he changed her heart


Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 001
warning: smut
summary: Kai and Reader are roommates and secretly both of them have a crush on each other but neither of them does anything until one day something happens everything changes.
* gif by me

Kai pushed her bedroom door open and took a peek inside. A part of him already knew what he’d see inside, he had been eavesdropping ever since he had come back to their little apartment a few minutes ago, fighting the urge to do just this – take a peek. In the end he had caved in and now he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her and everything she was doing. Somehow watching her fingers draw soft to rough figure eights on her clit, her fingers slipping at a steady pace inside her made him feel angry. Only it wasn’t the anger he usually experienced. It was the kind of anger he felt when he saw a guy get close to her, touch her or even look at her. Jealousy, the word popped into his mind. He felt jealous it wasn’t him doing all those things to her, that he wasn’t beside her on her bed in that moment.

It wasn’t like he and Y/N were together or anything. They were just roommates but every now and then he’d catch himself thinking about her in a way he shouldn’t be thinking about her. Daydreaming about doing just that and so much more with her. Some nights he couldn’t get a wink of sleep because of all the thoughts about her going through his head. Especially if he had watched her walk out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her and water still dripping down her body earlier in the day. Or in the kitchen bending over to get something in the fridge or lifting herself on her toes to get something from the upper bookshelves giving him a peek at what was under her skirt. Y/N and her obsession with short skirts, he smiled to himself, testing his patience every day since the moment they had moved in together. Seeing her wearing those always made mind drift off into a fantasies of how he sneaks up behind her, snaking his hands around her waist and kisses her neck… Or how he pulls her onto his lap touching her the way he wanted, their lips moving together while their bodies were skin to skin. Only he never acted on any of those intentions because Y/N was the most special person in his life and he didn’t want to risk ruining their friendship in any way.  

And now – there she was, laying on her bed wearing only a t-shirt, his t-shirt unless he was imagining it, with her legs spread wide giving him a full view at what her fingers were doing. Even from a distance he could see her folds glistening in the afternoon sunlight and as if being pulled by a magnet he took a quiet step towards her. His eyes followed her fingers movements, drifting from time to time to her eyes and lips, feeling his jeans tighten around him a little more with every passing second and then, to his surprise she moaned his name. Kai stopped in the middle of the room expecting her to throw a pillow at him, yell at him to get out but that didn’t happen. Y/N hadn’t seen him or heard him come on, she was so lost in her fantasy and what she was doing, she hadn’t even realised someone was in the room with her. He took another step towards her watching her fingers pump inside her at a steady pace while her free hand squeezed her breasts through her shirt and she moaned softly. Quietly he kicked off his shoes and made his way towards her without taking his eyes off her for a second, carefully climbing on the bed with her. Slowly he trailed his fingertips up her legs all the way from a little above her ankles to her inner thighs and he smirked hearing the sudden change in her heart beat. His eyes followed his fingers’ movements while he listened to her moans get a little louder and again she moaned his name. For a long moment he sat there completely mesmerised listening to her breathing become uneven, knowing she was close and suddenly felt torn between interrupting her or allowing her to continue, and then something inside him snapped hearing Y/N moan his name again.

   “Need a hand? Or lips… tongue..? I’ll be more than happy to help…“ 

Her eyes opened and she gulped, moving up on the bed while he crawled right after her until their eyes were on the same level. Her heart skipped a beat and for a moment she got lost in his ocean blue eyes. Every time she gazed in them she felt as if she might sink, drown and die and somehow she knew she wouldn’t mind that. Only right this instant his eyes were darker, darkening still and the way he was looking at her made a tingly feeling through her body like a tidal wave. Y/n could barely keep her hands away from him in that moment after daydreaming, dreaming and fantasising about him for months. 

   “Kai!? Wh-what are you doing? You can’t be here –”

   “Why?“ he brushed his fingers against her cheek, noticing how her heartbeat increased to dangerous levels the second he touched her. “Because you don’t want me to hear you moan my name while you play with yourself? That was –” he bit his lip. “– so fucking hot, watching you play with yourself, moaning my name. Wearing my t-shirt… I just – Hmmm..” he pursued his lips. “You know if you wanted me, you should’ve just said so.”

   “What? I – N-no.“ she protested feeling his breath on her face intoxicating her.

 Kai smirked at the change in her heartbeat. “I was just um–”

   “Daydreaming about me and all the things I could do to you and we could do together?“ he smirked, glazing his fingertips up and down her thighs without actually touching her where she needed him. "I bet you’ve dreamt about me getting nice and comfy between your legs… Kissing you. Touching you the way only I can.”

   “M-me? Having a wet dream about you? N-no.“ she lied again thinking back to what had prompted her little afternoon adventure. However the last thing she had expected to happen had been for her to get caught… by him. And now her mind was spinning at the thought of what could happen between them. "You are so full of yourself. Why would I be dreaming about you?" 

   “I have… dreamt about you.” he thought out loud, noticing her heart do a weird flip at his words. Her eyes kept drifted between his eyes and lips, her breathing turned so shallow it wasn’t even there and his lips curled up. “I’ve been dreaming about you for months, wondering how your lips would feel on mine. What it would feel like to be with you that way, to touch you the way I want… to taste you. It’s driving me completely insane how you find your way into my mind. I can’t focus on anything but how much I want to be with you.”

   “Then why didn’t you say something?“ she asked quietly feeling her skin turn on fire having him this close to her in that moment. All of the sudden she felt self conscious and tried to cover up, to press her thighs together when she realised his knee was right between her legs.

   “I didn’t do anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship but now –” he leaned towards her until his lips almost touched hers as he spoke. He paused for a moment, his eyes drifting between her eyes and her lips. “– I want you more than I have ever wanted you. And I always get what I want.”

   “What if I say ‘no’?“ she hooked her hands around his neck, playing with the scruff on the back of his head. His eyes fluttered closed for a second and a quiet moan escaped his lips. "What would you do then?”

   “I’d spend the rest of my life chasing after you until I make you mine.“ he said longingly gazing in her eyes. "I’d do anything to… to win you and your heart." 

   “You would?” she said, her lips curling in a small smile.

Kai hummed, leaning towards her while she pulled him towards her until their lips met. The second their lips touched it was as if an explosion happened. All emotions he has ever felt towards her coursed through his veins at 100 miles per hour waking up every cell in his body and he couldn’t help but notice how their lips seemed like a perfect match for each other. How instantly they found their rhythm as if they had kissed for ages and that wasn’t their first kiss. He pressed his body against hers, his lips getting more demanding with every second while his crotch grinded against hers making her moan into the kiss. Y/N pushed his jacket off his shoulders and rolled on top of him without taking her lips off his for a second, neither of them able to get enough of the other. Kai’s hands skimmed the sides of her body, finding their perfect spot on her waist both of them creating their own rhythm. He pulled her towards him making her straddle him faster while she continued to suck the air out of his lungs and tugged on his shirt, pulling it over his head. Y/N ran her fingers through her hair for a second and smiled at him, biting her lip. Her hands moved slowly up and down on his chest feeling his heartbeat increase and leaned in over him, gazing into his eyes which no longer had a trace of their usual blue colour. They were dark with lust, devils dancing in them and the way he was looking at her in that moment was enough to turn her skin on fire.   

   “Well then, let’s ruin the friendship.“ she whispered in his ear, her lips almost touching his earlobe as she spoke. Kai growled quietly and in a flash she found herself on her back, her head sinking into the soft pillows. His lips crashed against hers, anxious, demanding while his tongue  slipped in her mouth and his fingertips brushed up her bare skin, pulling her shirt over her head. His eyes lit up like a little kid’s at the sight before him and he cupped her breasts, his eyes never leaving hers while he pressed the flat of his tongue against her left nipple taking turns between swirling the tip around them and nibbling on them. Y/N moaned softly feeling his fingers roll her other nipple between his thumb and index fingers, before he switched. Slowly he explored every inch of her body with his lips and fingertips using her body as a canvas on his way to her heat stopping only for a second to admire the sight before him.

   “You are so beautiful.” he smiled, drawing fire lines on her inner thighs with his fingertips touching her everywhere but where she needed him most. "Absolutely beautiful.”

Y/N felt her cheeks flush at his words and her eyes fluttered closed for a second. His touch felt like shock waves of electricity being sent into her bloodstream, leaving her craving more and she knew there was no way she’d ever get enough of him or his magic touch.  “Kai –“ 

   “Yes?” he asked knowing what she wants but craving to hear her say it. “Tell me, what do you want.”

   “You.“ she bit her lip. ”I want you.“ 

Kai smirked devilishly at her and brushed his fingertips against her swollen clit, listening to her heart rate increase to dangerous levels. Without taking his eyes off hers he leaned in towards her, leaving soft kisses up her inner thighs all the way to where she needed him most and pressed his mouth on her core inhaling and exhaling sharply for a few long moments, feeling her body convulse for a second when his lips touched her swollen clit.

   “Look at yourself.” he cooed, slurping some of her arousal about to drip onto the sheets. “So wet you are dripping. I will have to fix this straight away.”

Y/N bit her lip feeling a light stream of air hit her clit and her eyes fluttered closed for a second as she tangled her fingers in his hair, lightly tugging on it. His tongue lapped slowly round and around her clit ever so slightly touching it driving her out of her mind. His lips and tongue worked steadily, slowly building her up and she could feel herself drip onto the sheets. Her imagination couldn’t even compare to what he was doing to her in that moment and the way he was making her feel. Every time his tongue even slightly touched her clit felt like electricity hitting her blood stream directly. As if he wanted to make her lose it, and/or burn her alive. 

   “Please Kai, I need you –“ she moaned.

   “You need me to what?” he asked innocently, sideways flicking her clit with her tongue. “Drive you out of your mind? Finger you? Make you feel my long slim fingers curl inside you slowly, going deeper every time while those tight walls clench around them…”

   “FUck YES, please –“ she squealed, feeling him lightly bite her clit for a second. His fingertips pressed against her entrance and a finger slowly entered her, curling around exploring every inch before pulling out almost to the fingertips and going in again a little deeper every time. He lightly flicked her clit with his tongue, listening to her moans get a little louder and her breathing become heavier as he enveloped her clit between his lips sucking/tugging on it. His tongue’s movements were light and slow, it was driving her completely out of her mind. Y/N wanted him, all of him but all he did was continue to tease her, taking turns between flicking her clit sideways, lapping his tongue around it and nibbling/sucking and tugging on it. 

     “You taste more amazing than I could’ve ever imagined.” he moaned, adding another finger slowly curling around feeling every inch, going in deeper every time. “I can spend eternity between your legs and not get enough.”

Y/N moaned a little louder feeling her orgasm approaching slowly. He was taking his time savouring every moment and building her up, bringing her right to the brink and pulling her back just to do it all over again. Her skin felt as if it was literally fire, each curl making her body arch off the bed a little more until he had to hold her down. His fingers pumped inside her a little faster, changing the pace between slow to fast to steady digging in deeper until his fingertips hit her spot and her moan turned into a small scream. 

   “That’s it, isn’t it?“ he smirked, lightly biting on her clit again. Y/N squealed semi-screaming ‘Yes’, pushing his mouth further on her while he sucked and tugged on her clit, sending the vibrations directly on it.  “So tight – ” he cooed, feeling her walls clench around his fingers. “– it will feel so good stretching you out later.”

Kai could barely tear his eyes away from her, watching her mouth hung open, soft moans mixed with whimpers and his name rolling off her tongue constantly while she tugged on his hair and her other hand gripped on the sheets.  His fingers pumped inside her at a steady to fast pace, feeling her walls clench around them spurring him to go faster until her orgasm tore through her body and she screamed his name. Slowly he trailed his way up her body leaving kisses on his way until their eyes were on the same level. Kai rested his forehead on hers and he shoved his fingers in her mouth for her to clean. Her tongue swirled around them, their eyes locked on each other and her free hand shot for the back of his head playing with his scruff while her other hand pushed its way in his jeans, palming him through his briefs. His quiet moan tumbled off his lips and his eyes fluttered closed for a moment thinking what it would feel like to have her lips and tongue on him while she moaned around his fingers.

   “Y/N –“ he moaned, biting his lip. 

   “Shhh … No talking.” she rolled on top of him, her lips crashing against his. Their lips barely pulled away from each other getting more demanding by the second while he trailed his fingertips up her back sending shivers all over her body. Slowly her lips moved down his jawline, down his neck while her fingernails lightly scratching at his bare chest. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her, watching her slide down his body without breaking eye contact with him for a second as she lightly nibbled on his stomach, drawing figurines with the tip of her tongue mixing with kisses until she got to what she wanted. Her fingers worked swiftly, undoing the belt/button and zipper of his jeans before she pulled them down his legs. Y/N’s gaze kept drifting between her fingertips brushing up his thighs to his eyes while he propped himself on his elbows watching her semi-sit on his hips. She ran her hand on his thick shaft, rubbing him through the thin fabric of his briefs and ran her fingers through her hair, moving it to the side before pressing her lips on him, letting her hot breath on him. 

