he carried me today

Mick has a pet now \O/

we used to tie a balloon to the kittens when they were tiny to keep an eye on them, why not a rat when Mick’s letting it get some exploring done on board

Catch Me (Day 5)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,922

A/N: This update is LONG overdue. I was on vacation with my family and was I thought I’d be able to update from there but I was wrong. Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this :)

As always, thank you to @avengerstories for polishing this up and constantly giving me your honest opinion about my writing. 

Day 4

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“I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Wanda asks drowsily from your king-sized bed.

Following a particularly grueling mission today, she came by your room because she didn’t want to be alone. This isn’t the first time she has done this and you highly doubt that it’ll be the last. Impromptu sleepovers have become the norm since befriending Wanda and you don’t mind them in the slightest. There’s comfort in going to bed at night knowing that you’re not alone.

“I’m going to grab a snack.”

“Okay,” she yawns, pulling your blanket up to her shoulders and letting her eyes flutter shut.

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Love & Chocolate Frogs

Hey!! could you please do a draco imagine, where you and Draco are really close friends. But then you start hanging out with blase and not Draco without realising it. Draco gets jealous and then maybe he confesses his feelings for the reader! thankyouu💙Xx

Draco Malfoy x reader (any house)

Word Count: 1369

Warning: cute Draco ah fluff so cute, it’s an imagine!!

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“Draco!” You yelled at the blonde haired boy. His head spun around and smiled at you as you ran to catch up with him and Blaise.

“There’s my favorite little Y/H.” Draco nudged you a little.

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Description: You’re on We Got Married with Taeyong PT. 3

Warning: None

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“This is it.” Taeyong said, pointed to a large white house the two of you were approaching. “Right there.”
The two of you had, after you stopped ignoring Taeyong for messing with your panties, went to his dorm to gather his things. True to his word, in the mix of packing, he had flung a pair of his boxers at you, almost collapsing in laughter when you screamed and yelled, throwing the cloth across the room, acting as if it had bit you. That led to you ignoring him and giving him the silent treatment for the rest of the time he took packing and the drive to the honeymoon house, up until he pulled into the driveway of the home you would be staying in for the next few months.

WGM Question Time
Q: How did you feel about your wife giving you the silent treatment the first day?

Taeyong: “Well I know she was just playing, she couldn’t be that upset over clean underwear, could she? Either way, it’s not that bad, she’s quite cute when she pouts.”

WGM Question Time
Q: Was the underwear incident worth giving your husband the silent treatment?

You: “Not really, but I’m going to punish him. I mean, it was one thing to touch my underwear, but to throw his at my face? Who does that?”

“Do you want to go check out the house while I grab the bags?” Taeyong asked once he parked the car, looking at you in the passenger’s seat.
“Sure.” You shrugged, watching his as he dug the key out of his pocket and handing it to you. Taking the key, you left him at the car and trekked up the sidewalk, pausing at the front door. Turning the key in the lock, you gently pushed the door open, and were surprised to see a fully furnished living room, and from what you could see, the kitchen was done as well. Stepping inside, glancing around at the living room, Taeyong entered behind you, dropping some of the bags near the door.
“Looks like they decorated for us.” Taeyong commented, walking further into the house, inspecting the clean bathroom, fully stocked fridge, until you came across the single bedroom, that you two would share…with a card taped to the door. Plucking it from the door and opening it, he read out loud for the two of you.

Dear newlyweds,
Welcome to your honeymoon house.
As you know, you will remain here for the next 4 months.
We(the WGM crew) took it upon ourselves to decorate the house for you, as a gift to the newly wed couple.
We however, did not decorate the bedroom you will be sharing.
Because after all, every couple should design the most relaxing room in the house together.
In this envelope, you will find a credit card, with a fixed amount of money.
Once settled, the two of you should head out and work together to decorate your bedroom.

“Well,” Taeyong sighed, tucking the credit card in his pocket and opening the bedroom door, revealing a completely plain room. There were a few items. A simple stand, lamp, dresser, and a large bed. Other than that, the room was completely bare. There wasn’t even pillows on the bed. “I guess we’re going back out?”
“Looks like it.” You groaned, following him out the house, making sure to lock it, and back in the car for a trip to the store.

“What do you think about these?” Taeyong asked, holding up a pair of dark curtains. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly like waking up at the crack of dawn thanks to the sunlight coming through the window.”
“Good idea, put it in the cart, I’ll be back.” You said. “I want to find something.”
“Alright, hurry back.” He turned his attention back to different blankets, sheets, and pillow cases while you disappeared in another isle. Trailing down the clothing isle, glancing at the items on the racks, you spotted pajama sets.
Don’t couples have matching clothes? You wondered, picking up a cute set of His and Her pajamas, and tucking them under your arm. I hope these fit him.
Returning back to his side, Taeyong again asked your opinion on just having all black bedding, saying it was easier to keep unstained.
“That’s fine.” You smiled, burying the pajamas under the curtains, a surprise for him later.
The two of you slowly wandered through the store, picking up oddball nicknacks to decorate your bedroom, a little photo album and instant camera so you could take pictures throughout your marriage, a few candles, bathroom necessities, and a few snacks before checking out. Taeyong stood in front of you, giving you an opportunity to take the pajamas and hide them behind your back while he checked out. As he was bagging our items, you handed the set to the cashier, quickly paying before he could catch you before the two of you loaded the bags into the car, and were on your way back to your new home.
The next couple hours were spent putting your bedroom together, helping Taeyong make the bed, hang the curtains, before unpacking your own possessions that had been left by the door. When the two of you finally finished, the sun was setting as you pretty much collapsed on the newly made bed, out of breath and exhausted.
“Are you hungry?” Taeyong asked, bringing his hand up to wipe a trail of sweat from his forehead.
“Absolutely starving.” You sighed, brushing hair from your face.
“Should we eat and call it a night?”
“Sounds like a plan.”
“Alright, I’m going to wash up before cooking, do you want to shower first?” He asked, turning his gaze towards you.
“No, you go ahead, I’ll shower in the morning.”
“Okay. I won’t take long.” He grumbled when he dragged himself from the comfort of the bed and sluggishly made his way to the bathroom. The second you heard the shower click on, you flew from the bed and ran to grab the pajamas set that you had hidden in a kitchen drawer. Stumbling back into the bedroom, the sound of the shower still going, you hurriedly swapped our your day clothes for the pajamas, and left Taeyong’s on the bed with a little note while you went to cook while he showered.
How nice of the crew to stock up the fridge. You thought, pulling out some meat, some vegetables, and rice, quietly cooking while you listened for when the shower would finish. And that moment came when you were plating the food, setting the plates on the kitchen table. You could hear him pause in the bedroom, the sound of his footsteps halting, obviously spotting the pajamas spread out on the bed.

