he cant see without his glasses

Guys I want more fic about Harry's glasses...

*glasses shoving into Draco’s cheek the first few times they make out because Harry doesn’t want to take them off

*the first time Draco playfully steals his glasses “how blind are you, potter?” And Harry trying to grab them back because he desperately doesn’t want Draco to see just how blind he is

*feeling overwhelmed and insecure the first time Draco takes them off his face because HE CANT SEE

*the way he feels completely naked when Draco runs his fingertips over Harry’s bare eyelids because it’s always his scar and his glasses people see and Draco is looking at him and Harry has never felt so raw before

*Harry’s glasses constantly being tossed aside during sex and he can never find them afterwards always grasping around and feeling embarrassed but Draco is always there to find them without being asked, his thumb softly brushing Harry’s cheek as he slides the frames onto Harry’s face

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I just finished Stranger Things and I am so sad it's over. Ugh, the nostalgia, the characterizations, the acting, the plot, THE 80's. I just loved it. And Mike and El were absolutely precious, so caring, so pure. It captured that first love innocence (kind of reminded me a lil bit of My Girl) with sincere emotion. Eleven's definitely alive and someone needs to save her :((

same. i almost regret not pacing myself. yeah the entire vibe of the show was amazing. im desperate for more scifi like that. i loved the entire 80s setting too. but omg pls dont even with my girl. i cant think of that movie without crying lol. i see it tho. mike and el better have a better ending. their goodbye was so damn sad. esp after all that stuff about el living with him and eating eggos and having a home. my heart is broken. i need a reunion. 

America Schreave is dead. 

But no one can speak this loudly. Not one person dares to do it.

Maxon Schreave can’t stop crying. His eyes are red and his hair is messy. But he doesn’t care. How can a world without America be the same world that he could be happy in? 

Marlee refuses to believe it until she sees her best friend in a glass coffin. Even then she doesnt believe it. That cant be true. America was the bravest, the most fighting and confident person she knew. Her blue eyes are now shut and everything is gone. Marlee’s heart starts pounding very fast. Then its like it isnt beating at all. It seems like her heart tries too beat for America’s too. And then it tries to rest with her. Marlee wants to lie down next to her. But Marlee looks at Maxon and doesnt understand how will he able to take it all.

As soon as Aspen saw the corpse, the world fell. Corpse. Corpse of America. No. It was to hard to take. Even to think it. He didnt know what he could do stop it. Stop all the pain. It was too much…too much to take. America. His America wasnt going to be there. Wasnt going to tell him that everything will be ok. It will not. Nothing will be okay. Because America is gone. Forever.

Her children are standing around the glass coffin.

Osten stood right beside his father. His shoulders were flinching from the cry. He was sobbing. It was not loud, but everyone who gathered heard it. And it broke their hearts even more. Osten’s face was red from tears and his ginger hair was sweaty. He didnt have anymore handkerchiefs.

Kaden wasnt crying. He couldnt. It was a sadness that could not be expressed through tears. It was a sadness right from the centre of his heart. His mother was gone. How was this possible? It was his mother. He wanted to cry. But instead he looked at his mother. Her face was white. And the ginger har framed her beautiful face. It was so hard to look at it. But Kaden couldnt look away. 

Eadlyn Schreave. She tried to hold back tears. Tried to think. But just looking at her mother’s face was so painful that she could not think anymore. She grabbed Kaden’s hand and pressed it tightly. They shared a look of deep sadness. And though her brother hadnt shed a tear, Eadlyn knew that he is in as much pain.

Ahren and Camille were there also. My fault. My fault. Its my fault. He kept repeating those words. As if that would change anything. Camille was crying further from him. She wanted to let him be more near his family. But it wasnt like the familly appreciated him. He blamed himself, so how could they not? Eadlyn just gave him a killing stare. He understood that she was hurt.

Kile Woodwork knew America Schreave, the Queen, as the kindest,the most beautiful and caring person. And that kind of people shouldnt abandon their lives. They should live. The Queen was always good to him.

Illea was hurt to see its Queen go.

But America Singer was gone. 


the reason why I always draw Doug Wallace with his eyes closed is because he’s nearly blind, and that since his mid-thirties. Bad eyesight run in his side of the family and both Nic and Sergei are no exception. Nic obviously wear glasses and cant see shit without them, Sergei cant see colors beside blue and some shades of yellow (he also have glasses but rarely wear them).

After the “face morphing gmm” this gif from got a completely new meaning for me.. In the face morphing experiment Rhett states that he knows Link most of his life without glasses, so it seems that he preffer that way.. even because every chance he gets he just takes Links glasses off.. so in this gif he sees Link without his glasses and shirt off.. Rhetts reaction got a lot more Rhinky..