   “Damn Y/N –” he moaned, watching her fingers hitch around the waistband of his briefs and slowly she pulled them down his legs, trailing her fingertips the entire way down/up. Her fingers wrapped around his thick shaft, stroking him at a steady pace while her thumb drew slow circles on the tip of his lenght gathering the pre-cum on it before bringing it to her lips, letting out a soft moan as she tasted him. Slowly she leaned towards his lenght running her tongue all the way from his balls to the tip, her nose brushing against him the entire time while she looked at him with innocent eyes. It was driving him insane how she could both look so innocent and so naughty at the same time. As if her personality switched between both every half second or so.

   “You are driving me insane.” he moaned quietly. “Who knew you were such a naughty girl.” 

   “I’m the naughtiest.” she said in a low seductive voice, blowing a light stream of air onto the head without taking her eyes off him. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment feeling her tongue slowly run on the underside of his lenght while she took turns between nibbling on him and swirling her tongue around the head. Every time he moaned her name her heart skipped a beat and she couldn’t help but think how if this was a dream, she’d absolutely break after waking up. There had been so many moments her mind had drifted off into a fantasy about just this. Like all those times he had walked around their small apartment wearing only his boxers. Or the time he had thought she wasn’t home and they had bumped into each other in the hallway right as he was getting out of the shower, his hair still wet and water dripping down his toned torso before his towel had been wrapped around him, giving her the slightest peek at what she wanted but knew couldn’t have.

   “OH FUCk Y/N –” he moaned feeling her take turns between nibbling on him and swirling her tongue around the head before she took just the tip in between her lips. Her nails lightly scratched at him while she continued to stroke him, moaning and humming some song, taking him a little further in lips every time. Kai tried to figure out what the song was but could barely even remember where they were in that moment. All he could focus on was her and her lips on him, how hot she looked in that moment with his thick shaft disappearing in her mouth every time and the vibrations of her moans hitting him directly. Y/N driving him completely insane making him feel as if he was on fire and he just couldn’t get enough. But there was something else – he couldn’t get out of his head the way she had been playing with herself before. Every time his eyes fluttered closed the image popped up in his mind and he could barely wait to find out what it feels like being inside her. To feel those tight walls clench around him while she came around him. And every move of her tongue, of her fingers fondling his balls was only pushing him further to pulling her up and tossing her under him.

   “Oh shit—” he groaned, grabbing a fistful of her hair and pushing her mouth further on him, making her take him all the way for a long moment for a few seconds. Y/N moaned around him, feeling him twitch inside her mouth and her eyes started to water a little. He let go of her letting her continue on her own watching her tongue swirl around the head of his length and down to his balls, lightly sucking on them for a moment before nibbling on him on her the way up. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment and he pulled her up, tossed her under him in flash and his lips crashed against hers. Her legs wound around his waist when suddenly they slipped off the edge of the bed fell on the floor. Y/N tried to grab onto something to hold onto but all she did was end up knocking her nightstand lamp along with them.

   “Whoops.” she laughed, wounding her legs around his waist.

   “You really are the naughtiest, huh?” he said amused. "Are you okay?”

   “Asked the person I fell on top of.“ she leaned in towards him but he pulled away and rolled on top of her, pinning her hands on either side of her head while rubbing his thick shaft against her soaked core. They gazed into each other’s eyes and she couldn’t help but notice how his eyes glowed differently for some reason and she realised the way he was looking at her when he was turned on was enough to drive her insane and her to turn her fire all over again. Even more so while he continued to tease her, pressing the tip against her entrance and sliding just the tip inside her. Every second felt like the sweetest kind of torture and she both wanted it to end and to never stop. 

   “Please –”

   “Please ‘what’, princess?“ he said innocently, continuing to tease her. "What does my girl want?”

   “I want you.“ she moaned. "All of you. I want to feel every inch of you inside me.”

Kai rested his forehead on hers and smirked devilishly at her mouthing ‘no’, listening to her beg for him again. Up until this point he hadn’t realised how much this would turn him on, how listening to her moan his name and listening to her beg would make him feel. Her hips kept bucking up and pushing down on him wanting all of him but every time he was a step ahead until when she least expected it he entered at once with a heavy thrust. A small scream escaped her lips and her body jolted forward a little while his hot breath hit her face intoxicating her completely. For a short moment he stood still, just enjoying how good she felt around him before withdrawing slowly, making her feel every inch on the way out leaving just the tip inside her and filling her to the brim again. Not only their lips were a perfect match for each other, they seemed to fit perfectly together like two pieces of a puzzle as if they had been made for each other.

    “FUck, you are so tight.” he moaned, intertwining their fingers together. “I love it –”

Y/N’s lips curled into a smile and she clenched her walls around him for a moment earning a low growl from him and he thrusted inside her harder. His thrusts were slow and hard at first, picking up the pace every time until there were barely a few seconds between each of them. Their lips met in a passionate kiss and she felt herself getting lost in him and everything he was doing to her. Kai was everything she had imagined and more, somehow knowing just how to push her buttons perfectly. Every now and then he’d slow down only to catch her off guard and knock the air out of her lungs, each thurst leaving her craving more. 

   “Fuck me harder.“ she moaned, holding onto his hands tightly while he thrusted heavily inside her leaving her breathless.

   “So greedy.” he groaned with a lazy smile. “I can break you.”

   “Then break me.“ she bit her lip, watching him push both her legs over his shoulders before leaning in towards her. He gripped her wrists and entered her harder than before, turning her moan almost into a scream, withdrawing slowly before easing himself inside her again. Her back arched off the floor and she threw her head back for a moment feeling his lips on her neck lightly nibbling on it. He could hear her heartbeat and breathing trying to catch up with each other and failing every time while he continued to pound her senseless, wanting to bury his entire self inside her and stay like that forever, listening to their moans/groans and the sounds of flesh on flesh colliding in perfect harmony.

   “Fuck Kai – I’m so clo-se.” she moaned, her walls clenching around him almost at the same time his lenght twitched inside her. Her skin felt as if it was fire or maybe the room was on fire, she wasn’t sure. Every time his thick shaft entered her skin turned to fire all over again, each thrust deeper and rougher than the last hitting her spot perfectly. A slight pain started to show between her legs but it hurt too good to ask him to slow down. In a way she liked it and just couldn’t get enough of him and the way he was making her feel in that moment, knowing there was no one else who could ever make her feel this way. 

   “Me too, princess.“ he groaned, "Hold it for me.”

Y/N nodded slightly, throwing her head back with the next thurst and her walls clenched around him a little more intensely, pushing his emotions on a complete overdrive. Purple/black veins flashed under his eyes and for a moment he got scared she might freak out or push him away. Instead she did neither and took him by complete surprise with her next words.

   “Bite me.“ 

   “Y/N, I don’t want to hur–” he started, watching her mouth the same words. Their lips collided, drowning out her semi-screams while he thrusted heavily inside her and his lips traced their way to her neck. Her entire body ignited all over again the second he sank his fangs in her carotid artery and she almost let go, her emotions getting pushed on a overdrive. Y/N moaned in his ear and dug her nails in his back almost drawing blood which only turned him on more feeling his lenght twitch inside her again and his thrusts, even though a little sloppier, picked up the pace.       “Let yourself go baby girl.” he whispered, feeling her walls clench around him when her orgasm tore through her body triggering his while he continued to thrust inside her until they were both finished and he collapsed on top of her.

Kai rolled onto the soft carpet next to her, both of them trying to catch their breath. Y/N turned towards him and snuggled closer to him, his hands wrapping around her. Gently he lifted her chin up, cupping her face with one hand, his lips pulling her into a slow kiss. 

   “Well, there goes the friendship.“ he said amused, brushing his nose against hers for a second. "S-should I be worried you won’t ever look at me the same way?”

   “Depends.“ she rolled on top of him, placing her hands on his chest while straddling him slowly. "Did you mean what you said earlier?”

Kai’s hands found their way on her waist and he moaned quietly, his eyes fluttering closed for a second.  “About winning your heart?“ he gazed into her eyes. "Yes. Though I am absolutely terrible when it comes to emotions. But this I know. There is something I feel when I am with you and only you. I can’t shake it and  I don’t want to.” he said softly, noticing how her eyes had filled in with curiosity and something else he couldn’t quite understand. Instantly he panicked a little. “W-why are you looking at me like that? D-did I say something wrong?”

   “So cute when you are panicking.“ she shook her head smiling. 

   “What – what is it?” he insisted. Y/N just leaned over him, not taking her eyes off his while he continued panicking. Remaining silent was the hardest thing to do, but somehow she managed, testing his patience at it’s fullest. “Tell me.”

   “Make me.“ she blurted out. 

   “You little –” he tossed her under him, his lips curling into a small smile as he pinned her hands on either side of her head. “Tell me.”

   “Bite me.“

   “You’ll love that don’t you. Tell me.” he kissed her neck softly feeling her melt under his touch. “Tell me.”

   “Nothing, just –  you really can’t see it, can you?“

   “See what?” he gazed into her eyes.

   “You already have won my heart, dummy.“
note:  i don’t know how it happened but look how blue his eyes are in this gif. 🙊 'Ocean blue eyes … I feel like I might sink and drown and die.’ 💙👀

When Steve look at Diana after she finally change her clothes he definitely skip a heart beat and then said to Etta the goal is to make her less distracting (damn boi know how beautiful distraction Diana is) then process to give her glasses which backfired and make him lost in her cuteness.

Steve, darling, you are so gone already.

What If?: Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

“This little thing? I’d hardly call this a bomb. This is just to set off the packs of thermals upstairs in the gym. Those are bombs. People are going to see the ashes of Westerberg, and say there’s a school that self-destructed not because society didn’t care, but because that school was society. The only place Heathers and Marthas can truly get along is in Heaven!” J.D. spoke to Veronica, anger clearly in his voice. Westerberg High, it deserved to go. He had thought of highschool going away, and that one thought inspired him. Like he said before, those assholes are the key, they made Veronica blind, even messed her mind up. Them, the students of Westerberg High have taken Veronica from him, and they will all go away now.

“I wish your mom had been a little stronger. I wish she stayed around a little longer. I wish your dad were good! I wish grown-ups understood! I wish we met before they convinced you life is war! I wish you’d come with me—” She responded, tears coming out of her with each line she said. Veronica, she was infected, the girl loved J.D. a lot. Seeing him like this, it-it just wasn’t right. All she wanted was for them to be seventeen, to be a normal, dorky couple. They’d do all sorts of stuff: see bad movies, sneak a beer, watch t.v., bake brownies, maybe even go bowling! Couldn’t he see what Ronnie had wanted for them? Even if they were damaged (really damaged), they could work through that, Veronica would do everything in her power to help J.D.! But, seeing J.D. like this, him speaking to her like that, now that was the girl’s breaking point. Everything she had said to him, she meant it all, Ronnie had to say something for the male to stop. After saying what she felt, Veronica just dropped down to her knees, covering her already crying face.

“Please J.D., we can stop this, t-this isn’t the way.” Cried Veronica, as she begged him to just defuse the bomb. At this time, at this moment, J.D. could see the damage he had done to Veronica. Veronica Sawyer, the love of his life was breaking down in front of him. Who caused this? Jason Dean himself, he had damaged the only light in his life. He hadn’t really thought this through did he?

“V-Veronica, please, don’t cry, I’ll stop this, once and for all.” The now regretful male said, crouching down to Veronica. He had removed her hands away from her now puffy face, and just stared at her. Veronica was the last person J.D. would ever want to hurt, and the fact that he had done just that really messed him up. Examining Veronica’s puffy face, seeing the sadness he had brought to her, he knew what he had to do.

Standing up from where Veronica was, he walked over to the bomb. The damaged girl watched Jason’s every moves, seeing what she had wanted him to do. With the press of a few buttons, it was defused, it was done. Veronica Sawyer had changed Jason Dean, she had changed his heart. Everything he had done, he did it for her. She meant a lot to him, he couldn’t go through life without her. Life was meaningless without Veronica.

J.D. grabbed the now defused bomb, and slammed it on the floor. Bits and pieces of it had flown to different areas in the boiler room. It truly was over, Westerberg High would remain.

“Veronica, it’s over now, I’m sorry for all of this, I can’t believe I hurt you like that..” Jason said aloud, looking away from Veronica. With the bomb gone, his plan gone, he had realized what he was going to do. Just thinking about it, he felt stupid, but he couldn’t help it, the boy was damaged. “I understand now why you chucked me out like trash, and I don’t hate you for it.”

Rising from the ground, Veronica ran to J.D., holding him tight, basically clinging to the trenchcoat wearing teen, “T-Thank you for this, J.D., thank you.” She cried in his arms, J.D. rocked her softly, calming her down. “I know we’re both really damaged, but if you’re in, then we can both get help, and work through this together.” Jason Dean nodded, showing Ronnie a soft smile, he was willing to get the help he needed just for her. Either way, he desperately needed it, and he wanted to get better for Veronica.

After the pep rally finished, the pair walked up into the gymnasium, seeing as it was safe to walk out. J.D. and Veronica removed the packs of thermals hidden behind the bleachers, and threw them all away. This was over, Veronica could finally be seventeen with him, Jason Dean. They exited the school, riding away on J.D.’s motorbike to his house.

