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Charoite and copper

Crystals & Things

  • charoite: who my muse looks up to

He looks up to a few people in a few different ways but I’ll just give a couple from the top of that list: Knuckles ( @theislandkeeper ), Meredith ( @athenafire ), and Volt ( @projectlightfox).

  • copper: how I think my muse will end up when they’re older

Basically the same? No doubt he’ll get wiser but he’ll still be the same compassionate dork we know and love.

The Daily Mail Has Written RPF

Attention all Shipmates! 

Forgive us if you will. We have a rule aboard the ship that RPF is banned from coming aboard (we might be trash, but we have standards…some), however, in light of recent events, we’ve been made aware that The Daily Mail has written RPF (not really RPF if it really happened, right?) about our Captains, and we felt the need to share it with you all. It tells a nice story about our Captains and even comes complete with pictures… How nice of the Daily Mail to introduce their work into the fandom.  

Her character DSI Stella Gibson often goes for a dip in the pool when she is feeling stressed.

And Gillian Anderson looked very relaxed as she swam in the Mediterranean sea on a romantic boat trip with her boyfriend Peter Morgan in Portofino, Italy.

The star of The Fall, 48, showed off her washboard abs in the olive green and pink swimwear as she enjoyed the balmy climes of the Italian Riviera.  

Her bottoms had a similar cut and were tied together at the sides by matching lengths of pink string as she watched the world go by on her romantic boat trip.

The actress took a dip in the sea with her boyfriend Peter Morgan and sat cross-legged on the side of the boat as they took in the picturesque views

The X-Files star also caught the rays as she enjoyed a boat trip with her beau. The blonde beauty protected herself from the sun with a floppy straw hat and circular sunglasses. The couple perched on the very edge of the boat and chatted as they took in their picturesque surroundings in the north of Italy.

Gillian entered the water in a graceful arc as she took part in her character Stella Gibson’s favourite hobby. 

Gillian’s boyfriend Peter sat in the front seat of the boat as the actress peered at her phone and lounged on a beach towel. Gillian cooled down by lowering herself slowly into the water, as Peter watched on.  

The couple later sat in the main body of the boat and relaxed on top of deep blue beach towels and cushions. When she got on and left the boat, Gillian covered her bikini with a stylish striped halter dress. The simple blue dress brushed the actress’s knees and proved easy to take off when she got ready for her swim. Gillian, who was taking some much needed time out from her hectic schedule, cooled down by lowering herself slowly into the water, as Peter sat on the edge of their boat.

Gillian enjoyed the company of her playwright boyfriend as they sat on a boat by the Portofino cliff face. The couple watched a group of swimmers pass by as they were taken on a boat trip on the Italian Riviera. Gillian leaned back to take a photograph of the view from the boat as the pair laughed and joked on holiday.

The contented couple stretched out as they took a romantic boat trip to see Christ of the Abyss, a statue of Jesus which is found underwater.

As the couple mounted the steps to a restaurant, Gillian stopped to take a picture of writer Peter.

After their boat trip, the pair ate lunch at a restaurant on the cliff face, which looked out towards the sea.

The pair sat and ate lunch as the actress’s wet hair dried after her dip in the Mediterranean sea. Gillian smiled at Peter as the pair chatted among bunches of flowers as they waited for their food. The playwright and creator of The Crown strained as he captured the perfect shot of Gillian enjoying her meal.

The End

Thank you for your submission Daily Mail. We think the quality of the writing will get better the more you write, so just keep writing. We are here for you, Daily Mail…all writers improve eventually. We suggest watching the Captain’s Masters Class on Screenwriting if you need any additional tips. 

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41 for a Han and Leia fic

#41. “How can you still look so attractive while crying.”

Head’s up: sexual content.

