he cant see without his glasses

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hello!! i love your writing so much omg! it would be really cool if you did a jily musical theatre au, but no pressure. have a nice day!

  • ‘i dont even like you’ james tells lily, lying, when theyre both cast as leads
  • james’ only reference to any musical being high school musical and its only then when he realises they never even PERFORMED THE PLAY it was JUST THE CALL BACK and lily tells him to SHUT UP because HES YELLING and also EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW THAT 

  • lily joined cause music + acting = Her Shit and also slughorn is the director and he insisted on having her audition 

  • lilys always loosing her script and then taking james’ and trying to make him think hes the one whose lost his lines

  • sirius heckles every rehersal

  • remus is on lighting and james tries to bribe him to make it go dark whenever lily speaks but lily hears him and tips her coffee down his front 

  • in rehersals during the bit where theyre meant to kiss james kisses his hand and lily just squints at him bc the fuck was that rlly necesseary he could have just kissed nothing what a weirdo

  • james being A Smug Shite whenver he sings bc he knows hes good and lily is so sick of his talent she could physically die 

  • except like. annoyingly they have the same taste in music so when theyre in their dressing rooms she’ll bang on their shared wall and tell him to turn up Melodrama or smth and he’ll smile a little

  • at one point sirius paints a fake tree yellow just for The Drama Of It All and slughorn is Next Level Pissed and lily and james cant stop laughing

  • james: ‘wheres the coffee’ *lily, having drunk the entire pot out of spite earlier that morning bc james said she looked like a falmingo in her pink legwarmers, shaking slightly,: SAY WHAT BITCH

  • lily keeps improvising funny lines and james trying not to laugh each time
  • they move out of the rough rehersal stage and everyone knows their lines now and shit is getting real and sirius has been thrown off the props team 7 times but somehow keeps getting back on it 
  • lily still doesnt like him but like damn. boy is funny. boy can sing. boy looks like that and can do 5 cartwheels in a row. 
  •  they do arm wrestling and james never lets her win but lily always cheats anyway 
  • he writes his english essays and shes all ‘youve spelt ‘produce’ wrong how can u even do that’ and ‘stop calling hamlet great ok he did the dirty on opehlia and im sick of pretending like im okay with it’ 
  • james sitting in the directors chair despite a) not being the director and b) required to be on stage for a scene at the time 
  • her car doesnt start and theyre standing in the theatre parking lot, everyone else at home, and he wont leave unless she does and she wont leave her car overnight so they sit on her bonnet and talk about hamlet and high school musical and how theyre similar 
  • lily says i cant hit the high note and james, without thinking says yes you can. youre excellent and everyone is staring at him and he goes bright red

  • the bit where theyre supposed to kiss only this time theyre v close to each other and its lily can feel his breath on her face. see her reflection in his glasses. she looks winded. she feels like it. 
  • once he walks out in her costume on stage and she laughs so hard she falls into sirius’ yellow tree which he keeps putting up 
  • lily skulling coffee and then doing her solo and going off stage while slughorn wipes away tears 
  • theyre in dress rehersals now and its all happening and even when james is looking at someone else hes really looking at her 
  • opening night and james is so nervous and in the minute before the curtain goes up she just. grabs his wrist. and suddenly he is a flood of calm 
  • sirius holding up a sign when it gets to the kiss that says ‘NOW FUCK’ 
  • there is 11 shows and by show 7 james and lily are honest to god having contests to see who can skull the most mountain dew and then do their solo and slughorn is In Dispair 
  • the show is still fucking excellent tho
  • closing night and lilys walking to her car only now shes never going to have another reason to kiss him again and that just. is a huge fucking problem actually 
  • james being literally shoved up againist the bathroom wall about five minutes later after lily has tracked him down and hes liked her all this time and now shes kissing him for no apparent reason and goddamn hes so lucky 

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am I the only one that thinks Richie without his glasses is like Velma without hers? like if his glasses were knocked off, I feel like he wouldn’t see anything. DO YOU SEE HOW THICK HIS PRESCRIPTION IS?? THIS BOYS EYES DOULBE IN SIZE!!

ok but one time, Henry broke Richie’s glasses on purpose and the next day, Richie had to go to school without his glasses for the first time
when the other Losers first saw him they were like “wow richie you look damn cool, did you put eye contacts or something??” and Richie would be like “who…. who is talking to me…. who is there for god’s sake

he would also make flirty comments to their math teacher (a horrible grumpy old lady) thinking it’s their pretty english teacher, but also high-fiving Henry because he thought it was Bill, just after he insulted his mother


Eddie: Richie. You have your hand on my butt.

