he caught her in a bad mood and she's tired of his shit

bad | 03

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 2 856

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, cussing, mature

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A/N: I enjoy writing this, so the fact that you guys like it makes me so happy. thank you to everyone who sent a nice message, it means so much

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Hi!!! I was wondering if you could do how rfa+v+Saeran would react to seeing old self harm scars on MC or MC relapsing? I am almost 1 year clean from Self harming but today is one of those bad days I get urges to do it. If you don't feel comfortable doing this it's okay :) Hope you have a good day and keep working hard 💪🏼❤

i’m so proud of you for staying clean so long, i know how hard it is!! i have scars myself from 1-2 years ago, so this was comforting for me to write as well :) i hope it helped you feel a bit better, remember that you deserve being happy! ❤ i’m always here if you need someone to talk to 

Trigger warning: self harm

Zen (this turned out really long whoops)

  • A lot of his fans were jealous of you, so you got a lot of hate for being “to ugly and fat for Zen”
  • You were home alone as he was at rehearsal, so he couldn’t scold you for looked down at your thighs in disgust
  • They were faint, but the old scars on them gave you an idea. You hadn’t done it in a long time, but you remembered that it did feel calming to a certain degree
  • You went to the bathroom, popped out a blade from your razor, took a deep breath and let yourself feel that familiar burning
  • Suddenly you heard the front door open and Zen’s voice telling you he was home early
  • You scrambled to find something to wipe the blood away with, and ended up just messily wiping it away with a paper towel before pulling on a pair of his sweatpants and going out to greet him
  • He smiled when he saw you, then frowned
  • “Princess, I feel rude to ask, but are you on your period? You’ve got blood on your pants”
  • Shocked, you looked down and saw that the cuts appearantely were too deep for your messy wiping, so there was quickly growing blood spots on your legs
  • Zen was no stranger to people with bad mental health around him as he was a public figure, so he quickly suspected what you had done
  • When he saw that the spots got bigger his fears were confirmed, and you saw his entire face fall
  • “I-I can explain…”
  • He cupped your face and looked straight into your eyes with the saddest look you had ever seen 
  • “Listen here… I know a lot of my fans don’t treat you right, is that it?”
  • His worried stare was too intense, so you looked down with tears in your eyes and just nodded
  • He sighed and pulled you close to him, kissing your head
  • “I love you so much, it hurts me too… But harming yourself won’t do anything good, you understand that? Can I see..?”
  • Hesitantely, you nodded again and pulled down the pants so he could see, and he got down on his knees and started kissing your thighs, not caring that they were bloody
  • “I love every single part of you, you understand that? Let’s go clean and wrap this up, I will protect you. Even if it’s from yourself”


  • He convinced you to cook with him
  • You were supposed to make cookies, but the only thing you managed to make was a total mess
  • By the time you finally got them into the oven, you both had dough and flour all over from the food war you had
  • He offered to clean some up from you, and when you agreed he blushed and kissed you
  • When you smiled into the kiss because he tasted like cookie dough, he gained confidence and slowly pushed you back to the wall, where he pinned your wrists over your head
  • You moaned softly in suprise as he wasn’t usually this dominant and it was really hot I’m always a slut for dominant Yoosung
  • Wanting to see what effect he had on you he pulled away for just a second, when his eyes were pulled to where he was holding your wrists
  • The sleeves you usually made sure were always covering your scars had rolled down to your elbows, revealing all of them
  • You saw his eyes go from filled with lust to filled with worry, and you looked away from him in shame
  • “They’re all old… Right?”
  • You nodded and he sighed relieved, before he hugged you tight
  • “You mean so much for me, I don’t want you to ever feel like that again. Please talk to me if you feel bad, okay? Can you promise me that?”
  • You agreed and he kissed your head
  • “I think it’s time for cookies and cuddles”


  • You had such a crush on her, but she was either really oblivious or just didn’t like you back
  • No matter what the reason was, it really hurt and you couldn’t help but feel insecure when all of your flirting got turned down
  • You really didn’t want to stoop so low as to go back to your old self harm habits, but it was so hard
  • In addition to the fact that you lived with her, the stress of running a café and your parents not accepting that you had a crush on a girl, it all got too much for you
  • One day when she was grocery shopping, you couldn’t help but find a small knife in the kitchen, locking your bedroom door and resume your old habit
  • You tried to keep them relatively shallow so they would heal quicker and lower your risk of getting caught, but once you started you found it hard to stop
  • You sobbed softly but because of that you didn’t hear Jaehee return from the store
  • Not finding you in the couch where she left you, she wandered around the appartment untill she heard you and stopped in front of your room
  • “MC? What’s wrong?”
  • When you didn’t answer she got worried, found a spare key and unlocked the door with a warning
  • You didn’t even bother trying to hide what you were doing, you just hung your head in shame as she gasped in shock
  • “W-what do you think you’re doing? Give me that knife!”
  • She quickly took it from you, ran to the bathroom to get a first aid kit and found you full on crying on the bed
  • Putting bandages on your wrists she softly said “Shh… I don’t know why you did this and you don’t need to tell me if you don’t want to, but please know that this isn’t going to make anything better”
  • When this just made you cry harder, she kissed your newly bandaged wrist
  • “I… I care way too much about you to see you like this, you should know that. Please come to me if you ever feel like this, okay? I can’t ever lose my reason for happiness”


  • Whenever the two of you made out, you would always stop him when his hands started roaming under your shirt
  • Which he thought was fair, considering that your relationship was still new and you probably just weren’t comfortable enough with him yet
  • A few weeks after you started dating he offered to take you on a vacation, figuring you needed it after the stress of the party and hacker and all that
  • With Elizabeth the 3rd safely at V’s house and a mansion by a private beach rented for the weekend, he wanted to spend some time alone with you
  • He was suprisingly fond of the beach and wanted you to take you swimming there, but you kept declining
  • Kind of upset, he asked if there was any spesific reason why
  • You shrugged it off and said that you just weren’t in the mood, that you were tired and wanted to nap instead
  • He encouraged you to do as you pleased, not showing how hurt he was that you declined his offer
  • An hour or so after you had fallen asleep, he got bored and went to check on you and saw you sleeping, your shirt riled up revealing dozens of scars on your belly
  • His heart broke when he realized that was probably why you were so insecure about intimacy and going swimming
  • Careful not to wake you up, he hovered over you on bed and kissed your stomach
  • Despite his efforts you still woke up, and squeeled suprised when you saw him practially praising your biggest insecurity
  • “Kitten, I don’t ever want to see you do this again, but please understand that I love everything about you and you have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re like a tiger, these stripes show that you are strong. Promise to not hide yourself from me anymore, okay?”


  • Yet again he was doubting your love and pushing you away
  • He yelled when you tried to hug him, not knowing that the reason why you were clingy was that you were feeling like shit and needed to be comforted
  • You knew you were overreacting when you stopped by the bathroom to get a razor before returning to your shared bed (that he rarely used), but it just hurt so much that he didn’t trust you even after months of living together
  • Taking a deep breath, you pulled the leg of your pants and traced the outline if your old scars on your shin with the razor blade
  • Seven did realize how much he had hurt you, and just to be sure he checked the security camera he had installed in your room
  • When he saw that you were hurting himself he rose from his chair and ran to the bedroom, desperate to stop you
  • “Stop what you’re doing right now!”
  • You looked at him with tears in your eyes and yelled “so now you care?!”
  • With a firm look he pulled up the sleeve of his hoodie, showing his own scars and cuts
  • Taken back, you looked confused at him
  • He just smiled sad
  • “I know life is hard, okay? I know I am a shitty boyfriend, a shitty brother, a shitty person. But that doesn’t mean you are, do you understand that? It might not seem like it right now, but I really do love you. Like, I really love you. Can we make a deal? If you try to never do it again, so will I”
  • You nodded and hugged him, both of you apologizing for not being there for each other


  • Being practically blind, he depened a lot on his touch
  • Because of this, he had really sensitive finger tips
  • As weeks passed and you got closer to the handsome photographer, you let him touch and explore more and more of you
  • His new favorite hobby was to just run his hands over your smooth skin, trying to picture exactly what you looked like
  • During a particularly steamy makeout session you were on his lap, his hand travelling up your thighs where he could feel raised lines on your otherwise close to perfect skin
  • Pulling away from the kiss and raising an eyebrow questioningly, he kept tracing the lines
  • You hesitated before you admitted that you had self harmed, and he asked you if you had any other scars
  • Nodding despite his lack of sight, you took his hand and placed it on your wrist so he could feel them
  • He smiled sad and kissed your wrist
  • “You don’t have any fresh, do you?”
  • When you confirmed that you didn’t, he held you closer and kissed your nose
  • “I like everything about you, you know? You’re human, bad things are bound to happen sometimes. You got through it though, and I’m proud of you for that. Please remember that”


  • He didn’t like to admit it, but something about you pulled him towards you
  • The way you always put up with his bursts of anger and sadness and comforted him, made him care for you more and more as time passed
  • So when he saw you sleeping on the couch, his first reacting was to smile as you looked cute and carefree
  • And as he did find you quite attractive (not that he would ever admit that), he couldn’t help but let his eyes roam over your sleeping body
  • When he saw the scars and cuts on your wrist where your shirt had riled up your arms, he got mad
  • ?? Who had dared to hurt someone as nice as you??
  • He woke you up suprisingly gently, wanting to know who he needed to kill
  • Disoriented from sleeping, you said that he didn’t need to worry but he refused to give up, so he asked his brother
  • He admitted that he had seen you harm yourself but hadn’t really figured a way to confront you about it yet
  • Saeran got even more mad and walked back to the couch where you had gotten up and was now lazily stretching
  • “Why the fuck are you hurting yourself? Explain!” he growled and pushed you against the wall
  • Stuttering and ashamed you explained that it was a way to deal with sadness, but he didn’t get it at all
  • “Giving yourself another type of pain will just make you more sad, you idiot! God, what’s wrong with you?”
  • Hearing the guy you were crushing on saying this to you and literally growling made you tear up, and you saw his expression change to one of sorrow
  • “I-I’m sorry, okay? It’s just… You’ve helped me so much and I want to return the favor, but I have no idea how to. You… You are special, I don’t want you to be sad”
  • You met his eyes and saw how sincere he was, and was suprised when he hugged you tight
  • “Please don’t ever do it again, MC”


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you're hcs are so cute im always waiting for the next post 💞 can u do a lil RFA + Saeran reacting to an MC who's happy most of the time but finds it draining and recharges by being really quiet and ignoring people? (This is the first time it happened lmao)

Ohhhh I’m totally like that! lol it’s not easy being an introvert, am I right?

Hope you like this:

RFA + Saeran with an introvert MC


  • It was after a premiere of one of his musicals, you were perfect back there!
  • You smiled to the photographers and even gave interviews, Zen didn’t have to do a thing, he just watched you being as good as him at this.
  • Then you two got home and he wanted to comment on everything, what you thought about the musical, if you liked the costumes, the songs and all.
  • “It was cool.” Oh… cool? That’s it?
  • Apparently it was, since you didn’t say anything else. You changed to your pajamas and grabbed a book to read in the living room.
  • He was tired, and also very worried. Was it that bad? If he knew you would hate that much, he would have get that another role… but… you sounded so excited before…
  • “Something wrong?” you ask him, now he notices he’s been staring at you for a while, to the point you let go of your book, concerned.
  • “I… don’t know. Is there something wrong, babe? What didn’t you like about the musical? The songs? The lines, I know it was a little cliché, but I thought it was interesting somehow and…”
  • “Zen, what are you talking about?” “It’s okay, babe. You hated the musical. “No, I didn’t.” “So why did you say it was cool?” “Because… it was cool?”
  •  “No, it wasn’t! You hate it! You pretended you enjoy to not make me look like a fool to the press, but you didn’t like it and now you won’t even talk to me about it! Was my acting bad?”
  • Okay, you’re tired, and normally you wouldn’t put up with this drama right now, but… look at him! He’s so worried and… hurt? This is painful to you too.
  • Then you explain about always being like this. You’re an introvert, you can handle a few good hours dealing with people, but after a while, you need a rest from all of this.
  • He totally understands. Sometimes he feels the same, but in a different proportion from you, of course.
  • “I’m sorry, babe. I’ll let you get back to your book, tomorrow you tell me what is it about, okay?” he kissed your forehead and let you with your book.
  • Maybe he can turn the story in it into a musical just for you?


