he cant run

tony lost a bet & now he has to go ahead of me into every room and announce that ‘winter is coming’ before i enter

I’m not sure how, but this blog hit 1,000+ Followers recently!! @0@ It’s been so much fun, thank you guys!! I hope to bring you some more sweet memes, art, and lovely Choi reblogs in the future! Thanks for stickin with me, and for the new folks.. wELCOME TO HELL LOLOL

Feel free to fight me on this, but 20 bucks says the next time someone roughs Neil up on the court, the first person to knock that son of a bitch out is gonna be ya boi Matt Boyd, Neil Josten Protection Squad Chairman and President.

anyway now that ive got this in my head,,, ti teacher au

markus is the drama teacher

gregor is gym teacher (or possibly some kind of healthy living class??)

kyr runs an engineer/robotics class (everyones lowkey shocked its lasted so long considering the amount of explosions)

ballast is an annoying substitute and everyone loves when he comes if only because he and markus get in a fight Every Single Time

karen is principal n thog is vice principal who Actually Does All The Work mayb??????

firi’s a para

idk what inien or ashe would be yet but ???? idk i enjoy this

Matt Boyd gave up drugs and his reward was joining the foxes and meeting the actual love of his life, can you believe