he checks up on her

Y’all, I just need to say something about Hidden Figures and how annoyed I am by the fact that we’re just hearing about these phenomenal women.

John Glenn essentially only trusted Katherine Goble (now Johnson) with HIS LIFE. When the computer was fucked up, he told them he wanted HER to check the numbers. Not just anyone. HER. AND WE’RE JUST THE FUCK NOW HEARING ABOUT THIS WHEN IT WAS A HUGE PRIDE FOR THE NATION AND SHIT? WHY DID I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL 2017 TO LEARN THAT A BLACK WOMAN IS THE ONLY REASON JOHN GLENN WAS WILLING TO GO INTO SPACE? HUH? HUUUUUH????????? 


I’ll tell you why: Misogyny + racism.

a concept™ for your consideration: shitty and lardo have had arguments. it happens when you’ve been best friends for almost 4 years. people disagree. but after The Great Performance-Artist-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named Debacle of 2014, bitty has to enact a haus-wide ban on anyone uttering marina abramovic’s name, punishable by fine and loss of pie privileges (lardo thinks she’s a talentless hack and shitty credits her with reinventing the conception of postmodernism. it’s maybe the worst fight they’ve ever had)

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Let’s be honest, Chiron was Annabeth’s father figure growing up, way more than her biological father. He probably gave her rides on his back when she was a little kid with no family, and even after she made friends with Malcolm and the rest of the Athena cabin he probably still checks up on her to make sure she’s Ok.


At some point, Jack became aware of his daughter crying, and he blearily dragged himself out of bed before Bitty woke up too. There was no sense for them to be both up.

Annie didn’t let up when Jack leaned over her crib to pick her up. He checked her diaper and tried to feed her, but she still continued to wail. He bounced her around and took a few turns around the nursery, but her cries only escalated until Bitty finally came in. 

“Should we?” Bitty asked, still rubbing the sleep out of his yes.

“Yeah,” Jack agreed. “I’ll go. You go back to bed.”

Bitty shook his head. “No, I’ll come too.”

It was a familiar routine by now as they put on their jackets and pulled pants over their boxers. They efficiently buckled Annie into her car seat who howled through the whole thing even though they’d already done this twice this week.

Once the car started moving though, Annie finally stopped screaming at the top of lungs. She sniffled wetly a few times, but otherwise, she predictably quieted down.

“Wake me up in ten minutes and I can drive.” Bitty yawned. He’d wedged one of Annie’s blankets against the window as a makeshift pillow, and was snoring lightly before Jack even got out of the driveway.

Jack drove halfway around the block before the silence was too stifling, despite the quiet hum of the engine. He turned on the radio. He kept the volume low, mindful of the occupants in the vehicle, and settled on a channel that was playing something soft and slow.

After a couple of times of the neighbourhood, Jack pulled out onto the main streets. He was awake now, and he might as well keep driving for a little while longer.

He passed the garish, neon signs of stores that were lit even at this hour. The places that were so familiar during the day seemed intimidating in the dark of night. There was a surreal quality to it that Jack couldn’t quite put his finger on.

Jack glanced over at Bitty just as they passed under a street lamp, and for moment, Bitty was illuminated by the golden light in a way that had Jack desperately itching for his camera. He briefly entertained the idea of reaching over to grab hold of Bitty’s hand, but even asleep, Bitty looked exhausted. Jack didn’t want to wake him up.

It was a little after 3 am when Jack finally pulled back into the driveway and shifted the gear into park. He hesitated before finally nudging Bitty awake. If slept any longer in that position, he was going to screw up his neck.

“Is it my turn?” Bitty mumbled.

“No, Jack said as he carded his fingers through Bitty’s hair before smoothing it down. “We’re home.”

Bitty frowned, but didn’t argue as Jack got out the car and carefully unbuckled Annie.

After putting her back into her crib, Bitty hovered for a few minutes, just to make sure she really was asleep. He turned and kissed Jack lightly on the cheek. “Love you,” he whispered.

“Love you, too,” Jack replied fondly. “Come on. Let’s try and get some sleep before the sun comes up.”

Serenity | Dan Howell

Hello! This is a short fanfic about Dan Howell based on the request below. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!