I picked these up at the store, I thought they’d be nice.
This is what couples do, yes? Have cute matching clothes?
Hopefully fit, please wear them well.
Come to the kitchen, dinner’s done

WGM Question Time
Q: What did you think when you found the present from your wife?

Taeyong: “I was surprised. I don’t know how I missed her buying it. But I think it’s cute, our first day together and she’s already having us match. Cute right?”

WGM Question Time
Q: Why did you cook dinner when your husband said he would?

You: “Tae did a lot of work today. He refused to let me carry any of the bags, I know he’s tired. I wanted to let him rest after such a long day.”

When Taeyong turned the corner, you smiled, seeing him wearing the pajamas with a smile of his own on his lips. Thankfully they fit, for the most part. The pants might be a little too short, stopping short of his ankle, while your pooled around your feet with extra fabric.
“You cooked?” He mused, straying into the kitchen as you placed silverware and glasses on the table.
“Yes, you look exhausted, you shouldn’t have to cook, too.” You explained, settling in a chair, waiting for him to do the same.
He let out a breath of a laugh, placing himself in the chair opposite you, and tucking into the food.
“Ugh, it’s so good.” Taeyong mumbled through a mouthful of food.
“Thank you.” You smiled, happy your husband was pleased.
“I’m happy…” Taeyong whispered, picking at a piece of meat. “I think we’re going to have a good marriage…”
“I think so, too…”

so the guy in my poetry class today was wearing loafers, cargo shorts, and a pastel pink polo shirt and i just.

gansey? is that you??

Stressed-out (M)

Characters:  Taecyeon (2PM) x You (OC)

Genre:  Smut (a bit rough, but still romantic LOL)


Length:  1552

Plot:  You came home from work very problematic and stressed, finding your boyfriend (Taecyeon) reading a book oh-so-seriously.  You wanted to do something else tonight to release the stress… but definitely not reading a damn book!


You cannot wait to go home.  Your boss has been so damn rude today, asking you to go to different places delivering packages (that you are not supposed to do WTF) but still you cannot say no because he is your boss.  You should be out of work four hours back, but because of the drive back and forth from one place to another, it took you forever to finally drive your way home.

You massaged the back of your neck, releasing the tension that seemed to have been blocked there.  You gripped the steering wheel a bit too hard…

“Patience, ________.  You are almost there.”  You groaned to yourself while tapping on the steering wheel impatiently.

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Pairings: Pietro Maximoff x Faye Dalca (OC)

Warnings: Lots of fluff and cuteness, some sexualness haha

“‘Ey, vake up, sleepy head.” The familiar, sweet voice of Mr. Maximoff hummed throughout the cold morning air. “Princessa…get up, please!" 

He jumped on the bed, then straddled me. Honestly, he was worse than a child in the mornings. I rolled over and whined, refusing to open my eyes. At that, he leaned down and captured my lips in his. Of course I kissed him back…how could I not kiss someone so cute? 

"Dalca, ve 'ave stuff to do!” He insisted. I sighed and fluttered my eyes open. Pietro gave me a very, very adorable smile and leaned down onto my chest. 

“Is this what you had in mind, Pietro?” I questioned, locking my fingers in his blonde hair. “This is what we had to do?" 

He shrugged, closing his eyes and mumbling something in Sokovian. Being from Romania, I didn’t know Sokovian as well as he did. I knew a few words from being with him, but not fluent enough to translate. I scooted away from underneath him. 

"I’m going for a run, wanna come with me?” I asked him, grabbing one of my tank tops and leggings. My running shoes were waiting for me on the hamper, along with a pair of socks. I slipped my shorts off and quickly changed into my leggings. My t-shirt soon followed my shorts and was soon replaced my a tank top.

Pietro smirked, standing up. His hair was a mess from me playing with it so much and his bright, silvery eyes made him look even crazier. “If you vant to lose, Princessa.” He stepped over to me and grabbed my face gently, kissing my forehead. I giggled and wrapped my arms around his torso.

“Doubt it, Speedy.” I smirked as I tied my hair up into a ponytail. I made my way out into the kitchen to grab my water, then out onto the track. Pietro followed me out, jumping on his toes in an effort to warm up. Not like he needed to or anything. 

At once, Pietro took off in a silvery blur. I jogged after him, scoffing and rolling my eyes. He slowed down, jogging slowly backwards in front of of me. “I 'ave made four laps.” He told me, obviously proud of himself. Suddenly, he jerked himself back around and took off again. 

I didn’t mind it so much. At least he’d be remotely tired at the end of the day. All of a sudden, I was wrapped up in someone’s super fast arms. Pietro giggled wildly as we came to a screeching halt. I clung to his body until he started laughing. He placed me in front of him, grabbing my hands. 

He gave me a look before smiling at me again. “I win,” Pietro told me, a smirk spreading across his face. “As always." 

I scoffed and waved his hands around in the air. "You won…what do you want to do now?" 

Pietro started giggling his insane giggle and picked me up. I hate being a lot smaller than he is. In fact, some old lady called the police on Pietro because she thought I was twelve and that Pietro was a perverted jerk. I had to explain to her that I wasn’t twelve and Pietro wasn’t a pedophile. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him carry me. "How are you not tired?” Pietro asked. “Do you vant me to tire you out?" 

Rolling my eyes, I shrugged. He kissed my chin and grinned. How could I not love this man? He was obviously adorable, and he was sweet, kind and he understood me. I was just the freak with ice powers that was almost always forgotten. A few little girls would tell me I was like Elsa– whoever the fuck that is– and they wanted me to do the "thing”. 

I didn’t mind it though. I’d much rather be forgotten than to be known all over the world. Beatrice was one that had to make herself be known. She had– in my opinion– some of the most badass powers in the world. In a way, she deserved the glory over what she had been through. Every one of the Avengers deserve it. Well, except for Tony because he’s an asshole, but you know. 

Pietro rubbed small circles on my back before carrying me to the tower. He seemed much calmer today for some reason. It was odd, but at the same time, it was kind of nice. He’s got such a spazzy personality and he always has to be on the move. 

He put me down gently and walked to the kitchen. Pietro got himself Totino’s pizza rolls and popped them in the microwave. He put his hands down on the island and gave me a very serious look. Very rarely do I see that look on his face. “You know, I vas thinking the other day, I vant a baby.” Pietro told me. 