Richie: uM?? whO IS TalKing??? i canT SEE anything IM SORRY SIr

Matt 'I-cant-see' Holt

I’m laughing cuz there’s a theory circulating that Matt can’t actually see without his glasses and I’m just here thinking, that boy uses a staff and his bare hands, CUZ HE CAN’T SEE SHIT.

So Matt comes up with this method of LITERALLY SWINGING at everything that comes within a 1 metre radius. AND IF YOU GET ANY CLOSER, HE GONNA SUCKER PUNCH YOU.

I’m so proud of him. Pidge would be so proud of him.

The aliens lost to a fucking human who can’t see clearly and is just swinging around a fucking staff. This is why we love Matt Holt.


OHHSHIT, didn’t think i would upload my precious bby luke aye? hehehehe. well anyway, here’s Luke and his new friend-enemy; Alice. I thought it would be cool to upload him as a way of saying thank you to you guys?? ❤️ yay??? Alice is just a new sim I did and I thought I’ll add her in as well~ she’s a cutie no?

he’s my precious lil child. don’t reupload and whatever *sobs* His ma is gonna kill me later on but shh. here’s the CC list you’ll need for him. or them. TAG ME KKK cos I wanna see what they’re up to in your game. MOM AND PA WOULD LOVE THAT TOO. rlly.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Michael is beautiful with or without glasses end of story, until he shows up at Jeremy's house to play video games. When Jeremy sees Michael slowly take off his glasses just to clean some dirt off of them or something Jeremy has to take a moment so he doesn't audibly scream, and if Michael forgot to pause the game there's no doubt Jeremy just gets mauled while he stops and stares

i love how theyve been friends for over a decade and at some point jeremy cant handle when his best friend takes his glasses off

@detectivegeekshin i hope im not too late to jump on the band wagon-

Cone’s eyes dry up when hes wearing contacts so he ends up in pain most of the time, especially if he cant put those drops in his eyes when Ran is around.

Heiji has once or twice had to buy conan spare glasses just in case he becomes shinichi and he has no glasses with him.

Shinichi can no longer POINT. He becomes so unsure without his glasses since he cant see anything further than 1 foot. XDD

Lance stole Pidge’s glasses and now he can’t give them back~~

help my new aesthetic is Lance in glasses you’ll probably be seeing alot more of this from me you have been warned

Please dont repost without my permission thanksss <3

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I know you keep forgetting the scars on accident, but I cant help but think of it as a form of symbolism. Everytime I see him without the scars, it's always when he's happy and I just makes me get the feeling that at those moments its when he really forgets all of the horrible things in life, which includes the scars and his own sins. Its a sort of "at peace" thing for him, where the scars become so insignificant that he doesn't even realize they're there. Like getting used to a pair of glasses.

((I actually never even thought of it that way but aww))

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Sphynx: Last text you sent? Nymph: Last dream you remember? Agamemnon: What is an achievement you’re proud of?

Sphynx: Last text you sent? 
My personal email address to a friend so she could send it  to her friend so he could ask me questions to plan his own solo trip to Ireland!

Nymph: Last dream you remember? 
Omg last night I had the WEIRDEST dreams. Last night/this morning when I was snoozing my alarm…I think one was about a scene in My Girl aka the saddest movie ever and it was the saddest scene where she’s like “He cant see without his glasses” and I woke up so confused because I havent seen or thought of that movie in agessss. And it made my morning so weird.

Agamemnon: What is an achievement you’re proud of?
That I went to a foreign country for two weeks by myself and had the time of my life and planned out the whole thing by myself.  That was pretty cool.  Also my master’s…that was hard work!

Guys I want more fic about Harry's glasses...