“Our love is god, Veronica.”

“Our love is god, J.D..”

The two were finally going to be seventeen.

haylestorming  asked:

Librarian/avid reader for Jake/Amy, please! :D

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, I’m so, so, SO sorry that it has taken me forever and a day to fill this request! I blame life and work and apps and writer’s block, BUT I am back from my hiatus and hoping that this will kick off a good period of writing! Second, I’ve gotta say a huge thank you for this prompt because I’ve been meaning to write more for the Library AU I posted about way back when! I hope you like this!!!!!!!!!!!  ♡♡♡

Extended B99 + Library AU: If Terry hadn’t flaked on coming to read to the pre-schoolers like he always did every other Wednesday, Amy wouldn’t be in this mess.

That is to say: she wouldn’t be hardcore crushing on Brooklyn’s most infuriating library assistant.

Kevin nods gravely, holding the desk phone to his ear. “That’s alright, Mr. Jeffords. I do hope your twins recover quickly. If I remember correctly, it took quite awhile for Raymond’s nephew to get over his bout of the chicken pox ages ago. Yes. Yes - Please let me know if they would like any reading material to help pass the time while home from school. Of course. Not to worry, Mr. Jeffords. We’ll see you two weeks from now. Goodbye.”

He puts the phone down and sighs, loud enough for Amy to look up from the essay she’s writing. “Is something wrong, Sir?”

“That was Mr. Jeffords, our volunteer reader. He’s meant to read to the pre-schoolers in 15 minutes, but it seems his daughters got sent home suddenly with the chicken pox.” He frowns, turning his head to look across the hall, where kids are starting to gather around the reading nook. “Well, I suppose I could read them one of my childhood favorites. Amy, do you think I should go with Beowulf or The Iliad?”

“Uhm -”

Jake pops out from between nearby shelves at that moment, sparing Amy from having to point out how absurd the librarian’s options are. “Sir, with all due respect, I’m not sure those kiddos want to listen to you read either of those books. Let me handle this, Kev. 9 out of the 15 books I’ve read to date are children’s books, so I think I’ve got this.”

He sprints off before either of them can get a word in and returns four and a half minutes later with a small stack of books in his arms. Kevin inspects his selection, hums approvingly, then directs him to the chair in front of the reading area.

Jake makes his way over and smiles widely, greeting the children and cracking a few jokes as they wait for everyone to settle down. The kids giggle and chatter loudly, already excited for storytime to start.  

After leaving a note at his front desk, Kevin drags a chair over to sit behind the pre-schoolers. He doesn’t usually join in on these sessions, but he has a hunch that his excitable, somewhat reckless new assistant is going to surprise him this afternoon.

Amy intended to remain at her usual table and to focus on her essay for at least the next two hours, but Jake’s booming voice followed by the chorus of laughter from the children has her lugging her backpack, laptop, and coffee cup over to a nearer desk.

She manages to get through a paragraph and a third when Jake starts doing exaggerated impressions for each character. She looks up from her work just as he’s huffing and puffing as the Big Bad Wolf, and she chuckles despite herself.

When the kids shriek in combined fear and glee, completely engaged in his storytelling, she finds that she’s just as enthralled. She has to admit, she maybe had Jake pegged wrong; there evidently was more to this disaster of a librarian assistant than his terrible organizational skills and infuriatingly cheeky remarks.

He must somehow read her mind as she considers her own change of heart because he locks eyes with her for a second then winks before seamlessly returning to his narration. The action makes her stomach flip and her ears burn, and a part of her hates that she’s still unable to tear her attention away from him.

Months later, Amy finds herself pressed back against a shelf with the spine of an encyclopedia digging into her shoulder. A book drops on the floor beside her and another one follows shortly after that, but Jake is kissing her, nipping at her lip and trailing a hand down her back, so really she couldn’t care less about aches or messes. It briefly occurs to her that this is incredibly inappropriate, but he starts to kiss and suck at the spot below her ear so that thought’s forgotten entirely.

As fate would have it, Raymond walks past the scene on his way to surprise Kevin at work and is stunned speechless. The two somehow completely miss his presence, and he eventually turns and makes a beeline for his husband’s desk. “Kevin, I believe your library assistant and Ms. Santiago are, shall we say, getting familiar with each other by the periodicals section.”

Kevin chuckles, shaking his head. “Ah, I suppose I am aware of that. Leave them be, Raymond. It’s about time those two did something other than argue or ogle each other from across the room.”

Makes the Heart Grow Stronger - Fred Weasley

Prompt: Fred and the reader are slowing falling out of love and in order to save their relationship they decide to take a break from each other

Words: 4,374

Warning: Angst, Fred sort of pulls a jerk move at the end but take it how you want, maybe two swear words. I’M REALLY SORRY BUT I DID NOT HAVE TIME TO FULLY EDIT THIS!):

Y/n still loved Fred. She truly did with everything inside of her, but not the same way she once  had loved him at the start of their relationship. Something had changed along the way. Through the thick and the thin they sailed past, Y/n managed to get caught in the drits and pulled away. No, this wasn’t some out of the blue thought on a particular rainy morning that fills your insides with a cold, lonesome mush of a feelling like the guts of a pumpkin, and makes you rethink every thought and decision you’ve ever acted on.

She couldn’t exactly pinpoint the precise day, or moment that made her feel this way but she does remember glancing over at Fred and her heart feeling close to absolutely nothing. It terrified her. They had been bickering like crazy over the last three months. Y/n was upset that Fred focused more on his Quidditch matches and his pranks than on her, and Fred was annoyed with the amount of people she found comfort in rather than himself. He knew something had changed between them but he wasn’t sure what.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 4 840
: smut
summary: Reader squirts for the first time.
*gif by phantom-evil
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An evening at the Salvatores.
Lately it appeared the Mystic Falls gang had started to finally accept that maybe there is good in him , or maybe they were just tolerating him because he was Y/N’s boyfriend and it was more than obvious they were crazy about each other. It’s been almost three months since Kai and Y/N had officially become a couple , but their history went beyond that - stolen glances and kisses here and there. They had played the cat and mice game for a while until Kai figured out he just can’t be without her. He had fallen in love with the human girl and there was no going back. Kai knew Y/N loves him too , not only because she had told him so multiple times , but because it was in her eyes , in her entire attitude towards him. Always , no matter who of her friends would try to say something about him that she didn’t like , she’d try to bite their head off. Kai really loved that fire burning inside her.
Kai had expected everything but this. Since the second Y/N had walked in , his breath had been taken away and his thoughts had been thrown off completely balance. Y/N was wearing knee high boots with a short tight black dress(and no bra!!) , a short black jacket , her hair made in waves but still a tad messy and that lipstick - Kai felt as if he had been thrown straight into Hell. He could barely control himself around her in general and the way she looked in that moment had pushed it a bit too far. How was he supposed to keep his hands off her for a few more hours , when all he could think about was tearing that dress off her and messing up her hair completely ? The moment Y/N had gotten up from the sofa and asked him if he wants to go home , he had hardly managed not to grab her and whoosh them away in vampire speed.

On their way home Kai had held onto the steering wheel so hard , he had nearly broken it to keep himself from pulling over somewhere and having his way with her in the car in the middle of nowhere. Not that they hadn’t done this before but the entire night he had ran scenarios in his head and the car or the woods just wouldn’t do. Finally they got to their house and Kai could barely wait for them to get inside. Y/N’s outfit had droven him completely mad and his skin felt as if was on fire even more with each passing moment , watching her walk a step ahead of him and her dress lightly lift itself up.
The door wasn’t even closed completely when Kai smashed her against the wall lightly wrapping his hand around her neck holding her in place , brushing his nose against her cheek moving towards her neck.
“You did that on purpose , didn’t you? Wearing that short tight dress with those boots , with your hair all messed up. Not to mention that lipstick -” whispered Kai , nibbling on her earlobe. “ I can’t decide if I want to tear that dress of your body or just pull it over your head for you to wear again.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about.” said Y/N innocently , tangling her fingers in his hair pulling him closer to her than ever. Truth to be told , those had been her true intentions since the early evening. Usually they’d go there together but that evening they had gone separately because she had told him there is something she has to do. The second Y/N had walked in and he had seen her , she had known her mission was complete. Kai’s eyes had gone wider than ever and he had nearly choked on the bourbon he was drinking. The rest of the evening she had spent sitting on his lap , playing with his scruff or next to him ,her hip brushing against his and stealing glances from time to time. Kai barely took his eyes off her and his hands were shaking the entire evening as he struggled to keep them away from her.
“So innocent.” he teased resting his forehead on hers , their eyes meeting. His hand slid up her inner thigh to her core , feeling a wet spot on her panties. A smile spread across his face , seeing her eyelids fluttering closed for a second as he pressed on her entrance. Kai had been listening to her hearbeat knowing fully well she had lied to him. Even if he wasnt a vampire , he’d be able to tell by the look in her eyes. Usually she was better at hiding things , not this time though. He wondered why. “I don’t believe you for a second.”
Kai’s lips hungrily attacked hers , kissing her so hard her lips hurt a bit. All emotions he had suppressed during the past few hours came rushing back full speed and he didn’t plan on slowing down at all. He pressed his body to hers so hard her breath got knocked out of her lungs. His lips left kisses down her jaw line to her neck to her collarbone while his hands pushed down her short jacket. Kai snaked his hands down her back to her ass pulling her towards him suddenly , making her feel how hard he was. A small gasp tumbled off her lips feeling his hard on press against her and she bit her lip , her eyes going wide. They were standing so close their lips almost touched as Kai spoke and Y/N could feel his heart racing and she tried to suppress a smile realising his heart was beating as fast as hers , maybe faster.
“This is your fault.” he whispered , looking at her with hooded eyes. “You did that to me the second you walked in. Only you can do this to me without even touching me. Though you sitting on my lap on the sofa , you must’ve already known.”
Kai smirked at her and slid his hands down her hips , hitching them around her thighs as he scooped her up. He could hear her heart rate change the moment he touched her bare skin. He shoved her against the wall again , his nose brushing against hers for a moment as the tension build more. They were starring at each other , none of them willing to look away for more than a split second. Y/N’s eyes darted between his eyes and his lips , holding onto him tighly. Kai’s eyes had darkened to a darker shade of blue and the fact was looking at her with hooded eyes only turned her on even more. She wondered if he knows the effect he has on her. One look from him was enough to get her right where he wanted her - wet on the spot and begging for him. That night had been a payback for all those times. With the help of Elena and Caroline ,she had gotten the hair and make up done and later one had picked out the dress. Y/N darted her tongue out licking his lower lip and a low growl came from deep inside his throat.
“Well…” he trailed off. “Time to pay sweetheart.”
In a flash he whooshed them away upstairs , pulling the dress over her head in vampire speed and tossing it on the floor. Kai’s lips smashed against hers a split second later and her hands pushed away his jacket , hooking around his neck right after. Y/N pulled herself closer to him trying to gain some control , only he wouldn’t let her. He spun her around in vampire speed pressing his chest to her back while slowly trailing his fingertips all the way from her shoulder to her fingertips sending shivers all over her body. Y/N threw her head back , resting it against his chest , turning slightly towards him. Her boyfriend was getting back at her for the entire evening.
Kai could barely hold himself together but somehow he managed knowing if her just pushes her buttons a bit more , things would flip in reverse and Y/N would be the one unable to keep her hands to herself. Their eyes met just as his other hand slid down her stomach to her core , pushing its way in her panties. She bit her lip watching Kai’s eyes darken even more.
“Mmmm so wet.” he whispered , pushing two fingers inside her , curling them around slowly a few times before pulling out. A soft moan tumbled off her lips and Y/N grabbed his hand , shoving his fingers in her mouth licking them clean without breaking eye contact with him. “Damn Y/N..”
Kai’s hand snaked around her stomach , holding her towards him as her ass rubbed against his crotch. Having her lick his fingers was pushing him over the edge as if his emotions weren’t already on an over drive. He wanted her , all of her. In that moment and not a second too late. Kai moved her hair from her neck , whispering in her ear.
“How is it that you drive me so out of control? I swear , I almost lost it tonight.”
“Oh you mean like you do to me every single second of every single day ?” replied Y/N , snaking her hand behind her back towards his lenght catching a glimpse of their reflections in the tall mirror on the other end of the room. Purple black veins flashed under Kai’s eyes and he sank his fangs into her neck at the same time his fingers found their way back inside her panties rubbing slow figure eights on her clit. Y/N titled her neck a little , giving him better access not taking her eyes of their reflections. Kai looked so hot while feeding in general and even hotter in that moment while feeding on her , she couldn’t look away no matter how hard she tried. It all looked so perfect , like they were two pieces perfectly fitting into each other in every scenario. He pulled away following her gaze , purple black veins still flashing under his eyes while her warm blood trickled down his chin dripping onto her neck and slowly down her chest.
“Damn you are so hot when you do that.” she moaned out

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Phantom Confidants AU

In an alternate universe, I actually write about a P5 AU where the non-party social links are the phantom thieves of that universe. So Mishima, Hifumi, Shinya, Sojiro, Toranosuke, Iwai, Takemi, Ohya, Chihaya, Kawakami and even Sae. Honestly I would have loved to have an animal in the group but Morgana is the only animal social link and he’s an original member. But hey it’s still a pretty diverse group considering it’s a mix of mostly adults, some teens, and a kid. They’ve got a pretty badass lineup to be honest so here’s how I think it’ll go. 

