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Lost and Found (Part 3)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: maybe language, lost dog…

Word Count:1863

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

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Waking up, you felt strangely…nervous and elated. You had a normal conversation with Sebastian Stan last night…Or was it a dream?

You checked your phone. Nope. Totally real. So was the part about him abruptly leaving. You sighed and got out of bed to shower. Then you began your routine, ready to get back to the office. Once you got there, you had some much needed work to catch up on. You had a board meeting, a quarterly meeting, emails to catch up on.

The entire day you wondered if you should text him but you didn’t want to be one of “those” girls. If he was a normal guy, you would’ve done it with no problem, but this was Sebastian freaking Stan. You couldn’t just text him like you had the right to do so.

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Anonymous said: How Sasuke and itachi sound jealously react to the reader fangirling over a celebrity, or other male?

A/N: I really loved this idea and enjoyed writing this for you! I hope that you don’t mind that I made it into a headcanon’s. But anyway, thank you sooo much for your request! Please enjoy what I have come up with! - Admin Kat 💟

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Headcanons for Sasuke Jealously Reacting Over His S/O Fangirling Over a Celebrity or Someone Else:

- Primarily, Sasuke would pretend as though it doesn’t bother him, but really, let’s get real… this shit bothers him.
- He’d make it out that he doesn’t care or make fun or the celebrity or the individual.
- “You think he’s something to make a big deal out of?” he’d murmur with shut eyes, leaned effortlessly against a wall.
- “Naruto? What’s there to be proud of? He’s an imbucile. What he did wasn’t even that big of a deal…” he’d scoff out.
- He’d act all cool and indifferent about it, but it’d totally damage his ego and even make him feel a bit insecure.
- He’d jump to jealousy right away, totally denying it, though.
- “There’s no way in hell that I’d be jealous of Naruto.” when in reality, he really is.
- I believe he’d be the type to act out harshly, - not in a way to damage you physically, but probably emotionally-.
- “Who cares what you think, anyway…
- He’d be a million times more brooding and grouchy.
- I think he’d grow a lot more possessive over his s/o, like, he’d want their attention and if he was around the person in question that his s/o was fangirling over, he’d totally swing an arm around them, - even though usually he doesn’t, because he claimed to them that there was nothing to prove before, so it’d raise questions -.
- He’d totally grumble to himself when he’s alone.
- “Who freaking cares about that dimwit anyway? Not me…
- “I have Sharingan. Who cares about damn Byakugan?
- “Damn you Narutoooo!
- I think he’d secretly vow to kill your celebrity crush, tbh.
- He would be more hands on, and less indifferent over time: Like, his temper would flare more easily, he would interrupt your conversation with the other individual when you’re around them, and he’d totally kiss your neck and not be so nonchalant with his approach to gaining your attention.
- “Pffftttt! What a loser!
- He may even be harsh about it.
- “Get a life! Is there anything else that you do than talk about that loser?
- He’d probably give you the silent treatment, honestly. You’d basically have to pester him for three days straight to even get a grunt out of him!
- He’d be particularly miffed if they fangirled over someone he didn’t really see as a threat or somebody to be idolized.
- He wouldn’t want to hear even a little mentioning over his s/o’s favourite celebrity or some other person.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Headcanons for Itachi Jealously Reacting Over His S/O Fangirling Over a Celebrity or Someone Else:

