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What if the s/o was changed back into a younger version of herself? Like 6-10? Don't just say "try to change her back". What do they do in mean time?

It’s pretty obvious that the boys would want their lover back to the correct age, and that they would work to get them there. So, I’m just going to list the other things that would happen.

-Admin N


- asks lover to sneak into Reiji’s room and break things

- “pls babe”

- “what about you hide in his bed”

- he just wants to freak Reiji out


- “how long would this drug take to make you pass out at that size”

- treats his lover the same tbh


- makes his lover crawl in crane machine slots to steal prizes

- takes lover to the movies for a free ticket

- only buys lover happy meals so he can have the toy


- probs wants him/her/them to take off their clothes to test his pervertedness

- cuddles w/ lover a lot more tbh

- “wow this is what our kids would look like” (“babe literally that’s not how that works”)



- EW




- he would try to go on a date w/ him/her/them but would feel real awkward

- makes a bow for him/her/them to wear tbh


- more head pats

- he would lend him/her/them his shirts

- ^ real cute right there ^


- uses as an excuse to go shopping

- lover has no opinion because he/she/they are a “child”

cries and holds the bab


- “omg I’m going to squish my bab”

- worries over how much to feed his lover

- braids his lover’s hair and puts plastic clips in it


- gently pats face

- so many cheek kisses

- he would constantly carry his lover

Missing Memories Chapter 3

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Meryl’s parents were just now getting off of the plane from Detroit, both looking tired, rugged even. The flight had been full of nothing but anxiety and worry, worry lines were indented into the couple’s foreheads. The doctor had called in the early morning hours, which had startled them both out of bed. Cheryl almost hadn’t answered it, thinking it was just a telemarketer. But, something told her that something wasn’t right, and as always, her motherly instinct had reigned true. They had no idea what was going on, the doctor only told them that there had been an accident and that Meryl was in critical condition. The fact that Dr. Lane hadn’t told them much, created more worries. Both Cheryl and Paul’s minds drifted to the worst possible things that could come out of an accident. The doctor didn’t even mention what kind of accident their eldest child had been in. Could it be a car accident? A fire? Plane crash? Accidental shot to the head?

           Their minds were wandering to the darkest places. Not knowing the details of something horrible was supposed to be better, but in this case, it was their mental enemy. The couple was so distracted, that they didn’t even notice Maks sitting in one of the black waiting chairs. He approached them quickly, stumbling over his words.

           “Hey guys, um, I can take you guys to the hospital. And don’t worry about finding a hotel, my place is thirty minutes away. I mean, if you’d like to stay with me.” Maks was staring into two pairs of blank eyes, but he noticed a familiar twinkle in Cheryl’s. The same twinkle he could see in Meryl’s when she was fascinated by something. “It’s okay if-,”

           “Maks,” Paul interrupted. “We’d love to stay with you and your brother.” Maks’ smile spread so wide, it almost looked like it was painted on his face. He carried as many bags as he could, trying to lighten the load for Meryl’s parents.

           “It’ll actually just be you guys and me. Val is out in New York.” He led them towards the exit of the airport.

           “Oh really, what is he doing out there?” Cheryl chimed in, quietly. They soon fell into a comfortable conversation. No one trying to impress anyone, no one nervous; just normal. For a moment, they almost forgot about the incident that had been wracking their brains the whole way here.


           He led Meryl’s parents throughout the hallways of the hospital, until they finally reached Meryl’s hospital room; room 312. Cheryl gasped as she walked in and Paul’s mouth dropped open. They had never seen their daughter so quiet and still. Meryl was constantly moving, always having to fidget somehow. Whether it be a foot tapping, a finger moving, or a leg shaking; she was always moving one way or another. But, here was their daughter, not moving a muscle.

           The doctor came in before Cheryl and Paul could completely process all of it. It hadn’t sunk in just yet.

           “Hello, my name is Dr. Lane; I will be taking care of Meryl until she’s out of recovery.” Paul shook the doctor’s hand, plastering a fake smile on his face. The doctor continued, wanting to break the moments of silence, “Meryl was in a car accident last night, did you know that?” The parents shook their heads in unison. “Well, when she arrived, her brain was swelling so much, so fast, that we had to do something or she wouldn’t be able to survive. So, now that she’s in a coma, we cannot forcefully bring her out of a coma; she’ll have to do it naturally. This could take a couple days, weeks, months; it all depends on when her body is ready. Do you all understand that?”