My jaw dropped at his words. Bucky, Beatrice and Wanda turned around on the couch, their faces full of shock. Sam came in and nearly dropped his cup of coffee on the floor. “I’m sorry…you what?” I said, although I heard him perfectly the first time. 

“I vant a baby.” Pietro repeated. 

“Shouldn’t you guys discuss that in private?” Sam asked. “We don’t want ya making babies here in front of us on the counter." 

Bucky and Beatrice started snickering. Wanda, on the other hand, remained with the look of shock plastered on her face. She didn’t seem like she hated the idea of becoming an aunt, but she didn’t seem like she was very happy with Pietro announcing it to everyone. 

Just then, Rhea and Steve came out from their bedroom, both out of breath and panting. "They’re making babies too!” Sam acted like he was pissed off, throwing his hands up in the air in fake frustration. Immediately, Rhea and Steve’s faces turned blood red. 

The microwave went off and Pietro took out the plate of pizza rolls and sat down on the loveseat in the living room. I followed him in and sat next to him, stealing one of his pizza rolls in the process. He gave me a fake offended look before giggling. 

“'Ave as many as you vant, dear.” He giggled, popping another pizza roll in his mouth. 

I watched him for a little while and I started to feel bad for him. He wanted a baby so badly and I hadn’t been able to have a baby since H.Y.D.R.A. I tried, just to surprise him because he mentioned it before, but I couldn’t. 

Pietro put his hand on my thigh, pulling me away from my thoughts. I didn’t want to tell him. I didn’t want to hurt him. I wasn’t capable of bearing his children, how would I be capable of becoming his wife? Pietro gave me a grin before finishing off the plate of pizza rolls. 

I leaned my head over onto his shoulder and sighed. “You two gonna make babies on the couch now?” Sam asked. I rolled my eyes and scoffed, gripping Pietro’s hand gently.

Out of the blue, Pietro excused us and plucked me off the couch. “Hey!” I protested. “Put me down!" 

He shook his head and brought me into our bedroom. He closed the door and put his hands on my shoulders. "Vhy vere you acting so strange?” He confronted. “You did not answer me about zhe baby." 

"What you don’t realize, Pete, is that I can’t have kids. I’ve tried. I’ve tried so many times just to please you, but I can’t. I’m sorry, Pietro.” I told him. His face immediately saddened and sympathy must of rushed over his body. 

“I…Faye…” He pressed his body against mine, wrapping me in his warm embrace. 

A few months later…

I couldn’t believe it. My cycle had disregarded me for what seemed like forever. I slumped against the bathroom wall with my mouth gaping. “Pietro…Pete! PIETRO!” I yelled, my voice shaking from excitement. Immediately the door flung open and his face was full of worry. 

“Am I…?" 

"Congratulations, Daddy." 

His face beamed and he went running down the halls, shouting that he was finally going to be a father. He came back and retrieved me gently before taking off once again. "VE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS!" 

Sam’s head peaked out from his room and a smirk spread across his face. "You made a baby where exactly?" 

"SAM!” I scolded. He started snickering and retreated to his room. 

“Just wondering because I caught the 90 year old and his girl screwing on the table, but ya know.” Sam yelled from his room. Apparently Rhea and Steve were at it…on the dinner table. 

I can never eat at the table ever again without thinking of their naked asses being on it. 


Workie Story!

So today the printers in my sector were down and my line manager asked if I could transport a bunch of papers and such to the post room

My sleepy-dopey self managed to stumble around and make it there with with only half of the papers, because I managed to bump into somebody and drop them. Thankfully he helped me carry the rest

But hey now I got a new pal to have lunch with! He reminds me of Fritz a bunch. Chubby with fluffy, ginger hair! Super nice too! V

I think I just met a time traveler.  I work at the local library, and people do come to us with questions like: “How do you spell the word ‘pursuit?’” “What is the weather forecast for next week?” and “Where can I find quarters?”

Today this late-middle-aged gentleman comes in, in a generic t-shirt and blank ball-cap.  He’s holding a stack of newspapers.  He carries them to me and asks, “What’s today?”

Me: “The 19th.”

Time-traveler: “But what day?”

Me: “It’s Wednesday.  April, Wednesday the 19th.”

He asks me the same question in various forms a few more time.  He then says, “April, Wednesday the 19th…twenty-eigh-?”

“Wednesday, April 19th, 2017,” I tell him.

“Oh, I don’t know how,” he says.  “But 2017?  Somehow I got lost.  I lost…some days.”

Then, “2017.  2017?  2017,” he says under his breath a few time.  “Okay, thank you.”

“Do you want me to write that down?” I ask.

“Yes please.”

So I write everything, month, day, year, day of the week.  As I’m writing he starts to say, “It must be some of this medication they’ve got me on.  Somehow, I got lost.”

He took the note I wrote, and left the building.

Now, we get plenty of people in here who are clearly on /something/.  But I’ve always wondered how, if you’re a time-traveler, you expect people to react when you ask for the date, they tell you “November 2,” and you are frantically saying, “What year?  WhaT YEAR?”

Well. coming in blank non-descript clothing to a library (places were workers get asked much stranger things on an everyday basis) and pretending you’ve gotten “lost in time” due to drugs?  That’s actually…not a bad plan.  I’ll keep this guy in mind if I’m ever having time-travel problems.


Birthday gift (Changkyun)