  • It happened after a geek convention.
  • He thought you wouldn’t want to go with him, but the minute you walked in, he was the one dragged to every single stand.
  • You were so excited, taking pics with the cosplayers, buying doujinshis, even joining karaoke contests.
  • He swears he fell in love with you all over again. All the guys there wishe they had a girlfriend who likes these things as much as you do.
  • But as soon as you get home, you just grab your phone and stares at it like your life depends on it.
  • He asks what you want for dinner. “Whatever. You choose.”
  • Poor boy is remaking all his steps to know when he screwed up to get you mad. Was he too close to that girl with a very revealing cosplay?
  • Oh… he knew he should have joined you on a duet in the karaoke, but what can he do? He’s super shy!
  • He doesn’t even know where to start his apology, so he does what he knows best: omurice. With a “sorry” and a sad face made of ketchup.
  • “Why are you sorry?” you ask, concerned. “I… I don’t know.” Well… this isn’t going anywhere…
  • “I swear I had my hands behind my back the whole time with that cosplayer and… I’ll sing any duet you want to sing in the next con.”
  • “Oh… thank you, but you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. It’s fine, honey.” “But… why are you mad, then?” “I’m not mad, I’m just…”
  • Oh… now you get it. POOR THING! You two never went to an event this big with these many people, so he didn’t know this little feature of yours.
  • And when you explain, he’s so relieved you’re not mad at him, and he totally understands, these things are pretty overwhelming for him as well.
  • You two eat the omurice together and lay on the bed a little later, you messing on your phone, he on his, and you both humming the same song, like a duet.


  • The cafe never been so crowded.
  • You two were taking orders, making coffee, checking the cashier, all at once.
  • If she had to do this by herself, she’s pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to handle, but having you smiling like you are in a parade or something gives her the strength she needs.
  • Seriously, you’re not even fazed, you keep smiling and being extra nice to even the most rude customers, and this makes her feel like she should keep up to you.
  • She closed the cafe with the deepest sigh she could give. Lord! This was tiring! What do you think? Oh… you’re already going away.
  • She finishes closing the store and reaches you in the sidewalk, almost panting. 
  • You don’t even look at her, you keep looking forward with your arms crossed against your chest, as if you were… sad.
  • B-but why? Why would you be sad? What happened? Was that customer that rude to you? Oh… no, maybe it was that time when she yelled at you to get the mop to clean some coffee on the floor before one of you slipped.
  • She knew she was a little rude, but she was just caught up by all the mess inside the café, she didn’t want to be snappy at you or something.
  • But you don’t know that, so that’s why you’re walking like she’s not even beside you.
  • So he gives a few larger steps and stop in front of you. You look at her and blink in surprise. “Jaehee? What’s wrong?”
  • “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to be rude with you, I was just so busy!” she says hugging you. You immediately blush, she’s not one to PDA like this all of a sudden.
  • “I appreciate it, but… what are you sorry for, exactly?” “The mop…” “What happened to the mop?” she lets you go and you stare at each other, puzzled.
  • She explains everything, then you do the same. Well, she knew you had this tendency, but she haven’t witnessed before, so it was a little surprising to see you so quiet all of a sudden.
  • But as you two get home, she realizes some silence can be good after this long day. So she’s in the bedroom and you’re in the living room, you both reading books and recharging for what will be, hopefully, another long day tomorrow!


  • You dropped by his office to lunch with him
  • Everybody in his company loves you, because if you showed up, Mr. Han will probably be in a good mood for the whole afternoon and work will be easy to handle.
  • So a few employees surround you, asking if you’re okay, if you need anything, how are the preps for the wedding. Just this small talk.
  • And you’re very polite and nice, so nobody ever feel uncomfortable on treating you this kindly.
  • When you finally are able to meet him in his office, he promptly goes to you and gives you a peck , which… you don’t respond too much.
  • “How is everything, my love?” “Fine.” And you give him this lazy smile, looking around everywhere in his office, except him.
  • Shit! He is late, isn’t he? And you’re probably furious because he always says you two will have a calm and nice meal and he never… wait! He’s on time!
  • So why are you mad about? Is it because you don’t want to have lunch in his company? Well, that can be arranged, he can call the chopper and take you somewhere. But you sounded excited over the phone, so something happened when you got here.
  • Hum, did one of his employees bother you? Yes, they can do that sometimes…
  • “Tell me who it was.” That’s all he says, while you stare at your plate. “Who what?” “Who bothered you? It was that blond girl from finance? She does have this tendency to be meddlesome. Don’t worry, my love, I’ll let HR know they need to have a little talk to her.”
  • “Oh my God, Jumin. Don’t fire her!” “So who should I fire?” “Nobody! Nobody bothered me!” “So why are you mad? Did I do something?” “No! Of course not, honey! And… who’s mad?”
  • “You? When you walked in?” Oh… yeah, that.
  • You explain to him that, as much as you enjoy talking to his employees, all the attention can be very draining sometimes and you just need a little time in silence to recharge.
  • He TOTALLY understands it, he even can relate. His acquaintances can be very tiring sometimes.
  • So yeah, a silent meal wouldn’t be that bad right now. You two can compensate with dinner in his penthouse when you’ll discus the wedding preparation, anyway.


  • You were in a car show, he wanted your opinion on the next baby he should get
  • Though you don’t understand much about cars, you know his preferences pretty well by now, as he told you a lot about them. Seriously, a lot!
  • So you’re the one dragging him to the cars he might like, considering brand, model, color… yeah, he definitely likes it.
  • You have small talk with the models standing beside the cars and the sellers, and  he doesn’t know who is nicer here. Probably it’s you, since you’re not trying to sell a super pricy car, you’re just… naturally nice.
  • He wants a test drive to this particular car, and when he asks you while the seller is a little away to get the key, he asks what you think. “It’s nice.”
  • Well, he wouldn’t say it’s “nice”, it’s more like AMAZING, COOLLLLL, A SUPER FINE BABY! And you’re just: “okay, if you say so.” SHIT!
  • Are you mad? Why? You didn’t like being dragged here? But you sounded pretty excited before talking to the sellers… oh… the one who went to get the key was definitely trying to hit on you, you’re uncomfortable, ain’t you?
  • You two hop in the car and he starts driving, the seller keeps making small talk and you basically ignore everything that’s going on.
  • “So, what do you think?” the guy asks. “Can I have a moment alone with MY FIANCÉ so we can discuss this AS A COUPLE?” he emphasizes this words for the guy to take the hint you’re taken. “Yeah, sure.”
  • “Don’t worry. I won’t buy this one.” “Why not? You like it!” “If I decide to take it, we would have to sign the papers with that guy and I don’t want to let you even more uncomfortable with him.” “Why? He’s not that bad.”
  • “He’s not? But… why do you look like you want to throw up everytime he opens his mouth?” “Because he talks too much, but I’m not uncomfortable, I’m just… bored with all this useless small talk and his desperation to you buying the car.”
  • Yeah, the guy is a little annoying, being nice to him was a burden for Saeyoung too. You’re always very nice, but he knows by now this can tire you a lot.
  • And hey, he totally can relate, that’s why sometimes all he needs is his headphones and a super loud music to recover himself.
  • So he takes the car, he liked it and wanted to take you out of there soon so you could relax.
  •  The way home is quiet, you two are listening to the radio, not talking, just holding hands.


  • His first RFA party.
  • It was so crowded! He was a little intimidated and anxious, dealing with big noisy crowds was still a journey to him.
  •  But a few reassuring kisses from you everytime you passed by him between small talk with guests here and there, and he felt he could handle this.
  • Hell, you don’t even need to look at him, just seeing you smiling and talking to the guests as if they’re close friends totally make him feel he got this!
  • And he did, it wasn’t that bad after all, thanks to you.
  • He went to your place after the party. It was comfortable being around you, but he was still nervous, facing a crowd like that felt less nerve wracking than being alone with you.
  • Okay, you telling him to make himself at home and just plopping in the couch to watch TV wasn’t what he was expecting.
  • I mean, he didn’t know what to expect, but… it wasn’t this, for sure.
  • It’s almost like you forgot he’s here. Like you are… ignoring him? Why?
  • Did he do something wrong? Oh, that rich dude said PDA was unprofessional, but he thought you didn’t give a damn to what Jumin said.
  •  Did he do something wrong? But he was pretty sure he was doing good tonight. Wasn’t he?
  • “I’m going now.” He said bluntly, heading to the door. “What? Why?” you jumped off the couch, going after him “I won’t bother you any longer, don’t worry.” “Bother me? But…”
  • “I’m such an idiot! I screwed up, didn’t I?” “No! You were amazing tonight!” he blushes a little. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, but why are you ignoring me, then?”
  • Oh, this poor thing… you explain to him how hard it is to just recover from all the agitation and you need some time to just stay quiet.
  •  I mean… you’re preaching to the choir here, he definitely feels the same way, he was so nervous about having to be all lovey dovey with you, he’s relieved this won’t be necessary.
  • But he definitely didn’t complain when he woke up cuddling with you in the couch. Just sleeping was a greeeat idea, after all.
After The Maze - Thomas (Part Two of ‘Before The Maze’) [Smut]

Authors: @dumbass-stilinski and @writing-obrien

Character(s): Thomas/Reader, Minho, Newt, Teresa

Word Count: 4619

Notes: Y’all this sin was inspired by the Thomas fest yesterday, it was fabulous. We have fairly public sex & nudity, oral (both receiving), fingering and dirty talk.

Originally posted by daily-obrien

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What Am I To You? (P. 4)

Summary: Nayeon was getting on your last nerves.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Smut

Words: 3.7k

A/N: I had to write this one as soon as possible because I had it all in my head and I didn’t want to forget it.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Masterlist

“Hey what’s wrong?” Taehyung grabbed your hand.

“Nothing’s wrong Tae, but it will be.” You glanced back at Nayeon who was making her way over. Taehyung followed your eyes and when he looked back at you, you were already out the door.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked.

“You were right.” He looked at you. “Shes crazy.”

Jungkook smirked. “I’m worried for Tae, he needs to get away from her.”

Jungkook’s smirk quickly faded. “So new plan….get him to breakup with crazy.”


You were lying down thinking about everything. Nayeon was being so side tracked by love that she was being insane. She wasn’t being herself.

You thought of a better idea that you got your phone out to text Jungkook.

To Kookie: 12:17am
Have any ideas to get her to break up with him?

It didn’t take him long to respond. He was probably up playing video games like usual.

From Kookie: 12:18am
Maybe the fact that you both slept together will do it.

You were taken back by his text. You were pretty pissed at her right now but you couldn’t have the heart to do that. Once apon a time she did mean a lot to you and you were sure that you meant something to her.

To Kookie: 12:19am
I don’t think I can do that.

From Kookie: 12:19am
Why not she dosen’t deserve Tae

Was he right? Everyone deserves love even if they abuse it. She was acting crazy but you felt bad. She was just being defensive and you understood that, even if she was being hasty.

From Kookie: 12:22am
You know I’m right.

He figured why you weren’t responding.

To Kookie: 12:23am
Idk yet- maybe if she continues to be this way.


The next few days have turned into shit quickly. You would normally show up to class pretty early and Nayeon would sit right next to you with Tae but now she was dragging him all the way towards the back of the class. Then the next day you would sit farther back and she would sit towards the front.

Taehyung would always give you both a questioning look. He didn’t know what was going on.

“Hey.” Taehyung caught you in the hall. You were surprised Nayeon wasn’t attached to his hip.

“Hi.” You simply greeted.

“What’s going on? What happened Sunday night?” He was concerned.

“Just female drama….you don’t have to worry.” You smiled but Tae still looked at you worried. “Trust me, we’re just going through something right now.”

“Let me know if you need me to talk to her.”

“Tae Tae.” You heard Nayeon call. She was even using the nickname you gave him.

When you looked over you saw that she was glaring at you.

“You better not keep her waiting….she might get mad.” You mocked.

“I’m sorry.” He walked away.


The next day you weren’t in the best mood to deal with Nayeon’s bitchy behavior.

You were tired of sitting alone in class and Taehyung belonged to you first. You can’t let some drama queen take away your friendship. You been friends for almost ten years now and you had enough.

You took your time this morning and when you got to class, most of the seats were taken. You saw Nayeon sitting next to Taehyung towards the front and you saw a few empty seats in the back.

“Hey Tae, you want to sit next to me in the back?” You asked in front of his desk.

Taehyung opened his mouth to answer but was beaten by his annoying virus.

“Excuse me, we already have our seats.” Nayeon’s annoying voice cut through.

“I asked Taehyung, he is not your property.” You smiled at Tae.

You were kind of wishing the teacher would just show up already so you could win this petty fight. But Nayeon didn’t give up so easily.