“That was probably one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.” Dan announced as the title screen started playing and shook his head with a laugh. His friend did not respond like usual so he turned his head to face her only to find out she had fallen asleep next to him. “I guess that means you agree.” He mumbled to himself and looked at her, she looked so peaceful sleeping it would be a crime to wake her up right now. He spend a little while doubting whether to get a blanket and leave her asleep on the couch or to carry her to his bed and take the couch himself before deciding on the latter. He quietly got up and turned the tv off, moving himself into a position where he could pick her up easily. He picked her up bridal style, constantly checking whether he was waking her up, but apart from a small murmur and a few head turns she still seemed fast asleep. He flipped the light switch with his elbow and on his tip-toes carried her to his bedroom across the hall.

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  • what she says : i'm fine
  • what she means : kara and lena actually hugged it has probably been 84 years since lena has been hugged by someone who cares about her and kara believes in her even with all the evidence against her and lena and kara would be so perfect for each other they would balance each other out so perfectly but the writers keep forcing k*ramel and they even made alex push kara to try and have a relationship with him even though he's manipulating and guilt-tripping her because she has said multiple times that she isnt into him and she was going to date him just to prevent his Man Pain™ and it sets such a bad example to all the young girls (everyone but especially the young girls) of what is to be considered a healthy relationship and people will still defend his crusty ass even though he started dating someone a few days after confessing his undying love for kara but he didn't even bother to check up on her after the white martians attacked the deo he just asked her in passing like "hey i heard you almost died how about that?" and it looks like the writers are setting them up to be slow-burn and that makes me want to fling myself into the sun why cant the supergirl writers just treat supergirl right and like the strong independent woman she is and not like the woman who has to do everything to make the White Male™ better i deserve better we all deserve better kara zor-el deserves better
Red Velvet Reaction to: Being on “Return of Superman”

Irene: Very attentive and focused on her children. She has this amazing ability to watch her oldest and check he’s not up to mischief while simultaneously entertaining her youngest, stopping her tears by waving toys at her. As her daughter pumps her chubby legs in her highchair, the viewers fall in love with the dynamic of the three. Her son inherits Joohyun’s caring nature, looking out for his baby sister almost as much as his mom does.

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Wendy: Raises her twin sons with Korean and English, making a lot of Korean-Americans or mixed race viewers interested in her family, since they can identify with them. She’s very gentle and caring, singing the boys to sleep when they’re sick or upset. But can be surprisingly strict, in the kindest of ways. When her sons fight, she uses a calm but strict tone to tell them why that’s wrong and put them on time out. She knows how to lovingly discipline and many parents watch her episodes to take note of her techniques.

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Seulgi: Spoils her children with affection and love, unable to deny them anything. This leads to her often being the guinea pig for their “hair salons,” “restaurants” and “shops.” Seulgi has endured many glitter gels in her hair, bad makeovers and sipped countless empty tea cups.

“Oooh, wow, Jinyoung, you’ve made Mommy look so pretty!”

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Joy: She’s childish and playful with her son, making viewers melt at their interactions. The mother and son bond is very pure and strong, and he waddles after Sooyoung and copies her actions often. He knows all the latest girl group dances and he’s best friends with Yeri’s daughter; the next generation troublemakers. The antics of those two leave the audience in stitches and Yeri and Joy in awe and disbelief at some of the schemes they can concoct.

“They just had to be like their mothers, didn’t they?” Joy jokes.

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Yeri: “Irene unnie, help! Dasom has a cough - is it okay to give her medicine?” The other girls feature a lot in her episodes, even just over the phone, giving her advice. While she’s not the most graceful of mother’s, she’s a very fast learner and soaks information up like a sponge. Her daughter is the same and together, they learn how to maneuver through life; one as a child, the other as a mother.

A lot of other young mother’s also know this feeling, of unsureness so this family is a fan favourite.

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this is probably the most delightful moment in the show. the way marcus’ face glows when he sees polis for the first time. how he interacts with the grounder woman, enjoys the food that she offers him and then offers her a patch of his jacket in exchange and says “its a symbol for our home”. or the way abby gets dragged by a grounder kid to offer food, then watches marcus smile all over the place because of how amazed he is by the city, and the way her eyes literally follow him and her face lights up when he checks out some sunglasses.

human sunflowers. thats what they are.

Series Title: True Love Gave to Me

Chapter Title: Day 19 - Mistletoe

Character: Issac “Ike” Evans

TV: Magic City

Warnings: None. Fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Tag: @averymerryspnxmas

He did it. Issac “Ike” Evans managed to pull off the biggest Christmas party manageable by any hotel in the Miami area.