“What should I get for Changkyun??” I paced back and forth as I tried to think of something. I went out that afternoon and walked around the nearby mall to see if there was anything. Suddenly, a lingerie shop caught my eye. I gulped as I contemplated about giving Changkyun this surprise gift. I gathered my courage and walked in boldly. I checked out the items and found matching black lace underwear, the bra has a little sparkles to it. I was then satisfied with what I chose and went home with a spring in my steps.
Few days passed and it was finally Changkyun’s birthday. I waited for Changkyun till it was already 11pm… I was waiting anxiously and i tugged on the end of the silk pink robe i wore over. I was beginning to lose patience and went to my bedroom. I laid down on the bed and sulked. Just then, I heard a low voice outside in the living room. “ Babe… You home?” My eyes widened and rushed out, a little excited. When I reached the living room, I saw a worn out Changkyun sitting on the sofa, leaned back and eyes closed(similar to first pic). My heart ached a little seeing him like that. I slowly walked to him and gave him a shoulder massage. “Oooh that’s niceee… Mmmm harder there…” He moaned at the good service im giving him. “Happy Birthday my Kyunnie” I whispered in his ears. I gave a little giggle. Then, he opened his eyes and looked at me. He noticed my outfit and sat up. He leaned one hand on the sofa. “What’s this?” He asked,with one eye brow raised and a smirk. “Hehe, it’s your present!” I announced. “Then, I shall unwrap it then…” He said in his lowest tone. He sauntered to me and I moved back one step as he moved one to tease him. Suddenly, my back hit the cold hard wall. He came close to me and placed one hand on the wall. With the other, he grabbed my chin and leaned to me for a kiss. His lips were soft and tasted like chocolate. Obviously he had some before coming home. Our kiss got heated as our tongues fought for dominance. His hand went down from my chin to untie the silk robe. He slowly peeled away the robe and let it drop to the floor. He kissed my nose, my cheek and went to my neck. He nibbled at my ear a little and went to my neck. He sucked my neck hard and it was sure to leave marks. He went to my collarbone and left a few marks there. I was in pure bliss. The only reason I wasn’t letting out my moans was coz I was bitting my lips in pleasure…
“Let’s get to somewhere comfortable…” He said as he carried me bridal style. Today of all days, his voice was deeper than usual and it didnt fail to make my heart pound everytime. Especially in this situation. He lowered me onto the bed and unclasped my bra, tossing it somewhere. He began to fondle with my breasts and sucked on my nipples. I moaned loudly as he left hickeys on both my breasts. He tugged on my nipple and made me groan… He then buried himself in between my breasts and left marks there too. He then moved further down. “You’re so beautiful anything looks nice on you. But nothing has a better view…” He smirked and I rolled my eyes at him. He then used his teeth to remove my new panties. He left a trail of kisses in my inner thighs. He licked my slit and poked against my hole. He used his thumb to rub against my clit. My mouth formed an ‘O’ shaped as I arched my back. Changkyun grabbed my hips and pull me closer to his mouth and began sucking. His mouth moved fast against me. I moaned in pleasure… I began to grind my hips against his face, reaching my climax. “AAAAHHHH” I screamed as I cummed on Changkyun’s face. Changkyun licked my hole cleaned and stood up. He began to strip off his clothes. His v-neck shirt and denim ripped jeans were thrown into the abyss. He climbed back on the bed. His dick were rock hard against my pussy. He began to grind and we both moaned at the pleasure. “Changkyun, I need you boy… Just fuck me al- AAAARGHHH” Changkyun inserted his dick into me at one go. I felt a tear trickled down my cheek. Even though this isn’t our first few times, it still hurt, judging from his thickness and length. “Sorry baby…” He apologised. I nodded and he began to move slowly. He let out a small growl. “You’re so tight…” Soon his pace sped up. “Ooh uhh mmmmm fasterr harderrr! I moaned loudly. He adhered to my demands and I got what I want. He thrusted at an inhumanely fast speed. I was grabbing onto the bedsheet for dear life. My mouth was kept in an 'O’ shape for awhile. The pleasure was pure ecstasy. "AHHHHH” I screamed as he hit my spot. He thrusted in deeper and harder hittimg that spot again and again. My climax was fast approaching. One more thrust and I convulsed. Changkyun thrusted in a few more times sloppily and soon, he emptied himself in my pussy. He took out his dick and went up to lay his head on my stomach, clearly exhausted as I am, probably even more. We took a while to catch our breaths, meanwhile, I played with his soft dark brown hair. It looked great with a little waves to it. He soon fell asleep on top of me and I tried to wriggle out slowly not to wake him but I failed. He groaned and rubbed his eyes before sitting up. Soon, he was awake but was drowsy. So I pulled him with all my strength to go to the bathroom to clean up. After cleaning up, I wore my clothes an saw him standing in fromt of the bathroom sleeping with only a towel covering him. I cooed at the adorable sight and smiled as I took out his clothes. I put it on for him and dragged him to bed with him in my arms. “ Im Changkyun… My Kyun… My Boston boy…My pigpuppy hehehehe… I love you so much” I whispered as I played with his cute nose. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand with his eyes still closed. “Go to sleep baby…I’m tireddd” He groaned . I sulked a little bit and closed my eyes. But then, he opened his eyes and looked at me. He pushed the hair coverig my face to the back of my ear and my eyes opened. He looked at my eyes and I looked at his sparkly ones. He leaned to me and kissed my forehead and pecked my lips. “ I love you so much too…My baby” He smiled and said as he cupped my face. He then pulled me closer till i was against his chest. I could hear his heartbeat. He rest his chin on my head and fell asleep. I smiled and fell asleep in his arms too…

Author’s note: I’m fangirling like crazy here omg like I wrote it but asdfghjkl srsly Changkyun feels so boyfriend material!😂 I’m sorry hahaha (my fav one so far)

You’re A Slinthead (Minho x Reader)

Character: Minho

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: You’re A Slinthead

Requested by vanessa-michaels:

Can you write a TMR Minho Imagine, where Y/N has a little fight with him, but then she forgives him and admits that she can’t be mad at him? And so, Minho is all like “IKR I’m fab that’s why you can’t” and he mocks her. Y/N gets really annoyed by this behavior of his so she decides to “be mad” at him for a day (or maybe more, idk). And he has to apologize? :D Thank you <3

I was so going to kill Minho. He was supposed to help me carry the crates today because I had been suffering from really bad back aches lately. Newt had suggested that I should rest for a while and Alby had told me that I should try to make an effort without actually overdoing myself. And I had decided to listen to Alby and see if I could ignore the pain enough to carry on with my duties.

Still, I hoped my good friend –and crush- Minho would help me. He had a day off and had promised to help me, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I had waited for him a few hours, but he didn’t appear in all morning so I had to do it myself. Everyone else was too busy with their own work to help me. And although a few Gladers noticed my struggle and had offered themselves, I still didn’t want to take any of their precious time.

And when I had finished carrying everything from one point to the Glade to the other, the stupid appeared.

“Good morning, Y/N!” He greeted me, giving me a kiss on the cheek and then casually stretching, yawning like a lion.

“So you were sleeping” I angrily said, resting my hands in my lower back as I carefully massaged it.

“Yeah” Minho replied, as if it was obvious. “It’s my day off”

“You’re a slinthead” I said, too calmly for how furious I actually felt.

“I love you too, you shank” He grinned and softly elbowed me.

“You. Are. A. Slinthead” I said, more angrily so his thick brain could understand that I was mad at him.

“What did I do?!”

If my back didn’t hurt so badly, I would have at least pushed him hard or slapped him. But I knew it wouldn’t be worth it as it would only make my pain worse.