“He’s my boyfriend so I can tell you to get lost.” She hissed causing the room to be silent with everyone starring

You smiled sarcastically. “I’ve known Tae longer then you so I’m not going anywhere.” You fought back.

Taehyung sunk in his seat like a timid kitten. He hated how you both were going at it.

“Of course that’s because you only want something when someone else has it.” She sassed.

“You don’t even know what you’re talking about and you shouldn’t be making a scene.” You said more quietly. You didn’t want to have this fight in front of the whole class, it was childish.

“Oh I know what I’m talking about you’re a slut who tries to take other people’s boyfriends.” She said that loud and clear for the class to hear.

Taehyung sat up and was about to speak up but you continued.

“I thought we were friends.” You were almost in tears.

“Why would I want to be friends with a homewrecker.” She whispered.

You couldn’t stand looking at her face anymore that you started to turn around as a few tears fell. She humiliated you in front of the whole class. You thought about what Jungkook said.

“I have a confession to make.” You turned back around and you saw Taehyung look at you upset as he saw that you were crying.

“What now?” Naeyon spoke.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” You hissed then looked at Taehyung.

“I don’t blame you for hating me….I’m an idiot…and I haven’t been a good friend to you and I’m sorry.”

“But now I know how much you mean to me from you being with that bitch.” You continued.

“I’ve fallen in love with you Tae.” You wiped your tears.

“But I promise you Nayeon, I’ve never intended to take him away from you….but now I’m here to confess everything.” Your expression changed. “That means sleeping with Tae a few nights ago.”

Her face dropped. “I felt horrible and I didn’t know how to tell you……but I fucked your boyfriend.” You grinned.

You turned around as you heard the class acting up once again and walked out of the classroom passing the teacher. “I don’t feel good.” You clarified for the teachers confusion.

“She’s lying right?” Nayeon looked at Taehyung.

Taehyung’s face lit up. “I hope not.”

He got out of his seat and ran out the classroom.

“Tae?” Nayeon yelled after him.

“(Y/N)! Wait.” He saw you far down the hall. He jogged to catch up.

“I’m sorry Taehyung but she can’t act like that in front of the wh-”

You couldn’t finish from the fact that Taehyung brought his lips to yours. You felt butterflies shoot through your stomach. His warm hands were resting gently on your cheeks while he work his lips against yours. You felt like you were in heaven.

He pulled away slowly resting his forehead against yours. You couldn’t help but smile. “You mean it?” He whispered.

“I’m in love with you….I’m sorry I didn’t figure out sooner.” You looked up.

His smile was filled with passion. “I’ve been in love with you for so long.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck. “You should of told me.” You whispered before bringing your lips to his once again.

“I didn’t know how.” He said in-between kisses.

“I told you the other day….no regrets.” You teased like your old self. You still wanted that old friendship bond.

You felt him smile into the kiss before pulling away. “Let’s have a break from class today.” You grabbed his hand.


You decided to go to the park that was only a few blocks from the school.

“Nayeon is texting me nonstop.” He looked at his phone bothersome.

“Are you gonna break up with her?” You thought it was pretty obvious but you didn’t want to assume either.

“I never had feelings for her.” He bit the inside of his cheek.

“Then why would you stay with her?” You were generally confused.

“Because I was trying to get over you and-”

“I’m sorry Tae.” You scooted closer to him on the bench.

“No don’t be sorry, I should of told you.” He chuckled. But there was still sadness behind it.

“Did you and Nayeon….” You hated asking but just thinking about the ugly person you found out of her being you couldn’t leave your questions unanswered. “Have sex?”

He looked at you confused and embarrassed. “No.”

You felt relieved. “She’s tried but I wasn’t up for it….all we did was kiss.”

But you remember from the first date of what she told you. “You had oral though, right?”

He didn’t want to answer. “You don’t have to tell me.” You quickly said.

“Only a few times….It didn’t mean anything don’t worry.” He smiled at you which you leaned your head on his shoulder accepting.

“Was she good?” You didn’t know why but you felt almost competitive, like you wanted to make him feel good better then she ever has.

“I have no one else to compare to, except you.” He remembered?

You both were drunk but you remember pretty much the whole night.

“You remember?” You asked.

“A little but you might have to refresh my memory.” He said innocently.

You arched your eyebrows at his response. “I can do that” You got up reaching for his hand.

He gave you a confused look but then it was shown that he finally understood. “I meant tell me.” He blushed.

“I rather show you.” He was so cute when he was being shy. You pulled him to his car at a quick pace. Taehyung was all yours so you were pretty excited. The parking lot was a little less then half full but luckily the cars were all empty from the parents watching their kids at the playground.

You opened the back door to his car and gently pushed him in. As soon as you closed the door behind you, you were straddling his lap kissing him desperately.

You couldn’t believe how he was there with you growing up and you never even thought about him being more then a friend. You were so oblivious to the fact, almost like it wasn’t allowed.

The forces of nature were working against you all those years. And you told yourself many times before of how gorgeous he was but you were still negligent. You always loved him, that wasn’t different. But you feel it differently now.

You lost your train of thought once you felt his hand crawling under your shirt. You pulled away to get a breather but soon continued on his neck. You had no control of your hands as they slid down his chest.

You felt the butterflies in your stomach as you could feel his excitement already happening underneath you. You pulled away giggling.

“What?” He asked confused.

You looked down and shimmied down so you were on the floor in the tight space in front of him. You saw him bite his lip nervously. It was cute how timid he was being, like he didn’t have your permission.

You leaned closer unbuttoning his jeans. You could visibly see his length through his boxers.

As you placed your hand over the outside of his part, he grabbed your hand before you could continue.

“Just making sure this is real.” You giggled from his statement.

“It’s real Tae.” You couldn’t be more in love with this guy.

You sat up taller and pulled his collar down to meet you half way. You kissed him more passionately this time.

“I couldn’t be happier.” You smiled into the kiss.

You continued down slowly pulling his boxers down enough to expose him. You saw him blush as you grabbed a hold of him. He was hard already so you weren’t sure how long he would last.

You started to move your hand up and down causing more friction. He leaned his head back enjoying the pleasure. You brought your head down kissing the tip before taking him in your mouth fully. You slightly smiled from his low moan that escaped his lips.

You bobbed your head at a steady pace to not rush the pleasure. He looked back down at you with a look of exhaustion.

You both alerted to a sudden car door slam from a few cars over. You saw Tae look over weakly as you continued your movements.

There was no sign of panic from his expression, so you figured you were in the clear. You took your mouth off slowly licking up the precum. You noticed how red he was as you reached under your skirt to slide your underwear down as you got up. You once again straddled his hips bringing him into a kiss.

“Do you remember now.” You whispered as you pulled away.

He nodded without saying a word. You giggled from his purity and continued to kiss him down his neck. You grabbed a hold of his member to guide it to your center. You slowly sunk down to get used to the size.

You didn’t hesitate to rock your body against him. You could already feel the pleasure stirring up through your core. Jake never had this impact on you and you’ve been with him over a year. You felt Taehyung grab onto your hips to steady your messy moments. You felt the need to strip off the rest of his clothes but the public wasn’t to far away.

Which at that very moment you saw people only a few feet outside the window. You watched as they loaded the kids inside the vehicle. You placed your hand over Tae’s mouth to stop his quiet moans as you continued to bounce above him. You saw the mother glance over at Tae’s car but you didn’t feel she noticed you. You just patiently watched them get into their car and drive away.

Once the coast was clear you picked up the pace against the beauty in front of you. You enjoyed hearing the cute moans coming from his mouth.

“Are you close?” You moaned out of breath.

“Uh-huh.” He cutely nodded.

You rested your forehead against his as you felt your orgasm rising through. You slowed down your movements working against the feeling. You were surprised you released before him.

“You can let go.” You smiled seeing Taehyung with his eyes closed tight.

You leaned forward to kiss down his jaw line as you continued to rock against him once again. You wanted to continue to stir the pleasure that you were sure was about the explode. He weakly dropped his head down onto the seat as he finally hit his climax. You giggled from watching how exhausted he was as you were a second ago.

“Wow.” You said out of breath. “I wish we could of done that sooner.”

You looked down from the unsettling fact. “I’m sorry we didn’t.”

“Stop blaming yourself.” He said barely audible but still made your heart melt all the difference.

You looked up and couldn’t help but blush at his beautiful smile. You got off of him and pulled up your underwear as he buttoned his jeans.

“We have a lot of catching up to do.”


You spent the rest of your day with Taehyung. It felt like old times but you both were more affectionate, like holding hands and you couldn’t help but kiss him here and there. Plus the bright side was that there was no Jake or Nayeon interrupting your bond. Things felt right. You could of stayed in that car all day and forget the cruel world you would have to return to the next day.

You weren’t ready to face Nayeon and you could see it on Taehyung’s face that he wasn’t either. He was worried.

When you got back to your room your roommate was already sleeping. You didn’t realize how late it was already. The best thing about your roommate was that she always slept with her headphones on blasting music so you never had to worry about being too loud.

“I’ll see you later.” He leaned in kissing you tenderly.

You loved how giddy you felt every time he brought his lips to yours.

“Please stay.” You pouted as he pulled away.

He arched his eyebrows.

“If the RN finds out, we’ll be in trouble.” He mentioned the strict rule of girls with girls and boys with boys dorming only.

“Who cares, I see everyone do it.” You smirked. “You should hear the crap that goes on around here.”

“Okay…let me at least get some stuff from my room real quick.”

“Can I walk with you?” You followed him behind like a puppy.

“Have you changed rooms yet?” You asked as you turned the corner to the boys hall.

“No.” You felt annoyance trigger through you.

“But I have everything set up….I change rooms next week.” He continued.

“Do you know where you’re going or met your new roommate?” You asked.

“Yeah….my new roommate’s name is Baekhyun….he’s pretty cool.”

You smiled, you’re relieved that Taehyung will be more comfortable in his own room. At least you hoped. You never know the real person from the first impression. Your immediate thought went to Nayeon.

You were still generally upset about the whole thing. You know you didn’t know her long but you enjoyed your friendship with her. You missed her. You just wished she wasn’t so ignorant. Actually you wished you never even forced Tae on that date. But you also thought, would this whole experience with Tae ever have happened? Seeing him with Nayeon made a huge impact on you. You saw the ugly side of your true feelings. But you were glad it happened. You just wished you didn’t have to lose Nayeon.

“Um.” Tae stopped suddenly at his door.

“What?” You looked to where he was looking. There you saw it, the familiar sock he used to place on the door. This late? How does poor Tae deal with this?

“You okay?” Tae looked at your puzzled face.

“Trust me, I’ve never been better.” And you were, you didn’t have feelings for Jake anymore.

“How do you deal with this it’s almost eleven?” You complained.

“I’ve gotten used to it….I used to just crash at my friends….but now I don’t care.”

“You can wait here if you want.” He pursed his lips reaching for the door knob.


He opened the door, barging into the room not caring for Jakes usual complaint.

Taehyung grabbed his backpack and threw a few things inside and a phone charger.

“Don’t worry in one week You can have all the fun time you-” He made the mistake and glanced at Jake.

“Nayeon?” You heard Tae say from inside causing you to step into the room.

There she was underneath Jake’s half naked body.

“Wow.” You couldn’t figure out how Tae was feeling. He looked angry yet confused. “One day?” He clenched his jaw.

“You cheated on me so I moved on.” She snarled.

“And he cheated on me so that’s a smart decision.” You laughed sarcastically.

“Whatever….he knew you were a slut that’s why.”

“Huh? That’s funny how you say that when you haven’t even been broken up for 24 hours.” You fought back.

“Just shut up (Y/N) you took my boyfriend…what kind of friend does that?”

You saw Tae start to walk out rolling his eyes. “I’m sorry Nayeon, but he never loved you.” You spoke more sincerely.

She almost looked like she was on the verge of crying making you feel bad.

“You know what, I have Jake now so he’s all yours like you wanted.”

“Nayeon….you deserve way better then Jake.” You tried to get through to her.

“Fuck you.” Jake flipped. “You turned boring on me….never let me touch you so I went to someone else.”

“That’s awesome, you hear that Nayeon….you’re not in the mood he’ll fuck someone else….so enjoy that.” You sassed.

“Fine with me, Tae never let me touch him….so good luck with that.” She sassed back.

“I don’t need luck because we already fucked today.”

“(Y/N).” You heard Tae call from the door. He didn’t look too happy and you felt bad. You kept giving into this stupid fight. Taehyung was always the bigger person and walked away.

You looked back at Nayeon, and as you thought she looked upset.