All the rooms at the Miramar Playa were booked, the drinks still flowing at the bar and folks just having a good damn time, all in the Christmas spirit.

Ike sat on the steps that led the upper lounge area, sipping on a Scotch.

Over in the corner, cleaning up a spill, was a gorgeous woman named Y/N Fitzgerald. She wasn’t one of his main workers; she was a friend of one the cooks who had offered to help when a few of his other employees decided to lay out.

“Ouch!” She hissed, holding her hand.

Ike immediately got up to check on her.

“What happened?” He asked, squatting down and taking her hand.

She winced as he checked the cut, “The tumbler had a chip on the rim of it. I didn’t see it until I knicked myself.”

Taking a cloth from his pocket, he dab at the blood that had seeped from the small cut, “Doesn’t seem too bad. Come on, let’s get this patched up.”

With his one hand holding the cloth to the cut, he grabbed her elbow with the other, helping her stand.

Quietly and quickly, he led her back to the office.

Her skin was soft, Ike realized as he sat her down in a chair; his fingers grazing her arm as he let her go.

Rounding his desk, he got out the first aid kit and went back to her. He knelt at her feet, taking out an antiseptic wipe and a bandaid.

He looked up at her to see if she was alright and he couldn’t help himself when he saw the actual color of her eyes.

They twinkled as she blushed under his gaze.

“I’m such a klutz.” She said softly, smiling.

Ike blinked, giving a low chuckle, “Let me see that hand.”

She held it out to him, watching him intently as he unwrapped the previously pristine cloth.

“This might sting a little,” he warned, gently wiping down the cut.

Her eye twitched as it stung. Ike leaned over, blowing softly on it. His lips were close enough that he could have kissed her hand.

Guilt coursed through him as his mind began to wander and think of what he’d give just to kiss this beautiful woman.

His precious wife, Amelia, had passed just two years ago. He wanted to move on, to let her be able to rest, but it was just so damn difficult to.

“Are you okay Mr. Evans?” She asked, tilting her head to the side.

Ike cleared his throat, “Yeah.”

Taking the bandaid, he wrapped his around her finger and gathered the small amount of trash.

“Thank you,” Y/N said, placing her hand back in her lap.

One of the wait staff came into the office, panting, “We need you out here Mr. Evans. Mr. Reynolds is demanding to see you.”

“Christ.” Ike cursed.

Going over to Y/N, he helped her stand.

“Mr. Reynolds is quite the character, isn’t he?” She asked, laughter in her voice.

Ike laughed, “When he’s had a few drinks, yes.”

Crossing over into the lounge area, Ike put pressure on Y/N’s elbow to stop her.

“Listen, I was won-”

“Kiss her, damnit!” Mr. Reynolds yelled, his gait wobbly.

Ike looked completely lost, only to raise a brow at Y/N when he heard her giggle.

She pointed above their heads, “Mistletoe.”

“Do it!”

“Kiss her!”

Some more people joined Mr. Reynolds in cheering him on.

He looked down into her eyes again, the twinkle still there, “I understand if you don’t-”

“It’s alright Mr. Evans.” She said, softly.

Jesus Christ! Her saying his name like that did bad things to him.

Taking a chance, he cupped her cheek, his thumb caressing the dimple at the corner of her smile.

Ike brought Y/N in closer, lowering his lips to hers. They kept their eyes open for a brief second, closing as soon as his lips took hold of her bottom lip.

Her small gasp as he pulled back, only to connect again, made him want to taste her even more.

Carefully, his tounge peeked out, the tip running across her top lip.

The kiss soon turned heated as the crowd cheered them on.

At the feel of her tounge caressing his, Ike knew that they had to end their kiss before something else happened.

He always thought himself a gentleman and he by no means wanted to tarnish Y/N Fitzgerald’s reputation for a harlot. He pulled back enough to look at her, licking his lips.

He was surprised to not taste any lipstick, which was welcoming in many ways.

She didn’t need hardly any product on her smooth skin anyhow.

“Stay, afterwards?” He asked, his voice deep with want.

Y/N bit her bottom lip, plumping it up even further, “Yes, Mr. Evans.” She whispered.

“Ike.” He simply said.

Y/N took a finger, running it over his smoothly shaven jaw, “Yes, Ike.”

With one last peck, she left his embrace, returning back to her duties.