*glasses shoving into Draco’s cheek the first few times they make out because Harry doesn’t want to take them off

*the first time Draco playfully steals his glasses “how blind are you, potter?” And Harry trying to grab them back because he desperately doesn’t want Draco to see just how blind he is

*feeling overwhelmed and insecure the first time Draco takes them off his face because HE CANT SEE

*the way he feels completely naked when Draco runs his fingertips over Harry’s bare eyelids because it’s always his scar and his glasses people see and Draco is looking at him and Harry has never felt so raw before

*Harry’s glasses constantly being tossed aside during sex and he can never find them afterwards always grasping around and feeling embarrassed but Draco is always there to find them without being asked, his thumb softly brushing Harry’s cheek as he slides the frames onto Harry’s face

About Matty and his wine on stage...

So I just want to throw this observation out there because I think its important.

I noticed in videos but never really gave it much thought till I saw him live 3 nights in a row.

While the first night he was completely trashed to the point where he wasn’t himself and it was kind of embarrassing to watch.

The next two nights I noticed the same thing I always notice in videos.

He wasnt ACTUALLY drinking.

He comes on stage with a half full bottle at most and proceeds to throw it back constantly but…the amount in the bottle never lowered. I noticed one night it was actually empty yet he was still “drinking” it. His lips, teeth and tongue are never purple which, lets be real, you cant even drink a glass let alone a bottle without your lips going purple.

He looks like he’s taking massive swigs but he’s not…he’s either blocking it with his tongue or dropping it right back in the bottle.

And then I remember what he said about the bottle being part of the act now that people expect it of him. He thinks his fans dont want to see him without it. Because its become so romanticized and glorified. So it comes out every night more as a prop than anything else.

I was actually quite upset for the San Diego show response because the wine was there, sure, and people’s reactions online were “Matty was so drunk and amazing.” He maybe took three swigs, the amount in the bottle never went down and he was clear voiced and goofy and wonderful the whole show which was a far cry from the slurring stumbling wreck I saw the first LA night. But because of the mere presence of the bottle he was reduced to the “drunk” Pop star.

I am not saying he’s not drunk at more shows than he should be, because he is and its concerning. But he’s not drunk far more than it seems. Its an illusion because the “parody” of Matty Healy is a wine swilling lovable drunk. Its what he thinks his fans want from him. Its not a good or “amazing” thing even if he is faking it.

But it’s all part of the show. Its smoke and mirrors a lot more than you think it is.

The problem is us making him think he looks cool doing it and its what we want. Our job is to make him believe we dont need the bottle on stage to feel like we’ve got a show.

After the “face morphing gmm” this gif from got a completely new meaning for me.. In the face morphing experiment Rhett states that he knows Link most of his life without glasses, so it seems that he preffer that way.. even because every chance he gets he just takes Links glasses off.. so in this gif he sees Link without his glasses and shirt off.. Rhetts reaction got a lot more Rhinky..


Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Reader Request: yeS

Summary: Mr. Allen is Y/N’s adorable teacher assistant

Warning: This is more of a teachers assistant/student relationship but If you are weirded out by anything to that extent, (which I by no means endorse or encourage irl) then please don’t read this! Read one of my other Barry Allen imagines instead!

A/N: Sorry for the wait! I was going to post this last Saturday but then I had to wake up early for a competition and that literally took up my entire day and my week was crazy but I’m back and I hope this will make up for everything! This is unedited

“Good morning students, I hope you took the liberty of reading all the designated chapters this weekend because we are going to jump right into our lesson! Who here can tell me-?” Professor Wells rambled on from his place at the front of the room. In the top corner of the room you sat perched at the edge of your seat trying to listen in on his lecture as students laughed and spoke freely to one another around you. You hated being one of the only students to genuinely care for your education because other people looked at you like you were some major buzzkill. You weren’t a genius by any means you just had goals for yourself and the drive and dedication to reach them. You worked your ass off day and night to not only keep up with your academics but the mortgage on your apartment. Through work and school you never really had time to fulfill the whole “college experience” of drinking and partying until you cant see straight.

 “Now believe it or not, with all the new additions to my program grading and teaching has become an increasingly hard task to manage thus I have decided to finally get a teachers assistant. Everyone meet Mr. Allen!”