“The thing is what you didn’t do!” I began to walk away, as fast as my aching back would let me.

“Oh, klunk” I heard him muttering, finally realizing what was happening.

“Yeah” I sarcastly said, rolling my eyes. “Now you remember”

I headed to my hammock to lie down for the whole remaining of the day.

I would never talk to that slinthead again.


A few hours later, I saw him walking around the Glade with Thomas, so I smiled to myself and jogged to catch them.

Without a warning, I threw my arms around Minho while he had his back at me and engulfed him in a hug.

“Here she is!” Minho triumphantly announced, turning around and smirking as he looked me directly in the eyes.

I briefly looked at Thomas, who observed the scene curiously.

“I just couldn’t stay mad at you” I shrugged whilst my arms still rested on his shoulders.

“Of course you can’t, shuck face” Minho smugly told me, and the smile slowly fell from my face. “One does not simply ignore such perfection”

Thomas snorted and covered his mouth to hide his grin as Minho threw him a glare over his shoulder.

“What did you say?” I challenged him with the irritation palpable in my voice.

“Not good…” I heard Thomas mumble under his breath.

“You just can’t stay mad at me because you adore me, Miss Pouty Face” Minho mockingly pinched my cheeks, but I swatted him away.

“Uh, Minho…” Thomas lowly called him, being way more sensible than his friend.

But he ignored him.

“She’s so cute, thinking she could actually ignore me” That condescending look did it for me and I snapped.

“You’re a slinthead!” I simply said to him, and even if he looked mildly startled, his smug look remained on his face as well as his superior posture and attitude. His firm stance with his arms crossed over his chest. And that stupid smirk.

“Really?” His amusement was only making it worse.

“Minho, slim it” Thomas tried again. But the slinthead wouldn’t listen to him.

“Are you really that self-absorbed that you think I can’t be mad at you?” I sassily told him, pushing him so hard that he actually lost balance and Thomas had to steady him. “I can and I will. Just watch, slinthead!”

Minho loudly laughed at my words as I walked away. He’d see.

Who laughs last, laughs best.


After four days of ignoring him in which Minho kept smirking and taunting me, he had realized that I was serious and had started to follow me around like a lost puppy, begging for my forgiveness.

I would have to do the biggest effort not to smirk while he was around because I was supposed to be fuming mad at him and pretending he didn’t exist.

As I walked around the Glade, carrying the supplies over to Alby in the watchtower, Minho kept following me up and down.

“You proved it, you can. Now will you talk to me?” He begged, being more humble this time.

“Did you hear anything, guys?” I asked Thomas and Newt, who were chatting right below the watchtower. “I think I heard an irritating voice, but I’m not sure”

Newt and Thomas just laughed, pointing at Minho. It took all of the willpower within me not to turn around and look at his face because I knew it had to be priceless.

“Four days, Y/N!” Minho pouted, holding me back by my arm. “It was fun the first day, maybe the second day. But not anymore, come on!”

“Guys!” I exclaimed to them, pretending to be scared. “I think there’s a ghost in the Glade. Something’s holding my arm!”

Newt and Thomas had to lean on each other because they began laughing so hard.

“Tommy, I just hope all girls are like this bloody one” Newt said, wiping the tears from the laughter.

Newt smiled at me and sent me a wink that showed not only his support for my cause, but his amusement as well.

“Same here, Newt” Thomas shook his head in amusement and held his hand up for me to high five it, which I proudly did.

“Really funny, shuck faces” Minho stomped away and I finally could laugh with them.

“You should have seen his face!” Thomas nudged me, a big grin on his face.

I smirked, and I waved goodbye to them as I still had to take the last of the supplies up to Alby.


“Alright, I’m sorry” A tall figure was blocking the sun from me as I lied on the grass trying to enjoy a moment alone.

“Who’s there?” I looked around, pretending that Minho still wasn’t there.

“I said I’m sorry, don’t be a slinthead!” Minho complained.

I finally looked at his face, considering whether I should forgive him or not. Truth was I had enjoyed those fours day so much, even if I had missed him.

But I wanted to show him that I could be mad at him, and that he needed to stop being a slinthead.

I stood up, serenely and slowly, and brushed my jeans with extreme calmness.

I knew that would only get more on his nerves, so I enjoyed it while it still lasted.

“So now I’m a slinthead?” I raised an eyebrow and stared at him, my hands on my hips.

“No…” He admited, staring at the ground. “Will you forgive me already?”

I could not hide a smirk that time.

“Say it” I just told him, knowing that he’d understand.

“I’m a slinthead” He recited with a sigh.

“You’re a slinthead” I nodded, emphasizing it.

He smirked, and it surprised me. But I guessed he was only smirking because I was finally talking to him.

“So we’re okay then” He said, that smirk still plastered on his face.

“Yeah, but next time I hope you-“

And then I knew why that smirk.  

Minho interrupted me with a kiss. How dare he?!

I put my hands in his shoulders, prepared to shove him away, when he softly leaned his hands on my back and brought me closer to him.

And I changed my mind. I didn’t want the kiss to stop.

I moved my lips in sync with his and pretended I didn’t hear the Gladers cheering for us as we passionately kissed.

We only broke away when we needed air, and we stared at each other intently.

“You’re a slinthead” I said, although I couldn’t get rid of the smile that he had put in my face.

“But you love me” He argued, bringing me even closer to his chest.

“Careful, now you know I can get mad at you” I teased him, and he rolled his eyes with so much sass that it made me laugh.

His smirk didn’t falter, but I knew that he didn’t know what to say to that. And he couldn’t allow that, letting me know I had left him speechless.

Instead of saying anything, he just kissed me again and I smiled against his mouth.

That slinthead.

I’ve always really liked Psylocke’s outback costume.

I... Love you *Wanda Maximoff x Reader*

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Requested by Anon-Can I have Wanda x fem reader where Wanda is trying to tell the reader she loves her for the first time lots of fluff and smut?
Warnings: Swearing and implied smut-maybe
Admins Note: I am not writing full-on smut because I am not at the point where I am comfortable writing it, hopefully in the upcoming weeks I can commit to writing something good on smut, for now I am just levelling myself. Hope you enjoy this, I love writing Wanda requests, she is so perfect. LOOK AT HER, OH MY GUHD… I am so deeply in love with Wanda its unreal.

Yourself and Wanda had been a committed relationship for almost six months, ever since she officially joined the Avengers you started to have feelings, you were the first to make a move and actually ask her out. Everyone loved you both together, believing you were meant to be with each other, and you agreed. 