Full plot, codenames, and Mementos chats under the cut: 


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Felicity Smoak? Hi, I'm Oliver Queen...

Five years ago, Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards filmed a silly little scene together, that in any other actor’s hands would have been a throwaway and insignificant scene.

The writers simply needed an IT expert to further their plot for the episode, but by casting Emily they got someone with so much presence and charisma, that their star man couldn’t help but fall under her spell.

Just like the rest of us.

Felicity Smoak’s brilliance burst from the screen providing light to Oliver Queen’s shade. She didn’t buy his bs and he cracked a smile. Emily and Stephen clicked in those first scenes.

Something magical happened that day.

‘You’re remarkable,’ and ‘thank you for remarking on it.’ ‘I still feel like I can trust you.’ ‘It feels really good having you inside me,’ and ‘platonic circumstances.’ ‘If you’re not leaving, I’m not leaving.’

We all became slaves to their on screen chemistry. We all grinned like idiots whenever Felicity would say something inappropriate. We would sigh at every shoulder touch. We’d melt whenever they unleashed the heart eyes.

In the early days we were so starved for any kind of sign that these two dummies would finally realise what we had seen from the start. I miss those days, as torturous as they were.

In season two we got more of the above but then we watched Oliver falling in love with Felicity without him or us, or anyone even really realising it at the time.

‘There was no choice to make’, and ‘you will always be my girl’.

‘I rely on you’, and ‘you’re my partner’.

‘You’re not alone’, and ‘I believe in you’.

‘He took the wrong woman’, and ‘I love you’.

We thought they were teasing us. We thought that there was no way that the writers would follow through with what they painted as a ruse in the finale.

Then season 3 arrived and we got flirty Olicity. Oliver Queen asked Felicity Smoak on a date. He was nervous and adorable. They went for Italian. Felicity looked gorgeous. She babbled. Oliver opened up.

‘There was just something about you’.

‘It was red’.

The restaurant blew up and Oliver killed us all when he broke Felicity’s heart. Not before giving us the perfect and most beautiful first kiss of all time.

‘Don’t ask me to say I don’t love you’.

Much of season 3 was pretty much an angst fest, with the occasional glimmer of light between our babies.

Oliver’s delight at meeting her mother.

The whole married af routine when they went to Central city.

‘With the landmines’.

The forehead kiss and the ‘I love you,’ before going off to face Ra’s.

The last thing he thought about before the fall. Thinking he was dead. Dreaming of the woman he loves. The heartbreaking ‘I don’t want to be a woman that you love.’

The 'you’re cute,’ and the smile when we discovered that the first scene that started it all, wasn’t the beginning of our ship after all.

Oliver thought he would die alone because Felicity was 'momentarily unavailable’ (I love you, John Diggle).

Oliver thanked her and told her she was right. Felicity called him handsome, flirted a little and then killed us all by telling him that as long as he was in her life, she was happy.

Felicity has always known who he is. Whether he’s wearing a suit or under a hood, he’s the man that she lo…he’s the man that she believes in.

Then came episode 3x20. The fallen was a pretty apt title because shipper down. Shipper down!!!

She gave him a blanket because he looked chilly. She stood up to Ra’s Al Ghul.

She thanked Oliver for changing her life for the better. He opened up her heart in a way she didn’t even know was possible.

'I love you.’

He removed her glasses; the final barrier between them. They kissed. They undressed. They made love.

(I don’t know what happened after that because I died.)

(The Lazarus pit resurrected me)

'So that happened,’ and 'I’m glad it did.’

Drugging the man she loved because she couldn’t leave him there. He loved her all the more for it.

Heartbreak and tears as they said goodbye without saying goodbye this time.

Then after Al Sahim, forced betrothals and fake deaths, we got 'don’t fight to die, fight to live.’

Felicity could figure out how to fly in the Atom suit, but couldn’t figure out how to remove it so that she could kiss Oliver after saving him. 🙅

'I want to be with you’. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'I’m happy.’

Season four started off so well with domestic bliss.

'You have failed this omelette’.

'Kinda sweaty,’ and 'I know, its amazing’.

Olicity in bed together. No more subtle shoulder touches. Felicity’s hands roaming that boys back. Engagement rings and soufflés. Dammit Thea and Laurel. Your timing sucks.

Adorable head kisses. Adorable arguments.

'I love every moment that I am with you. No matter where we are.’

Silent conversations and that thing she does when she hugs his arm and rests her chin on his shoulder.

'Nothing worthwhile ever come easy.’

Back rubbing and 'I have you’.

Salmon laddering and 'wearing what?’

Heart to hearts on the couch with all the hand holding.

The first thing he goes to, the hugging and kiss.

Chatty Cathy and tears over burnt chicken.

'We found ourselves in each other,’ and synchronicity.

'Felicity, honey…’ and 'my love’.

'I am happy. I finally have everything I’ve ever wanted. Being with Felicity has given me a real sense of peace.’

'Didn’t you tell me guys like us never get the girl?’ and 'I was wrong.’

'But I chose this life, and I chose you And I don’t understand why we can’t have both.’

'Just so you know, if you’d asked me, I would’ve said yes’ and heart eyes

Desperate I love you’s.

'I thought I lost you,’ and 'I’m here. I’m here.’

'There is one person in particular that I am grateful for. Someone who has stood beside me when times were darkest. She is the one who lights my way…’

'Felicity Smoak…would you make me…the happiest man on the face of the earth?’ and 'Yes.’

Happy tears and kisses and cuddles. They got engaged!!!!!

'All I care about is you.’ More kisses and they lived happily ever after.

Felicity got shot. She was told she’d never walk again.

'For better or worse,’ and 'I’d go anywhere with you.’

'I love you,’ and 'I love you too.’

'Thank you for always being on my side,’ and 'No place I’d rather be’.

'You don’t have to be funny for me. You know that, right?’

’…it’s part of what makes you the man I love.’

'Will you marry me?’ How many proposals is that now?

The break up came. Lies and hidden truths. Fake weddings and I don’t want to let you go’s. But they did. Through death and magic and nuclear threats, the team went their separate ways. 'You thought I was leaving too’ and 'not a chance’ With season 5 came separation, new love interests but 'i will always care about you’ and 'it’s a mortal lock’ gave us the slightest glimmer of hope for our beleaguered pair. Even an alien dream world couldn’t stop Oliver from remembering his true love 'Felicity’. (Did I really just write 'alien dream world’?) 'I do believe in magic’ and 'you know me better than almost anyone’. Helix and Prometheus and skeevy reporters led to some very dark times but then came 5x20. Teamwork is key. Trust returned. Salmon ladder flashbacks led to a different kind of workout on the mats ;) 'I trust you. I will always trust you. I don’t trust myself’ Oliver finally let her see the ugliest part of himself. The part that believes he kills because he likes it. Felicity shut that down and reminded him that she wouldn’t have fallen in love with him and wanted to marry him if she didn’t know exactly the kind of man he was. He listened to her because she knows him better than almost anyone. Remember? Then opening up and 'stop living for your father and start living for yourself’ 'Felicity has a way with words’ saw the Green Arrow suit return. Birthday celebrations and heart eyes and 'We can take it one step at a time’ 'Dating my ex fiance…’ Then Prometheus’ plan went into motion seeing a return to Lian Yu. A kiss and 'Just in case’ and too many regrets. Explosions. Cliffhanger. Who survives? Five years of magic, exhilaration, angst, chemistry and love. It started with two actors and a script, and they changed everything. Thank you.
Fool’s Gold

Summary: Marinette knew that she wasn’t a good dancer. She could be a fearless warrior and a great hero but she couldn’t fix her two left feet. Despite that, she wanted to go to the masquerade ball in the royal castle to meet a certain someone. Instead, she meets a masked jester under the moonlight…

A/N: I have a translation project due in two days. Instead I decide it’s worth finishing off this fanfic I had in my drafts since last summer lol. At first, this was meant to be my Queen!Marinette AU but I couldn’t think of anything to make her queen without making it complicated so this was the result. Well, I kinda wanted to see Marinette stepping on Adrien’s toes too haha. Enjoy!

Word Count: 2.5k+

Link to FFnet / AO3

Marinette was many things. A skilled seamstress. A wise advisor. A good friend. She could lead an army, devise flawless tactics and dominate the battlefield all while making it look like a ladies’ picnic.

She may be many things. But a dancer, she was not.

It was at times like these that she hated her accursed clumsiness. Very few people noticed after she became a hero but to the people who knew her before that they could only laugh and say ‘that’s our Marinette’. It was one thing that never changed.

Five different people asked her to dance that evening. All five left with bruised toes. Thankfully, they seemed like good noblemen who knew how to cover up so they bore with the pain with smiles on their faces. To escape from the misery and to avoid making a fool of herself for any longer, she slipped away to the castle gardens, taking solace in the moonlit scenery.

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Never Again (Elorcan Fic)

HELLO! Sorry I haven’t been writing recently but I was recently inspired to write an angsty Elorcan fic and here it is!

I hope you guys like it! I haven’t written anything in awhile so please forgive me if the writing is a bit all over the place. I’m planning to edit it in the future (haha).

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.


Lorcan trailed behind Elide silently as they traveled, watching her black hair glisten and her soft skin practically shining from the sunlight.

You sound like a love sodden sap, Lorcan.

The thing is, I am.

“You know you don’t have to do that.” Elide muttered, her voice laced with cold.


“The brace. I can walk just fine.”

Lorcan ignored her, bracing her legs the entire way like he did from the start.

It was their fifth day of travel to Perranth, just the two of them as Aelin refused to let Elide travel alone. Terrasen was still in the process of rebuilding so carriages and horses weren’t ready at the time. And Elide needed some time and peace to herself anyways, even with the brooding fae male behind her. It had been years since Elide had the chance to simply walk through the forest without a single worry in her mind. It had been even longer since she set foot on the small kingdom her parents once led.

Elide glanced around the pathway she was walking on within the forest, noticing the area around her becoming more and more familiar.

We must be getting nearer.

In all honesty, Elide knew a faster way to her home - closer to the small kingdom she would finally be able to rebuild and lead. But she didn’t know how to comprehend her feelings for a certain fae male behind her when the time comes for him to leave. It was true that she had forgiven him but her emotions were still all over the place. She wanted to give in, be able to feel what she felt that night in the gave with Lorcan. But she didn’t know whether she could forgive him either for the things he did to her queen and king.

“You have to forgive him, Elide. If I were in his place I would’ve done the same.”

“I can’t just do that, Aelin. Look what he did to you. Look what he did to all of us.”

“Love does a lot of things to people, especially those that haven’t been able to find a real one for centuries of their lives.”

Aelin’s words stuck to Elide. She said love. Love. And she said it with so much confidence as if there was no doubt in her statement. Deep inside her, Elide didn’t want Lorcan to leave. She was afraid to run Perranth alone, to be responsible of so many of her future peers. But did Lorcan really deserve her forgiveness wholly?

Elide took a turn to the left, the sound of rustling leaves the only thing between the her and Lorcan.

“Elide, do you want to take a break?”

“Why? Are you tired?”

“No. I just-“

“Then no. We keep going.”

Lorcan sighed quietly, following behind her while taking in the trees and flora around him. He noticed how she looked exhausted, as if she was about to collapse on the ground and sleep for the longest time. They did not have much sleep last night, Elide determined on walking out the dark as much as possible and waking up the moment the sun showed any small sign over the horizon.

Lorcan had tried his best to be as much as he could for Elide, hoping she would take him back in any ways or form. Whether it be friends, acquaintances, lovers, he didn’t care. He just wanted to be fine with her again, to be able to talk to her about things he would never tell anyone else. Honestly, Lorcan had practically begged for Aelin to let him accompany Elide on this trip - wanting to spend as much time with her as possible before she came to visit Terrasen only every few weeks.

“I wanted to go to Perranth with you.”

He remembered saying those words clearly as any day. He wanted, so desperately wanted, to go to Perranth with Elide. He had never found someone that accepted him so easily with so much trust in her eyes. He had never loved someone so quickly than when he met her.

And you had to go out there and destroy that trust.

Lorcan shook his head, concentrating back at the human girl walking in front of him. Was it even possible to fall in love so quickly? He didn’t know. He just knew that whether she was his mate or not he would always be in love with her.

Elide felt Lorcan’s gaze shifting back and forth onto her back, as if he was in doubt of a thought. Truthfully, Lorcan had been more than considerate the entire trip. She would wake up every morning in their make shift tent with her clothes from the previous day washed. He would also seem to know when her monthly cycle was as strips of cloth was always prepared beside her makeshift bed. Sometimes, she would wake up to a few sweet looking berries wrapped in a piece of cloth. Elide knew this was all of Lorcan’s work but she was still in doubt. What if he just gave up once she’s forgiven him?