“Again, I’m sorry….I never meant to hurt you.” You said quietly and followed Taehyung out the door.

“I’m sorry Tae….she drives me crazy.” You finally spoke up from the quiet trip back to your room.

“It’s okay.”

“No it’s not….I shouldn’t let her get to me….and I know that now.”

“I hope you know that she was only there to make you jealous….she hates Jake.” You continued.

“I don’t care about that.” He spoke up. “It’s bad enough how we handled everything.”

You appreciated Taehyung’s loyalty. He had so much care for everybody, even if they didn’t deserve it.

“It’s my fault…I’m sorry.” You apologized.

“It’s not your fault…how many times do I have to tell you.” He slightly smiled.

“I can’t help but feel that way.” You pouted.

“I think I need to apologize to her by myself…but probably a little later when she has time to cool off.” You tightened your grip around his hand.

“Me to.” He smiled at you. You opened your door and pulled Taehyung inside.

“No more drama from now on….I Just want to relax.” You giggled.

You pulled off your shirt watching Tae’s face lose its color.

“You gonna change?” You smirked as you started stripping off your skirt.

You crawled your fingers up Tae’s shirt to pull it off. As soon as you had his shirt in your possession you pulled it over your own head.

“You’re taking my clothes now?” He teased.

“I’m suppose to, it’s a girlfriend thing.” You made your way towards your bed. You patiently sat on your bed waiting for him.

You couldn’t help but watch him as he unbuttoned his jeans, tugging them down. You found it extremely sexy as he removed his clothing, even though he wasn’t even trying.

He crawled into bed next to you as you got the lights. You pulled on the collar of his pajama shirt he threw on to pull him closer to you. You snuggled into his chest feeling comfort immediately. He was nice and warm and you felt the tiredness overcome you.

“Thank you for loving me.” You heard him whisper.

You looked up seeing his eyes closed. “Thank you for loving me more.” You giggled.


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Best drinks in Town. [Smut]

A;N: Hello pretty people! I’m so sorry I have been gone (writing wise) for so long! Life’s been a bit hectic lately! However, I had this idea and I couldn’t get it out my head! Enjoy! xox

Pairing: Stuart TwomblyxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut.

Word count: 5,851

Listen to me.

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

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Simple Man (Part 2)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Reader finds out she isn’t the only one in town that Officer Winchester rubs the wrong way…

Part 1

Pairing: cop!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Third and fourth parts tomorrow!…

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Prompt: “You’re such a bitch.”/”Don’t be fucking rude.”

You didn’t want to go to the party. You knew she would be there. You couldn’t stand her. Kendall, in your eyes, was satan. She was rude, fake, spoiled, stuck up and everything else. But no one seamed to know this but you. You had had multiple run ins with her since you and Harry started dating. She never had anything nice to say to or about you. Calling you ugly and saying you weren’t good enough for Harry and how Harry would find his way back to her, he always did. And each and every time you thought Harry would catch her in the act, she smiled and laughed, as if you were having a great conversation the whole time, as soon as he came back with a drink for you. And each and every time you wanted to slap him and make him realize that his ex, was indeed, a bitch. But harry being Harry, he always wanted to see the best in people. You didn’t know if Harry knew that she was so mean, or if he knew and chose to ignore it. Either way, as you stood in front of the mirror, sliding on your red dress, you knew just how your encounter with Kendall would go. You tried not to let her dampen your mood, though. Luckily Harry was able to take your mind off it, pressing kisses to your neck the car ride there. And you spent a good 30 minutes at the party without any sign of Kendall. But as soon as Harry left your side to get you a drink, the she-devil herself walked up to you. 

“(y/n)! Lovely to see you here.” she said looking you up and down, clearly judging you. “Where’d you get the dress, the dumpster?”

“At least I don’t have to leave the house half naked to get peoples attention.”

“Hey now, lets not be harsh. Wheres Harry? Off finding someone better I suppose?”

“Harry loves me.”

“Sure, and the Pope isn’t Catholic. Why can’t you see that you’re just Harrys little charity case. He’ll get sick of you eventually, and when he does, he’ll come running back to me. He always does. Its just a matter of time.” she said to you harshly. And just like that Harry came back,

“Heres your drink, my love.” he said and kissed your temple. You gladly took the drink from him and took a much needed sip.

“Kendall, nice to see you.” Harry said hugging her and kissing her cheek. It made you cringe. Not because Harry was hugging his ex, but if he only knew what a bitch she was…

Harry and Kendall made light conversation, before Harry quickly turned to say hello to someone else. 

“Its going to happen eventually. And when it does, I’ll be sure to say ‘told you so’” Kendall said to you. 

“God, you’re such a bitch!” you yelled, and sure enough, the small room with the small amount of people got quiet. Harry turned around, appalled. 

“(y/n)…whats gotten into you?” Harry questioned. He looked between you and Kendall. Of course she was acting all innocent and as if she didn’t spend the last 10 minutes insulting me. 

“I didn’t say anything to her Harry I swear. I was just telling her I hope she doesn’t get lonely while you’re on tour.”

“I’m so sorry Kendall. I think we should go.” Harry said sternly, grabbing your arm and leading you to the door.  The car ride home was completely silent, you were on the verge of tears the whole time. As soon as the front door closed, Harry started.

“What the bloody hell was that? Why would you call her a bitch? She’s been nothing but nice to you from the moment she’s met you. I don’t understand.”

“But Harry that’s the thing. She’s so rude to me. While you were off getting me a drink, she spent the whole time insulting me. She was saying I got my dress from the trash and how you don’t love me. She said you’d get tired of me and you’ll come crawling back to her- you always do.” 

“I know Kendall, and that doesn’t sound like her. She’s a sweet girl. If you don’t want me hanging around her, I’d rather you just say so, rather than trying to make her look bad.” he yelled. 

“So you’re going to believe her over me? Harry I’ve never lied to you. I wouldn’t lie about this. Her goal every time she sees me is to make me feel like shit when you aren’t around. Then when you come back, she acts like nothing ever happened.”

“I’m not going to listen to this. When you decide to be mature, I’ll be upstairs.” he said, and left you standing in the foyer, starting to believe everything Kendall was saying to you.

All you could do was cry. You shouldn’t have been feeling sorry for yourself, but you couldn’t help it. You picked up your phone to try and take your mind off it. As soon as you opened Twitter, hundreds of tweets blew up your phone. Deciding to see what the fuss was about, you clicked on a video taken of you and Kendall from that night. As is played, everything Kendall said to you was caught on camera. Everything. As it turns out, a fan snuck into the party and caught the whole interaction on camera as she sat at the bar. Many people in the comments were coming to your defense, as it was a known fact that you did not like Kendall. Just then you got a tweet from Harry. It said: “Don’t be fucking rude, @ kendalljenner. All the love. Hx.” 

Harry came racing down the stairs seconds later. “Oh my God, baby I’m so sorry. I had no idea. I’m such an arse.”

“Yea. Yea you are.” you said hitting his chest hard.

“Ok I deserved that. Babe I’m so sorry, I should’ve believed you. I had no idea she was so mean. Now I see why you don’t like her. And everything she’s ever said to you - please please don’t believe it. She’s just bitter she’s not as smart, kind, funny and beautiful inside and out as you are. You’re not a charity case and I love you very much. Don’t you forget that.”

“Don’t worry I know its not true. Also, you never tweet about anything personal, let alone directly at someone. What made you do it this time?”

“I cant let her get away with being rude to you. I’ve fucked up royally, and I want the public to know that I may be kind but I’ll never let someone walk all over the people I love. I don’t give a damn who the hell they are.” 

You laughed and he kissed your cheek, secure in knowing that Harry would always be there for you and have your back, no matter what. 

I Would Never Call It Love

I Would Never Call It Love

Based off of one of my favorite songs by EDEN.

Summary: Y/N and Calum made an arrangement a long time ago, one that would never make it in the media, and not even their closest friends would know. It was strictly a time of intimacy between the two of them. But Calum can’t take it anymore. What happens when he finally voices out that he broke their most sacred rule? Don’t. Fall. In. Love.

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Erased (Pt.7)

Erased [part SEVEN]

part ONE | part TWO | part THREE | part FOUR | part FIVE | part SIX |

Warnings: Language, some nsfw and unhealthy situations throughout the series.

Author’s Note: This wasn’t meant to become anything more than a small ficlet, but then it did end up becoming something more. And in a different writing style from my previous fics.

Additional Note: I am so sorry.


Yomo had made the arrangements to get Touka away from Kaneki’s radar, hours away and try to gather a group together. Hoping to find Aogiri to bring back Ayato and Hinami, if that was at all possible.

Nishiki had done what he said he would, having gone back to her place to gather some of her things and found no sign of Kaneki, even though he was itching to have a one on one with him.

Touka though had been unsure of this plan, knowing that once Kaneki realized she was gone he would go through all the trouble in the world to find her, especially if his plans involved in her capture.

How did it come to this?

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security blanket

[✗] random thought that keeps entering my head and I need to write it down. 

[✗]  Jughead and Betty- day after they kiss but it is not gonna be revolved around what happens in the episode today because 1. IDK WHATS GONNA GO DOWN IN THE EPISODE 2. makes it easier to write. PLEASE ENJOY. <33

Betty Cooper felt anxious. Her hands were slick with sweat and every loud noise she heard made her jump. Knowing that Polly was out somewhere, hurt (which was clear from the blood on the shattered window), pregnant, and on the move was terrifying. On top of that, Betty had the police tell her that the car with all of the evidence was found being burned to a crisp.

Betty swiped her hands on the side of her jeans quickly once she approached the schools entrance. A blank expression crossed her face as she made her way down the hallway, hoping no one would notice she was in a mood. She decided to tune out the wild students with a random song, ‘Check yes Juliet..’ began to play in her head which quickly made her stop in place.


Her heart fluttered anxiously at the thought of his name. Betty really did like Jughead, she realized now that it totally came of as her not being interested when she brought up the car. How stupid could she be? ‘The car.’ way to ruin a moment 101 with Betty Cooper.

Suddenly an arm swung around Betty’s waist causing her to let out a squeak of surprise. 

“Woah, B. Jumpy much?” Veronica quipped with a raised eyebrow.

Betty laughed it off and gave a small smile before starting to walk “Sorry, just tired is all.” was her lame response. Veronica nodded but didn’t seem impressed.

“Anyway’s what happened last night?” Veronica asked causing Betty’s face to flush nervously.

“What do you mean?” 

“Uhm hello, you and Jughead were no where to be found at the talent show last night.” She responded whilst pulling her into another area. Betty let out an ‘OH’ realizing she was silly for thinking Veronica knew Betty and Jughead kissed.

“I was just, uh, chilling?” 

“Is that a question or an answer?” Veronica asked with narrow eyes.

An arm was placed around Betty’s shoulder’s causing yet ANOTHER weird noise to escape her mouth. “It’s an answer Veronica, stop with the interrogating, this isn’t  Nancy Drew.” Jughead said with a forced laugh. Betty looked up at him and mouthed ‘Thank you.’ before turning to look at Veronica with a small smile and nervous laughter.

“Um, excuse me? Do you know who I am? I might as well be Nancy Drew, Veronica Lodge always get answers out of people.” She hissed with a sickly sweet smile to Jughead before she turned and sauntered away.

“Well that was fun,” Betty said all in one breathe, Jughead’s hand lightly traced patterns on her left shoulder over the plaid shirt she wore, which she didn’t notice before until it was just him and her standing in the emptying hallway.”So, how was your night? Sleep well?” She asked glancing up at his blue eyes that were inspecting her face.

“I slept okay Bett’s,” He answered softly, making her heart race faster, “The real question’s we should be asking though, is, are you stealing my style?” 

She laughed looking down at the shirt she was wearing. Maybe she was, he did wear plaid a lot, or had it mixed into his outfit somehow. With a shrug she pulled away from his arm on her shoulder and grinned up at him “You scared that I’m gonna pull it off better than you, Juggie?” She asked teasingly while walking backwards down the hallway.

OH, I know you’re gonna pull it off better than me.”

That made her smile grow wider, if that was even possible. Jughead noticed the growing distance and gave a pouted look “Where you going Juliet?” he asked with his arms outstretched towards her.

“Hm, there is this thing called class Romeo.” She said with false curiosity. 

“Oh, I’m a–” She completely blocked out what he was saying, her eyes looked over Jughead and she almost couldn’t believe that someone like him was interested in her. Soft raven hair, the curl that hung out of his beanie, his eyes had to be the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen in her life. She never had thought of him like that until a few days ago, because she was so hung up on Archie. Of course she knew Jughead was an attractive guy but never did she think she would be so consumed with this many feelings for him.

