he can't keep her from worrying about everything

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It was nearly a few days later before Night looked to Joan and asked, "I know you can't tell me everything but how is Arnold? Is he getting any better at all?" She looked to her nervously, she's been worried about him ever since that day when Batman 'killed' Scarface.

“Arnold is doing better.” said Joan. “He seems to be much calmer now, but we’ve decided to keep him away from any wood and carving tools.”

Kid Who Went to Kalos (Closed/ Mayu)

Karril’s thumb hovered over the send button of his holocaster, eyes looking at but not seeing the message typed across the small screen. It was a simple text to Mayu letting her know he was ready and where to met him, but it held much more than just his location. He couldn’t back out of going to Hoenn if he sent it. Hoenn…It was hard just to think of the name. Too much had happened when he was there and all of it was better off in the past, preferably forgotten. He couldn’t forget it all now. Not when he was going back. It was all coming to him, short flickers of images and echos of words in his ears. The sharp bite of betrayal hitting his stomach once more. That wound would never be forgotten, he was sure.

The Wailord under him bubbled a question and Karril gently pet her head, a small if not uneasy smile coming to his face. She was the only pokemon he was bringing and he felt strangle naked without his team. But he would have no room to hold both his teams if he brought everyone. And Talonflame couldn’t carry both Karril and Mayu along with all their bags.

Mayu…that was another thing to think about. He hoped she would make this trip easier. Having support and a reminder that everything that had gone down in Hoenn wasn’t all bad would keep him from heading down dark trails he knew was still within him, and with it being Mayu there was definitely a chance for distractions. But she didn’t know everything about why he was so afraid to return. He was just as afraid of her finding out what everything was as he was to re-experience it.

Wailmer gave a soft bellow in worry and he gave her a little laugh before hitting send.