Despite this, neither of you have actually said those three words, not that it mattered-you both knew how each felt and you have a difficult time showing or expressing emotions. That might also be why you hadn’t even fully done the deed yet either, you’ve kissed and gone nearly all the way but never actually full committed, something either stopped you or it just didn’t feel like the right time for you or Wanda.

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He Is The One Part 2 (Clint x Reader + Avengers)

He Is The One 

A/N: Sorry for the waiting guys! I had to finish some requests first, but here it is :) I hope you guys are still interested :D Please ignore mistakes. 

Originally posted by atrouslux

It had been a week since they rescued me. Everyone was around me, mostly Clint who didn’t leave me a second. After my friendly visit to HYDRA, they brought all my stuff to the tower and gave Clint a bigger room so we could stay together. I was happy that I was living in the tower with my family, but it was kind of sad that Clint didn’t get to ask me to move in with him.
Things haven’t been going to well. I was doing a terrible job of getting control of my powers. I was dying. I could feel it, ever since I got back, I started to have wounds. Bruises ‘appeared’ up on my back, my waist, my stomach. It was because the power was too much for me to carry. I didn’t tell anyone what was going on with me, I didn’t want our last days together to be 'sad’.
They were all were trying to help me control my powers. Nothing really happend except  I almost destroyed the whole city, again. I was just trying to lift a ball with my mind, then something inside woke up. Everything started to shake, lights went off, windows broke. Something inside me was changing each time I lost the control, it was damaging me.
We were all in the training room, everybody was there trying to help me with my powers. It had been two days since the last time I lost it, and my powers didn’t cause any problems, yet. It was because I was feeling okay since then, thanks to Clint. He didn’t even leave me for a second, he was too scared something might happen to me.
I kept staring at the water bottle that was standing on the table, which Steve told me to 'make it fly’. I was doing a terrible job at it. I even raised my hand like in the movies, but it didn’t work. I needed a push, something to trigger.
“Okay. This is not working.” Pietro said and got on his feet, walked towards the weapons closet. We all watched him, trying to understand what he was gonna do.
“I know guys, I am sorry. I don’t like waiting you all.” I said and ran my hands through my hair. Clint wrapped his arm around me, “Hey. You can do it. You just need time.” He said with a soft tone.
Everyone nodded, giving me understanding looks.
“Actually, I think it is time to try something different.” Pietro said, we all turned back to him. My eyes widened when I saw that he was holding a gun to his head. It didn’t take us a second to understand what he was doing. Wanda screamed his name as everyone else yelled “NOO!”
My heart beat fastened, my breathing stopped. Next thing I know, his gun flew straight to my hand before he could pull the trigger.
I didn’t like holding guns,so I dropped it immediatly, shocked. Everyone was shocked, looking at me.
“YOU ASSHOLE!” I shouted to Pietro, picking up the gun back and checking if the gun was loaded. It was. My hands started to shake. What if I couldn’t do it? Wanda was there too, but it would take her a moment to use her powers, I was faster. So I was Pietro’s only chance.
Wanda was terrified, she was taking deep breaths.
“But you did.” He answered, smiling. I was even more mad. He believed in me, but I didn’t.
“YOU CAN’T JUST DO THAT PIETRO! DON’T EVER–” Before I could finish shouting, the water bottle exploded, the ground started shaking.
It was happening, again.
I took a few steps back from eveyone, got out of Clint’s arms. He started to walk towards me but I raised my hand to him, which meant don’t-get-close. I held my head and pulled my hair, trying to make it stop.
It hurt. I felt the power in my chest, like a monster crawling to be let out. It felt too much. My body couldn’t take that much power, I fell on my knees. It even hurt more. Windows broke and the gun on the table flew across the room. Table broke down and everyone took steps back, looking at me with worried expressions. I shut my eyes, trying to stop it.
I felt arms around me, understood that it was Clint by the scent.
“Hey, focus on my voice, okay? Just my voice.” He said to my ear. I wasn’t able to respond, I just moaned, my chest hurting.
“Do  you remember when we first met, huh? It was your first day at the lab, and I asked you out the same hour? And you said yes without even thinking and the next day I was gonna take you to dinner but you were feeling sick so we just stayed in and watched Star Trek?” He said, hugging me tighter. The gun fell back on the ground and lights came back on, but the whole building was still shaking. He understood that remembering it made me relax so he kept talking. I felt the monster inside me calming down.
“And,and uh- our first kiss? We were on the top of the tower, watching the city lights, and I just pulled you and kissed you in the middle of our conversation, do you remember?” I remembered every second of it and it made me relax, the shaking stopped.
I layed my head on Clint’s shoulder. I was hardly taking breaths, I felt too tired. Using that much of power made me weak.
I saw the worried expressions on the others face. I wanted to smile and tell them I was okay, but I was too weak, and it wasn’t even true. Clint saw it and picked me up, bridal style.
“I think we are done for today.” He said to others and carried me back to our bed.
I woke up next morning, turns out that I was asleep for 12 hours. Clint’s arm was around my waist, holding me close to him. My back was turned against him, so I turned back to him and layed my head on his chest, hoping not to wake him up. I hugged him tighter.
“Good morning.” He said in a deep-sleepy voice after a few minutes.
“Good morning.” I said, my voice way too weak then usual.
He rubbed his eyes and looked down at me.
“How are you feeling?” He put his arms around me again.
“I-I…feel weak.” He took a deep breath.
“Let’s get some breakfast then we’ll go see Tony and Bruce, okay?” He said. I nodded and we got up. I realized that I was only wearing one of his shirts, so I got one of my dresses from the closet and put it on.
We both went to the bathroom and washed up, then headed to the kitchen.
Our little walk exhausted me. I didn’t want it to be so obvious because Clint would get too worried. I hardly threw myself on the chair and asked Clint if he could make me some cereal.
“Sure.” He said and put it in front of me with a spoon. I didn’t feel like eating, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I just felt like I was out of life energy. 