“Why are you staring at me?” He asked with squinted eyes.

Betty giggled, thinking of a quote she read a while ago. It usually is for the guy to say to the girl but it felt necessary in this moment, “Because you’re beautiful.” She said in a an overly romantic voice. 

Jughead’s jaw dropped and he let out the loudest laugh she had ever heard from him. She laughed as well, his laughter and smile was extremely contagious. “I can’t believe,” laughter, “you just said,” more laughter, “Betty that was amazing.” 

“Thanks Juggie!” His laughter faltered a bit and he finally started walking towards her, as a joke she decided to turn and start running down the hallway to her class that was late to. Apparently she didn’t run fast enough because before she knew it his long legs had caught up to her and he grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into his arms (which she had thought was very romantic until..) and throwing her over his shoulder. Betty pounded her hand on his back “I swear, if you drop me I will-”

“You will what?” Jughead teased from above.

“I don’t know yet, but I will do something okay.”

He let out a hum of amusement and then began his walk to class. With a defeated sigh Betty went limp “Can you please let me down?” She asked giving his butt a gentle pat.

He jumped a little “I will let you down if you stay with me and NOT run away.” Jughead added lots of emphases on the ‘NOT’. “I won’t run okay. Pleeeeeeease.” 

With a grunt Betty was placed on the ground, her smile came back once she realized what he had said, ‘if you stay with me’. It warmed her heart and made her insides feel like they were melting. She also realized in that moment, her horrible mood from this morning was now gone for the time being and she couldn’t be more thankful.

Betty placed her hands on Jughead’s waist and slowly slid them behind into a hug, her head perfectly placed under his chin. His own arms wrapped around her once her registered what was happening, he was warm like a blanket and it radiated so much comfort. “Thanks Juggie.” She said contently. 

“For what?” He asked, squeezing her into a tighter hug. 

Betty closed her eyes and smiled “For being here.” 

She could hear his breathe pick up and the soothing pumping of his heart, and then she felt the soft kiss placed on the top of her head. “I’ll always be here.”

LOL THAT WAS TRASH BUT I NEEDED TO WRITE SOMETHING OR I WAS GONNA GO CRAZY, cOOL 10/10 anyways I feel like shit and my throat hurts so bad, goodnight! <3 (ignore any spelling errors please, its so late and i’m V tired)

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.5

A/N: Honestly…I don’t really like this chapter all that much but two of my friends loved it. So, sorry if it’s shitty, but I really tried my best.  This was honestly a filler chapter, but I’m gonna try to make sure the next chapter is waay better than this. As you know 100 notes and feedback for the next chapter and I hope you enjoy, hun💕

**WARNINGS**: None, but I got you in 6 & 7 ;)

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“Where’s Y/N?”

“Luke took her sight seeing.”

The minute Michael told Calum that, he knew that he was going to have a bad day. Calum had brought you on this tour with them to keep you closer to him and to somewhat fix what was happening between the two of you. Ever since you two had that talk a few night ago, things had been going well. It was as if you had a better understanding of each other and knew what and what not to expect. You hadn’t left his side until today and of course it had to be because of Luke. Both Michael and Ashton immediately picked up on Calum’s sudden mood change and knew that he was going to be grumpy for the remainder of the day.

You on the other hand thought that sight seeing was the best way to start your day. Luke had taken you all over Florence and had you laughing throughout the entire trip. You had seen the Florence Cathedral, visited the Galleria dell'Accademia, and you even got to try gelato for the first time. It was around twelve in the afternoon when you two finally returned to the hotel, entering the room laughing.

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Attached | CH 8

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Author’s Note: This is the longest chapter I have ever written in the Attached series ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I hope ya’ll enjoy! Also I thought the gif matched perfectly with this chapter! 

Plot: You are secretly in love with your best friend and ashamed to admit it. You have known Jungkook for many years, the both of you grew up in the same neighborhood. You know everything about him, from his small quirks to strange humor. He gradually became your medicine and laughter – you fell in love with him during the last couple months of high school and could not stop thinking about him since. The both of you get accepted to the same university and you are unable to handle the tension.  

Pairing: Jungkook | Reader or Jimin | Reader

Genre: Romance, Drama

Chapters Link 

Word Count: 3041

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Huntress- Part 17: Power

Sam x Daughter!Reader, takes place in S12 E17 so warning: SPOILERS

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine
Part Ten
Part Eleven
Part Twelve
Part Thirteen
Part Fourteen
Part Fifteen
Part Sixteen

Dragging yourself down the steps of the bunker you tried your best to ignore your Uncle and Dad’s worried stares. Thankfully, they didn’t have time to question anything. Your head was bearing sharp pains, making you feel ten times worse. But, again, you said nothing.
“How did you get here?” Dad’s defensive statement caused you to glance up form your feet. There was Mick. He had a glass of whiskey and was sat comfortably at the table. Her smiled “Alright lads…you know, this is our building. It’s men of letters.”
“It’s creepy.” You mumbled, rolling your eyes.
“That key of yours opens up the door to every Men Of Letters bunker there is.” 
“What do you want?” 
“It’s urgent, so here me out. A few weeks back our lab picked up some sort of cosmic energy-”
“A nephilum.” Dad nodded, the three of you were well aware.
“You knew?” Mick looked offended, like some sort of trust between you had broken. You didn’t remember making something to be broken in the first place.
“We had her.” Uncle Dean admitted.
“She got away.”
“You let her get away!” Mick was in shock. 
“She wanted to get rid of the baby too. We didn’t think she was just going to up and run like that. Besides, while you lot were off sipping tea they were locked up!” You snapped at him.

Everyone hesitated and fell silent. You glared at him before saying “I’m going to bed. Don’t try to wake me up.” 

You trudged away from them, feeling their confused stares on your back. Making your way to your bedroom, you closed the door and sunk to the floor. Your head was now throbbing.

You clutched it, trying not to hit it against something in some sort of desperate attempt to stop it. Flashes of the one before Claire, the experiment, appeared in your mind. You hissed in pain. This wasn’t normal. This can’t have been-

A surge of agony broke you from the thought, making you curl into a ball, shaking lightly from the never ending pain. Your hands clenched into fists. It wasn’t fair. Nothing was fair.
Why didn’t she survive it? Why didn’t she survive? 
You were angry and desperately trying to keep yourself calm. Each breath was harder than the last. Your grip tightened around your hands as you pictured her screams and cries for help.
Anger was swarming inside your mind and everything changed to shapes. Reds and oranges took over as the vibrant hues danced in your vision. The rage was reaching it’s peak, a breakdon was rising up rapidly as your felt your hands shake in attempt to free themselves from their own grip. Your heartbeat throbbed loudly in your mind, muffling out any other sounds.

Then you broke.

At first you heard nothing, but a deafening white noise as it pierced your ears. Then a smash.  
Everything fell dark as shards of glass scattered about the floor. Some sliced through your own skin, but you didn’t even flinch. You shouted and cried, burying your head in your hands, bringing your knees to your chest. You coughed- your head now ready to explode.
A harsh cough escaped your throat, sending acid and bile up with it, it seeped through the edges of your mouth, making you choke on the bitter foam.
Then, you felt nothing.

“Anyone seen, Y/N?” Mick asked, walking in on two slightly hung-over and very tired Winchester brothers.
“She told us not to wake her and judging from the way she was I’m keen to obey.” Dean explained, taking a sip of water.
“Alright. I just thought I outta say sorry. She wasn’t wrong, to be fair.” Mick admitted.
“If she’s up she’ll be in her room. Knock and wait.” Dad ordered, making sure an angry teenager wasn’t added to the list of problems.
“Alright, cheers.”

When Mick reached Y/N’s room he knocked on the door and waited for almost a full minute before sighing. “Here goes nothing.” He mumbled, turning the door handle. Only, when he opened the door he saw something he wasn’t expecting. “Y/N?” Mick asked hesitantly, hurrying over to where her unconscious body was. She was on her side, eyes closed, breathing even. If it weren’t for the cuts along her body from the broken light bulb, it would have looked like she was sleeping peacefully. “Sam!” Mick called in a panic.
Running footsteps sounded as Sam sprinted towards Y/N’s room. When he arrived he nearly stepped back at the sight of it.

His daughter was lying in the middle of what looked more like a bomb-site than a bedroom. Shards of glass were plastered across the floor, a few pieces sticking into her bare arms and some on her face, both orbited by specks of dried blood. “Y/N!…Sweetheart?” Sam knelt down next to her, his eyes glistening with tears “Can you hear me?”

Please.” Sam begged. Dean followed after his brother, kneeling next to his niece.
“What happened?” He demanded. No one knew so no one spoke. Sam sat his daughter up against his chest, taking some tissues from the box and wiping away the sick that was around her mouth. Mick began to clear away the area surrounding her body as Dean grabbed the first aid kit. He opened it up and took out a pair of medical tweezers. Dean gently pulled some of the glass from her skin, wiping away any excess blood that oozed out of the wounds.

She groaned a little, trying to grab back hold of consciousness. Dean paused. “Y/N…?” Sam encouraged, squeezing her hand.
“It…it didn’t…” She never finished, her eyes drooping shut. She faded in and out of consciousness as Dean finished clearing her wounds up.

Sam lifted her up gently- bridal styel. He then lay her down on her bed, pressing a kiss to her forehead before pulling up a chair next to her. He put his elbows on the mattress, resting his head in his hands. “I don’t understand.” He admitted- lost. “What the hell happened?” Sam looked up to Dean. His older brother. His guide.

“Sammy, I-“ Dean gulped “I don’t know.”

“Some sort of fit…” Mick said “Did she ever tell you about her…power?” He didn’t like to use the word ‘power’.
“Yeah. When we found that other psychic, she used it a little.” Sam nodded, determined to understand what had happened. Mick nodded slowly “She’s dangerous. Or she can be.”
“But she wasn’t using it.” Sam didn’t understand.
“No….but she was angry. Of course.” Mick nodded to himself, suddenly understanding the mood you were in “She was angry.” He repeated.
“Why?” Uncle Dean questioned, folding his arms against his chest.
“The cure. It worked for Claire.”
“Why’s that a bad thing?” Dean pressed.
“Because it didn’t work for Max.”

You awoke to the sounds of muffled voices and a throbbing head. You heaved yourself up from the bed, sitting up straight and taking in your surroundings. This was your room. You had a few bandages on your arms and there were two chairs next to your bed.

You pressed the palm of your hand up to your head as though it would help with the pain.
You were still angry, but maybe because you weren’t fully recovered you wouldn’t lash out aomeone by accident. After a moment of hesitation you made your way towards the voices. Occasionally, you stopped when everything started swaying.
Your throat was dry.

The voices kept growing louder until you turned the corner. You held onto the door frame, your eyes falling on the backs of Dad and Uncle Dean as they discussed Kelly…the one pregnant with the nephilum.
You opened your mouth to say something, anything, like “hey” or “sorry for breaking your lightbulb”, but only a cough came out.

Their heads turner towards you in shock. Dad rose from his chair and smiled: “Y/N”.
He headed straight for you and hugged you tightly, wrapping his arms around you protectively. “God, you scared us.” He said, relaxing as you hugged back.

“Sorry.” You smiled sheepishly.
When Dad let go Uncle Dean shot you a smirk before hugging you too. You hugged back, smiling in his embrace. You nearly stumbled when he let go, but managed to balance yourself.

Your eyes squeezed shut for a few seconds as you tried to stop the room from turning.

“The hell happened in there?” Dad asked, taking your hand and guiding you a little.
You followed them to the table, too tired to refuse the help. You shrugged.
“Let me guess, you don’t want to talk about it?” Uncle Dean rolled his eyes. You found it hard ot tell if he was being serious or not. “Sometimes I can’t control it. I think I can. But I can’t. Like…everything’s fine,  but suddenly something happens that reminds me of all this shit I’ve been through and it happens.”
No one knew what to say.

“My head hurts. Then I break something. Then I throw up. Then I pass out.” You went through the same stages. “Always the same. “
“Did you smash the lightbulb…with your mind?” Dad asked, leaning forward.
“Yeah. Not on purpose, though. I just. God I don’t know…” You paused to try and think straight “I feel everything rising up and it all snaps. Then something breaks. Or sets on fire. Or falls down.”
“Like I said,” Mick appeared behind you all “She’s dangerous…” He paused, looking at you sympathetically “but, she’s not a bad person.”
“She’s also sitting right here.” You noted.
“Yes…” Mick caught on and added a quiet “sorry.”