Dr. Lane’s eyes scanned all of the people in the hospital room, looking for some kind of panic or worry; but he saw none. All he could see was love, affection, and hope. He hadn’t expected this to go over so well. With most families, it took a couple of repeats to get it through their worried filled brains. But, with the Davis’, their seemed to be no problem.

           “Okay, so, you’re saying we just wait?” Maks broke the silence, his brain still a little muddled.

           “Yes, it’s just a waiting game. But, that’s if there are no complications from now until she wakes up. If there are some issues, then we’ll handle them then. But, I think that she’s progressing well. In this stage, she can probably hear noises. I think that it would be very helpful if you guys were to talk to her. I mean, she won’t be able to comprehend what you’re saying, but at least she’ll know you’re here.”

           All three of them nodded and waited until the doctor left for them to move. Cheryl and Paul found seats next to Meryl’s bed, while Maks leaned against the window sill, facing Meryl. Jenna walked in and smiled towards her best friend’s parents. They stood to greet her, taking turns hugging one another. They became involved in a normal conversation, while Maks stood in the corner, next to the window. His phone vibrated in his jogger pockets, signaling a text message. He thought it may’ve been from Christa, but he looked down to find the name: Grandma in his phone.

           Is Meryl alright? She is on the news.

           What did that mean? Were the paparazzi really invading her privacy right now? He looked out of the window at the crowd of people waiting outside, with cameras in hand. She was in a coma for God’s sake; you’d think they’d give her a break. He was so wrapped up in his anger that he realized he still needed to respond to his grandmother.

           She’s in a coma. Doctor thinks she’ll be okay.

           While standing there, he started to get texts from everyone: Christa, Mama, Papa, Val, Sharna, Tony Dovolani, Erin Andrews, Mark Ballas, Derek Hough, Peta, and even some of his Dance With Me clients. They were all positive and upbeat, hopeful even. He realized how much everyone loved and cared for her. He took this chance to look at her Twitter and Instagram pages. Her fans were supporting her like crazy.

           It was amazing how everyone that had met, or had even heard of Meryl, had fallen in love with her personality, with who she was. He sent out a mass message to both her friends and fans, saying that Meryl would be alright and that she’ll be home soon.

           “Hey, we’re going to grab some lunch with Jenna. Did you want to come?” Cheryl’s high voice interrupted Maks’ ongoing thoughts.

           “No, it’s okay. You guys go ahead.” He waved them off and took a seat next to Meryl’s bed, grasping her limp hand. His legs started shaking and his throat started to constrict. Maks hadn’t seen her in so long. They had decided in January that they would go their separate ways and come back in one year. She wasn’t ready to get into a serious relationship; she had too much going on. So, he let her go.

           Eventually he climbed out of his constant misery and found someone. That someone just happened to be his life-long friend, Christa. He liked her, but he definitely didn’t love her. The only person he really loved was…Meryl. He hadn’t realized how much his love had grown until Jenna had called with the horrible news.

           Did he love her? Or was he in love with the idea of being with her?

           He couldn’t answer those questions at the moment. There was already so much going on. Maks was surprised that he hadn’t gotten a lecture from Christa about being with Meryl instead of her. Christa was nice, but she could be overprotective when it came to Maks.

           “I wish you were awake so you could give me some type of excellent advice. You always used to offer advice even if I didn’t want it. I think the first time you did that was when we were rehearsing for our Tango. ‘Hold my hand’,” He chuckled remembering asking her about it four weeks later on The Road to the Finals. “I really miss you, you know? I miss when you used to scold me for trying to wrap my arms around you at night, and then you would let your guard down eventually. I don’t sleep like that anymore,” He trailed off not knowing what else to say.

           “You know, I’m kind of happy that you will only hear this muffled,” He paused, squeezing her hand and bringing it up to his lips, kissing her knuckles softly. “I love you.”