She ignored her thoughts and his gazes for now, willing herself to stay headstrong like she did the whole trip. She would decide later whether she wanted Lorcan to stay or whether she forgave him entirely. All she wanted to do now was reach Perranth in hopes that there was something left of her old home that she could live in for the time being.

Lost in her thought, Elide didn’t know that she had stepped foot onto somewhere familiar. Somewhere she had considered her home for the majority of her childhood. Elide glanced up, the first smile growing on her face since the beginning of the trip. She noticed the land around her, the small patch of pink flowers that she use to spend so much time on with Aelin and Aedion as a kid. Beside it was a pathway leading up to a large cabin - one that looked like it hasn’t been used in years.

“Oh my Gods,” Elide whispered, her eyes filling with unshed tears, “That’s-That’s-“

“Elide, are you alright?”

Lorcan rushed up beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist as she swayed to the side. He noticed the wide smile on her face, the tears in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s my home. That’s where-“

Elide couldn’t finish her sentence as a small sob left her lips. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth, unconsciously leaning further onto Lorcan’s chest. Lorcan stayed quiet, simply holding her tight against him while leaning his chin against the top of her head. He knew he had to leave soon, although he wanted to do just the opposite.

“You want to go look inside? I can help you set up a few things.”

Elide could only nod before realising her position. She pushed away from Lorcan, swaying slightly before regaining her balance. The wide smile was still on her face though. She led the way towards her old home, practically bounding there with her mangled ankle.

Lorcan had never felt pure joy like he did when he was watching her. A smile had grown onto his own face from how happy his Elide was.

His Elide.

I wish.

Lorcan ridded of his thoughts, willing them to go to the back of his mind. He’ll think about these on his way back to Terrasen. He followed Elide silently like he did the whole trip as she pushed the large, wooden door open to her childhood home. Lorcan followed suit, pushing the door the rest of the way as Elide bounded inside the house. He noticed immediately the once homey feeling of the cabin. The fireplace across the wooden table and couch. The kitchen was to the left, an intricately carved marble counter in the centre. On the far right corner, there were stairs that led up to the rest of the cabin.

Elide sprinted as fast as her legs would from one side of the house to the other, pulling off tarps and blowing off the dust from the furniture. She noticed that Lorcan had moved to help her, but she didn’t say anything towards the fae male. It was obvious he would have to leave soon and Elide still hadn’t come to a conclusion about her feelings.

“I’ll help you set up before I-I’ll be on my way.” she heard Lorcan mutter from the back.

Before she could reply, Lorcan had set to work - the sound of moving furniture drowning out everything else.


It took them a full day to prepare everything, shifting the furniture into place and removing all the tarps along with getting rid of the mountains of dust on everything. Lorcan had obviously stayed the night. He was tempted to wake up earlier than Elide, leaving before his emotions got the best of him. But he stayed, only because he wanted to say goodbye to her one last time before seeing her only every few weeks.

Lorcan woke up to the sound of soft footsteps across the wooden floor of the cabin. He didn’t even need to look at her as his powers immediately shifted to bracing her legs. A soft, annoyed groan left her lips but she didn’t say anything about it.

Lorcan pushed himself off the ground brushing off the wrinkles in his clothes before walking over to Elide. They stayed in silence for a moment as Elide inspected the empty cabinets as if there was something that was going to magically pop up after years of no use.

“Elide,” Lorcan broke the silence, “I-I should be on my way.”

Elide halted in her movements.

What do I do? What do I do?

She wanted, wanted so badly, for him to stay but what if he does the exact same things he did last time. Elide mustered up the only words she could think off, trying to prolong his time here while she gathered her thoughts.

“I-I’ll walk you out.”

Lorcan gave a small nod as he made his way to the door. He felt his heart growing heavier every step of the way - as if his body and soul knew he was going to be moving farther and farther away from the woman he fell in love with so many months back.

They both walked side by side to the forest line before the greenery turned into a pathway into the forest and back to Terrasen. Lorcan turned to his side, looking down at Elide hoping that she would change her mind.

“Have a safe trip, Lorcan.”

He felt his heart fall out of his chest right then. He had never felt this way all his life. He was destroyed completely by a human girl and, for once, he didn’t care. He was happy he got the spend the last few days with her, even in silence.

“Thank you, Elide.”

Elide stared at him weirdly, trying to rid of the tears that threatened to fill her eyes.

“What for?”

“For letting me come with you. For letting me see Perranth, even if it was only for a day.”

Elide couldn’t comprehend any words as she watched Lorcan turn and walk down the path that led back to Terrasen.

“Lorcan! Wait!”

Lorcan stilled, unwilling to turn, afraid of what she was going to say. What if he said that she never wanted him to visit during trips? What if she wanted him gone during her visits to Terrasen?

Lorcan stayed silent for a moment before he felt a soft hand touch his shoulder, hands he had grown to love when she was-

“Can you please stay?”

And that’s when he broke. Lorcan had never moved so fast in his life before as he turned, wrapping his arms around Elide and pulling her against his chest. He buried his face in her hair as tears streamed down his cheeks, a small sob leaving his mouth. He felt her small arms wrap around his wide shoulders and her face burying itself into the column of his neck.

“Elide, Elide, Elide, tell me this is not a dream. Tell me this is rea-“

“This is real, Lorcan. Please stay. I want you to stay.”

Lorcan nodded, the only action he could do amongst his sobs. He didn’t care if anyone saw. He didn’t care if anyone called him weak. He was too happy at this moment, too relieved to be feeling anything else. He felt his legs slowly  giving out on him as he lowered to the ground with Elide until he was a sobbing mess beneath her. Elide was sitting on the grass, Lorcan’s face buried in her neck as he cried softly with his arms still wrapped tightly around her. Elide kissed his forehead softly, feeling her own tears spilling out of her eyes.

“Lorcan,” Elide whispered, “Is-Is what Aelin said was true?”

“What did she say?” he asked, composing himself slightly but refusing to leave the position he was in with his face in the crook of her neck and his arms around her waist.

“That-That you,” she paused, “That you love me?”

Lorcan’s breathe halted in his throat before he exhaled.

“I wasn’t going to lie to her, Elide. Never again.” he whispered against her skin before shifting back and cupping her face softly. He gently, so gently, wiped away the tears on her cheeks with the pads of his thumb.

“So what she said was true?”

“Of course it’s true, Elide.”

Elide felt her chest tighten. Her hands moved up in its own accord, cupping Lorcan’s rugged cheeks in her small, delicate hands. No words could express what she felt right now, the joy, the nervous, the happiness-

So she kissed him. For the first time since that night in the cave.

Lorcan’s eyes widened, his whole body stilled once more in shock before he leaned forward and kissed her back with all his pent up feelings he had locked inside his body. He pulled her closer until they were chest to chest, their lips moving desperately, messy as they tried to express their emotions through that one action. Lorcan’s hands had shifted and buried itself into Elide’s hair, cradling her head delicately as he leaned forward, pushing back towards the grass until she was laying down. He set her down so softly Elide felt like she was going to cry once more.

They both pulled away when they were out of breathe, panting like they just ran away from another pack of Ilkens.

“I love you too.”

Lorcan thought he was delusional now.


“I love you too, Lorcan Salvaterre. But if you do anything like what you did to Aelin I will-“

Lorcan pressed his lips once more against hers, his tears dripping down onto her cheeks. He couldn’t even reign in his emotions anymore at this point.

“Never, never again. I swear to you, never again. I love you, Elide Lochan and if you will have me here with you in Perranth, I will honour that for the rest of my life.”

Elide cupped his cheek softly, a smile on her face as she brushed away his tears. She kissed his scarred cheek tenderly, nuzzling it a little.

“Let’s go home.”

And Lorcan wasted no time sweeping her into his arms, kissing her forehead once more before making his way back to home, his real home.

I Know You Like Me

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 713
warning : smut
summary : Reader and Kai always are cocky / tease each other , one day Reader is kidnapped and Kai comes to her rescue.
* not my gif

“Oh crap.” she muttered , noticing Kai walking in the Grill making his way towards her. He was hot as hell , that was true but also super annoying getting on her nerves all the time. Yet for some unexplicable reason she liked being around him more than she cared to let on.
“Hello beautiful. How’s your day going?” he said with a smirk , sitting opposite her and reaching for the fries in front of her. Y/N smacked his hand away , but he was too fast for her. Kai grinned. “Oh don’t look so sad. It’s just a few fries… I’ll get you more. That’s what boyfriends do right ?”
Y/N crossed her arms on her chest , a sigh of frustration leaving her lips. “Stop reffering to yourself as my boyfriend. You are not my boyfriend. Don’t you have someone else to torture?”
“Lots of people but I like torturing you most.” said Kai snatching another couple of fries from her plate. Y/N smacked his hand and he grabbed it , both of them leaning in towards each other. He was driving her insane. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before Kai let go of her wrist smiling at her. “Love that vein popping on your forehead when you get angry… and how your eyes literally burn with fire.”
“Funny. That vein didn’t appear so often until I met you.”
“Oh don’t pretend like you are not obsessed with me.” Kai winked at her.
“I am not obsessed with you but I do know you are obsessed with me.” Y/N said leaning in onto the table , Kai doing the same until their faces were inches away from each other.
“You are so full of yourself , Y/N.” he said in low voice.
“Look who’s talking.” she retorted.
The waitress came by , glancing at them for a moment before her eyes focused on Kai. Every girl at the Grill and everywhere he went always did that and for some reason it bothered Y/N.
“Hello. My name is Emma. What can I get you?”
Y/N sat back , crossing her arms on her chest starring at Kai.
“A flight of stairs I can throw myself down on.” she muttered. Kai started to laugh at her comment and Y/N made a face at him.
“Fries , large serving. My girlfriend loves them so much and she never lets me near hers.” said Kai smiling at the waitress who looked disappointed hearing him call Y/N his girlfriend. She wrote the order down and stepped away.
Y/N scoffed. Every time they were together Kai would reffer to her as ‘his girlfriend’. Part of her was flattered , another was ready to strangle him. A couple of times he had done this around guys who were talking to her. Kai would casually walk over to her , put his arm around her shoulder , lean in whispering in her ear how much she annoys him and then would turn to the guys saying “Isn’t my girlfriend the best ?” at which point they would smile , nod and go away. Last time he had done that Y/N turned around punching him hard in the shoulder.

“Ouch! What was that for ?!” he had said , starring at her.
“Being an ass , that’s what.” Y/N had replied , turning on her heels angrily walking away from him.

“I am not your girlfriend Malachai. How many times do I have to tell you this ?! Stop calling me that.
“But you could be.” he teased , taking another french fry from her plate. Y/N didn’t even bother trying to swat his hand away this time. What would be the point ?
“Not in a million years.” she retorted just as the waitress returned with the fries.
Kai turned towards her , flashing the girl his best smile.
“Thank you sweetheart.”
The girl blushed and walked away , but for some reason it made Y/N felt angrier with Kai about calling the girl ‘sweetheart’ than about anything else in the past half hour. When Y/N looked at Kai , he was starring at her with an amused expression on his face and curiousity in his eyes.
“These are for you.” he said pushing the plate towards her. “See ? I’m a nice boyfriend.”
“No thanks.” Y/N said getting up. “And again - you are not my boyfriend.” she turned on her heels walking away from him.
Kai left some money on the table and got up chasing after her. He grabbed her hand , stepping in front of her. Her jaw was clenched and there was that vein on her forehead again he loved so much , her lips were pressed into a thin line. Y/N didn’t look angry , not exactly … she looked upset.
“Wait wait.. Can’t you see I am trying to be nice ?” he said suddenly serious. “You are the only one who can stand being around me. What’s it going to take to get you to like spending time with me ?”
“Nice ?” she glared at him. “We must have different definitions of ‘nice’. And I will never like you or enjoy your company , Malachai. Stop trying.”
“Don’t call me that.”
Y/N had touched a nerve. He hated it when people used his full name. In truth she loved his full name , she also loved teasing him with it.
“OH but I love calling you Malachai. … Maalaachaaiii.” she repeated smiling at him , watching his jaw clench. He looked around them for a second and then he smashed her into the nearest wall in vampire speed , his hands on either side of her boxing her in. Every time she called him by his full name , he felt both angry but also liked the way she said it.
“I can hear your heart beat , sweetheart.” he said quietly. “I know you are lying. You love it when I am around you.”
Y/N leaned in towards him , her lips almost touching his as she spoke.
“Maybe ..or maybe not. You can’t prove anything anyways.”
Kai snaked his hand around her waist noticing yet another change in her heartbeat and the corners of his mouth twitched. Y/N might deny it but she liked it when he was around.

* * *

Two whole days passed after the last time he saw her at the Grill and Kai couldn’t find Y/N anywhere. Not at home , not a her college. He started getting this awful feeling he hated most - worry. Something must’ve happened to her. In the end Kai decided to go to the Salvatores , they were her friends and maybe would tell him where she is. Just as he was about to walk inside , he heard voices and decided to eavesdrop instead.