“How’re you feeling?” Dad asked. Maybe he was changing the topic for a reason, or maybe he just didn’t have anything else to say. You sure didn’t. “Fine. My head hurts I guess. But it usually goes after a while.”
“I remember when this happened for the first time,” Mick said “Your Mum wasn’t home and I panicked.  You basically made yourself get better.”
“You lived together?” Dad questioned Mick’s word choices, making you look away.
“Well,” Mick stuttered “It was the Chapter House…there were a few different family’s living together.”
“Really?” Uncle Dean raised an eyebrow in disbelief “You’re a terrible liar.”
Mick didn’t say anything.

“Y/N.” Dad’s firm voice forced you to look at him “Care to shed some light?”
“It was the Chapter House, there were a few different families living together.” You lied, copying Mick’s exact words. “There’s a huge one just north from Central London. “
Your Dad seemed to calm down a little when the words came from you. “Okay.” He didn’t push, but something told you he wasn’t fully convinced either.

Almost two days later you were leaning up against the table, Uncle Dean at your side. Both of you were waiting in anticipation, this was the fifth time you’d called Cas. Once again it went straight to voice mail. “This is my voice mail,” Cas’ awkward voice filled the air once again “Make your voice a mail.”

“Come on Cas we’ve called you about five times already.” Uncle Dean sighed, out of words to say. You shrugged when he glanced at you, followed by him hanging up. “This is hopeless.”
“Is he usually like this?” You asked, still not sure if it was like Cas to leave for quite some time. He was an Angel, so who were you to say what was normal for him?
“Not so much lately.” He shook his head “But even still he usually says what he’s doing or where he’s going.”

A woman called Eileen was sat in the war room with your Dad. She was deaf and used sign language when she spoke. And my God was Dad in love. You didn’t say anything, but watched as he blushed when she spoke. “He’s like a ten year old with his first crush.” You whispered to your Uncle, making him chuckle “Yeah tell me about it.”.
“She’s badass.” You noted, realising just how intelligent this woman was. Not to mention the fact that she was a Hunter. Your Uncle gave you an unreadable look before giving in “Yeah. She sure is.”

Stood next to Eileen, you both watched in amusement as your Dad pretended to be a Doctor to get more information. When he hung up Eileen gave up a thumbs up, Dad grinned back and joined the mini line you’d made. You were with Mick and Rawlings, who were now part of the whole nephilim predicament. 
“You might wanna take this back with you.” Mick handed over the Cult and Dad took the opportunity to sass him “Gee Mick. I thought we’d gotten past the trust issues.”
You gave Rawlings a glare before getting in the Impala.

Everyone arrived at some sort of abandoned looking carpark. You were waiting for Dean who, hopefully, would be with Kelly and maybe even Cas. “Who’s this?” Dean pointed at Rawlings.
“I’m Rennie…Rawlings. Graduated Kendrick’s-”
“Great. I don’t care.” Uncle Dean ignored his ‘look how amazing i am’ speech and opened up the door for Kelly. She refused any more help and got out of the car, staring at you all with brave fear.

Dad stepped up “Kelly, we all know what difficult situation you’re in and we..we want to help.” He kept a calm voice as not to frighten her anymore.
“You call this help?” She asked, rubbing her stomach where the baby-bump was.
“That kid, “ Uncle Dean began “It’s Lucifer’s.”
“I know!” She snapped “Do you think I wanted this? I love this child.”
“You will mean absolutely nothing to that child when it’s born. It’ll kill us all.” Mick scolded. 
“Not helping.” You hissed at him. 
“This is absurd.” Rawlings reached for his gun.

“Don’t!” You and Uncle Dean warned him, only to be cut short by a menacing sound with a strong wind. You paused…this wasn’t natural.
“She’s here.” Kelly managed, looking ten times more afraid than she had been.
who?’ you thought. 

Everyone reached for their gun and stood apart to cover more ground. You all protectively glanced around to see who, or what, it was. “Hey!” A shout came from behind. You glanced around, seeing a woman…well…demon, with yellow glowing eyes and a determined expression. She threw her hands up, sending everyone except Kelly to the ground. You smashed against one of the broken up cars, your gun trying it’s best to slip from your grip,

She walked forward with a blank expression as everyone fired at her. You stopped, putting your gun down. This was a waste of bullets. She was a Prince Of Hell, she’s not going to die from bullets. She threw her hands up at those still left with guns in their grips, making them drop their weaponry, and continued to advance towards Kelly.

You watched as Eileen reached for the cult, lying just in front of her reach. She grabbed hold, cocking it and holding her finger over the trigger. She aimed for the Demon’s head, squeezing the trigger.

However, as the gunshot sounded you watched in a helpless realisation as the Demon disappeared from view, along with Kelly Kline. The bullet continued further along it’s path than it should have and hit Rawlings in the chest. His eyes widened in shock and pain before he fell to the floor. Blood seeped down his shirt.

You stayed close to your Dad as you watched Mick kneel down next to Rawlings, well aware of the bloody code. “I- I didn’t mean to.” Elileen apologised, moving closer to where Mick was. “I meant to shoot the demon.” 
“It’s okay it was an accident.” Dad reassured her, but Mick was unconvinced.

You opened your mouth, halfway between wanting to warn Eileen and shout at Mick. Mick reached for his gun and held it up in front of Eileen. “Woah woah!” Uncle Dean gasped.

“What are you doing?” Dad demanded.

“Mick put the gun down!” You shouted at him loudly. Everyone else had their hands up in defense except you.
“B-But she shot a Men Of Letters. She has to die!”
“It’s not as simple as that!” Dad protested.
“But it’s the code.” Mick was lost.
“Fuck the code!” You practically screamed at him. You stormed past Eileen and your Dad who grabbed onto your shoulder to stop you. You shrugged him off, marching right in front of the barrel. “Y/N, get out of my way.”
“You know I won’t.” You glared at him, trying your best not to look scared.
“Then I’ll shoot you too!” You could see up close that Mick’s eyes were teary.
“You won’t do that.” You said calmly “You don’t have to answer to that stupid code. You can answer to yourself.”

“Your Mum did that.” He was close to crossing a line you’d clearly drawn “And look where it got her.” Your eyes narrowed as he continued “Max tried. Look where that got her.” 
“You’re not Mum! You’re not Max! And you’re not my family!“ You cried.
Mick’s expression fell at your words. 

Please.” Eileen begged “Please don’t…”

Mick squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath. “Mick…” Dad had stepped forward, putting his hand on your shoulder and dragging you away from the gunpoint. Mick followed with the gun absentmindedly before putting it back in front of Eileen. “I know you have this code that you blindly answer to. But you’re better than that.”

Mick lowered his gun, looking in pain as he did so. He avoided everyone’s gaze. “Just go…” he whispered.
Dad nodded, backing away. Only he stopped when you didn’t move. You didn’t know what to do. Did you mean what you’d said? Half of you wanted to apologise whereas the other wanted to walk away. “Y/N,” Dad put his hands on your shoulders “Come on, kid.” 

The four of you trudged down the stairs. Eileen was in front, her hand went to her face where she no doubt wiped away an escaped tear. You watched sympathetically as she stumbled to a halt. 

“You okay?” Uncle Dean asked her.
She nodded for a few seconds, before changing her mind “No…hee wasn’t a monster…he wasn’t” Dad stood next to her, perhaps about to offer some form of comfort, but she hugged him without needing an offer. He hugged back, his head resting protectively on hers. 

“Morning…?” Dad raised an eyebrow at you. It was at least 2 or 3am by now. You’d been up for quite some time.
“Morning.” You hummed, not glancing up from your fidgeting hands.
“Been up long?” He asked, sitting down on the table next to you. Your feet swung, not quite touching the floor.
“A few minutes.” You shrugged.
“Right.” He nodded, still in his night clothes. You both knew he didn’t believe you, but no one said anything.
“What were you reading?” He asked, nodding towards the open book on the table. 
“I wasn’t actually reading it…” You admitted, not sure how to explain.
“What else do you do with books?” He asked, slipping off the table and folding it over to read the title “This is in Latin. You can read this?”
“Yeah, but I wasn’t reading it. I was just..turning the pages.”
“Turning the pages?” He echoed. You nodded, not wanting to say it out loud. Dad noticed your slight awkwardness and took a moment to think through everything you’d said. “Oh…you mean, Turning the pages like…with your mind?” 

You nodded. “Maybe if I use this…whatever this is…for harmless stuff it won’t build up. And I won’t hurt anyone.” 
He offered a sad smile then joined you again, his feet touched the floor. “Maybe.”
“I never told Mum.” You admitted.
“I never told her. As far as she was concerned I was normal.” You explained.
“You are normal.” Dad reassured.
“Max couldn’t do it.” You ignored him.
“Just me.”

“I’m sorry…”
You frowned in thought “Why?” 
“Mick told us what happened to Max.” 
“Oh…” You looked away again.
“I know it must have been hard to watch it work on Claire after.. But, that is a good thing. It’s not fair, but it did save a life.” Dad tried to calm you down, but you’d already lost it over that. 
“They made me watch.” You said blankly.

“When they realised that the cure wasn’t working they made me watch her die.” You took a deep breath. ‘Don’t cry’ you told yourself. 
“That’s horrible, Y/N I’m so sorry.” 
“I think-” You paused, having never said these words out loud before “I think they meant for her to get bitten.”
“What makes you think that?”
“They never liked us. They could just pass it as an excuse for an experiment. Nothing they did for us was ever due to good intentions.” You didn’t know how to say it without sounding way too suspicious of them.

“What did they have against you?”
“I’m not traditional. I’m not obedient. I didn’t go to Kendrick’s. I have a brain-”
You were cut off by him chuckling at the last point “You’ve been through a lot.” He commented.
“Not compared to some.” You shrugged it off.
“Doesn’t make it insignificant.” He countered, smiling at you.

You didn’t move for a while. “You should get some sleep.” He said, placing a gently hand on your shoulder. 
“Yeah.” You agreed absentmindedly. 
“Come on.” He said calmly, guiding you away from the room.

When you reached your bedroom you noticed he hadn’t left your side. “Y/N, hey. Look at me.” 
You glanced up, your eyes tired and teary. He had a sullen look. 

Without saying anything he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly. You squeezed your eyes shut in his embrace in a desperate attempt to keep the tears from falling. Dad’s arms held you close in comfortable silence. “I’m proud of you.” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your head. “So proud.”


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Trophy Girlfriend Jay Park x Reader [Requested]

Request: Annyeong! If the requests are still open? Can I ask for a Jay Park scenario? If yes then, I’d like it if you are best friends acting like a couple. Thank you so much and sorry If they aren’t open♡ I’ll support you!!

Hello! Requests are still open so you’re okay! And please do support us! We appreciate it! I hope you like it! I rushed a bit at the end so if you want it fixed I can!


Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Word Count: 2525

Genres: Angst, Romance, Fluff

Warnings: None (unless you count sasaengs)


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Y/N PoV:

Damn, where is he? You awkwardly looked around the airport with the stack of your luggage piled next to you. You were visiting your good friend Jay in Korea, and he was supposed to be here to pick you up.

Bzzt. Bzzt.

You looked down at your phone, he had sent you a text apologizing for being late.

You rolled your eyes, of course he was running late. But that was Jay, and even though you acted like this, you couldn’t deny the attraction you felt towards him. But how could he not be late when his fangirl stalkers were watching him. What were they called again?

Ah that’s right, sasaengs.

You had definitely heard about the hardcore fandoms of the K-hip hop and K-pop world from Jay before.

It’s a good thing I wore sunglasses and a face mask.

You thought to yourself. Who knew what would happen to you and Jay if paparazzi and sasaengs caught a sight of your face.

“Turn around.”

You yelped at the male voice in your ear, completely knowing who the suspect was.

“Jay!” you exclaimed glaring at his also sunglassed and masked face, “were you really running late or were you sneaking up on me the whole time!?”

He shrugged, “Little of both. How could I resist a view from the back?” he jokingly smirked.

You slapped his arm hard, “Stop being such a perv jackass.”

“Son of a bitch!” he cussed, “we’ve been best friends for years but I still can’t get over that pack a punch strength you have.”

“Wow, I forgot how much of a bitch you were,” You laughed.

“Why are we even friends, again?” he muttered.

You raised an eyebrow, “I heard that. Now hurry, I’m getting tired!”

He mock bowed before loading your stuff into the car. The cockiness was on fire today, you thought. You felt an itch behind your mask so you quickly unhitched it from behind your ears when a gust of wind blew it away.