- I don’t entirely think that Itachi would get jealous, it’s rare that he jumps to such an unnecessary emotion or reaction.
- Firstly, he would register it as idolization and respect that it’s just a little crush or that they’re appreciating something about them.
- However… Even Itachi Uchiha has his own limits within this area. Like, if the fangirling got to a level where it seemed as though they wished to be with that individual, he would question to himself if they were truly happy with him.
- He’s rather perseptive, - which I state all about Itachi-, so he would be able to determine quite clearly what stage this ‘fangirling’ was about this celebrity or individual.
- Harmless fangirling is fine, but overboard 'I want to date him/her’ would bother him, because he’d question whether they were satisfied within the relationship or not.
- I believe that Itachi would happily sit and listen to his s/o rant over a fandom or something: He knows that the fictional character isn’t real, or that the way they’re speaking over someone’s abilities or characteristics mesmerized them.
- He would probably give them a tender closed eye smile, like a kitten, but not say very much as there isn’t much to really add, in his case.
- If it grew too far, Itachi would certainly process the information and weigh whether it was just a 'spur of the moment’ sort of thing, and he would sit his s/o down to tell them how this made him feel and that it really did bother him.
- If things grew too far, he would silently remind his s/o that they’re his. An example of this would be: His s/o blabbering over someone really cool and he’d softly kiss them after they were done, ensuring that they knew he was still here.
- If he was bothered about it, initially he wouldn’t really show any evidence of it; you’d have to really know him in order to depict how he was feeling.
- He wouldn’t let it get to his head, it wouldn’t really damage his ego or make him feel self-conscious, because he knows his s/o loves him, and it’s probably nothing serious.
- “Tell me about his abilities. What were they like?
- He’d enjoy the way their face lights up, enjoy their happiness.
- If they commented on how ’hot’ someone was, the red flags would wave in his head. He wouldn’t like it, but if it wasn’t so repetitive, he wouldn’t bring it up.
- “Kisame is remarkable in his own fashion, but not as remarkable as other’s abilities.” he’d drone out.
- If it was constant, then it would begin to bug Itachi and there would be some major signs.
- “(Y/N), I would like to speak to you over something. I promise you that I am not here to heckle you or lecture you, or conduct an intervention, but please… listen to me carefully, as I will only say this once.” he’d state, beckoning to the seat beside himself.
- It would only be in extreme cases like “I’d totally have sex with him/her” or “I wouldn’t mind that person on top of me”, that it’d bother Itachi and rouse him to anger.
- If he grows angry, he’d be silent: It’d be rare to rouse him to lash out verbally.
- “If you’re so inclined to be involved with them, then be my guest. But remember, you’re taken. However remember, you’re taken… If that still applies.
- I believe that maybe it’d be in his aura that something was bothering him, so you may be able to depict that something’s up.
- Sometimes he may find it immature, but again, he’d only state so if he was pushed to it.
- Itachi would not grow very possessive of his s/o when they fangirl, it happens and sometimes people slip up and say shit, but if it’s on purpose to rouse a reaction from him, he wouldn’t appreciate it; and with that also duly noted, he wouldn’t appreciate it if it was constant, either.

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I’m still pissed they cut the best scenes out of Suicide Squad, the first version I watched was soooo, so much better than the final result.

Literally, I don’t know why they always cut some parts that are crucial to the storylines.  Even in this video, they still cut the part where Joker slaps her (showing the audience that he really is abusive and not the lovey dovey some fangirls and fanboys might think he is).

At least this video has that part where Harley says she loves Joker and he replies “I’m not something to love, I’m an idea” clearly showing that love is -not-what he wants at all. He wants chaos. 

There are still tons of Joker scenes that are NOT in this video, so basically they destroyed something that could  haven been really, really good in order to make it  more “suitable” for younger audiences. 

WIP Game

I got tagged by the amazing @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell and incredible @samwise-the-true-hero (love you both!).

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Tears prickle in the corners of his eyes when Abaddon slaps his ass a few times, clearly knowing what he just did.

From Untitled Abaddean PWP.

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Save Me - Chapter 14

I just finished getting the girls situated and sat down with a slice of now cold cheese pizza and a bit of salad when I thought I heard a knock on the door. Looking at the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if our neighbors called security, up until 10 minutes ago, the girls were running around, jumping on the furniture and the music was blaring.

“Oh geez, Paige, turn that music down more, that’s probably security at the door.”

“I’m really sorry..” I started to say before I even opened the door all the way. “Jared..” I was shocked to see him standing there.