“What did Matt say ? Don’t they have a security footage or something ?!” Caroline raised her voice.
“No. All they have is a statement from a witness who was too drunk to remember anything but a 'black suv with tainted windows’.” said Damon.
“Well , we have to find her. It’s been two days…” sighed Caroline. “What if something happens to Y/N and we are too late? We have to do something.”

Kai froze on the spot. Something had happened to Y/N. Suddenly his worry was replaced with anger quickly boiling into rage. Whoever it was that had gotten her , he intended on finding them and killing them in a very painful way. No one got to mess with her but him.

Vampires. Of course , it had to be vampires. How it was that somehow as one of the few human friends of the vampire population in Mystic Falls , Y/N always got caught in the cross fire ? For two days they have kept her locked away. The first time she had come to , her hands and legs had been tied up and she was in the back of an SUV . Y/N had no idea who the people were or what they wanted with her , all she knew was they were vampires. Then they had knocked her out again and the second time she had woken up , she found herself in an abandoned house with broken windows. No sounds came from anywhere , no cars … just silence. At least the second time her legs and hands hadn’t been tied up.
Y/N got up from the old sofa where she had been layed down and quietly got up heading towards the exit. Maybe if she got her hands on one of their phones or found a way out of the house, she could save herself. No one else appeared to be coming to her rescue. Either they didn’t know she was missing or couldn’t track her down.
“Where do you think you are going, girl?”
Y/N turned towards the voice. The guy had black hair , blue eyes and was wearing torn up black jeans and a black t-shirt. Excluding the fact he had been the one to grab her , fed on her not once but twice … he was hot and under other curcumstances maybe she would’ve even liked him.
“Bathroom.” she lied. “I need to pee. You know ? Like a lady.”
The guy laughed. “You are lying.I can hear your heart rate changing.” he grabbed her hand pushing her roughly back onto the sofa. “Sit down. Don’t move.” he ordered. “Or I will gladly take a bite again.”
Y/N sat on the sofa bringing her knees up.
“Good girl.” he said. “Unfortunately , I am hungry and you are the only thing to eat around here.”
“What ?” she asked confused , as the guy forcefully pulled her wrist towards him. “No , please don’t.” she begged.
In that moment from somewhere outside came loud noise as if glass shattered and the door had been pushed off its hindges followed by screams. The guy titled his head listening and got up quickly , a few of his friends she had seen the past two days rushing into the room.
“What’s going on ?” the guy asked confused.
No one answered him. His friends froze in one spot , with a pained expressions on their faces. Some got beheaded , others lost their hearts. Y/N pulled herself up onto the sofa , trying to get a better look at what was going on and then he saw him.
“Oh my God.” she whispered.
The guy vamp - ran towards Kai trying to grab his neck but Kai was faster. He twisted the guy’s arm behind his back breaking it and sank his teeth into his neck tearing his head off , letting it roll on the floor close to the sofa where Y/N was standing frozen in shock.
Kai wiped blood off his mouth , looking around the floor covered in blood and body parts.
“Well … that was fun.” he muttered to himself , kneeling down to check if someone had accidentally been left alive. He didn’t intend on leaving survivors.
“M-Malachai?” Y/N said quietly , trying not to look at the severed head a few meters away from her. Kai looked up at her and a smile spread across his face. In a flash he was next to her. Kai kicked away the guy’s head as if it was a football ball and pulled her into his arms.
“I thought I lost you !” he said , stroking her hair as she wrapped her hands around him. Kai pulled away cupping her face , his fingers tracing every inch of her face , a smile spreading across his face. “Are you OK? Did they hurt you ?”
“Y-You came for me ?” she asked in a quiet voice trying to process everything that had happened the past few minutes. Of all the people that could’ve come to her rescue it was him. “Why would you care ?”
Kai gazed into her eyes for a long moment before his lips smashed against hers backing her against he sofa.
“Because I love you. I … I didn’t realise it until I learned you had been taken. All I knew was I had to find you or I’d die.” he smashed his lips against hers again not letting her say a word. Nothing he had ever felt compared to the relief he had felt seeing her a few minutes ago.
Y/N moaned into the kiss , her hands pulling him closer to her. Kai’s ’I love you’ echoing in her mind. She pushed him off her , quickly moving onto his lap.
“You love me ?” she said , her hands cupping his face.
“Yes ! I do. I love you. ” he smiled. “I have probably loved you this entire time without realising it.”
Y/N smashed her lips against his , his hands on her hips pulling her towards him. A low growl came from deep inside his throat feeling her grind against him.
“I love you too Malachai.” she said smiling at him , leaning in to whisper in his ear. “You know you look even hotter covered in blood.”
Her lips smashed against his , her hips grinding on his crotch while her hands tangled in his hair. How it was possible she hadn’t realised earlier she has feelings for him ?
“Slow down princess. Not the time or the place.” he said gently pushing her away from him. Y/N pouted for a second before Kai swept her off her feet , bridal style carrying her to his car only then noticing the puncture wounds on her neck realising they had fed on her. He felt the same anger burn through his veins. A few moments later they got to his car and Kai let her feet gently onto the ground , caressing her face. He bit his wrist bringing it to her and she took it without hesitation.
“I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had been too late.” he said softly while helping her get the seat belt on. A second later he got into the car and put the keys in the ignition.
“Don’t tell me you are going soft on me?” she winked at him.
Kai leaned in towards her , his breath tickling the skin on her neck. He listened to her heart beat change and smiled to himself. “Never. You are still the most annoying person I know.”

* * *

Y/N turned towards Kai as they drove down the dark empty roads. He looked different. There was a glow in his eyes she hadn’t seen before , and she already loved that glow. Y/N tilted his chin towards her before kissing him again , lightly biting his lower lip earning a low growl from him.
“Where are we going?” she asked curious as he took another turn. There were no buildings anywhere , just trees and more trees and occasionally an animal somewhere near the road.
“Some place … private.” he said with a delivish smirk.
They drove in silence for while until suddenly Y/N’s legs parted as if by magic and she felt something teasing her folds through her panties. Except there was nothing there. For a moment she thought she had imagined it but then there was pressure on her clit as if someone was rubbing it in slow eight figures. Y/N cleared her throat pulling herself up on the seat. The pressure didn’t disappear. She tried to push her legs together and for a second she was sucessful until her legs parted all by themselvesagain.
“You OK sweetheart ?” Kai asked concerned.
“Mmhmm… ” she mumbled , fearing her voice might betray her if she tried to say something. Y/N could feel herself getting wet , the slow eights turning into fast rough ones. She grabbed the seat , her nails digging into it as she tried to muffle her moans and figure out what or how this was happening. Then she caught a glimpse of Kai - his eyes had darkened , and his fingers on the steering wheel moved remarcably like the pressure she felt on her clit.
“Fuck Kai” she moaned out as an invisible finger entered her suddenly. She gripped onto the seat closing her eyes for a moment. Kai was using his magic to tease her.
“What did I do ?” he asked innocently.
Y/N turned her head towards him. “You know what.” she moaned out.
Kai turned towards her grinning as the invisible finger was joined by another. She could feel how they curled inside her , going in deep before pulling out almost completely. His pace was slow at first , teasing and then the invisible fingers began moving faster. Y/N found herself pushing her hips down on the invisible fingers , her moans getting louder.
Stop the car.
There was no way they could make it to wherever they were going. Y/N wanted him now and it was not up for discussion. Kai glanced at her for a second , feeling his jeans getting tighter around his length.
“MMmm whatever is it y-you are d-doing don’t stop… but stop the car.” she insisted , her eyelids fluttering closed and open.
Kai grinned and pulled over to the side of the road. Y/N quickly unbuckled her seatbelt turning towards him , her hand slid on his crotch plaming him through his jeans.
“I want you.” she said in a hushed voice. “Here. Now.”
A louder moan escaped her lips as the invisible fingers inside her curled up again. She couldn’t take it anymore. As good as it felt having Kai tease her with magic she wanted him , his actual touch. Y/N grabbed his and practically shoved it in her jeans and under her panties.
Kai groaned feeling how wet she had gotten , his fingers replacing the invisible ones. Y/N moaned out a little louder closing her eyes at the feeling. He thrusted his fingers inside her again , feeling her walls clench around him.
“Fuck Kai , I’m so close.”
Her hand had slid in his jeans , drawing circles and stroking his hard length through his briefs. Just as she was about to tip over the edge , Kai’s fingers disappeared. In a flash he pushed her onto the back seat , crawling over her. There wasnt much space there and he just snapped his fingers tearing her clothes off her before pushing her legs wide open wide (one of them over the top of the back seat , the other off the seat). Kai leaned in , burying his face between her legs , devouring her like he had always wanted. Her hands shot for his head pushing his mouth closer to her warmth.
“You taste fantastic.” he groaned, his eyes meeting hers.
Kai nibbed on her clit with his teeth for a moment , then licked a bold stripe across her warmth stopping for a moment to look at her. Y/N had thrown her head back , her fingers pulling at his hair , a louder moan tumbling from her lips as he slid his tongue inside her curling slowly.
“MMm Kai !” she screamed feeling herself about to tip over the edge. His nose brushed against her swollen clit. Then she came , squirming and trashing , as he kept devouring her. Kai moaned and groaned as he did so , sending waves of pleasure getting her closer to another release.
“If I only I had known how it would feel to be with you … ” she said out of breath , her fingers still tangled in his curls.
Kai suddenly stopped , snapping his fingers and his clothes were off him too. Y/N’s eyes widened and she pulled him up , bringing his lips to hers , tasting herself on them. Her hands snacked to the back of his head and she could feel his hard length pressing at her entrance. Y/N slid one of her hands between their naked bodies , her fingers wrapping around his thick shaft pumping him slowly while her thumb drew circles on the tip of his length.
Kai moaned into the kiss , his hand wrapping around her neck as purple / black veins showed under his eyes. Y/N had thought he looked hot covered in blood but the sight of his vampirism was completely another level.
“Go for it.” she said , not a second later Kai sank his teeth in her neck, only getting a taste. Y/N slightly arched her back towards his chest , pumping his hard length a little faster now. Kai pushed her hand away and with one hard trust he pushed his thick shaft deep inside her making her scream out. Blood was dripping on his chin. Y/N licked his lower lip tasting her blood as she did. He thrusted inside her once again , fast and deep every time making her throw her head back hitting the car door.
“You’re so tight..” Kai growled , his hands on her thighs pushing her legs open wider , allowing him to thrust deeper inside her , hitting her g-spot. Every time he did , Y/N’s moans got so louder , nearly turning into screams. “Right there sweetheart ?”
Y/N hummed in response.
“Fuck ” she moaned out as Kai thrusted in hitting her spot again bringing her closer and closer to another release. Y/N met his eyes , black with lust and something else. He pulled his infamous sideways smirk making her heart flutter and the next few thrusts pulled out all the air from her lungs.
“KAI ” she screamed out arching her back off the seat, her eyes rolling in her head. Kai had used his vampire speed bringing her right on the edge. His thrusts were starting to get sloppier and she could feel his hard length twitch inside her a little as her walls contracted around him. Y/N’s eyes caught a glimpse of his expression , the same devilish glow in his eyes as he did it again. Thrusting in hard and deep in vampire speed , her walls contracting around his thick shaft as she came for a second time screaming his name. Y/N felt on fire , even more so when he cheated using his vampirism. Her orgasm triggered his and a few thrusts later he came in hot spurts inside her. Kai’s hands braced against the car door for a moment before he collapsed on top of her , his head burried in the crook of her neck.
“We should’ve done this weeks ago.” she muttered , laughing for a moment.
“I know.” he said kissing her deeply. “I intend on making up for that.”
Y/N smiled at him , gazing in his eyes. “MMmm , can’t wait.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

NOTE : to the anon who requested it - I am not sure if thats what you wanted , but I hope you enjoy reading it anyways .😊

That’s you - Junhui smut

01:36 <Can you let me in?>
01:41 <Y/N, I need to see you>
01:42 <Please, wake up and hug me>
You had been woken up by the third message. You stared at your phone, confused as to why Jun would need to see you so urgently. He was your best friend but he should have been on a date tonight… You started to worry and rushed down the stairs to open the door for Jun. He was sat down on the ground in front of your house, head in his hands, possibly crying. You couldn’t really tell. Jun was a silent crier. He never sniffed or wept, tears would just roll down his face quietly.

“Hey, come in, Jun. Let’s talk.” You said while crouching down in front of him. As he lifted up his head, you could see tears falling down from his puffy eyes. You were right. Of course you were. You knew him too well. You stood up and reached your hands out for him to take. Jun simply nodded and took your hands, lifting himself off the ground. Before you could lead him into your house, he placed your arms around his waist and held you in a firm embrace, leaning his head on yours. You had always loved hugging him, because he was so tall. Your head just about reached his chest, which meant you would hear his heartbeat every single time. It was irregular at the moment, probably because of the crying. Jun held on to you for what seemed like hours, before letting you go and walking into your house without speaking a word. You almost ran after him, worried sick. After you locked the door, you walked into your living room to see Jun already sitting on the sofa, head in his hands again. As you sat next to him, you took in his state: everything looked so perfect except for his face. His eyes would normally be shining bright, now they were red and puffy. His cheeks that usually look so soft, stained by tears. You scooted closer to him and laid your head on his shoulder. “Talk to me, Jun. What happened? Is it about Yi-Jin?” You spoke softly. Yi-Jin was Jun’s longtime crush. He had finally scored a date with her tonight. Jun lifted his head and finally spoke: “She doesn’t want me. I’m nothing to her.” He returned to his previous position and stayed quiet. Honestly, you weren’t surprised. Yi-Jin was the type of girl to go out with different boys every week. She made them feel special, broke their heart, and moved on in a heart-beat. Jun was sure he could change her, make her really fall in love with him. He had told you about it a thousand of times. But apparently, Yi-Jin can’t be changed.

