches on her toes.

“Si, mi amor. Daddy. Mi nombre es daddy.”

She just giggles again and pats his face affectionately. Rafael was, as always, putty in her hands.

Christmas is near so

Imagine the night with Akane and her siblings around the table, prepared for dinner. Because there’s not so much money in Owari’s home, there is poor food and the general Christmas spirit is nearly dead. Even with that, they’re an energetic family, so they eat together and Akane wants to maintain this tradition for her younger siblings, to be well educated and secured in the family core, and of course growing up in loving each other.

But the the door nearly crashes, with a lightning step, there appears… Santa Nidai! His loud voice and iron muscles captivate the attention of the whole gang.“WOHOHOHO!!I came to share my spirit with those who aren’t FOOLISH!” And that spirit means a gift bag full of wonderful things for the family! Where wonderful things means a lot of food for them to carry and save so even if the dinner is really simple and poor, they won’t have hunger for a good time.

“But for those who were good with their family… There’s more to GO!” And then, with Santa’s electrifying glare and a perplex Akane, he gives them something for playing together like a team (A soccer ball, a baseball equipment…) and praises them to wake up early in the morning to try their gift and have healthy and sporty fun in these festivity days!

The young ones burst into shouts and happyness and come to give hugs and try to climb up the whole Santa Nidai mountain body, he still laughs with that booming Christmas voice and blinks at Akane, who smiles fondly seeing the surprise the manager had for them. Then he fastly exits the house, waving epically and saying something epic like “There’s a lot of little trainees out there that need my Christmas advice!”

And that leaves Akane thoughtful and with her siblings asking her energetically if this wasn’t the most exciting Christmas event in time. She nods, but she’s thinking about how to say thanks to her beloved manager.

What Akane doesn’t know is that, for Nidai, seeing that sincere and happy smile in her face is more than enough gift for him.

Your True Nature.

One fresh, spring day, a deer detected a mysterious and heavenly fragrance in the air.  It hinted of peace, beauty and love, and like a whisper beckoned him onward.  Compelled to find its source, he set out, determined to search the whole world over.

He climbed forbidding and icy mountain peaks, padded through steamy jungles, trekked across endless desert sands.  Wherever he went, the scent was there, faint yet always detectable.

At the end of his life, exhausted from his relentless search, the deer collapsed. As he fell, his horn pierced his belly, and suddenly the air was filled with the heavenly scent.  As he lay dying, the deer realized that the fragrance had all along been emanating from within himself.

The loving awareness you cherish is not a distant fragrance, a treasure found only after an arduous journey.  As the deer realized at his death, the beauty you long for is already right here, inside you.  It has been all along.

  ~ traditional legend from ancient India; adapted from a telling by Tara Brach.

The Green Soul || Closed


Before Knud had fallen down into Mt. Ebbot, he had been out camping on the side of the mountain with his family. Now, Knud was not in any sense a muscle man, like the jocks back at his high school. He actually would look for any way out of gym class. He was able to do so by joining the school’s home EC class. There he had learned that he loved to cook. From then on he cooked where ever he could. He learned that especially liked making sweet things. Pies, cakes, cookies, all those things!

His dad however wanted him to be a lot more Physical, become a lot more stronger than he was. So their whole family had went mountain climbing. That was their mistake. For Knud would fall down into Mt. Ebbot never again to be seen by his family. 

Because Knud clearly had a cooking problem, he had brought his stain apron and one of his burnt frying pans with him, thus they had fallen in with him. After leaving the ruins, he had put the apron on, and held the frying pan. He didn’t want to fight any of these monsters, but he was afraid they might give him no choice. Still, if he could use kindness instead of brute force, he sure as hell will.