“Really, you can call me Barry.” A deep voice grinned from the front of the room. Mr. Barry Allen was about 6′2 his eyes were a lush green and his soft dark hair slicked to the side. He was a tall lean man in his early 20′s, probably fresh out of college himself and perched on his nose was a delicate pair of spectacles.

“Oh nonsense, my students will refer to you as Mr. Allen.” Professor Wells encouraged his voice kind but final.


It had been two weeks since Mr. Allen had started working for Professor Wells and you had already taken a liking to him. The way he spoke so freely and insightfully and the gorgeous fluidity of his voice. Some days he taught lectures, other days he just sat at the back of the room grading papers and tests. He generally liked your essays, he’d draw little smiley faces at the bottom and leave sweet messages, but on one particular essay he had left you nothing. It had been a hard essay for you to write, it was late notice and you were entirely unprepared for the prompt. To this day you were confused about its content and had asked if one of your professors could help you further understand the concept at hand. Naturally, Mr. Allen was free and offered to help.

“This was always my best subject, plus I’ve already read your essay so it saves lots of time!” He had defended when you first came asking for some sort of tutoring.

“Fine!” You giggled deciding to give in. You knew Barry, er Mr. Allen, was an exceptional writer and teacher and had no real reason to deny his offer. He quickly led you to the backroom for a more private studying session, pulling out a chair for you in front of his desk before diving into the lesson at hand.

He smiled at me his eyes twinkling as my breathe caught in my throat. A small gasp passed through my lips and his eyes immediately turned to that of worry, “Are you alright, Miss Y/N?”

“Fine. I’m fine.” You whispered your heart racing in your chest as you tried to ignore the blush filling your cheeks.

“Are you sure, miss? If you aren’t feeling well we can always talk about your paper another time-?”

“Sorry I just got a bit distracted, please go on!”

He did a once over of you to ensure you were truly okay before smiling and continuing. His voice was low and melodic, the passion in his voice sending shivers down your spine as you slowly began to understand the concept more. Every once in a while his hand would brush yours in an effort to flip a page or retrieve a utensil, in which he’d immediately freeze up, stuttering out an apology before he continued his lectures.

“Let me go grab something from the back!” He announced trying to show you a visual model of what he was describing to help you better visualize it. Somewhere in the process of getting up he tripped into you sending you both tumbling to the floor. His glasses fell off as the two of you landed bodies intertwined on the floor.

“I-I’m so sorry about that Y/N I’m such a clutz I cant see a thing without my glasses-” He stuttered as you giggled reaching out for his glasses.

“Here you are, Ba-, Mr. Allen” you smiled as you tried to get up, a pretty tricky task with a grown man on top of you.

“Oh I’m so sorry where are my manners?” He flushed red hot his hands shook as he jumped up, reaching down to pull you into him. With a bit too much force may I add, as you went flying into his chest bracing your hands on his biceps.

He blushed pulling away and heading towards the supply closet as he whispering under his breathe, “I’m the one in charge now and I still manage to screw up in front of the pretty girl.”

Countless documentaries, written sources, and hands on demonstrations later and you finally understood the lesson. Barry was so proud when you figured it out and the excitement on your face was the most adorable thing he had ever seen.

“Thank you so much Mr. Allen! This means the world to me!” 

He leaned in close looking around discreetly as if he were about to share some secret life-shattering information with you, “You know y/n your papers are my favorite to read. There is something about your writing that just fully captivates me; the way you can turn a simple essay into a living breathing masterpiece is beyond me!”

You couldn’t hide the evident blush on your cheeks as you thanked him for his kind words. You always put extra effort into your essays when you knew he was grading it, but you would have never truly suspected he might notice.

“Your writing isn’t the only mesmerizing thing about you.” He added as he began to clean off his desk, preparing to leave for the day.

“What do you mean?” You questioned your voice trembling slightly as your mind raced with possibilities. He slipped in front of you, his tall lean frame blocking your view of the door as he gazed down upon you with such intensity and confliction you were afraid to look away.

“Well there’s something about you, Y/N. Something I cant put my finger on but it allures me all the same.” He leaned in close his lips barely grazing yours, his hands trembling as they brushed through your hair, before he quickly pulled away.

“I shouldn’t be doing this!”