I was feeling a strong urge to let it out, but if I did my body wouldn’t gonna be able to take it anymore, I would die.
I knew what was happening inside of me, the power was eating me out. I was dying slowly, it wasn’t hard for me to understand it.
“Baby, I think you should take me to Bruce and Tony now.” I said, words hardly coming out of my mouth. He took his eyes off his cereal and looked at me with a scared expression. He immediatly stood up and picked me up. He walked fastly to the lab and got in, shouting “Guys, we need help!”
Tony and Bruce looked up from their work.
“Lay her down.” Bruce said, pointing to the bed. Both of them ran to me, looking worried. They knew what was going on too, I was dying.
“Guys…You know what is going on.” I said, my voice coming out like a whisper. They had been doing tests on me all week, and it was clear. They just weren’t accepting it.
“What? What are you talking about?” Clint asked, his voice terrified.
Tony ran his hands through his hair, Bruce looked down, sad. I turned my head to him, giving him a weak smile.
“I love you.” I hardly spoke again, my voice cracking. Clint’s eyes widened. He knew it was my way to say good bye.
“No. No,no-no-no. You are not leaving. There has to be a solution. Tony? Bruce?” He looked at the two with questioning eyes.
They just kept looking down. Clint got the answer, but he wasn’t taking it.
“ANSWER ME! THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING! SHE CAN’T DIE!” He shouted, taking a step towards them. I shut my eyes in pain, he was gonna be a mess when I was gone.
“Honey, look. Look at me. It will be okay.” I said,trying to sound strong but amazingly failing. He looked at me, tears in his eyes.
“NO. No. It won’t be. I can’t. I can’t…” He was wiping his tears from his face now.
My heart ached.
Others came in running, asking what was wrong. No one answered, and they understood it when they took a look.
“What is going on?” Steve asked, even though he knew something was wrong with me.
Steve! His blood. The serum. It all went through my head, maybe, the serum could help me. It could make my body stronger, I could be able to live with my powers. But maybe.
“The serum.” I said, trying to be loud.
“What?” They all looked at me, confused.
“The serum.” I repeated, I didn’t have energy to explain my theory.
Tony’s and Bruce’s eyes widened, understanding what I meant.
“Oh my god.” They both said at the same time.
“What the hell is going on?”
Clint got it seconds later. His face lightened, looked at me with a hopeful, sad smile.
“The serum! It can help (Y/N)! Her body can’t take all the power inside of her, but what if she had a stronger one?” Tony explained to the others.
“Do you have it?” Clint asked.
“I do.” He answered, smiling.
Oh no. They are getting their hopes up. What if I don’t make it? I thought about dying, I wasn’t scared. My worries were about my family, mostly Clint.
“Let’s get ready.” Bruce said to Tony.
“Hold on.” I said,  everyone turned back to me.
“There is something I need you guys to know, just in case.” I said, my voice sounding way too weak. The sad look came back on their faces.
“Thank you guys, all of you. This place feels like home, a home I’ve never had before.” I said and took a deep breath, trying to keep myself together. “You all are my family, everything I got. And if I don’t make it, do me a favor, don’t be sad. Live a full filled happy life, be happy. Don’t cry after me, okay?” I hardly finished, my voice cracking.
They just looked at me, not knowing what to say. They still weren’t accepting the fact that I could be gone.
“It is not 'my life’ without you in it.” Clint said. He came closer and sat on my bed, holding my hand.
“And we are not letting you go yet.” Natasha said with tears in her eyes, giving me a sad smile.
“You have to be in our full-filled happy life.” Thor added, smiling, giving me courage.
They all said something after that too, but I wasn’t able to listen, I was too busy thinking about death.
Tony and Bruce left to get ready, and the others got out of the lab, gave me and Clint privacy.
Clint put a kiss on my forehead, held my hand tighter.
“I love you.” His voice sounded like a whisper, making the butterflies dance in my stomach.
“I love you too.” I said, trying to strong strong but failing again.
“We are ready.” Bruce called to us.
“How are we gonna do it?” Clint asked.
“We’ll put her in the machine, and wait.” Tony answered, pointing the machine that looked like a wardrobe. Clint picked me up and walked towards the machine.
“It is safe right?”
“It is 21st century Legolas.” Tony answered Clint.
“I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be fine.” Bruce added. Clint placed me inside the machine. I could see that he still felt scared. He walked towards to Bruce.
Tony walked over to me and shut the machine’s doors. I could see that others came in from the glass on the machine’s door.
I felt fear rising inside me.
Without even a warning, Tony turned on the machine. I didn’t really realize what was happening after that.
I felt needles all over my body, injecting the serum. It hurt, but I didn’t have the energy to scream or anything. I don’t know how long I was in that machine.
I was sweating, taking heavy breaths. I felt alive. I didn’t feel like dying anymore. I felt energic, strong.
Everyone’s eyes were on me, too shocked to ran over to me. I problebly looked taller and more muscly.
That was the last thing I saw before falling on my knees, passing out.
I woke up in the hospital wing. This time was diffrent, I felt healty and most importnantly, alive.
“Rise and shine.” Clint said, smiling. His dorky smile made me want to eat his stupid cute face.
I understood that everything was okay with me when I looked at him, he looked happy.
“I am alive. Guess we are going to Tahiti, huh?” I said, smiling back.
He took my hand. “We are. When we have the money, which will take like, 2-3 weeks.” He said.
“Yeah, about that. You guys are Friday tomorrow morning.” Tony said, walking in. The others followed him and they all jumped to the couch and took a seat.
Tony smirked at the two of us. “You’re welcome.”
“Tony, you didn’t have to. We can’t pay you back–”
“Yes, I didn’t but I did.And yes, you can’t and you won’t.” Tony cut off Clint.  
“Toony…-” I started but he cut me off too.
“Friday morning, both of you will be in my private jet, and take your asses to Tahiti. End of story.” He said and took a bite from his apple. I just smiled at him and Clint thanked him.
“You are the best.” I said and opened my arms, waiting for him to come and hug me.
He got off the couch and walked towards my bed, hugged me.
“I know you love me (Y/N). You don’t have to prove it.” He said and we pulled away. He gave me a playful smirk and walked back to the couch.
I pushed away the blanket off from me and got on my feet.
“How do you feel?” Clint asked me.
“Taller.” I answered, checking myself up from the mirror. I was a few inches taller, I had abs, and I wasn’t feeling 'the monster’ inside me anymore.
“(Y/N), why don’t you give it a try.” Bruce said, I got what he meant. I looked at the water bottle, which was standing on the table next to the bed. I just imagined it flying to my hand. And it actually did. I felt the power inside me again, but this time, it was diffrent. It made me feel powerful, healthy.
I smiled and took a sip from the bottle.
I watched Clint as he aimed his arrow, and let it free. He was so focused, he didn’t realize I was watching him.
The arrow hit the bullseye. He pulled another one and shot again, I imagined the arrow flying away from the target. It did.
“What the-” He was gonna curse, but he understood that it was me, he turned his back, saw me. He looked like a small child that lost his candy.
I chuckled.
“Haha, very funny. And a nice thing to do, really.”
“It was very funny. You should have seen the look on your face!” I said as I kept laughing.
He just rolled his eyes.
He looked a little mad, so I stopped laughing and walked towards him. He took a seat.
“Come oonnn.” I said and sat in front of him, leaning in for a kiss.
He turned his head away from me.
“No kissing until you apologize.” I raised my eyebrow.
“Oh really, Agent Barton?”
“Yes ma'am. Apologize, and then kissies.” He said. He loves to play, doesn’t he?
“Okay then, Agent Barton.” I said, using my most seductive voice. Let’s play.
I licked my lips, looking like I am not doing on purpose. I put my one leg on the other, moving my skirt up a little.
I knew that I got him when I catched him looking at my legs.
“It is getting hot in here, don’t you think, Agent Barton?” I said with my 'sexy’ voice and took off my jacket. He looked like he was undressing me with his eyes, but he pulled himself together and answered.
“Yeah, actually it is.” He said and took off his shirt.
Oh no.
My eyes went staright to his abs. Stop staring (Y/N)! Nothing you haven’t seen before! You are not a horny teenager come on stop staring!
I pulled myself together. If we are playing, I’ll win.
“You have very impressive abs, Agent Barton. Mind if I touch them?” I said, not waiting for an answer. I leaned again from my chair to his.
I put my hand on his shoulder, slided it down slowly to his chest, then his six-pack.
I got him.
“You are driving me crazy.” He said and pulled me to him, making me sit on his lap. He placed his hands on my waist. He leaned in and put a kiss on my lips. I ran my hands through his hair as he slipped his tongue inside my mouth, kissing me harder. He was more dominant at first, but soon our tongues started battling each other.
“Agent Barton, Dr. (Y/L/N), training rooms are for training. Not love-making.” Tony’s voice came out from the speakers.
We pulled away quickly and looked at the camera. We both raised our middle fingers at the same time.
He really is the one for me, I thought.
“Check.” I said, checking our suitcase.
“Condoms?” He asked, looking more interested than before.
“That’s your job.” I said, pointing him. He chuckled.
I took another look at our huge suitcase, checking if we got everything. Everything we needed was in it.
“I think we are done.” I said, smiling.
“Let’s go now then. Private jet is waitin’.” He said and took the suitcase. I took my purse and we got out of the room.
I was so exicited about our trip. Our first trip!
We got into the elevator and pushed the button for the roof’s floor.
“I love you.” I mumbled and hugged him.
“I know.” Jerk.
He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. We pulled away when we arrived at our floor. The doors opened, we saw our friends waiting.
“We thought we should say good bye before the love birds go.” Natasha said, smirking.
“If you guys make a baby there, we are gonna call him Tony.” Tony said.
“Actually I am sure it’ll be Pietro.”
“She will be Natasha, idiots.”
“Hold on. If it is a girl, I am pretty sure (Y/N) would name her Wanda.”
“I am pretty sure she would say Sam. Works for both boy or girl.”
“His name is gonna be Steve.” He said, raising his eye brows at them. I smiled at their talk.
“Can we skip to the good bye part please?” Clint said.
They nodded and we all hugged each other by turns. We all said 'good bye’s and they made some +18 jokes about the two of us being alone in the hotel room.
A servant took our suitcase and me and Clint got in the jet. We waved good bye to them and took seats. I sat in front of Clint.
“You are sitting on the wrong seat.” He said.
“Want me to sit next to you? Okay.” I got up and sat next to him.
“Still the wrong seat.” He said, smirking. I understood what he meant. I got up again and sat on his lap.
“Is it okay now, Agent Barton?” I said, placing my hands behind his neck.
“It is perfect ma'am.” He said, smirking.
I leaned in for a kiss.

