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My search for a cure for the common cold turned into finding a remedy for robbery. 
Blow Out - 3x10



I had a blast building and decorating my entry to @redhotchilisimblrs 2nd replica challenge today. I managed to do it all in one sitting, mostly because I was home alone and decided that the whole afternoon would be purely for simming! ^_^ 

I’ve named this lot Lorentz Bungalow. I decided to build it in Forgotten Hollow and it’s value landed on §77 300. It’s completely cc-free!

Lorentz is the name of my grandpa on my father’s side. He’s 89 years old this year and unfortunately he doesn’t remember much of anything these days. He was a carpenter when he was younger and he built the brick house that my father and his brothers grew up in. He loved gardening too which seemed fitting when this build required a vegetable garden. He always grew tomatoes and potatoes! Grandma and grandpa had the best raspberries and my brother and I spent many summer days playing in their garden. 

My grandpa on my mother’s side was also a carpenter actually and both he and Lorentz were very proud of me getting my architect degree last year. I feel very blessed to have had them all my life and I love them both dearly. ♥

Celtic Goddesses and Gods Part 5

Gabba (Also Gabis of the Abyss)- She is a crone aspect of the Dark All Mother and one of the dark queens. She is the Goddess of the 13th Moon. Her name means “Crystal.” No one knows or remembers what she looks like because to look at her face kills you. Her symbol is the Celtic endless weave and quartz crystals. 

Gwalchmei (Also Gwalchmai)- He is the nephew of King Arthur, son of the Goddess Mei, and is called the Hawk or Falcon of May. He portrays a God of love and music. His symbols are hawks and the fields at hunting times. 

Gwyn ap Nudd- A God of the Wild Hunt, he is a God of the death chase and the Otherworld. He is the hunter of souls and lord of the unmanifested. He has a white hound with red ears named Dormarth. 

Hellith- A God of the setting sun (Fire and Air), and of the sying. When invoked, he brings peace to those near death. After death, souls are in his protection until they reach their destination. His symbols are the setting sun disc and a flute that brings peace and tranquility to those who hear it.

Hertha (Also Herdda)- She is an Earth Goddess, representing the greening of Spring. A Goddess of rebirth and healing, her symbols are the cow and calf and milk pail. 

Letha- A harvest Goddess associated with Midsummer, her magickal symbols are swan and apples. 

Luchta (Also Lucta, Luchtaine)- A God of smiths, wrights, and craftsmen who is associated with Gobannon, he is the carpenter God and shieldmaker for the Tuatha.  

(Source: Exploring Celtic Druidism Ancient Magick and Rituals for Personal Empowerment by Sirona Knight)


Has anyone read a drarry fic where Harry is some sort of magical carpenter and he is commissioned by Draco to build something on the estate.

Draco works with injured animals and brings all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures into the estate and tends to them.

There is a woman who works with him?? I picture her in my mind as a sort of hippy with floaty dresses and braids in her hair??

And I remember something about animal traps and one of dracos animals being hurt / caught in them!!!


Trollhunters Headcanons

me: I should really get those requests done…
brain: no, do something else
me: like homework?
brain: no, LIKE THIS

Jim makes Toby gourmet milkshakes after he’s had his braces tightened.

One of Claire’s favorite things to do is improv games. She teaches them to Jim and Toby and they’re pretty good at them. 

The first time Arrrgh hears Toby curse is when he came back from the orthodontist with rubber bands in his mouth. Toby didn’t even notice him; he just stomped in, yanked them out, threw them on the ground and said “fuck that!” Arrrgh was like “child, no

Jim is a stringbean to begin with, and with his new duties he doesn’t have time to eat actual meals. He quickly becomes underweight and malnourished. Blinky finds out when he faints during training. He quickly makes it his mission to Feed The Child.

One day Draal was looking for a late-night snack upstairs when Barbara came home. He was able to hide, but he noticed she was so tired she forgot to lock the door behind her. Now Draal makes sure to check the locks every night.

Angor Rot was actually pretty low in social standing in his village. He was a carpenter, a craftsman, barely scraping by. But, he was a friend to many and had a lovely family whom he’d do anything for. He loved his village.

Strickler stays in his troll form during cooking so he always has plenty of knives because HE KEEPS HAVING TO GET A NEW ONE CUZ HE ALWAYS PUTS THEM IN THE SINK BEFORE REALIZING “OH, I NEED A KNIFE FOR THAT”