“Shit!” you cussed, trying to catch it, knocking into Jay.

“Y/N?” he asked, confused.

He moved to stand, accidentally smacking your sunglasses off your face. The wind continued to blow and you dropped to catch your sunglasses, moving Jay’s sunglasses.

“Achoo!” Jay sneezed and his mask came off.

You both froze.

“Oh shit,” you whispered, realizing that both of you had no protection against the paparazzi.

“Y/N,” he said, voice low in case onlookers were listening, “Get into the car… now.” Judging my his tone, you both needed to jet fast. You hopped into the shotgun seat forgetting about your sunglasses while Jay closed the trunk and hopped in.

Flash. Flash.

You winced, paparazzi and sasaengs were not a force to be messed with here in South Korea.

“Fuck, hurry up Jay!” you yelled.

“There’s a load of fangirls in front of us! What am supposed to do? Run them over like ‘sorry, I need to save my sorry ass in exchange for your shitty life!?” he yelled back.

You narrowed your eyes before reaching over and slamming your hand down the steering wheel to startle the surrounding people.

“I don’t care,” you said lowly, “GO!”

Not even caring, he stepped on the petal, making the onlookers jump out of the way. It was silent until-

“Well I was glad you were staying at my place for another reason,” he said suggestively, “but now it’s even better because now you’re under my protection.”

You groaned, “The sasaengs are going to try and kill me aren’t they?”

Jay shrugged, but you already knew the answer. You were glad all your social media was private, or by now you would be receiving so much hate mail. Jay soon pulled to a stop at a tall building.

“We need to talk to Kiseok,” he explained, “here’s another face mask.”

You caught the one he threw at you and hooked it behind your ear, following him into the building. He was already talking to another attractive male, eyes widening when the latter showed him something on his phone.

“Shit,” Jay muttered, walking up, “this was supposed to be a bestfriend visit type of thing,” he sighed, “but now it’s blown out of proportions.

“What happened?” you inquired.

“Well obviously,” Jay said, “the paparazzi is going to spin some dating scandal. But what’s worse is a girl got your sunglasses and your face mask that you dropped earlier. She said that she’s the one who was with me and using them as evidence. She’s claiming that I just had a one night stand with her…she’s not even my type.”

“Jay!” you hit him over the head, “be serious here!”

“Yea…she’s saying that I lead her on for weeks only to break her heart and humiliate her in front of all her friends and that I was bad in bed and kept verbally saying vulgar things,” he said.

You bit your lip, “Wow, is she an anti?”

Jay nodded, “Yea probably. And the only way to fix it is to find someone to actually stand in as a girlfriend to prove her wrong.”

You faltered a little… who would he choose?

“Ah okay…” you said.

“So I have to find someone who would fit what the girl looks like,” he showed you his phone.

You studied the picture, she had Y/E/C eyes and Y/H/C hair. She almost looked familiar…. No wait, extremely familiar! She looked like you!

“Wha?” you wondered.

“Y/N,” he said seriously (for once), “will you please stand in as my fake girlfriend? It might be awkward as hell and a pain in the ass, but I really need-”

You gave him a quick smile, “Of course!” you smiled, “what are best friends for?”

“Well…” he said, “there are special type of friends-”

You rolled your eyes trying to suppress the heat from your cheeks, “don’t even think about it Jay.”

“No harm in trying!”


Your palms were sweaty, and quite clammy as well, as you waited for Jay. The press conference had seemed too terrifying…. Until now. Although you and Jay had practiced multiple times together already over the span of 3 days, you were afraid you were going to forget everything.

“Breathe,” Jay said, coming up to you, “just like we practiced. Oh- you look good too,” he winked at you.

You laughed, feeling a lot calmer already, “Thanks.” You felt a little over dressed from your usual attire, seeing as you had to make a good impression for the sake of Jay.

“The press conference will now start.”

Almost instantly, you are bombarded with questions. There were cameras going off, in hopes to catch a good image of you two with all the pushing going on. To be honest, you were feeling quite overwhelmed again.

“U-uh,” you stutter a bit, “one at a time please!”

They ignored you, ticking Jay off a bit. He might jokingly insult you from time to time, but he at least respected your requests.

“You heard her!” he raised his voice, “one at a time!”

You smiled gratefully at him, as the reporters listened to him.

“So it was you pictured with Jay Park and not the other girl?” a woman asked you.

You shook your head, smiling like you had practiced, “Yes, it was me. The girl was an anti, and so when we ran off, she grabbed my dropped objects to use it as false evidence.”

“I see…” reporters scribbled your words down on their notepads.

“How come we’ve never seen you?”

“How long have you-”

You continued to answer the continuous stream of questions they had for you. You were a little stiff at first, but as time dragged on, you felt yourself relax. Sooner than expected, the press conference ended.

You sank down in your chair, “Hah…that was tiring.”

“You did good,” Jay said, drinking a bottle of water, “just like we had practiced.”

You narrowed your eyes, “Just like we had practiced my ass! What was all of that!? Kissing my cheek and putting your hands all over me like that!”

“Well,” he said teasingly, “if you’re going to be my fake girlfriend, might as well take the chance! And with that little display, they didn’t doubt our story!”

“That is true…” you mused, “but next time you gotta tell me.”

He put his hands up in mock surrender, “Whatever you say. Let’s go, I don’t know about you but I want to sleep.”

“Same,” You yawned.

“We can always sleep together-”

“Don’t even think about it,” you interrupted, cheeks suddenly blazing. Why was your face hot? Surely by now, you would know Jay’s perverted ways already.

“Alright,” he said, defeated, “let’s go.”

You let him take your arm as you both walked to the car. Almost instantly, you felt your eyes close, heavy with sleep as you sat shotgun.

Bzzt. Bzzt.

You felt your phone buzz and you looked down. You had received a text from an unknown number.

“Stupid bitchy whore, taking Jay.”

You’re eyes narrowed, how had they found out your number? You watched as your phone collected more and more messages, most likely from sasaengs.


Go die!

Kill yourself!

You’re not good enough!


Fake ass plastic barbie!

You felt your mood decline, and your wanting of sleep slip away as you read the messages. You suddenly felt paranoid, if they could find your number, they could find and do almost anything!

“Hey…” Jay said, noticing your silence, “are you okay?”

You didn’t want him to worry anymore than he did, “Yea!” you forced yourself to say, “just tired, that’s all.”

He didn’t seem to believe you, but didn’t press it. You blocked the numbers and turned your notifications off to keep you from showing any signs of abnormal behavior. You looked out the car window and let the steady rhythm lull you to sleep.

Jay’s PoV:

We pulled up at the house and Y/N was sleeping peacefully. I looked at her face and stared, it was rare that I ever got to see her with her guard down. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, but I noticed her phone kept flashing.

“Mmm,” she stirred in her sleep.

I set her down on the bed, before grabbing her phone. She said she was just tired but… we were best friends. I can tell when she’s lying. In fact, I’m a bit insulted that she didn’t think I’d notice.

‘What’s her password again?’

I thought about it for a bit. Y/N would put her password as something only people who really knew her well would know. I typed in (your password) and her phone unlocked. I frowned at what I saw.

You better watch your back!

We’re going to get you!

Your death will be my happiest day

Some messages were downright insulting, while others were just plain threatening. I frowned and started blocking all the numbers. When I was finished I clenched my free hand into a fist.

Don’t worry… I’ll protect you.

I stood up and went to close the door. I would protect from from everyone and everything… including me and my damn thoughts.

Y/N’s PoV

I fluttered my eyes open, trying to suppress my blush from when Jay carried me. The power of a long term crush…. is frightening. But could I take this as a sign that he liked me back?


I let out a frustrated groan, remembering that Jay had found about the hate messages. No matter how hard I had tried to not worry him, it ended in the opposite.

I can’t just receive… I’ve gotta give too…

I stared at my phone. And I could start with deleting all my social media. 

~Time Skip~

I threw my phone back onto the bed after finishing making my whole life private. If I had no social media I could do nothing to harm Jay.

“You awake?”

I jumped a little when I heard Jay’s voice from outside the door. Taking my silence for an answer, he opened the door.

“Hey wake up- oh,” he stared a little, “you’re awake.”

I nodded, “Yea, just woke up a little while ago. Did you need something?”

“Do I need a reason to talk to my best friend?” he smirked at me cockily at me, looking crazily sexy.

I returned his smirk with a raised eyebrow, “Yes you should, it’s a privilege to be able to talk to the queen!” I joked.

He laughed and sat on the edge of he bed, “Wow, I see your lame sense of humor hasn’t changed.”

“Lame? If I remember correctly it was you who snorted milk out of your nose laughing at my jokes!” you cried out.

This caused both of you to break out into laughter. It felt good to laugh, seeing all the craziness that has happened in such a short matter of time.

Jay ceased to laugh first, “But in all seriousness… I saw the messages you were getting from the sasaengs.”

“Oh,” you fiddled with your thumbs, “I didn’t want to stress you out anymore than you already were-”

“Bullshit,” he spat, “we’re best friends Y/N. That means no matter what, we can share shit with each other. And the moment you agreed to this it meant you could confide with me.”

You sat in silence for a while, stunned at his little speech. You felt your heart melting at his words. Could the man in front of you get any more perfect in your eyes?

“Jay…” you started, “How uncharacteristically gentleman like you were just now!”

He groaned, “Y/N I’m serious! You can talk to me about anything, even the weirdest shit. Because you didn’t have to do this. I know it’s going to be awkward and that you hate it and I don’t deserve you fake or real platonic or not but-”

You widened your eyes at the unsuspecting confession. You saw that Jay was surprised too.

“I mean that-”

You processed the words… he liked you? Your heat beat faster and you began to lightly hit yourself.

“I’m dreaming,” you said to yourself, “this is just a good dream and he doesn’t like me.”

Jay paused at his attempt to salvage his pride, “A good dream? Doesn’t like you?” he slowly processed the words before taking your hands, “no, this is real. Don’t like you!? Are you kidding!? I’ve waited years! And my thoughts were so…. so…. so dirty!”

You blushed, “But you flirt with everyone!”

“To hide the fact that I like you! Y/N, it’s been you!”

You sat in shock, not believing what you heard. One last time, you pinched yourself to make sure you were awake.

“Don’t hurt your beautiful self,” Jay said, taking your hands, “this is real.”

You buried your face into his shirt, wrapping your arms around his waist, “It’s been you for years too,” you mumble embarrassed.

Smiling, Jay rested his chin on your head, hugging back, “I’m glad.”

You smiled as well, I guess you were his girlfriend now…. for real.


-Admin H (with help from Admin G) (Thanks for requesting! Hope you all enjoyed!)


(This plot is based around suicide- please be careful)

So it was late last night and I started thinking about my Best Son Anthony Stark, and how he isn’t Good With Emotion. 

He finds it difficult to tell people he cares, and show others that he loves them. Sometimes even physical touch or people handing him things makes him uncomfortable, so the Avengers moving in proved difficult at the beginning, because… well, he just isn’t used to that much casual camaraderie and contact being thrown around. Totally new ball game. And it scares the shit out of him.

So anyway. The team are all Bonding and Growing Together and stuff, and Tony is just out on a limb, because he doesn’t know how to fucking say that he likes them. He shows it, of course he shows it, that’s the only thing he ever can do well- but then his goddamn mouth just has to run off and say something stupid and they’re right back at square-fucking-one again. He doesn’t know what to do, and he just… he doesn’t feel like one of them. It hurts.

Then there’s a bad mission.

 A… a really bad mission. Something-Wears-Coulson’s-Face-And-Goes-On-A-Murderous-Rampage-Directed-At-Clint type of bad mission.

Clint tries to jump off the roof.

And Tony is suddenly… completely and utterly consumed by how painful that is to think about. How stupidly attached he’s become, not only to the Birdbrain, but the whole damn team. Remembering Clint, sat still and silent on the top of the tower with a half-empty bottle of whatever-the-fuck in his hand and an empty look in his eyes… it haunts him. 

Literally. He can’t sleep. He barely lets Clint out of his sight for weeks after, just in case. The thought plagues him, because he knows, fuck does he know, what it’s like to feel that sort of pain. And he can’t stand the thought of Clint suffering the same.

He feels like he’s doing nothing. Like he’s helpless. So one night of yet more insomnia, he decides to put the ball on his side of the court.

He starts writing.

By the end of the morning, there’s pages and pages of data- Clint’s triggers, his history, his likes and dislikes and his mental state- all cross-referenced with one another and neatly sorted into workable piles. He tells JARVIS to scan the work and track it with Clint’s behaviour; flagging him up in either amber for medium risk, or red for immediate. 

