he can't be with artemis

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Mr Scamander, I have to ask...what pet did you take with you to hogwarts? And hello from a very proud fellow Hufflepuff!!

Ah, hello!  Always good to hear from another Hufflepuff.  Let’s see, I took a… well.  That is I… what I mean to say is that…

You know, I can’t very well remember what pet it is that I brought, strictly speaking.  After a few years, they just took to searching my entire trunk, and I got much better at concealment charms.  

once artemi popped in the photo i was struggling to get everyone in the frame since i’m a whole 5'2, so he was coaching me on how to get everyone in the frame and i forgot it was a live photo? and just went back and realized he said “you got it” once it worked haha also why i look so focused.

Headcanon #9

artemis has a tattoo of a cartoon alien behind her ear from when she lost a bet with wally, and m’gann won’t let her live it down

it was HARD sometimes to be the CBJ fan, but now it’s gonna be IMPOSSIBLE

  • for all of those who are flipping shit about artemi panarin winning the calder
  • both evgeni malkin and alex ovechkin won the calder in their respective rookie years, and they both had played in the KHL before coming to the NHL
  • what made those two "legitimate" rookies and not panarin?
My reactions to the AF books.
  • Book 1: Oh I like this. This is a really interesting concept, these characters are all so amazing. I very much wish to see what antics this little evil Irish nugget comes up with next. This is great.
  • Book 2: Yay! My sweet babies are back and frolicking in the snow! Wow wow they have teamed up to save Daddy Fowl this is perfect!
  • Book 3: Arty's back to his old shenanigans! Uh oh, Butler seems to have died!! But Arty will save him, oh yes he will. A bad man is put to justice, and lil' baby Arty shows his sweet insides.
  • Book 4: Oops, Opal is back! How unfortunate! But the dream team will know how to handle her. Trolls and farting dwarves and cuteness. I knew Artemis would remember everything!
  • Book 5: Ooooooh! Things are getting kind of dark, but everything is fine, they can hold it together! Wow Holly died! But of course it's not permanent! Artemis will save the day once again!
  • Book 6: Whoa this is trippy! Maybe.. maybe Artemis isn't... as precious as I think... he... no,no that can't be, he'll come through! And he does... after he... lies... to- no, I must stay positive! Artemis is pure. He is holy. He is perfect. Everything will be fine.
  • Book 7: W-what. Artemis can't be sick, he can't be! I... I don't know what to think about anything anymore... who won this time? I don't know... I don't... know...
  • Book 8: Happiness is a lie. Life is not what it seems. Opal will win, the world will be her's and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Everything is in vain. But Artemis lives on...

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