This woman… this magnificent creature, was one that would stay and haunt his dreams forever.

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Let’s get this straight. Stiles in no way ever felt like he deserved to be with Lydia. He never tried to force her into a relationship with him because he had a crush on her. He never stalked her. 

What he did do was check up on her after traumatizing experiences she went through when no one else was there for her, he offered her friendship and emotionally comforted her when she felt like she was completely alone, he defended her to everyone despite all evidence pointing at her during the kanima situation in Season Two and most of all, he respected her. 

There’s a difference between what antis try to claim happened: I like you, you don’t like me which means you’re stupid for not liking me because I’m a nice guy who deserves you. 

And what actually happened, which was a situation like: I like you, you don’t like me, I can’t get over my feelings for you but I’m not going to pressure you in any way so I’ll just keep my feelings to myself to not ruin the friendship. 

However antis can confuse what actually happened in canon and what they think happens in their own delusional Teen Wolf universe, I will never understand. 

Rivamika, Rivamika Everywhere...

My best friend persuaded me to read the first volume of Junior High, and this is the beautiful content I’m presented with: 

Can we PLEASE just acknowledge Mikasa’s sass towards Levi?

I don’t think I’ll ever consider you my “superior”.” Then, what will you consider him as, Mikasa?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


[On some blogs, this is page is oddly choppy - So here’s the text]

Mikasa: Apologize and you may earn my respect… or is that not something you can do with underclassmen?

Eren: Mikasa, stop that!! You… have to be more careful about your words!!

Levi: …You’re kind of interesting

Eren(or Mikasa?): Huh?

Levi: Maybe you’re right. I agree that there are people who act superior just because they’re older [His speech continues on…]

Guys, she totally sassed him out when nobody else would… and he agreed to his mistake. On top of that, he called her INTERESTING.

BONUS: Levi checking up with his bae about the new plans

Rivamika, Rivamika everywhere.

I apologize in advance, I took these pictures on a potato.

From the: Official SNK Junior High manga, English version - Volume 1

Brooklyn Beckham shares sweet throwback to the day his parents met

We’re not going to lie, the Beckham family deciding to get Instagram accounts is perhaps one of the best celebrity things to happen in recent years, with David, Victoria, and their eldest son Brooklyn publicly sharing some sweet, family moments with their millions of fans.

Last night, Brooklyn took to his account to do a bit of promo work for Victoria’s friend and former Spice Girl bandmate, Mel C, sharing a cute throwback picture of Victoria and Mel from back in the 90s.

But rather than posting a pic of the two women as their Sporty and Posh Spice personas, Brooklyn made the entire thing pretty sentimental as he instead threw it back to the day that his mum and dad first met.

All together now: Awwww.

Captioning the pic of Mel and Victoria on the football pitch in Old Trafford, Brooklyn wrote: “The day my mum and dad met at Old Trafford.Love Mel C! Check out her new album… @melaniecmusic @victoriabeckham”.

He then followed up with a link to Mel’s album on iTunes, nicely done.

Mel regrammed the image and added: “Love this! @brooklynbeckham such a fun and important day! #fate”.

Victoria recently opened up about the moment that she first met David, admitting that she was ever-so-slightly tipsy at the time.

The star penned a letter to her younger self for Vogue magazine over the summer and explained: “Love at first sight does exist.

"It will happen to you in the Manchester United players’ lounge — although you will get a little drunk, so exact details are hazy. While the other football players stand at the bar drinking with their mates, you will see David standing aside with his family.

”(He’s not even in the first team at this stage — you are the famous one.) And he has such a cute smile. You, too, are close to your family, and you will think how similar he feels to you.

“He’s going to ask for your number. (He still has the London-to-Manchester plane ticket on which you wrote it.)”

And, as the old saying goes, they all lived happily ever after.

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Kakashi head canons on how he would deal with a teenage daughter. Please?