“Hey Jun, look at me okay, let me tell you something.” I told him as I took my head of his shoulder. After a couple of seconds, Jun did as I said and faced me slowly. I fixed his hair while I spoke: “I’ve always thought you are so intelligent, so now that I see how stupid Yi-Jin has been, I’m finally sure that she isn’t right for you. If she doesn’t get how wonderful and precious you are, she doesn’t deserve you in the slightest.” You moved your hands to wipe away his tears. “I know this sounds harsh, but your honestly better off without her. Jun, she would only use you. You know that. I don’t want you to be toyed with, I want you to be loved. It’s so important to me that you find someone who truly loves you for everything that you are.” As you finished your little ‘speech’, Jun was fully staring at you. His eyes were full of confusion and something else, which you couldn’t identify. He placed his eyes on both sides of your face and continued staring at you before finally speaking. “That’s you.” You weren’t sure if you heard him correctly but when he repeated himself a little bit louder, you realised he was right. “You always take care of me.” He was right. “You encourage me when I need motivation.” He continued. “You know me as well as you know yourself.” He let out a snicker. “Maybe even better.” You started to realize that everything he said, came down to one thing. “You love me.” He finally whispered. You loved him. You did. So much that you didn’t even notice it because it was like a natural instinct. You had always loved him, you couldn’t help it. You stared back at Jun and just by looking at you, he could see that he was absolutely right. You were madly in love with him and he was madly in love with you. “I’m sorry, if you …” You started to speak while taking his hand of off your cheeks, but before you could end your sentence, he interrupted you. “No, it’s you. What I need, what I want, what I love: it’s you. It’s only ever been you.” And after taking in what he just said, he moved forward and gently placed a hand on your cheek. You looked up to stare in his eyes. There was no more sadness, no more doubt, no more tears. His eyes were full of love. Love for you. You put away your doubts and grabbed his face to kiss him. Jun was surprised, but was fast to kiss you back with all the passion in the world. This was so right. You could both feel it. As Jun’s soft lips molded with yours you moved to straddle him because you wanted him closer. Jun’s hands moved to your waist, pulling you even closer. In the process you had involuntarily grinded against him, causing him to pull away from the kiss and let out a sigh. This little sound turned you on so much that you grabbed his face to look at you and did it again, this time on purpose. Jun closed his eyes and slid his hands downwards to squeeze your behind. “Please do that again.” He whispered before returning to kiss you, also sliding his tongue in your mouth. All you wanted was to give him pleasure at this moment, so you complied and started rolling your hips against his. As you felt him getting hard, his breathing changed too. To your surprise, he stopped you.

“Tell me you love me, I have to know you want this.” He said, with the most serious face. You let your action speak for themselves as you kissed him again with all your love for him. You were sure he could feel it but Jun stopped you again. “No, Y/N, I need to hear you say it.” This time he grabbed your face. The words left your mouth quietly but steadily while you looked deeply into his eyes. “I love you.” You told him. You repeated it a few times to make sure he understood before moving your lips to his neck. Jun quickly closed his eyes and took in the feeling of your lips against his skin. Now, he was sure about it. Now he could let go. And that’s exactly what he did, picking you up in his strong arms and leading you to your bedroom. After he laid you down on the bed he swiftly removed his shirt and jeans. When he was done he moved on to remove your clothes as well. He left completely naked while he was still wearing his boxers. You found this rather unfair so you crawled to the end of the bed and pulled them down slowly, while looking in to Jun’s eyes. “This needs to go.” As soon as he was all naked in front of you, you took his length in your hands and started pumping it. Meanwhile your lips wandered from his mouth all the way to his chest and finally stopping right above his shaft. You looked up at him innocently and kissed his tip softly, causing him to hiss softly. Little by little you started taking more of his length in your mouth. When his tip finally brushed your throat, he threw his head back in pleasure and let out the most heavenly moan you ever heard. You kept on working your magic until he stopped you abruptly. He needed to catch his breath before telling you: “I would’ve came in your mouth if you kept going. Let me take care of you now.” You got the cue and moved backwards on the bed and laid on your back. He crawled to you to give you a quick kiss on the lips before going down to your neck. He found your sweet spot very fast, causing you to let out a few whimpers. Jun let his lips wander over your breasts next, making sure to give each one an equal amount of love. His lips on your nipples left you moaning out his name. When he finally reached your core, you let out a breath that you didn’t know you were holding. Jun wasted no time and attacked your clit immediately. While he sent you to heaven with his tongue, he held onto your thighs to keep you still. You were moaning so much at this point, and Jun was loving it. He loved the effect he had on you. “I’m close, Jun!” You panted out, when you felt your high building up. Jun smirked and with a few more flicks of his tongue he had you coming harder than you had ever came before. He slowly moved up to your face, letting you catch your breath before kissing you again. “You okay to continue?” He asked while caressing your hair. All you said next was a soft “Please” and Jun was quick to fill you up with his length.

At first, he pumped into you very slowly, giving you a little lime to adjust. But when he felt the big pleasure coming, he couldn’t control himself anymore and just gave in to his instincts. He was going hard at you, but to be honest, you were loving it. This was so raw and pure. Just love and lust. Seeing Jun like this only turned you on more. As you felt your second high coming up, you ran your nails down his back and squeezed his bum to bring him even closer. He got the hint and pumped into you even faster, while moving one of his hands to play with your clit. Just like before, it didn’t take much longer for you to come. He rode out his high while chasing after his own. You felt him twitch inside of you and he grabbed your face to kiss you. His liquid spilled into you, filling you up perfectly. While he was catching his breath, you moved to the bathroom to quickly clean yourself up, making sure to bring a tissue to clean Jun up too. You returned to lay beside him without saying a word, but kissing him softly. You could see his cute sleepy eyes and turned to your side. Jun laid against you and pecked your shoulder, while inserting his semi-hard length into you again. “Is this okay?” He asked sleepily. All you said was “It’s perfect.” Before you both drifted of to sleep.

a bunch of rambling thoughts about congratulations
  • both this song and satisfied start with a piano intro
  • in her first line of the song, angelica sings alexander the same way she does in satisfied - “but alexander, i’ll never forget-”
  • angelica says “kind of stupid” four times - one more time than the three reasons as to why she gives him up in satisfied
  • a testament to how much alexander knows he’s messed up is that angelica calls him stupid, and he just takes it (in comparison to aaron burr, sir, where “you punched the bursar?” “he looked at me like i was stupid i’m not stupid”
  • alexander sings “angelica” three times, another callback to satisfied, but ends up singing eliza’s name at the end, a symbolic parallel to him ultimately choosing eliza in the end
  • angelica also says congratulations four times
  • this is the fourth and last direct interaction they would have had in the play, the others being helpless, satisfied, non stop, and take a break (discounting the official reynolds pamphlet and her narrative of it’s quiet uptown)
  • angelica knows exactly how to take jabs at alexander. she throws his biggest political rival, jefferson, in his face. she takes his obsession with legacy and mocks him about it - “you’ve redefined your legacy” which is what makes hamilton finally start sticking up for himself
  • “it was an act of political sacrifice!” “sacrifice?” not only is this powerful because angelica has never defined her actions of satisfied as a sacrifice, but also because the audience knows only what she means, as only us have been completely privy to her thoughts of the events that took place that night
  • this is also a link to her and alexander’s exchange in satisfied. “i’m sure i don’t know what you mean; you forget yourself” the same feeling is implied here. angelica is saying that alexander has no idea what he’s saying. but instead of being a flirtatious or even curious exchange, she’s talking about the damage he has now done to her lives
  • “this one’s mine” angelica finally acknowledges for the first time, face-to-face, that both she and alexander know exactly what could have happened in another life
  • “feeling of freedom / languished in a loveless marriage in london” angelica uses alliterations sparingly, in this case when she is very excited (satisfied) and when she’s showing a moment of great vulnerability (congratulations)
  • “i look at you and think God, what have we done with our lives? / as i romanticize what might’ve been if i hadn’t sized him up so quickly” not only does this rhyme, but it shows that unlike in “take a break”, where angelica’s infatuation/romanticization of alexander is still very prominent, all those rose-tinted glasses have fallen away. she sees her reality, and for who he is now: a man who’s broken her, and her sister’s, heart, and can’t help but wonder how they got to be this way, how they got to be so ruined
  • “tears or the years away / here to stay” this rhyming is reminiscent of the rhyming angelica employs during her three reasons (oldest, wittiest, insidious, etc.) yet also showcases her sadness. for a mind that works as fast as hers, this song is relatively slow paced, showing that her grief and the heaviness of her feelings - that she gave up the man she loved to save her sister from pain, and now that man has caused her sister pain anyway - is slowing her down
  • “a million years ago she said to me- / there’s a million things i haven’t done” - a reiteration of their first meeting, showing both the passage of time but also how angelica has taken alexander’s words to heart - “i {the world} will never be the same” (satisfied)
  • angelica harkens back to satisfied by restating that “never find anyone as trusting or as kind” and reflects on her choice made, that she “stood by” so her sister’s happiness, which is more important to her than anything, could be possible
  • this fact also shows that, once upon a time, alexander was angelica’s happiness. “i lived only to read your letters”. he changed her life and her heart and even now, she still can’t completely let him go no matter how hard she tries.
  • “eliza is the best thing in our lives” angelica has always valued her sister over her love for alexander, and this is still very true. this also shows that angelica is saying “we both chose eliza / i will choose her happiness over mine everytime” and tells alexander that it is time he starts doing the same and prioritizing his wife and family over his work
  • role reversal of satisfied. at the end of that song, angelica realizes that “he was right: you will never be satisfied”. however at the end of congratulations, alexander eventually reaches the conclusion that angelica besets on him “so never forget that you have been blessed with the best wife!” –> “best of wives and best of women”
Legos Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You are in a cafe when you see your ex approaching you…

Warnings: Peter being the awkward beautiful person that he is, swearing? extremely short? and my awful english, so bear with me

Originally posted by tom-holla

She typed on her lap top the rest of the paragraph she was writing. She was about to finish her story. The protagonist finds herself stuck in a bar in which her exhusband and worst enemy is too. Y/n was blocked. She had no idea what could happen next. She felt how someone sat next to her on the booth but, being tha place as crowded as it was, it didn’t come as a surprise.

Y/n paid no attention to the two guys that sat next to her for half an hour still stuck with her writer’s block, until she saw her ex, Bobby, making his way in her direction. She hated his guts. He had used her for a bet: who could get the nerd to fall in love with them in less than three months. He had asked her outt and she had had her doubts aas to why, but as the time passed, she started to fall head over heels for him. As soon as she said the three little words, he had left her without even thinking about it twice. She had been devastated for a few months but, now, she just hated his guts with all her will. So, the only thing that crossed her mind when she saw him, was making him reggret his decisions.

“Sorry, but I’m gonna kiss you”


But the stranger was stopped as Y/n shut him up with her lips. He was a bit reluctan at first, but, after a few seconds, he kissed back. The kiss was full of tension. As soon as Bobby left, Y/n got away from the stranger and started to apoloyize.

“I am so sorry! Thank you! You saved my ass back there! You don’t know how much I appreciate that you didn’t push me away for kissing you! And now I’m rambling, and I am sorry, but I am thankfull too and-”

The guy placed his hand over her moth to shut her up. He then shook his head laughing at her nervousness. His friend was still looking at them in shock. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide.

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Party Surprises

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 217
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader are having fun at the Salvatore’s with the MF gang and Kai gets horny and then things happen. [a bit of a sequel to ‘ Fast Friends ’]
note : i made a few slight changes , hope you don’t mind and still like it.

*not my gif

Almost a month and a half had passed since Kai had met her in this very house. Her friends still didn’t like him very much but it didn’t matter to him. Not anymore. There was only one thing that mattered to him and that was Y/N. This girl had stolen his breath away right from the start and even now after all these weeks , she kept finding new ways to do that. They became best friends , well … a little more than friends actually. After he teased her with magic things had happened and — they kept happening. Neither of them could keep their hands away from the other for long and that party was the definition of hell for him because she was right there but still too far away.
They arrived together and spent most of the night talking , laughing and drinking. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away from her no matter what and she appeared to have the same ‘problem’. They were inseparable until about 15 minutes ago when Y/N went to the make up karaoke stage with Caroline. He loved watching her sing at the top of her lungs , hearing her laugh and seeing that spark in her eyes which always made his heart skip a beat.