“Hey.” He said shyly pushing his hand through his hair. “You didn’t give me a chance to tell you that I’d like to come. I just had to grab my key card.”

It took a minute to register that it was actually him standing there. It had been almost a half an hour since I had left his room. I think he was lying. I bet he was debating with himself but maybe it’s just me. I mean, he’s only a handful of doors down.

“Oh, yeah, please come in. Are you hungry?” I asked trying to be more polite than my expression probably showed since I instantly realized I still look like a drowned rat and on top of that, I didn’t really feel like I wanted to take a chance at looking like an fool again. I’ve had more than enough embarrassment for one day.

As he walked in and the girls caught a glimpse of who was trailing in behind me, they stopped mid-sentence and sat there looking like three little deers caught in headlights. I wish I could have taken a picture.

“Look who’s joining us for pizza!”

The five us sat having pizza, well four of us had pizza, the extra cheese had Jared sticking to just a salad. The conversation was light and fun after I let go of my uncomfortableness. Tonight we got to see a different side of him than the other two I saw earlier. He asked lots of questions and the girls were showing him all kinds of pictures, some from the concert, some of family and friends. When he’s talking to you, he has a way of making you feel like you have his complete and undivided attention. It was intimidating, at least to me…the girls were savoring it.

He seemed interested in me too, asking what I did for a living and where I lived. He was shocked when I talked about what I did and I’m not sure how to take that. Was he shocked because I seemed like an idiot? Sadly I had to admit, it was a possibility.

By 2:30 am, the girls were fighting the good fight trying to stay awake but were losing the battle. How Jared was still awake, I have no idea.

“Come on girls, time for bed!” Surprisingly none of them argued at all. Each of them gave Jared a hug, thanked him then headed to their room. I left Jared in the living room while I went to tuck them in. It had been quite a day.

Mackenzie hugged me tight and said “Auntie Vivie, you’re the best Aunt ever. Thank you for my birthday present! I can’t believe Jared ate pizza with us, I’m never gonna forget this, it was the best night of my life!”

That…THAT was exactly what I hoped she would feel after today. And despite a few little bumps in the road, it was an amazing day. Moving to Paige and Lily, they both jumped up and pulled me into a big bear hug nearly knocking me off the bed.

“Love you both, you crazy kiddos! Sleep good!”

“We will, Auntie Vivie!” They said in unison.
“All I know is I can’t WAIT ‘til it’s our birthday, right Paige?!”

Hmm, I may have set the bar a little too high. Damn.

Rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I walked back into the living room and found Jared cleaning up the girls’ mess.

“You don’t have to do that, stop!” I said playfully grabbing the garbage he had in his hands and throwing it into a garbage bin.

“I don’t mind at all, Vivie. Thank you for inviting me, I really enjoyed being here.” He said as he walked up to stand directly in front of me, his hands reaching for the tops of my arms. Wrapping my hands around his forearms I looked into his gorgeous blue eyes smiling.

“We enjoyed having you, thanks for all your help today. It was definitely a birthday adventure none of us will forget.”

And then he kissed me…. Wait no, that’s what I THOUGHT was going to happen. But it didn’t. He continued to look into my eyes seemingly contemplating something, making me feel like he was analyzing my very soul then said “I should go.”

Wait, what just happened? Does my breath stink? Did I do something wrong? I was rooted in place, it was my turn to look like a deer caught in headlights.

He walked towards the door, only turning back towards me to say, “Goodnight, Vivie.”

“Goodnight, Jared.” I said as I watched the door close behind him, still confused.

Throughout the entire night, we chatted and had a great time. He definitely wanted to be there. But those flirty signals were not there at all or at least I didn’t see them. He was friendly and curious, talkative even but was he eye fucking me like on stage, nope. Was he whispering in my ear? Nope. Or stealing every opportunity to touch me? Nope. Hell, he didn’t even hug me good-bye. Clearly all that flirting was in my head and I was embarrassed all over again.