And once he’s done that- why the hell would he stop there?

(Beware the read more, mobile users!)

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Empathetic Listening

AU where Yondu high-tails it off Ego’s planet with Mantis in tow, so that he’s basically stuck with both her and Peter. 

I love Yondad a lot OKAY? Also, Mantis deserves a dad. A real dad who gives a rat’s ass about her. So let me have this!

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A waste of time

Request from Anonymous: Can I please ask for Christian Yu imagine where reader is 8 months pregnant with twins. She and Christian gets in to a huge argument. And Christian walks out. Angst in the beginning and super fluffy at the end. The twins names cane be A'meena and A'naree  

I think there’s more angst than fluff.. D: But I had fun writing this so I hope you like it!

“Where are you, Christian!?” she yelled into the phone.

“I’m being held up with work. I’ll be there as soon as I can!” he yelled back.

She was standing outside the hospital for her monthly check up. This would most likely be the last time she would come here for a check up, because the next time she’s here, she will be in the delivery room. Christian was supposed to be with her because he had promised but also, he had missed the last two monthly check ups. Both Christian and her didn’t plan on having children just yet but after a drunken night, both have to live with the consequences. She didn’t regret on falling pregnant so soon. She was actually excited for this new chapter of life. Christian, on the hand, was sort of iffy and nervous. He wasn’t ready to become a dad. Or in this case, a dad to twin girls. But she always had his back and promised him that he will think differently when he see his daughters. 


After the check up, she took a taxi to the shops to buy some dinner. She stopped by her favourite ramen place. There was a queue outside the store but she didn’t mind waiting because when she craves for something, she will make sure she gets it. Whilst waiting in line, she looked ahead and saw a familiar figure. He was wearing a white muscle tee which showed off his arms. She knew whose arms they belonged to because of the tattoos. She had traced them over and over again with her fingers. 

It was none other than her boyfriend, Christian. She saw that he was standing next to girl and she looked pretty from behind. Her loose waves brushed passed her shoulders and she was wearing a very beautiful dress that hugged her figure perfectly. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her partner couldn’t come to the hospital with her because apparently, he had better things to do. Like taking some girl to dinner. She walked passed the other customers and confronted Christian. 

“What the fuck is this?” she spat in his face.

Christian nearly dropped his phone when he saw her. 

“Babe hey, what are you doing out here?” he managed to piece a sentence together. 

“Don’t fuck with me, Christian. I’m not in the mood. Is this why you couldn’t come to me to the hospital today?” she huffed angrily. 

“I told you I was working, didn’t I? And I don’t even need to be there anyway. All I do is just sit in the corner,” Christian said in a slightly louder tone than hers. 

She folded her arms across her pregnant belly and stood back from him. She couldn’t believe what he had just said. What did he mean he didn’t need to be there anyway? He’s the father so it’s part of his duty to be with her when she needed him. 

“You don’t think it’s important, given the fact that you’re the father, to be with me?” she raised her voice louder and the people around were now looking. 

“Of course, I want to be with you but I have work also. Like I said, all I do is sit in the corner so why would I waste my time in there. I could work on my shit instead,” Christian beckoned back. He didn’t care if other people were staring. 

“Waste of time?!” she yelled back. “I’m sorry for getting pregnant because it must be an inconvenience since you prefer fucking with models like her!”

The girl next to Christian gasped and he looked over to her with comfort in his eyes. Too bad, his girlfriend saw it.

“You know what Christian, don’t bother coming home tonight or ever. Clearly I’m just an inconvenience,” she said as she gave a death stare to both Christian and the girl. 

She didn’t bother turning around nor did she get dinner. This was probably the first time she had skipped dinner and this probably wasn’t healthy for her baby girls. She came back home and quickly changed out of her clothes to a comfy dress pajamas. Her belly was rumbling so she went to the kitchen to find something to eat. Looking inside the fridge she took some of the leftovers and began making a sandwich. She sat down on the couch as she flicked through the tv channels and nothing caught her eyes, so she went to the balcony to finish her dinner. However, when she was about to step out into the cool breeze, she heard the front door unlock. It must be Christian. 

He simply took off his shoes, placed a plastic bag in the fridge and walked towards her. She saw his eyes and they were filled with frustration and anger. 

“Do you wanna explain why you were acting out?” he asked bluntly. 

She scoffed at his remark and proceeded to step outside, however Christian pulled her back in. 

“Why were you being such a-” 

She cut him off.

“Such a bitch?” 

“I wasn’t going to say that. If you had let me finish, I was asking you why are you being a controlling person all of a sudden?,” Christian asked.

“Is that how you see me now?,” she retorted back. “How does wanting my boyfriend to come with me to the bloody hospital make me a controlling person?”

“I told you countless times already, I don’t do anything in there. I just sit in the fucking corner for like an hour,” he snapped back. 

“The check up is not for me, you know. It’s for the babies. Our babies,” she told him. 

“I know that but why are you making such a big deal out of it? I know that you and the girls are healthy, isn’t that enough?” Christian pleaded.

“The only reason why you know is because I tell you AFTER my check ups. I want you to be there right in the moment, Christian. I feel like I’m going through this alone,” she almost chocked on her saliva when she said that. 

Christian buried his head in his hands and furiously ruffled his hair. 

“I try to be with you, I do. But my work just screws every thing up. I can’t keep putting away my work to go the check ups with you. It’s just a waste of time,” Christian muffled into his palms. 

Did he just say waste of time again?!

“You know what, maybe I’m the one wasting my time with you” she furiously told him.

“What did you say?” Christian asked as he stood up. 

“I said, maybe I’m wasting my time with you,” she repeated herself clearer and louder. “You think sitting in with me at the check ups are a waste of time”.

“Yes! It’s a waste of time! I’d rather be out shooting my videos than sit in a dark, cold room!” Christian yelled at her. 

“You didn’t bother to call once you were done with work tonight. Instead you went out with that girl!” she yelled back again.

“I promised her I would take her to dinner when we were done with the shoot. She’s just one of the models I’m working with,” Christian explained. 

She thought about the sentence. 

“One of the models…So out of every one you chose to ask her to dinner? That is saying something, Christian,” she beckoned. 

“C’mon, you’re making a big deal out of something so trivial. Every time I can’t come to a fucking check up or ultrasound, you bring up my work. Telling me I don’t love you and shit like that. I didn’t sign up for this, you know!” he was now practically screaming at her. 

“Right, because what you signed up was to fuck with other models and now you can’t do that because of me. Maybe you’re the one acting up, Christian. Not me!” 

Christian scoffed back at her. 

“You know what, I’m so sick of you accusing me of things. We wouldn’t be this fucked up situation if you have kept your horny ass off me that night!” 

“So now it’s my own fault that I’m pregnant?” she sarcastically asked him.

Christian sighed loudly.

“Look, I’m tired. Can we just stop and go to bed?” Christian reached out his hand.

“What the hell?! We can’t put a pin in this and call it a night, Christian. We do that every time and look where it has gotten us,” she told him.

“Argh! I’m so fucking tired of this!” Christian yelled and knocked the vase off the table. “I need some air before things get worse. Don’t wait up for me”. 


She tried to sleep but couldn’t because she threw out her dinner so she’s sleeping on an empty stomach. But the girls also didn’t let her. They kept making movements. They must miss their dad because every night, Christian would hum a lullaby to them. 

Come morning, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast then began cleaning the mess that Christian made last night. It was now nearly lunch time when she had to go out to find a proper meal otherwise she would faint. She got changed and was putting on her sandals when she heard the front door unlock. She wasn’t ready to face him just yet. 

“Morning..or afternoon,” he greeted her softly. 

She ignored him and went to grab a jacket from the bedroom. Of course, he followed her. 

“Hey..” Christian tried to pull her in his arms but she didn’t let him. “Listen, I’m sorry for yelling last night and all the things I said, I take it back. I’m sorry”.

She continued to ignore him but at the same time, was paying attention to his words.

“I shouldn’t have said what I said. My anger and frustration got the best of me,” he continued knowing she was listening, “I don’t think of you as an inconvenience. From now on, I’ll be there for you, okay? Because I can’t wait to meet my two beautiful girls”. 

She finally turned around to him.

“You said some hurtful shit last night, Christian,” she told him. “I know I said I’m ready to have children but I’m scared as fuck! And with you not being by side, makes it worse. I’m not saying you have to be with me 24/7 but-but..”

Christian cupped his hands around her face. 

“I’m sorry. I really am. I’m sorry for saying I’d rather shoot my videos than be with you. And I should not have blamed you for falling pregnant. I’m too blame as well”.

“Damn right, Christian,” she let out a small chuckle. 

“Forgive me?” Christian pleaded.

“No, not yet”. 

Christian looked at her, confused.

“Tell me what changed your mind? Why did you come back?” she asked. 

“Ahh well, when I walked out last night I stopped by our favourite cafe. You know they open till midnight, anyway I met my old friend there. We used to work together back in the days and I found out she had recently had a baby. I asked her about the whole pregnancy stuff and from what she told me, it is a very umm tiresome stage to  go through, especially in the last trimester. Because you know, the baby is ready to meet the world. Also, she showed me a picture of her baby and he is so so so cute. He has dimples and his chubby cheeks. Ahh”. 

She tilted her head to the side and couldn’t believe he had just said that. The way his face lighted up when he was talking about the baby’s looks and she knew he was ready to become a father. 

“Trimester? I didn’t know that was in your vocabulary,” she teased.

Christian laughed and pulled her in closer, but his two babies were in the way. 

“I can’t wait to meet our girls and once they are out, I can hug you even closer,” he said softly. 

“Are you ready for nappy duties and constant crying - times two?!” she asked. 

“Hmm..yes! Well I’ve worked with Jay Park and isn’t he like a 3 year old, anyway? So if I can handle that man, I’m sure I can handle our little girls,” he said. 

“Don’t talk about my man crush like that,” she joked.

Christian laughed at her comment before guiding her to sit on the bed.

“Also we haven’t named our children yet, but I have an idea,” he told her. “I was at the cafe when it came to me”.

“What names are you suggesting?” 

“A'meena and A'naree”, he told her. 

“What do they mean?” she asked. 

“Well for Meena, there are many definitions but my favourite meaning is ‘rising to the top’ so i want Meena to always rise and be on top of every thing she does. As for Naree, it means creativity and having idealistic qualities. You don’t need me to explain why I chose Naree. 

She took a minute to think about his suggestion. 

“What’s with the A at the beginning?” she asked. 

“My girls are special so I want their names to be special as well,” he told her. 

“A’meena Yu and A’naree Yu..” she whispered to herself. “Hmm let me sit on it for a while. I’m still a little mad at you. You made me miss dinner last night,” she complained. 

Christian laughed. 

“Why don’t I make you some food. I bought home steaks last night so let’s have that now?” Christian insisted.

“Steaks for lunch?” 

She smiled as he planted kiss on her lips and her belly before exiting the bedroom to make lunch.


A little bit late for Day 1 but here it is, my contribution for @inukag-week

A small post-canon story about Inuyasha and Kagome’s first trip as a family.


They were looking their way again. Even after he glared at the stupid humans. He had promised her not to growl at the people on the road or the townsmen. But he has not promised to avoid sending mental threats and murderous wishes around them.

He hated traveling. He had always hated it. It meant leaving the place he liked, his home–their home–, it also meant being around people who didn’t know them, that didn’t trust them and he was positive they didn’t want them there.

Inuyasha bit back another growl as a middle-aged woman saw them, took her whatever-she-was-carrying and turned away with a nasty scowl on their way.

“Come on, Inuyasha! Try to enjoy the day, it’s our first trip together,” Kagome said with a bright smile as she walked beside him, way too close to him for the liking of the stupid humans.

“I’m trying… see?”  

Kagome laughed at his fake smile, it was only a display of his white teeth and twitching eyebrows over half closed eyes.  After it stopped being funny, she stopped walking and faced him, using those way-too-intelligent eyes of hers to stare at his face and his tense pose.

Knowing he was not uncomfortable for the weight he was carrying, that it was something else, she asked with a serious voice “Why are you on edge? Do you feel something bad around?”

His bangs covered his eyes as he shook his head. “Then what is it, Inuyasha? and don’t you say nothing.”  

He rapidly closed his lips before that exact word left his lips. Trying to avoid her discomfort, ti shield her from some of the ugly aspects of being the wife of a halfbreed and protecting that happiness she constantly radiated was part of him, was part of who he was for her. Of the man he had become thanks to her. And even when she discovered he was holding something from her, he was not going to spill it so easy.

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