*     *     *

     "I didn’t invite you to the party so you can sit on the sofa all night drinking bourbon. Dance with me.”
Y/N grabbed Kai’s hand without waiting for an answer , pulling him onto the dance floor.
    “You want me to embarrass myself in front of the whole internet don’t you ? I am pretty sure Damon is lurking somewhere with a camera.” he teased , twirling her around twice until her chest bumped into his. Y/N placed her hands on his chest , slowly moving them towards his neck while they gazed into each other’s eyes.
    “No. I just want to dance with my best friend and the hottest guy in the whole universe. That’s all.”
Liar. he thought , noticing the change in her heart beat.
    “OH so it has nothing to do with you walking like a tornado through all those people when that girl came over to try and flirt with me ? Was someone jealous ?” he teased , pulling her even closer. “Cuz that’s kinda hot.”
    “No. What ? No.” she crinkled her nose. Kai suppressed a smile and slid his hands down to her ass pulling her towards him.
    “You know , if you want me to hold you this close while our bodies press against each other , you don’t have to use excuses. Just ask.” he whispered in her ear , making her cheeks flush a bright shade of pink.
    “Always so cocky.” she teased.
Kai laughed under his breath and a moment later he spun her around again until her back pressed against his chest and their hands intertwined in front of her. Y/N turned her head slightly towards him and their eyes met , both of them swaying to the beat while their bodies pressed together with literally no space between them.
    “For someone who says he will be embarrassed while dancing , you are quite amazing at it.”
    “Oh really ?” he spun her around again.  Their bodies so close they could feel each other’s heart beats and their lips almost touched as he spoke. Y/N hummed. “Let me blow your mind then , but if we end up on the internet. It’s your fault.”
    “I’m cool with that.” she laughed and Kai couldn’t help but laugh too.
It was always like this. Her smile always made him smile , her laugh always made him laugh and feel things he hadn’t felt before in his life. Ever since meeting her something inside him had stirred and kept stirring the longer they spent together. Even more in the following minutes while they danced holding each other close , gazing into the other’s eyes. Neither of them noticed anything else besides the other until both of them completely forgot they weren’t alone and things got quite heated up between them. They danced song after song and the longer they danced like this , the more his pants tightened around him. There was something about the way she moved , how she always found ways to touch him discreetly , that drove him nuts and he wasn’t being shy either. His hands were all over her body and a couple of times they almost kissed and now half an hour later there was only one thing on his mind.
    “Lets go have fun Y/N.” he whispered in her ear.
    “Malachai Parker.” she said smiling innocently at him , hooking her hands around his neck. “Aren’t we already having fun ?”
    “The other kind of fun. Come on Y/N –” he nibbled on her earlobe , innocently slipping his hand under her shirt. His fingertips glazed across her skin and he wished they were alone in that moment. “I am dying to feel your hot naked body against mine, while I make you screa–”
Y/N’s lips crashed against his , shushing him before any of her friends heard what the was saying. A tingly feeling spread through her body and kept spreading waking up every fibre the closer he pulled her towards him.
     "I’ll go get us something to drink. You want something ?“
     ”I want you.“ he whispered not willing to let go off her.
‘Later’ she mouthed , gazing into his eyes and almost had to peel his hands off her to get to the bar. Kai’s eyes followed her through the crowd and he sat in one of the comfy chairs thinking. Or more like trying not to think about how his pants had tightened around him. He closed his eyes and sighed , trying to push away all those thoughts flooding his mind. The way she looked at him while they danced and even before that – it drove him nuts even more than her hips swaying to the beat , ‘accidentally’ rubbing against him. It was just too much. How was he supposed to wait for later ?
    “Here you go.” said Y/N , sitting on the armrest handing him a cup.
    “Thanks.” he took a sip , pressing his lips together while watching her run her fingers through her hair. “Hey Y/N?”
‘Come sit on daddy’s lap.’ he mouthed with a devilish spark his eyes.
A split second later he pulled her onto his lap without waiting for an answer and couldn’t help but notice how her breath got caught in her throat feeling his hard on pressing against her. Neither of her friends seemed to have noticed her reaction , though they still gave them the look , obviously wondering why they had kissed and what they were missing.
    “What is up with you two ?” wondered Damon.
    “Nothing. Hey , you don’t mind me getting some of that fancy bourbon you hide in the third shelf way in the back right ?”
Damon growled and clenched his jaw heading towards the cupboard to see which bottle she had taken. Y/N took a sip from her cup almost drinking all of it at once while Kai’s hand wound around her lower waist innocently touching her down there as he pulled her towards him. A moment later she shifted on his lap sitting a little sideways and put her arm around his shoulder , smiling innocently while playing with the scruff on his neck. Kai closed his eyes trying to shove away those thoughts but they only fought their way back harder. Y/N knew what her actions in that moment did to him and she kept at it , but two can play that game.
    “You two seem to have gotten really close.” said Caroline snuggling a little closer to Stefan.
    “Well yeah , we are best friends.” replied Y/N taking another sip.
    “Yeah , Candice. We are friends.” smirked Kai. “Well , a little more than friends. We’ve been kissing a lot.”
Everyone stared at him with looks of confusion , disbelief and shock on their faces. Y/N turned towards him too shooting him a warning look but just as she was about to say something Kai’s fingertips glazed across her bare skin distracting her , sending shivers all through her body making her heart rate jump off the roof. He could feel her melting under his touch and completely spacing out on what her friends were saying. Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed and his lips smashed against hers , not caring about what anyone would say or do. In that moment it was just them – Kai could only see , feel and taste Y/N and it was the same for her. Their lips moved so fast against each other , their tongues exploring the other’s mouth it (looked and) felt as if they were trying to either swallow each other or completely suck the air out of the others’ lungs. Or both. Kai’s hands found their way under her shirt and Y/N almost swung her leg over his lap , stopping herself in the last second.
    “Great definition of ‘nothing’ , Y/N.” groaned Damon sitting on the sofa next to his brother. “Break it up – my eyes are burning. Don’t make me regret introducing you to each other.”
Kai cleared his throat and moved his hands visibly struggling to keep them away. They gazed longingly into each other’s eyes , the tension between them growing by the second. There were things he wanted to say to her but couldn’t. Her friends’ stares were awkward enough , he didn’t want to push things even more. At least not in a verbal way.
Y/N turned towards her friends jumping in the conversation as if she and Kai hadn’t just almost ripped each other’s clothes in the middle of the room with everyone watching. Damon put his arm around Elena’s shoulder and said something  to her while Caroline stared wide eyed at her and Kai. Stefan asked her something and for a second Y/N’s gaze dropped onto her cup. She trailed her finger around the edges , humming some song when her phone buzzed in her pocket making her jump up in his lap.    
                           God , you are turning me on like crazy.

A sideways smile showed on her face and she glanced at Kai who was looking at her innocently , somehow finding a way to push his hips up at her while taking a sip of his drink. Faster than humanly possible he typed another text , catching a glimpse of her taking a sip from her drink when her phone buzzed on her lap , not once but twice making her jump up a little every time.

                          I want you. Here. Now. In this second.
I want to slip my fingers between your legs and gently rub your clit until you beg for me to make you mine.

Y/N pressed her thighs together trying not to think about what he had just texted her. Only her mind had started drifting and she was paying less and less attention to what her friends were saying. A low growl came from Kai’s throat when he saw her shake her head in a ‘no’ and barely a few seconds later she got another text , each word turning her skin on fire as she read it.

I want to rip out your clothes right here, right now , trace every curve with my fingertips and kiss every square inch of your body before I slide between your legs and make you scream my name and then fuck you until you can’t remember your name.

Y/N gulped and pressed her thighs even closer together trying to push away the thoughts that began flooding her mind making her cheeks flush a bright shade of red. For a few seconds she shifted is lap and he growled in her ear continuing to text her. Her phone buzzed again and again but she refused to answer him. About 5 texts later she stopped reading them too. Her skin already felt like it was on fire from the thoughts that swirled in her mind and feeling the bulge in his pants getting harder wasn’t helping much. Neither were Kai’s fingertips innocently glazing across her hip sending chills all over her body while his breath tickled the skin on her neck.
    “Y/N – ” he brushed his nose against her cheek and whispered in her ear listening to her heart pounding in her chest. “Why aren’t you answering your phone ? Answer your phone.”
Y/N turned towards him and his lips reached for hers but missed with 0.3 seconds when Elena pulled her away needing her help with something. Kai closed his eyes and almost groaned in frustration. Twenty minutes. She had been sitting on his lap for twenty minutes being so close yet so far away. He was starting to lose it and the way she had slightly jumped up every time her phone buzzed had only pushed him further towards the edge. There was no way he’d wait a second longer to make her his again. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted her.
    “Dude , you are so whipped.”
    “No , I’m not.”
    “Sure you are.” said Damon watching Kai’s eyes following Y/N through the crowd. “Whatever it is that’s going through your head — not in my house.
    “Yeah. Sure. Of course. Whatever.”
Kai wasn’t listening at all. His gaze was locked on her and he could swear she was swaying her hips like that on purpose. Then she turned her head to the side , innocently glancing at him while biting her lip and he lost it. Quickly he got up and glazed his hand across her ass while walking right past her , listening to her heart rate increase to dangerous levels. Y/N closed her eyes for a second expecting for him to wrap his hands around her but that never happened. When her eyes opened Kai was nowhere near her and she couldn’t find him in the crowd.  Just as she was about to call him , her phone buzzed with another message from him and –

                                 Can you say ‘no’ now ?

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I blame @eliamartvll for this ~ inspired by my teen wolf rewatch & the fact I am jonsa trash. 

Sansa tried focusing on searching the different ingredients that her mother kept around the apothecary. She fought back her tears when she thought about what the pack had said, what Jon had said. She knew they wouldn’t let her near the fight because some elitist notion that being a banshee was somehow less safe than being a werewolf.

Since they wouldn’t let her near the fight she could at least prepare different concoctions that could possibly save their life.  She was currently working on protection amulets, but was having trouble translating the ancient Latin. She was so focused on her translations that she couldn’t help the tiny yelp when the door chimed signaling a customer was in the store.

She placed a hand over her heart to stop its racing when she realized it was just Jon shuffling into the store and looking unsure.

“If you’ve come to tell me that I shouldn’t do this then please use the door you came in and leave” Sansa tried to keep her tone even and not let her earlier hurt seep into it. She grew up in a family of natural werewolves. She knew what it was like to be an anomaly because she took after her mother’s family in supernatural terms. She just couldn’t believe Jon, who she spent hours with when he was bitten helping him study and anchoring him, had sided with her siblings and basically sidelining her from the fight with Ramsay and his sadistic pack.

“I, uh, shit that isn’t why I’m here. I want to explain” Jon’s eyes bore into hers and his voice cracked a little when he added a please a minute later.

“Then explain please” Sansa wasn’t sure there would ever be a good enough reason for Jon telling her to stay out of the fight.  She watched as he searched his pockets and raised an eyebrow at his antics. If she wasn’t so mad at him she may have made a joke about how he looked like a lost puppy.

“Here read this and then I can explain further” Jon slumped once he seated himself on a bar stool across from her.

The first thing apparent on the note was a few drops of dried blood and Ramsay’s inelegant scrawl. The words made her stomach turn in knots especially when it started referencing what he would do once he got his hands on her. She never scared easy, but his words were scaring her. He was clearly insane and she didn’t want her pack anywhere near that.

Jon must’ve heard the change in her heart rate because he got up and folded her into his arms.

“I think you’re the most capable of us all if I’m being honest, but you’re more than just pack to me” Jon murmured into her hair. She could feel her heart in her throat and the room felt heavy with words they weren’t saying.

“You’re more than just an anchor to my humanity. God, you’re everything to me and the idea that this fucker could get near you, well it takes all my control not to wolf out and cause a scene. He wants you specifically so I’m letting the others go, but I’m staying with you.” Jon chewed on his lip before continuing, “I’ve done some research and I think the wolf in me has decided that you’re it’s mate, but that doesn’t have to change anything except that I want you safe above all others.”

“What if I want this to change things?” Sansa asked in a small voice. A part of her knew they had always walked a fine line between will they or won’t they. They had never really crossed any lines. Never emboldened or brave enough to make a move, but her words must have stirred something in Jon because he was kissing her. It was sloppy and there were more teeth clacking than she preferred, but it was all encompassing.

It felt like forever before they stopped kissing and Sansa couldn’t help but smile at Jon.

“You can stay if it’ll make you feel better” Sansa whispered to him. Knowing how he felt she could understand a little more his earlier actions. She wasn’t happy, but hopefully going forward they could work on it. His grin at her words was worth it too.

They would deal with Ramsay and then they could figure out this mates thing.

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Please continue The Getaway! And Renewed!

The Getaway: Part 3. 

Feeling across the short expanse of empty space, Claire reached out in search of Jamie, her fingertips nudging at the now cold sheets where he had lain beside her only hours before. Shaking herself from slumber, she brushed the sleep from her eyes as she sat up and looked around blearily.


Her bed was devoid of him. A small part of her understood. No doubt her parents had arrived back from their evening out to find a stray Fraser curled around her.

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