He brushed a piece of damp hair away from her face and at just that she shivered. Her body felt like an expanse of nerve endings – every part of her, even the most innocuous ones, capable of being lit up when touched in a certain way. All of her trembling and quaking and reeling. He pressed his lips to her shoulder and murmured, his voice low and content, “How can you still look so attractive while crying…”

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((god bless woozi’s amazing airport fashion senses because that ish is perfection))

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Hello, do you know of any realy good destiel fan fics? Fluff or smut, I just can't find any good ones.

Well, first of all I have to tell you my absolute favourites :)

1. Forget-Me-Not Blues (68,688): Sam and Jess are getting married and Dean couldn’t be any happier for them. Honestly, they’re kind of disgustingly perfect for each other and Dean’s pretty damn excited about staying with them the week before the wedding. He’s Sam’s best man, of course, and he doesn’t even mind that Jess has her own best man to share in all the organisational duties. The more the merrier, right? Except Dean must have done something to epically piss off the universe because Jess’s best man just happens to be Castiel friggin’ Novak. He’s got even hotter since High School, but apparently no friendlier and if Cas wants to spend the week pretending like they’ve never met before? Fine. Two can play at that game.

An awesome AU wherein Dean’s a firefighter and Cas is a professor, plenty of angst but some adorable fluff before a happy ending and some final smut :)

2. The Spirit of Lawrence High (70,876): Dean Winchester is funny, gorgeous, brave, loyal, and a breath of fresh air in Castiel Shurley’s life. Dean Winchester is also a ghost haunting Castiel’s school, but nobody’s perfect, right?

A high school AU, where Dean is a spirit haunting Lawrence High because he’s in a coma but the only person who can see him is Castiel. Plenty of angst, fluff and smut, and also some hilarious family troubles! XD If you enjoy funny big brother!Gabriel, then this is by far the fic for you, my friend!

3. Broadway Musical (12,453): This is the day that marked the Holy and Blessed Union of Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle.The merging of prominent bloodlines is always a grand occurrence, but breeding pedigree hunter families like Winchester and Harvelle is something to be rejoiced. It is also something to be meticulously planned, which thankfully the Host is very good at.Or, the romantic comedy where Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle are destined to get married, Castiel is given the task of playing matchmaker and fails terribly, the entire Heavenly Host becomes a sitcom audience, God warns against male pregnancy, and Jimmy Novak is incredibly unimpressed with angels in general.

A Supernatural AU where all of Heaven is watching Cupid shoot his arrow in Dean to make him fall in love with Jo, and nothing happens. This cues all the angels to try and get them together before Castiel actually takes a vessel to befriend him. An unimaginable amount of fluff and it is guaranteed to have you in stitches! :D

4. Out of the Deep (488,608): Stay away from the light-beds. Stay in the deep.It is the first thing hatchlings are taught the moment their fans unfurl and they can swim without their parents to buoy them along. It is the first rule, the first law. It is the beginning of every boogey-monster bedtime story told when they settle against the cliffs to sleep. Castiel should have listened better.

A mermaid!AU featuring Castiel the mermaid who is captured by Lilith’s research team (including, Sam, Jess, Meg and Dean.) Adorable fluff between Dean and Cas, colossal angst and some really well-written smut in between :)

Hope this helps, hun, and let me know what you thought of them :) 

-Lady Elizabeth Winchester x

Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition SKit tokuten:
看病ドラマCD スバル編

Nursing drama CD - Subaru

Whoah… I’m not used to it anymore. After all those carefree tokuten, translating something like this was pretty hard. Damn you Subaru-kun and your perfect everything. Well, except your afterstory. But that wasn’t your fault. I thought we took a break from all that angst though. But we’re talking about Rejet so you know. Ok, nevermind that. In the yet-to-translate list I’ve put the second tokuten given with the purchase of all the character song CDs and some untranslated tokuten from the first game. Trick or Vampire and the one about the poisoned mushrooms for example. I hope I’ll have enough time.

Well, enjoy it and please don’t mind too much my comments through the translation. I wasn’t able to think properly.


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