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I think I read about someone headcannoning Dio as having a cockney accent that he's spent a lot of work on covering up, but still peeks out a little when he's emotional. What's your opinion on Dio accents and stuff?

I think people headcanon that to make him “cuter” I guess?  But a cockney accent’s not really a part of how Araki wrote him and I don’t like headcanoning stuff that’s not at least supported by the text. (And if you know this blog, you know that how Dio’s voice is portrayed in canon is sort of my thing).  Araki shows the stuff that Dio struggles with, but his accent isn’t one of them.  tbh it’s easier to picture the reverse, an arrogant young Dio speaking in a “proper” accent or whatever while still in London playing chess, and getting beat up for it.

But it’s not just that.  Young Dio has an effortless way about him, he fits in to his new life right after arriving at the estate.  Right away he’s acting super-haughty, scolding Jonathan and telling him the help will get his bags.  This isn’t just a kid struggling to pretend to fit in, this is an arrogant kid who already thinks of himself as elite. 

So young Dio probably speaks pretty standard Queen’s English to match his etiquette and table manners.  Araki spends panel after panel showing young Dio to be way more adept at upper-class manners than Jonathan himself:

Dio acts like he was raised in that society even right after he’s just showed up, it’s seamless and it’s one of the things that makes him super-creepy (and young Jonathan more relatable). 

And adult Dio’s real deliberate in how he speaks, it’s how he manipulates people, so voice and intonation are real important.  And of course he still considers himself a gentleman.  So again, deliberate, standard English just feels like the natural fit for Dio’s character.  If anything, Dio’s speaking style just gets more arrogant, more pretentious-sounding when he’s angry.  That’s actually canon and for me that works just fine.

  • person: hello
  • tumblr user: *emerges from nearby shrubbery* um excuse me? what did you just say to him? wow. how ignorant of you. you can't just assume that every single person around you speaks english. maybe he's from a foreign country. maybe he doesn't identify as an english-speaker. maybe he's struggling in english class and that's really affecting him emotionally. and you just flaunt your english-speaking privilege by going around telling everyone "hello" and "hi," not stopping for even a second to think about who they are or what they've been through.
  • I mean it is 2014. we've been to the moon. and people still don't know how to assess another human being, identify their native language and greet them in the appropriate language and dialect. it's just ridiculous. you ignorant scum.
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