  • Kakashi would be a very protective father. he would always want to know where his daughter is, and would especially wish to know who she is spending her time with. He would be quite anxious about the idea of her hanging around with people who may be a bad influence on her.
  • He would worry about his daughter a lot. If he knew she could handle herself, he would try to calm down and not be so overbearing, but he would still feel the urge to check up on her rather frequently.
  • Kakashi would love to embarrass his daughter. He would do and say ridiculous things in front of her when she’s with her friends, and he would chuckle at any eye rolls or groans that he would receive from her.
  • He would be utterly terrified that his daughter would begin dating someone. He would want to deter her from gaining a potential significant other, but if he ever were to make her upset through doing this, he would step back and try to accept the person she likes, although it would be pretty difficult for him.
  • Kakashi would treat his daughter a lot - he would take her out to her favourite restaurant frequently, or randomly gift her with a book or a new set of kunai. This would probably break his bank, but he wouldn’t be able to resist from the look on her face.
  • He would keep his daughter well away from Icha Icha and would make sure the books are always well away from her curious eyes.

-Admin Will


The next few days were surprisingly uneventful. The days were spent with waiting. They were all waiting, waiting for death but hoping for life. But with how Maddie looks, it seemed death was a more realistic expectation. Maddie hadn’t given up hope yet though, so neither had Salim. As long as she was here, he would have hope. Having Maddie under the close watch under Dr. Nikki helped Salim’s nerves as well. Everything was almost peaceful.. until the third night. Salim was sitting by Maddie’s bed while she was sleeping. He started smelling blood. It was weak at first but the scent got stronger and stronger. It was coming from Maddie. He went to check on her, but she wouldn’t wake up. He pulled the covers off of her and the bed was covered in blood. He called for Nikki and Vlad, who came running in. 

Nikki ran over to Maddie and began to set up the surgery equipment 

“Salim, it’s time. We have to do this NOW if we’re going to keep Maddie alive.” she shouted.


Merlin walked into (Y/N)’s chambers to check on her. With her being deathly ill, and one of the servant boy’s best friends, he felt like he owed her to at least check up on her at least once if not twice a day, when he had the time. When he walked in, Merlin saw Morgana looking over the weak and sleeping princess. He made his way over to the bed quietly making sure he didn’t wake his best friend. 

Once the king’s ward noticed that there was someone else in the room besides herself and the princess, she turned her head to see who it was. She sighed in relief to find that is was just Arthur’s servant. “You just missed Arthur.” she said turning her attention back to her long time friend.

“Yeah, I know.” Merlin said. “I just passed him in the corridor.” He looked upon the ill princess’s pale face. “Has she shown any improvement?” the boy questioned.

“Only the slightest. Gaius says it would be another few days before showing more than a slight smile. Which she has only done for her brother.” Morgana spoke truthfully. Only moments before she witness the prince make his sister let a small weak smile spread across her face. Arthur had only said that he was going to take (Y/N) on a hunting trip to celebrate her recovery and both the prince and the ward saw how it made the princess happy even though she couldn’t show it fully. “Arthur always knows the right thing to say to get her to smile even when she’s this weak.” Morgana said, thinking out loud.

The servant boy nodded, agreeing with her. Then from the other side of the princess’s chamber doors the two heard a knock before stepping through them was the king. Like everyone else, Uther had come to check in on his ill daughter. He nodded to his ward and his son’s man-servant before sitting on the opposite side of the princess’s bed taking her hand. The king looked up at the two standing on other side of the bed. “Has Gaius come in to see her?” he asked the two.

Morgana nodded “Said that it would be another week before showing signs of improvement. But she did manage to crack a small smile for your son earlier.” The king smiled a bit at the sound of his daughter smiling. He missed that smile of the princess’s, that could light up any room she walked into.

“I wish I could have seen it.” He said caressing his daughter’s face. Then the three of them heard the chamber doors open once more. Then Arthur walked out behind Merlin and laid his hand on his servant’s shoulder. The four of them stood there looking upon the princess’s pale figure.

Then Arthur sighed sadly looking up at his father. “Father you are wanted in the throne room. A guard from Odin’s kingdom that has requested a audience.” 

Uther sighed and stood to his feet, lightly letting go of his daughter’s hand. “Well I shouldn’t make him wait much longer.” the king said as he made his way out of the door.

Arthur patted his servant’s shoulder then said in a soft tone “Keep an eye on her will you? Let me know if anything changes.” Merlin nodded and before Arthur left his walked around the bed  and placed a kiss on his sister’s forehead and whispered “Get well soon baby sister. Then we can go on that hunting trip I promised earlier.” Once again Arthur watched as a small weak smile spread across the princess’s face. He then followed his father out of his sister’s chambers and made his way to the throne room.

Merlin’s eyes once again looked over (Y/N)’s sleeping figure and sighed knowing that in a few long days she’ll be in a much better state then she is now.