Maybe he just wanted to connect with people outside his small circle, be around people who treated him like a regular person and not a celebrity to fangirl over or maybe he just likes kids. Maybe he did come over because he wanted to know more about me but didn’t like what he saw. I could go around and around with reasons why instead of going to bed, he chose to come over here until almost 3am but it’s just not worth it.

At the end of the day, if he liked what he saw and was attracted to me, I think it’s safe to say he would have done more than grab the tops of my arms, he had more than enough time and opportunity.

Shutting the lights off and walking back to my bedroom, I guess there were a few positives that came out of the night; the girls had dinner with a rock star, I hopefully redeemed myself from earlier and the most positive of all? I would probably never see Jared Leto again.

Exo Reaction when you’re fangirling about another boyband.

Request: Hi :) can you make an exo reaction when you’re fangirling with another boyband ? Thank you :D

Okay! So again for taking so long on this request. I am going to use names of other bands, so don’t take it offensive or anything. I love all the other boygroups mentioned so….Enjoy~

Baekhyun: (I am doing two different reaction for Baek because I can imagine both of them happening) He walks in to see you on your computer fangirling over Bts’s live performances.

“Dafuq? Since when did this girl like Bts? She should only love Exo.”

“Omg~Gurrrrrl, I know right shirtless Jimin is so hot! And my son ,V,be owning that stage. I taught him right!” He would fangirl with you. 

Chanyeol: “But, Jagiya, I thought you would only love me and Exo.” Chanyeol would pout ,cutely, over you fangirling over another boyband.

Chen: Chen walks in your room catching you fangirling over B.A.P Daehyun’s high note. “Tsk. I can also sing high notes, maybe even better then him.”

D.O: “*sigh* Well, she is at it again. I am so done, why can’t she just like Exo.” D.o walks in the living room to see you fangirling over 2pm again. He is so done with your fangiring shit. when isn’t d.o done with lyfe?

Kai: Kai catches you fangirling over Shinee. “How dare you! Fangirling over my best friend’s band. Taemin better not be your Bias!He stops infront of the Tv to point and yell at you clearly jealous and shocked at you liking another band besides Exo.

Kris: “I see you fangirling over Infinite. But at the end of the day, you bad ass boyfriend is the one you love the most.” Kris sees you fangirling but he knows that you will always come crawling back to him. causefangirlingisn’thisstyle 

Lay: “Wait what? Kikwang’s butt is sexy? My ovaries are exploding? Jagi are you okay?” Lay gets worried as he hears you fangirling over Beast and how they are making your ovaries exploding. Then he realizes that you were admiring someones else butt, other than his.

Luhan: Luhan walks in to you rolling on the floor yelling about your hear being ripped out as Suju is playing on the Tv with no shirts on. “The fuck is this? I come home to see my girlfriend squirming on the floor like a fish over Suju. Do you even react this way when you watch Exo or me?” He is judging you hard.

Sehun:  “Omg, look i am Y/N and I think Big Bang is soooo hot.” Sehun copies/mocks you clearly annoyed at your state of fangirling because your are ignoring him and fangirling over another boyband. even though he can’t deny big bang being hot

Suho: “I taught you better than this. Remember when I said you should only love Exo. I am disappointed with you especially since its boys younger than you. Are you even listening?” Suho starts ranting when he catches you fangirling over seventeen because they are younger then Exo and yourself. (if your not then just pretend) He only wants you to look at Exo. -cough- Him-cough-

Tao:  Tao sees you fangirling over Got7 Markson’s martial arts.“I can do martial arts too. I can way more Gucci than them.” Jealous panda

Xiumin: “Hello, sexy boyfriend, in a boygroup, right here in front of you.” Xiumin is clearly judging you and not happy with your choice of fangirling over another boygroup besides Exo. He is going to teach you a lesson. -winks- if you know what I mean?