“What about our first kiss?” I asked Clint. We were laying down in the beach, watching the stars and the moon. We could hear the waves of the ocean, and smell the beautiful scent coming from the flowers.
“Our first kiss… I had been waiting for a while to do that.” He said, smiling. I smiled back at him.
“I was waiting for you to do it too.”
“Oh yeah? Why didn’t you kiss me?” He asked, raising his eye brow.
“I couldn’t! You know that!” I said, blushing. Then he got on his feet. I looked at him with questioning looks.
“Let’s go for a swim.” He said and took his shirt off.
“Yes!” He said and pulled me on my feet. We were alone in the beach, I didn’t see a reason why not.
I took my dress off, stood only in my bra and panties. He took his pants off, threw it next to my dress. We both took off our shoes.
“You go in first.” I said pushing him to the water.
“Nope. We’ll go together.” He said and threw me over his shoulder. I screamed. He started walking towards the water with me.
“Clinton Francis Barton! Let me down!”
“Not a chance baby.” He said and got in the water.
Damn it was cold.
“COLD! COLD! NO!” I screamed again a he put me in the water.
“I hate you.” I said, trying to get used to the cold.
“You love me.” He said, wrapping his arms around my waist.
“I don’t.” I said, not looking at his face.
“You love me.” He repeated again, making me look at him. I smiled.
“No.” I said like a child and threw water to his face. He had to take his hands off to rub his eyes and back off as I laughed.
“So this is how it is, huh?” He said as I kept laughing. I swam away from him.
“Yes it is Barton!” I said as I swam faster. He swam towards to me and tried to catch me.
“You can’t catch me!” I said and kept swimming.
“Watch me!” He said and the next thing I know, he caught me from my back, wrapping his arms around my torso.
I laughed and tried to get out of his arms.
“Got you.” He said to  my ear, bringing the butterflies back.I layed my head back, on his shoulder.

“You got me.” I said.

After half an hour of making out and flirting in the water, we got out. We walked towards our clothes, holding hands, water dripping from every part of our bodies.
I commed my hair with my fingers and took my dress from the ground. Clint was already in his clothes, waiting for me. When I got in my dress and put my shoes on, my back was turned to him. I felt him bending on his knees.
“What are y–” I stopped speaking when turned around and saw that he was holding a small box. My eyes widened.
“Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.” He said and opened the box, it was the most beautiful wedding ring I have ever seen.
“Will you marry me?” He asked.
“Yes.” I said, tears coming down from my eyes, he got up and put the ring on my finger.
I hugged him, burrying my face in his shoulders. We pulled away and kissed. This kiss was more diffrent then others, it consumed me. Made me feel more alive then ever.
We were standing in a beach, all wet, under the moonlight. It was the best moment of my life.

Hope you guys like it.

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