“Or maybe you should..?”

America Schreave is dead. 

But no one can speak this loudly. Not one person dares to do it.

Maxon Schreave can’t stop crying. His eyes are red and his hair is messy. But he doesn’t care. How can a world without America be the same world that he could be happy in? 

Marlee refuses to believe it until she sees her best friend in a glass coffin. Even then she doesnt believe it. That cant be true. America was the bravest, the most fighting and confident person she knew. Her blue eyes are now shut and everything is gone. Marlee’s heart starts pounding very fast. Then its like it isnt beating at all. It seems like her heart tries too beat for America’s too. And then it tries to rest with her. Marlee wants to lie down next to her. But Marlee looks at Maxon and doesnt understand how will he able to take it all.

As soon as Aspen saw the corpse, the world fell. Corpse. Corpse of America. No. It was to hard to take. Even to think it. He didnt know what he could do stop it. Stop all the pain. It was too much…too much to take. America. His America wasnt going to be there. Wasnt going to tell him that everything will be ok. It will not. Nothing will be okay. Because America is gone. Forever.

Her children are standing around the glass coffin.

Osten stood right beside his father. His shoulders were flinching from the cry. He was sobbing. It was not loud, but everyone who gathered heard it. And it broke their hearts even more. Osten’s face was red from tears and his ginger hair was sweaty. He didnt have anymore handkerchiefs.

Kaden wasnt crying. He couldnt. It was a sadness that could not be expressed through tears. It was a sadness right from the centre of his heart. His mother was gone. How was this possible? It was his mother. He wanted to cry. But instead he looked at his mother. Her face was white. And the ginger har framed her beautiful face. It was so hard to look at it. But Kaden couldnt look away. 

Eadlyn Schreave. She tried to hold back tears. Tried to think. But just looking at her mother’s face was so painful that she could not think anymore. She grabbed Kaden’s hand and pressed it tightly. They shared a look of deep sadness. And though her brother hadnt shed a tear, Eadlyn knew that he is in as much pain.

Ahren and Camille were there also. My fault. My fault. Its my fault. He kept repeating those words. As if that would change anything. Camille was crying further from him. She wanted to let him be more near his family. But it wasnt like the familly appreciated him. He blamed himself, so how could they not? Eadlyn just gave him a killing stare. He understood that she was hurt.

Kile Woodwork knew America Schreave, the Queen, as the kindest,the most beautiful and caring person. And that kind of people shouldnt abandon their lives. They should live. The Queen was always good to him.

Illea was hurt to see its Queen go.

But America Singer was gone. 


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Fluffy headcanon! Every now and then during practise, Yuuri will accidentially bump into Victor on the ice (judging distances is difficult when you have bad eyesight trust me) and every so often when that happens he'll also lose his balance and Victor has to catch him. Victor always makes sure to keep the inevitable physical contact a little longer than necessary. Yuuri thanks him internally every time it happens (and may, or may not have done it on purpose a few times).

Ah, yes, the problems of having bad eyesight, I feel it in my soul… (i cant see for shit without my glasses lmao)


Victor pays more attention to Yuuri’s feet than Yuuri as a whole and it’s too late when Yuuri slams into him, almost knocking them both down.

Somehow, Victor manages to keep them upright, though the blades make an ugly sound on the ice. “Are you alright?” he asks, concerned. 

“Yeah,” Yuuri says. He has his hands clasped on Victor’s shoulders so they are almost eye to eye. “I thought you were standing more far away.”

“Again?” Victor rises his eyebrow. “Why don’t you just buy contacts?”

Yuuri shrugs. “I don’t like them.”

Victor still hasn’t let go of Yuuri’s waist and feels a little reluctant to do so. But Yuuri isn’t letting go of his shoulders either, so they stand unmoving. Yuuri is a bit breathless from practice, a blush on his cheeks and nose so sweet. 

Victor watches the way blush extends, reaching the tips of Yuuri’s ears.

“Um,” Yuuri says and Victor startles. “You can let go now.”

“Oh, yeah,” Victor takes his hands away and Yuuri slides a few steps back. He turns, but Victor notices a little smug smile on Yuuri’s lips and he puts his hand to his mouth in wonder.