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“We’ll talk later.”

My ship raises the dead and brings life to barren wastelands. It’s a good day  also please listen to this and tell me that this isn’t Vex’halia singing to Percy.

edit: have some extra blushy cuties bc i spent an hour trying to figure out how to draw smooches.

I’m going to be really annoyed if we get to the end of all the crash stuff and Robert ends up with no physical injuries or obvious psychological distress from the crash.

Like how on earth does someone who already probably has a weak lung because of being shot in the chest about a year ago, was in really cold water for a pretty long time and was in the same crash as Aaron have no injuries other than like one cut on his head.

He was also unconscious after the impact and that car fell from a massive height so the force of them hitting the water must have injured him somehow.

I just think it’s pretty unbelievable that he came out of that unscathed no matter how lucky he seems to be…

(And I’m just sat here desperately hoping that we get some drama from Robert collapsing because of internal injuries and he’s somehow been just running on adrenalin until now pls emmerdale let everyone worry about Robert for once instead😢😢😢)

guys guys

clearly the answer of where cas was after everyone got back to the bunker is that he and dean fucked once they got home and cas was really loud and he was too embarrassed to come out during dinner (or dean was too embarrassed for him and cas was like whatever i’m going to lounge naked in your bed go eat your molecules).

anyway then later dean snuck away after cas fell asleep after round 2 to go look at pictures, drink beer, and be emo on the kitchen floor. why else would he be in the kitchen? he could bring the beer to his room and look through his mementos in a less conspicuous and more comfortable place… unless someone was already occupying his bed and he didn’t want to wake him up with his pity party.

Q.E.D. cas was sleeping in dean’s bed and he was too comfy and happy to move. dean brought him back a slice of pie. all was well.

Autism: A shutdown on camera

This was filmed and uploaded by me.


Meltdowns are explosions. Shutdowns are implosions. You’re not seeing a person doing nothing, you’re seeing a person feeling everything so intensely that she is weighed down by it. Yeah, that’s me having a shutdown.

I thought I was going into a meltdown and it imploded instead. I seem almost catatonic. The desire to move is there, but my body isn’t responding to the signals. I finally make myself move when the spit in my mouth prompts me to swallow it. Getting the rest of me to move after that is slow and laborious, like pushing a boulder up Mt. Everest. It’s literal mind over matter. Sometimes it feels like I step outside myself and manipulate my body to move.

I can kind of talk during a shutdown, but it’ll be in a mumble or senseless babble. One-word answers will come out if I’m asked specific questions. I get frustrated that I can’t respond how I want to.

It’s always best to leave me alone when I’m having a shutdown unless I freeze somewhere dangerous. 

I can explode into a meltdown while having a shutdown. They feel infinitely worse than a garden-variety meltdown or shutdown. Shutdowns are rare for me, but they happen as you can see.

Shutdowns are exhausting because the inward collapse is just as intense as a meltdown’s outward explosion. As you can imagine, a meltdown during a shutdown means I will be barely functional for awhile afterward.

As of now I’m fine.

Btw I’m getting enough sleep. The dark circles under my eyes are from allergies.