he cant run

cakeacake  asked:

(dailyshadowdio) Son, this is for your own good *pops big brast with small pin*

@dailyshadowdio “this is for your own good” says the one whose blog is titled “Tiddie Resort” I bet youre just worried ill take th e spotlight away from u

fite me dad ill beat u to a pulp with my tiddies tied behind my back


Little jungle plant reached level 80 today!! He’s my first lvl 80 thief (or daredevil now) and also bearer of ‘the golden child’ achievement title.

He also had his first contact with pocket raptors today

honestly that ask made me think of like, lud deciding one fathers day to actually try and tell gil, you know, thanks for raising me you did your best etc. and he probably writes it down and practices it in front of a mirror because lud. but when lud goes to give it to gil he runs into gil’s automatic response to emotionally intense situations, which is “laugh hysterically and run away” (his other response is “do aggressive pushups until the emotions are gone”). lud kind of expected this but also he worked really hard on the speech and he wants gil to listen so it ends up like, lud chasing gil around the house yelling AND YOU MADE A LOT OF SACRIFICES FOR ME AND I APPRECIATE IT AND YOU DID YOUR BEST EVEN THOUGH—GILBERT DON’T LOCK YOURSELF IN THE BASEMENT I’M TRYING TO BE NICE


A year ago, in Robrondale | (14.05.2015) [Part 3/3]

  • Mikaela: Do you have anything useful to say or do you just like the sound of your own voice
  • Ferid: It is my gift to the world